I’m On Reality TV

So I’m gonna be on reality TV… well, at least as a cameo anyway.

I went to Penang a while ago because a girl there by the name of Joo Nee Oh sent me an e-mail and invited me over for the opening of her dance studio.
If it weren’t for the sincerity of her invitation, I might have my doubts. But the fact is, she was so sincere that her e-mail to me sounded like this.

Dear Kenny, I sincerely sincerely would like to invite you as my VVIP guest. I will have no hesitations to fly you down from Sarawak if you agree and your accommodation will also be provided at Cititel Hotel Penang. I know it’s not exactly a five-star hotel but my finances are really tied down by the budget allocated to us by the sponsors. Believe me, if I had the means I wouldn’t mind sending Paris Hilton over to Sarawak to escort you over. But to prove my sincerity, I’ll throw in a tour of the Penang brothels and the best Penang Char Koay Teow for you. :p

And so I flew to Penang. It’s the brothels that did it for me. What a smart lass.

They would be more useful if they could help carry my luggage.

Actually no, we didn’t get to tour the Penang brothels. Nevermind that ‘cos I don’t advocate those kinda stuff anyway. To me, paying for sex is like paying for parking: if you can get it for free, why pay for it?
On a more serious note, Joo Nee is one of four finalists from a TV show called Nescafe Kickstart. It is basically an entreprenuerial reality show much like The Apprentice, only with more of a local Malaysian flavour, minus that billionaire with a bad haircut who likes to fire people.

If you haven’t yet caught the show (7pm Saturdays on TV3), go watch it. It is one of the best local productions yet. I’m not lying.
If you think I’m only saying that because I am in one of the episodes, then you are absolutely right.

Joo Nee’s studio is called Let’s Dance and is located on the 28th floor of Northam Tower A, Penang.
Before all these happened, Joo Nee was a struggling accountant with an IT firm punching numbers into computers 8 hours a day. She threw that all away when the opportunity came along with Nescafe Kickstart, and the smart girl decided to take a HUGE risk quitting her job to start her own business.

Within 2 months, the 24-year-old amassed enough sponsors to finance her project. On the 10th February, Let’s Dance was finally declared open.
I was there to witness it.

Of course, this being a dance studio, there were tons of dance performances lined up.
The highlight being Joo Nee Oh shaking her Shakira.

Then there were hip hop dancers who danced like they could somehow defy gravity.

I also can defy gravity.

Ok fine, I’m not very good at it.
Unfortunately for me, someone at the dance studio filmed me trying to dance hip hop and posted it up on Youtube.

I’m not sure which episode of Nescafe Kickstart I’ll be in, but let’s hope there’s less embarrassing footage of me on TV.

Let’s Dance studio is now open, functioning as a dance school by day and doubles as a dance club by night. For as low as RM6.25 per lesson, you can learn sexy belly dancing, latin, hip hop or other dances, and help Joo Nee’s small business grow big in the process.
They are good. Confirm you will dance better than me one lah. And make sure you catch the show 7pm Saturdays on TV3.

I think this move is called “Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall”

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This blog entry is sponsored by Joo Nee Oh. If you have something against advertising on blogs, pretend you didn’t read the previous paragraphs.

First look at baby Lecia. I have a feeling she’s gonna grow up to become a cute young little girl.

94 Replies to “I’m On Reality TV”

  1. OMG.. that is embarassing! LoL… I did the same during Taekwondo Training as well… just dat I fell on sand..
    Hope your butt’s alright.. haha!

  2. why must fight to be # whatever?
    the girl is pretty, and looks darned flexible ok! give her credit for that, AND that she has bigger balls than many of us guys for quitting her day job and taking up the challenge of starting her own biz.
    and she has brains as well, inviting kenny over and all.
    good luck to her!

  3. wow! she’s blessed man, even if you dare to quit your job, what can you open up man, painting? heh, cool! where is that place aagian?

  4. lol, no wonder this joo nee person sound so familiar la…
    there was an article on star 2 a while back, Oh Joo Nee ler, kenny, don’t make her name sound so high-class

  5. WOW i m no. 18 !!!!!
    Ya .. belly dancing.. i’ve been wanting to learn that for soooo long.
    Kenny, u look like a clumsy goat doing the flip …. waaaakaakakaka .. good try though ..

  6. No.22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE THIS GAME

  7. oo..I think Kenny has gained weight..looks chubby already! haha, hou sik, hou chuu!
    P/s: Hope that “smack down” flip didnt hurt!

  8. lecia sounds a lil like part of felicia/alicia…” kinda reminds me of felicity for some reason. the kids look alike.

  9. so kewt! i meant lecia…XD
    cool..its great to see young people like us taking risks and succeeding in the end! go girl!

  10. That’s a pretty girl, that is! I hope your butt and back is alright though! But don’t stop shakin’ babe!

  11. Your blatant honesty on this blog advertisement may just spur a new genre of sponsored advertising . . . kudos to you and to Miss Oh as well . . . good luck to the both of you

  12. That’s a pretty decent somersault you did there. a lot of people couldn’t even get the vertical upside down part done right.

  13. Kenny, cool entry, but I think you were really disgusting and degrading to women about brothels, women are people, not priceless meat that you can have sex with now and then, come on, morals?

  14. Hey Kenny, here you go again. Don’t want to sound like I am preaching but really what is the difference between the sex workers in the aft mentioned brothel and yourself? Both get paid for doing something, not that there is anything wrong with that. Stand up and be strong and not be tempted by freebies that you could well afford yourself.

  15. Dear Dakota + KanataKuchingLung,
    I think you misunderstood me. I have nothing against prostitutes working at brothels.
    I do, however, have something against men who already have wives and girlfriends visiting brothels and pay for sex. That is the reason why I wrote, “paying for sex is like paying for parking: if you can get it for free, why pay for it?”
    And just for the record, kennysia.com wholeheartedly supports and respects all prostitutes.

  16. the third picture, the one the girl is dancing. the reflection of the white guy in the mirror, looks as if he was jerking off back there.

  17. Damn she’s hot! Lawl. Special guest appearance by Kenny Sia? Hahahaa, you look like a baby rolling over and falling on its bumm in the video

  18. Kennysia is not only a cute HumpTy DumpTy, he actually has a cute Belly too~~ haha… You guys should watch the show, and see Kennysia dance with his “LITTLE BELLY”!
    I am SO HAPPY that everybody is giving me encouragements & supports! GO Let’s Dance!Checkout my website http://www.letsdancemalaysia.com for more photos, or seeing Kenny in action. I am really worried during my Opening day,I might need to call for ambulans if Kennysia hurt himself attempting all those stunts. :p

  19. W0W Dude, hope you didnt break your coconuts while doing that move……it looks painful………ouch……..and Kenny as always, you never fail to entertain the audience…hehehe bravo, lets just hope you dont break more stuff when you shake ur booty?? hahha =p
    Btw really admire Joo Nee for her courage to quit her job and follow her dreams, not many people have what it takes to go the distance…..hopes she makes it big, and she smoking hot too….^^

  20. Wah Kenny, what have u done to offend Xiaxue, her blogsite no longer link to urs, what happen uh? U kena removed….

  21. How if someone from Kuching wants to go for the dance classes? Is it only in Penang? Belly dancing sounds interesting.

  22. I wondered why she would rather invite you instead of Paris Hilton if she had the funds.
    Think you’re way hotter than Paris Hilton. LOL

  23. i wanna learn belly dancing!!!
    but y it’s in Penang? y not Selangor?PJ??
    Kenny, let’s open a branch, one in Selangor, another in Kuching.

  24. So unthankful!! She didn’t say thank you to Kenny Sia when she was asked to give credits after she was announced as kickstart winner yesterday.

  25. “..that billionaire with a bad haircut who likes to fire people.” lol you’re funny.. thts why i read ur blogs. and yeah u seem to know everything

  26. hehe look at thatt cibai in photo #2 staring like a cibai at Joo Nee’s ass.. ooh yeah mmm arrr.. rarr (oh shit I am a cibai too X)

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