Is Dumbledore Really Gay?

It’s been all over the papers: Albus Dumbledore is gay.

Who would have thought? Even I have to admit I was caught by surprise.
Following shocking news by Harry Potter author JK Rowling that the lovable headmaster of Hogwarts is actually a homosexual, I looked back at previous episodes of the Harry Potter movie series to see if the producers had deliberately left any clues in any of the movie scenes.

Coming out of the closet

I gotta be honest, I didn’t get very far. In fact, I had to watch and re-watch some episodes in order to pick up some of the clues. But as soon as I found them, I said to myself “Hohoho… Rowling. You almost got me there.”
A lot of people didn’t notice, but there was this scene in one of the movies that showed Dumbledore in his office.

See that rainbow flag? And that magazine in hand?
Then there was this scene in the movie where he was involved with this group called Dumbledore’s Army. The movie led you to believe that Dumbledore’s Army was a bunch of student rebels headed by Harry Potter.
But no, Dumbledore’s Army is the name for an all-male strippers group. In his spare time, Dumbledore was a part of that group when he wasn’t busy being the greatest wizard of all time.

Gay. Totally gay.
And if that’s not convincing enough, Dumbledore had even released an album a long time ago.
But not just any album.

From the looks of it, Dumbledore appears to have inspiration from a certain Japanese fella called “Hard Gay”.

Who would’ve thought?

I hadn’t had a good night sleep for a long time, so I went out to the shops and bought myself one really nice soft luxury hotel-quality pillow that costs me RM100.
It’s worth every cent of the price. But now I have trouble waking up in the morning. Die die both ways.

170 Replies to “Is Dumbledore Really Gay?”

  1. hahahaha… i have ALWAYS thought Dumbledore was gay from reading the books..
    He always says very very… questionable things when he is with Harry Potter
    His love partner is Gellert Grindelwald!!!
    The dark wizard and old teenage friend

  2. to be vry honest.. its kinda lame.. :S i dont see the point of the post.. maybe to fill in the gaps?
    rubbish.. sorry

  3. LMAO.. abso-freaking-lutelyyy gay! 😀 Never expected it… But we shouldn’t say dumbledore. We should say the actor who plays dumbledore… That wasn’t a hidden side plot when JK wrote the book..

  4. where did you get the photo of Dumbledore’s Army from? “Lucius” is really hot. I want to see the original guy. =P

  5. i love the cat picture… cute!
    but let’s not discriminating those who are gay… they deserve some respect… what’s with you?!?!
    IMHO, worst post ever, disrespect to animal may not be a big deal, but to a human, it’s the worst thing to do…

  6. kenny, kenny, kenny..
    you wouldn’t really find clues in the movie.. because rowling only just told people this year. and directors wouldn’t have made him gay anyway!! hahaha but funny photoshoppin n e how! 🙂

  7. chehhh…. this news is a few days late.
    Basi already lah.
    I’m sure Dumbledore’s sexuality was just some random thing
    in which Rowling, just blabbed nonsence to create some hype.
    Smart, sly book writers.
    She’s so good at cocking up stories XD
    Btw, loving the all-gay teamo. LOL. (esp Snape!)
    P/S, Ay… i LOVE HG Sumitani ok. grr!

  8. Your blog post demonstrates the lack of tolerance that the Malaysian community has of homosexual individuals. I am not saying that I know what your position is on homosexuality. I do not blame you for posting this and I personally have family members in Malaysia who openly express their homophobia.
    However, I have to say that the homosexual community is far more diverse than the stereotypes that a lot of homophobic people paint of them.
    Not all homosexuals are transsexuals and/or feminine. And not all homosexuals are sexually charged.
    I never thought my Computer Science professor was homosexual at all because he was like a Texas cowboy with a really deep voice until my friend told me about it.
    I’m not writing this with an acrimonious intent. I like you and I just thought I should share my views with you even though I disagree with your portrait of homosexuals.
    Just in case people start saying stuff like “i bet that dude above me is gay”, let me clarify that I am
    a) female
    b) heterosexual with bisexual tendencies.

  9. yl + howard, you gotta be kidding me.
    Did I show homophobia? Did I say I hate gay people? You must have forgotten about all the supportive blog entries I have written on GLBT issues in the past.
    I am 25 years of age and have had so many gay or bisexual friends that I don’t think it’s anything out of the norm anymore. During one of my recent trips overseas, I even shared a hotel room with a gay male. Imagine that.
    If I am truly homophobic, I would’ve lost my place in modern society today.
    Don’t be sensitive.

  10. what a ridiculous and tasteless post. it’s crass and looks like it was done by a immature teenager. very disappointing… and i’m not even a harry potter fan….

  11. This is a classic example of bad post and the result of “can’t-think-of-anything-better-to-write-and-simply-write-something” thinking…I didn’t even find it a bit funny…Low, very very low…very disappointed!!! I hope you get sued for modifying the scene sucker

  12. Kenny,
    Regardless of what the mofos above me are saying, this is an awesome post. I’m glad that you’re back to your old stuff… quite honestly, I never clicked well with all your travel stories… but the posts that got me hooked on kennysia was when you mixed photoshop with current day issues 😛
    Anyways, good post. And I love HG Sunitani 🙂
    Domo~~ Dumbledore HOOOOOOOO

  13. it’s not funny using gay as a subject of humour..though i know u r porbably going to use the gay=happy excuse..

  14. At first i oso find this blog post to be quite offending, for ppl wif homosexuality…but when i tink closer, i would say we shldn’t jump to the conclusion so fast…The whole point about this blog being funny is not about gay, is about dumbledore being gay…I do believe most people out dere is quite open these days when it cums to sexual preference, but let’s stil rmember there dere are conservatives out dere (esp like those in our country) tat couldn’t accept it and so we wld rarely find gay elements in mainstream things…Even as famous as brokeback mountain gets, the movie is stil controversial and we dun see a lot of them in the mainstream oso wat…So, the thing is, harry potter being such an innocent typical good against evil kid stuff ( personal opinion) having a gay in the story, and it’s being the GREATESt wizard of all time, tat’s funny…It won b funny if it’s in mature movies like sin city and others…but, in harry potter? tat’s too funny..Rowling was spending so many years to please all the kids in the world and suddenly she says’ there’s a gay in the story, tat’s is out of the ordinary…I knoe sum ppl will argue tat harry potter is mature and it has a darker story line or wat wat, well come on, it’s been so many books of it and the onli thing it mention about sex is harry potter having his own kids in the last one( correct me if i m wrong, i m nt a reader of the series) and in the end good triumphes over evil…it’s jz the lame story tat could act as good bedtime stories for the children…and in the end, there’s a gay in it, it’s jz too funny…it’s reli nt being homophobic or anything, it’s jz it’s harry potter and tat’s the whole point of it…

  15. Funny, I never knew people are so sensitive nowadays. Anyway just write what you want to write kenny. I guess ppl are trying so hard to be politically correct. Just ignore them. Feh

  16. well its sad that people are telling Kenny how disappointed they are and all. Kenny has put in so much of effort to please and entertain us, if you realise most of the pictures are edited.
    dont set a standard of expectation on him, you guys didnt pay him like how you paid Astro to entertain you. so give him a break!
    if you dont find this humorous, the least you could do is to give him a pat in the back and say ‘Good Try Kenny’
    or else just stop reading this blog. coz if you cant take this with an open mind and treat it as a joke, i doubt you’ll ever enjoy any other future posts that Kennys gonna put up.
    Good try Kenny 🙂

  17. hahaha!!! even though Dumbledore is one of my respected characters… but I’d say I enjoyed this one more than any Hugo posts =P
    It’s only a fiction, people. Quit telling off him already and look at the post from the funny side.
    btw kenny, what is the pillow brand?

  18. I find this post very offensive.
    A gay character in the most popular series in the world is a big step for JK Rowling and for gay rights.
    I guess Malaysia is still the conservative country who cannot accept that some people just like to fuck assholes. It’s not like every gay is looking to violate your asshole. Maybe just 1 out of a 100 hardcore gays will do that. Why the hate ? Why the discrimination ?
    And Gay can also mean happy. Go look into the dictionary if you don’t believe me. What if JK rowling actually meant that dumbledore is happy ?
    I mean, even J.R.R Tolkien once used the word gay to describe Gandalf. It happened right after frodo successfully destroyed the ring…..
    OH. MY. GOD.
    I’m okay with gays, but a GAY WIZARD !?
    When one of the most powerful wizards equipped with stupefy (Renders the target of the spell unconscious) is GAY, things tend to get pretty ugly. Combined that with a Enlargement Charm and some Accio, we are possibly talking about the most dangerous gay sex rapist ever.
    GOTTA HAVE LIKE, 5 of them.
    Harry has ended up unconscious, waking up only to see Dumbledore’s smiling face so many times…. hmmmm….damn I think the next headline should be HARRY GOT ASS-RAPED.
    But that’s still not my main point.
    The big question is, whether you have already been raped by a gay wizard without knowing it.
    Yeah, I know, I’m checking my asshole too as we speak. I think I’m okay. Let me know if you’re okay kenny. 🙁

  19. I know this will be deleted by the all-powerful-kenny but you can’t do it kenny you can’t.
    Why ?
    Because you would be robbing the people of the opportunity to read the most idiotic and ridiculous shit-filled blog but yet somehow embraced by 11,688 people.
    I challenge you to find a shittier blog, kenny, I challenge you. If you can find one, feel free to delete this.
    The only article you really should read is the one about steve pavlina, my first article. So that you may be saved from his brainwashing.
    Keep writing the good stuff kenny.
    And have you checked your asshole yet ??

  20. acrimonious this acrimonious that…………….what the acrimonious the new buzz word these days?

  21. Nicevil.
    first thing first. kenny didnt say he hates gay.
    secondly this posts just a joke
    thirdly i think you’re retarded

  22. Nicevil
    its rude to tell people to check thier assholes
    and kenny just meant all of it as a joke
    if you cant take it then leave
    and dont go around acting like Kenny has killed your mom or something
    if you want the answer for who has a shittier blog, i think its yours
    Kenny’s blog isnt shitty. with all the posts on his travels and opinions it aint shitty at all. in fact if you dont get why he has so many readers, its because he’s blog’s way more entertaining than yours.
    and whats with the ‘all-powerful-kenny’?

  23. Kenny, I cant find ur intention of the post. It is not humorous neither it is educational, it does even share your thoughts. I am not judging you but I am judging ur actions. I think it is pathetic and you might want to search your soul and find out wht was your main intention sending out the email.

  24. Woops so many typos… I meant it did NOT even share your thoughts. ” ….. find out wht was ur main intention in typing the post”

  25. lol!posts like these made me remember why i checked kennysia for updates two years reading some of the comments,it’s ironic people are blasting this post because the so-called fans don’t seem to understand why kennysia was such fun read.popularity brings idiocy.the fans’ i mean.

  26. nice way of publicity, yet disgusting and ugly!Just because worldly people hv negative point of view for gay!? Something’s wrong with JK R. and you kenny!
    What’s wrong with being gay farker! I’m a gay too! so what? come farch with me then ya ass hole! GAY SHOULD BE RESPECTED!

  27. hurm…. just a week ago i read xia xiu whatever her name is… blog on dumbledore being gay and i was like du-uh….. known this for so long….. dude is gay.. aww come on kenny, don’t tell me you don’t know about this or are you just trying to poke fun at char siu aka xia xiu’s blog?… come on

  28. What the fuck,.Kenny,.why don’t you just die. How can you exploit others sexual orientation for the purpose of your blog. You’re being very insensitive and I’m beginning to see your ugliness from the inside out.
    While I’m sitting here typing this the impulse thoughts of running you over with a car actually crossed my mind. So whenever you’re walking on the street in Kuching be on the look out.
    You’re a sorry excuse of a human being.
    PS: I’m hetrosexual.
    [Kenny replies: I’ll be very happy to face you and let you hit me – if you dare to walk out. But I don’t think you dare because you are a coward. Talk only, no action.
    Prove me wrong. Drop me an e-mail.]

  29. ahhh u edited my post… it was not funny.. and i did not say that
    [Kenny replies: What? I didn’t edit your post. What are you talking about?]

  30. Many different views about this issue. well guess there are always two sided point of views about a topic either positive or negative

  31. Kenny.. when i read this post, you made me go FOO~ with excitement and my hips started thrusting non-stop till i was banned from using the internet by my parents 😀
    ‘Nuff said.

  32. Coming out of the closet needs courage.
    Its like telling the world your secret. Its not easy to handle. The last thing u need is to be ridiculed and humilated for your courage to come clean. Being gay is not by choice, u r born to be like that. U wun mock a new born with cleft lips, would u?

  33. Somehow I don’t get the over-reaction. There’s a clear line between being discriminative and humour. If the two were grouped together, many stand-up comedians, including the famous ones, would end up in jail, murdered or bankrupt. Comedians and comedies which would include Little Britain and Russell Peters.
    Good job Kenny. At least there are some of us who appreciate humor.

  34. U r a big ass…
    it’s a very offensive post… Gay people.. though it’s minority in everywhere should get their rights as well..
    Who say gay people cant be as great as people like Dumbledore?
    You have no idea what a gay person has to go thru.. internally or externally.. to face all the pressure and to accept themselves also.. bet u dont have any gay frens at all..
    I am expected an apology post from u..
    else wish ur children r all gay.. if u ever will have…
    [Kenny replies: What are you talking about? This post is not offensive to gay people. I love gay people. I have gay friends. I even attended a gay party a while back.]

  35. what is all of your problem against kenny?! Look, he didnt say he hates gay or anything. He’s not poking joke on gays alright. What’s so offensive about it?! you people, have a lil funny bone will ya?

  36. In addition, to be born gay is similar to be born with a third class gene..i.e. fat n short…
    dont u think we shouldnt discriminate people who r ugly who r short n who r fat?
    I think we shouldnt..
    I not only be frens with them.. i encourage them to lead a healthier life..i give them advise on how to look better…eating healthily exercise regularly.. i give advise for them to be better…
    who cares if u have lesbian n gay frens… but actually u cant accept them completely…
    who cares if u ever share a room with a gay fren? you have overestimated urself..
    people always relate gay to ass hole f*cking.. sex isnt everything.. love can be made without anal sex.. not all gay practice that…
    not to go any further…
    think it’s time for u to act more like an adult…
    grow up boy…
    [Kenny replies: If you continue being anonymous and abusive, I will delete your comment.
    I don’t what you are ranting on about. I do not discriminate against homosexuals and I hate homophobia. You think gay people are born with third class genes. I treat them as equal. For that fact, I think I have a more mature outlook on gay lifestyle than you do. ]

  37. I am an old timer of your blog, kenny. Below is just my observation. It is just my thoughts and may be wrong.
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for creating and updating your blog. It has provided me immense pleasure reading it.
    However, ever since your popularity shot up and become this popular, your blog style has been changing to the worse. I mean, your travel posts are still great to read, but there are some posts (like this post) that are totally not funny (lame in other word). Not only it is not funny, the posts reflect on the desperation of you finding an interesting topic.
    I know that you guys out there will probably call me not to read the blog if I dislike it. But, I would like to say that I do not dislike this blog. It is just through my observation that the quality of the posts are steadily deteriorating.
    Well, I shall not criticize much. Just to let you know that there are definitely room for improvements. And by the way, I believe you have nothing against homos.
    Cheers and good day!

  38. I sitll can’t figure it out, y all yellin at kenny?
    his gud and fine!
    and hey annonymouse! talk to me, i can reply you better than kenny about your gay theorey _!_

  39. [quote]our stupid angkasawan also gay wad.
    Posted by: piggo at 28 October 2007 2:55 PM | Link to comment[/quote]
    Hahahhaa, this is the funniest comment ever. Period. Good job.

  40. I was laughing so loud when I saw the 1st picture! It’s so hilarious!
    By the way, most people didn’t really get what Kenny’s post is about. It’s about Dumbledore being gay, and that’s it. Not that he’s picking on gays. He’s just picking on Dumbledore who’s just a fictional character!
    You’ve seen him picking on straight guys and girls in his blog all the time, and yet no one complains about it, and now just because gay issue is sensitive, he’s being showered with all the lame comments made by those cowards!
    Why are you guys hoo-hah-ing over Kenny? Now he’s going to come up with post about this matter (which is, to be honest Kenny, not nice to read).
    So people, get a life!
    And kenny, life goes on ^_^

  41. It’s a common thing to be gay nowadays…it’s everywhere you’d hear one probably making the first move is the culprit. Well, even Alexander the Great was practicing homosexuality during his famed times. So I am not surprised at all if someone telling me so and so is gay. 😀

  42. haha.. i was the one who posted the cat picture link on xia xue’s blog. coz i thought that pic is so apt & funny. kenny u’ve been there and saw it, right?
    the whole issue is that we are just really surprised that dumbledore is gay. there’s nothing to do with discrimination. stop ranting.

  43. hahaha..I like this’s funny..n I like the cat too..hahahaha..
    U’re a great Blogger..n I’m miles n miles behind of ya!!! Keep it up..
    P/S: Kenny is NOT offending Gay ppl ok..He’s jz saying Dumbledore is gay tht’s all…nth to fuss about..if u dun like reading this then jz skip to other need to b a fuss about this..Im gay as wel..n I dun think this is offensive!!!
    I’ll support U Kenny!!! Keep it up dude!!!
    I’ll back for ya new entry!!!

  44. It’s pretty obvious that Kenny isn’t homophobic, that’s not even the real issue here. But to those who think this shit is funny, DID YOU DROP OUT FROM KINDERGARTEN?
    Lameass passe humour like this post can only be funny for the kind of people who think wrestling is entertaining and Aqua (of Barbie Girl fame) makes good music, among other cheesy pursuits.
    In other words, simpletons.
    People saying stuff like “Hahahhaha omg this is so funny” only prove that although Malaysia has moved forward leaps and bounds in so many areas, the sense of humour of its citizens remains stuck in a primitive state.
    No wonder Senario is so successful.

  45. HAIZ…….

  46. Kenny, I was wearing my clay mask when it cracked becoz of dumbledore’s stripper. HAHAHAHA..funny.
    Eh Kenny, don’t care wat other ppl say la.. ur blog entertained me, n I never fail follow it everyday.

  47. hahaha,that was nice.
    bt hey guys,did it ever occur u that JK Rowling just mumble something to the media when they asked why Dumbledore has no girl for himself in the book. perhaps she didn’t even think much,the media,as usual,took it as a headline.

  48. It’s a joke. Heck, we can all see that. But that doesn’t save the fact that it’s a bloody tasteless joke, and that it IS offensive to those with gay/lesbian/bisexual leanings.
    God I read this and felt my face contorting. It’s a good blog post, funny as hell. The photo editing was top notch, shucks, Hard Gay was hilarious. But hell, what I have a problem is, is your language. Your constant “ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY GAY” language. It is so, I’m speechless, speechless till I can’t think of anything to describe it, till my head just keeps shaking a no.
    You didn’t mean it to be offensive. I don’t think you ever mean anything to be offensive. I respect you. I think you’re pretty mature. But just open your eyes and look at all the people who HAVE taken offense, and you’ll realise that you must have written something insulting.
    Being gay is hard. It’s difficult. It’s something that you probably can’t understand. So you have gay friends, go to gay parties, but are YOU gay? Before you come out of the closet, don’t you EVER make a joke about this issue. You’re straight, so bash the straight all you want. But hell, be more of a man than that, have more balls, and don’t make a joke about something that is sacred to other people.
    Oh, and do your research properly next time. Rowling stated that Dumbledore is gay, and she laughed that a lot more Christian groups would start banning everything Harry like, more than before. And she sent a note to the director of present Harry movie in production, to tell him Dumbledore is gay, because he was going to put in a scene involving an old girlfriend/girl flame/girl crush? of Dumbledore’s. So do your damned research.

  49. Jillian, I did my “damned” research. Thanks for your language.
    Mike, has been embracing lame humour since 2005. 🙂 When did you starting reading this blog, man?

  50. IT’A HARD GAY, and he has done it again to inspire the greatest wizard of all ages into it. Woo~ I would like to know more about this Dumbledore’s Army of him.
    This is hilarious. I was shocked by the news too. It was so unexpected.

  51. Man!! so funny!! haha. u really so good in editing. hahaha!!! Hard Gay! he’s crazy but his show is damn fun! ^^

  52. Stumbled across your blog from a link on a couple years back, any idea what happened to Huai Bin?
    Anyways you are funny at times mate, pretty often actually. This is just one that fell short, IMHO.
    No offense intended, just speaking my mind, as you always do. Diff strokes for diff folks I guess.

  53. Seriously, some of these comments piss me off so much. Do these people even take the time to read the post in the first place?
    Heck name me one line within the post where the blogger has said he hated gays? Heck, the post IS NOT about fuckin gays. Its about Dumbledore being gay in relation to themes within Harry Potter. Goddamn it read the damn post.
    This strongly applies to the person named “Z”..mate, seriously have you ever learnt to bloody read? You rant on and on about how he should be more understanding of gays then name me one thing within the post that was offensive to gays?
    As far as I can see, the rainbow logo is their worldwide symbol. The muscular men only showed how gays are as muscular as manly men (true fact!) and the album showed gays as great music artistes (Elton John). So instead of ranting on about how you’re a saint when it comes to helping gays, how about you get yourself a perspective, a brain and a reading teacher ay? Cause you damn well aren’t making any sense with your rants. Dumbarse -_-
    Its thanks to so much bloody political correctness these days that even the internet is becoming a controlled “freedom of expression”. Seriously you critics need to lighten up.

  54. what is kenny going to say next? That Harry Potter is in fact a bisexual and if he could, he would marry Ron too??
    Am not being sensitive, close-minded or what. I just don’t think it’s appropriate to make fun of one of the idols of millions of children all over the world. i hope no children read this post.

  55. What the fuck,.Kenny,.why don’t you just die. How can you exploit others sexual orientation for the purpose of your blog. You’re being very insensitive and I’m beginning to see your ugliness from the inside out.
    While I’m sitting here typing this the impulse thoughts of running you over with a car actually crossed my mind. So whenever you’re walking on the street in Kuching be on the look out.
    You’re a sorry excuse of a human being.
    PS: I’m heterosexual.
    [Kenny replies: I’ll be very happy to face you and let you hit me – if you dare to walk out. But I don’t think you dare because you are a coward. Talk only, no action.
    Prove me wrong. Drop me an e-mail.]
    Posted by: Kill Kenny at 28 October 2007 8:06 PM | Link to comment
    Mr Kenny Sia please read the above tag and try to comprehend with your pea brain what I was saying. I was merely expressing my thoughts, which was all riled up by your blatant sexist, homo-ridicule, and gay stereotyping post. And for you to further think that I would actually make an arrangement with you to have you walk on the street while I run you over with a car, just go to show your level of mentality/intellect. Bordering stupidity would be a mild description. Please keep your testosterone in your balls and not in your brain. Now back to the issue.
    I’m duly replying to your post not because of your challenge or is there a question of me being cowardice. I’m replying because I appreciate the substantial negative influence your blog posting has on youth of precarious age. It is an age where life-long impressions are easily formed. And today Kenny Sia has a massage for you all. This blog entry, ‘Is Dumbledore Really Gay?’ is saying that being a favorite Headmaster you can’t be gay, oh, no, he is indeed gay, look, rainbow flag a universal symbol of gay and is that a gay magazine he is holding on his hand? Ask Kenny Sia he photoshopped it! Now how many of you reading this doesn’t relate gay people to anal intercourse (erect penis penetrating shit-hole)? And in addition male strip dancers are gay or for gay? And most of all gay people are personified by the Hardcore Gay image?
    Secondly Kenny Sia, the shameful ugliness reflected on your own defense of the blog entry is revolting.
    When you address a person to be gay you’re in effect saying that they are happy people. But when you further associate them with male strippers and hardcore sadomasochism (SM) like Kenny Sia did he just nailed himself on the head. All these are acceptable only if he didn’t make it an issue of sexual contempt. But he did, if not why else would he make an issue/topic out of this group of minority who has a sexual orientation perhaps different from his/yours?
    To further prove my point how much ill intent is evident in this ‘Is Dumbledore Really Gay?’ blog post I will loosely replace homosexual (gay) with heterosexual, the grandfatherly images of Dumbledore with Kenny’s grandmother for age relativity and his recognition. Or any of you blind supporters or anyone of you out there who think there is nothing wrong with this post care to offer images of your grandmother? Next replace Dumbledore’s Army with your standard AV stripers all line up. Replace the Hardcore Gay images with any SM female porn-star in leathers. Photoshop all your grandmother’s head onto any SM porn publication for effect. Finally tell the world in writing that your grandmother or your neighbor’s or Kenny’s grandmother is Heterosexual and emphasize on its definition to great effect as many times Kenny did mention gay on this blog; that all grandmothers involved only fuck dicks with their cunts cause they are normal people,… Now tell me how FUCK-UP can you all get.
    Having slept with a gay in the same room and being part of a gay party gives Kenny Sia the right to publish this blatant sexist, homo-ridicule, and gay stereotyping post? Kenny Sia go ask your mother lah. Your personal values and beliefs are indeed questionable. But your ugliness from within is no doubt profound.
    Only a homophobic Kenny Sia and it is safe to assume him a closet gay hater would ‘accuse’ or rather suggest a perfectly decent Milo poster of three kids being gay. Like I’ve said you’re a sorry excuse of a human being. Sad fuck you are.
    PS: I’m not even a fan of Harry Porter. And you made me angry.

  56. Kill Kenny, hahaa! Look at you getting all so riled up. I especially love this line “And today Kenny Sia has a massage for you all”
    Sorry dude, I can’t be massaging everyone.
    Look, I’m not gonna change my blog just because you think it wasn’t “politically correct” enough for you.
    A lot of my gay readers have read it and didn’t even find it remotely offensive. Whereas you, a heterosexual non-Harry Potter fan, get your panties in a twist over something that is not even remotely homophobic nor encouraging anyone to hate gays.
    A gay, is a gay, is a gay. It is a culture and a lifestyle that is nothing to be shameful about. In today’s society, homosexuality is the norm rather than the exception. within my age group and within my circle of friends it is something that we talk about openly. There is NOTHING offensive at all if you call someone who is openly gay, a gay. It’s like calling someone who is Chinese, a Chinese. Or call someone who is a teacher, a teacher.
    Male strippers, rainbow flags, and tight leather clothing are elements of homosexuality that is proudly displayed, especially during Mardi Gras pride parades. All I mentioned was the CULTURAL aspect of being a gay. I didn’t even make any mention of the SEXUAL aspect of being a gay. Then you brought up the issue of grandmothers and AV stars. I don’t see the relation.
    It WOULD be offensive if I had refer to Dumbledore as a faggot, a fucking homosexual, or precede the word “gay” with anything derogatory with the intention to ridicule. But I did not do that nor have I had the intention to do that. So why is it so offensive to you, you fucking coward?
    I’m not gonna change the way I blog just because of people like you. This blog is TOO politically correct as it is already.
    Besides, you are exactly just like I expected. Hiding behind the monitor acting all high and mighty spewing abuses at me. But when I give you an opportunity to say the same thing to me face to face, what did you do? You chickened out.
    You’re all talk and no action.
    What a piece of chicken shit that you are.

  57. I don’t know about Dumbledore but rumour has it that we have just sent a gay into outerspace. Quite an achievement for Malaysia, don’t you think?

  58. Kill Kenny,
    What you wrote really irks me.
    ”why don’t u just die? you’re a sorry excuse of a human being.”

  59. Kill Kenny(you hate kenny that much huh?),
    What you wrote really irks me.
    ”why don’t u just die? you’re a sorry excuse of a human being.”
    For the love of god, please reflect on what you said.

  60. @Kill Kenny.i think you should stay at BATU 7 or TANJUNG RAMBUTAN because you got MENTAL problem or jump into sarawak river for feeding crocodile!

  61. kill kenny , kennysia can write anything he likes even if it is wrong . We have the freedom to express what we like even if it is wrong.
    But , u threatening people life by saying that will bang him with your car is definitely wrong morally . You are so rude .

  62. QUOTE:
    “I know this will be deleted by the all-powerful-kenny but you can’t do it kenny you can’t.
    Why ?
    Because you would be robbing the people of the opportunity to read the most idiotic and ridiculous shit-filled blog but yet somehow embraced by 11,688 people.
    I challenge you to find a shittier blog, kenny, I challenge you. If you can find one, feel free to delete this.
    The only article you really should read is the one about steve pavlina, my first article. So that you may be saved from his brainwashing.
    Keep writing the good stuff kenny.
    And have you checked your asshole yet ??”
    I know a much crappier blog than this blog, and it is: .
    This webmaster can write a post so crappy that he even write a note telling the readers that he thinks that his post is too crappy and that you shouldnt read it…

  63. I just happpened to loiter into this blog. Although I am not a big fan of kenny sia’s blog I doubt he intentionally tries to offend people. Do I find this entry distasteful yes, but I have seen some of his previous blogs, he has taken a piss (not vulgarity intended) at almost anything including himself, this is why i doubt he intended to cause harm in this particlarly entry.
    To Kill Kenny,
    I think it is way below one’s integrity to give death threats. WHat more to bring someone’s grandmother or mother to add to the insult? If you have problem with someone, address to that specific person only. You may have some interesting points, but the way in which you present it is not helping the gay cause, if you were fighting for it in the first place.

  64. Even J.K Rowling has admitted in the newspapers that Dumbledore is INDEED gay/homosexual. What is it to you KillKenny that kennysia is simply stating the obvious fact?

  65. hey Kenny! is the magazine and rainbow thing real? or did you photoshop it?
    🙂 i’m reeeeally curious! please reply!
    [p.s.: I am a fan of your blog! Your posts are interesting and surprisingly easy to understand! [i’m only 13 😀 heeh]
    To KillKenny,
    You’re a sad-ass person. I believe that Kenny has the right to post whatever he wishes to post, seeing that it is his blog.

  66. I wonder why politically correct people get so uptight. Animal rights activists speak up for animals with a vengeance, but that’s because they (animals) have no voice. I find that the loudest voices here claim to be straight.
    Are you thus saying that gay people have no voice, and cannot speak up for themselves, which is why you’re up in arms about this post?
    I don’t think I’ve read one single comment from a gay person who finds this post offensive. Either that, or Kenny Sia’s readers are all heterosexual, and in this case, I apologize 🙂
    For those who are up in arms about his post, please refer to this site, in which JK Rowling’s interview is faithfully transcribed:
    Kenny Sia, you’ve got a voice. And you’re using it to reflect the good, the bad, and the ugly in us. Whatever it is you’re doing, keep it up. Just remember, you’re very much in the public eye now 🙂 You’ll definitely be held accountable.
    p/s: I read your blog regularly. Never a dull moment 🙂

  67. Interesting…
    I never did realise that Dumbledore had homosexual tendencies when I was reading the HP series.
    However, did anyone else pick up the undertones and suggestion of incest and of an Oedipus complex as Harry seeks to replace and sleep with mother through Ginny Weasley, another brown-eyed redhead…
    Kenny, lovin’ the controversy!

  68. AH!! This post is really sucks!!
    The suckest post I ever seen in blog!!
    What do you think you are??
    Never think what you are writing??
    I advice you better don’t simply write rubbish!!

  69. It was an interesting post. It caught my attention, held my attention, and hey it was an interesting topic. Just because you’re old, and wise, and dignified, does not mean that you can’t be homosexual at the same time. So you can view it as an insult, but it can also be seen as a statement that stands up for homosexuals at the same time.

  70. it’s so funny. i love it. haha
    oh btw kenny, what do u think about the effects of japan hard gay on children he approached on few of his videos? i wonder if he’s promoting homosexuality? what’s ur view kenny?

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