More Help Is Needed

Five days ago, I said that if I could raise RM50,000 for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, I will shave my head bald.

As of writing, the total amount donated stands at RM28,854 – slightly over 57% of the target we are hoping to reach. Response from the public was particularly overwhelming within the first two days of the announcement. But sad to say, less and less people have come forward with help and it seems like the donation has already slowed down to a trickle, and I’m unsure if we might even reach the target.

Thank you to all generous readers who have contributed. To date, the number of donors stands at 128. That is good.

The bad news is, this number represents only less than 1% of my daily readership. What happened to the other 99%? Either 99% of readers have no means of donating. Or 99% of my readers love my hair too much to see me go bald. 😉

Well, I figure if we wanna do good for society then we should go all out. For me, the first step is to make that huge sacrifice to let go of my hair. I’m also putting in half the advertising revenue generated from this site into the pool.

But alas, still not enough people are contributing.

So here I am again, pleading for more to come forward and donate towards this cause that I am adopting. Why am I doing this? Because clearly not enough is being done to help the faceless Malaysians quietly working behind the scenes to make the world a better place.


Let’s put it this way.

If everybody reading this can stop what they’re doing right now and spare just one ringgit for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, we would have got RM20,000 and we would have reached our target already.

Of course, if you can contribute more than one ringgit, please do. We can all drink that a glass of beer less, give up that one stick of cigarette, or put away that one piece of fried chicken wing. Don’t have to break your bank. Just give whatever you can within your means to help those less fortunate than you are.

The amount you contribute may not be much on its own alone, but when pooled together it will be big enough to change people’s lives.

And it could change my hairstyle too!

Can you spare a ringgit?

Please click here to contribute towards my Botak Fund. It’s for a good cause. 🙂


Niki Cheong: I can’t believe the joke that is Malaysian politics.
Edwin: It’s fun. It’s like watching The Bold and Beautiful.
Kenny: Malaysian politics? Well, I can see that Najib is (almost) The Bold Bald, but who is The Beautiful?

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  1. wow you got featured by karencheng! I think your donations will skyrocket very soon from donors around the globe..wish you the best! 🙂

  2. come come!! everyone pls help!!
    anyway i do agree that the time frama is a bit too short for 50 thousands … … it’s not impossible though…
    let’s hope you will achieve it in time!!

  3. Only if the “you-know-who-samseng” put the money he used to buy those frogs to good use by donating to this project.
    But we all know that even impossible and it WILL NEVER happen.
    Anyway, best wished to you Kenny =)

  4. if a more easier accessible bank (eg Public Bank or Maybank) is chosen, i guess the donation figure will be doubled by now. for me, the reason i am not donating, is that i have to travel at least 30 mis to the nearest Muamalat Bank.

  5. Our country truly need more generous people to help one another. As times get bad, our own livelihood stands above anything and anyone else. I’m glad to see that people have responded to this campaign.
    Great Job Kenny for taking the initiative and sacrificing precious hair to get the ball rolling!
    Keep it up!

  6. Hmm… as the malay said, hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.
    nowaday, money order, internet banking, cheque n bla bla bla, doesn’t need a same bank…
    So if don’t care to donate, don’t comment to tell all why u can’t… we all prefer to hear from those who will.

  7. hey kenny i tried to transfer my donations via online from public bank to bank muamalat, but this popped out ” Beneficiary Name must contain alphebet(s) and number(s) only! ”
    but i thought this was the benificiary nanme ? >> SARAWAK CHILDREN’S CANCER SOCIETY or did i mix it up?

  8. Hey, guys, what time and when is this event going to be? I saw the banner in Spring and it says it’s going to be on the 15th of Feb. So, I’m a bit confused here. Oh, yea.. gonna donate and bald on that day too!! Woo HOO~

  9. Ha ha, I’m willing not to donate if that could happen. Alternatively, I suggest dying your hair white to look bald…
    But still, donating through hp credit is a good idea…

  10. I’ve already donated…not sure whether 20 US dollars could help much…but i sure wanna help in some although i’m quite broke this month. good luck in reaching your target Kenny

  11. to tranfer from maybank to bank muamalat…if there is a maybank account i’m sure you donations will double 🙂

  12. same things happened to me when I donate… but i overcame it by NOT to copy & paste the name from Kenny’s website as the browser recognises those words as other formats or something like that…. just retype the account numbers and beneficiary names manually (remove the ‘), it should do the trick…

  13. perhaps it might get a BIG boost if you change it from shaving your head to shaving your pubic hair.
    p.s. how about a bonus? say your eye-brown?

  14. The official event is on the 15th February, but I can’t make it on that day as I’ll be away from Kuching.
    So I agree to shaving my head on their preview show, 12th February (Thurs) at 8pm instead.

  15. After reading your post, I decided to donate via paypal..
    ALthough its just 3 CAD but I guess its the best I could as its hard financially when you study oversea 🙁
    Keep it up!

  16. Once you logged into your Maybank2U
    1. Click ‘Transfers’.
    2. Click ‘New Interbank GIRO Transfer’.
    3. Choose ‘BANK MUAMALAT’ from the drop down list.
    4. Description of transaction: type ‘ Botak Fund’
    5. Recipient Name: type ‘SCCS’
    6. Recipient ID: 1485
    7. Account Number: 11010000534713
    8. Payment Type: Funds Transfer.
    9. Transaction reference number: anything you like
    10. Please let me know once you’ve made the transfer so I can include you in the donors list. 🙂

  17. Kenny, i think the timeline to get the donation is too short! Moreover, we have too many sensationalize news in the country recently. Sure a lot of readers got distracted elsewhere.
    Kenny, please consider extending the donation timeline until Feb 16. I will donate more once my paycheck comes in. Please please please.

  18. Let me try my prepaid credit card. Yes! It works, I can’t believe I still have balance inside it. Donated BND$1.55, sorry, I don’t have much in my balance.

  19. EH…i just donate 100 by pbe online..but the account name i put the full name instead of SCCS ..will it be any problem???

  20. Good job Kenny. Thanks for doing this. not many people have the guts! I’ve pledge through paypal (not using this name) from Singapore.
    All the best!

  21. Why Johnson’s mommy sound like black man from America when he is Asian.
    ‘Fuk yall’ ….. hahaha
    Look, ma I’m black. hahaha

  22. Hi Kenny! U r a smart person but u r actually very rude 2 other people. Just like this, u wrote the 4-letter word on my Cbox & u called me noob. I don’t like it. U really disappointed me… Even though u r older than me, but I can still tell u what u must say 2 make people respect u. Try 2 encourage ppl so that ur name will be respected…

  23. Donations are supposed to be voluntarily. If 99% of your reader choose not to donate than it’s their choice. If you’re really so kind and really want to help out with the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, you would shave your hair and go bald no matter how much donation you could have collect from your readers. Personally, I do think you will shave your hair and go bald even if the donation doesn’t hit RM50k. You’re putting half the revenue you generated from this site into the pool. Why only half? Because you chose to donate half. Like how 99% of your readers choose not to donate. Don’t make your readers feel bad because they aren’t donating but choose to drink more beer or smoke more cigarette.

  24. My intention is to encourage. I don’t mean to make my readers feel bad, but I do feel that what I am asking for isn’t much.

  25. Huh? I have no idea who you are and I have never visited your blog before. Please check the IP address of the person who left you the comment?

  26. Hi Kenny, I’ve just donated through paypal but I think it would take a couple of working days.. By then, is it still accepted coz your RM50k target will be due in 4 days.
    Anyway, good luck!

  27. Sry 2 hurt u fellings, but can u pls delete my comment that I said something wrong about u…. I am really sorry. Wrong person. srry. 🙁

  28. we pay, but u get the credit? half of your online income? dun make sense at all. anyway, all this fund will be ‘filtered’over several levels and 50k will in turn become 500 when it reaches the patients.

  29. Kenny,i wish to donate, do u have a maybank account? can i bank into ur maybank account? you can email me the details, thank you very much

  30. Kenny, it is ok, i saw your instructions in one of the comments regarding donating using maybank2u, i have transfered the money, thank you very much.. hope u can reach ur target by 12 Feb 09..

  31. time frame isn’t too short really … kenny’s not asking us to individually give RM50k or RM5k each … just give whatever amount your heart and head agree on giving at the immediate point of time you read this article ….

  32. so when the constructive comment hits your senstive region, it becomes abusive?
    all i said was that through this incident, we have witness that the influence of blogger is not as high as it seems, cos even a top blogger had failed to raise 50k in a week. Advertiser have been dumping these money fruitlessly in this economical climate and blogger are overpaid.
    If you wan to increase your influence to help the poors, you will have to go into the mainstream media.

  33. I will be going over on 12-feb and will be donating that night. Will it still be counted in the total amount?
    Encouraging ppl to donate now. Let’s hope more ppl donate as this is really for a good cause.

  34. I apologize. I failed to see the constructiveness containing in your earlier comment. May I suggest you authenticate your comment next time to distinguish yourself from trolls? I just think that there’s no reason to be anonymous if you truly believe your comment to be constructive. Sorry again.

  35. Hi Veritas, I really love how your comment ends, “Don’t make your readers feel bad because they aren’t donating but choose to drink more beer or smoke more cigarette.”
    Lol. If that wasn’t cynical, I dunno what is.
    I bet that line would cause some of my friends to donate more … lol

  36. and Yes, for THIS praticular project, the mainstream media in our humble state is involved. CATS FM – Official Radio; BORNEO POST – Official Newspaper … The Group Chief Editor of The Borneo Post will be going bald on Sunday itself …
    -The OC

  37. only 7000 left!!!! jia you!!!! sorry cuz i cant reli offer anything but my support…im overseas…jia you jia you~~~

  38. Good Job Kenny..I’m not someone who donates to charity on a regular basis. Maybe not even once a year. However when I come across your recent post, with the flexibility to donate through paypal and any amount I like with no minimum amount, I found myself clicking the donate button.
    ps. I hate those donations where they state a minimum sum each person have to donate.

  39. Erm… Kenny, hope it is really on 12th this thursday. Cos i’m gonna bring some guys from UNIMAS to donate and eventually witness you go BOTAK. Please confirm as the bunch of researchers are not that free. Only go when confirmed. Normal lah… researcher life ba, like programmer life also, live around the clock.
    Keep up the good job dude.

  40. Walao…i was practically starin’ at the bar..RM47,570 liao! With d addition on another blog: ‘More help is needed’, the amount went Skyrocket!…veli pei fu u..
    U look cool in bald too..Tink Vin diesel…@.@*
    See you in Spring…Gambate!

  41. you know what, i’ll go bald too with you if it hits 50k on thursday. eventhough i’m not selected for NS, i guess it would be good. join the fray people, alvinong and me!

  42. I didn’t know there was a PayPal link… didn’t know it was that simple =)
    I appreciate that you’ve given me a “convenient” chance to engage in charity.
    I’m not only doing this for charity, but also to repay you, Kenny Sia, for all the help & support your blog has given me to make my day overseas here complete.
    So thank yourself for your good work! =)
    Keep it up!

  43. aiya …
    actually hor .. Kenny .. entering the last 2 days of the donation … you should put
    *MYSTERY* and leave the RM49k there…
    it would stimulate more and continuous donation instead of you now putting RM51k .. … trust me … no one (or very very few) people is gonna donate liao …

  44. Kenny,
    You are great. I am sure what you are doing will certainly leave a trail and motivate more people, irrespective of age, race, religion or creed to be socially responsble citizens, especially for the younger generations.
    Making A Difference

  45. Kenny,
    I remember a saying. Out of 100 people, 95 of them wasted their life without an objective in life. The remaining 5 had a plan. Only 1 took action and make it happen and achieved what he set out to do. YOU ARE THAT PERSON!

  46. I’ve transferred RM100 to the Society, but the bank only allows alphanumerals. So instead of Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, i’m forced to put Sarawak Childeren Cancer Society (without the apostrophe s), will it go through?

  47. Ha ha…. Kenny, confirmed…. You will say bye bye to you HAIR…. See you there…. I’ll bring more bunch of guys witness the event and take some photos later… Evidence that you are officially BALD…..

  48. i dun tink i heard wrongly. Did the MC js now said that Child Cancer actually DOES have a CURE for it? But how cum the children are still sufferin’?..hmmm
    Kasihan i lihat the child js now…my heart js went out for tat kid standin’ next to u.
    U did well. Smooth man!

  49. Children’s cancer (mostly leukemia) are curable. But the cancer treatment are always very expensive and aggressive with severe side effects…

  50. wow kenny! say bye bye to your hair!!:)
    dont worry, you look fine botak!:DDD
    wow. as one of your loyal readers, i am feeling so proud of you for your decision to help the others!:DDD keep up the good work!:DDD

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