Pretending To Sell Watches

In Phuket, a local peddler tries to sell some watches to a sunbathing tourist.




Something tells me he’s not really interested in selling those damn watches.

Quote of the day: “Of all the traits I hate most about people, I think being judgmental takes the cake. I will put all the effort in the world to not judge people anymore, and all I’m asking in return is for everyone to do the same too.” – Suet Li

72 Replies to “Pretending To Sell Watches”

  1. Hahahaha.. Nope.. he is still selling the watch.. but not in monatery terms… Its the Barter System..
    What he gives aways : Watch
    What he accepts in return: Eye Candy

  2. Something tells me he’s not really interested in selling those damn watches. – Kenny.
    You could be right, Kenny.
    Could be sausage he is selling.

  3. haha…yeah..maybe…he has got all the luxury (earning money and looking at women’s bod)..or maybe he’s comparing them in his mind, which woman has the best bod…

  4. kenny kenny… trying to make us focus on the watch seller but with human/animal instinct, it’s hard to make us focus on him…

  5. maybe there’s a video camera in the box….so everything is recorded all the time when the girl is holding the box…wow…

  6. Smart boy! he knows where to put on sunnies.. n watches ?? who cares about watches .. he just needs to put on sunnies on spots.. wish i was there selling some of ur picture comments!! lmao!!

  7. Peddlers like him were all over the beaches in Valencia too. They approach pretty randomly but yea, this guy in Phuket does seem sleazy. In Valencia there were also women with hats who go around offering massages.

  8. And why do you suppose bimbos bare it all?
    If that is his regular beat, he’s probably seen better and really wants to sell watches, who knows, maybe they’re negotiating for something else.
    A sexy woman with Class will show just enough for a hint of delights. It is the mystery which captivates, not slam dunk of the poussawery persuasion, for Men that is.

  9. LOL, they really open their bra just to get equal tan? ***shock*** but in public space? (^^) Nevertheless, at least they provide eye candy to other people

  10. Lol. Your post is so contradicting.
    The above was quote of the day – don’t judge people.
    The below statements are judging the guy who’s selling watches.

  11. due to the nature of my job, i’ve been asked many times if i ever had any of my female clients who bared them all to me.
    my answer would be “yes.”
    you know, once you’re use to seeing skins and body parts, it’s not sucha big deal anymore.

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