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Barely 2 days worth of R&R in Kuching and I’m already back slaving myself in sleepy Saratok.

I don’t think I can survive in Saratok. There’s virtually no entertainment around here and the only Internet Cafe I know of closes at 6:30pm.

Meanwhile, I haven’t yet gotten over my Agent Smith obsession. Here’s an Agent Smith Quote Generator I created. Enjoy. 🙂


To save this image, right-click the image and select “Save Image As…”.

NOTE: No quotation marks ( or \”) and ampersands (&) allowed or else it won’t work. Use for quotes instead.

Last creation:

Please post a comment if you’re gonna use this on your site, yea?

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Let me know if you guys found any gem.

77 Replies to “Agent Smith Quote Generator”

  1. hey.. there is no archive on this! Pls archive all those entries by ur readers like last time please…………………..

  2. heyy-
    (: love the last picture you had in your previous post. anyways, i might be using the picture, so just tagging in case. by the way, have you heard of russell peters from canada? he’s a stand up comedian. highly recommend you to watch his performances, especially since you’re so bored in saratok(wherever that is)!

  3. heehee, funny =P. why doesn’t mine show up in the gallery though? mine were good too! =P. well at least they were whole sentences besides things like ‘wtf’ or ‘jdkshgks’. lol. heehee, it’s fun anyways:P you should do more of these, kenny!

  4. Hi Kenny. I want to use the pic and my quote “Like banana? Fuckanana” in my blog. Tot it will be good to add some pics in my boring blog. Keep blogging!

  5. There’s one that says “I just LOVE the smell of my own fart” I think that’s hilarious. I could so picture him saying it with that idiotic expression too!

  6. Its very useful Kenny!
    I’m giving a mini-lecture on the neurological basis of deja-vu (explaining the phenomenon with a biological cause instead of say… a glitch in the Matrix software) in approximately 3 weeks time and am going to use your Agent Smith text generator to end off with a “Trust me. Really.” quote.

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