Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator

You did not finish answering all the questions!


This is what I saw when I drove past Kuching’s iconic cat statue this morning.

I laughed so hard I nearly crashed into the divider.


Cat wearing a BN scarf, holding a DAP flag?


Come to think of it, our Indecisive Cat Statueâ„¢ pretty accurately reflects the attitude of most young voters in Malaysia. A lot of people I spoke doesn’t seem to be very interested in politics because:

(a) They don’t care who’s in power
(b) They don’t think it’s important because BN is gonna win anyway
(c) They don’t know who to vote

If it’s Reasons (a) and (b), I can understand.

But there’s really no excuse for people not to vote if they answered Reason (c). If people don’t know who to vote, then as responsible citizens, we should find out more about what each political party stands for, and make our decisions based on that.

Of course, that is easier said than done. After all, everyone is saying that they’re good and the other parties are bad. And it’s easy for us to get lost in the avalanche of information.

Which is why for the benefit of the Rakyat, is proud to present…

The Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generatorâ„¢

Are you confused who you should support this election? Never fear! By using The Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generatorâ„¢, deciding who to vote this election has never been easier!

Don’t be like our Indecisive Kitteh. Deciding who to vote now is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Answer the questionaire below.
2. Click ‘Submit’
3. Whoever The Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generatorâ„¢ asks you to vote, YOU VOTE!

Disclaimer: is politically neutral and does not endorse any political party.

The Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™

A) Yes

B) No

2. Do you agree with the statement that “Only the BN government can bring development, progress and stability to the country”?

A) Yes

B) No

3. Do you agree with the existence of race-based political parties?

A) Yes, it is necessary for multiracial Malaysia

B) No, it encourages racism and have no place in multiracial Malaysia

4. Do you believe that the PAS (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) is still behaving like religious extremists or have they started to become more moderate?

A) They are still religious extremists who look down on women and want to control non-Muslims

B) They have mellowed down and become tolerant towards non-Muslims

5. Which of the following Asian countries should Malaysia model herself after

A) Singapore

B) Indonesia

C) Pakistan

6. Which of the following scandals last year was the most damaging in Malaysian political history?

A) The “VK Lingam judge-fixing” scandal

B) The “Chua Soi Lek sex video” scandal

C) The “Namewee Negarakuku” scandal

7. You are the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If one of your ministers was found to have engaged in corruption, do you:

A) Sack the bugger

B) Demote the bugger

C) Promote the bugger

8. You are the Minister of Law. A seven-year-old girl was found raped and murdered. Which one of the following would you do first?

A) Call on the police to track down the murderer immediately

B) Get help from a bomoh

C) Scold the girl’s parents for being so damn careless

9. A video was secretly leaked, alleging that the position of “top judge of Malaysia” was fixed. Do you:

A) Set up a panel to verify if the allegation is correct.

B) Set up a panel to check if the tape is real or fake.

C) Get help from a bomoh

10.What is your take on public street protests?

A) It is important to let the government know that the citizens’ worries and concerns need to be addressed

B) It causes inconvenience for me to go shopping on Sunday afternoon

11. What is a HINDRAF?

A) An illegal group with links to terrorists

B) An NGO fighting for the rights of Indians

C) A Hindu with dandruff

12. What is BERSIH?

A) A real nuisance that deserves to be sprayed with Zam’s water cannons

B) A coalition of NGOs campaigning for free and fair elections

C) A new brand of laundry detergent

13. You made a deal with the Russians to purchase US900 million worth of fighter jets from them. The Russians are very happy and they are willing to give you something that costs US$26 million in return. Do you:

A) Ask the Russians to give a US26 million discount and use the money to invest in the development of rural Sarawak and Sabah.

B) Ask the Russians to give US$26 million worth of scholarships for Malaysians to train scientists and doctors at Russian universities.

C) Send a male model into space and call him a ‘Angkasawan’

14. Which of the following Malaysian subculture is a menace to society?

A) Religious Extremists

B) Mat Rempits

C) Political Bloggers

15. You are stranded on a deserted island. Based on looks alone, which of the following Malaysian politician would you rather be stranded with?





E) I rather kill myself


According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-For-This-Election Decision Generator™, you should vote for…


You may copy the HTML code below and publish this result on your website.

<p><br><br><center>According to the 100% accurate <i> Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator&trade;</i>, I am voting for…</center></p><br><br>
<p><center><strong style="font-size: large;">!</strong></center></p>

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<br /></center>

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<img src="" width="450" height="250" alt="" border="0">
<br /></center>

<img src="" width="450" height="250" alt="" border="0">
<br /></center>

<br><p><a href="">Who Should You Vote For This Election? </a></p></div></b></center>

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372 Replies to “ Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator”

  1. Haha, that cat statue is so funny. But aren’t you supposed to put a disclaimer or something on that test to avoid getting into trouble? 😛

  2. eh my heart went missing. DAP *heart*!
    and i picked to be stranded on an island with anwar wtf. at least we can have good conversation wtf.

  3. Hey Kenny, I came back intending to do another writeup on how you suck yet again, and I was pleasantly surprised. Not just because of the teddy bear picture too.
    The decision generator goes to DAP all the time, right? I didn’t even try it and I already know…

  4. no. the generator does not always go to DAP, I tried answering all the questions differently and ended up with BN

  5. I have just posted the same message in Jeff’s Blog, and I hope you guyz can help if you know anything…; I am from Kedah, and SPR has registered my name on my behalf as voter, I m not knowing this until I check online; anyhow, I was allocated to an area where only PAS and BN are contesting all these while; I tried to change to PJ area when I know about it, but they said I have to change my the address in my IC, due to the trouble, I didn’t change; My question is that, is there any other way to change the voting location apart from changing I.C? kindly assist. thanks in advance! (Note: Even if it is only PAS and BN, I will still vote for PAS, no choice!!! as long as its not BN!!)

  6. OMG…it’s sooooo accurate…i wanted to vote for DAP but i’m a few months away from voting…sniff sniff…
    I laughed at that stupid picture of Jeff Ooi and clicked on him instead as i wanted to have a good laugh everyday on that island…even though i would’ve picked anwar…as he has the same b’day as mine…now don’t u go make any assumptions!!!!
    Anyway everyone, vote for who u think best represents u and vote for the better of the nation as a whole, and not your own selfish endeavours!!

  7. Heh, it doesn’t all go to DAP..I tried putting in different answers the second time I took this quiz, and I got Barisan.

  8. Yes, it’s all fun and games, but remember when the time comes to actually go out and cast your vote, otherwise it’ll be exactly what the political situation is in this country: A big fat joke.
    I got DAP.

  9. I’ve got DAP. I’m residing in France at the moment, and know what I’m not eligible to vote at the embassy just because I’m neither one of these TWO reasons
    1)Civil servants and their spouses who are serving abroad
    2)Full time students and their spouses
    Now please tell me where the democracy?

  10. lol, good post, Kenny.
    I find myself hard to choose who going to stay island with me. But in the end i choose PAS.
    Ya know? i wish i can everyday punch and kick his ass everyday to relieve my stress!!

  11. LOL! 😀
    Hey out of topic here, but CSL scandal is not considered “last year” leh. It was “officially” out on 1 January. 😛

  12. Very nicely put way of encouraging people to vote. after the transverstite post of yours I began to HATE you, but then this post just got me to stop judging you again.
    You probably won’t approve this post as you’ve deleted me and many other folk’s posts in the trans. commentary. But dun care.
    just want to let you know that you should keep reaching out to the youngies – most of them are not enjoying BN’s exploits but are too apethetic to care/vote/help out.

  13. Sometimes you can blame on the Rakyat on they indecisiveness in choosing who to vote, because both are crooks! No matter who you vote, you are putting a crook in the parliament!

  14. DAP will win this time. Hope BN loss teruk teruk, then Abdullah will know what should he do. Give more scholarship for Chinese top student rather than moderate malays which can compete at all.

  15. kenny, at 1 point you say that your blog is politically neutral and that you don’t endorse any political party. then on the other hand, you make your poll in such a way that only if someone chooses the most ridiculous answers will they get BN. i don’t have anything against you supporting or endorsing a certain political party of faction, but at least have the decency to be honest about it and not say things like “ is politically neutral”

  16. Hope BN loss teruk teruk, then Abdullah will know what should he do. Give more scholarship for Chinese top student rather than moderate malays which can compete at all. Support u !!!!!!

  17. Nice one kenny… Got Keadilan..doin doin doin…i suppose this year will witness a big fight….. really concern that will the PM be change this year….

  18. hahahah
    u could’ve at least tried before saying anything. it’ll be an INSULT to DAP if you got the opposite answer, and still ended up with DAP…

  19. To “kenny the hippo – crite”,
    You said “you make your poll in such a way that only if someone chooses the most ridiculous answers will they get BN.”
    Excuse me but I beg to differ. It is actually pretty easy to get BN in the results if you are a true BN supporter.
    I assume a true BN supporter will answer “A” for questions 1 to 4. Answering in that manner will put the scores on BN 7 points ahead of all others.
    If you want to see my source code on how I calculated these scores, send me an e-mail and I’ll share them with you.

  20. I ended up wit DAP like most people…..but hor, some questions dun have the ans which i prefer 1….i shud blog bout this…haha neway, if you stay in malaysia, jz vote for wutever opposition party there is so the BN’s cause for total control in the parliment can be at least have a chance to be stopped

  21. my result Parti KEadilan Rakyat….
    totally disasters when u put crappy sammy vellu face on the last Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generatorâ„¢

  22. u never failed to amuse me…good generator…must try for every voters… can i suggest more pictures for the last question? HAHAHA….

  23. Dear CK Go Places, if the current one is a crook, then u shud giv change, the other one may not be the crook as you thought…

  24. Dear whoever it is “kenny the hippo”, You said “you make your poll in such a way that only if someone chooses the most ridiculous answers will they get BN.”
    – but those ans are base on the party’s decisions, thr’s no bias at all,
    eg. ques 13, it was BN’s decision to send angkasawan, Opposition party oppose it, wanted those money for development.
    ques 11, HINDRAF was regarded as illegal by BN, opposition regard them as An NGO fighting for the rights of Indians.
    In fact, unconciously, you have the answer who is right and who is wrong already as you know those decisions made by BN are bad…..

  25. Walla whe..i have to vote for DAP. Unfortunately, I couldn’t vote since I couldn’t come back to my hometown.

  26. Actually I feel that Kenny’s questionnaire was quite a neutral and fair one. It’s not like he asked you “Who would you vote?: A)BN who stole all your cash and dumped it into corruption B)DAP who was all the while against corruption”
    Dear kenny the hippo – crite,
    If somehow you feel that what BN is doing is GLARINGLY WRONG, then vote other parties! Don’t blame it on Kenny for goodness sake!

  27. I got DAP too… so does Kenny agrees that BN is not so democratic afterall? I’m getting tired of them obstructing my views with all the banners around that almost cost my head and accidents and I wish I could destroy all banners… as if they’re performing ‘battle of banners’; whoever has the most banners wins! Stupid thought. If I’m the city council I’ll make sure they’ll have a more civilised way to hang their LIMITED banners or they’ll get saman! And the reason why I don’t really want to vote? Admit it, this is Malaysia, ‘rasuah’ is everywhere, and I just don’t know which baboons will appear in the parliment kicking and shouting sexist or racist statements. Until I don’t hear any political war among themselves, then maybe I might cast a vote afterall…

  28. hi, i think the 2nd pic in ur blog have typo. Suppose is indecisive “kitten” and not kitteh.. well, good post..

  29. Kenny,
    Yo GENERATOR is very acurate.
    SUPRICE me!
    The GENERATOR gave me a definate result
    and it is
    Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP Dap DAP
    and yo GENERATOR 🙂

  30. Got PKR here..
    To me PAS is good, PKR is good, DAP is good. We definitely can sit together and form a coalition government, just like we are doing it at our areas at the moment.
    Still remember when we had our penamaan calon. DAP contributed the drinks, PAS contributed the tents, and PKR organised the other small things that make big things happen..
    so, Vote for Malaysia, Vote Barisan Alternatif

  31. Hi Kenny,
    You are indeed a GENIUS.
    In my previous comment, I mentioned something like “Do us (I mean certain people) proud”, “Help to make a change (u as an individual as well as in way)”. You did it! As a Malaysian, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful post. As for now, I can only hope that more and more people will come across this post and learn a thing or two from here.
    Thank you so much for all the effort.

  32. Any opposition is good for now. BN is bringing msia to the dogs. Everything increase in price except our salary!! Crimes, corruption, marginalisation, racism increase as well. This Mr Clean has became Mr Very Dirty. Time for a change brothers

  33. Kenny, are you not worried that somewhere somehow the government won’t take actions against your words?
    I mean, you can get into trouble rapping about our flag and country now-a-days right? So how do you know what’s the limit? or you just don’t care?

  34. Spoke to an army chief over the weekend. HE said there were over 2000 voters aged 100yrs and above and the best part for those army fellas, they dont hv a say in whom they can vote for. It will be decided for them.

  35. got PKR even in 2 tries and changing some answers. Was trying to get PAS without having to spend a lifetime with Nik on an island.

  36. aik? how come many of u got DAP? i got PKR lah.. last question was very easy.. i rather kill myself hahaha!! poor kitty have to endure all the commotion lol

  37. I die die also wont vote for the BN monkeys. Have actually already made up my mind to vote for DAP even before i did this test. But how come it says Keadilan when I tried ur funny test? -___-”

  38. so many people ga ga over the generator 😛 good one haha! so are you people going to vote this election or just talk kok? talk is cheap 🙂

  39. BN is good in making empty promises. The party will only benefit the cronies and rich, powerful and ruthless. BN has gang-banged the rakyat for many decades and we have suffered enough!!!! Let’s make the change by denying them majority. We need check and balance in the Parliament or the monkeys will go wild!

  40. kennysia please b my date to mystique.please?? *batts eyelash* one of the students contemplating on whether i shud go. =P
    but when i see ur face on the big fat poster.*hearts melts*
    i wished money grew on trees.or proms are free.haha

  41. whatever the vote is… it shouldnt be BN.
    dont be afraid of PAS, if they win.. they are not going to be a ISLAMIC country as we are protected by our constitution!
    anyway… OPPOSITION all the way whether its DAP, PKR or PAS.

  42. “Which of the following scandals last year was the most damaging in Malaysian political history?
    A) The “VK Lingam judge-fixing” scandal
    B) The “Chua Soi Lek sex video” scandal
    C) The “Namewee Negarakuku” scandal”
    I wish I could have the option of choosing more than one answer for this.

  43. Question 5 – the only logical answer is singapore. the other 2 are in chaos. pls tell me who would have scored the points here if singapore is chosen.
    Question 7 – i am willing to bet that the most ridiculous answer, i.e to promote the minister, will give BN points.
    Questions 8 & 9 – does the bomoh part suggest PAS or BN?
    Question 12 – only 1 answer makes sense. the other 2 will probably only be chosen by idiots.
    i never said i support bn. in fact i will be voting for the opposition. but, please don’t call yourself politically neutral and then go and contradict yourself.

  44. So true, whatever the party you get in the quiz, just don’t vote for BN. DAP, PKR and even (can’t believe i’m saying this, but i am) PAS.
    Show BN that we malaysians aren’t the idiots they make us out to be.

  45. Haha, vote for PKR… Very nice decision generator.. 2 thumb’s up for u kenny.
    oh and for ‘kenny is a hippo-crite’, it’s kennysia blog. If kennysia wrote that he is politically neutral and then go and contradict himself. It’s his own choice. But then he never wrote don’t vote for BN, or don’t vote PAS, or even don’t vote for whatever else party there is..

  46. “If any reader has any questions they wanna ask, please post your questions in the comments section and I’ll raise these questions when I meet with them.”
    is cleaning longkang and build up light pole those municipal works a more important job than analyse n discuss n propose n debate ongoing plans in parliment as an MP.
    agree with Political liberty, ur those activities r sux…tot u soak ur head into ‘materialistic’ stuff oredy….but thank god im actually misunderstood…n u have done a part more than many others as msian…it takes efforts to come up with dis!
    well sum1 question ur neutrality on da test, so wat did he/she propose 2b a more ‘neutral’ question? or shall i say ‘more +ve to Bee end’ question?
    they build tolls? smart tunnel? the multiple corridors tat limited to papers only?
    to the adik beradik,
    politic is dirty, no doubt abt it,
    but stay away doesnt mean to be ignorant abt it
    coz it affect us, our home n our future generations.
    vote is our right, n oso our responsibility

  47. Hehehe HINDRAF hindu with dandruff… makes me laugh for the first time in days.
    I got Parti Keadilan Rakyat. 🙂

  48. lol. i varied my answer twice and stil got PKR. was secretly hoping for DAP tho… but anyway, any opposition party (even PAS for that matter) is better than BN -_-.

  49. Hi Kenny,
    You are indeed a GENIUS.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart as a sarawakian who has prayed evreryday that you will do what you did today.
    Thank you so much for all the effort.

  50. mine is parti keadilan. 😀
    so it cancel out the option that the generator only generate DAP as a result. 😀

  51. Omg. why everyone like DAP? i got BN and yeah i’m definitely voting for BN. Some BN people are real idiots but i really cant imagine living under DAP and what more PAS or PKR. No way man. Kenny Sia, you’re damn good la. You’re neutral and i like that. The indecisive cat was soooooo bloody funny. Laughd hard at that one oh yea.

  52. LOL… hindu wit dandruff?? o.O swt…
    I got DAP…. but i cant vote yet wor.. lol. next year la. hehe.

  53. Thank you for your effort in arousing the interest of youth in politics. =)
    The message has reached so many youths in so little time. No, don’t believe that you CAN make ‘A’ difference, because you already have and will make many more and we are grateful for that…

  54. BN perhaps will win the election but then the most important is to deny the majority seats won by them so I wil prob vote for other party

  55. “kenny, at 1 point you say that your blog is politically neutral and that you don’t endorse any political party. then on the other hand, you make your poll in such a way that only if someone chooses the most ridiculous answers will they get BN. i don’t have anything against you supporting or endorsing a certain political party of faction, but at least have the decency to be honest about it and not say things like “ is politically neutral”
    Posted by: kenny the hippo – crite at 03 March 2008 8:23 AM | Link to comment
    HEY MAN WAKE UP AND FACE REALITY. the answers are the truth to wat BN has done. maybe if ur IQ is a lil higher you’ll realise that BN’s actions are exactly wat u said- fckin ridiculous.
    by the way i got PKR (i support DAP). so if u guys keep whinin on how DAP is always the answer then u gotta take a gud hard look at urself.

  56. Haha ada BN ada kamajuan do u believe this ? Kemajuan in harga petrol naik ? Kemajuan in sending some low IQ angkasawan again ? Kemajuan in more corruption ? Nah i doesn’t see future with the rulez under BN >

  57. I got Keadilan… Tho the second time when I tried all the stupid answers, I got BN. So
    1. Kenny is damned bias or
    2. Kenny is truthful or
    3. BN IS bullshit after all.
    I vote no. 1 out.

  58. OI! Kenny!!! Wat la u?! Now u reali making me indecisive.. I was hopin DAP, but in d end got Keadilan. Now how?!!
    But i decided to go against you anyway, so DAP it is!!!

  59. Ye, my answers are all correct, correct correct and i got to vote BN, i chose the correct party, and when i end up in the no man island, i have samy with me, and i have the chance to Fx!@#%%^ him for making us paying high toll charges, and he cried “aiyoyo, sori sori sori, BN dont want to appoint me minister anymore!”

  60. A political joke ~~~~ Since election is coming on March 8 2008
    What is the requirement to become a parliament representatives
    Some phrase to learn to be a quality parliament
    –> The project in on-going it’s almost done
    –> Ya, i m handling it pls give me some time
    –> No, there is no such things
    –> I will never waste a single penny of my tax payor
    –> If i get elected, i will do this and that and also contribute to the society
    –> Don’t worry is a small matter only, i will settle it for u
    –> Lastly, after i get elected services and contribution to the society is the last things ~~~~ money money come to pocket ^o^
    This is the criteria to be a politician ada duit semua tak jadi masalah ~~~~~

  61. A very dangerous post lol… Someone in the ‘ministry’ might think you’re trying to be political. Becareful yah… Best of luck..

  62. “kenny, at 1 point you say that your blog is politically neutral and that you don’t endorse any political party. then on the other hand, you make your poll in such a way that only if someone chooses the most ridiculous answers will they get BN. i don’t have anything against you supporting or endorsing a certain political party of faction, but at least have the decency to be honest about it and not say things like “ is politically neutral”
    as rediculous as some answers might sound, thats exactly what BN is doing. SILLY STUFF 😀

  63. Question 5 – the only logical answer is singapore. the other 2 are in chaos. pls tell me who would have scored the points here if singapore is chosen.
    Question 7 – i am willing to bet that the most ridiculous answer, i.e to promote the minister, will give BN points.
    Questions 8 & 9 – does the bomoh part suggest PAS or BN?
    Question 12 – only 1 answer makes sense. the other 2 will probably only be chosen by idiots.
    i never said i support bn. in fact i will be voting for the opposition. but, please don’t call yourself politically neutral and then go and contradict yourself.
    Posted by: kenny is a hippo-crite at 03 March 2008 2:59 PM
    5. Fine, but do you recall Badawi’s apple with apple analogy with Singapore? And check out LKS’s blog. I reckon there’s a comparison with Singapore of late. So that sorta points DAP in Singapore’s direction. Agreed?
    Indonesia really isn’t in that bad a shape. And Pakistan..well..that is quite a silly one.
    7. Is it really thaaaat unfathomable?
    8&9. I think the bomoh part was not politically motivated leh..Was it? Anyone here know?
    12. I beg to differ, the first one was clearly executed by BN, not Zam-the-monkey in particular, but it was BN’s brainchild.
    Oh heck.
    What’s the use.
    You’re voting for opposition anyway.

  64. I got PKR… Seriously, I really wanted to vote PKR for my Cheras area although I’m a chinese… Ridiculously accurate wei… 😀

  65. DAP !!!!!!!!!
    i’d rather kill myself then to be in a island with those people.ok lah maybe i will pick Jeff Oi.hahaha
    get bomoh for help

  66. Nice 1 kenny,my first post after reading your blog for a year.
    I like the option “get help from a bomoh”
    HAHA,so funny

  67. lol. why kpkb if u dun like kenny’s writing ?
    it is own your damn choice to come here.
    so exercise your freedom to surf and go elsewhere, ya ?

  68. Ooopss i gt parti keadilan rakyat.
    Phew…as long as its not BN.
    Too bad i’m studyin abroad,cant vote.

  69. DAP!!!!
    i was walking home today when those crazy politics ppl were yelling at me to support them. i had my ipod on.
    they were all males, and in my head,they were singing along to a song along the lines:
    “i’m too sexy for my body, too sexy for my body,
    too sexy for my cloooothes…
    ooo ooo ooo.”

  70. Whee! I got DAP! DAP won big the last time in my area. Hope DAP sapu more areas in Kuching. Minority communities should not be afraid to demand more.. Keep Sarawak (religious) extremist free

  71. To “kenny is a hippo-crite”, I said e-mail me if you want to see how I calculated my scores.
    Not all questions are weighted equally. Like I said, for Questions 1-4 if you answer ‘A’ it will put BN at least 7 points ahead of other parties. It does not matter then what you answer for Q5 and 12 because BN will still lead.
    For Q8 and Q9, if you answer Bomoh it gives points only to PAS.
    For Q12, refer to Rafidah Aziz, Mohd Zakaria, Jasin MP, PKFZ cases then you will understand my rationale.
    Please don’t say you vote for opposition when in fact you support BN.
    My offer for the source code of this questionaire still stand if you e-mail me. My e-mail is

  72. WTF WTF WTF!!! Parti Islam SeMalaysia??? LoL… nooo….. dis is ridiculous… im sure as hell not voting dis year if its for dis… LoL…

  73. wow your questionaire is so damn chun.
    i got “vote for nobody”
    yes i am not planning to vote – i did not even register…the @#$*&^%#$ with election

  74. omegod. this generator is great! i got DAP!!! yahoo! will vote for DAP even if i don’t do this questionnaire.

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  76. kenny, you’re a genius
    i like Question 2 especially
    many people always said that there’s no point voting for oppo becoz they cant handle the economy
    but many didnt realise that they actually made a stupid statement by saying that. because the Oppo was never given the chance to prove themselves
    and people, DAP actually came up with a Fiscal Economic Plan if they were elected as the next gov. so quit whining on how u shud continue votin for BN because ‘there’s absolutely no point at all voting for oppo’
    again, great generator! and good work Kenny!

  77. yes kenny im asking u to be my date.
    then i have the ultimate reason to go for mystique already =) haha.
    i dun care bt jien stef c (ok maybe i care cos she got hot body lah haha) and all.when i saw ur face on the hugeass banner.
    haha..please~~~~ =)

  78. OMG OMG OMG i’d rather kill myself than stay in an island with any of the listed faggots.
    ROFL Kenny… what can i say? you made my day. 🙂

  79. TO be honest to yourself and vote for the people you feel are the right people for your community. If you can’t make up your mind, just pop open a can of coke and say to yourself: Screw this.

  80. Hey,all those who have commented, how many of you are entitle to vote, i mean, as a registered voter?
    I suggest, when you play the kennysia game and give your comment, please declare yourself whether you are an eligible voter!

  81. I got DAP, I think DAP will win this year la, I don’t know why, I just have the feelings..
    Because so many things had happened recently, I believe that the Rakyat is getting fed up with BN..
    I really wish I can vote.. Too bad, if it’s in the end of the year, or after June, then maybe I can vote.. ^^

  82. I’ll come in as a individual candidate…My stategy :-
    a. Let Celcom know that “some” party is using their song without copy-writing it…
    b. Let Nike know that some “rocket” party is using their logo without authorized permission…
    c. Make sure there would never be anymore dildo-look-alike mascot in this country…
    Im sure by doing so the other stronger parties would hv much to deal to with those lawyer letters to the extend that I would might jz probably get a tiny winy chance to win a seat…
    But anyway i think malaysian chinese are being side-lined too so my best suggestion : vote for any1 and then leave the country on the first opportunity u get…

  83. got DAP.. but what’s the use.. i cant vote.. come on ppl, let’s deny them 2/3rd… we can do it! pls vote… put your words into action!

  84. I seriously hope that the rakyat has eyes to see who really deserves to win. BN has been slacking too much since there’s no potential competitor all these while. Guess it’s time for us citizens to make them worry about their positions. Tell BN that they should STOP SLACKING and STOP CORRUPTION for goodness’ sake! Sigh..
    Anyway, I got DAP! So true! If I’m eligible to vote, BN is totally out of the list.

  85. In response to the comment:
    “kenny, at 1 point you say that your blog is politically neutral and that you don’t endorse any political party. then on the other hand, you make your poll in such a way that only if someone chooses the most ridiculous answers will they get BN. i don’t have anything against you supporting or endorsing a certain political party of faction, but at least have the decency to be honest about it and not say things like “ is politically neutral”
    I have tried different answers, answered them reasonably (but not according to my personal opinion) and got both BN and keadilan as well. It depends on your answers and also essentially the leaders you are choosing. So it may be a bit emotionally biased for you to put it that way.

  86. I got DAP!! But too bad I’m not voting because the post office ran out of forms. *sigh* I wish I could vote on behalf of somebody who can’t vote.

  87. IT’s very simple for the cat statue. The reason that there’s a cat statue means that this party as 9 lives, just like the cat. Thus they are not easily defeated.
    This applies the same when Malaysia said that Singapore Merlion looks like a cat with tail and our response was, well, cats have 9 lives.

  88. I did mine and the machine return Siber Party of Malaysia (M)!
    Cool stuuf Kenny Sia!
    This stuff really works!
    Undilah SiPM for the power of 4G!!!

  89. hi. i’m new to malaysian politics. sorry for being ignorant. but may i know why the orang asli are not considered ‘original’ people of malaysia? when they have obviously been there from the beginning?
    ps. i’m not from malaysia, please dun scold me.

  90. where did u heard about orang asli is not “original” people of Malaysia?
    asli is a malay words means original if you knew malay, and they are classified as Bumiputras too 🙂
    Anyway i got PKR… but my place only have DAP 😛

  91. On a totally random note, Obama is leading in America.
    Wait, if only Malays can be Prime Ministers… who are the DAP going to put in PM? (yes I’m a noob too)

  92. Hey dude, if DAP promises to keep one eye closed policy on CNY fireworks, keeping Tiger and Heinekein at 4 cans for rm10, allows Kuching style parking for Hiluxs, we’ll vote them into the house.

  93. DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!! DAP!!!

  94. What’s with MMU students and their prom? Jesus, go jerk off somewhere else.

  95. Malaysia is sinking after 4 years of administration!
    Please don’t vote because your BN MP knows how to clean the longkang and tar the road.
    Vote for all race parties from BARISAN RAKYAT!
    Save Malaysia!

  96. kennysia,
    you are wasting your time with “kenny is a hippo-crite”. he is most likely a BN cybertrooper out to discredit blogger.

  97. DAP here but the Who-To-Vote-For-This-Election Decision Generatorâ„¢ says i should vote Keadilan, now i am totally lost as to who to vote, DAP or Keadilan???? (LOL)

  98. It IS a cool generator…got DAP…
    i’m eligible to vote but didn’t register myself.
    so, there goes one vote.wasted. i thought i don’t care but i am interested with your poll questions.
    so, guess i was wrong…
    anyhow, way to go, kenny sia!!

  99. Hey Kenny,
    Great to hear that you will be the host for Mystique 2008 MMU Melaka Official Prom Nite,Im one of the mmu student,hope to see you in advance~~
    GOod day ahead~

  100. I’ve tried it several times with different answers and I got DAP, BN, PAS and Kenny Sia! I’m trying it again and see whether I can get Keadilan. This is fun!
    So, for those of you who still thinks that every answers goes to DAP you’re wrong.

  101. wow. interesting post kenny!
    it looks like the government is well aware of the influence bloggers have, and is taking precautions like asking bloggers to ‘register’, claiming it is not ‘censorship’.
    to what extent, can malaysians practice free speech in the country?
    is there more free speech in malaysia than in singapore?

  102. someone posted up about whether kenny isint afraid of the goverment when he posts up such thing about them..
    yeah you’re right, they could do something and if they want to, they can do it without much hassle, afterall, the police/army/political parties mainly cosist of that race, which is the truth, not an opinion.
    But here’s the question, if someone has the power, but chooses to use for his/her selfish desire, would’nt that just be a shame? it is always so much more easier to just save your own life and screw the others than to save so much more of other people’s lives and screw yourself.
    I may not be anyone to make such a comment, but to be honest, if i have a position like kenny sia does, i will definitely speak the TRUTH and FACTS, not some petty opinions that weighs nothing but like some dogs barking. Just like what kenny sia is doing himself, and he was never bias to begin with, what’s wrong with stating the facts?
    That way, we will never be oppressed by the government, to abuse our hard effort and to be pushed aside. You have my support kenny sia, if ”they” ever try to do anything for you, i will definitely raise this issue as to prove how ”intelligent” the government handles this issue.

  103. Have anyone of you seen this site:
    Based on the numbers given onthe above site, if it’s between BN and PAS, I’ll even vote PAS!!! That way, my vote will count.
    Yes, I’m an Option 1 kind of guy… 🙂

  104. hey injustic3:
    unity is strength. perhaps the reason why the particular race you mention is so successful is because they are united, and have been known for being united throughout history.
    we do need more people like kenny who is not afraid to offer an uncensored voice, and who has an influence in the blogosphere to make our voices COUNT.

  105. Sami Vellu 希望提高自己的聲望,想要發行一款有自己肖像的郵票….. 發行過了一個多月之後,Sami Vellu 想要問看看視察看看銷路如何….. Sami Vellu : ‘銷售情形怎麼樣?’ 郵政總局局長:’還算不錯,只不過常常有人抱怨黏不牢! Sami Vellu : ‘怎麼會呢?’ Sami Vellu 隨手拿了一張郵票,塗了一點口水在郵票背面,便試貼在信封上 …. Sami Vellu :’ 這樣不是黏得很緊嗎?’ 郵政總局局長: ‘可是……大家….都把口水吐在正面啊 ……’

  106. Pak Lah, Najib And Sami Vellu 同坐直升機巡視。 Sami Vellu 說:’如果我丟一張一百元下去,撿到那一個人一定很高興。’ Najib 說:’如果我丟兩張五十元下去,那就有兩個人很高興了。’ Pak Lah 說:’如果我丟十張十元下去,就有十個人很高興了。’ 這個時候 …….. 駕駛員喃喃自語地說:’何不把自己都丟下去,讓兩千多萬人都高興呢?’

  107. 某天,Prime Minister 、Parliment members…等大官一起參加一個會議,結果發生連環車禍,送至醫院急救,記者們聞風趕至醫院…. 稍久,醫生出來了,記者忙著問’醫生!醫生!Prime Minister 有救嗎?’ 醫生沮喪的搖搖頭說:’唉 ..Prime Minister 沒救了…’ 記者又問:’醫生!醫生!Najib 有救嗎?’ 醫生又沮喪的搖搖頭說:’唉 …也沒救了…’ 記者就問:’é‚£ …到底誰有救?’ 醫生精神一振說: ‘Malaysia 有救了!’

  108. In view of the country is going to the polls on Saturday, Malaysiakini has decided to make its website free beginning today.
    From 3pm today, readers will be able to access all Malaysiakini reports and articles without having to log in. The site will be locked again on March 10, two days after the general election.
    As compensation to Malaysiakini’s existing subscribers, one additional week will be added to their subscription periods.
    “We hope that voters will be able to access independent news so that they can make an informed decision on polling day,” said Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran in announcing the decision.
    malaysiakini versi bahasa malaysia”Our Bahasa Malaysia section went free last week, and now with campaigning into its final lap, we’ve decided to make our articles in the English and Chinese language sections free as well.”
    Chandran said the move is in line with Malaysiakini’s vision, which among others include the support for ‘the development of freedom of speech, social justice and democracy in Malaysia’.
    “Democracy is about voters acquiring sufficient knowledge to make an informed choice. By making Malaysiakini available to all, we want to play our part in helping Malaysians exercise their democratic right,” added editor-in-chief Steven Gan.
    During this free period, Malaysiakini will allow its ‘news and views’ to be re-posted in blogs and other websites as well as to be printed and photocopied for distribution.
    Reaching out to all
    Malaysiakini was launched on Nov 20, 1999 – the nomination day for the 1999 general elections.
    The site reached 100,000 unique visitors per day within eight months. However, with the ‘dotcom’ bust in 2000 and Internet advertising rapidly drying up, Malaysiakini was forced to make the drastic choice of charging our readers in 2002.
    “Going subscription-based has been a very tough sell, but it has paid off over the long term,” said Chandran.
    Malaysiakini earned just under RM1 million in subscription revenues in 2007, which helped towards meeting the website’s operational expenses.
    “It is this income from our subscribers that allows Malaysiakini to be independent,” stressed Chandran.
    In 2003, Malaysiakini launched its Malay section which is followed by its Chinese version two years later. Last year, went live.
    Last month, Malaysiakini went Tamil through MalaysiaIndru – the result of a partnership with magazine publisher Semparuthi Publications.
    Growth in visitors
    Gan said Malaysiakini would be focusing its efforts on developing the website further to incorporate the latest innovations in connectivity and features besides strengthening its news section.
    “We are aggressively reinvesting all our income into expanding Malaysiakini so as to better serve our readers,” said Gan.
    Malaysiakini’s readership has grown rapidly in recent months on the back of public protests and the VK Lingam video scandal.
    Since the general election was announced, Malaysiakini is being read by an average of 180,000 unique readers and over 30,000 video downloads per day.

  109. We need to give suport to opposition party as to balance the power of BN. We had given fully support to BN on last election but they have given us an unsatisfaction of life. We want a change, we want more democratic and more voice to be listened by the ruling party. We would expect our country to have 2 ruling parties. Which ever is not satisfy by the majority, it will be replaced.

  110. Hey, all those seemingly ridiculous answers r in fact the actual truth which happened 😛 Such as, consult bomoh (which did happen), promote the bugger (which again, did happen) and so on.. so dun blame Kenny.. it’s jus the way Malaysia is now.. sad, but true.


  112. hahah this shit is damn funny. But I’m worried for Kenny, for SURE the government is going to come after him soon la…
    Although we bloggers think we can get away with ANYTHING we want, it’s not really all that true you know?
    Freedome of speech doesn’t exisit in Malaysia. But HELL if we don’t try.

  113. BN wins election ebcos of SPR and becos of Tan Sri Rashit.
    EC has cancelled the use of indelible ink! YES CANCELLED! Now those phantom voters can hv a gala time. They will fly first class from kedah to kelatan then to Johor.
    This is how dirty SPR is. This is our country led by some pious dude by the name of Abdullah!
    I’ll make sure if i dont die first, i will spit at his grave!

  114. These lists cover a period of about 49 years since Independence Day in
    Malaysia (1957):
    (1) Out of all the 5 major banks in Malaysia, only one bank is own by
    multi-racial, the rest are controlled by Malays.
    (2) 99% of Petronas (the only one petroleum company) directors are
    Malays, and the former Prime Minister work as Consultant in Petronas.
    (3) 3% of Petronas employees are Chinese.
    (4) 99% of 2000 Petronas gasoline stations are owned by Malays.
    (5) 100% all contractors working under Petronas projects must be
    “bumi’s status” (Malay).
    (6) 0% of non-Malays staffs are legally required in Malay’s companies.
    But there must be 30% Malays staffs in Chinese companies and
    shareholder. Which this mean non-Malays own company needs to give
    their property to Malays. An d n on-Malays citizen can’t really own
    their business.
    (7) 5% of all new intake for government police, nurses, army, is non-Malays.
    (8) 2% is the present Chinese staff in Royal Malaysian Air Force
    (RMAF), drop from 40% in 1960.
    (9) 2% is the percentage of non-Malays government servants in
    Putrajaya ( Malaysia main government office). But Malays make up 98%.
    (10) 7% is the percentage of Chinese government servants in the whole
    government (in 2004), drop from 30% in 1960. Only 2 position for
    non-Malays in political status.
    (11) 95% of government contracts are given to Malays; even it is an
    open tender. Non-Malays contractors tender the lower price and use
    better materials can’t get the contract that government given.
    (12) 100% all business licenses are controlled by Malay government e.g
    . Taxi permits, Approved permits, etc. and all the license are given
    to government officer families.
    (13) 80% of the Chinese rice millers in Kedah (north of peninsular
    Malaysia had to be sold to Malay and controlled by Bernas (Government
    Org.) since 1980s. Otherwise, life is make difficult for Chinese rice
    (14) 100 big companies set up, owned and managed by Chinese Malaysians
    were taken over by government, and later managed by Malays since
    1970’s e.g. UTC, UMBC, MISC, etc. This company now is the sole
    (15) At least 10 Chinese owned bus companies (throughout
    Malaysia,throughout 40 years) had to be sold to MARA or other Malay
    transport companies due to rejection by Malay authority to Chinese
    application for bus routes and rejection for their application for new
    (16) 2 Chinese taxi drivers were barred from driving in Johor (South
    of Peninsular Malaysia ) Larkin bus station. There are about 30 taxi
    drivers and 3 are Chinese in October 2004. Spoiling taxi club
    properties was the reason given.
    (17) 0 non-Malays are allowed to get shop lots in the new Muar (city
    in south peninsular Malaysia ) bus station (November 2004).
    (18) 8000 billions ringgit is the total amount the government chan
    neled to Malays pockets through ASB, ASN, MARA, privatization of
    government agencies like Tabung Haji etc, through NEP over 34 years
    (19) 48 Chinese primary schools closed down since 1968 ⤔ 2000
    (20) 144 Tamil primary schools closed down since 1968 – 2000
    (21) 2637 Malay primary schools built since 1968 – 2000
    (22) 2.5% is government budget for Chinese primary schools. Tamil
    schools got only 1%, Malay schools got 96.5%
    (23) While a Chinese parent with RM1000 salary (monthly) cannot get
    school-text-book-loan, and a Malay parent with RM2000 salary is
    (24) 10 all public universities vice chan cellors are Malays. And
    politics in universities are held by Malays. If non-Malays want to
    form a politics parties, there is no way to get approved. (25) 5% –
    the government universities lecturers of non-Malay origins had been
    reduced from about 70% in 1965 to only 5% in 2004 with the reason
    Malaysia Education Ministry give full support for Malays only.
    (26) Only 5% is given to non-Malays for government scholarships over 40 years.
    (27) 0 Chinese or Indians were sent to Japan and Korea under “Look
    East Policy”.
    (28) 128 STPM (High Study / A Level) Chinese top students coul d n ot
    get into the course that they aspired i.e. Medicine and doctors (in
    2004). Malays with not qualify result can get into the course.
    (29) 10% place for non-bumi students for MARA science schools
    beginning from year 2003, but only 7% are filled. Before that it was
    100% Malays.
    (30) 50 cases whereby Chinese and Indian Malaysians, are beaten up in
    the National Service program since 2003.
    (31) 25% is Malaysian Chinese population in 2004, drop from 45% since
    1957 because government are not support non-Malays like government
    support Malays.
    (32) 7% is the present Malaysian Indians population (2004), a drop
    from 12% since 1957.
    (33) 2 millions Chinese Malaysians had emigrated to overseas since 40
    years ago due to unfair politics.
    (34) 0.5 million Indians Malaysians had emigrated to overseas.
    (35) 3 millions Indonesians had migrated into Malaysia and became
    malaysian citizens with bumi’s status.
    (36) 600000 are the Chinese and Indians Malaysians with “red I/C” (a
    temporary identity card) and were rejected repeatedly when applying
    for citizenship for 40 years. Perhaps 60% of them had already passed
    away due to old age. This shows racism of how easily Indonesians got
    their citizenships compare with the Chinese and Indians
    (37) 5% – 15% discount for a Malay to buy a house, regardless whether
    the Malay is rich or poor
    (38) 2% is what Chinese new villages get compare with 98% of what
    Malays villages got for rural development budget..
    (39) 50 roa d n ames (at least) had been chan ge from Chinese names to
    other names.
    (40) 1 Dewan Gan Boon Le ong (in Malacca) was altered to other name (
    e.g.Dewan Serbaguna or sort) when it was being officially used for a
    few days. Government tries to shun Chinese names. This racism happened
    in around year 2000 or sort.
    (41) 0 temples/churches were built for each housing estate. But every
    housing estate MUST got at least one mosque/surau built.
    (42) 3000 mosques/surau were built in all housing estates throughout
    Malaysia since 1970 with full government support. No temples, no
    churches are built in housing estates that supported by government.
    (43) 1 Catholic Church in Shah Alam took 20 years to apply to be
    constructed. But told by Malay authority that it must look like a
    factory and can’t look like a church. Still not yet approved since
    (44) 1 publishing of Bible in Iban language banned (in 2002)
    (45) 0 of the government TV stations (RTM1, RTM2, and TV3) have
    directors of non-Malays origin.
    (46) 30 government produced TV dramas and films always showed that the
    bad guys had Chinese face, and the good guys had Malay face. You can
    check it out since 1970s. Recent years, this tendency becomes less.
    (47) 10 times, at least, Malays (especially Umno) had threatened to
    massacre the Chinese Malaysians using May 13 since 1969.
    (48) 20 constituencies won by DAP woul d n ot get funds from the
    government to develop. Or these Chinese majority constituencies would
    be the last to be developed
    (49) 100 constituencies (parliaments and states) had been racist
    re-delineated so Chinese voters were diluted that Chinese candidates,
    particularly DAP candidates lost in election since 1970s
    (50) Only 3 out of 12 human rights items are ratified by Malaysia
    government since 1960
    (51) 0 elimination of, all forms of racial discrimination (UN Human
    Rights)is not ratified by Malaysia government since 1960s
    (52) 20 reported cases whereby Malay ambulance attendance treated
    Chinese patients inhumanely, and Malay government hospital staffs
    purposely delay attending to Chinese patients in 2003. Unreported
    cases may be 200
    (53) 50 cases each year whereby Chinese, especially Chinese youths
    being beaten up by Malay youths in public places. We may check at
    police reports provided the police took the report, otherwise there
    will be no record
    (54) 20 cases every year whereby Chinese drivers who accidentally
    knocked down Malays were seriously assaulted or killed by Malays
    (55) 12% is what ASB/ASN (Malays Own banks) got per annum while banks
    fixed deposit is only about 3.5% per annum.
    And more cases haven’t been discovered.
    So, if any Malaysian read this mail and got extra opinion please add
    into this mail and forward to everyone who feel this is unfair to
    other race in Malaysia .

  115. that generator was a PILE OF BULL. theyre all leading questions and the answers are all biased and to be frank, theyre all rubbish. wtf. kenny seriously, dont lead ur readers. u r pretty influential to these kids and u have the power to influence them. with great power comes great responsibility. be more responsible. rubbish post. rubbish generator. shame on u.

  116. For those who think kenny is politically biased, (though i doubt they’ll read this anyway and jump into conclusion :D), some (not all) answers may seem ridiculously stupid, but that apparently is exactly what our government is doing! Read more news, doh. And if you hate kenny, go away, you have no business here.
    Nice one kenny! i Rofl-ed on BERSIH and HINDRAF, and also the kitteh!! Thanks for the great post 😀

  117. THINK PEOPLE!!!
    that generator was a PILE OF BULL. theyre all leading questions and the answers are all biased and to be frank, theyre all rubbish. wtf. kenny seriously, dont lead ur readers. u r pretty influential to these kids and u have the power to influence them. with great power comes great responsibility. be more responsible. rubbish post. rubbish generator. shame on u.

  118. i got PKR! was confuse at first but now i know who to vote, lol~~~ kenny is brilliant.
    but i definitely never thought of voting the imbalance weighing scale =P

  119. how come i got cap ayam one. heehe. keADILan.
    XXX, get a life man. u know the generator wont influence anyone. it’s just a game. geez…u’r typical politic-party-extremist. if u think such game would have an influence, then u’d better get yr brain probed. coz i wanna know which neutron in a brain can be influenced b such kid’s game. then maybe i can come up with a software to generate more games like that to influence the whole world! hahahha.

  120. Deny them a two-thirds’ majority
    Posted by Raja Petra
    Saturday, 23 February 2008
    When the AG’s Chambers and the court ignore the constitutional provisions and act contrary to their constitutional oath of office, they leave us totally bewildered and frustrated.
    P Ramakrishnan
    As polling day draws closer, P Ramakrishnan reminds us that the only way to stop politicians from manipulating issues of race and religion is to deny the ruling coalition a two-thirds’ majority.
    After hearing the moving personal tragedies of some unfortunate Malaysians, it would appear that we are heading for turbulent times.
    It is rather sad that religion that is responsible for our inner spirituality and our common humanity should be the centre of the storm. We really cannot fault religion for this. It won’t be fair. After all, doesn’t religion instil and inspire in all of us the good values of living a decent life that reflects our compassion for one another, our love for justice, our craving for human dignity, our search for peace and harmony, our desire to fight corruption, our longing to be treated without discrimination?
    This is very much so if we reflect on our past and recall our own experiences. I come from a tiny town in a rural setting. We, the people, got on very well. My classmates – Chinese, Indians and Malays – had no qualms in visiting me and sharing our food and spending the night under our roof. Religion never got in our way. It did not form a barrier and did not keep us apart. We used to call one another in jest, “Dei Hindu, Hoi Cina, Hei Melayu” and nobody got offended.
    Manipulating race and religion
    In that tiny town lived a Malay boy. I’m sure he also remembers the peace of the place and the uncomplicated life that bound the people of the town as a community.
    I still recall those wonderful days with a tinge of sadness and fondly remember the easy mingling of the races and the friendly faces of people. Race never had any consideration and friends were just people.
    Those were the days when you could eat in front of a fasting Malay friend who did not mind it at all. PE lessons were not suspended. Fasting Malay friends then seemed to have boundless energy and we used to play football immediately after school in the hot sun. They were none the worse for it. It would appear that my Malay friends then were made of sterner stuff!
    That tiny town is Kepala Batas and that Malay boy is today the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
    Coming from such a background, I find it so disturbing when race is manipulated and religion is used to cause discord among us. I am not referring to any particular community because every community is guilty of this in one form or another.
    What went wrong, you may ask. Well, over the years some religious zealots have become very vocal and very demanding. And when they realised that nobody dared to question them, they became bolder and their voices got shriller.
    We have reached such a stage that the state now intrudes into our privacy and dictates to us on almost everything. We are told what to believe and how to pray. But isn’t religion something very personal between you and your God? Has the state any business to intrude into that area?
    The state intrudes into your freedom and decides what you can see and what you cannot. It treats you as if you don’t have any common sense and can’t think for yourself.
    Now – and this is difficult to believe, mind you – of all things, it says you can’t vote according to your conscience. How can you talk about morality and integrity and honesty when you are forced to fall back on herd mentality? How can you be religious and not be conscionable?
    It is this turn of events that has affected the body politic of this nation. The majority of sane and sensible Malaysians not only failed to stand up and be counted but they chose to withdraw into their cocoons paving the way for these zealots to take over completely and have a field day.
    Where is justice?
    Today we are reminded of that saying, “We have enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.”
    So we have this situation in certain circumstances when you are unable to bury your kith and kin according to your beliefs and rites. Where does that leave you?
    It would seem that Muslim judges in civil courts find it a problem to adjudicate when Iclam is involved, as was the case of someone who wanted the word “Muslim” to be changed in her MyKad. But Justice Gopal Sri Ram, who sat in the same court, had no problem in taking a legal position based on justice.
    Then we have the case of Moorthy’s widow whose case did not go through the full trial for a verdict. The judges who sat on this case merely abdicated their responsibility and ruled that it was beyond their jurisdiction to try this case.
    When one finds that the doors of the judiciary are shut in one’s face where does one go for justice? Can a civil court refuse to sit in judgment and deny justice to a litigant? Isn’t the court the last resort for justice? If judges cannot dispense justice, should they be sitting on the bench?
    When the AG’s Chambers and the court ignore the constitutional provisions and act contrary to their constitutional oath of office, they leave us totally bewildered and frustrated.
    We heard that there were rights and freedom for the citizens in the Federal Constitution. But what has happened to those rights and freedom that came with the Merdeka Constitution?
    They have been whittled away by subsequent rules and regulations and subsidiary legislations. Our rights and freedom have been stolen from us.
    But don’t blame the government for this. They only did what had to be done. Over the years there have been 600 amendments made to the Federal Constitution.
    How did the 600 amendments come about? How is it possible for the government to dilute and make meaningless those very rights that were promised and guaranteed to us?
    It’s really simple. To amend the constitution, a two-thirds majority is required. Who gave them that two-thirds majority?
    The overwhelming majority support given to them has eroded our fundamental rights, thus denying us relief and justice.
    They will tell you that they need a two-thirds majority to govern effectively – mind you, not justly – but effectively.
    Curse of the two-thirds’ majority
    What have they achieved that cannot be achieved by a simple majority? Do you need a two-thirds majority to wipe out corruption, to be transparent and accountable? Do you need a two-thirds majority to provide housing and health care?
    Look how they have squandered our money with mega projects. Do the tallest concrete towers does mean anything to any of us here? The builders of the twin towers basked in the glory of being the tallest building in the world. Only for a while though – for we no longer enjoy that prestige. But how much money has been squandered away at the expense of the needy and the deserving? Why do they need a two-thirds majority when they can’t even build a crooked bridge with a 90 per cent majority?
    It is this two-thirds majority that has been the curse of our democracy. It is this two-thirds majority that is threatening our civil liberties and our freedom of religion. It is this two-thirds majority that makes a mockery of Article 8(1) which reads, “All persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law”. And friends, what we have now is rule by law, and not rule of law.
    How do we win back our legitimate rights and put a stop to this erosion of our fundamental rights? The next time you cast your vote think carefully. Ask yourself if you are casting away your rights?
    We should henceforth never give a two-thirds majority to any government. We should work collectively to reduce this majority and rescue our stolen rights. What we are proposing to accomplish is nothing new. It is an on-going eternal struggle. Way back on 27 May 1834 – over 170 years ago – Daniel Webster was quoted as saying, “The contest, for ages, has been to rescue Liberty from the grasp of executive power.” That’s what we are going to do: Rescue Liberty.
    If we want to claim our right to be “equal before the law” as promised under Article 8, if we want to safeguard the freedom of religion as guaranteed under Article 11, then we must be prepared to walk that extra mile to win those rights.
    “Democracy,” observed Plato, “is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.” Plato was actually referring to us. We are the ordinary people with extraordinary possibilities.
    If you want to be further motivated, perhaps this quotation may help: “Since the beginning of time, governments have been mainly engaged in kicking the people around. The astonishing achievements of modern times… is the idea that the citizens should do the kicking.”
    Friends, I fervently believe that we can do two things: Do something or do nothing. I choose to do something. If you choose to do nothing, it means that you have no grievance and no rights

  121. now, what ting pek kiing posted is more influential than the generator. but honestl, while i’m half chinese, quarter malay and quarter thai, i do attest to your stats. here’s my rebuttal:
    ASB- only got 7.18% to be exact this year. how do i know? i know, coz i’m quarter malay remember – i get to invest in asb. having said that, who needs asb when i get more kick from unit trusts that generally returns 25-50% depending on my portfolio. last year i got 63% (still deliberating whether or not i should get that BMW or reinvest in view of global meltdown – maybe i can get more than bmw in 2009 when economy picks up. hehe).
    people treated badly at public hospitals – everyone lah! wanna bet?
    8000 billions? come on man, if malaysia does have that much cash, whether legally or illegally, we wont have such bad economy. even the United Kingdom does not make that much in those period. again, wanna bet? (coz i know when i pull the stats, i will win!) 😉
    i’m in consulting and they are all chinese. and we work great! besides, do u wanna be in petronas and the government where the mentality sucks? geez. get this – government – malay. business/corporate – all others. get it? that way we have equilibrium.
    the national service – ayo, i think equal number of race etc got abused and beatened lah. and frankly, let em be – we need to mould a stronger malaysia.
    rice millers are malays but the orang tengah still chinese mah and although government contracts go to bumis, they end up with the chinese anyway. most of the time chinese profit more lah. fair game what. both sides happy. after all, if it’s me, i’d be more than happy coz i dont have to do all the paper work. let them (bumis) fight for it.
    ayo, if u dunno anything about the business world ah, plse dont just take these statistics blindly!
    and i’m very indifference to racial things. please lar, we the new generations need to work together. what’s gonna happen to people like me where i have all the genes from all races (except indian). i cannot kutuk the melayu. i cannot marah the chinese. are u guys gonna cut me in three and take the best of me?! 🙁
    – sad sad sad malaysian in london.

  122. I end up with Keadilan…:-)
    a good post.. My first entry here though I’ve been frequenting kenny’s blog since mid-2006.

  123. oh i missed one point:
    20% or so of bernas is now owned by a hong kong corporation. and they are looking to increase that to 40%! so, go figure ting pek kiing. aint the capital market great?! and please be careful with yr stats next time.

  124. I believe hardly anyone got BN. Either DAP or Keadilan. I got DAP too =)
    Hindraf = Hindu with dandruff
    That really kills me.

  125. i cannot vote this year. not in malaysia. and even if i can undi thru post, i doubt my ballot will “stay the way it is”. get it? and only “they” know who i will vote for, as surely “some parties” will get to use these missing votes to their advantage. sorry malaysia. i tried. 🙁
    ya, the dandruff killed me as well. i laughed so loud, the mat sallehs must be thinking i’m a whacko asian or something. hehe. tks guys for making my day. and suddenly i’m thinking of ice kacang and ice-cold red ruby in creamy santan sweetened with gula melaka. nak balik!!!

  126. dear allan,
    look at those happy kids shouting parties they might not even know. all because of this fraud.
    thank you

  127. My area is Seputeh. Who to vote? I have no other choice but not to vote the BN representative as she is so childish… i meant the comic case… why should we allow a childish behavior person to represent us to the parliment… can she represent our voice in Parliment? i have a doubt on her ability… Anyway, I will go for the alternative a.k.a DAP… :-p
    BTW, BN party, please grow up, our country already 50 years old… moreover, this is not 50s and 60s anymore, we are in 21st century and we, the younger generation is a thinker. Please don’t fool us eh! 😉

  128. allan, i feel u in that second post of urs 🙂 i just want a proper election. i asked my dad what party hes gonna vote for, guess what, he doesnt wanna tell me.
    and instead of all these fuel price ka, toll price ka its useless. things will get pricier. no one can do anything about it. why cant it be something like having an active consumer rights which actually does give a damn. i just want my rights as a consumer. i want orange pulps when i buy orange juice, not just cordial T.T

  129. I am one of the 40% youngster, don’t care about politics and don’t bother to vote (anyway, aku tak boleh vote juga kerana saya bukan di Malaysia sekarang).
    I wrote in to ask how can I vote from overseas. Instead of help, they replied with lots of restriction and processes to do before I can vote, aka they are telling me indirectly that ‘shut up and don’t vote’.

  130. To All Dear Voters,
    Better go to the following web address to check whether your name and your casting centre is available in the list as my relative staying at Kepong has lost his election as he can’t find his name in the list but the wife’s name is there. I guess he must be the opposition party supporter !! You could be the next victim !!

  131. Fuyuuuuhhhh….the comment above mine is a great secret of SUPP?
    That y most people claimed that the SUPP is “YES” man! In make any decision, they only need to bring 2 things: coconut & bottle. Y?
    coconut=”Yeah!”, bottle=”betul” (right/correct).

  132. to “Insider story of SUPP” above.
    i cannot express how much i agree with what you have written. even though i myself cannot confirm everythn, i know first hand that politics here has a darker side.
    i pity some government servants, although many are complacent, some truly work hard and deserves to serve a better governent. i hear different stories about politics from them, which often differs widely in favour of the government, which makes me believe that the information they have been given is more than bias.
    George chan to me seems unfit to lead supp- im not sure why supp even let him be their president. i also sometimes wonder how stupid sarawakians can be to allow the CM to stay this long. i know that before he became CM, he used dirty tactics to scare off his opponents (somethn like long shark tactics). his blatant corruption in our face, and how some of us turn a blind eye to his ways is just frustrating sometimes. he is old now but i hope he doesn’t die soon cos one day i hope justice will be served to him and his family.
    while i acknowledge that many chinese families in business kiss his ass, supportin his corrupt ways in order to earn contracts, i plead that people realise that it is affecting everyone, not just them, and not in a good way.

    Its not about you anymore, its about the future, your children & grandchildren!
    Vote for their future, vote for D.A.P rockets !

  134. Die lo… Alan Sim… This seem like a Anti-BN Column. Safe your breath and no need to do all the campaign. It’s a waste of time and money. Better go to sleep early lah. So Kesianlah him… Aiyo. Maybe I will give him a pity vote.

  135. of course they take out so many big big cake (project), coz all their members can cut and take inside to their personal budget.

  136. God dammit!! it’s really the complicated election in the world..
    Then..what should I matter who or which party you vote..all equally corrupted since long time ago!!
    I got one short word for them!!!
    GO TO HELL!!!

  137. I got Keadilan, i want to vote for DAP. The place i gonna fote only have BN or DAP. So the result still goes to DAP!

  138. Malaysia Today website… read many article but this is the one from Little Bird saying on all the ppl he met vote for opposition….which make me wanted to comment..
    Same goes to me…every one is saying to vote for Oppo…(I hope they really do it and not cakap lain buat lain..).. I was expecting a result of BN kalah teruk but the reality will it be true??? The more i read, the more “truth” of BN and its chronies activities disgusted me…Now i really knwo the 2/3 majority meaning…a party does not need 2/3 to rule a government… even if they won with majority of one seat…they can rule the government… the 2/3 is to agree to any decision in the parliment… by denying the 2/3 majority which is previously hold by BN..(even u disagree also u must agree if u r BN member)…so now if BN dont have 2/3 majority… they cannot treat M’sia as there ancestor punya hak anymore….But by denying 2/3 majority does not enough… Opposition must victory against BN to “Change”. Is opposition ready to be the government??? R U?? (Hope u R) Sorry for babbbling here to my self…but i feel better doing this…

  139. DAP.
    My result is DAP, surely support DAP.
    Sarawak need to change, unless u r belong to the white hair “family”.

  140. First time voting and educated overseas, DAP – we need change based on equality and fairness. Maybe it’s time we get a new pair of shoes too..swoosh

  141. For those who are too young to vote, please help to convince your parents, relatives, friends to vote for DAP!
    Why are Sarawak Chinese tretaed unfairly ?
    I always wonder why SUPP leaders c an go on cheating the Sarawak chinese. I also wonder whether those, who are SUPP members and supporters, ever think about their children’s future in Sarawak ro malaysia.
    For many many years, the Chinese in Malaysia, including those in Sarawak, have been suffering marginalisation by the BN Federal and state governments by not being able to get higher education in local universities even they get extremely good results in Form 6.
    Do these leaders and followers ask themselves WHY ?
    I am sure the leaders, especially those in SUPP know why !
    To the ordinary simple minded Chinese in Sarawak, their reason is that they are Chinese, also known as non-Bumiputra ! They always believe that the BN made class of Malaysians known as Bumis MUST have priority over the Chinese, or non-Bumis !
    Who make this regulation ? This is not law. the Malaysian Constitution says all Malaysians are equal. It is the BN government, particularly UMNO, who wants to give their own kind better previledges ! That’s why they created a higher class of Malaysians called BUMIPUTRA !
    I am really surprised to vote that SUPP keeps saying they are fighting for th Chinese in sarawak. If they cannot fight for equal rights of the Chinese as Malaysians as in the Federal Constitution, what else can they do ?
    Is the Federal Constitution not ranked SUPREME to any other laws or regulations in Malaysia ?
    Why did sarawak join Malaya to from malaysia ? We wanted to be independent from the Bristish, and we wanted to be Malaysians with equal rights.
    It seems that the Chinese in Sarawak has joined Malaysia and have their rights eroded. The chinese in Malaysia are treated worst in Malaysia than in other countries where they are not even citizens !
    We malaysian Chinese in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain are treated equally as citizens in those countries even we are only Permanent Residents ! Better than we are treated in the country, malaysia, where we are citizens !
    What logic is this ?
    SUPP has been in BN government for more than 40 years, and have they ever raise this issue at all ? I don’t so.
    They are elected by the Chinese in Sarawak, and they are supposed to represent the sarawak Chinese. It does not seem that they are fighting for the sarawak Chinese at all !
    Taib Mahmud has been in power for the last 27 years in Sarawak as CM and still is. In that period, he has governed Sarawak as if he is the Sultan. He takes any thing that he likes, notably timber, lands, contracts, businesses that the Government own, etc etc.
    It is just like the Sultan of Brunei, he owns everything in Brunei. This is exactly what is happening in Sarawak.
    Byut is Tiab Mahmud the Sultan of sarawak ?
    No, he is elected by the people to serve the people.
    Instead, he is serving himself and his family and his friends.
    The irony is that SUPP leaders know all these are happening for donkey years, and they keep trying to protect Taib instead of the people. They are working for Taib Mahmud instead of working for the people.
    Well a lot said. I do not think that people like george Chan, Peter Chin, Rovert lau, Wong Soon Koh, Alan Sim, Sim Kheng Hui, Alfred yap, etc etc who claim to represent the Chinese oin sarawak have any hearts for the Chinese in Sarawak at all.
    I hope they can one day realise what they are doing. Otherwise when the Chinese in Sarawak realise what are their true faces, they will have nowhere to hide !
    Their names will be remembered for many decades in history as the leaders who did not fight for the Chinese, but instead fight to erode teh rights of the Chinese in Sarawak as a class of Malaysians known as NON-BUMIs instead of MALAYSIAN CHINESE !
    Good luck to the Sarwak Chinese if you continue to vote for SUPP

  142. In this new information age, we no longer depend on main stream newspaper (which are somewhat controlled) to get the news. Sometimes I wonder why do I even bother reading certain articles in the newspaper. Everything is so fabricated…
    Truth travel so much faster and people are so much well informed nowadays. BN biggest fear might be the free press over the internet.

  143. Guess what Kenny, I also think that our poor cat really a joke of the year! Yes, like you too, I wonder it also cant decide on which party to vote! But that to show that whether BN or DAP, we can live in harmony country without fighting over which party to rule the country! hahah! Just one of those campaign where both parties’ banners can be displayed together in a same place! 🙂

  144. the ruling government’s black sheeps had treated us as idiots. if you vote for them, they say “look here the idiots voted for me again” “the idiots going to let me gather more money” “if the idiots asked some question, i’ll just reply with one line sentence, after the idiots will just nod their head” “the idiots who are being difficult, i’ll pay some money to take care their meals or repair their home” “those idiots who asked intelligent question, i’ll make sure it was not publish, if published it will be anwered by my one line sentence, full stop” “mass media we are controlling, if they do not listen, i’ll make sure their license not renew, and if they decided to create problem, then ISA will be used.” This is how the people with power treated you as ……, well IDIOTs.
    look here, just make sure there is check & balance. without 2/3 majority the ruling government will still functioning. in fact much much better.
    just think, do they treat you like idiots.
    fikir, adakah orang-orang yang mempunyai kuasa melayan kamu sebagai seorang yang dungu?
    adakah perkara yang mereka buat mencukupi keperluan kamu sebagai seorang insan, manusia yang mempunyai fikiran, yang dapat dihargai dalam jangka masa yang panjang. adakah tindakan mereka meninggalkan nama, atau meninggal anak-anak serta cucu cicit kita menderita apabila pada suatu hari nanti minyak dalam bumi Malaysia tiada, apabila kemarau/banjir menghantui kita apabila pembangunan tanpa wawasan dijalankan. adakah wang hasil dari bumi Malaysia dipergunakan untuk sesuatu yang menguntung masa depan atau cuma menguntungkan sebilangan sahaja?

  145. “dear allan,
    look at those happy kids shouting parties they might not even know. all because of this fraud.
    thank you”
    Hmmmm… that’s a bit of a generalisation to make eh? Seriously, do you actually think that anyone is going to make their decisions based on a silly game? LOL XD. Lighten up yo =) . And yes…we need fair transparent elections. Not transparent ballot boxes >.> .

  146. First of all, I really laughed my socks off when I saw the statue and Kenny’s funny comment. Then moving on to the more serious issue about how our young voters are either indecisive, ignorant or apathetic, I initially suspected that the statement was exaggerated. It was not until I chatted online with a couple of friends today that I’m convinced (and surprised!) at the apathy of Malaysian youths towards their own voting rights and responsibility as a citizen. Being abroad for a couple of years in a country where everyone openly talks and even debates about politics really opened my eyes. I hope that Malaysians will learn to care more soon. After all, it’s their own future!

  147. u stupid malays go ahead vote for keadilan or dap if you wanna end up like the red indians in the states. live in the middle of nowhere and worship the soil wtf.

  148. what lah kenny sia! we get the angkasawan program in return, together with sending some of our students to do medicine there! go correct the fact la, do not alter it so it appears that BN is such a faulty party. and he is not just a model, also a doctor. plus, we dont just get the two things in return from russia, dont forget the sukhoi we got! OMG your poll is soooooooooooooooooo unfair!

  149. LOL, Kenny, the HINDRAF one was hilarious!
    Don’t know if we will see the change that we wish to see… but at least this is a CHANCE! Enough is enough from BN! Buck up, or they’ll be dealt bigger shit than just losing 2/3 in GE2013!!! 😉

  150. i want a better future for my children. BN need new blood. Those old hags (many) need to go. They have become fat and getter fatter under Pak Lah govt. I agree the BN guy contesting in my area is a good man but I chosed the opposition for change before it is too late.

  151. DAP…
    all the people that u put…
    gah…I rather die!!!
    I am going to be 21 this year…but that’s like 5 more months to go…
    so I was un-eligible to vote this year

  152. I got Keadilan. o_o
    I’m surprised I didn’t get DAP.. anyways. Here’s a little something.
    No, I don’t think our current PM is doing enough. Man..
    No, I don’t think BN is the only ‘reliable’ party. If we were to stay under the rule of BN forever, we’d NEVER experience any changes, there’d be no room for improvements and there’d be no chance for other parties to show their abilities to rule better. BN is really getting old. And I get bored easily.
    Singapore really isn’t my model country. No offense. But neither are the other two countries, though I liked how the Chinese Indonesians are really proud of their mother tongue.
    I think people should have the right to express their thoughts.. but please, next time, don’t choose KLCC. That’s one of the main malls where I shop, damnit.
    I’d rather be stuck alone than to be stranded on a freaking isolated island with any one of those people.
    Bersih is clean, duh. It’s too lame to be a name of an organization or shits like that. o__o
    Any ‘leaked’ videos.. first thing I’d do is check whether it’s the real thang or NOT. Most of the time, it’s the latter, really, cause people are desperate like that. *cough video of Mahathir so-called confessed those shits cough*
    A Hindu with dandruff? Wtf, lol.
    Anwar’s … not in his right state of mind. Enough said.
    I will forever remember what Tun Dr Mahathir did for our country, no, I don’t worship him but I feel huge gratitude towards him. He was a great PM while he lasted. He’s still a great person. But life goes on, yah?
    That said, I hope one day there’ll be a new, fresh party who is strong enough to overshadow all others. Malaysia needs something new, yo, it’s about time the younger people take control without forgetting their roles as rulers to make our country a better place to live in.
    Oh, and a big NO to racism. Tch.

  153. Just to see if this was rigged… I entered the opposite of what I thought & got BN. Hahahaha! Thanks for supplying a full 7 minutes of giggles!!!

  154. WTF? kanasai….
    I got Keadilan….
    And if someone got stuck on an island with anwar does that mean he get sodomized too?

  155. That was too funny!!! I can’t vote yet but I got Keadilan when I did this test… And it was hilarious! Lol at the HINDRAF…
    The university act that doesn’t allow uni students to get involved with politics are probably keeping them indecisive because a lot of them don’t have to care about politics until they graduate…

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