Cold Dish

Something odd I found in the vacancies section of today’s newspaper.

I can understand what’s the job of a cashier or a bartender. But take a look at the third line.
Can someone tell me what exactly is the job scope of a “Cold Dish”?

I thought a “cold dish” is a type of food. NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN PUT IN YOUR RESUME!
Can you imagine what your future employers are gonna think if you tell him that you’ve been working as a “cold dish” for the past 6 months?
Makes me wonder what the interview process for the job of a “cold dish” is gonna be like.

Someone asked the audience a stupid riddle during the shooting of Deal Or No Deal. He asked, “Is the computer mouse male or female?” One girl quickly answered, “It is a FEMALE because it uses a pad!”
Bemused, I replied, “No, a computer mouse is a MALE.”
“Because it has balls.”

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  1. kenny…the gal was right coz computer mouse only got one ball and nowdays the mouse got no ball but with one small reddish clit so the mouse is female lar…

  2. Hahaha, sorry maybe it’s just me but I actually laughed out loud. Been there, done that, but still works with some. Keep the updates coming and welcome back!

  3. I think it’s a position in a kitchen where you have to prepare Cold Dishes such as salads, certain desserts etc? I don’t see anything funny in that advertorial.

  4. “cold dish” doesnt sound like a position at all but unfortunately it is a position. it is like “help desk” can mean a desk but also a position to help customers.
    latest mouses no longer uses balls, it is mostly optical now. also not necessary it requires pad anymore. it has evolve into something gay-ish…

  5. Kenny, it’s hard to have frequent updates while you’re such a busy person. But keep it up! Don’t have to forcefully write an entry just to entertain the readers.. we want quality entries instead of cold dish, hehe.
    View back your entries during 2005.. those were the best posts.. πŸ™‚

  6. I dunno what you guys are talking about man. This ain’t “forcefully written”. It’s just what’s on my mind when I saw that vacancy. :/

  7. Haha, I don’t know about you guys, but I found it funny.
    *I thought cold dish is the dish during Chinese feasts, where the big plate is carried out with lots of varieties, ok not lots but a few varieties of food?

  8. ahhahaha cold dish. i’m stupid cez it took me a while to get that joke. smart.
    and the mouse joke too.

  9. No… A Cold dish is where you serve frozen minced human flesh, with WINTER Onions, Marinated with MINT Sauce and Sprinkled with dry ice as finishing…. Taste Superb and delicious!
    Even won the Best Dish in Cannibaland! XD

  10. izzit just me but it took me sometime to understand this joke actually. nice one on the mouse joke though…

  11. By Sugar: latest mouses no longer uses balls, it is mostly optical now. also not necessary it requires pad anymore. it has evolve into something gay-ish…
    By me: I agree!

  12. By Sugar: latest mouses no longer uses balls, it is mostly optical now. also not necessary it requires pad anymore. it has evolve into something gay-ish…
    By me: I concur!

  13. the one that catch me clues on the first glance is the ‘second cutter’.
    Yeah, but maybe my English is no better than those ppl who write the recruitment ads.

  14. Kenny, I think it applys to someone who knows how to prepare cold dish.. just that they don’t know how to put it in correct word…. btw maybe you can try to call up pretend that u want to apply for the job and tell us what’s actually it means..:)

  15. Kenny, if I’m not mistaken the term ” cold dish” relates mainly to commis chefs that have experience in cold larder, mainly salads, cold meat platter etc etc.

  16. about the mouse thing.. but mouse only got 1 ball wor.. and some optical mouse dun even have a ball… so err.. not completely male :p

  17. SERIOUSLY! okay the chicken joke is slightly lame(no offense but good try!) but one look at the advert and I’m laughing my head off at the standard of English. Second cutter? Cold dish? please walk-in interview? You HAVE to be kidding me.
    show me a position called cold dish that exist in a proper English speaking country. I did a brief check on and there is nothing on cold dish as a position. This is embarrassing at best.

  18. Lame…
    A mouse has only one ball, if it’s not an optical mouse.
    And it is understood lah… They are hiring ppl who make cold dish…
    jin eh bo ho chio leh

  19. what that meant?? Cold dishes also a type of position?? I’m getting blur.. What the cold dishes position does?? Is the company make a mistake or what?
    Is it the cold dishes position is making the cold dishes such as ice -cream or what de??
    Kenny, I’m confusing with your picture..

  20. bang thwack.kenny was just trying to have fun lah.wanted show person apply,gets knocked out then cooked and served as ‘cold dish’ lah.
    haiya,so many stupid people here.must suck to have below average intelligence.

  21. omg omgomg… cold dish… very cold indeed. and yeah, pity those who dont get this joke or dont find this joke amusing… sad case!!

  22. reply to o.0:
    “my mouse go no ball, don’t use pad & don’t even have a tail… got only 1 hole. how?”
    oh it’s a female after menopause…

  23. Hmmm… have not tried the restaurant yet but to tell you the truth… I dare not order any cold dish! I mean you won’t know what you’d be getting… a man coming out with a cleaver or an actual dish with “cold” meat!

  24. hahaha Cold Dish indeed……….but I think they must have meant the helper who prepares the cold dish and not really refering to the food type of cold dish -__-u
    Maybe they should reword it to kitchen helper (cold dish) instead??? should be less misleading this way…..hahaha

  25. I guess some ppl don’t read comics…That’s y they don’t understand the flow of the photos.
    Interviewer had slaughtered the interviewee and served the parts of the body to their customers. The chicken meat is actually HUMAN MEAT!!!

  26. Aiya, it’s just a female mouse using a tampon cuz it still gets something red at the bottom.
    The food at The Banquet is heavenly btw. Try the RM1188 set menu πŸ˜€

  27. Haha. Hey, you have a terrible time man. Here you are trying to keep up with the postings to entertain us, and there are people who are complaining that the joke is damn cold.
    Jiayou la. I have read every single of your entries! You can do it. =))

  28. female will be more accurate becos optical mouse dun have balls..and it’s only ball… not balls..satu aje…

  29. i use to work in restaurant, i think la(longtime ago liao) is those that incharge prepare Tea,napkin, prepare thing 1 then at the end they incharge all the take away for the customer(i mean bungkus)…..if i not mistaken..
    in chinese it call Γ¦β€°β€œΓ₯β€ Β·Γ£β‚¬β€šΓ£β‚¬β€šforget liao ..sorry..
    but that is funny kenny that u also can make a joke ~ ging !

  30. What part of the ‘chicken’ is that guy eating?
    Must look like a chicken’s neck.
    No wonder tastes funny.
    That’s one helluva cold dish …!
    ps – nah, the mouse is a hermaphrodite.
    Got ball, got clit, got pointer.
    If you don’t know what it means, check Wikipedia:

  31. I don’t know what the Cold Dish job is supposed to entail, but I can tell you a Cold Fish is any chinese educated woman in bed trying to have sex.

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