Today, Turns One

It’s‘s 1 year old birthday!
Not like anyone should care, really. 😉 But it’s my birthday and I can cry I want to.

I registered “” on the 1st January 2005 and initally it was hosted on the cheap $3.95 per month servers, running content management system Movabletype as its backbone. Soon afterwards, tag-board (Chatterbox) was installed, adding much life and interactivity on the website.
By April 2005, after experiencing one too many downtimes and bandwidth overshots, it became clear that has outgrown it’s old host and I made the much delayed decision to migrate to the very reliable Site5 servers which I faithfully stayed with until today. By November 2005, plagued once again by extreme bandwidth overshots on, I launched as a sister site to host huge bandwidth-eating audio and video files, and hopefully putting an end to my server nightmares.

The decision to start was made on an impulse and never had I imagined that it would become as popular as it is today. Throughout it’s existence I have made a lot of wrong decisions and, whether intentionally or unintentionally, made a few enemies and offended many people in the process. However, these are nothing compared to the many fruitful friendships I’ve established across Kuching, KL and Singapore as a result of my blog. That, in itself, is a priceless gift that no one can take away from me.
What is your favourite KFC moment?
For me, the following entries represent the best (and worst) of in 2005.

Top 4 Most Impactful Entries of 2005
April 01, 2005 –April Fool’s: Making Fun of Myself
Introducing Kimberlycun, owner of Malaysia’s smoothest pair of legs, and coincidentally the author of that fantastic blog with a fantastic title, “Narcissism Is Necessary”.

Introducing… my legs.

I wrote this entry shortly after I joined Project Petaling Street and became fascinated by the popularity of some bloggers. was relatively unknown back then.
A lot of people hailed this entry its turning point (for better or worse). It’s kinda hard to argue with the facts. The hit counters shot from mere hundreds to thousands after Dr Liew and Mr Miyagi linked to me. This started a snowball effect that lasted several months.
Kinda amazing when you think I was just acting very stupid in that entry.

May 24, 2005 – XiaXue And I Are Getting Married!
Meet our future daughter, Wenny Sia.

Of the five bloggers I parodied in the April’s Fool entry, The Hustler Diaries became defunct, HB ended up becoming my occasional drinking buddy, Kimberlycun and I fell out for some absurd reasons, Jeff Ooi and I found new respect for each other, and Xiaxue proposed to me (fake one lah).
Another stupid entry, but when I think about it, I think this exchange kinda marks the start of some tight Malaysia-Singapore “cross-blogospherical” interactions.

June 14, 2005 – Datuknametoolongitis
How bad can this get? I thought those were the worst, I have no idea.
Until I came face to face… with The Mother of All Long Roundabout Names.


DOUBLE the “Datuk”, DOUBLE the “Abang Haji”, DOUBLE THE OOMPH!!!

The popularity of this entry on Kuching’s notoriously long road names is quite unexpected. I was merely writing about the culture shock I experienced when I returned home. A few weeks later, I heard rumours of it being circulated via forwarded e-mails, all the way to the desks of StarMetro in KL and The New Paper in Singapore.
6 months later, StarMetro contacted me and I agreed to let them publish the entry (for an agreed fee of course). Coincidentally, the nephew of one of the Datuks “featured” felt insulted, flew in a rage and wrote a scathing message against me in the notorious-for-flames Sarawaktalk forum. Ouch. When I wrote it, who would’ve thought something like this could’ve happened eh?

August 03, 2005 – Kenny Sia Replies To Furong Jiejie
The worst thing is, Furong Jiejie wants ME to print out this picture and hang it over my bed tonight.

Excuse me while I vomit my dinner out.
I don’t know what to say.
Thank you Furong Jiejie for your “sexy picture”.
But I’d rather hang this picture over my bed tonight instead.

Ericka told me someone at her workplace liked this entry so much, he bloody printed out THAT Furong Jiejie photo and put up on his partition wall. That freak!
Top 4 Most Offensive Entries of 2005
I’m no angel and I don’t profess myself to be one. I want this blog to be the most honest thing I have ever done in my entire life. Sometimes I’m brash, sometimes I’m careless, sometimes I hurt people’s feelings.
Two things usually happen from then on. If I realise I did something wrong, I WILL retract my comment and I WILL sincerely apologise. I’ve done it before. It’s not that hard.
BUT. If I think people are being unreasonable, I will stand by my stance and people are simply gonna have to accept that that’s the way I am. Call me stubborn, call me egotistical. At least I’m HONEST. And don’t give me that “As Malaysia’s top blogger you must do this and that” bullshit. I take none of that crap.

July 19, 2005 – The Siarong Party Girl Controversy
A disgusting and shameful act or a naughty but hedonistic fun? No one got hurt right?

September 27, 2005 – In The Media And My So-Called “Fame”
Yea, I went too far that time.

November 12, 2005 – Singapore Very Safe One

This one I was being careless. Sorry.

December 20, 2005 – “Merry Christmas” Is Another Way Of Saying Screw You
Everyone ignored the rest of that entry because of that ONE sentence that I wrote. *groan*
Top 4 Entries I Used To Be Able To Write, But Not Anymore
What initially started out as a website to share my thoughts and interests with a few of mine like-minded friends (thanks Kim and Irene), eventually grew into an audience that includes not only my group of friends, but long-lost friends, families, strangers, cousins, uncles, ex-crushes, ex-colleagues, current colleages, business associates, my ex-boss, former highschool teachers, magazine editors, newspaper editors, the police, the Home Ministry, politicians, government officials, etc.
The reactions people who knew me in real life have when they first discover my blog was usually one of surprise and disappointment. They’re upset that they believe I’d tainted my image with what I write on my blog. I admit, I think it’s pretty difficult for them to swallow the fact that Kenny, who’s usually pretty quiet and decent in real life, would touch on the topics I did on my blog. Forgive me people, just because I don’t talk about these topics in real life doesn’t mean I don’t think about them.
Regardless, I’ve already toned down A LOT of my act and chances are, you won’t see topics like these anymore. It’s unfortunate but it has to be done. Here are top 4 of my favourite entries that I enjoyed writing, but can no longer do so because of “the image” I had to protect.

January 08, 2005 – United Colors of Benetton Condoms
UCB Condom on rack
Ever seen a designer-brand condom?

February 17, 2005 – Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom Review
Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom - Front
Whose kind of sick idea was this?

April 19, 2005 – The Hustlergate Scandal
One of the biggest controversies to rock the Malaysian blogosphere last year, which resulted in the downward spiral and the eventual blogicide of one of our erotic bloggers.

June 13, 2005 – The Sarong Party Girl Controversy
One of the biggest controversies to rock the Singaporean blogosphere last year, which resulted in the rapid ascension to fame and the eventual fortune of one of their erotic bloggers.
Top 4 Emo Posts of 2005
Because I am human and I have feelings too.
May 05, 2005 – The Last 25 Hours
I wrote this because I want to forever remember how I felt during that day.
May 07, 2005 – Four Days and a Funeral
I hit the absolute lowest point in my entire life.
August 20, 2005 – I Want To Go Back To Perth

Wondering if I have made the right decision.
September 23, 2005 – Ayam That Guy
A meme turned emotional.
Top 4 Hate Comments of 2005
Hate comments and blogs are made for each other. In fact, I don’t think anyone should start a blog if they cannot be prepared to handle hate comments.
Over the past one year, I’ve received so many hate comments that honestly, I’m pretty much immune to it already. I can’t change people say about me but I can change the way I react to it. Besides, these days people just nitpick at every single thing they can. Here are the 4 most absurd hate comments I’ve received.

“You’re one of those with self-given Christian names I see. Pathetic.”

~ bodco, in Kuching Parking 101, who thought it’s pathetic that my parent-given name ‘Kenny’ wasn’t printed on my driver’s license.

8 months old

“Fuck you lah Kenny,
She is just a little baby and you have to do this to her just so that you can satisfy your egoistic and selfish to attract more readers??? Ever thought about how she would feel when she’s older? How would you feel if your uncle or somebody had taken a picture of you when you were a baby showing your ku ku to the rest of the world so that he can juice up his personal website? “

~ Nick, in Pinku, who thinks a baby’s innocent middle finger is the equivalent of the male penis.

“His act really sia soi bloggers from Sarawak. I got to voice this out as no one would like to talk about KennySia bad stuff or else kenak shoot by him till very the bad. This is true wad. Is he consider as a part of Malaysia Blogosphere ? From my opinion, NO. He is somoene who likes to “hu” the balls and the papaya of the Singaporean famous bloggers.”

~ “kcyap” Justin Yap, in his blog, a fellow Kuchingnite not too happy about my association with bloggers from Singapore.

“OMG.. i don’t comment generally.. but my first thoughts are the video of the CHILD going down the water slide.. is that a bit paedophilic or what?! Please take it off it’s disturbing.. point made :-)”

~ Veus, in When A Good Layout Isn’t Exactly Important, who called me paedophile when all I did was showing animations of little girls in one-piece bathers going down the waterslide.
Funny how in that same entry I had the music video of Crazy Frog with his exposed dick playing, and yet she didn’t accuse me of being a perverted crazy gay frog assbanger.
For what it’s worth, the journey has been wild but fun, and I can only thank you guys for joining in for the ride. Thanks for the support. As corny as it sounds, without you the readers, will be nothing but empty words.
Here’s to a fantastic year it was and a great year ahead of us. Cheers!

Is my blog taking a long time to load? It seems perfectly fine on my side of things.

98 Replies to “Today, Turns One”

  1. regardless of what ppl think, i think you’re doing fine.
    you’re just speaking your mind. who gives a rats ass or a birds nest what you think?
    its jus funny stuff. ahhaha all the idiot comments made were really funny.

  2. I only started reading you after Xiaxue featured you. hahah!! I think lots of Xiaxue readers read you, after the marriage thingo. ahahah!!!

  3. Hi Mr Sia,
    With regards to the photo (, which has been used in your site,, I would like to inform you the copyrights of that particular picture belong to both, and myself, Kimberly Cun.
    Kindly remove the photo immediately, or legal actions will be taken.
    Yours Sincerely,
    p/s: Just kidding. I got that same mail from an idiotic bitch. Hahahahahahahaha

  4. controversy or no, bad comments or no, u’re still a great read. been reading u since XX mentioned u in her blog. no regrets. u’re great. keep it up. hope u’ll keep us entertained n thinking for many more years to come. cheers! happy new year!

  5. Hahaha ! Happy Birthday to you!!! I have been introduced to ur site since the end of 2005…my friend’s words were,…have u read Since then, i am ADDICTED! I can’t believe how funny u were. Two thumbs up! After this post i’m surprised how some people think that your posts were offensive. Guess there are just 2 sides of everything huh? Generally i think your posts were interesting and not offensive… It’s a big sacrifice to let your identity be known in the internet…who knows when one of your “stalkers” might pass you a What is KNNCCB note? hahahah Cheers and Happy Birthday!!!…I’m number 7 or 8…hehehe 😀

  6. with your site popularity, i am now worrin’ about your hosting pay. You can put ads and i dun mind actually. Just dun put up a donation like wiki does…haha

  7. hey kenny! Congratulations on the first birthday..and may there be millions more coming up..Your blogs Rocks..U are really brave to write about real life issues that many of which people ignore and tend to cover up..You show us the truth in many things that happen around us.. Good Luck!

  8. congrats Kenny, well a year has come and passed. Hope the new year is a fruitful and meaningful one for ya. Best of luck to u n Nicole. Surprise her with a visit on Valentine’s day.

  9. you know you’re good when there are people our there who hate you.
    great year, mr sia. and though i’d wish you a million more, that would be slightly obscene. but what the hey.

  10. I’m new to your site Kenny but am now a big fan since the day I discovered your blog about Kuching Food Festival or whatever you called it. Love ya blunt honesty which is rare in this society full of hypocrites. Ignore those sourgrapes. You are what you are and I am sure a lot of ppl love you for it, and I, for one, am very proud of ya, my dear fellow Kuchingnite, for being bloody outspoken. Perhaps we can ‘plan’ a chance meetup when I’m back to Kuching in Jan???

  11. Hi Kenny,
    I may not agree on what you write about sometimes (but of course you wouldnt care) , but still I have lots of fun reading it!
    Too bad you had now gone past the “controversy” post, (the one you are unable to post anymore) . Anyhow… keep us entertain… and keep your chin up!

  12. Happy birthday to your blog! I’ve always loved your writings. Most of the time, you pretty much hit the nail on the head, and the datuklonglongroadnames post WAS the truth anyway. But I guess someone will always have something to say about everything about somebody.
    You seem like a pretty decent guy in your posts too. Keep on writing what you write, and at least you’re one year wiser on blogolitics too. Happy blogging!
    P/S Would you be game for an actual Kuching blogger’s meet before I go back to Perth? KCyap said he’d organise it, but he hasn’t gotten down to it, so I’m trying to set the ball in motion. If anyone from Kuching besides my friends and I are game.

  13. had been reading your blog for almost a year too. entertaining, funny & attractive 😀 you are great, Kenny! JIAYOU !

  14. your blog has been the source of endless entertainment to my friends and i over the past year. as your readers we laugh with you and feel for you, so keep blogging and you’ll always have your fans like us. your blog is really good, don’t let critics bring you down, and keep being honest to yourself and your fans, we love you for that. happy birthday kennysia.(:
    from across the causeway,

  15. May the force be with you.
    May you always know when to let the head lead
    And when to let the CoCoNuts do the job..

  16. when read the datuk article in the star, juz thought to myself “this is sooooo funnny!!”. later discovered ur blog in oct and read back ur archives, omg, u r the guy who wrote dat! get hooked up, and keep pestering my sis, frens, etc etc to check out ur blog->and they get hooked up as well..ha
    have much fun reading ur blog (and the comments…). still remember that time after a very miserable exam, read ur blog, and it lightens up my day. ^.^
    happi bday~

  17. Happy Birthday!
    See quote: It’s not easy being green
    It’s not that easy bein’ green;
    Having to spend each day the color of the leaves.
    When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold,
    Or something much more colorful like that.
    It’s not easy bein’ green.
    It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things.
    And people tend to pass you over
    ‘Cause you’re not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water
    Or stars in the sky.
    But green’s the color of Spring.
    And green can be cool and friendly-like.
    And green can be big like an ocean,
    Or important like a mountain,
    Or tall like a tree.
    When green is all there is to be
    It could make you wonder why,
    But why wonder why? Wonder,
    I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful!
    And I think it’s what I want to be.
    -Kermit the frog-
    So it’s not easy being green, but you are who you are. Keep up the good job of entertaining us! Muahaha.

  18. HAHA well kenny, these ppl “eat full to free”, come to your blog and critisize at the things you write. being so anal for what? who died and made them blog experts?
    one thing that i really like about your blog is that you aren’t afraid to show your true self – cracking lame jokes and not afraid to show your sense-of-humour! i think that’s what’s needed to make a blog fun to read! 🙂
    do what you do best and i enjoy reading your posts! damn chat funny! kakakakakakakak~

  19. Happy Birthday!Wow celebrated with a cake from secret recipe haha.Anyway,all i can say is,ive read all your blog since the very start, and i find them hilarious and silly at times.Well,it’s true that not everyone can take it.But for you,stay strong,let your blog reflect who you are!Bring in the sense of humour in everyone who reads it!

  20. Wee… happy birthday ken. It`s really touching reading your blogs. I`m a new fan of yours.. still racing to read up all your blog entries.(and final`s coming soon, sigh)

  21. Wah! Congratulations! Happy Birthday! My blog only half a year old so you are my ‘kor kor‘. Heh!
    Always continue blogging and be true to yourself. Here’s to many more great years to come for

  22. read ur blog since it was in the newspaper interview, hooked since in nus..
    stil hooked..!!
    everyday 3 times..i check ur blog..haha..
    dun wori bout those stupid critics…
    ur blog rox!!
    btw..happy bday!

  23. dear kenny, your blog has really been a never-ending source of entertainment & laughs for me ever since i chanced upon it after searchin for a.fonseka in google. dun ask y.haha. I think what’s unique about your blog is that you are honest and blunt, yet genial & warm, extremely idiotic at times but still darn funny.
    Happy birthday to, and pLs keep writing, if not you’d be depriving all your desperate addicts here, apart from the DA herself, which i also read!=)

  24. Happy Bdae! I love your entries so keep it up ya! I even introduced ur blog to some of me frens. Hee~

    Go Kenny, don’t take the shit from the rest of the people giving you shit!! You write the well and r cool
    go go go
    It’s lots of fun to read your blog
    Can you please tell us more about yourself and xiaxue? 😉

  26. Thanks for a great year Kenny.
    Great writing and lots of fun being shared.
    Again , dont let those sourgrapes and the ‘so so high but low as dirt’ people scare u out of your passion of writing. If they do send u threats.. u can blog it too and there will be thousands of witness. (maybe u can put a disclaimer , enter on your own discretion and no offense should be taken should they choose to enter/read)
    Keep the good work up.. i think Malaysia became more well known especially Kuching due to your blog. The tourism of Kuching should thank you and pay u for your efforts.. Now the Kuching ’roundabout’ may become tourist spots as grand as Petronas Twin Towers.. courtesy of

  27. Kenny,

  28. i forget how i got to read ur blog, from xiaxue (maybe) or sassyjan…nevertheless, had been visiting everyday now..

  29. Recently “subscribed” to since my brother recommended ur site.
    Happy Birthday…
    Keep ’em comin.
    =) Fellow Swakian

  30. I only started reading your blog recently, and this entry gives me a great chance to see you at your best and “worst” (because to me, the only ‘worst’ there is to a person is when other people are threatened and defensive – and only want to tear you down). You are you, and it’s refreshing to read something genuine for once, rather than the usual ‘poser’ or ‘try-hard’ one can come upon in the blogging world.
    I just read your Perth entry and though I was in Australia for a much shorter period, and in a relationship for shorter than 4 years, I can relate to that entire entry. I came back to Malaysia, not only because I couldn’t afford to stay, but also to be with my family. I’m torn between feeling at home in Australia and Malaysia, I lost my father October last year, and I’m in a perpetual long-distance relationship; my being a Malaysian citizen and my partner being Australian.
    To know that there is someone who understands that confusion and pain makes me feel better, not because you are hurting (or were?), but because I’m not alone (because people who think they relate, are merely apart from their gfs/bfs for a few months, so they could never understand the pain of that uncertainty of the future).
    I don’t mean to trivialise your pain and take it as my own, or that it’s the same as mine. I hope you don’t take offence to what I said, it’s just that your entry moved me. I visited Perth while I was in Australia and although it was only 11 days, it was one of the few best times in my life. I’m not saying that I feel what you feel, but I honestly believe I understand and relate to it.
    I just had to ramble. My apologies if I overstepped my bounds. Happy 1st Birthday to … and take care 🙂

  31. All that and it’s only your first year! 2006 is going to be mofo. My vote for post of the year goes to Furong Jiejie. She may be woman, but she’s got balls to be prancing around like that.

  32. I only wish I have stumbled across your site sooner! Damn! 😛
    Thank you soo much for sharing your ups and downs .. and left and rights with us.
    We are humbled to be passengers of your roller coaster life.
    More power to you and

  33. A keen reader of the early days and still is today and enjoyed every bits of it.
    OK, I lied, perhaps most of it in particular those earlier entries.
    I must say the contents have changed considerably since and so are your newly acquired readers. Sometimes I do wonder if they have now becoming your targeted audience. I can’t imagine how tough it is to truly write your own mind and yet with audiences in mind.
    C’mon, bring back the old, bold and gutsy coconuts.
    Keep on blogging!

  34. Kenny, I just went through and noticed in yoru Hustlergate article you said that you didnt’ think ppl woul dbe willing to send photo’s of themselves or GF’s to a site. It depends who they are, Gene Simmons (of Kiss fame) get’s heaps sent to him.
    Check the ladies in waiting section.
    Um … did anyone take you up on that request?
    Just curious. 🙂

  35. this is your mental shitpot …and you write whatever the fuck you want!just as long as it’s harmless and legal lah of course. after become like that huai bin fella. if people don’t like your writing then they’ll just to fuck off lah right?

  36. A few of ur posts got me chocked wif laughter but too bad sumtimes u can be real nasty to xx, no hard feelings ok but shenrikuaile!*~*~

  37. Happy Birthday

    Be yourself Kenny and hopefully you will take some time and reflect with regards to the issue of self-censorship.
    Still waiting on the photos.

  38. Happy ist birthday to!!i really really enjoy reading your blog cuz it’s hilarious and also very truthful and honest.smths i really like the way you write about controversial stuffs,cuz no one out there really has got the guts to do it.aiya,who cares about what the others’ think?this is your blog,blog watever you want,be true to yourself!;)believe it or not,but i actually started reading ur blog since the day i googled for ‘Guang Liang’,and found your post on him.hahah,despite me being a fan,but i still think that your post was really funny.Have been reading it ever since;reading is like brushing my teeth…hahahah.nolar,not becuz i wanna keep my mouth clean by reading ur bloglar (can kah? ;))but it’s like an everyday routine to me.Thnx for all the laughs and tears~!may many more brilliant and wonderful years lie ahead of you and

  39. Alf + Cynical Idealist, drop me an e-mail and I’ll see what we can arrange. I’m always looking for an excuse to get out of the house. 😉
    Pope, I’ve noted that you’ve stopped leaving comments as well, which sucks because I’ve always enjoyed reading your comments. I cannot write the way I used to anymore. I do think of the audience when I write nowadays, partially because the audience now includes many people who are connected and close to me. What I write may not affect me, but it may affect them. It’s a fine act I need to balance.
    Dabido, no I haven’t got anything but spam. 🙁 Want some v|aGra? Maybe I could interest you in some debt consolidation service.
    ahlian, I think you’re a little too anal about my attitude towards xiaxue. Despite me poking fun at her online sometimes, I still love her to death. Friends who understand each other do it that way.
    LHM, nice to have met up with you in KL. I got a few other time-sensitive things to post up before I get to yours. 🙂 Please be patient.
    laineylashes, thanks laineybabes! Catch you again next time I’m in town.

  40. Happy Birthday!! You’ve been such a wonderful daily feed to keep me sane at work! has been a great companion. Keep it up!

  41. My dearest Kenny – Happy 1st Birthday! I loved reading your entries, food for thoughts as well as great entertainment. A lot of my friends do too.
    As for what you went through in 2005 – life is full of ups and down babe, you can only do your best and whatever lies ahead in 2006, hope you’ll embrace it with that great big smile of yours – and wishing you all the best for your career, longdistance with Nicole and your family!. Hope to see you when I next visit Kuching (whenever that is..;)

  42. Happy birthday to!
    I like your humour and your blog a lot. Continue to blog more funny posts! Haha.

  43. “You’re one of those with self-given Christian names I see. Pathetic.”
    ~ bodco, in Kuching Parking 101, who thought it’s pathetic that my parent-given name ‘Kenny’ wasn’t printed on my driver’s license.

    If bodco was more educated, he would realise how Kenny isn’t necessarily a Christian name. It’s a European name. It just so happens a lot of Europeans are Christians.
    It’s like how E.W. Said the philosopher was a Christian. “Said” is an Arab name, not a Muslim name and there are many Arabs who are Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists and Hindhus.
    sort of like how muslim converts here like to change their names when they don’t have to. names like “yusof”, “hassan” and “karim” are not necessarily muslim names.
    heck im a muslim and my name’s kris because it’s by origin a greek name, not necesarily a christian name so it’s not unislamic to keep it.
    man when i get married I’m gonna give one of my kids a Chinese name.

  44. Way to go Kenny, I might not be a regular person who post here, but I read your blog every day. KUdos for a work well done. YOu deserve all the fame and fortune…:)

  45. wow! I didn’t realise my entry was such a big deal. My apologies for unintentionally insulting you. It was honestly was meant to be light-hearted comment. Oh well, you’ve survived a year. Happy Birthday.

  46. Hey! I thought ‘Singapore Very Safe One’ was a very good entry! It was so funny, esp the last picture that I laughed out very loudly in my otherwise quiet office and had some of my colls running to my desk and asked me what is it about…
    Anyway, detractors will always be there. So do people who worship you. Just ignore your detractors conveniently and lap up the admiration your worshippers shower on you!
    Hope you have a good 2006!

  47. you know what’s pathetic? when sad asses like bodco can’t even tell the difference between a christian name and an english name. christian names are names you find in the bible and kenny, sorry to dissapoint you but no we don’t have any kennys!
    as for the picture of the little girl on the slide. i read that entry a couple of months back when i was digging your archives and not once did I find it a little paedophilic. well then ‘pointmade :-)’

  48. KCYAP should be crucified. And I think you men-per-siasui-kan sarawakian bloggers even more with your cinapiang yingrish.

  49. Hmm… I’m kinda late commenting on this post. Haha.. Sorry, but better late than never.
    Happy Birthday!! I think I started reading your site in February. And I commented in the vibrating condom post. Haha… I still love reading your posts so keep up the good work Kenny.

  50. Haha… I got hooked on ever since the “Singapore Very Safe One” post. Can still remember how I laughed my ass off. Started reading all your archives and visited the site to read new posts since then. Keep up the good work, Kenny!

  51. Haha… I got hooked on ever since the “Singapore Very Safe One” post. Can still remember how I laughed my ass off. Started reading all your archives and visited the site to read new posts since then. Keep up the good work, Kenny!

  52. heh. things change. thanks for the mention here. sometimes fame has its price to pay. and you find yourself practising self-censure. and somehow, an online diary becomes an online mag for the entertainment of the masses.

  53. Happy Anniversary Kenny!
    You are perhaps the single most genuine and insightful blogger in Asia. Your blog is a delight to read. Just wanted to remind you that if you have readers in the USA………

  54. hey i tink the baby is really cool. really wish to have a baby liddat in the future. haha. thanks for posting kenny. u r doing a great job.. keep it up

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