Street Fighter

Remember that Jackie Chan movie from the early 90s, City Hunter?

Like they say, this is so bad it’s good.
Man, why don’t they make movies like these anymore?

The Indian mamak guy at Steven’s Corner SS2 has a painful sense of humour. When I was there with the Miss Malaysia pageant finalists last week, he tried to impress the girls by telling them that he’s from UK.
“I am from UK”, he says. Ulu Klang.”

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  1. Omg… i didnt know that jackie chan is acting some Street Fighter~~!! It was great n funny, ahhaha~

  2. I don’t if this is so bad its good…I just think its sooooo bad its really, really bad.
    Typical of early 90’s HK movies.

  3. i remember actually liking this show(i was in primary school then)
    yea, if u look at it now its kinda lame, but i suppose back then it probably wasn’t bad
    if u wanna compare something back then with something recent, of course the older film will lose out
    but nevertheless, its still funny seeing it again
    i wonder how many children nowadays have actually heard of street fighter

  4. HAHAHAHA duuuuude, I remember playing that game! That’s so awesome! I love how he fell into the console, lol. Chun-Li! Jackie Chan does a very good Chun-Li ^_^;;

  5. I always missed the oldern day movies, like Sam Hui brothers series Zui Gai Pak Dong, Jackie’s Police Story…. Those the shooting technique is kinda simple, but it’s really nicer compare to nowadays horror cum cheap porn movie… Are ppl nowadays thirst for bloody scene and sex all the time? NO RIGHT?

  6. Oh yes, I have watched this so many times last time. Its so Hillarious!!! I like this movie though.. With Chun Li and etc..

  7. hey kenny, the jackie chan refresher was simply hilarious. even my dad was saying something like “siao hee (crazy show in hokkien)”, then he laughed. missed the Good ol days,uh, good ol shows i mean.. 🙂

  8. hahaha the moment i read the word city hunter i started singing those two words
    siteee hunteeer.
    and jackie does his classic stance.
    aiyo. so old school.

  9. haha…yeah…horror movies are all the rage now…u cant go into the cinemas nowadays without seeing one big horror movie poster glaring back at you…and all that cgi…
    very few stupid movies like city hunter d….old school sial…those supposedly stupid movies showing in cinemas nowadays are just plain bad instead of the ‘its so bad its good’ like kenny says.
    question : why do ppl pay to scare themselves?
    saw a “How to differentiate between a ghost and a human” on our national news last nite….lol

  10. hahaha yes as someone above said…the moment i read those words.. i can hear that famous tune..C-T hunter! and the jacky pose.
    the real memories ur post brought back kenny was the GAME! on the SNES..the turbo version with 12 characters..that was the bomb..remember playing it with each character to beat the boss just to see its unique ending story. sagat alwiz the toughest. good post kenny, good post. miss the game man. btw stevens corner is in OUG. the only famous mamak in ss2 is murni’s which isnt so good anyway.

  11. Hilarious!! I like how the guy in red was suspended in the air for at least 10 seconds kicking round and round and round. Hahahahaha.. Crazy movies back then

  12. ah! this movie!
    i wanted to watch it again so so bad last year that i initially went to look for the torrent and downloaded it. haha.
    love the movies back then. pure silliness that doesn’t require the audiences to think too much.
    and that’s what living the good life is supposed to be all about, no?

  13. thanks, Kenny for reminding us how good Hong Kong movies used to be… Those long forgotten sense of good humor. Hong Kong nowadays are funny, but they just lost that kind of humor. They become a waste of time watching… Well, there are still some good HK movies around. Some. And oh yeah! Anyone remember another Street fighter movie with Jackie Cheung as ‘broom head’ and Simon Yam as er… ‘long leg’?? awesome…

  14. Hey, lol.. nice clip. Reminds me of the days spent street fighting on the non-PS2 video game.
    Aren’t Jackie and Jet Li filming a movie together? Can’t wait for its release. 😀

  15. Stevens Corner is only in OUG (and Ampang I think – not sure).. the popular one in SS2 would be Murnis.
    Judging by your pictures though, you were in OUG.. it’s pretty recognisable.

  16. the mamak at ss2 is “murni”, steven’s corner hv got 3 branches. Which 1 u went to?? OUG, Pandan Indah and Setapak 😀

  17. there’s another movie that focuses on the street fighter charaters only. being brought up with 2 other sisters, my parents treated us like boys too, and my sisters and i were hooked to SF since young!
    the other HK movie features all the big names.. siman yam, jacky cheung, aaron kwok, etc. all of them being street fighters. that was amazing.
    i was hoping for a new version of it, with better technology and all, perhaps it would be interesting to revive these movies. =D

  18. Yeah, that was a long long ago movie and people nowdays barely recog the name street fighter anymore. Who played the 1st gen of street fighter arcade game b4?

  19. City Hunter, that a nice comedy movie. I have some nice memory with that movie. Compare with the movie in nowadays, even in urgent moment still not forget to kiss or sex. What the fuck then?? I more prefer the 90th movies, cause it not as over as in nowadays. For example the warrior movies in last time such as Dong Fang Bu Bai, Xiao Ao Jiang Hu and so on. It still can make people believe that there’s such legend in the world. But nowadays, there are just concern on the sound effect and the wearing and the style and the character outlooking. It make the movie become meaningless, the older people like my parent been long din watch movie cause they said nowadays movies like shits and very over. Sometimes they don’t even understand what the movie theme about.
    We really miss the 90th movie…

  20. my friend say Steven’s is overated.
    other like hanging there for the food.
    Pandan Indah – no parking
    OUG – you can watch Mickey Mouse.
    Setapak – you can watch Steven’s Video of the opening of the new branch

  21. I still consider City Hunter the real Street Fighter Movie. Hell, it had everything: hadokens, yoga fires, tatsumakisenpuukyakus. The Van Damme version had, well, Van Damme.

  22. there is no Steven’s corner in ss2; or you are refering to the Kayu nasi kandar. then there a lot of Ulu Klang guys. lol

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