Gila Gila Galabiyya

The galabiyya is a type of long robe commonly worn by Egyptian men.

Normally back in Malaysia, when we wanna go out, we simply just put on our t-shirt and jeans. Most of the time, we don’t even need to think about it. T-shirt and jeans is like the “default attire” over here.

Over in Egypt, when the guys there wanna go out, they don’t put on their t-shirt and jeans. They put on their galabiyyas.
The galabiyya is the like the national uniform of all Egyptian men. They wear galabiyyas out for every occassion. And I do mean EVERY occassion.

They wear it out to smoke sheesha.

They wear it out to work as security guards.

They wear it to work in the quarries.

They wear it out to go boating.

Heck, they even wear it out to the beach!
I’m not sure how anyone could wear this type of clothing out for boating and stuff. Surely, your mobility will be quite limited right? You can’t really run if you wear a dress like that.

I must say though, it’s really comfortable. The loose fitting hides my bulges well. Without wearing jeans underneath, my bottom is really… airy. Perfect for the hot Egyptian weather. πŸ˜›
Man, I wish I could wear this thing out in Kuching more often.

Sadly the only chance I’m probably gonna get to wear it, is for a Halloween party.

I am home. Finally!

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  1. u sure is galabiyya…i think its called galibayya..
    went there be4, bought one of those ‘dresses’..heheh..

  2. galabiyya. glad i learnt something new today. πŸ™‚
    yeah, i would really like to read some posts on ur opinions and views? on anything really. plss??

  3. interesting.
    in that beach pic… tat woman in the bikini…
    u sure she didnt get fined or something ? :Pp
    nice bright pumpkin-orange galabiyya, kenny. LOL

  4. you look like an arabian! or aladdin! just add a flute and a snake and a dusty corner in the street and you can moonlight as a …. what do they call those people? flute-player-snake-dance-person. ahem. =P

  5. Dear Kenny,
    How are you ? I also had just been to Egypt recently. Check out my site. It is a very historic country. I think my ancestors did some work as a pyramid builder in the past.
    I am Chinese and I live in Malaysia. Where are you from ? What do you do for a living ? I am a Teacher and I teach kids aged 4-13 in Ipoh. It is a boring but very peaceful town. I wish the whole world is just like Ipoh. Are you busy ? I mean, maintaining this blog must have taken you years of time management to continue and keep it clean.
    It is a tough job but fun. The kids are really naughty and creative. It is at this age that humans progress the most. The most growth is when a person is a young boy or girl. I am glad to be able to work in this area to contribute to the future of the kids and the nation. Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Nice post Kenny! Care to show us more pics from your interesting trip?? Haha, you look like a pumpkin in the galabiyya hehe.

  7. that’s why back in Malaysia, we have sarung!
    my brother tried it when i brought him to “skirt night” in a Bangsar pub years ago (as long as youΓ―ΒΌΕ’ regardless guy or girl, wear a skirt or sarung, you get free drink all night long), and he love it since then.
    his comment was same as yours: comfortable and “airy”! HAH!

  8. ahhhh i miss egypt. 2 years ago when i was there, they still ask “you, how many camels?”. Yupz they still think they can trade women with camels…wonder if it’s still any different now.

  9. Heh Kenny You didnt mean to take pictures of the Men in that beach picture didnt you…….=p
    Haha We know your intentions hehehe =P
    BTW Nice Dress……….>.

  10. kenny, you r back.. finally!
    u know, the pic of you in the galabiyya, it reminds me of the a movie called ‘Himalaya-Singh’ starring Lau Ching Wan and Ronald Cheng.. they wore that as well in the movie..

  11. welcome home kenny! u looked shocked at the last pic..muah ha ha! the galabiyya look nice on u! i like pumpkin!

  12. Kenny, you can always wear it in cyberjaya though. πŸ˜€ we have foreign student wearing something like tht here.You won’t feel leave out. πŸ˜‰

  13. Hello!? why would i require mobility when your on a boat? I dont know about you but i think people row with their hands?
    and even if they did row with their hands (when they visit kenny land) , its pretty loose, u lift it a little and thats it..its not like a tight mini dress…

  14. Yvonne: ur comments enter so formal ah? don’t think Kenny will reply your letter ler… he blog for extra pocket money. Not a pen pal column. You can email him personally, better if you want to know where he s from… however be cheerful. πŸ™‚

  15. Haha… you look like you’re drowning in the galabiyya… but nice color though πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing your holiday log with us… had some good laughs.

  16. I think everybody got it wrong with the galabiyya. It is like gotobedyah as in PJ. The reason why these people are wearing their PJs 24/7 is because the PJs are so comfortable and lazy to change also. Brouhahaha…..I am 67? πŸ™

  17. kenny! my man! check the CROCODI out! Man! You’re leading the new style in Egypt! Did they tell you they admire you?

  18. Hey, the dancer will be imported to Singapore’s Sentosa island huh? I wish so, so that cheaper to enjoy.. no need to go to egypt.. hey why Singapore want to have its own Formula one? i think i know the answer..

  19. did anyone notice the egyptian smoking the sheesha??? notice what is sticking out in between his legs….oh my god is he really THAT big???

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