C-In2 Men’s Push-Up Underwear Review

Remember the push-up underwear for men I blogged about some time ago?

Well, I was in Singapore again recently, and I decided to visit the New Urban Male store and give this push-up undie a try, just to see how effective it is.
Yes, I know. The things I do for my blog.

A pair of push-up undies like this normally costs SGD$32.90 (RM75) but lucky for me, New Urban Male was running a buy one get one free promotion when I was there.
I think they’re trying to clear their stock because apparently Singaporean men don’t need help to push up their package. Either that, or they figured out that stuffing a banana down the undies is much cheaper.

So this is the undie. It’s black. It’s a brief.
It looks like any other undie except for this little strap.

What the strap does is that it holds the “man fruit” in place.
Like this.

Theoretically, using the strap will push up the “man fruit”, making it look like a “brinjal” when in fact you got a “long bean”.
I don’t know how well that’s gonna work, so I went into the changing room (after I paid for it of course) and tried it on.

This is me before I wear the push-up undies.

This is me after I put on the push-up undies.

Is there a difference? I can’t tell. So I asked my female friends what they think.
Yes, I know. I’m a lucky guy. It’s not everyday you can ask girls to comment on your “man fruit”.
Here’s what they say.

Nadnut: Is it already on? How come like nothing one?

Estee Teo: Wow! Really got big difference leh!

To be honest, it was kinda strange and uncomfortable walking around with a strap tied around my groin like that. My dick felt like it’s a pet animal, and I’m taking it out on a walk with a leash tied around its neck.
What’s worse, within a few minutes after I walked around wearing the push-up underwear, my dick starts to feel a little numb ‘cos the blood flow to my dickonosaurus is restricted.

Anyway, I decided to take it out for a real world experiment.
So there I was, standing confidently alongside the walkway at City Link Mall, wearing my C-In2 Push-Up Underwear, equipment strapped in, proud and hanging.

To my utter dismay, almost every girl who walked passed didn’t even BOTHER giving me a freaking glance to my pushed-up man fruit!

Even the middle-aged aunties who walked past couldn’t care less about my dragon balls!
That’s ridiculous. I am so disappointed.
What for I buy this stupid push-up underwear if none of the girls are giving willing attention to my willy!?
Then, just when I was about to give up, something happened…


naeboo: Get me some Sarawak pepper next time you’re in KL pls.
Kenny: Hey yo, ya wan me to get ya sum white pepper or black pepper, yo?
naeboo: Black peppercorns, ma nigga! thx man.
Kenny: Ya want dem black nigga peppa ground or with balls, yo?
naeboo: Dayam, nigga! Wut country yo mama got ’em peppercorns from tht got ground? I dun need no peppa dat can’t fly! I want ’em peppa wit balls as much as balls got hair, ya hear?
Kenny: Fo shizzle, ma nizzle. Peace out!

163 Replies to “C-In2 Men’s Push-Up Underwear Review”

  1. FIRST!!
    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! U funny la!! I tot only girls would wanna do that,u know push up their boobs but why in the world would a guy wanna do it to?! Its looks funny,but can see the diffs la.. =)

  2. Yeah, gay bar is probably the right place to check out the ‘effectiveness’… LOL! Don’t think there’s one in Kch although I’m told the Link is where a lot of ‘them’ hang-out!

  3. There is a brand in Malaysia called Skinxwear and they have launched a new range of undies with the same function, push up and support but minus the strap/leash. It’s very comfortable and has something like a pouch instead of that thing you tied your barnarnar with. Try it out.

  4. You should have worn a white pair of pants for maximum effect.
    Just check out the last pic, the uncle’s companion wears white, and it highlighted the hugeness of her assets.

  5. Hahahahahahaha, so funny lah! There is an obvios difference for me anyway, but it just looks like you have a constant hard-on. Which is you know… weird. Haha. Anyway, the uncle so funny! Haha.

  6. Ha!Ha!Ha! You are truly hilarious! I think it’s better without the push up effect. Looks like you got a hard on. That’s why the uncle sneaked a peak. You probably gave him one after that! Ha!Ha!Ha!

  7. woah, this undies really effective and can see the difference!
    i guess the testing considered as failed! seldom gals would look at that area one, most of them like guys would check out for push up bra instead. maybe you should try with a lighter color pants or zippers not done properly??

  8. Why dun they can come out with a push-up swimming trunk, i bet all the chicks would stare at your dickonosaurus wuahahaha…

  9. oh my god u’re fucking sick!!! but i cannot stop myself from laughing!! that situation is just like how us girls compare boobs!!! We stare at other girls to check them out… That uncle sure is competitive wey… x)

  10. Not trying to sound despo (hehe) but do
    check-out my blog and say “Hi” (or something, at least)
    I’m such a big fan of you, Kenny Sia,
    and i hope u would “pop” by my
    humble blog:DDD
    heh heh heh.
    Can or cannot? Pls reply?

  11. Looks rather BDSM-ish…
    Anyway, on the topic of putting the apparatus to the test at gay bars…
    If you’re still around in Singapore, ask around for “The Towel Club”…
    Or better yet, go to fridae.com for research on “Gay bars”. :p

  12. Yo Kenny, it seems like you have City Hall preference when you’re in Singapore!
    Wouldn’t it be nice if you you took some photos at the mrt station again and wait for smrt guy to apprehend you and all u got to do is to show him your new “assets”………..

  13. don’t you have to wash before you wear them!!??? to be safe, you know. you don’t know who’s touched them! what if the salesman/girl had STDs!! what if the lady working in the factory in china had STDs!!! kenny, be careful who you get intimate with. don’t wanna pass it on y’know.

  14. I find guys with a constant hard-on disgusting…
    There was once a speaker that came to my school. At that time, his ‘manliness’ looked ‘turgid’. I had the “best” luck when I had to sit at the front row as there was no more space at the back. I placed my hand at the side of the table then the speaker suddenly came close. I had to quickly pull my hand away to avoid contact with his dick… Ew…
    Run, Kenny! RUN!!!

  15. people will tot ur brother is wake up.. girls will tot after u c her then ur there stand up d.. will think u r ham sap lou!

  16. oh,ok… but can i ask,y do they wana show “it”? won’t it seem…er…wierd? especially when the “sam ku lok po” saw…

  17. walan eh.. so sensitive meh!!… the uncle’s head itchy and turn his head only…then u say until like the uncle seeing your asset.. ei what if the uncle’s son c how leh.. dmn defame lor

  18. OMG, this post is seriously hilarious! I love it when u blog about some random stuff and with added kennysia-ness to it. Well done! Really looking forward for more… =)

  19. There’s quite an obvious difference. I’m probably not speaking for all girls, but I do occasionally glance ‘southward’, especially in men I find attractive.

  20. Why on earth would any man want to have their ‘man fruit’ pushed up in the first place? Why would man want them to appear protruding out like that?

  21. I recon stuffing sox works better than puting a leash around “princess sofie”. What if the leash killed the poor thing…lack blood flow, it’ll be pale as well, then blue..then dead. Poor dead fruit.

  22. I think your’e better off stuffing it with a banana down there =_=” Doesnt seem to make too much difference to attract girls unless it looks EXTRA HUGE

  23. Your comment here: “…my dick starts to feel a little NUMB ‘cos the blood flow to my dickonosaurus is restricted..”
    I guess that’s why the brand is also called New Urban Male (acronym N-U-M)…. sorry, bad joke. ;-p

  24. wah lau…you really crack me up man.
    maybe next time try showcase it where pple are sitting down, so at least its within eye level…

  25. there is no meaning to make ur kuku hang like tat lar. we men doesnt show it like women’s breast. invention of this underwear is reli 1 word “ge gao”
    the blood cannot flow smoothly maybe will make ur dick become paralyzed lol. then u reli need tis underwear liao lor

  26. Hi Kenny you must try WonderJock from Aussiebum. aussibum.com They are based in Sydney but huge in Europe and State. Their “push up” undies are more common sense and seriously works :)Gluck 🙂

  27. You’re a sell out fucker cibai. You only talk shit. Your blog ain’t such a deep one. You’re a simple retard with nothing much to say but nonsense and its very cloche. FUCK YOU!

  28. I usually enjoy your jokes Kenny. But take offense to this “Black nigga peppacorns” language. Please be more respectful.
    Thank God its on its way out of popularity here in the U.S. cause as a black person, I’m tired of hearing these disrespectful words. Even when its between friends. Its wrong, still hurtful, do not say it.
    Kim, Chicago

  29. The hell?! The way you are standing, very act stylish la, so like it or not, everybody’s probably ignoring you on purpose la!
    A dickonosaurus on a leash is a very blue one (pun intended)!!!!

  30. I jus briefly glance thru d comments.. u noe lar, so many ppl write here.. I’m a slow reader~ But I’m jus curious, hope u guys can help me out.. like tat tie on barnarnar.. not painful one meh? izit like trying to hold it straight in place? then aint ur ‘member’ squashed against ur underpants?

  31. HAHAHA! Farney Uncle Kenny! Not much a differ actually…they should have make it more PUSHIE 😛 or perhaps should wear a soft silk trousers instead of JEANS.

  32. Hmmm…got difference ah. Only i think it will look weird lah ard here. Ppl may think that u’re wearing the jeans too tight instead of thinking that your what what is big. lol! I think la..

  33. Later u stand beside an aunty wif her daughter.. d aunty tot u big bulge bcos of her daughter, say u bian tai, then slap u gao gao! Then girls tot all tat is in ur mind is all ham sap things.. then girls avoid u.. hahHAHAHAhaa! Ai ya, ah Sweat, cool lar, no nid all worked up, my bad~ my bad~

  34. If you want many girls know your *dxxxx* is big, maybe you should bring a big paper and write in there,my *dxxx* so big, if you don’t belive it, pls check it out 😉
    i’m garanty 100% many girls come to you and check it out. 🙂

  35. watch your mouth when u talk in ebonics,kenny.saying fo shizzle is funny,sayin the N word in public,AND for fun,is not.do not stoop to a level so low so as to disrespect the culture.

  36. Hahaha… it’s sooo funny, can’t stop laughing! All i thought it’s the gals have push-up stuff, now only i realize that i’m sooo wrong!

  37. It looks cool and fun to wear this undies, quite creative work actually. But I thought the design may be too unnecessary, considering the function of a “normal” undies is to hold the groin.
    Anyway, you may need to go to gay places for people to take a look because the difference is not really noticeable in public setting lol

  38. well, i think probably because gals don’t “stare” at guys groin area as much as a guy would “stare” at gal’s boobs??

  39. if i were there, i’ll look at you. Not because of your sexy male pet but because you’re posing along the walkway.

  40. C-in2 ones are actually really uncomfortable.
    Chafing is not fun!
    If you’re looking for push up kinda stuff, get the aussiebum verson that has a pouch for your rambutans, rather than cutting off circulation to your banana.

  41. zomg… the male version of push up… =___= i mean, seriously need it meh? its like insecurity to the max… but kinda funny tho.. HAHAHA.. must have felt weird putting it on XD XD

  42. Forget about that strap – it’s pretty redundant I guess. It looks like it’s going to constrict the penis and even the testicles, so it’s not really good at all. You need a better airflow and proper blood flow for the penis for its maximum functionality.
    That is a nice underpants with a good fabric certainly if you are to exclude the push-up strap.
    Anyway, a man with constant hard-on looks weird – and fake. Just be yourself, Kenny Sia. You are a very hot, cute, kawaii and a sexy guy, and no one certainly can resist you at all.
    I guess you can become an underwear model too. You have the body. You have the symbol of a normal, and at the same time, perfect and consistent man. You get lotsa cash, and many guys and girls will admire you! 🙂

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  44. hey kenny, maybe you should show the girls w/o the pants… since they so blur! (maybe they were asking you for that… aiyo, maybe you are blur….) oops, opportunity gone – lah…
    tak pe, you go buy another one, this time, u show them, live – & loud!

  45. I know its been awhile and you probably thrown away the underwear but I’m thinking mostly people aren’t even sparing any looks is because they decided its not worth the effort after taking a look at that banana “tree” leaning on the wall.

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