Angelina Jolie Adopts Another Baby

So, Angelina Jolie adopted a boy from Vietnam recently to add to her multicultural family.

This may sound a little weird, but I can’t help but to feel somewhat jealous of those adopted kids.
Think about it. The lives of these kids are gonna change so dramatically, they can virtually piss and laugh at their biological parents who made the stupid decision to abandon them. From being an unwanted kid from an impoverished country; to the adopted child of a high-profile cash-loaded Hollywood celebrity – hey, who wouldn’t want that?

You gotta wonder what the situation is like at the orphanage centres when Hollywood celebrities come around. Getting people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to adopt you is like winning first prize in 4D. You get your golden ticket to good life, unlimited supplies of video games, and attention from hot young sexy Hollywood actresses when you grow up.
It’s the kind of life that even normal people like us dream of.

Now, I might be flamed for being insensitive if I say this, but I wonder… If these kids know who Angelina Jolie is and what they’re getting into, surely they are gonna compete fiercely with each other to vy for her attention.
Heck, if I were one of those orphans, I’m gonna be so desperate that I might even start juggling balls, doing backflips, shouting “Pick Me! Pick Me!”
Then maybe Angelina Jolie is gonna look at me all droopy eyed and go “Awww… such a cute widdle baby.” before jetting me on a private plane back to Hollywood and live happily ever after with Brad Pitt and their four kids.

Long shot. But hey, it’s not just any other person you know. It’s ANGELINA JOLIE!

I’m an uncle for the third time. On the 12th day past her due date, my sister has finally given birth to healthy baby Lecia.
Don’t worry Jayden and Kirsten, your uncle still loves you.

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  1. lol.. nice entry… but having a huge celebrity going around adopting kids instead of getting into rehabs is something that we should be glad about… isnt it?

  2. hahaha.. i wouldnt mind being baby again and be adopted by her. I get to squeeze her boobs and touch her without getting sued! hahahahah and maybe even get to see brad and angie making out live!

  3. hahahaha best picture of Kenny xD
    I reckon the only reason Brad and Angie are adobpting kids is for fame, popularity and of course, attention, which our good blogger here, has caught up xD, its ok, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be adopted by one of Hollywood’s hottest?

  4. Hahaha! i rarely leave messages here but i like the last picture so much. xD
    And i really admire Angelina Jolie. She’s really one of a kind. I doubt she does this for the attention and publicity.

  5. yeah, what happened to Huai Bin, Kenny? Best blog ever to come out of Malaysia.
    Um..I hope you didn’t think you were cute/funny in that pic, tolong-ah. Good kedaifoto skills all the same.

  6. Adopting for what? you can’t f your mother you know.
    oh btw, for your info, the boy was picked cause he was the only one who wasnt vying for her attention.

  7. man..i hope ur bb with nicole tan in future won’t be looking like the kenny bb in last pic…
    shit man…that’s a hell scary kinda pic…

  8. Hey dude, when I film an upcoming movie at Sematan, you can be the little guys who yells “The plane, the plane “. πŸ™‚

  9. Well got to agree…having AJ for mom would be worth it but with all those fly-by-night divorces happening in Hollywood….imagine they getting split and Pitt gets you under his custody….you had it man!

  10. Hey Kenny, please do us all a favour by not having kids. Mini-Kenny is freaking me out! bahaaaaa…

  11. Andrew: Hey Ben, let’s piss of the readers of
    Ben: Oh, great, how u gonna do that?
    Andrew: Easy, watch this….
    I AM NO.34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rich ? sure the adopted kids are saved from poverty…
    But a better life ?
    Not really sure Kenny, just look at life of young, rich Hollywood kids…
    Poor kids…
    just my two cents though….=)

  13. damn retarded u. i think nobody’s gonna adopt. even adoption centre will put u outside their gates.

  14. OMG KENNY please…………If thats what your kid looks like, I hope you dont have kids, that would save the little fella a whole lot of embaressment………..lolx =p
    Btw who wouldn’t wanna be adopted by Angelina?? come on having a super hot MOM with tones of cash in inheritence is every kid’s dream…….OOOOOO and you get to cuddle her breast without getting into trouble….wow thinking of it would also make you droll……….>.

  15. adopting kids would be a good PR machine. dun get me wrong, they have good intentions… of course it works both ways to their advantage and the kids’.
    you are hillarious… πŸ˜›

  16. “The lives of these kids are gonna change so dramatically, they can virtually piss and laugh at their biological parents who made the stupid decision to abandon them. From being an unwanted kid from an impoverished country.”
    Kenny, those poor kids were sent to orphanage due to unfortunate circumstances. It’s not becoz the parents made stupid decision to abandon them.

  17. I find this entry rather pathetic for the fact that you write without thinking. The kids that she’s adopted are from poverty-striken country and to think that they’re lucky to be adopted by two celebs, it’s true. But to say that these kids will laugh at their biological parents, it’s cruel.
    You are right, you are insensitive.

  18. TO swettooth AND THE TWO CHICKENS
    This is from
    The boy had been living at the Tam Binh orphanage outside Ho Chi Minh City ever since he was abandoned at a hospital as a baby, according to adoption officials.
    Keyword here is “abandoned at a hospital”
    So who’s being insensitive now, BITCHES?

  19. I’ve read lah idiot! who replied to me and the 2 chickens? is it you kenny? and I wasn’t even rude when commenting. btw, u’re not supposed to believe a tabloid! abandoned from birth also could be because of unfortunate circumstances lah..aiyoh!

  20. People shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Angelina Jolie as a publicity seeker.
    She’s UNHCR’s Goodwill Ambassador since 2001 and has done a lot of work IN IMPOVERISHED COUNTRIES with UNHCR, at her own personal expense. How many of you will abandon your creature comforts and go to Sierra Leone to help orphans? Pay you also you won’t go. Sheesh.
    From UNHCR website:
    While Jolie is most valued as a dedicated advocate for refugees, she has also been a generous donor to UNHCR. She has donated to many field operations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans and the Americas. She is often the first private donor to respond to UNHCR appeals for emergencies and forgotten refugee crises across the globe. She covers all of her expenses when she goes on mission with UNHCR, as well as costs relating to her World Refugee Day activities and other refugee advocacy projects. These contributions now total well over $3 million.

  21. Congratulations on being an uncle for the third time – I am sure you’re just as excited as the first time round.
    Lecia is such a pretty name and very unusual too. Now the only problem is going to be trying to convince little Kirsten that you still love her. Even though there’s new (female) competition in town!

  22. Are you saying you rather trade your family that you have now to be adopted? Lets hope what you mother has to say when she hears this

  23. Yo Kolo Mee Fan,
    u r very very funny, man. But u know what, keep ur ambitions in check..cos with a picture like that she is more likely to drop a brick on your face than adopt u. LOL!

  24. To the chickens and the “anon” commenter who came to my blog:
    If you guys can read vietnamese, the child is actually abandoned because his grandfather was too poor. He wishes someone could adopt him and give him a better life.
    The boy was also severely sick when he was a baby. He had to be taken care of in a special-care unit. (which i assumed the family couldn’t afford his medical care either).
    “unfortunate kids” yes.
    “unwanted”? may not have been.

  25. Being abandoned in front of a hospital doesnt mean the boy will laugh back at their biological parents when he grown up.
    ANgelina Jolie didnt bring him all the way from vietnam and raise him up just to have him laugh back at his biological parents when he grows up. She wouldnt do that. Not sure about Kenny though, but angelina jolie wouldnt.
    Nobody knows the underlying reason why the boy was abandoned. Could it be, the family too poor to afford him?
    But Kenny is a different case. He is too rich to be too poor. Too rich to bang all girls on Friday night. Too insensitive to think.

  26. OK OK OK FINEEEEE. Enough with the anonymous flaming. I am wrong to assume that his parents abandon him out of selfish reasons. I am sorry, ok?!
    Geez! So hard to blog these days.

  27. Actually I would not want to be adopted by parents from the celebrity circle.
    Imagine leading a life vastly different from other kids, even other rich kids. You can’t walk freely on the streets without being photo-taken. You can’t make mistakes without being amplified. And you are not even a celebrity yet. You are just their kids trying to lead a normal life.
    I rather be in a rich family without paying the price to lose my freedom.
    Oh I would love to have kenny as a kid too:P

  28. I’m waiting for those celebs to come to Msia to adopt kampung boy like ME!!!
    Who knows maybe after seeing ur chubby little cutie face on ur blog, she may announce to adopt YOU!

  29. I just want to be with Angie no matter what….as a baby, as a gf, as a sister, whatever. She’s my idol.

  30. if both my parents are great actor and actress then i might be confused by their personality, and end up being brought up having all the confusions…gheezz…it’ll be great if my dad is brad pitt…muahaha….then i can hold his hands out when i go out for shopping and all envy comes to me!!:D

  31. Hey Dude, I hope Lecia does not Γ₯«ç¡¦Γ₯Β§β€œΓ©Β¦Β¬Γ§Ε‘β€žΓ€ΒΊΒΊ one day….

  32. so hard to blog? Not at all if u use your common sense while blogging. Best of all, since u’re an apparent celeb local blogger, think before you write if you don’t like comments from others who think otherwise about what you write.

  33. I take my apology back, and you can take your abuse and holier-art-thou attitude and shove it up your ass.
    “The biological grandfather of Angelina Jolie’s new 3-year-old Vietnamese son, Pax, says that his daughter is a heroin addict who gave Pax up for adoption two days after birth.”

  34. btw, congrats….lecia is super adorable!
    oh well….freedom of speech nowadays is only disaster in disguise….u shud know it by now kenny….even the least sensitive topics might get u flamed, even if it was only meant to be a joke or it wasnt serious in the first place.
    still, YOU are the celeb blogger. THEy arent. haha. Chill.

  35. Some more flame, sir πŸ™‚
    Admittably, Vietnam is a poor and third world country, but it is not ‘impoverished’. Economy is growing quite fast here as far as I know.
    Just a matter of words, never mind. briliant blog u wrote, Kenny!
    And i hope Pax’s gonna grow up fine, being a celeb kid is not as special as some people may think. An astronaut’s daughter would not find her daddy’s job too special while other kids would envy.

  36. went to cambodia recently….saw a lot of kids/orphans like Pax whom Angelina Jolie adopted. It was really depressing seeing poverty-stricken kids like that suffering while fat-ass spoilt kids back home hv it all.

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