Free Pixart Photobooks To Giveaway!

It’s difficult to narrow down the winners, but someone have to be eliminated and someone have to win. Congratulations to the following winners and enjoy your free Pixart Photobook!


Winnie Ting, Petaling Jaya: “Would you please help me to dig the itchy booger out? My hands are kinda oily. TQ.”

David Martinez, Singapore: “The face that only a mother could love.”

Felicity Kuek, Kuching: *Personal earwax cleaning in progress*

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E-mail Kenny at to check if your entry was received successfully.

Every now and again, I get freebies from people in exchange for publicity on

About this T-shirt.

I think it’s a fair deal. You gimme a sample of your product, I tell everyone what I honestly think about your product, even if I hate it to the bone. That’s marketing. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as bad publicity and that a marketing manager’s worst nightmare is nobody talking about their products.

These days gets around 10,000 readers everyday. It’s a marketing gold mine waiting to be tapped, and I’m happy James see the potential in there.

But here’s the sucky part: readers simply do not like bloggers who sing praises about a commercial product because they’ve received gifts or monies from the company. Apparently, blogging about commercial products nowadays is equivalent to heresy in the Dark Ages.

So after that last entry, some angry people e-mailed me as if they were ready to put me up on a burning stake screaming “YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT!”

Well, let me say I’ve never forgotten about you guys. True, I got a free photobook from Pixart as part of my review. But here’s the catch. After talking to them, Pixart has also agreed to give away THREE Pixart Photobooks exclusively to readers!

See I told you I’ve never forgotten about you guys! πŸ˜‰

So here’s the deal.

First, you gotta install the Pixart Photostylist software (get it here or here).

Then fill out the form below.

And… yep, that’s about it! (Make sure you read the contest rules and regulations below hor.)

I am so nice, sometimes I feel like Santa Claus. Ho ho ho.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*’s Pixart Photobook Giveaway Name :

* If you don’t have a name, I’m gonna start calling you “OI!”

Date of Birth :


* Naughty! You must enter a valid date of birth!

E-mail :

* No e-mail how to contact you!? Use sixth sense ah?

Phone (optional) : Occupation : City/Town : Country : (The ‘how-well-you-know-me’ question)
Which of the following cities did I NOT visit during the past three months?


Kuala Lumpur


Hong Kong


(The ‘proof-that-you’ve downloaded-Photostylist’ question)
According to Pixart Photostylist, what are the 4-steps to creating your own Photobook?
Step 1 : Step 2 : Step 3 : Step 4 : In 30 words or less, write a creative caption for the following photo.

(I might change the photo once in a while. So check back in a few day’s time for a new photo if you’re stumped with this one.)

  *Contest has ended*

Rules & Regs

  1. This contest is open to anyone and everyone, except employees of, which is like… Kenny Sia himself. (Damn!)
  2. The prize is one of three Pixart Photobooks, worth RM89 + delivery fee each. The winner shall bear no costs.
  3. Prizes will only be delivered to the following countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States. If you are not residing in any of the above countries, please migrate there first before you take part in this contest.
  4. Winners are judged based on Kenny Sia’s mood.
  5. Judge’s decisions are final.
  6. Yes, there is only one judge. And that’s me. So be extra nice to me if you wanna win. Heh heh heh.
  7. If I know you personally and I didn’t pick you as the winner, you are not allowed to be angry at me. Serious. It’s in the regulations.
  8. Contestants can enter as many times as they like. But if you try to enter too many times, you’ll get on my nerves and I’ll automatically disqualify you. Muahahahahaa.
  9. Cannot take photos inside Later terrorists bomb.
  10. Contestants MUST download and install the Photostylist software in order to qualify.
  11. Winners will be contacted by e-mail, so make sure you put in your correct e-mail address.
  12. Don’t put in my mother’s e-mail address later I get into trouble.
  13. Don’t worry, your personal details will be kept private from all the evil multi-millionaire corporations.
  14. This contest shall end at 11:59pm, on the 21st December 2005, Kuching time. All entries after the deadline shall be null and void.
  15. Don’t even try to adjust your computer clock backwards and submit your entry. It doesn’t work that way.

Yea, that’s about it. Good luck!

Sorry. I owe you one. πŸ˜‰

37 Replies to “Free Pixart Photobooks To Giveaway!”

  1. Kenny’s first open competition for readers !!!! Weeeeeeeeee….. something new from Kenny !!! but why only 3 giveaways?? considering 10000 readers… you should have at least like 10 free photo books giveaway… competing against 10000 readers.. wahhhh seem hopeless and impossible lar.. some more sure Kenny would go for babes only…. sigh….
    ok ok.. just kidding…

  2. Man, I wish I’d win this. Finally something good for me to store wonderful photos of me and my guy, for us to browse through and laugh when we grow old!

  3. know who i am now right?! =P
    anywayz, in case u forget, ur funniest rules n regulations are num 4 n 9. hehehe… wei we should preserve ur brain when u die. =P then we have sth historical to remember u by
    *smiles cheekily*

  4. 0) || (strpos($_POST['name'], "FUCK")>0)) { $badName = TRUE ; } else { $badName = FALSE; } if (empty($_POST['email']) || (strpos($_POST['email'], "@")==0) || (strpos($_POST['email'], ".")==0) ) { $badEmail = TRUE ; } else { $badEmail = FALSE; } if (($_POST['DOBday']==0) ||…

  5. SOrry Kenny, clicked post by mistake.
    I was going to say that those codes appear in your feed. Interesting choise of ‘name’ there :).

  6. Mac users, stop whining. iPhoto is super. For PC i’d prefer Picasa (
    Kenny I don’t mind the endorsements/advertising, but I think you need to be sensitive to judge when too much is too much. You put a lot of your time into your blog, you deserve to make some money out of it right?

  7. I think it’s fair game too. It’s your blog and you can say whatever you like as far as your opinion is concerned, including advertising. If people like, they read your blog. If not… whatever lah πŸ˜›
    Crap la, can’t enter contest ~ In Korea!

  8. I don’t want to enter the contest – here is my captions though.
    ‘And if you press this button here, I pull this face and sing and dance!’ πŸ™‚
    ‘So hard to pick my nose when I’m drunk … woops, missed again!’
    ‘The Doctor warned, amputating from here up can be a health hazard.’
    ‘Now to demonstrate the touch of death … argh, I forgot I was not supposed to use it on myself!’
    ‘I need a wax fast, look how long my chest hair is getting!’
    ‘Do I look blonde? Look at the colour of this hair! So, what sort of fish do they get chicken from again?’

  9. wow…not bad sia…
    haha…take great care of your readers!
    I dun mind blogger advertising for some products and get money. Wats the big deal…
    you not happy u can start a blog urself, provided ur blog is as popular…
    if not juz shut up and get lost…

  10. my my my… LOL..
    you have officially topped the cake. i thought your entries were HILARIOUS!!! but this…
    well, im glad to see NZ is included in the list of countries..
    havent seen it around auckland tho, but you never know..
    wish i could use it, but my laptop will KAPUT.. πŸ™‚
    good luck to your more ‘loyal’ readers!! πŸ™‚

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