The Queen and Prince Lip-Reading Game!

For obvious reasons, my mood hasn’t been the best lately and I think that is reflected on my entries these past few days. used to be known for its humourous entries. But hey, if I’m not laughing myself, how can I make everyone else laugh?
Heh. Maybe now its your turn to cheer me up!
Remember a while ago I wrote about how absurd it is that UK tabloid News of the World actually employed so-called professional lip readers to decode the Queen and Prince Charles conversation at his and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ wedding? Click on that link if you haven’t read that entry yet.
Here’s an excerpt if you’re too fucking lazy to exercise your finger and click on that link for your convenience.

How the heck can they simply decide what people are saying just by looking at a video? How do they even know they’re speaking English? For all I know, they could be conversing in Hokkien.

Hokkien Version

Well guess what?
Now, you too, can guess lip-read what exactly was said between the Queen and Prince during that royal wedding! proudly presents

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter what you think was said between those two.
  3. Save the generated image.
  4. If you have a blog, just post it up on your blog and comment below.
  5. If you don’t have a blog, just send it by e-mail it to me at im(a)

The script is not perfect but at least it should provide some form of geeky entertainment. I shall publish the best ones here in a few days time – depending on the amount of response I get of course.
So make me laugh, cheer me up… or something. 🙂

33 Replies to “The Queen and Prince Lip-Reading Game!”

  1. It’s working now. Not sure what the first problem was (all garbled up on the last two images). Sorry for spamming you with two comments in a row.

  2. I think your script doesn’t accept quotation mark, like ” or ‘ will jam up all the fonts. Also the size of the text bar is too small 🙁 I guess we really have to use our imagination there.
    Anyhow I posted up one, hope it makes you laugh.

  3. HI! i found ur website from flickr (ur xiaxue wannabe pict =X) just thought to say that u made me laugh ^.^ but i am not sure how to make u laugh o.o
    usually people have to be near me for me to make them laugh coz.. i am silly o.o ya! that’s all i wana say (sorry just woke up so abit blur blur de…)
    cheer up ^.~

  4. Hey Kenny….tried the lip reading thingy….can see it from my xanga…hrmm, somehow the picture appears kinda small on my site….if i stretch it the words r kinda blurry….anyways, hope it is legible! 🙂

  5. Hey, happy to seee that you are in the mood for something fun again… hope you enjoy my lipread strip… haha.. wanted to come up with something ‘dirty’… but better dun lah~ Kennysia is supposed to be a PG site for all ages mah~ hahahah…

  6. Hmm, after reading all the participant’s work, including myself, I don’t think anybody manage to be as creative&funny as Kenny’s original post (no offence).
    Kudos to Kenny, keep up the good work.

  7. Can’t create the pic using your page so I just add the comments that I intend to put in for your reference and comments 😉
    Quote 1:- I think I saw someone naked…
    Quote 2:- Really? Where is it?
    Quote 3:- Shh….just watch quietly.
    Quote 4:- *shouted* Is it the one beside the lampost?
    Quote 5:- Told u watch quietly u moroon.

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