This Is Disturbing

Something quite disturbing I found in Egypt.

They drew the guy on the right smiling. Why? Honestly, you are not supposed to be smiling when you have to go through something like this.
Don’t even get me started as to why the guy on the right has a freakishly extra long arm to pat on his friend’s head.

I’m not sure what those Egyptian characters in the red circle means, but I’m pretty sure it can be translated into “KNNCCB! THAT F@$KING HURTS OK!!!”

Quote of the Day: I never knew sexy was gone, but thank goodness Justin brought it back.

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  1. looks more like he is shaking the other guy’s pubic hair for some orgy! or it could be some Egyptian traditional medicine for penis elongation, they are actually measuring the length of the penis before and after taking the medicine.

  2. omg! though i dont feel the pain, but
    OUCH! i thought this kind of thing only happened in China long ago….
    maybe that just how people start to become civilized?
    p/s: it looks like a postcard, if it is, im so gonna mail them to all my guy friends out there

  3. i think should b circumcision……y didn’t u ask the tour guide when u saw it in egypt?
    by the way, have u already CUT? refering to ur zhang ur penis post……

  4. yeah!kinda like what they did in china thousands years horrible!ewww!
    now i am gonna feel lucky coz i have my own which is still normal.=p

  5. not do disturbing la… considering they might be zhng-ing their bird bird… tradition ma… malay oso got znhg penis tradition ma… only difference they don draw it out la…

  6. the left guy seems to be forced (his hands were held back by the other) yet the right one seems to be enjoying.
    they are cutting the left guy’s XXX to lengthen the right guy’s XXX?

  7. wht ARE they doing? educated guess:: circumcision… wild guess:: penis elongation by cutting of penile skin??

  8. Hmm, the one on the left looks like SM to me and the right looks like gays doing masturbation.
    Its IMHO though.
    Kenny, YOu were so lucky with the 8 peagant girls. Damn..

  9. What kind of drawing is this? Those guys in dark brown looks a lil evil and yeah, y the arms are so long??? Where did you buy this? Souvenier shop??? I am really curious

  10. Wow………Egypt sells this kind of stuff??
    Must be a traditional custom for Zing’ing their penis or some sort of penis enlargement proceedure, that would really explain why they are laughing now dont it?? =.=”

  11. Haha.. I guesses the red circle there got some meaning.. As for me, can translate like this, stand properly, use the snake shape knife to cut the skin on your dick. Be careful for not hurt your egg. The triangle is Cautious Notice.. and the hand is crab your hand such nice performance. haha… The others may be meant how you cut the skin….
    What a funniest!!!!

  12. Eqyptian Traditional circumcision, it’s a must for all Eqyptian males for better performance in bed. That’s how the Eqyptians are so productive.

  13. I think Singapore should do the same too..get their male circumcise so they can be productive rather then paying them to make babies…

  14. I like sugar’s idea
    “they are cutting the left guy’s XXX to lengthen the right guy’s XXX?”

  15. oooh, i know what those Egyptian characters in the red circle means… ‘Caution! Please handle my kkc with care or else kick your egg!’

  16. any egytians readers? or anyone who understands egytian pictogram language care to explain? i’m curious what r those guys doing. hahaha.

  17. I didnt know that pornography started long ago in egypt. And the picture is alread a proof that Egyptions has already practiced Sado-machomisn

  18. The pic shows the ‘sunat’ ritual. cutting the excess skin at the end of the guys wee wee. it doesnt hurt that bad. feels like being bitten by ants.
    the pic was ugly, ie: long arms. well, not everybody is like leonardo da vinci, u know.

  19. i don’t know what they are actually doing… but the guy kinda used different tools on the guys….one white with the irregular shape and another green with the cylinder shape…

  20. Hmm.. the right might be about elongation, depicted in the extra long arm and the drawing of the long snake. While on the left, he seems like he is being held back. The drawing of the snake is shorter and the drawing of the hands look like “begging”.

  21. hehehehe! kenny’s readers make me laugh so much…i like to read your comments more then your entry each time.

  22. FYI, you appeared in mX newspaper today. A free evening newspaper given out at Melbourne metro train stations. You appear in a photo, sitting beside a girl that is blogging at a pub. Caption says some Singaporean girl blogging at the pub.

  23. to achieve perfect TRIANGULAR shape for kukujiao recipe: first take HAND and then slap LEG til numb. if kukuBIRD still white, remove kukuEGG. now kukubird is powderful like SNAKE.
    beware all u sexay egyptian mamas!!

  24. my interpretation 😛
    Triangle – Get hard on
    Hand – Let us fiddle with it
    Leg – Stand up straight
    Bird – Have to sacrifice your bird bird
    Egg – and maybe your “egg”
    Snake – (insert your own meaning)

  25. Hey Kenny, I will tell you what the pictograms represent.
    Tiangle – Female symbol (vagina)
    Hand – Hand job (fore play)
    Leg – Kick ass sex!
    Bird – Score a birdie (for fans of golf)!
    Egg – KNNCCB! Partner is pregnant! Should have worn the stupid condom (BTW, did you know that ancient Egytians invented the condom?).
    Snake – Guy slithers away like the snake he is.

  26. This must be the oldest records of circumcision…
    Meaning of symbols …
    1.) Knife
    2.) Bird
    3.) Triangle
    4.) Hand
    5.) Leg
    6.) Bird
    7.) Egg
    8.) Snake
    9.) Limp brown snake
    a.) Take knife … to cut (circumsise) … ‘bird’.
    b.) Be careful (warning/triangle) not to cut your own hand, his leg, his ‘bird’, his balls (egg)…
    c.) The patient will have a better member (snake) instead of a limp one (limp brown snake).

  27. The symbol on the right is decrypted as “Small little kukujiao has turned into a long and strong snake”.

  28. whoa at 1st i thought da guys on the floor were slaves who were assigned to clean the dicks of the royalties (royal dicks?!?).
    then i thought they were doing castrations to turn the poor guys into eunuchs (nah, i dunno whether they have that culture in ancient Egypt).
    finally the comments here enlightened me that they might be doing circumcisions.
    confusing, eh?

  29. haiyo~ i didnt know there r so many talented code breaker out there, admire u guys very much lah, especially kanatakuchinglung n crazystuff, u guys rock! mua ha ha!

  30. that melb newspaper given out free.. though Im from Perth still in high school, that singaporean blogger at a cafe is most probably Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue. Ive seena pic of wendy blogging in a cafe b4 in some bloggers convention thing. Yeah if shes short and pretty and heavy made up, its her. and the laptop is white with pink diamontes.

  31. Hey Kenny, why not have a “Da Vinci code” contest to solve the mystery of those Egyptian characters ?? Looks interesting! 🙂

  32. I don’t think anyone can solve it unless you have a knowledge of Egyptian hieroglyphics which is an integral part of study called Egyptology..Any Egyptologist here to solve those hieroglyphs?

  33. The Heiroglphs state…from the great Pyramids, lending hands sent forth to clean the great viper with stones 🙂

  34. studied egyptian history in primary school, and had a very basic look at hieroglyphics, but can’t be used on this because the work we did in primary school was transliterated and was obviously not a complete look at the language itself.

  35. ROTFLMAO! Kenny, you and your readers are hilarious! Why didn’t I see anything like this in Egypt? Hmm, you see only what you want to see!

  36. OUCH! wtf. get them implements away from me!
    watever it is they r doing, the guy sure dont look too happy to have his kkj manhandled by another guy. and did any1 notice the interracialhomo aspect? looks like a malay guy is holding back the arms of a chinese guy as an indian guy has a go at his kkj.

  37. I had saw this post just before I went to Egypt few weeks ago. I tried searching for similar photo posted in this entry, as I think it is very funny. But I couldn’t find one. May I know where you find it? Hope you could reply. Thanks a lot 🙂

  38. I had saw this post just before I went to Egypt few weeks ago. I tried searching for similar photo posted in this entry, as I think it is very funny. But I couldn’t find one. May I know where you find it? Hope you could reply. Thanks a lot 🙂

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