Fun and Games With Halloween Masks

With Halloween fast approaching, one of the things I’m most looking to get are some Halloween costumes.

But Kuching being such a small city that is already, is completely devoid of Halloween mood year after year. I’ve also been searching all over Singapore and KL, but I didn’t have much luck when it comes to locating anything Halloween.
Fortunately for me, I had a bit of luck in Bangkok. Though I didn’t find any full-fledged costumes, I did manage to find a small section selling Halloween masks in the enormous Siam Paragon store.

These aren’t full masks that goes over all of your head. They’re just simple ones that covers your mouth and nose and costs around 150 bahts each. But it doesn’t mean that they are any less fun.

In my past life, I was a master chef that makes a living sitting on top of people’s head while I show them how to cook.
I didn’t like that one because it wasn’t quite “me”. But this other one is more like me though.

Sia Jong-Il.
I. AM. NOT. HAPPY. And you’re fired.
I thought of getting this one. Then I thought why pay money to get a facial expression that I got permanently plastered on my face anyway when I’m angry anyway?
So I found one that looks different, but still suits me better.

Oink oink oink.

Aiyo, why you looking at me like thatttt.
Ugh. Still don’t like it. Only because it hits too close to reality.
After trying on so many, in the end I found the best and most suitable Halloween mask for me.

Sawasdeekaaaa. Me lub u long time!
Sucky sucky for five dollah!

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66 Replies to “Fun and Games With Halloween Masks”

  1. swt… sucky sucky… if wan sucky sucky get a mask wif a hole at the mouth dere 1 mahh… 4 sure big hit… dat doesnt sound so appetizing… urghhh… LOL…

  2. Singapore… I think there’s one shop which sells some halloween masks at Marina Square. Mostly for april fool pranks, but still spooky anyway.

  3. Kenny, don’t forget to visit the Siam Ocean World ya. Interesting. It’s located at the ground floor of Siam Paragon. 750 Bath nia (consider cheap for rich dude like you). Got a gigantic squid (or cuttlefish whatever la…)to see. Pity it is in frozen form…

  4. HAHA! The final one is SO timely since you are in Bangkok and…well, we all know what Thailand’s famous for? No, not ONLY those beautiful chicks…but half the time you dont know if they are REAL chicks or not. So kenny, planning on some surgery soon? 😛
    J/K. Have more fun there.

  5. So it’s proven that the bottom part of Kenny’s face does express the emotion better.
    Last time I watched a TV show about the usage of eyebrow in real life. One of the reason given is that, a person without eyebrow can’t express the emotion well, and they did showcase some simulations which had convinced the viewers.
    Now, I’m confused whether to trust the show or Kenny’s self model.
    Anyway, some make-ups should make you more prettier with the last 如花 mask.
    “我的一颗心~ muak~ muak~”

  6. can’t believe, some ‘perasan’ ppl. Pig face poke fun at muslims…. so you see all pigs, u perasan lar these pigs smile at you.

  7. haha, so it was you in the plane from Bangkok –> KL last nite. I thought I saw a familiar face on board. You look ‘bigger’ in real life :p

  8. FYI only: Haloween is a pagan ritual adopted and commercialised by developed/developing nations to generate Sales.

  9. HEY!
    I just went Loft @ Siam Paragon Bangkok several days ago during my birthday trip~!
    Incidently, this post falls on my 21st birthday on the 21st Oct.. heehee
    It really has lots of Halloween Stuff!
    Too bad i didn’t see u there Kenny! 🙁
    Lots of love from Singapore!

  10. haha.. i saw the kissing-style mask when i was @ the zouk SG halloween party… tt guy wore a orange jumper too… LOL

  11. that mask is so ugly. and so bad… it’s good if mask colour black and white… because it’s look like very scary… i’m sorry if i said ugly to that mask. i sorry to who made that ugly mask…

  12. that mask is so suckkk…. very suck mask… i think you so good to use the mask of oink oink 1… you such a suck man… hahahaha… stupid mask and stupid face of kenny when he use that stupid mask… hahaha….ooops… wrong said… *stupid mask n stupid man who to who use that mask. hahahahahaha*

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