How un-Malaysian Are You?

You did not finish answering all the questions!“;

Some time ago, The Star Online puts up a fun online quiz called How Malaysian Are You?

That’s all fine and dandy, but I was thinking – as we become more complex and modern as a society, how do we know what’s Malaysian and what’s not? Some say driving rudely is intrinsically Malaysian, but in Australia their drivers are a hundred times worse than Malaysian drivers. Similarly, your IC might say you’re Malaysian, but when you listen to Britney Spears, eat McDonalds and can’t speak more than two words of Malay, how Malaysian are you?

It has come to a point where we gotta stop wondering “How Malaysian Am I?” and start wondering “How un-Malaysian Am I?” And exactly just how un-Malaysian are you?

There’s only one way to find out.

How un-Malaysian Are You?

1. What is teh tarik?

A) a delicious frothy drink prepared by repeatedly pouring hot milk tea from one can to the other.

B) A beverage that tastes no real difference to a normal milk tea.

C) "teh tarik" is teh name of teh l33t h4x0r who’ll pwn j00 @$$ if j00 n0t c4r3fu|.

2. When you have your dinner, what cutlery do you use?

A) Chopsticks only

B) Fork and spoon

C) Fork and spoon you stole from Malaysian Airlines during one of your flights. You also have a MAS plastic saucer plate you kept somewhere. No wonder Malaysia Airlines lost so much money so they had to raise their fares!

3. If "destination" in Malay is destinasi, and “action” is aksi; what is “section” in Malay?

A) seksi

B) sectsi

C) seksyen

4. What is freedom of speech?

A) You are free to say what you want without fear

B) You are free to say what you want without causing fear

C) You are free to say what you want only if you agree with me, otherwise you shut the hell up and get lost lah.

5. You’re walking along in a shopping centre when the young lady in front of you suddenly slipped and fell. You…

A) Look at her in bewilderment, then continue on your journey.

B) Help her up

C) Help her up but only if she’s hot

6. You’re walking alone in a park when you came face to face with a complete stranger and he gave you a brief smile. You…

A) Smile back at him and say hi

B) Give him a weird look as if he’s a mental nutcase

C) Clutch your handbag/wallet tightly and run away as fast as you can

7. Which of the following are cities in the UK that you’re familiar with?

A) Leicester, Blackpool, Sheffield

B) Manchester United, West Ham United, Liverpool United,

C) Chiao-SEE, Midduh-BLO, Ah-ser-NUH

8. Which of the following types of movies will most likely be banned/heavily edited by Malaysian censors?

A) A controversial fiction based on the conspiracy theory that Jesus Christ had a child with prostitute Mary Magdalene.

B) A proudly Malaysian made documentary / musical about the former leader of a now-defunct communist party

C) A romantic comedy about a magazine writer who tried to lose a guy in ten days, but ended up falling for him instead.

9. Which wedding this year do you think is worthy of being considered Wedding of the Year?

A) Datuk K and Siti Nurhaliza

B) Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

C) Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson

10. What exactly is a "Multimedia Super Corridor"?

A) A designated area where companies of a certain status can enjoy generous tax breaks.

B) Neh, the place where you go shopping for computer very cheap one.

C) Neh, you know the… the… the very high tech one ah. Aiya I lazy to exprain to you.

Congratulations , you are % not Malaysian.

That means you’re as Malaysian as…

75) {

Michael Jackson!

50) && ($score <= 75)) { ?>

Guy Sebastian!

25) && ($score <= 50)) { ?>

Michelle Yeoh!

= 0) && ($score <= 25)) { ?>

Abdullah Badawi!

You may copy the HTML code below and publish this result on your website.

<div align="center"><p><strong style="font-size:
large;">Congratulations , you are % not Malaysian. </strong></p>
<p>That means you’re as Malaysian as…<br>
75) {

<img src="" width="300" height="400" alt="" border="0"><br>
<strong style="font-size: large;">Michael Jackson!</strong></p>
50) && ($score <= 75)) { ?>

<img src="" width="279" height="300" alt="" border="0"><br>
<strong style="font-size: large;">Guy Sebastian !</strong>
25) && ($score <= 50)) { ?>

<img src="" width="307" height="400" alt="" border="0"><br>
<strong style="font-size: large;">Michelle Yeoh!</strong>
= 0) && ($score <= 25)) { ?>

<img src="" width="284" height="400" alt="" border="0"><br>
<strong style="font-size: large;">Abdullah Badawi !</strong>

<br><p><a href="">How Un-Malaysian Are You? </a></p></div>

352 Replies to “How un-Malaysian Are You?”

  1. Pak Lah not Malaysian? How many percent you got, Anand?
    I got 16% not Malaysian (can be lower if I purposely choose some other answer) and I also got pak lah.

  2. Being a resident in Australia having visited Malaysia on many occasions, the things I notice about your drivers are their lack of patience, courtesy for others and respect for road rules (or rules in general). There are lunatic drivers in Australia as well, but driving in Austraila is generally a relaxing experience even when you’re stuck in traffic. It could have to do with the laid back atmosphere here, but you’d be more inclined to stay within the speed limit, stop at stop signs and give way to others.

  3. Lol I’m 33% not M’sian which is Michelle Yeoh. 100% true as I really don’t understand the culture in M’sia. All I ever do is study Sejarah which always makes me sleepy!

  4. LOL! Good one Kenny! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity on this site! =)
    I’m 57% NOT Malaysian – like Guy Sebastian haha!
    Aiyahh… the moment I click on “smile back and say hi” to the stranger and not “clutch my bag” also I know sure NOT Malaysian liao hehehe….

  5. “but in Australia their drivers are a hundred times worse than Malaysian drivers. ”
    We are not!
    We are WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY better drivers than Malaysians, Singaporeans, Thais, Indonesians…oh…and the list goes on…!
    How can 3 lanes turn into 6?! People don’t indicate here!
    Ok, one thing us Aussies do well…is…COMPLAIN.
    Just doing my part for the Aussies.

  6. 41% not Malaysian, hey at least im 59% malaysian? haha PASS no need kickback to china, will my percentage lower if I choose spoon and fork instead of chopstick?
    let see if i purposely pretend malaysian, Congratulations Motsu, you are 25% not Malaysian..pak lah! haha…

  7. Kenny you must be psychic. How else can you know that I am 69% not Malaysian and chose Guy Sebastian (Australian Idol 2003) as a representation of how unMalaysian I am cos I am in Australia?!?!
    LEGEND mate!

  8. Aussie drivers worse than Malaysian drivers? You’ve lost the plot my man. I never feared for my life more than when I was travelling by car in KL.

  9. I got like 42% of UN-Malaysian. That’s so funny. Go go Malaysia. TO all the wannabes “UN-MALAYSIAN”, stop being so angmoh for lar…

  10. Reminds me of this young guy with an aussie accent talking on the phone while on a bus as we were heading into KL. He went “I can’t believe the driving that I’m seeing!” nonstop as he looked around, quite horrified, as he described the way the motorbikes, taxicabs and buses were swirling around him.

  11. walao, how can..not accurate one leh….if u ask me, malaysian drivers more skillful cos they’re better at maneuvering in very tight spaces then expert at potong-ing other cars also

  12. Well, personally, I think that whether you truly belong to Malaysia or not, depends on your heart. Your sincerity in patriotism and what you’re willing to do for your country =)

  13. Congratulations knnbccb, you are 70% not Malaysian.
    That means you’re as Malaysian as…
    Guy Sebastian!
    LAWL is funny

  14. Guy sebastian malaysian kan?
    How come got guy sebastian???
    so guy sebastian’s like 30% malaysian???
    How come???

  15. I got 38% NOT Michelle Yeoh..
    But hey that’s bad because I. Am. NOT MALAYSIAN!!! I am merely a Singaporean who has fair knowledge of our neighbouring country, and not a faithful 62% Malaysian.. T_T (No offence to Malaysians though. I thought it was quite weird, being a Singaporean and all…)

  16. Hmm. Got 34%… Michelle Yeoh. >.>
    And by the way, isn’t that Wisma Sanyan in the picture above? OMG, Kenny Sia Dot Com recently came to Sibu!!!

  17. Guy Sebastian!! HAHAHA!! Funny 8-p Suppose I am… moved to Australia when I was young and really no accent! And nooo waaaay are Australian drivers worse! At least my mother can drive here… she dare not drive in Malaysia 8-p I probably wouldn’t either.

    Why Guy Sebastian anyway? Hmm… long time didn’t hear any of his songs. Is he still in showbiz??
    Some would say I have cultural identity crisis but who frikkin cares ne?! BoO!

  19. Walau, 7% un-Malaysian for me at best, and i can’t hold myself from laughing each time i see BADAWI!… (yeah i tried few time trying to get lower %).. who got the least un-Malaysian here??

  20. The fact that Kenny said that Aussie drivers are worse than Malaysians just goes to show how out of touch he is with Malaysia already…

  21. Walau, 7% un-Malaysian at best! I just can’t help laughing each time I see BADAWI!… (yup I tried few times trying to get lower %).. Who got the least un-Malaysian % here??

  22. hahaha… 60% unMalaysian… at least i have to say i know england places as im living in Leicester now! thank you…but only 60% huh? i think should be more what, for my case hehehe

  23. omg! im 70% not malaysian…
    aiyo the result wrong adi!
    i shud be 100% not malaysian mah!!!
    i prefer japan =x

  24. woww~ 73% unMalaysia.. Haha I guess that’s understandable – I’ve never really fitted in, in Malaysia.. :\ Despite the fact that I hold a Malaysian passport.. Oh well-

  25. HaHa. I am a Singaporean. But just for fun, I take this test. I am 30% un-Malaysian. LOL. I am not a Malaysian but I understand Malaysia so well.

  26. malaysian flag is more of decoration accessories to me by the way it is being displayed.yet they thought they are being patriotic. how stupid!

  27. I’m 57% NOT Malaysian – Guy Sebastian? so, what does guy sebastian got to do then with being not malaysian??? *confused*

  28. The ironic thing is I’ve lived in the UK for 7 years now, and I am less Un-Malaysian (according to this quiz & the Star quiz) then the people who sound as Malaysian as it gets. In the end, it’s not what you know or don’t know that makes you a Malaysian, it’s who you ARE. I know the theory of it all: Be rude, be late, be stupid, but the fact that I would proudly wave my Malaysian flag doesn’t mean I have to be all that!

  29. Norwegian but only 18% not malay. I’m Badawi. However, I live in Singapore so I knew the “correct” answers… 😉

  30. 82%, Michael Jackson. LOL. Ah well, understandable since, though I’m Asian, I’m really influenced by certain Western things.

  31. considering the fact i’m not malaysian, i got a decent 42%!! hur hur…
    and i had a dream about u the other nite. why? i have no freakin idea!! haha… that’s all u need to know.

  32. it’s so phoney! people who scored 34% got michelle yeoh..i score 50% and got michelle yeoh too…urgh..y didn’t it says jimmy choo? lolz..
    and i’m a malaysian…since everybody is exclaiming it..

  33. actuali ..for question#2 i not onli hav d fork n spoon n d saucer..i hav alot of them..d metal ones n plastic ones oso got….i also hav their cups…

  34. mwahahahahaha…Im 20% not malaysian..!!
    like who…??
    Pak Lah lor…
    Har, Malaysia’s PM oso 20% not malaysian ar??

  35. KL driving=NY city driving where anything on 4 wheels has a dent or more. rest of my is relatively normal except for the occasional road rage bone heads.
    mbikers are the worst but still not as bad as Taiwan where going aginst the flow is not uncommon …Kaoshung being the worst. another thing that they do over there that’s horrifying to us spectatators is that they use their scooters as family mobils – a whole family of 4 and sometimes 5 would be on it…aaahh thank heavens for malaysia…i guess in china the family mobil is the pedal bike…just kidding..not been there of these days..not soon i hope.

  36. Aiyoh, me chano only 52% amalaysian ah? Neber mind lah, i am alrealy obersea now. got sick of bumilandlah….

  37. i got 50%???
    that’s soo sad. i’m proud being malaysian.
    anyways, anyone noticed how we seem to lack a whole lot of flags and banners this year? as in, for all my life (17 years so far) i’ve seen national flags galore all over KL once it’s august… it’s now the 28th and…. nothing??
    apa jadi?
    hmmn. happy merdeka!
    ps, mr. kenny sia, your answer for question number one… you play Kingdom of Loathing arh?

  38. I am congratulated as not Malaysian. Uh, stated that I am a M’sian like Michelle Yeoh. ._.
    Wedding of the year? haha… The live telecast of Siti & Datuk K. is just a few hours ago :p
    Anyway, nice one… Hope everyone else enjoy it as well 🙂

  39. er.. i got 66 percent non msian.. is tht a good thing?? i dont like tht picture of Guy sebastian… and he’s is soooooo uglay! hahaha.. no offence. erm… so can i like change the person i got?? heh.. x)

  40. 1957年我国丰衣足食,粮米过多,有个叫东菇头的生意人出来大喊:“米跌价!”从此以后,每年的8月31日,人人都出来喊一起大喊:“米跌价!米跌价!”

  41. issit because today is merdeka day so i’m like Pak Lah??!! argh!! i want an engtau one!!
    cis~~this is a very stress MCQ

  42. woo~! me Badawi oh… Good citizens of M’sia vote for me in 2020… i shall be a good leader & do my best to get rid of corruption, make M’sia….. *and the list goes on*

  43. merdeka in foochow is 卖猪脚。i only get 8% and as badawi as well 🙁
    try speak 卖猪脚in foochow is MERDEKA!

  44. i’m 21% not malaysian.. hahah love it.. but be a PM huh… sorie not my taste..
    5. You’re walking along in a shopping centre when the young lady in front of you suddenly slipped and fell. You…
    A) Look at her in bewilderment, then continue on your journey.
    B) Help her up
    C) Help her up but only if she’s hot n ask for her phone number.. hahahaah!!!

  45. How the hell am I only 27% not Malaysian?
    This means that I’m 73% Malaysian?!?! I don’t even know very well where Malaysia is 🙂

  46. dayumn, michelle yeoh is hot! watagayyyy
    but, nvm, im apparently as malaysian as her. so that would KINDA make me er…hot too? +p

  47. i’m 53% not malaysian but i answered the questions based on what i really do , that is help a lady up when she falls no matter how she looks like . i eat with a pair of fork and spoon even though i’m chinese. and i think teh tarik is a drink poured from a can to another. and i will always say hi to someone else when they smile at me.
    why does that make me not malaysian? are all malaysians that unconsiderate? does that mean that the PM is very, erm… barbaric because he’s very Malaysian?

  48. walao yeah~ me – 33% unmalaysian wo
    i suppose i ll be > 99%
    got top floor said msian are lunatic drivers, yea i agreed with u but dont forget we can get lunatic becoz our driving skills are very closed to professional ~ or mayb can compete with fast n furious leh~

  49. Holy shit, you are 36% not Malaysian,
    hmm been overseas for like 4 years and i am still 64% Malaysian!!!! Impressed indeed. Same as Michelle Yeoh? OMGWTFBBQ -_-.

  50. Your questionnaire suck.. so stereotypical.. youre just degrading.. if you wanna ask ppl how malaysian are you then make your quiz your questionnaire.. if you think this is what being malaysian is.. Youre just not worth it.

  51. Congratulations moluska-t, you are 26% not Malaysian. That means you’re as Malaysian as…Michelle Yeoh!
    yeah, i wanna to post the result HERE!!!

  52. Heh, another guy sebastian here…should we be proud for the sucessful globalization effect??
    Btw, you forgot to put Q that ask “do u know the proper usage of ‘lah’/ what is ‘lah’?
    a) The syllable naming the sixth (submediant) note of a major or minor scale in solmization
    b) Left Anterior Hemiblock
    c) A word to end your every sentence so that it feels complete.
    Note: Guy Sebastian dont use lah lah…
    Go Malaysian!!!

  53. OMG i m 19% un-malaysian ?? which mean i m 81% malaysian .. but i m from singaporea … man .. i tot we singaporean always better then you malaysian ..

  54. Hahaha, it is funny reading how people DO NOT want to be a typical Malaysian, but infact they are as Malaysian as one can be. Malaysia may not be as good as those countries that many seemed to praise and etc., but hey it is not a bad country … well besides the whole snatch thief thing, horrible drivers, pollution, and unfriendliness of the people here. Don’t blame the country for what it has become, blame the people for not educating themselves to be a better person.

  55. Tried just for fun… quite flattering ler… no cos I’m 32% un-Malaysian (even though by citizenship I’m 100% non Malaysian… because results say I am like Datuk Michelle Yeo lar! Aiyah! So swee!

  56. 60% Un-Malaysian… something I would be extremely horrified before Pak Lah took over. Now… could be a good thing!

  57. wahh..46% not malaysian
    =54% malaysian..
    ..40% chinese..
    ..6% aussie??
    aiiyahh..i can’t even speak malay..whyy like ths wan??

  58. Omg. Dude, I got Abdullah Badawi, and I’m not even Malaysian?! o.0 3% not malaysian? o.00!
    Omg I’m a SINGAPOREAN. When did I become a Malaysian?

  59. 90% not malaysian. As un-malaysian as.. lol. Michael Jackson.
    Just one point to make, I reckon that Malaysian drivers are worse than Australian drivers but then again, I live in Perth so.. lol.

  60. I am malaysian and i have been to australia on several occasions and if anything at all, their drivers are waaaaaaaaay better than malaysian drivers. Most observe the speed limits, road rules and are courteous on the road. Most malaysians do the exact opposite here. Sorry, kenny, but that’s one BIG point that i disagree with you. I am just saying what is true. Malaysian drivers are jackasses!!!!!

  61. I got Michelle Yeoh, and 37% percent non-malaysian…
    wow, so that means I’m 60%+ Malaysian!!!! Wow, I’m not even malaysian too…
    (half other asian…)

  62. hello mr kenny sia,
    how are you doing?
    You have a very popular website.. A lot of my friends give a positive comment to your website. Well done..
    Do keep in touch.. Meanwhile, if you are still contact with Mr Eric Tan, please send my regard to him as well..

  63. WT 65% I got guy sebastian
    guy sebastian won favorite aussie award last night on whatever it call award night in Sydney, kenny, you might need to consider to exclude him like TOTALLY from your poll list or put him on 100% un-Malaysian list
    if you want to know where about/ who the hell is guy sebastian, here you go

  64. if at the first attempt i tried and the result was 80+ with the guy sebastian stuff….and the second try was 40+ with michelle yeoh…….all i can say about MALAYSIANS is that they are a bunch of rude creeps who do not care so much about others as themselves……self ignorant and complacent pigs i would say!

  65. omg! tho its 84% un malaysian but how can you compare it to MJ? i’m gutted..i don’t wanna be compared to MJ..i lived in Malaysia for 1/3 of my life!

  66. Yes! I’m 100% malaysian…..why it is so bad to be a malaysian? I thank God my great great grand father are smart and hrd working to row further than cambodia and not to hard working to reach indonesia…is good to be in malaysia.

  67. 63% not malaysian.. and i’ve lived here for as long as i can remember. guess it’s the influence of TV.. LONG live The ASTRO!!! =P

  68. i’m 77% un-malaysian – the same as Michael Jackson! 😉
    oh and for the record, Australian drivers are excellent – probably one of the best standards of drivers in the world. who gave you the idea that malaysians were better drivers?? you have to be JOKING right?

  69. Gosh… i’m like pak lah la. gosh prime minister not so malaysian. who is he then.. iban? sarawakian?! i hope then. agik idup agik ngelaban!!!

  70. WAT?!i m as malaysian as badawi????
    m i such a mental case???
    ew……….change it, i m sooo not badawi……….yucks…….sickening 2 even think about it…….i think i ate a sock again………….

  71. ohhhh! 50-50!! i’ll make it ANYWHERE.. so bodoh. =.=
    anyways, ala, im proud to be a MALAYSIAN ok!! =)
    and wei, why no DATUK JIMMY CHOOS? filthy rich wei.

  72. you are 52% not Malaysian. and I’m as Malaysian as guy sebastian? wtf? I answered everything from the bottom of my heart. I guess I’m really not malaysian…….

  73. 51% not msian? not true. there’re always some nice and un-nice ppl everywhere in the world le. i believe all places have their nice n unnice things.
    – beginning of story –
    living in melb for 4 yrs, i love the time relaxing at cafe, park, fishing and shopping. ppl here do watch the speed limit very strictly n give way all the time while keeping distance. msian r famous to stay as close as to the front car as possible so no one can get in. yes, it’s pretty scary.
    but i don’t understand why some aussie with such a wide road can’t just let us stop at the side for 2 seconds for my cousin to jump into the car but have to yell the F*ck word. i also don’t understand why we’re in bike riding slowly in between 2 lanes and stopping cars, careful not to scatch their cars but they also have to honk n yell the F word at us.
    i’d never been so stressed driving all my life back home. here, i have to watch my meter for speed limit all the time that i can’t really concentrate on the road and get dizzy easily as i also have to brake to go slower when going downhill (roads here are very hilly) and make sure i’m at 100km/hr at highway so i don’t get honked if i only reach 80km/hr with my small car.
    i’d never been so worried having to check all the signs where to stop, where not to stop, which place only 15 mins parking, while only free parking after 6pm and so forth. advice for bike riders in Aus, local here are not used to seeing bike so be careful on the road as they’ll most probably don’t see you when changing lanes or opening the door.
    i’ve a friend who flew away from her bicycle due to someone opening the door without looking back and i’d just been crashed into by a P plate youngster driving too fast at red light without a P on his car. sometimes i think they depend on the rules too much that they forgot about logic sense.
    i like australia lifestyle but i’m proud to be malaysian too so i’m not giving up my malaysian passport.
    – end of story –

  74. how come i am 75% not malaysian as guy sebastian? i am 100% malaysia and born in malaysia. Only difference not a bumi. 😛

  75. aya!!!!! im Guy Sebastian……… and 63% non malaysian …. what des it ment aaaaaaaa ?!@#$%^&*

  76. hahaha….i’m only 13% not Malaysian. Hahahaha, as Malaysian as Abdullah Badawi. LOL! This site made my day…I should fly over to Malaysia from Shanghai and be a politician. Hahhaahhahahaha

  77. i got 52%! same as Guy Sebastian! =P who create diz queations ha??!!? However, i’m proud to be MALAYSIAN!! (“v”)

  78. a malaysian like michael Jackson?
    wah lao weii
    i tot like bob marley
    by the way,hey kenny,i dnt like u mention anything bout Jesus,are u racist?

  79. 80% Un-malaysian?? As in Eighty percent NOT Malaysian???? And a Michael Jackson too??
    Man, am i really dat horrible? I’m malaysian lah! Eat tosai and listen to Rudy and JJ one u know!

  80. Congratulations , you are 42% not Malaysian.
    That means you’re as Malaysian as…, Michelle Yeoh..
    Thats because my mother is a Singaporean, ROFL!! xD..
    But she gained Malaysia nationality after she got married with my dad, 17 years ago.. XD

  81. according to your quiz.. im 58% non malay..
    truth is im 100% british born (HK) chinese.. apraently.. tho i dont look like either of my parents n they always say i’m “picked up from the streets”
    prob explains y i get on wiv many m’sian ppl lol

  82. ****er…..73 friggin’ percent un-malaysian…and here i WAS -notice past tense- strutting around claiming im oh-so-malaysian….dang.

  83. Gosh! I am 58% un-malaysian like Guy Sebastian and 13% like Pak Lah~ Hehe.. Man, I like your questions especially the teh tarik and movie part. Nice~
    “teh tarik” is teh name of teh l33t h4x0r who’ll pwn j00 @$$ if j00 n0t c4r3fu|.

  84. haha…i’m 48% not malaysian…this figure is better than what i thought.. 😛 I’m as Malaysian as Michelle Yeoh…

  85. am as malaysian as Michael Jackson. 80 percent. lolx. dont think there’s anyone worse than me.OMFG.

  86. Aiyyo looks like most singaporeans got below 50% un-Malaysian XD.I’m 33% un-Malaysian like michelle yeoh but I’m a dude laXD
    So in short I’m 67% malaysian!(Well I.AM.A.MALAYSIAN ANYWAY.)

  87. Mary Magdalene wasn’t a prostitute. Even the Cath church acknowledge that now. I doubt you’ll read much of your 300+ comments (or at all) but if you’re reading this – do a bit of reading before referencing anything.

  88. what the heck??? I am only 60% Malaysian!!??? man…i expected higher. it would be nice to know the answers of which you d get 0% un malaysian. very creative blog.

  89. the most interestin’ and hilarious survey i’d come across…LOLz..
    My boobs almost fell off like Michelle yeoh. Wakaka!

  90. my god i’m 70% unmalaysian.How inaccurate..i’m more like a 96% unmalaysian.
    life is stranger now this days…
    i think i go lie down now and click my heels and hope to find a home…maybe i could be singaporean after this..and i’ll contribute my 30% to some poor sappy malaysian who wants to be 100%..
    yes, i am strange..the look at you question was accurate on how some malaysians look at you like you were nuts..thanks malaysia..thanks.

  91. Shit, no wonder lah why i didn’t agree with whatever political thingymajinggy…
    56% not Malaysian, hmm, Guy Sebastian some more???

  92. Congratulations chelsea, you are 20% not Malaysian.
    That means you’re as Malaysian as…
    Abdullah Badawi!
    Who is abdullah badawi? i’m indonesian…never heard of him..

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