I Look Like An Egg

The deal was, I would go bald if donations reach RM 50,000.


Well, we did not get RM 50,000.


The final amount was more like RM 65,325.01

Sixty five thousand three hundred twenty five ringgit and one sen. That’s at least RM 15K more than the target I had hoped to achieve!

As a result, this is how I look like right now.






Don’t laugh.

I said don’t laugh!

It’s not easy going through the process. As the lady from The Cutting Edge runs the trimmer through my head, all I could see were cameras flashing all around me.

Little did they know that I was fighting really hard to contain my emotions. Not because I was scared I might look weird., but parting with your hair is almost like losing a best friend.

You had it for so many years, and suddenly it’s all gone.


Well done to everyone who has donated towards the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society. You made me real proud.

I have been receiving tons of “congratulations”, “thank yous” and “well dones”. None of which I felt I deserve. Because all I did was reaching out. It was those 500 over donors who responded to my plea for help that deserves the applause and recognition.


It is so heart-warming to know that even when every other person on the streets is talking about the economic crisis, people are still very generous when it comes to giving out for charity. This fund-raising activity has proved that by wildly surpassing our expectations on so many fronts.

Donations came in from as far as Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and Singapore. Some had amounts so large, I needed convincing before recording it down on my list of donors.

The most generous is this reader of mine from Penang who had no idea how much to donate, so he donate an amount equivalent to his car plate number: RM 5,890.

I seriously thought he was joking until he sent me the receipt.


How many of us would part with RM 5,890 to help people we don’t even know?

Coming in closely was Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes, a businessman I’m emulating after, who made a personal contribution of RM 5,000 directly to the SCCS. Tony’s donation was so outrageously large that I almost felt obliged to shave AirAsia’s logo on my head.


A quick thank you also to Peter Tan and JoyceTheFairy, two other bloggers who previously also shaved their heads for charity, which in turn gave me enough courage to go through with this one. Hopefully many other people reading this will be similarly motivated.

Then we’ll have one whole breed of botak bloggers!

(Ironically, Joyce and I are both the official online judges for an online model search show called Malaysian Dreamgirl. We will be two botak judges!)


But in amidst the euphoria of a highly successful online fundraiser, let us not lose focus on the real reason why we’re doing this. This fundraiser is not about me nor my botak head. It is to help those underprivileged children suffering from curable forms of cancer, and yet lack the funds to seek treatment.

And this is where we come in. Although kennysia.com’s target of raising RM50,000 is reached, the SCCS’ target of RM200,000 is still far off. This Sunday if you go to The Spring, you will see 100 other Sarawakians shaving their heads all in support for childhood cancer awareness.


Last time getting a haircut in Kuching costs RM8. Now it is RM65,325. Prices have sure gone up a lot these days. 😉

Well, we’ve done well.

On a completely unrelated note, I got one good news and one bad news.

Tomorrow is 14th February. Somehow, I managed to con a… errr, convince a friend use up my extra spare air ticket to Phuket. So yes, the good news is, I unexpectedly now have a (casual) date for Valentine’s, and we’ll be going to Phuket.


The bad news is, my hair will not be coming with me.

With news all over papers that Chris Brown has hit girlfriend Rihanana so badly she had to cancel her KL concert, you know it’s only a matter time before somebody comes up with a parody of Chris Brown’s “With You”.

248 Replies to “I Look Like An Egg”

  1. Hey kenny,
    well done. I think you look better. Maybe I should shave my head if I get Labu. Dont think thats going to happen hahahah Labu that is. But am now on big crash diet so no one can all m fatso anymore.
    If the kids want a joyride on the plane it will be our pleasure. you should be proud of what you have done,
    kind regards,

  2. Kenny thats a number 1 buzzcut, not “bald”. You should razor shave it to a shiny zero. Anyways you look good with it and I think its a great job you did for those cancer patients. Cheers!

  3. Too bad I didn’t make it to Spring to watch the unforgettable moment. I am happy that you manage to come up with more than RM50000.00. We need more ppl like you to create more awareness among us.

  4. Everyone will be so proud of you, Kenny.
    Kudos to everyone who had contributed to this fund and hopefully it will give a shining hope to the children =)

  5. Hey Kenny, bravo 🙂 I’m glad I did a small part in helping the kids too… and know what? You do look cuter now.. hahahahaha.. and you have nice thick, dark eyebrows to compensate for whatever that is lacking up there (hair lar, not brains okay!!!!) 🙂

  6. I’m really proud to say this to you. YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON WITH THE HEART OF AN ANGLE.
    May god bless you with all his love

  7. uhm.. won’t international tickets has designated persons name on it? which has to match the passport? how can you replace it with someone elses I wonder….

  8. you didn’t look that bad.not really bald either,you should see my school where every guys has to face the same like you..
    but it’s wonderful that you’re doing this for charity..kudos to you! 🙂

  9. I think you look really nice now, not only physically but in your heart as well!
    You have not only encourage others to contribute, but you have lead others to do so as well.. Kudos!

  10. well done kenny..i did come yesterday and see u live “go bald”…
    i will come this sunday and support the campaign..and i will “go bald” too..

  11. That’s not bald enough as you promised… u promise to go botak and that’s not botak… that’s crew-cut. please honor your promise. people paid for it….

  12. Congrats but then that is not bald! It is more of a crew cut. Wah we all kena tipu lah like this…. I liked the other blogger-girl who did it that was going BALD! you…. hiya you need to go for another round until your scalp is shinny.

  13. Kenny,
    Raise another RM50,000.00 again in 3 days for CLEAN BOTAK CUT.
    Huray! You can do it ,Kenny.
    Mai Su Bin (lose face) to a lady blogger……

  14. Impressive, the distance you’d go to create awareness. Screw those who say your botak isn’t botak enuf. Wad you did took hell loads of emotional churning (seems like there’s a sparkle of almost-formed teardrop at the corner of ur eye in the 3rd pic) LOL!
    Rock on, Kenny-from-s’wak.

  15. hey, you surprisingly look good in it, albeit not clean bald shave. But since, it’s not that you shave them yourself, i thought everyone should go easy and stop questioning on why you did not go bald – like really bald. Congrats again! 🙂

  16. Kenny, not only that you sacrifies your hair, but you do deserve a pat on the back.. ermm.. i mean head for being such a good lad for charity purposes…:)
    I’m very sure that someone above you would be very proud to see such big heart from you. Keep it up.

  17. write come write go in the end, no 2 in the list mr ah neh neh himself – tony fernandes…
    screw it la.. ur previous and future articles on tony fernandes esp the ur support of labu HAS AND WILL BE BIASED !! for wat cause? licking up to tony fernandes??
    btw mr tony f, air asia is not making peanuts.. RM5k donation from the CEO of Air Asia? when u brag abt building ur own airport and building roads from labu all the way to klia and yet you give only 5k??? huh!! 500k also wont make the cut let me say this..
    kenny sia, soon ur blog is gonna be just like rocky bru, pro govt and what shit not!!

  18. hey.. cmon, you actually look cute now…
    Anyways, don’t feel bad…
    Cuz.. plenty of guys going PLKN gotta get their head shaved and that’s really plenty.. so you’re not alone..
    I’m guessing if you don’t like the hair or the lack of it, you’ll be wearing a cap more often than not? haha..
    Happy Valentine’s Day tomoro..

  19. Eh not bad what. You look a lot better than the Photoshop picture in your first donation request.
    Also, I’m really impressed at how the hairdresser managed to shave the AirAsia logo on your head.

  20. hahaha…now you know how every male singaporean feels when he enlists for NS…and worse still…theirs is not for charity…hahahha

  21. Kenny, i’m not sure if that is a mistake… I remember that you have donated RM2000, but why is it now RM1000?
    Anyway, well done Kenny!

  22. We did see your teary eyes last night.
    Glad that you managed to raise so much money for SCCS. Well done Kenny..
    Btw, you look cuter now 🙂

  23. You look like your mummy.
    I truly didn’t think you’d raise that RM2500 there and then. but still, you did.
    so.. what economic crisis are we talking about again? ^^”’

  24. Wow!!! You look like my friend. He’s cute and that means u’re cute too… awww…. hey, well done! u remind us that behind that witty blogger is a heart of gold. love kennysia.com!

  25. Well done, Kenny! The children and their parents from not only SCCS but all over Malaysia, would be so proud and thank you for the courageness and support. I was one of those lucky one who had recovered from Leukaemia and I shaved my hair before they dropped, to battle the disease. It means a lot for us to see new hair growing out from our scalp, it means new life, new hope! By the way, you still look….handsome!! (cough cough) =)

  26. Kenny,
    Don’t worry about your hair, it will grow back. Besides, some botak men do look sexy so don’t feel so down about it! It doesn’t look too bad on you and you did it for a great cause. Well done!

  27. What a hairy experience.
    What a hair-raising experience.
    No, scratch those out.
    What a hairless experience.
    What a hair-losing experience.

  28. Kenny,
    Your noble deeds will be remembered forever. I really salute you. Remember : If one lights a fire for others, one will brighten one’s own way even brighter. You are indeed GREAT! You are our PRIDE! Keep up the good work.

  29. Just sweep the hair up and bring them with you la! 😛
    To be more serious, bravo Kenny…and honestly, you don’t look too bad with your head shaved 🙂

  30. Kuching kia! Way to go! Forget the nay sayers; crew cut or botak, objective achieved, you kept your promise. Them nay sayers prolly have no guts to do what you did.

  31. kenny…u totally rock the whole world man..
    not any single easy man can do such a great job like u do..
    its the courage from u that makes the amount can be collected…

  32. I just want to thank you for doing this for the kids:) IMHO,I think what you do is so much more meaningful than kim ong asking for sponsorship for her wedding.Good job!

  33. yeah … it says 0 on the shaver … lol … regarding taking a blade and going completely, shiny bald, please use your own (to those who ARE interested) for health & safety reasons ….

  34. Wow, I don’t think if I cut botak people will donate till this amount, if not mistaken somemore have to pay RM10 for the cut…. This I give respect!

  35. Wahahah! Welldone! Well I dont think Mr Tony has donate alot…compare to the business of airsia that he gets…RM5000 is nothing…if he donates RM50,000 that would really is alot…
    Good job Kenny 🙂

  36. Hi I’m a new reader to your site and I really admire you for doing this for the sake of charity and no i did not laugh at your hair-off pic… I think you actually look quite good without the hair! HONEST!

  37. heyhey… great job kenny…
    i’m also a new reader of your blog… really encouraged by what you have done… God bless you…

  38. sorry to see that you have to part with your hair… grieve for a few days but i’m sure you will be extremely proud of yourself for doing the right thing for charity…
    enjoy yourself in phuket…

  39. 昨晚看到你把头发变成零的那一幕,哇。。。我真的把你看成英雄了。你的伟大,是我们所敬仰的,谢谢你的勇气。

  40. Heya Kenny, Congrats and kudos for the great job. I think you look better and cuter now 🙂
    Am so proud of you!
    Have fun during your trip 🙂

  41. Nice work on raising the money Kenny, and love the Shaolin look!
    Would love to see you go the step further and try the full botak – but get used to your current length first.
    Rock the botak with pride, brother!

  42. Putting hair comments aside, this whole experience should remind you that regardless of what negative comments people say about you, the true fact is you Kenny Sia have a big influence on Malaysia’s society! Continue to use what you have for a greater cause. God Bless you!

  43. me personally thinks you look more mature with the egg head. 😛 was thinking of going to spring tat night but i juz finish work, and sunday i’m working also, cannot go to that function. sigh…
    well, enjoy your trip with whoever that is.

  44. i like the way u look now.
    clean and fresh!
    Kenny u r fantastic! Man with a big heart.:)
    It takes a man who’s confident to go bold. U r the man!
    Tony is so nice to offer a joy ride to the kids.

  45. 对不起,昨天我晚上九点多才到kch。。未能去the spring支持你,但亲戚家人支持你。。我为你感到很骄傲,你很伟大!加油哟~

  46. Kenny, you are GREAT!
    You spread the love everywhere,i believe you have won the respect from alot people.
    and you look much more CUTER than what i have expected!!

  47. great job..
    a friend of mine juz successful save a little girl’s life by donated a liver to her last month..
    proud of u guys~
    cheers~ (”,)…

  48. Wow… this is totally botak… But it is not that bad also shaving it for the charity…Anyway, The hair will grow back soon… really proud of you man (not because you look like Beckham now)… proud of you for your TRUELY kindness… =)

  49. Great Job Kenny..It was really amazing and Im sure everyone is proud of what you’ve done to the community! It’s not only raising funds for them but also encouraging the kids to be brave!
    More botak(s) to come this sunday at the Spring!^.^

  50. WOW.. shaving your head for a good cause. Besides wanting to do good, people probably donated just to see you get totally BOTAK =) Anyways, good going there~!

  51. Oh, means false advertising. At first say bald, then get the money liao, say crew cut or bald not important, puik.
    Go and buy a dictionary and read up the meaning of bald. If not enough money, go cybercafe and check up online dictionary.

  52. wahliao =_=
    u people question his good deeds, i wonder, have u even donated a single cent for any charity??
    dont talk like some macho-fied idiot who cares for the world. there’s so much more u can do, if you really wanna help, rather than criticizing him for his botakness and all >_

  53. Hey Dude, that is really cool,literally. I bet you can think faster now, since the CPU is running a lot cooler.
    people, Kenny could not get a real botak even if he wants to because the lady used a clipper, the skill of safely shave one head with open blade is a lost art.

  54. “Little did they know that I was fightingreally hard to contain my emotions. Not because I was scared I might look weird., but parting with your hair is almost like losing a best friend.”
    – Now you know how those models in Next Top Model feel like when they have a hair makeover. lol
    Well done!

  55. Hey, just a thought here. I thought it would be nice if the donors could see whether or not the main beneficiaries of this, the children, have really benefited. It would be nice if, say, a year later, you let us know what have changed for them, be it new equipment or better treatment. There are many times when after I donate, there’s less money in my pocket, I feel a little good about myself, but I know nothing about whether or not I have actually helped people. I think that if people can see that their contributions have actually made a difference, it may motivate more people to give to charities.

  56. mppphh….*snirk*
    sorry Kenny! I had to laugh!
    when i read ‘Don’t Laugh!”, I laughed even harder!
    congrats on ur bravery on going bald!

  57. You really look nice in that new hari cut of yours 🙂 and yes, loosing hair is like loosing a best friend. Don’t think I would ever have the guts to go bald. I cut short already feel like crying -___-” so yeah well done!!
    p/s: enjoy your trip to Phuket! 😀

  58. Well done Kenny! What a meaningful campaign! It will be even better if you can have such campaigns more often, especially for UNESCO and WWF! Cheers dude! =D

  59. Good to see the target was not only reached but pretty much thrashed, considering how uncertain it looked halfway through.
    And like many others have said, your hair doesn’t actually look that bad at all, but isn’t truly bald. Should get the rest waxed, and seal the deal!

  60. Now you know what an act of Nobility feels like.
    A detailed study concluded that an Act of Giving is not only beneficial to Giver and Recipient, but also to everyone in that field of Energy.
    WELL DONE to all concerned.
    Do not miss the opportunity to decide “Which Look” you prefer as your hair grows back.

  61. Kenny, Hats off to you. I know u’ved received many a compliment, and showered praises, nonetheless, I’d like to chorus everyone’s sentiment. Bravo!
    Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

  62. look like from 少林寺… Kenny, you have taken a good move and becoming a good model to adult and teenage.
    Giving you a big claps *CLAP ! CLAP ! CLAP *

  63. LOL, you look more like Brazilian footballer Ronaldo.
    Maybe when you are in Phuket other tourist tot you are him… It’s a good thing to part with your hair.. XD

  64. Kenny Sia.. Please Report for BMT(Basic Military Training). You’re all set to undergo Military training.
    Pack Your Bags, and get ready soon.
    Meet You at Kuching Ferry Terminal at 0000hrs.
    Dont be late or you need to Drop 20.

  65. 我昨晚已在新欣捐了款,别的我不管。。我只希望款项真的有帮到他们,不要半途不见了。

  66. Kenny, now you can be ready to be Singaporean.
    Our local boys go thru a rite of adulthood just like this when they turn 18.
    Good job, i’m 36 ringgitly proud of you!

  67. (Ironically, Joyce and I are both the official online judges for an online model search show called Malaysian Dreamgirl. We will be two botak judges!)
    That’s mere coincidence. I don’t see the irony in that. Perhaps the irony is in the wrong usage of the word irony.

  68. Good job Kenny!
    You would have collected more if you have Maybank account.
    by the way, youtube for “cny girl 2009”
    isn’t she cute?

  69. hi kenny, just wanna let you know that you are doing an awesome thing. i’m planning to donate my hair, right now it’s 8 inches long. i’m keeping it till ~11 inches before i’ll donate to locks of love. it will be the longest hair i’ve ever kept!
    go donators!!

  70. Don’t you worry, Brother Kenny…
    Hair grew pretty fast. By next month, we’ll see you gel up your hair – Spiky Stylezzzz!
    Well Done, we are all proud of you!
    P/S: do it again next time for – ‘Coconuts go Bald’. ;p

  71. Don’t worry. The money donated will be put to good use. We must not allow the thought of the funds been misused to prevent us from giving.

  72. It’s funny what a difference it may have been if you weren’t as popular as you are right now. You’re still overweight but you’re now a celebrity blogger that girls desire to have as a boyfriend. If you weren’t as well known as you are, you would have been labelled as a fat-ass-jolly good fellow.

  73. Forget the loss of your hair and try to see how the beoutiful shape of your head, as compared with others, like the one of the kid standing next to you. Yours look much better! So, the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, smile and thank God for your lovely egg head – that is perfectly shaped!

  74. i didnt have any paypal or credit cards or anything, or i’ll so donate.
    anyway, i thought u look really cute bald. looks huggable:D
    & looking cute for a good cause isnt a bad thing at all!

  75. Good job and well done kenny! I m really proud of u! and a nice blog as well, really touching, inspiring and hilarious! 🙂
    ps: ur head shape really looked like an egg when u r botak, but a cute one! hahaha! take care man!

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