Instant Noodle Desperados

It’s amazing what people can come up with when there’s a contest with a big sum of money on the line.

A while back I wrote about this contest Maggi is running, asking fans to send in their homemade videos showing how much they love their instant noodles. I checked back the Maggi website today to look at some of the qualified entries and man, are Malaysians getting more and more creative or what.

Some of these amateur homemade videos are actually pretty good! You bet those executives at Maggi Headquarters must be sitting there, enjoying their instant noodles in a cup, wearing their suit and tie, getting a kick out of watching us common folks do foolish things just to win the RM5,000 grand prize.

First thing that caught my attention was this guy who sang a horrendous Cantonese song professing his love for Maggi Mee.

Then there’s this brilliant submission by a contestant who used computer animation to make a cat and mouse “talk” about the instant noodles.

But my most favourite video entry of all, has gotta be this D-grade horror flick spoof, titled “Toilet Ghost”.

A stroke of genius or a showcase of desperate people acting silly? These people love their food so much, it’s almost like they wanna marry a yellow cup of instant noodles and have kids with them.

Watch more at the Maggi website and laugh your backside off.

Here’s three steps to quickly lose your business:
1. Advertise a major weekend promotion starting at 10am.
2. Keep your doors closed until 1.5 hours past the supposed opening time.
3. When there’s finally a big crowd forming outside your store, tell your security guards to yell at them, “Go home and sleep!”
Well done, Digital Mall PJ.

46 Replies to “Instant Noodle Desperados”

  1. Some of them are damn stupid… and that’s understatement. Some are brilliant. We’ll that’s life…

  2. Wow so many good videos hahaha well done Maggi fans =p
    The thing is many of us grow up eating Maggi mee, hahaha or at least tried them?? haha Maggi has evolved from fast to serve to convinience in a cup, we should apploud them.
    And I guess witht the prize money thing, Maggi gets to find out how to do its next advert?? hehhee and all for only 5k its well worth it if you ask me………

  3. everytime u do something like this, i feel like eating maggi mee.
    a piping hot bowl of curry flavored maggi with just the tangy bounce in the noodles and MSG laden soup.

  4. Urh.. some ppl say eating too much magee is no good, this is because of the wax that containts. Magee is tasty indeed but not to eat them excessively…

  5. It’s so obvious this post is paid for by Maggi. Just as your “Prepaid Wars” one was paid by Maxis. At least other bloggers put up an “Advertorial” label when they’re paid to write.

  6. somehow i don’t find any of them remotely funny. maybe i have a bad sense of humour or malaysians are just easily amused.

  7. LOL..This is my first time writing a comment, though I’ve read your blog for quite long. Know why I’m finally leaving a comment?
    Cause..XDXDXD when I went back to your archieves to see the other blog entry about Maggi, I saw that video you made. Hahahaha! And I realised that you have man-boobs! LOL. I couldn’t resist saying this. Sorry though..if I offended you in any way. *cackles* Man-boobs..Hehe. XD
    (And yes, I know this is off topic.)

  8. heck… i don’t think kenny is paid to write this post… i mean… it’s all his feelings about this whole thing dude/dudette… and… if he’s paid… will he write something like ‘laugh your backside off’?? i don’t think so…
    nice post kenny… =) i like the cat and mouse one… kinda creative… and yeah… it’s just 5k for a new idea for maggi advertisement… quite worth it i would say… at least they can spice up our tv commercials!! it’s getting boring these days… probably coz it’s always repeating and no new idea… lolz…

  9. Hey Kenney, who really goes into a public toilet without latching the door? Exhibitionist, eh? I guess that’s the nature of Maggi Mee, straight in and straight out just like laxative hehehee… If you like funny animal commercials look for Blockbuster commercials on the the net.

  10. These people are bloody lame. They’re whoring themselves for a measly sum. I could retrieve that much by just snapping my fingers and getting my servile slave to hand me that exact amount, in cash, before giving me an emasculating pedicure and announcing me the world’s prettiest metrosexual (My eyelashes are to die for).
    And that is BEFORE he dresses me in a pink tutu.
    (Actually, I’m just bitter I didn’t think of doing the pseudo-ghost clip first. Blast you belated spark of creativity.)

  11. Absolutely KanataKuchingLung!
    That toilet ghost clip was scary…not because it was frightening, but because it makes me think of Maggi Mee as a laxative!

  12. If you continue posting advert-entries in your blog, you will lose 80% of your readers. Good money but not worth it.

  13. Errrrrmmmmm whats up with the accusition here??
    come on, dont assume Kenny is getting paid to do this entry….even if it did, what has it got to do with you??
    YOu read his entries for free you know? so quit whinning and take your barking some where else……
    Kenny deserves better then the likes of you…….

  14. I agree with the 2 comments above,
    To you lamers: If kenny getting paid is such a BIG issue to u, then fckn dont read papers and watch TV coz they’re fckn bombarded with adverts every fckn minute.
    You’re just pretending to be smart coz u think it MIGHT BE a paid for writing.
    But if its funny, who the fck cares if he’s paid or not

  15. And Mr. Unfunny kenny,
    “If you continue posting advert-entries in your blog, you will lose 80% of your readers. Good money but not worth it”
    Not 80% but 0.01%, which is you alone…

  16. nestle owns maggi.. n nestle is frking rich they can do anything irregardless of the $ just to get their brand in to the markets’ heads

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