Cafe del Mar Singapore

I’m a big fan of chillout music.

Ever since I got to know about this genre of music a few years ago, I’ve virtually stopped listening to pop music altogether. My musical collection was revamped from manufactured crap by the likes of Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, to chillout/lounge music by artists no one has even heard of under the Cafe del Mar label.

Everytime I sit down in front of the computer to blog I must put on some chillout, otherwise I wouldn’t have any inspiration to blog at all. This kind of music is perfect for stuff that requires a lot of my concentration, like blogging. They’re not as sleepy as Enya and not as noisy as the Black Eyed Peas. Just some nice slow tempo beats that’s not too overbearing.

Cafe del Mar is actually a bar popular for tourists to congregate to watch the sunset.
The original Cafe del Mar is located on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Recently, they also opened up a branch in the Singaporean island of Sentosa.

I hadn’t been to Sentosa since I was a kid. That time Sentosa was still largely children’s playground with the Underwater World being its main attraction. Now, the place is slowly turning into a rich people’s playground featuring a huge country club and the soon-to-be opened casino.

The setting of Cafe del Mar is great. There’s heaps of sundeck chairs lining up along the beach for people to relax.
And because it is located on the beach, naturally the view here is fantastic.

(in Borat accent) “Nice!”
If you feel like dipping into chlorinated water, there’s even a pool located in the vicinity.

Personally, I wouldn’t wanna swim in that pool though. In Kuching, when we wanna go swimming, we wear our goggles and maybe put on a swimming cap.
In Singapore, when they wanna go swimming, they wear sunglasses and earrings.

Like that how to swim? No wonder Singapore never produced any gold-medal winning swimmers.
But I better not stare at those girls too much, or else the tight T-shirt-wearing security guard over there with bigger breasts than me might come and kick my ass all the way back to Malaysia.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Singapore and I love Cafe del Mar. It really is a great place to chillout with friends and I can’t wait to go back there.
There are few things in life more enjoyable than lying on the beachfront, listening to good music, sipping vodka orange while watching the sun sets.

Legs courtesy of Mia.

Unfortunately, Singapore doesn’t quite have the best beach sunsets in world.
In Phuket for example, watching sunset by the beach looks something like this.

But Singapore, being a port city, offers sunsets that look something like this.

Bloody cargo ships, spoil the view only.

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  1. TOP TEN: hahaha i know cheap thrill! BTW, I have a personally autographed BOXER by the man with BIGGEST COCONUTS aka mr. Kenny SIA! SMS your bids to +6(012) 215 9933 now, b4 i put it on EBAY!

  2. im sure u can put a sunset pic(singapore) nicer than tt.without those cargo ships and tanks..
    we singapore have better beach with much more nicer sunset view than tt u posted..

  3. Why go to the beach area or swimming pool, so hot, burn your skin only and get skin cancer. If people nude there, then I go-loh.

  4. wth. please get the facts right before u blog. nabeh chee bye. hmm. maybe you can check the no.of medals singapore have won in swimming as compared to..say..malaysia?

  5. waraooooo.. saw the legs and thought “wow”.
    then saw the link, it’s the kueh lapis girl. almost like kena poked with syringe to draw blood out from a viagra-ed up kukujiao.
    *waves fist*

  6. Those huge earrings are dangerous. You sure that pool is for swimming? or for posing? What if you bump each other in the water and accidentally hook onto those earrings. Ugh. Not a pretty sight.

  7. ok ok…….Kenny nice pics …….nice~~~~ legs……and of course nice view *of phuket that is* oh and the sun set in Singapore is definately no where close to phuket…and some of the beaches here in m’sia, example Redang has very nice sun set without the cargo ships…

  8. Kenny, you are right. Sentosa is a richman’s playground. In fact, the whole of Singapore is a richman’s playground. Singapore has 2 Asian games gold medallists. 1 in 1982 and 1 in 2006 last year won by an imported China lady swimmer. I dont feel proud at all although I am Singaporean as this place is no longer what it used to be.

  9. Who says Singapore doesn’t have gold medalists in the swimming category?!!
    In a matter of fact, we are the BEST! In the ASEAN region at least =p

  10. You should check out the music of thievery corporation, st.germain, and tortured soul. the del mar stuff can get momotonous. but the club in sg looks hot bra!

  11.’s soooo hilarious la dis blog..
    you know kenny you’re just waiting to get flamed again as in previous post!
    Are you retarded or simply naive?
    Singapore does have gold medalists in swimming category!! Just because they wear accessories in the pools doesn’t mean they can’t swim long distance nor do backstrokes.

    Didnt know Kenny Sia would know about Borat, not bad.
    Thought u were a lala chai HAHAHAA jk jk .. πŸ˜›
    AH LIKE! (in borat accent)

  13. Kenny’s Coconut on fire again ..LOL. Next time do some research la before postin. LoL. But I think you did that on purpose. Nice pics btw, damn…haven’t been to Sentosa for at least 10 yrs

  14. Actually apart from the cargo ships, you’re dead wrong Kenny.
    With all the pollution from the oil refineries in the southern islands, we get do get much more dramatic/fiery sunsets than Phuket.
    It all depends on the weather conditions, clouds, how you take the photos etc. etc.

  15. Geesh! Some people are so defensive, don’t get the joke and taking statement out of context. Listen to some chillout music like Kenny suggest. Hahaha…

  16. I know what you mean about watching the sun go down in Phuket. It’s lovely way up in Thailand. I go up there so many times a year just to get away. and the water’s absolutely beautiful too. I miss that place. if you really want comfort, you can try Ko tao. The beaches there are quite peaceful (saving for the full moon party period which I avoid at all costs) and the island’s the least commercialised amoung the trilogy (ko tao, ko Samui, Ko phagnan.)

  17. kenny i wish you would make your pictures desktop wallpaper sized =(
    i love your pictures. they’re my desktop wallpaper most of the time =D

  18. if ur into chillout, try
    gotan project – la revencha del tango
    it’s tango artistically blended with a remix of electronica!

  19. Hey Kenny 1st time today i’m viewing ur blogs… u r a pretty good writer not to mention an ever rising famous one….. hehehe… Look at the commnets and feedbacks u get from just one topic u put up!!!!! Hey i’m from Kuching too……
    Anyways u take care and Keep Blogging!

  20. kenny sia the dumbfuck. kenny sia must change to kennysai(kanasai). another back to back lameass blogger! poke you!

  21. who says singapore does not have gold medalist ?
    Actually sentosa is a place for leisure. Not for competitive swimming though. probably you can visit swimming complex , you can see more people wearing goggles.

  22. If you think Phuket is nice you should see the sun setting or the full moon’s reflection on Lac Léman.

  23. Kenny, your posts are beginning to suck. They no longer give me a good, hearty laugh.

  24. Hey Kenny, you’ve got a nice blog going and I realise you were just trying to make a humorous point about that lady in the pool with the sunglasses and earings. But it’s a little surprising that you’re not aware of Singapore’s strength in swimming. Water sports, especially swimming, are actually a Singaporean forte.
    Ang Peng Siong, for example, was once the WORLD’S faster man over 50m (1982) (and let’s not even talk about his 20 SEA Gold medals). Singaporean swimmer David Lim is a 19-time SEA Games Gold medallist. Joscelin Yeo also won numerous SEA Games swimming Golds including 9 Golds in 1998. Singaporean swimmer Junie Sng won 10 Golds from just one SEA meet (1983) and two Golds at the Asian Games when she was just 14 years old (becoming the youngest person ever to do so).

  25. Ayoh, some of you Singaporeans get all worked up over some remark made in jest by a Malaysian and yet be proud of a dimwit like XiaXue.go figure. O bite me…I’m not from either country but just an unbiased obeserver.

  26. hi, i think u’d love this as much as i do.
    Listen to:
    Andres Linetzky, Enesto Romeo
    Latin Lounge (Putumayo)

  27. Most Singaporeans are dimwits..a Taiwan politician won’t call them ‘stupid’ for nothing hehehe… forgive me! :PPP

  28. I’m really glad Singapore is resident to this legendary bar. But I’m sure the sunset parties will improve over time… and those bloody cargo ships will be gone (hopefully).
    But still… glad you got the opportunity to chill-out there. Cafe del Mar music is certainly a fine departure from the maddening tekno music that’s devastated/devastating much of Brunei, and Eastern Malaysia.
    All teh best!

  29. u should take picture of the bugis/gurkha at the singapore border without their permission n see what they do to u. do it at ur own risk. i’m not responsible for any problems whatsoever.

  30. Hi there, Kenny. I’m a frequent visitor of your blog and I find it rather interesting. Here’s my blog but I only blog about the weird dreams that I get every now and then.

  31. indeed singapore used to import athletes from china to be in their sports career nowadays.dun be too proud of achievement relying on ppl outside

  32. IWILL NEVER GO BACK TO CAFE DEL MAR SINGAPORE EVER AGAIN and i will tell all my friends what a joke the place is. i had bad experiences all 3 times i was there. the staff are so unfriendly, the food is horrible and watered down drinks just makes it show how bad the place is managed. their managers cant even speak english to save their lives.
    it just goes to show how bad things can go when u buy a big brand and ruin it. the music is another issue, why are they playing house music when its a chillout brand? it makes no sense!
    why spend all that money on a place and hire shit people to run it? i would urge people to go to coast’s or km8 where the service is much better and the food and drinks are higher in quality.
    i think they wasted their money with a brand like that, they should have just named it cafe del shit.

  33. I am sorry to disappoint whoever is interested.
    The bloody cushions at Cafe Del Mar are covered with molds.
    The plastic cups are embedded with dirt.
    The service is lousy. The staff doesn’t understand what a smoking corner is.
    My Mojito’s mint leaves were yellowish. I was given black colored mint leaves. (Mohito should have fresh mint leaves.) I mean if i wanted to have tea (black leaves), i would have gone somewhere else, not Cafe Del Mar.

  34. I love music of cafe del mar tooo, will never get bored.. but where is this place in Singapore? does it open for public?

  35. Malaysia oso dun hv gold medalist wat…
    I oso like Del Mar. I juz celebrated my bday ther. It’s really nice, i love it. BUT the service sucks BIG BIG time.

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