So Hardworking

I love Malaysia.
Only in this country can you see a politician donning a construction worker’s hard hat, painstacking laying bricks on a building. All for the love of community.

Poor guy. He didn’t even have time to change out of his expensive batik shirt!

Nicole and I have just submitted our application for The Amazing Race Asia 2. Keeping our fingers crossed. 😉

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  1. oh hey im kenny’s biatch i stay up all night so that i can say im one of the first ones to post. doesnt matter what his post contents are, i still stayed up for it and can brag about it to my friends in standard 2 biru.
    haha! better than winning at catching.

  2. Wow. What a show. Keep it up Kenny. Help us all open up our eyes on our ‘hardworking’ politicians who bring cameramen with them.
    Good stuff! =)

  3. you’ve been quiet about nicole. good to hear you’re together again! i think we’ll now get to meet her cos you’d probably make the amazing race cut.

  4. such dedication he has. If only other malaysians were like him, our country would be soo much more productive.

  5. lol what do you expect from politicians…
    it’s just for show ok, for SHOW. you think they really serious meh…
    if they’s an oscar for politicians malaysian politicians should be able to fish out a number of prizes.

  6. Do you guys think it’s very funny and good to laugh at politicians? There’re a lot more stupid politicians that we could laugh at, but I do not think Ong Ka Ting is the one… You guys suck… so superficial… Based on a photo, you guys could interpret all the negative attribution..
    Wawasan 2020 is too far away not just because of the political conditions in our country, but also how childish people like you all behave..
    If you guys are so good at it, why not you all go out to lead the country rather than barking here?

  7. wuf wuf wuf!! we love barking at something that’s wrong. why are we seeing this only during an election? our hardworking politicians care so much about us that they don’t mind working as a bricklayer.

  8. whats wrong with ong ka ting? at least he’s doing better than samy vellu or even pak lah, oh please kenny, get a better target to shoot

  9. Ok…
    Mr ATT…
    If you were the politician.. Make sure you do that every day…which I do not think you would be.. because if you think only what you believe is right… You’re being too objective.. People like you would never get to see the other side…
    In psychology…they call it egocentric bias

  10. ffs it happens everywhere in the world my friend. this is so overstated. please get your facts right before stating something so blatantly stupid.

  11. This picture could be taken to set an example? I agree that sometimes it is for show, but some cases are genuine. Of coz…the batik was a give-away. 😛

  12. Dont say like that lar, maybe thats part of the ground breaking ceremony??
    SO whats wrong with bringing camera men to withness the ground breaking ceremony by our minister??
    ANd he even did it with his batik on…….give him some credit for it……>.

  13. Ong Ka Ting is no angel. He is not doing thing for the benefits of Chinese. Look at the many issues where the MCA keep quiet. Ong Ka Ting and the rest of MCA dogs are the slave for UMNOputra

  14. I think you would be….. Amusing… on the AMA2. Do it Kenny! Do it!!! Then if you get booted I can say, those bastards killed Kenny!

  15. Kenny i believe sometimes you take things too far. Though I personally believe you really care for this country, there are a lot more of your readers who are not as mature as you, who conveniently jump on the bandwagon that you pull, and take convenient pot shots at people. Please do think about the amount of influnce you wield. Ong Ka Ting is, i believe, a good man. A lot of your readers could do with a little less easy criticism and a lot more soul searching before they condemn so easily.If your readers really care about the country, let me ask, how many of them are helping the less fortunate? Do they spend time doing charity? how much of their hard earned income do they give away. How many of them actually bothered to drag themselves out of bed to vote in the last election? Do they even know who their ADUN/MP is? Kenny, I believe that with the amount of influence you have, you could post much more inspiring posts that would actually help people see beyond the superficial. Cheers

  16. LAME stunt… as usual la… all the construction workers work days and nites to build the building…and then they purposely leave a hole somewhere…then this ministers will come…patch up the hole…and voila! their hardwork!

  17. hope u’ll get into amazing race asia!! i din watch the 1st season, but if u and nicole’s in it, i’m watching season 2!!!

  18. be mature enough kenny not even mention the name why u have to get the egg search for the born tagal tagal …..fell sorry for u

  19. i cant stand but laugh after seeing lim kit siiang’s comment. Why must you all overeact? Kenny din dirrectly say that Ong Kar Ting was acting, maybe he was just pointing out the obviously stupid misdressing for the wrong occasion?

  20. hahahahahahah i will only respect ong ka ting or whosoever that fight for the right of any MALAYSIAN that can be the PM. i thought we are a multiracial community which is striking to become one MALAYSIAN.. so when is the turn anyone from MCA,MIC,PPS etc can become the PM? if that ka ting is so good, he should make this is main obj as a whoever say he is a good politician.
    In politics, there will never be Equality!

  21. u yourself overeact ESSIEN when kenny mentioned ong kar ting name u yourself say it and further more i am not lim kit siiang only kit siiang OK silly open up your eye

  22. Hey Kenny, who the hell is this politician? From the comments I assume this is Ong Kar Ting and minister of what? Please enlighten those of us who are not familiar with the local politics. I would lump most politicians together with all the rest of the bottom feeders like used car salemen, lawyers, etc. The only time you see a politician doing some public work is when an election is near. Funny blog though, maybe he is minister for fashion, hahaha…

  23. Aiyoo u go feature this worst chinese politician in the country. He’s the one who calls himself as the one who represents all the chinese in malaysia and the fact is – he’s the one who `sia shew’ all the Chinese in msia

  24. what the heck is wrong with you kenny? you’ve gone too SOFT lar. c’mon! u can do better than tat!

  25. Hmmm.. look at those people at the back! They don’t put on their safety helmet! Am wondering if they even put on their safety boots. Now where’s the safety-at-construction-sites policies?!!

  26. leave kenny ALONE why dont you? if you think that the page is too superficial and what not — just navigate away! easier that way no?

  27. Hmmm….. apparently our politician is not doing a good job on the brick. Look, the cement is coming out from the bottom!

  28. everything politicians do will be a hoo-ha…like there’s a tree planted in my campus by the wife of one of the ex prime ministers…hmmmm….

  29. Productivity Malaysian stlye. You need 5 people to do the job – 1 does the ‘work’ and the rest observe. Bravo!

  30. kit siiang nonononon, i wasn’t pointing at you when i said people overeacted. i was pointing at those who simply abuse kenny’s blog with stupid comments. maybe i should have separated my paragraphs >

  31. Ong Ka Ting looks like a good decent man. But he is not capable of doing much for us chinese considering the circumstances now. MCA’s been pretty quiet for some time. UMNO sits on them.
    oh well… MALAYSIA BOLEH! LaY the BRICKS

  32. Politician wearing a blue and white batik while laying cement on bricks, most probably signifying that election is just around the corner. Of course Malaysia Boleh!

  33. Oh great. Another bunch of whiny bitches complaining about local politics. Why don’t you fellows register as voters and give them a piece of your minds during the next GE?

  34. Oh great. For something as trivial as a batik wearing construction worker, today’s entry sure has a bunch of whiny bitches complaining about local politics. What’s the god damn point of voicing stupid comments on politicians on blogs? Why don’t you 21-and-older dumbasses (younger people are pardoned) register as voters and give them a piece of your minds come the next GE?

  35. Actually, politicians are really good people, they go out of their way to help the rakyat. Yes, and pigs can fly too.

  36. Yeah..those whiny bitches..why dont you just make fun of those politicians like Kenny, you cant fight them so relax and lets laugh

  37. do u watching singapore’s movie??? expecially Liang zhi qiang produced de movie.. his movie always hit the point…
    such as im not stupid boy1&2 n the day im at the government department(im guess the title) very touching .

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