Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 Pageant

Taking a break from my adventures travelling, kennysia.com brings to you exclusive coverage on the grand final of recent Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 pageant.

The contest began two weeks ago after a national call to search for “real woman”.

Makes you wonder what they’ve been doing all these while. Searching for a “fake woman”?

The grand final was held at the Palace of the Golden Horse at the Mines Resort. It was a grand affair with tickets costing up to RM220 per person.
Normally when you have to pay that amount of money for dinner, you expect good food served with great wine.
Well, this must be the first time I attended an expensive dinner function that instead of wine, we were served MILK.

Then again, it’s not like we came for the food anyway. 😛
The pageant itself is as cliched as beauty pageants get. After the usual boring speech by the Datuk, it didn’t take long for the 16 grand finalists, dressed in elegant batik, to come out much to the delight of the crowd.

I must say, the line-up this year is pretty (no pun intended) impressive.
Normally when it comes to beauty pageants in Malaysia, half the contestants look like their face kena crashed by lorry. But this year, all of them look absolutely fantastic.

Maybe the search for “real woman” did work after all.
Here are some of my favourites.

Contestant #1: Caroline, a 22-year-old student from Sabah.
She later won the title of Miss Congeniality.

Contestant #4: Tanya, from Penang.
Her body is freaking toned and FIT to the ‘T’.

Contestant #11: Nai Hsing, from KL.
Blessed with a pair of huge Japanese anime character-like eyes, she’s every contestants’ favourite to bag the title of Miss Malaysia.

And of course, not forgetting our blogosphere’s very own Contestant #7 from Malacca. 😉

Traditionally, there’s never a swimsuit parade in any beauty pageants in conservative Malaysia.
This year, thanks to a swimwear sponsor, the contestants were all required to catwalk in their bikinis as part of the contest. Needless to say that certainly makes for a much more interesting show. 🙂

Kinda make me wish I were one of the judges, then I can quality examine them without any guilt. Heh.
Disappointingly, there wasn’t a talent show in the contest. Usually that’s the most interesting part of any beauty pageants. I was looking forward to Contestant #7 swallowing a live sago worm as part of her talent show.

Soon, the judges decided and announced their Top 5. Sadly, apart from Contestant #11, none of my personal favourites got in! Heck, even our humble Malaccan iguana-eating girl isn’t one of them.

The question posed to the Top 5 was “What is a real woman?”
Those girls, arms on hips, will then have to go all philosphical and answer stuff like “A real woman is one that is confident and beautiful inside and out.”
Deep. I thought a real woman is one with boobs and vaginas. Not those Ah Gua you see in Pattaya.

When it finally comes down to awarding the titles of Miss Malaysia Universe, Sue Ann Cheng (14) bagged the 2nd Runner-up prize, everyone’s favourite Goh Nai Hsing (11) ended up with the title of 1st Runner-up.
And the title of Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 goes to…

Miss Adelaine Chin.
Just like in the Oscars, the other two finalists who didn’t win have to try their best to pretend to be happy and cheer for the winner.

Adelaine will now represents Malaysia to compete in Donald Trump’s Miss Universe in Mexico City next month.
Here’s some videos I took during the pageant.

I might add, for complicated reasons, that all videos and photos here are taken by Kenny Sia, but is the copyright of Pageant Promotions. I gotta mention this otherwise they wouldn’t allow me to take any photos.

Adelaine wasn’t the only person lucky that night. I got lucky as well… when I won a lucky draw.
Fine, all I got was some cheap T-shirt and swimming goggles from Prosun. Their creative packaging rocks. 😛

But that’s not the end of the night.
After the show, Dominic and I hung around the hotel a bit to catch up with Contestant #7.

It was nearly 3am and she was hungry for supper. That’s understandable since she had to watch her diet for the past 10 days. So she called up the other girls to ask if they would wanna join for supper.

I would be happy if one or two of them to join. Maybe three, max.
But no…

There was EIGHT.
EIGHT beauties, all of whom who just competed in the Miss Malaysia Universe pageant, came down to join us for supper at 3 in the morning.

We’re talking about HALF the competition here, complete with make up, body art, fake eyelashes and fake nails still on, cramming into the backseat of the vehicle.
These girls must be really hungry.

It was like one of those Guinness Book of World Records thing where they try to squeeze in as many people as possible into the car. But we had it with beautiful women instead of a bunch kiasu idiots.
Trust me, I was dying to move to the backseat myself.

If this is not what dreams are made of, I don’t know what is.

Mamak food never tasted so good.

I competed in Deal or No Deal. The show will most likely go to air towards the end of the year on ntv7.
Due to the contract that I signed, I cannot tell you how much I won. But safe to say, the amount was so sad I could cry.

198 Replies to “Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 Pageant”

  1. Having 8 girls that aren’t in beauty pageant to accompany you for a meal is a blessing, but for 8 beauty contest pageant, i’d cut my hair bald, run on spikes, get slapped 20 times if thats what it takes for it to come by….

  2. omG..denise LEE!! i knew she was competing in the miss msia pagent but i didn’t know she made it as a finalist!! nice pictures!! u really are very very lucky..this coming come a girl! LoL*

  3. Wow!!! You’ve made every guy in Malaysia envy you!!
    Hahaha 😀 The comment on ” Don’t throw rubbish into the sea, but throw rubbish out of my car ” was da bomb!

  4. You call those girls pretty? Malaysia pageant girls.. look so auntie to me. And I never like to watch, they don’t even know how to answer questions brainy. zz.. Lots of guys like you, simply stick/ get close to them cause they’re MISS MSIA.. sigh..men.. (You know you know.. I know one miss msia one, so terror ah me..) tsk tsk..

  5. That’s such a nice experience that make me jealous Kenny!! So, have you did anything to them then?? For the beverage, that’s really my first time saw about it on such great dinner. May be the main point is advise people for stay in healthy. Anyway, you are such a lucky guy.

  6. A real woman, is a woman who can stand upfront in a crowd, with confidence that she can have her say, prove her point and awe the crowd. She has to have a mind of her own, not easily influenced, strong, have a loving nature, and charisma.
    She knows that she is beautiful both inside and out. That is a real woman.

  7. Good for you Kenny. Personally, I don’t believe in Miss whatever. It’s made for the rich & famous to choose their next sex toy. Seriously, which so-called Miss Malaysia or Miss Universe for that matter has done good deeds? They are ended up marrying an old but rich lame dicks.
    So among all the bimbos, who do you will get selected by the Datuks or Tan Sri as their 2nd or 3rd sex slave?

  8. pardon me but all those contestants look … ok, not up to standard (esp miss malaysia =x). no offense really. i thought no.7 is the most beautiful one.

  9. i don’t like it when you guys demean pageant girls like that.
    not all girls (in fact, it is in very very minority) join a pageant to marry rich.
    am not gonna argue my case here, there are some half truths and many a lies.
    just cut the girls some slack.

  10. this pageant is not worth to join totally,its like fresh market,showing ur fresh in front of hundreds of ppl,n the winner’s cash price is kinda pathetic,better not mention,malu lah.

  11. I like the gift bag you got. Very creative. And interesting. Haha..And yea..it would be a dream come true for guys like you. LOL. Consider yourself very very lucky. Bah. XD

  12. How many of you believe those ladies who take part in Miss XXX pageant just want to prove that they are smart and not to showcase their “properties” in hopes to strike rich?

  13. The stage set-up looks cheap and pathetic. Whoever was tasked to build and approve the stage set-up ought to be shot in the head. But I guess that pretty much sum up the quality of Miss Malaysia pagent.

  14. Those who give ill comments on those girls are either too ugly or just jealous. If they’re so great, and way better than them, why are they not crowned anything? Save a hypocrite?

  15. a few girls in the peagent is not up to standard… haha… but some not bad also..
    but then the music they played sux… not suit the catwalk.. and the stage is so cheapskate… and the milk!! weird stuff… should serve wine like what u said… wondering what kind of food they served… the winner ..errr…i think nicole still prettier…=)

  16. I don’t think Adelaine’s make up do her justice at all.
    Take a look again at her in the second last picture. She’s the one on the extreme right.
    She is freaking hot ok.

  17. kenny sia the Malaysian pimp…lol
    btw kenny, not all real women have boobs and a vagina, there are guys out there that had them surgically insatlled 🙂

  18. really?i think the winner looks old.maybe make-up?even without make-up,she’s looks ok only.maybe the camera-angle?lol~
    goh nai hsing and sue ann cheng were in last year’s miss astro pageant!!!
    btw,who would wear such heavy make-up and go to mamak stall?lol~just jk. =p

  19. OMG..I just watched the video. Yes, the music and the stage sucks. Who the hell did the cheorography? I mean..this should be something big! To represent Malaysia for Miss Universe! And..and..the contestants kinda do need to brushen up on their English. Or maybe it’s just me who is not used to the Malaysian accent anymore. But still…how would Malaysia ever win Miss Universe like this?

  20. hi kenny…do u have a site where u upload these photos? would love to see all your pics for miss malaysia 2007. thanks!

  21. Some are e gals are realli not up to standard…
    They r not as good as u mentioned…no lorry face at all, u sure? And yes, who e hell will wear those ghostly lookalike make up for supper?
    But I muz agree tat Adelaine really looks good thou betta off w/o make up.

  22. i think its the way they were tought to smile/pose.. some of them look so kekok to me.. kenny, dun make then pose like beauty pagent contestant with flats on la…
    funny miss msia pagent cam quiet quiet ager.. i guess with bigger RM thrown in and no strings were pulled, msia might really win a Miss Universe title

  23. once they were off the stage and haiving their meals in the mamak stall.
    look at the faces, oh my god, my mom is even better than them.

  24. at least some looked ok but the rest are like aunties fresh out from the 7th moon roadside opera performance

  25. honestly speaking, this beauty peagant still isnt up to the quality, in terms of a lot of things. i could organize a bigger / better event than that – the stage, the programe, the set up, the emcee, the contestant …
    anyway, to those who condemn beauty peagant like a mere arena of hedonism (be it money or body etc), pity you. may you have peace in your own little world and critisize things that you dont even know.

  26. They aren’t beutiful for me… what s these young girls up to… by getting themselves the title MISS can that make them the top of the world meh? but truely, i m jealous of u la.

  27. KNN CCB Kenny you lucky Bastard………….
    It wasnt you driving right??
    Thats why you emphasized so much on squeezing in the cars back seat with them >.

  28. My Goodness!!! Their faces cannot make it lah…so the “Aunty”. How to fight the Latins, Indian and other international beauties!! Malaysia is just wasting their money and time by sending such faces!!

  29. It’s funny how women from other countries have the bones in their legs and faces even, rearranged to look gorgeous for their beauty contests.. They also take extensive classes in speech, and speaking in front of an audience.
    And here we have Miss Malaysia contestants weighing 50kg, at a height of 5’5′, with proportions of a school girl, saying words like “interrigengt, and contengstengt” and speaking like an impatient schoolteacher.
    I think I will skip Miss Universe this year to avoid the embaressment.

  30. Pardon me for saying thi but…
    But are they really that great?

  31. YIAK!!! how on earth are they qualified in the pegeant.. ya I agreed to – so aunty!! like china dolls.

  32. it;’s true this year’s contestants are not as smashed up by lorry than last year’s. but also got a few smashed up by lorry ones lor. A FEW. hahaha
    with such rushed deadlines to get as many “beauties” tp join the contest every year, of coz lar cant get the best of the best. i bet u my last dollar that more than half of them either have previous experience or is part-time model.
    and to those who keep asking why kenny take down the previous post, obviously coz the pageant organisers told him too lor.
    “I might add, for complicated reasons, that all videos and photos here are taken by Kenny Sia, but is the copyright of Pageant Promotions. I gotta mention this otherwise they wouldn’t allow me to take any photos.”
    and yah lor, this year’s makeup so chao ahlian auntie ler. yuk

  33. I was going to join this year but application already closed 🙁 hey kenny arent u from sarawak who had a whole website commenting about me…with nasty comments from some weirdos? haha….i enjoyed it!!! wat u do for a living n whr u stay? mayb i pay u a visit late at night? *chuckle*

  34. so used to how malaysian judges do things…everytime i go watch beauty pageants, i owes see bias and set up being made..sometimes those cant speak english also can win.if u check online, u will see the winner on miss malaysia universe 2007 for being claimed as the ugliest miss universe asia ever crowned n they say how come malaysia ppl so stupid dunno how to differentiate between ugly n beauty…i’m serious!!! its on http://www.missosology.org/forum.html…u wil hav to scroll down far enough to see the winners photos n comments from ppl..she look like an old auntie!!!like 30 over!!! OMG why malaysia organisers owes do things like that one!! i wuld love to put up her photo here but dunno how haha. not only tat,. miss malaysia earth 2006 winner last year also hav lousy english like hell…in http://www.missearth.tv/ where u can check under delegates from malaysia, the rpresentative alice loh, her english so so so terrible…really throw malaysia face laa…sigh….wat happen to us????
    then again, the 2nd RU was quite good…i tink she is miss sarawak somethin like tat? aiya, bias la..whr got they would let jungle girl win the the title anyway…crazy country

  35. OMG..is that really the winner? i went online to check on more photos n details..apart from good education, she practically look old for her 23 age…u sure tis is not mrs universe???
    geee….she really look old

  36. [quote] As I always say, Malaysian women are the most beautiful in the world… I think I was Malaysian in a past life. [/quote]
    LOL! i have to burst your bubble there, like any country, malaysia has its share of below, average and above average. Do not let the hype of just one pageant delude your judgement.

  37. You are making everyone jealous here…becoming the most HATED man in KL right now!! Really stirring up revengeful thoughts to subside my jealousy. ;>
    No worries though, have just seen a site (www.sohhemsem.com) with a guy who’s more easily disliked!

  38. give these gals a break le… am sure not all these beauty pageant gals r just after rich old men.
    models take part in pageants as winning d title pushes their career up a notch. it’s just like a corporate manager taking an mba to push his/her career up further.

  39. I mean, Nicole such a gorgeous lady with a group of desperate freaks?? And our stunning malaccan girl never even win any title =( Its humiliating! Join the Astro Pagent instead, at least its far more extravagant.

  40. You are one lucky guy kenny.. congrats on being so lucky! Hehehe, I wonder how u managed to go on a date with so many of them, must be good with the words… 😉

  41. I don’t want to say this but I really have no choice…Adelaine really look like aunty and arrrggggh….honestly, still #7 is the best..like someone said, the ugliest always win the Malaysian pagent…Sigh….who are the judges anyway??? LapBin..

  42. seriously, is there such a program called “kennysia apprentice”, I will be the first to sign up for that :p

  43. Actually, Kenny is probably the most envied/hated man in SE Asia now…
    Just another reason why I luurve Asia; hotties lidat actually eat supper at 3 AM!
    Maybe can do profiles and pix of each girl that you ate with that night for blog? Couldn’t hurt…

  44. There are voices in my head telling me to kiiiiiillllllll yuuuuuuuuuuuu…….
    nah man…… you are one lucky devil……
    did those guys call you or you paid the 220 yourself?

  45. Wow, I never knew having supper with a bunch of hot chicks could get you so many “I WANT TO KILL YOU” responses. I imagine only half of them know what “jest” means. 😛
    May I recommend kevlar the next time you walk out of your house.

  46. only in malaysian’s pageant u can see all the girls wearing AH KUA make up…try removing it and compare then u get the real women…not the opera type…this call lenglui? sad…only those will go out with kenny….

  47. OMG! Like that punya kualiti also can join pageant contest…can win somemore?? I simply go walk around bukit bintang also can see gals prettier than any of them lah.

  48. Malaysia,what’s goin’ on with u? Why did u insert the swimsuit contest for ur pageant? U are moslem country, aren’t u? I think Malaysia has lost its identity. Look at the contestant’s name, none Melayu. All are Chinesse. Oh Malaysia my beloved neighbour..I am so pity of u!!!
    I hope there are no smimsuit contest for the next pageant in Malaysia. From Indonesia, Agni Prasthita will accompany Adelaine Chin in Miss Universe 2007. Be a good friend, ok???

  49. kenny, u joined deal or no deal??!!!!!! omgosh.. i watch dem everyday !!! now not in msia. so yeah.. when will urs be on air?

  50. After what you wrote about the Miss Malaysia Universe Pageant and Andrea Fonseka, I’m surprised they let you in, let alone take pictures there.

  51. So hey, did you get any? 😉 Heaven, that’s supposed to be.
    BTW, I think Adelaine is hot too… especially in that mini-skirt. :p

  52. u guys shouldn’t harp on lucky kenny so much. u have miss malaysia world from Kuching Gloria Ting(right at ur doorstep) and miss chinese astro (something like that) from Sibu Philomena Ho (ur neighbour).
    U guys are more lucky lar!

  53. hey…was one of the contestant named wendy har? The girl that u put captions as very hungry, the one in purple, she looks like my fren from penang la..

  54. fucking fucking AWESOME lah! 🙂 Just seeing you being so lucky makes me strangely jealous and happy for you in the same time.
    nothing short of heavenly.

  55. Oh come’on you people..
    The girls tried their best.. They can’t change their facial features or their physical proportions!
    You guys shout out at girls who do plastic surgery to look sexy.. and you shout when the naturals come on stage looking their best..
    How do you ever get satisfied?!?
    Just appreciate their courage to be on stage like this & compete infront of millions of people. It’s a bit feat in itself.

  56. thank you for this…
    so nice of you..
    im sure you really had a great fun with them during supper…
    i was told by my fren that you guys going out for supper but,,i was too tired to join, so after cleansed my face and showered, i straight to my bed and slept like nobody business….hahhahaa…why dun you give us some photos that you took that night?
    take good care…

  57. adelaine chin is a very beautiful girl…u guys should see her personally, just the make over done by those not that profesional enough make her look like aunty…she is pretty, i can tell you guys…she is hot too

  58. Adelaine is gorgeous! she is my fren and i think she deserve for the crowned! She is having a very very good personality, kind, smart and friendly! she is really down to earth angel, i guess these is qualified to be the real beautiful women than those women who is damn pretty but brainless + thick make up on the face. Isn’t it true? Addie is definitely the hot and elegant chick! :))
    Those trying to offense due to his/her jealousy, get lost la! Why dont u go for next 2008 Miss universe competition?

  59. You’re so right, the stage setup, lighting, food… they are all a friggin’ huge let down. And yeah, the milk – urgh… of all things.
    Hope you had fun that night with the girls. Nothing beats going out to de-stress yourself when you’ve a vehicle full of beauties and being the envy of so many men 🙂

  60. aiya..look good or not look good..at least they got guts to go for it…why not see y’all haters take a shot at mr malaysia. now we see whether these girls got more balls or u got more balls.
    maybe the not good looking ones thought that they have the intellignce n other aspects that comprise a “real woman”. dont criticize la.
    kenny u lucky boy…!

  61. the mamak stall u went to is steven’s loh..ur hilux is coming in the road the wrong way loh…n is just 2 mins drive away from my house!!

  62. whoaaa how did they fit in that truck. AMAZING.
    Should masuk Malaysian Book of records or something like that.

  63. The TOP 5 of the Ugliest Miss Universe 2007 Contestants (Random order) : You are suppose not in the competition, (better not compete than choosing wrong representative, embarassing the country)..so sorry to say
    1. Turk and Caicos (no comment!)
    2. Nigeria (scary face)
    3. Zambia (very first representative but not well picked)
    4. Bahamas (need dental fixing)
    5. Malaysia (stereotype of ordinary chinese girl, not even tall)
    From http://www.missosology.org/forum.html

  64. I’m a Malaysian, now living in US for the past 12 years. .
    All I can say is ‘what an embarassment!!!”
    1 – the MC can’t even speak English!
    2 – poor ugly stage
    3 – serving MILK for DINNER????? If you wanna ‘Malaysianized’ the dinner, servelah Teh Tarik!!!
    4 – The girls are AVERAGE!! As mentioned above, how to compete with the other Latin Americans, or Europeans like that? I don’t think she even can survive any contests within South East Asia, let alone the UNIVERSE! Ha! What a joke!! Sorry to be cruel, but it seems like the standard is way too low!!
    5- No Talent contest? ? No Singing or Dancing? Anything? How in the world to compete in Mexico like that? She’ll be eaten ALIVE. First round, sure out already.
    6 – What were the girls thinking squeezing into a car like that? I know there is still no rules in Malaysia but gimme a break!!! Maybe, they all grew up with the pink Mini Buses. ‘Masuk, masuk, lagi banyak boleh masuk!!’ SIGH!!!

  65. aku gila…. i tink i can win this thing..all d contestants r okok only..hohohohoho im prettierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr eh prettiestttttt uncle loves me soo much coz im pretty la

  66. Malaysia, please stop sending below average contestants to the pageant! It’s embarrassing! Either you send a great one of Arianna Teoh’s or Lina Teoh’s standards, or you don’t send at all!
    Or at least target for one title, like the Best National Constume title. There’s no creative thoughts at all been put into the national costume that Adelaine will be wearing this year.
    I’ve seen some very beautiful and elaborate kebayas designed by our very own local designers, but sadly, these are not been shown to the world. What Malaysia is showing to the world is only our national costumes in their original designs. I’m not saying our national contumes are not beautiful, but they cannot WIN if presented in plain! Do something to it! Make it outstanding! DUH! It’s so frustrating!

  67. “Those girls, arms on hips, will then have to go all philosphical and answer stuff like “A real woman is one that is confident and beautiful inside and out.”
    Deep. I thought a real woman is one with boobs and vaginas. Not those Ah Gua you see in Pattaya.”

    Eight of ’em? You were one lucky Sonovabic (it’s Russian).

  68. The 1st runner up looks so much nicer. Miss Malaysia is always surprisingly unattractive. Maybe judges eye blocked by a piece of shit or something.

  69. Such stupid answers from all of them. They give Malaysia a bad name. I was pretty embarrassed when I watched the videos of Adelaine on the Miss Universe webbie. The girl can’t walk!

  70. Are these so-called beauties of Malaysia ? Shaark, I can find better stuff at Pasar Malam ! Shy only la, Malaysia !!


  72. Our Miss Msia is soooo ugly n old looking! she looked like she’s married wif kids.her face’s so flat like bas kena langgar!haha! what a disgrace to all the Msian women!Plp around the world will think all msian women r ugly with 0 IQ! ee yerr…so embarassing….Her evening gown also very ugly! i just wonder who’s the designer…putting an ugly dress to an already ugly woman is bad….

  73. One vehicle would have had more than enuff space to cram all eight of them in. Damn.. they make Ethiopians look fat.

  74. Who goes to mamak stall at 3am with full make up & big hair?
    They so like the look, maybe they went to sleep like that oso??

  75. Adelaine Chi looks half Chinese and half Monkey. I can’t believe she’s representing Malaysia. I sense corruption at hand, something not new in Malaysia.

  76. tanya ann tan from cgl penang??? is she the waitress cum MAS stewardess now??? HUH? how did she even manage to enter the competition? isn’t she super butt ugly? i wouldn’t even f*** her if she paid me a thousand bucks. well, maybe a million haha but she would have to shut up and everything has to be covered up esp her face. she also has a very black heart and is always very negative and jealous of her other friends/peers achievements. thank god she didn’t win!

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