Happy Birthday naeboo

Dear naeboo, today is your birthday.

naeboo = angel disguised as a devil

I actually find it somewhat amusing that I am wishing you happy birthday now.
Before we met, I used to always have this nagging feeling that you didn’t like me, just ‘cos you don’t like “femes” bloggers. A long time ago, I even wouldn’t have expected the two of us to have come this far, nor would I have considered you to end up becoming one of my most trusted friends. Ever.

The night I won RM200 eating raw eggs and cherry tomatoes covered in tabasco sauce, after you PUSHED ME ONTO STAGE.

Sure, you dissed me a lot. You dissed my hair. You dissed my face. You dissed my weight. You called me an orang utan. Dammit, you dissed my taste in women. BIG TIME.
But hey, at least I know that if I am ever in need of a honest-to-God no nonsense opinion, I have you.

You are one crazy cracked-up nutcase, but for some inexplicable reason, I know I can trust you. Either you are really special, or I am just too damn stupid.
You are one of the very, very few people I feel comfortable sharing my dirtiest secrets with. Then again, I know you have secrets dirtier than mine. 😀
Although to be honest, I’m not too sure if I should feel special that you’re sharing it with me, ‘cos more often than not you just give me TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Ewww.

Your photogenic legs

But what I like most about us is the effortless chemistry that we share. Riding Osim iGallop together. Challenging me to eat Sup Torpedo. Chatting till 5am until I missed my flight. Taking a piss out of the audience at Deal or No Deal screaming “Bu Mai! Bu Mai!” *waves hands in a frantic manner*

And hey, thanks also for moderating my Chatterbox. To show you my appreciation, I shall dedicate the rest of this entry to my favourite classic naeboo quotes.

Talking To A Very Frustated naeboo
naeboo says: i’m so stresseddddddddd
Kenny says: its very easy, i show u
naeboo says: 253645869
Kenny says: (you forgot ur shift button)
naeboo says: i just feel like swearing in numbers

Clubbing in Penang

Kenny says: Eh, how come there are “mounds” in front of the clubbing district? So strange.
naeboo says: That’s where they bury the dead clubbers.

naeboo’s First Time At KL’s Low Cost Carrier Terminal Airport

naeboo says: Whoa. This airport really low cost.
*The baggage carousel’s alarm began to sound*
naeboo says: Hehehe! Even the alarm sounds so low cost. Like the sound of chicken chirping. They put chickens inside cages and poke them with needles. And then when the chicken gets fat, they take them out and sell it to KFC! Wahahaha!

Malaysia’s IC System

Kenny says: Eh see, my IC spoil already. Got split in the middle.
naeboo says: Just laminate it lah.
Kenny says: Cannot! If I laminate it then I cannot use the smart chip anymore.
naeboo says: When’s the last time you used the smart chip in your IC?
Kenny says:
Kenny says: Good point.

Poking Fun at Kuching’s Ulu-ness

Kenny says: Wow, traffic lights in Penang really advanced hor. Got countdown timer somemore.
naeboo says: Yalor, in Kuching our traffic lights are powered by fireflies.
Jin Boone says: Really ar!?
naeboo says: Ya. And then if we wanna get Astro, we have to put a monkey on our roof to hold a wok pointing towards the sky. That’s why when it’s raining we cannot get any Astro reception.

Hahaha! Happy birthday. Bitch. 😛

I’m climbing Mt Kinabalu in Sabah on the 11th May. Will be doing some snorkelling at the marine park the next day.
Can someone recommend to me a nice beachside resort hotel to stay in KK? Budget around RM250.

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  1. Hey.. i agree with all thumbs up (raise foot) That pic is Seriously looks 99% like Bukit Bintang…. (T_T) You sure you upload the right photos?

  2. AhAH! I take my words back! Its a 100% sure that the place is Bukit Bintang.. Aiya Kenny.. readers are not that DUMB la… wanna lie also fine some rare spots XD

  3. For RM250 you can stay at Hyatt KK, it’s located next to the shore, to get to the pier it’s a 10 minutes drive from the hotel.
    *P/s – check out the pubs “Shenanigan” & “Upper Star”, located a stone’s throw from the hotel. Drinks are a bit pricy though..
    Have fun in KK

  4. macibai bitch. u almost got a tear outta me. ALMOST.
    and i was wondering why ler still got my sexy legs comments after so long juz now. lu punya pasal!!! warao..
    thanx, babes. this is the sweetest thing post someone did for me.
    love ya too!!

  5. You can try promenade hotel. Hyatt will be nearer to pelabuhan. But i dont have much to recommend since i rarely go to town.
    Try mensilau route for the mt climbing. The nite before the start of the climb, go for the steamboat at mensilau. Dont forget to order the fried mee. Go for the Poring hotspring after the climb.
    Dont miss out the local delicacy of jeruk bambangan, live sago ‘maggot’, hinava, montoku, tuaran egg mee, original sabah pan mee, the famous ngau chap, etc.

  6. I am from KK. You wanted to go snorkeling after you climb Mount Kinabalu? Hahahaha… no way man. I barely get off the bed after I reached the top of Mt. Kinabalu!! My muscles stiff like hell! (but that was like 4 years ago without any proper training)
    Anyway, if you drop by KK.. make sure you go Shenanigan at Hyatt. A lot leng lui go there club one. Go Upperstar to try Cabonara too, know it’s ur favourite.
    I can’t guide you cause I am nor a qualified tour guide nor a hot chick. You have fun though

  7. At KK, stay at a beach resort, not Hyatt which is in downtown! Stay at Shangri-la Tanjung Aru. Beware, there’re 2 Shangri-la’s in KK. The other is very far “in the jungle”.
    I agree on the Shenanigan club at Hyatt. the live band was awesome when I was there last yr.
    Try seafood!

  8. hehe looks like she’s kinda hotgirl with tat hot legs=p mind to post some of her photo on ur blog?
    btw happy birthday lenglui,feel sry to you as you grow 1 year older again!!! wahahaa

  9. Kenny,
    Don’t take this the wrong way – But don’t you have to work? A recent trip to Egypt, countless appearences at fun social events, marathon training and now climbing Mount Kinbalu? Errr…did you win the lottery or something? Super leisure boy Kenny!

  10. with that budget, Promenade Hotel. location is convenient – walking distance to a seafood restaurant, mamak stall for midnight supper, and shopping mall further down the road. it is near to the sea, but no beach lah.
    but if beach is not a must, then i would STRONGLY recommend the Liwagu Suite in Kinabalu Park. For around RM210 you get a stunning room that is ultimately calming and relaxing. it is something like a studio, with up- and down-stair. Downstair is a living hall with bathroom, upstair is the open-concept bedroom with toilet. it is attached to the Visiter Center Buidling, and the whole building is made of wood, which is very natural and special.
    after you climb the mount kinabalu, dont think anybody could do anything that’ll move the muscle anymore. better go for the poring hot spring instead to revitalise a bit. then only decide if you wanna do anything again…

  11. Kenny, unbelievable! I logged in at 2am still can’t be the first to comment. Just like others are waiting closely at your door every time.. I thought I used to be the most niter fan of your blog. Got your blog at homepage!

  12. “That’s where they bury the dead clubbers”
    I nearly squirted my drink onto my laptop!!!!! Again! Darn dangerous!! AR!! I swear this is the last time I put on pore packs or eat or drink while reading Kennysia.com!!!
    On another note, donno who Naeboo is, but she sure sounds cool and funny. Happy Birthday Naeboo!

  13. ah….feel so warm, friendship…remind me of my gangs,anyway, naeboo, who ever u r, u sure a cute, funny n lively gal, happy b’day !

  14. maybe you can consider going rafting in beufort. One day trip. Very adventurous and fun. You only have 2 site for rafting in Malaysia. And beufort one is the best! give it a try. Something new after all.

  15. Go Pulau Tiga aka Survivor Island!!!!! Nice view, beautiful scenery, near Snake Island, can swim in volcano mud, snorkeling… but hav to drive to Kuala Penyu which is about 2 hrs ride from KK. Then, by boat about 30 minutes.
    Enjoy ur stay in KK ya!!!!! Have FUN!!!

  16. Eh? You coming KK ah? Im so suprised to see comments from so many people in KK who actually read your blog! Hahaha! U must not forget to go to Mesilau when you get to Kundasang on your way to Mt Kinabalu , Trust me … Mesilau is a very nice place and there’s a hotel up there … and you’ll love it more if you play golf up there! The weather up there is superb! Colder than Kundasang. As in places to dine in , @tmosphere is nice! Pricey though =) Beachside resort…perhaps you can try Rasa ria..but I heard the prices is around MYR 300+ per night…I was there 2 days back … not sure which room though or you can try Nexus Karambunai . The cheapest hotel I can think of is Mimpian Jadi though .

  17. hey naeboo… happy birthday yo….
    hope ur day is as special as u are….
    have a great one!!

  18. Owh Btw… get yourself to Kudat if you can , and you can visit the tip of borneo! The sea water there is super clean … the views there are beautiful too . If you need a place to stay in Kudat you can try Ria Hotel . Its still new and the prices of rooms are quite reasonable …you won’t regret it!

  19. heaps to try out with varying prices. around the RM100-200 price range would be (in no particular order) langkah syabas, beringgis beach resort, lembah impian, borneo golf resort, tuaran beach resort, orchid de villa.. probably some i missed out as well.
    as for the slightly more expensive, there is Rasa ria resort, nexus karambunai, STAR, Magellan Sutera Resorts, and such. all 5-star and above so i guess the price would be above RM 250.
    a personal recommendation for your price range and requirements, Beringgis Beach Resort is really not bad. they have wireless connection available at the lobby, and the landscape of the place is quire nice as well. food there is splendid, though pricey. rooms are quite well-furnished and such, quite good for one person stay i guess. only downside would be its being located far from town, so it wouldnt be good to stay there if you plan to go around town as well.
    oh well. you decide. *shrug*

  20. So one thing to know about touring in KK would be you need a freakin car. There’s no way around it if you’re lookin’ into a good time.
    I agree that Shenanigans is a good pub to go to and it’s just below Hyatt Regency. But staying there, though maybe on your budget would just give you an ordinary city experience. If you wanna feel the greens of my home, you gota stay outside. Resorts like Nexus, Rasa Ria (rm300) etc, where the beaches are just so white sanded and secluded.
    I’d say you stay in the city hotels(near piers) for a couple o nights.like hyatt, shangrila, pan pacific. Later on, stay in the outskirts like Nexus and Rasa ria. You move out again, when you head inlands to climb Mt.Kinabalu.
    I do recommend you save the climb for the last. Coz after you’ve reached Low’s Peak and camwhored during the one of a kind sunrise, you’re thighs will ache mad once you begin the descent. Believe me, it hurts going down than going up. And no, you’re daily gym routines probably won’t do you any good.

  21. oh ya.. i forgot to tell u the price. i jz went to Pulau Tiga 2 wks ago. The stay there cost me rm160 (2 days a nite), not included the ride from KK to Kuala Penyu.. its really damn worth it! I love the place so much!!

  22. Hahaha.very good post Kenny! Happy birthday Naeboo and nice legs!! 😛
    Kenny, maybe Pacific Sutera in Sutera Harbour would be nice, within your budget? Shangrila Tanjung Aru is very nice, but that will set you back RM300-400++. I stayed in Le Meridien (RM230 nett if you book online), really good close to cinema, clubs etc.. but it’s not a resort/no beach. Hyatt also around that figure if you book online. Karambunai would be too far from KK City, unless you have car! Ok..for good food..I think Little Italy is the BEST Italian restaurant in Malaysia! haha…for Japanese try Nishiki. If you stay in Le Meridian, one of the street behind it (Lorong sembilan I think, where you will see a huge banner advertising KL Bak Kut Teh) there’s a stall that sell very nice noodle call “shen Rou Mien” I think, you should try that, it’s very nice..:p
    Keep up the good and funny post!

  23. Hey Kenny,
    MOUNT CLIMBING!! U had better save it for the last!! Regardless of how athletics u r or how good u r at gym, u will surely get a swollen ankle or painful feet after the climb!! EVERYONE DID!!

  24. Visit the town first, and only u go for the climb!
    Shenanigans and Cocoon is a must-go for “To See and To be Seen”.
    @mosphere is the one n only revolving restaurant in Town, a must-go spot as well!
    If u r staying in town, Warisan Square is a new commercial complex in Town, and finally the Sabahan can have Esprit, Padini, Starbucks, Secret Recipe, TImes Bookstore, Delifrance, etc…
    Opposite of Warisan Sq, u can have a sea-front spot, i.e WATERFRONT, of which there r lotsa pubs and eateries! A spot not to missed out as well.

  25. heys gal!!~
    hope ya have a fatabulous day ya? think all the cbox regulars and nonsense people still love ya even though sometimes you may be a lil pervertic and wacky =pp.
    hahas, sorry for the fact that when i first saw your nick, i thought you were a guy, but anyways..HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!~

  26. i do LOVE kenny. I admit
    Posted by: naeboo at 29 April 2007 11:06 AM | Link to comment
    and hey, thanks everyone for those compliments! =D i do have nice legs. =D
    Posted by: naeboo at 29 April 2007 11:07 AM | Link to comment
    stop pretending to be me, u lameass fuck

    Do take the Mersilau Trail up to Mt. Kinabalu. The Timpohon trail is boring. Timpohon SUX. At Mersilau, it feels like another world. Like a lost world. Truly surreal…..Trust me on this one and thank me later….
    Do go to Penampang to this restaurant called WAN WAN….Really fresh Seafood…..
    And this mamak behind a Petronas Station (forgot where is this, Kota Kinabaluans, please enlighten), where they serve this killer curry fish head….

  28. oi ! i’m not tat dumb…. did i really gave that expression ??! hahahahha….neaboo happy birthday ! ur real legs are nicer than the pic !

  29. kenny:
    kk will b v fun. training not necessary but some would be helpful. ur normal gym routines wont do u any good. u can either go without training n suffer a bit, or, do wat i did: go to ur gym, set the treadmill to maximum gradient, and walk off 500 calories. do 3 times a week for 2 wks. ALSO. u know that thing where u step up 1 leg and ur other leg comes down and vice versa..like climbing stairs…yea.. use that one too, burn another 300 calories 3 times a week. also for 2 wks. after these 2, kk will be a breeeze. a walk in the park.
    and naeboo..ur quotes r as good as ur legs =)

  30. beachside hotels at rm250 are not much hope. but you can always call up these hotels and ask for the rates..who knows they might get u a discount..since, you are Kenny..:)
    1) shangri-la tanjung aru resort (the nearest to kk city, about 10-15minutes drive; easy accomodation)
    2) shangri-la rasa ria resort (30-40 min drive frm kk)
    3) nexus karambunai resort (30-40 min drive frm kk)
    3) beringgis resort (30-40 min drive)
    However, like all the above suggestions on the hotels around kk city…i would also prefers Hyatt Regency, Promenade hotel, Radius International Hotel Waterfront and Le Meridien. Check out this sites KK Hotels
    And..yes, snorkelling after mt kinabalu is hardly to happen..unless u really have a regular 1-2 hours training prior climbing…really.
    hope u have an enjoyable trip to kk 🙂

  31. it hurts more going down than going up mt KK…my knees n hamstrings hurt like hell the entire 4 -5 hours, i had to lean on the guide’s strong arm…so, going snorkelling the day after coming down from the mountain may not b a wise thing
    and yes, i agree wif alex…all those normal gym routine wont reali help ‘xcept for treadmill (increase the gradient!!) for cardio n the stepper thingy will do ur knees a big favour
    oh yeah…forget abt carrying ur stuffs on ur own up the mountain if they weigh more than a laptop…just get a porter..n bring raincoat…when it rains, it reali pour up there!

  32. Mate, there are no budget hotels in KK with nice seaviews and sandy beaches. Equip yourself with rm400-500 per nite for those. There are a few good suggestions from speakforkk. May consider city hotel with seaviews, good enough.

  33. Wow…it’s been quite sometime that i didn’t really read your blog..busy like a bee….. cool entry …
    Belated Happy Birthday , Naeboo ….Hope it’s not too late to wish u now ….
    That’s what friends are for…. 🙂

  34. Hoho, baru tau penang is so advance in traffic light XD
    but penang is dirty o… kuching cleaner XD
    btw, im from penang but stays in kuching :p

  35. hi kenny, try island-hopping as well 🙂 suterasactuarylodges.com manages tunku abdul rahman parks (manukan, mamutik & sapi islands). gayana is also a nice island but small beach
    want duty-free items? go to labuan if you have the time. i agree with most of them – u must try white water rafting at Padas River.
    beach side hotels nearer to KK – shangri-la tanjung aru, the hotels at sutera harbour. nexus is gorgeous… but too far from town.. others mentioned are good too
    within city centre – promenade, radius, hyatt, le meridien all have rooms facing the sea. waterfront is like spore’s clarke quay (konon lah) btw, i can get you corporate rates for promenade & radius hotels. my friend at hyatt informed me their current promo is RM270++ for 2 nights.
    shenanigan’s, cocoons, bed – good live bands. u will see leng lui everywhere 😛 (not only at night spots) but be forewarned: the majority of people in KK are… vertically-challenged
    food – try local food. why eat something u can find in kuching? try something different bah
    happy climbing! 🙂 remember to show off your cert. if you’re lucky, you’ll see people carrying gas cylinders up & down mt kinabalu. i got passed by twice on my climbing trip 😛

  36. Hi Kenny =) Hyatt hotel is beside the sea (but with no beach) and also right in the middle of the city. I would prefer Shangri-la (beach) hotel which is a bit off the city but it comes with a beach. I’m not sure about the rate though.
    Go visit pulau Manukan or pulau Tiga(where the 1st survivor was filmed there, i heard the Council structures are still there) if u haven’t been there. Anyway, have fun in KK!
    ps: i can’t imagine how are you gonna go snorkling right the next day after climbing mt kinabalu. not underestimating but just concerned =p might get cramps if not careful.

  37. Sutera Harbor… if you have an east malaysian IC, they give you a facking good discount. You can call ahead and ask lah, since this promo was last year. Not sure if it’s ongoing.
    The discount will put the hotel in your budget range. We stayed at the Magellan, so I’m betting the other hotel will be cheaper still (if the promo is on)… can’t hurt to check 🙂

  38. slurp-slurp!!!
    the naeboo’s leg look so dishes but it seems a bit hairy. U din recommend her to use veet?
    hmm…maybe u get close to her coz of her hairy monster charm!
    anyway, happy b’day Nabu (in hokkien accent)

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