ADV: How To Save Money This Valentine’s

The last Valentine’s Day present I bought was also the most expensive.


Yet, I didn’t end up giving the present to her.

I bought the present three months ago. Five days later, we broke up.

So now I am left with an extra return flight ticket to Phuket and nobody to go with this 14th February.

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_61

The worst thing is, because the trip is over the Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s almost impossible to find anyone else to go on this trip with me.

I can’t bring my female friends along because it’d give them the wrong idea, and I can’t bring guy friends along either because it’d seem like I’m gay!


The moral of the story to guys is: don’t spend too much money buying unnecessarily extravagant gifts on your girlfriends. You never gonna know when you’re gonna end the relationship.

Instead, a better Valentine’s Day present would be something simpler and more meaningful.

Like a box of Toblerone.


Because at least if you do break up with her afterwards, you can still eat the chocolates yourself.

Even better, don’t give them the box of Toblerone. Keep the chocolates for yourself.

After all, many girls these days have open declared that they don’t mind not receiving extravagant gifts. According to them, “it’s the thought that counts.”

If that’s the case, then send her a “virtual gift” from instead. 

Sending a “virtual gift” is not gonna cost you a single cent and besides, “it’s the thought that counts.”

So this is from me.

She can’t say you’re insincere because it is something you build yourself.

She can’t say you’re kiam siap either because if your virtual gift pack is selected as the winner, then Toblerone will physically put together the gift pack and send the real deal to you. So you can give it to her or pass it on any of your friends and families you choose to send the gift to.

As for me, I have no girlfriend to give a present to this Valentine’s. So I guess the only person who will be getting a gift from me…

… is my 2-month-old nephew Ethan.


There you go Ethan.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Oh wait, you don’t have teeth yet.

Nevermind. Uncle Kenny will eat all the Toblerone for you then.

With this economy downturn, everyone from Barack Obama to our Prime Minister-in-waiting is talking about something called a ‘stimulus package’.

I just wish they had a better name for it. Because everytime they talk about ‘stimulus package’, all I can picture in my mind is how ‘stimulating’ their ‘package’ must be.

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  1. “The moral of the story to guys is: don’t spend too much money buying unnecessarily extravagant gifts on your girlfriends. You never gonna know when you’re gonna end the relationship.”
    True, true. 😉

  2. I really like the ring!
    nice design
    and it’s really thoughtful and romantic of you to buy a trip for valentines to spend it with her..
    guess she wasnt lucky. 🙂

  3. The flight ticket, just lelong n sells it to your frens who hasn’t got time to buy his gf pressie nor plan anything for his gf.. HAHAhA.. the ring, u may jz keep it for ur nx gf.. hahaha….

  4. I think it is very sweet of you to plan such a nice getaway Valentine trip and the ring for your gf (then). There aint much romantic guys in Malaysia! Her lost!
    Wish I can meet someone as thoughtful as you as a bf (in near future).
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  5. The moral of the story to guys is: don’t spend too much money buying unnecessarily extravagant gifts on your girlfriends. You never gonna know when you’re gonna end the relationship.- Kenny
    I’m with you for this one, Kenny. Just not worth it.
    In fact, it’s much more better to spend your money playing Soni.

  6. Very much similar to my case where I got a box of chocolate for my bf for valentines but I’m 100% positive that the choc will ended up in my stomach…
    The ring looks really really nice… Envy…

  7. RM 2,430 to go!!
    By the way, is it possible to let the highest donation individual to go to Phuket?
    Just a suggestion ;p

  8. Well at the moment the highest donor is Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia. And I’ll be flying AirAsia to Phuket, so…

  9. Hey Kenny,
    I feel for you, after seeing the ring. I can see how serious you were with her.
    Now that you’re on your own two feet, stay strong, God will be there to guide you.
    Take care,

  10. Errr… I think I must clarify.
    That ring wasn’t a gift I plan on giving her. The trip was, but not the ring. I mean, we’re not at THAT stage yet.

  11. lol i really wonder why people don’t read. kenny already said awal awal the ring is just a photo he took you guys pula fly to fantasy land =x
    Happy Single Awareness Day (SAD)!
    join the club bro =)

  12. I must give you credits for your honesty and the guts to share these kind of things. It takes a lot of guts for a man to admit. Kudos to you. 🙂
    Why don’t you start a bidding war for the ticket to go with you? I’m sure you have fans. The highest bidder get to go with you, for good cause.

  13. People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within.
    We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.
    Let it all go. Spend more time with family and friends. Maybe the breakup was a sign that you still have loads to learn , on how to be a better son , a better friend , a better person in general. Nature wants to give you a chance to reexamine your priorities in life.
    Everything happens for a good reason. Learn from past experiences and you’ll emerge as a stronger person in the end.

  14. I’m now imagine…
    What’s the feeling when you saw Kenny shaving his hair while eating Toblerone?
    Yum Yum… xD

  15. tickets to phuket..
    why not ticket to bali..
    i love bali so much..
    i understand how u feel..
    because 3 years ago..i was left with singapore trip tickets on valentine’s day too..

  16. Man, this is like the 3rd blog on ur site on the breakup. I can see u’re hungup in some way – though you’re definitely not pandering for a return to the way things were before.
    Think of it this way – You’re free, with no strings attached, to see what kind of a relationship you would really prefer.
    It’s much better than being stuck in a relationship wondering if you are truly in love (a loaded word) or not. Imagine if it were a divorce case and you were torn between a child and a wife. Are things now on a different magnitude?
    It’s pretty odd to see that you are using the material objects (perhaps unintentionally) to highlight how much you loved her. I thought it suggested that you felt very much cheated – entirely justifiable, but not something that a man like you cannot overcome. I say look beyond the material suggestions taht you were cheated, and realise the bigger man you are. You deserve better, and you know it.
    Cheer up chump.

  17. Just sell the whole package to a guy friend who hasn’t planned anything yet and is about to be murdered by his GF when she finds out.

  18. hey,
    Valentine’s day fuss making you melancholy.. I’ve been trying to cheer lonely self up these few days leading to it as well and reading your posts always helps!! so pls keep posting !!
    I wouldn’t want to see you botak! but oh well all for the sake of charity i donated to bring you a step closer to it 😛

  19. I really can’t make it to Bank Muamalat.. Can locals donate by credit card too? Or, does Kenny has Maybank a/c which I can transfer to?

  20. Congratulation to Botak Fund…
    i so proud to be apart of the reader so see so much kind reader here!!

  21. YAY! Kenny’s gonna turn bota—, er, I mean, YAY! The target is reached! Congrats.
    Where are you gonna shave your hair??

    BTW – The next day I heard got a “Bloggers Gathering” at Burger King MidValley… Details here –
    Anyone want to go together? Anyway, meet you there laa on Sunday… need to relax abit..Haha

  23. Hey kenny,
    Why not do a quick competition and let the winner get either one or both the tickets?
    Or give them to a fren who has a gf/bf
    OR, you could take a family member along with you!

  24. well, wad can i say…it’s really quite a gud idea…cz no one can predict wad will happen next..
    i, myself is chocolate lover, wil consider ur idea while im gonna prepare a present next then..hehe..
    im curious, will u still go to Phuket alone during Valentine’s?

  25. are you gonna proposed to her on the trip…that is so sweet…..too bad she doesn’t have the luck to enjoy it…
    keep it…you will meet someone who is waiting for you 🙂

  26. i love toblerone too! especially their DARK CHOC..who can resist….craving for it now! happie Vday kenny…i noe u hav ur “Soni” to date with on Vday..i have my “toshiba” too….xD
    ooo….congratulation for hitting the target..u will look cute bald…so dun worry! =P

  27. yes.. i completely agree with u. with the credit crunch, if a girl wants something which is abit exorbitant, i would show her the door. and plus (your point again) its the thought that counts.

  28. hey kenny
    alot of people are reading yr blog when u broke off with yr girlfriend there seems to be a ripple and alot of friends i knew are breaking off so watch what u write and try write happier things ok. For valentines gift the guys will be happy about the thoughts that counts not the girls ok.

  29. Ethan is beautiful.
    I ordered Roses for my wife on the internet about a month ago for delivery on Monday before valentine day.
    I managed to order them at a normal-non valentine inflated price. Best Valentine day gift I have ever done.

  30. Thought that count does not apply to girls. They are not interested in thoughts.
    Let’s get real.
    Girls want big presents. The big ones that they can show off to other people around them.

  31. Kenny,why don’t you organise the Funniest Couple photo competition and the winner would win the Ticket to Phuket?? Hehe. But it seems like not enough time since there are 2days left to Valentine Day.
    I wish my BF surprise me with that 🙁

  32. Kenny,why don’t you organise the Funniest Couple photo competition and the winner would win the Ticket to Phuket?? Hehe. But it seems like not enough time since there are 2days left to Valentine Day.
    I wish my BF surprise me with that 🙁

  33. Sorry,today is the first time i see your blog,i feel sorry about you cos of broke up with her…anyway i agreed what u said,no need to give too much hope on each other,(may be its a kind of negative thinking) but its really true..sometimes,somehow,u dont know when will end up the relationship.hope u getting good Kenny..
    I know you from today’s newspaper.

  34. My niece is cuter. 😀
    Anyway, don’t buy chocolates for girlfriends for V-Day. They’ll think you wanna make them fat.
    Buy flowers. They don’t last long but they’re beautiful. Even one rose is enough.

  35. Ooow manz! Ethan is such a darling and honestly, when a woman says it’s the thought that counts, she will still be looking into efforts lar. Your virtual e-card should at least have music mah .. piang! Hahaha, you cracked me up again!

  36. If I weren’t attached and 10 years younger, I’d date you….Kenny Bunny Sweetie. Muach, kiss kiss!

  37. It’s probably too late, but you could try auctioning off the tickets for your charity drive? Or just go and have fun anyway 🙂
    By the way “all I can picture in my mind is how ‘stimulating’ their ‘package’ must be” … ahem, I’m sure it’s not meant that way, but it sounds more like the kind of thing Robb would say 😉

  38. oh no must have been for you but a quick pointer for you next time don’t buy physical goods la just get her a redribbon days experience- even if you break up you can always exchange the “experience” for something else.
    seriously you have to check it out it’s pretty cool lor

  39. Great one Nolla! I checked out RedRibbon Days and I picked up a gift for my gal for Valentine’s Day. She went absolutely nuts about it. Well, see, I got her something different this year. Previous years was always ok – roses, chocs (yes, I’m boring, sue me!)and once I got her 2 movie tickets(and to watch a movie i like, she finds it a complete bore). Anyways, i got lucky (it has been a while, mind you !)that night ;p – owe you one Nolla.

  40. yeah. the more u spend. the harder it is to let go? lol.
    Still… the thoughts that comes. Best not to waste too much money and end up both sides feeling guilty whatsoever.

  41. Lols.. Agreed.. I bought my girlfriend a necklace for her birthday, few days later? we broke up.. sighs..

  42. haha…chocolate is fine with me for valentine’s day. But a real one la. Don’t so cheap until you can only give virtual one. But really I would prefer the chocolates over the expensive gifts.

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