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My Final Moments in Perth

I’m back in Kuching, Sarawak. Nothing much to say except everything up to this point was very hectic. I had not had a proper sleep for 2 days, and my body was overdosed with Red Bull. My last few days in Perth was spent selling off everything that I can’t bring, packing everything that I can bring, helping Nicole move to her new place, driving Nicole’s parents around, and removing 8 years worth of junk in the house so that the new owners can move right in.
The amount of junk in my bedroom

The amount of junk in my bedroom

Nicole’s parents are such a cool bunch. They were in town to attend Nicole’s graduation on the 26th February. Funnily, her parents seems to be happier on that day than Nicole herself. Her mom and dad are ever so ready to pose for my camera, whereas the graduation girl would hesitate like its no big deal. “Its just Curtin Business School, not Harvard Business School.” Sheesh, KL girls! 🙂
Curtin University of Technology Graduation Ceremony

Curtin University of Technology Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceromony was held outdoors in the courtyard on campus grounds. The weather that evening was cool and soothing, which makes it ideal to hold such event outdoors. The ceremony itself followed the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) – boring speech, give out some awards, inspirational speech, give out more awards, one more trying-to-be inspirational speech, the end.

Fireworks! Oooooh…. Ahhhhh….

Probably the funniest moments during the ceremony was listening to the ang-moh MC trying to pronounce the long and complicated Indian and Thai names with great difficulty. The ceremony concluded with a spectacular fireworks display.
Asian food stall

Maybe the Asian food here was meant to be for the Kwai Lo?
There were several foodstalls serving international cuisine later that night. Here’s the photo of the Asian food stall. Pardon my rusty Mandarin, but I think the Chinese word on the stall said Gui, which means literally – Ghost. Whoever designed that food stall must be a very disgruntled employee. 😉
Perth Cityscape on the 28th February 2005

Perth Cityscape on the 28th February 2005

By Sunday evening with a few hours left to board the plane, we managed to clear everything out of our house. Without a bed to sleep on and reluctant to rent a hotel room, Nicole and I went on a car ride around the city and ended up in King’s Park where we had a brief heart-to-heart talk. I took one last photo of cityscape of Perth.
The taxi to take me away from my home to my home

The taxi to take me away from my home to my home

When we returned home, the taxi was already there waiting for us.
I arrived at Perth International Airport, still relatively calm. Perhaps I was sedated by the fact that I did not sleep for 2 days. Ignoring calls asking passengers of MH126 to go through the gates, Nicole and I spent our last minutes drinking coffee at Dome Cafe. I was still calm.
Perth International Airport

Perth International Airport

We hugged, and I walked through the sliding doors into the departure hall. Then I remembered how long it was going to be before I see her again, and all of the sudden I just lost it and cried. Say what you want about men crying, but I teared and wept even when I presented my passport to be stamped. What made it even worse was that Nicole’s parents were at the departure hall as well waving at me happily like nothing happening.
Kuching International Airport

Kuching International Airport

So now I’m back in Kuching. Hot, wet, humid. And for someone like me who have been away for 8 long years, I’ll probably experience reverse culture shock. As much as I try not to, I’ll probably inadvertantly try to compare Kuching with Perth. Well, things are more or less back to normal now, and is more or less back in action.
Only this time round it’ll have more of a Malaysian laksa-flavour.

Reflections on Perth – 2004

Re-editted from draft.

5 hours left.

5 hours left! Surprisingly I’m relatively calm, but I suspect
not for too long. I apologise I cannot visit blogs/reply comments/take a piss
these few days without paying $4 an hour for internet access here whilst being
surrounded by dozens of pimply-faced teenagers screaming obsceneties whilst
playing Counterstrike. Dammit, 5 hours left – I should be I standing tall by
the beach watching the sun rise, one foot stepping on a rock, wind blowing
my hair, acting sad yet strong, whilst Leaving on a Jetplane plays
in the background.

Xiao Sha

Stupid Hollywood.

Well guess what? I ain’t leaving Perth till I finish the final entry of my Reflections on Perth.


The year was 2004.
Ok let’s jump straight to the point – 2004 sucks. Big time. You may remember
that in 2004, Bennifer became
no more. J-Lo married Marc Anthony. Rebecca Loos and Malaysian-born Sarah Marbeck
all claimed to have slept with David Beckham just so that they can earn a few
extra bucks from the gossip magazines. Britney Spears married Kevin “Golddigger” Federline
who happen to have two kids. And then there was The Nipplegate Scandal when
Janet Jackson’s left tit said "Hello!" to the whole wide world.

The Nipplegate scandal

“Hello everybody! I am Janet Jackson’s left boobie! :)”

On a more sombre note, George Bush and John Howard lied about the WMD, spent billions of dollars in iRaq and both won re-elections, confirming two things: lying gets you to places, people care only about themselves. Sad but true. The largest natural disaster of its kind – The Asian Tsunami crisis took the lives of over 200,000 people on 26th December 2004.

I had mentioned numerous times in my previous entries how much I disliked 2004. That’s no secret. For many people 2004 is the year the world went through war, famine and suffering. For me, I went through a near-crisis in my relationship, multiple burglaries and the beginning of a difficult journey when the news about my father come about.

In front of the School of Physics

Fresh grad ready to kick ass!

The year started steady and strong. I was 22 years old. I was a fresh graduate who only just started my employment with Spectra, and still earning a few bucks here and there tutoring Business Statistics.

Nicole had just finished her course at Curtin University in July. With her
Student Visa finishing up, she applied for Permanent Residency in Australia.
So while we were waiting for her application to be approved, I encouraged her
to work casually as a farmhand in a place called Gingin, where a lot of backpack
travellers are also working there to earn some cash. Looking back, I regretted
letting her go.

Gingin - the place that took my girlfriend away

Gingin – the place that took my girlfriend away and changed her into a different person.

Gingin changed Nicole almost into a totally different person. The people Nicole
stayed with in Gingin were mostly Europeans in their late-teens/early 20s on
their gap
. The fact that they are so independant at such young age make Nicole
feel that she missed out on the best times of her life. I do not disagree with
that. In KL she lived with her parents, whereas in Perth I played the role
of the restricting boyfriend. One night in September while I was lying next
to her, she turned to me and said "I needed my own space."

I agreed, thinking that every couple need some time to be apart from each other for the relationship to grow. It was just a temporary phase that most couples need to go through. I could handle it.

But I was wrong. What I thought was 3 days become a week, then 2 weeks, then
a month, then 3 months. During this period of time I prevented myself from
trying to meet her. She was in Gingin with her German friends and I was in
Perth alone. We grew apart and many times we felt like just normal friends.
She would rather stay at her friend’s place for the weekend instead of meeting
me. The worst part was when we are supposed to go out with our group of friends,
I went there alone and when I was asked "Where’s Nicole?",
I had absolutely no idea. There was no longer ‘we’ in our relationship,
just ‘her’ and ‘I’.
I was in a relationship, but I never felt more single in my life. I gave her
the space that she need, but many times I fear that the relationship is just
not going to work out.

As if things couldn’t get worse, my car was continuously burgled. Those low-life scumbags would smash my car window ($250 repair) and took whatever was inside the car – sometimes nothing at all. I had my car broken into 3 times that year. Among the things stolen were some spare change ($10), my speed camera detector ($200), my jacket ($100), the faceplate of my CD player ($170), digital camera ($200) and my time spent to process the insurance claims (priceless). The stupidest thing was that I deliberately left my car unlocked so that they could steal anything inside if they wanted to – yet they still smashed my car window! Gerammmm….

My house was broken into

My car, my house were broken into many times throughout the year

I had tried many ways to calm myself down, entertain myself a little and take my mind off all the commotion. So I bought a Microsoft XBox gaming console one evening as a Christmas gift for myself, wanting to spend time with it because Nicole was away in Gingin and the rest of my family were away in Malaysia. I had it for one night, just a one night stand. Until someone broke into the house and ran away with not just my XBox, not just my Playstation 2, but also my pride, my dignity, my love.

Dear thief, if you are reading this, I have only this to say to you… You can take away my XBox, but you can never take away MY FREEDOM!!!

At that point in time, it seemed as if everything that could go wrong, had gone wrong. None of them seemed to prepare me for what was about to happen on the 26th October, when I learnt that my father has contracted cancer. All of the sudden, my plans changed totally, and nothing else seems to be as important anymore.


This is the last of my Reflections on Perth. If you have been following this memoir of mine, thank you. I know its such a dry read because I fell asleep several times whilst I spell-checked it.

And so, this closes one chapter of my life, and opens up a new one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the beach watching the sun rise, one foot stepping on a rock, wind blowing my hair, acting sad yet strong, whilst Leaving on a Jetplane plays in the background.

Goodbye Perth

Goodbye Perth. The past 8 years was simply bloody amazing.

My Last Day with Spectra

Re-edited from draft.

I just sold my computer monitor. And here I am sitting in a cyber cafe opposite my place. Not exactly where I expected myself to be at 2 days before I’m supposed to leave Perth for good.

From my desk at Spectra

From my desk at Spectra Engineering

Yesterday was my last day working for Spectra. I finalised my projects, handed my works over to my colleagues (sort of) and after work, we had a mini farewell party. Bill suggested that the reason they are celebrating is because I’m leaving. 🙂

Seems like only yesterday that I stepped foot into the company. I was a fresh graduate who only just entered the workforce. Spectra is a very small company as there are only say 20 people working there, about 10 of whom are engineers. There’s a culturally diverse mix of people from Taiwan and Vietnam to South Africa and Switzerland. Yet despite their small workforce, everyone there is extremely good with what they do.

Steve Robinson (in his goofy self) and 'DJ' Steve Edwards

Steve Robinson (in his goofy self) and ‘DJ’ Steve Edwards

The people at Spectra are a colourful bunch. Whilst in the morning they are people hard at work trying to make a living, when they go home, they changed into different character like toys out of the Transformers cartoon. Gary and Hieu would don on their fishing gear and go deep sea fishing. Alan would sing at gigs in various pubs. Steve E (Edwards) become DJ Stephen Tranz0r at The Rise Nightclub. Despite the silly DJ moniker, he’s definitely one of the best trance DJs in Perth, and I believe its only a matter of time before he makes it big locally and internationally. I was known as the healthy one. In a place where people read geeky engineering newsletter and Ralph magazines, I brought copies of Men’s Health magazines to work. There was a period of time when I was crazy about my diet. I would eat plenty canned tuna and smoked salmon, and I lost a lot of weight. In turn, I accidentally inspired many people at work, including my boss, to start eating healthily. 🙂

Company party on the river cruise

Chistmas dinner with the bunch on the cruise

Working in Australia is very different to my past experiences working in Malaysia. Malaysian companies usually obey a strict hierarchy system where the boss is always feared and respected and the staff should do whatever the boss requests without question. The working environment in Australia on the other hand is very casual. People wear jeans to work, sometimes even shorts if they wanted to. There’s no such barrier of respect between the staff and the bosses – everyone is a friend of everyone, and you don’t have to treat your superiors like some army officer. People still respect each other, but these are also people that you can sit down at the end of the day, play some darts and have a nice cold beer.

My farewell gift... a pack of SMOKED SALMON?!

My farewell gift is… a pack of SMOKED SALMON?!

Anyway, the bunch gave me a nice collage of photos as a farewell gift. They also gave me a pack of smoked salmon, which is an obvious rib at me. Later that evening, we retreated to one of our workmates Simone’s place. Nicole joined us and Julie offered to pay for the A$40 taxi ride. When I was about to leave, there were handshakes, there were hugs, and for Julie – there were tears. It sure was damn difficult to leave such a close knit group.

Well, these past few days has been really hectic with all the packing that’s going on. I am overwhelmed not just by all the tasks at hand, but also by the multitude of emotions I felt because I am leaving this place for good. I wished I can just calm down and blog nicely for once – but probably not today. My flight is at 7:50am on Monday, so I shouldn’t really be here in the first place!

Thus, I shall put on hold. I’ll be back by Tuesday.

My Take on the Hilton Hacking fiasco

I’m so busy these days packing away all my stuff that even finding time to shit is a miracle. I admit this is gonna be a half-arsed entry.
By this weekend, someone will be coming over to take away my computer monitor. That doesn’t mean I won’t be able to blog. I can still blog, just that I won’t be able to see what I’m typing. So teh wrods mgiht npt comw out clrrektly.
Paris Hilton

The divine Miss P

I think by now most of you would have heard of the news about the heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune, the divine Miss Paris Hilton, who had her online mobile phone book hacked. For those not familiar with Paris Hilton, let’s just say that’s she’s more well known for her wild party antics, lack of general common sense, and her infamous sex video. The contents of her phone book and other stuff like notes and camera pictures are published on Among the list of about 500 contacts are phone numbers and email addresses of prominent celebrities, such as Eminem, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, Jay-Z, Avril Lavigne, Ashley Olsen, Ashlee Simpson, etc.
Ashlee Simpson?! I don’t know what those two airheads can talk about. Imagine Paris sms-ing Ashlee (1-310-254-7114).
Paris Hilton and Ashlee Simpson

Paris and Ashlee. Airhead vs airhead.

Paris: hey what’s up?
Ashlee: not much… what’s up?
Paris: errr… nothing major… i’m just hanging… what’s up?
Ashlee: dunno… well you messaged me first, so… what’s up?
Paris: just… partying… ummm, what’s up?

Fascinating stuff.
Eminem is another odd person to be on Paris Hilton’s phone book. One is always so disturbed and angry, and the other one laughs for no reason. What would Paris Hilton and Eminem (1-917-776-7643) talk about?
Paris Hilton and Eminem

Paris and Eminem. What can they talk about seriously?

Paris: hey what’s up?
Eminem: Alright. Now lose it.
Eminem: Just lose it.
Eminem: Go crazy.
Eminem: Oh baby.
Paris: AH-AH
Eminem: Oh baby baby.
Paris: AH-AH

To her credit, Paris Hilton has the number for Feed the Children (235-933-98001) stored on her mobile phone. Tell me seriously, how many people have phone numbers of charities stored on their mobile phone? Do you? Of course not! Because NO ONE STORES PHONE NUMBERS OF CHARITIES ON THEIR MOBILE PHONES!
Its as if she’s the kind of person that would feel sorry for the children in Africa all of the sudden. So much so that she would ring up Feed the Children and say “Hey! Let’s give those children from Ethiopia the penthouse suite of the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas!”
Maybe Paris Hilton isn’t donating to Feed the Children at all. Do you see how sicky and skinny Paris Hilton is? And then it struck me. Maybe Feed the Children is giving food to Miss Paris Hilton instead!!! THAT’S IT!!! Remember, you hear it first on 😉
Feed the Children and Paris Hilton

Feed the Children and Paris Hilton

(Feed the Children is a legitimate charity btw. So if you haven’t given enough, give more. Because some people need it more than we do.)
There are even two doctors on the list, Dr Pat and a Dr Randy Harris. Frankly speaking, I reckon the name “Randy Harris” sounded more like a porn star’s name than a doctor’s name. Could Paris Hilton be wanting to expanding her video library? Would we ever see One Night In Harris? Only time will tell.
Its as interesting to note who is on the phone book as it is to note who is notOne Night in Paris co-star Rick Salomon?
There’s Australian mobile phone numbers of herself and tennis *cough*star*cough* Mark ‘The Poo’ Phillippoussis. I did try calling both numbers, and not surprisingly their accounts are already cancelled. Someone called DJ Am, who happened to be Nicole Richie’s boyfriend. He answered the phone call with an annoying tone, “This is the FBI speaking…”
You know what, looking through all these is kinda fun! Its a bit like looking into someone’s private life or reading someone’s blog (hey… what are you doing here?) Then again, I kinda felt sorry for Paris Hilton. After all, this is such a huge invasion of privacy and I’m sure she’s copping a lot of shit from her acquaintances.
Then I remembered how much I hated her, and miraculously, my guilt suddenly fades away. 🙂

My Virgin Gay Experience – Big Gay Out 2005

If you came here (heh) because you were thinking what I thought you were thinking, I am sorry to inform you that my butthole is exactly the same size as it was before. 🙂
Last Saturday, I attended the Big Gay Out 2005 concert/party at The Court Hotel in Northbridge. I didn’t plan on attending it initially, but for reasons I detailed previously, I decided what the heck, I’ll just give it a shot (hehe). It was my first time attending a gay & lesbian event, hence the title of this entry.
Initially, I was supposed to bring Nicole with me, but she had stomach pains that evening. So being the perfect boyfriend that I am, I left her home alone whilst I went to the Court Hotel myself.
Vanessa Amorosi and band

Vanessa Amorosi and her band were incredible on stage.

When I got there at 10pm, the place was already jam-packed. The highlight of the night was Vanessa Amorosi, who is an Australian singer with minimal success locally and virtually no success internationally. I was wrong about her singing abilities. Despite her pint size, Vanessa Amorosi has impressive vocals comparable to Whitney Houston and she sounded amazing live on stage. The front row of the crowd was only an inch to the stage, and the audience was so crazy, so loud yet so well behaved. Vanessa Amorosi summed it up when she said “Perth fucking rocks!”
The crowd off stage

The crowd was only inches from the stage.

For me, it was as entertaining to watch the gig on stage, as it was to see the people at the gig off stage. Like I said, it was my first time at a gay club. I went there with some stereotypes on my mind *Kenny visualised big buff muscular men in pink tutus*. I was very wrong actually. In my opinion, the gay club isn’t any much different to any other regular nightclubs. The only difference is: instead of me standing alone in the corner with a beer in my hand watching 300 men kissing/groping their girls , I was standing alone in the corner with a beer in my hand watching 300 men kissing/groping each other.
Lesbian couples kissing

Couples publicly displaying their affection for each other.

There are straight people at the event, but probably only about 20 out of 1000 that were there. The rest of the people were all gay couples who very openly show their affection for one another with all the kissing and groping that goes on. Once you accepted the fact that that’s the way gays behave, you’ll find it slightly amusing and realise that it wasn’t actually that gross.
Middle-aged lesbian couples

Middle-aged lesbian couples.

There’s a good mix of different age groups and different races of people there. Many people often have the misconception that gay guys are very good looking guys who take very good care of themselves with all these moisturizing and exfoliating that’s going on. (The term ‘metrosexual’ applies to men who do all that but are still straight, eg David Beckham and the cover models of GQ magazine) Well that’s true to a certain extent, but not all of the gay guys are like that.
Bikie gang gay couples

Bikie gang gay couples.

Look at them! Try calling these people metrosexuals! (Well actually you can’t, because they are gays.)
The revellers there are kind enough to pose for photos everytime I ask them.
Pretty girl

Pretty girl?

Look at the one on the right. Pretty cute isn’t it? Well, all I can say is that ‘she’ is not that kind of girl. 🙂
7 feet tall drag queen

7 feet tall drag queen

There were quite a few drag queens parading around. Some of them are seven feet tall and can easily throw me out of the club with one swift kick. Despite their intimidating size, they are actually very nice and gentle. This one accidentally bumped into me. But instead of being told to ‘fuck off’ like what usually happen, he said to me in the most hair-raising voice “Oh, SHHAAAAAAWWWWW-REEEEEEEIIIIII!, and then gay-waved at me. I find it mildly amusing.
The trio of gay guys in question

The trio of gay guys in question.

One of the most memorable event that night happened when I was about to leave the club. I noticed a trio of fairly goodlooking guys sitting on the table, so I approached them asking if I can take a photo of them. They obligingly posed, and then asked to see the picture on my digital camera. The guy in the middle then asked me.
“Zis iz not for the newsh-paper, iz it?”
“Not at all. Its for my personal website that’s all!”
“Oh zhat’s ok! Zjust that I’m not allowed to appear on the newspaper, zhat’s all!” (I didn’t ask him why.)
“No worries! Its not gonna appear on the newspaper for sure.”
“What’s your name?”
“I’m Kenny.”
“Oh hi Kenny! Do you workout?”
“Yes I do, but not much these days.”
“Realllyyy?? You look great, you know.”
He then proceeded to squeeze my biceps while the guy on the right touched and squeezed my right breast.

Strangely, it felt good.


Heh. So what do you think?
Have you ever been flirted by someone the same-sex as you? Or, if you are gay/lesbian/bisexual, do you flirt and fondle with your straight friends – just for kicks? Tell me!

Reflections on Perth – 2003

7 Days Left.
This time next week I shall leave Perth for good.
Nicole arrived two days ago. We have this much time to spend together before we leave each other, not knowing when we will meet again.
People often ask me, “Kenny, are you sure this is what you wanted to do?”
I gave them a very simple answer, “I have only one father.”
The year was 2003. Arnold became the Governator of California. The planet Mars became visible on our skies. The SARS virus hit most of Asia, causing thousands of deaths. Meanwhile, fashion trendsetters in Hong Kong released… Hello Kitty face masks! On a more serious note, Mahathir stepped down as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Love him or hate him, everyone have to agree that he had made an amazing impact during his term.
Don't cry for me Malaysia...

Don’t cry for me, Malaysia…

On 20th March, George W Bush showed the world how powerless the UN is, and led the Coalition of the Killing to drop bombs over Baghdad, starting The Gulf War – Episode II. The entire world was in killing mode. On 13th December, Saddam Hussein was captured from his “Spider Hole”. By then, everyone seemed to have forgotten why the war started in the first place. The Weapons of Mass Destruction were yet to be found, but none of the big wigs seemed to care because they all think they are doing a good job by democracizing Iraq.
Statue of Saddam toppling down

Saddam Hussein’s statue toppled in April 2003. Saddam Hussein himself was captured in December 2003. Still no signs of WMD.

2003 was easily the best year I had in Perth. I was 21 years old and I was about to start my fifth and final year at Curtin University.
Dating a KL girl is both good and bad. The good thing was that I started to pay more attention trying to look good. The bad thing was that as a result, I started spending A LOT of money buying plenty of designer clothes unnecessarily. Suddenly, I realised how fun it was to buy my own clothes. I discovered the world of Retail Therapy. Slowly but surely, I turned into a brand bitch, and I didn’t even realise it myself! Spending every cent of my bank account balance instead of putting money towards savings is a very bad habit and its not something I’m proud of.
I had saved up a lot of money from all that tutoring the year before. Curtin students (in fact, all uni students) always had the bad habit of doing last minute cramming for their exams. So what happened usually was – when they found out that there’s so much stuff to study, they panic. And when they panic, they call Kenny. And when they call Kenny, Kenny got rich. 🙂 It wasn’t easy though, because in between studying for my own exams, I had to make sure that my students are prepared for their papers as well.
Kenny's Fashion Evolution

From thrifty, to affordable, to brand bitch.

Regardless, I had saved up about AUD$1,000 by the end of the year. The exchange rate at the start of 2003 was AUD$1 to RM2.60 – and that’s more than enough for me. I stopped by KL with Nicole before I depart for Perth, and we spent so much money we almost bought the KLCC twin towers. Whilst previously I could only afford to buy some “ochipala” RM20 clothes from Sungai Wang plaza, this time round I had no regrets splurging up to RM80 on a pair of Calvin Klein underwear. I told my mom that, and she said “Your kacheng made of gold one is it?”
Anyway, 2003 was the year Nicole transformed for the better. With my encouragement, she was elected as the Deputy Convenor of the International Students Committee. Her circle of friends expanded, she became less dependant on me, and generally Nicole just became a much happier person compared to the way she was the year before. I was definitely happy for her. As my own group of friends slowly left Perth, I started hanging out with her group of friends more and more – which was how I started knowing people like Jacky, Tiffy, Dine & David, Jamie & Angeline, Candice & Steiner, etc.
Rottnest Island

(Back L-R) David, Tiffy, Wennie, Joey’s Bro, Jamie, Phang.
(Mid L-R) Joey, Dine, Angeline.
(Front L-R) Nic, Kenny

Nicole moved out of my place soon and started staying with Candice in King’s Park. It was a good change for the both of us. She became more disciplined. My mother and Nicole found a common ground and they became friends again. World War 3 ended and I couldn’t be happier.
Kenny and Rey Mysterio

Kenny and Rey Mysterio Jr during the WWE Smackdown Tour 2003

Life was cruising for me in 2003. It was easily one of the most carefree life I had during my time in Perth. I was in the world of my own with my family and Nicole. My nephew Jayden was born. I watched Craig David in concert. I hung out with my favourite WWE wrestlers when they toured Perth. I even get to travel to eastern Australia, Shanghai and exotic places like Seoul. Instead of tutoring high school students, I started tutoring Business Statistics 101 to rich international students at Uni, and that allowed me to fetch up to $30 an hour.
University work wasn’t too bad, except for my final year Engineering thesis. Being a smart ass that I thought I was, I chose a rather difficult topic for my final year thesis that involved both Physics and Engineering Departments.
I had a supervisor from each department. The Physics supervisor was coincidentally the Head of School of Physics. He was largely dissatisfied with my work and often criticised me for not being scientific enough. The Engineering supervisor on the other hand had absolutely no idea what I was doing in the Physics department, so as long as I appeared confident, anything I said to him that sounded correct, will be correct! But then I figured it out… since this is an Engineering thesis, regardless on how atrocious my Physics supervisor think my work is, only my Engineering supervisor will be marking it bah!
Meausirng the thermal expansion of materials

Meausirng the thermal expansion of materials. Fascinating piece of bullcrap.

Honestly speaking, I had absolutely no idea what I was writing in my thesis – I was sure it wasn’t something my Physics supervisor would approve of. 🙂 All I remembered was that I praised my Engineering supervisor like he was the Sultan of Brunei in the Acknowledgement section. I submitted my thesis… and in the end, I received a whooping 87% for a pile of professional bullcrap!
I must be a genius. 😉
As if that’s not enough, things continue to go uphill from there. I had the last Uni exam paper of my entire life on the 6th November. Then I received a phone call – Spectra decided to offer me a job as a Software Engineer, and that I shall start work on the 13th November 2003! Needless to say, I took up the offer, and that’s where I worked until today.
I was young, fit and able. I had my finance, my career, my family and my love life all sorted out. I was on top of the world, and life couldn’t be better.
But its exactly when you started thinking that way, life throws you a curve ball, and your whole world starts crumbling around you.
I was on top of the mountain in 2003.
The following year, my mountain crumbled.

Don’t You Try to Shame Me

“i see ur bro is shacking up with a girl……….LOL
ur mum sure interrogated her more than the KGB eh”

That’s what a friend of my brother said to him in reference to this entry. And with that, the EBCB (Elder Brother Censorship Board) kicked into action.
Getting into debates on the stuff I wrote on is starting to become frequent enough for me to perhaps start a new category to archive it.
In this case, someone thought it was funny to pointed out that Nicole lived with me for a period of time while she’s studying in Perth. Funny enough for him to talk about it and laugh about it. He didn’t want to bring it up to me personally. He had to say my brother that he knew I’m living with Nicole and laugh at me. He made it like its some big news, like Prince Charles marrying Camilla.

Dear Whoever It Is Who Knows Me In Real Life That Reads This Blog And Judged Me For What I Did.
I knew that its bound to happen when I made a conscious decision to start this site.
Many people only saw the serious side of me in real life. Therefore, what I wrote on this site is rather different to what I am in real life.
I’m happy to have people know the light-hearted side of me, know a bit about my life from my Reflections posts and laugh with me at the things I find funny. Everything I write here is harmless fun, and (hopefully) no one gets hurt.
I expect people who read this site to accept me for who I am. I also knew that when I put a slice of my personal life up in public, no matter what, a small minority of people will be too anal and judge me for the decisions that I make in my life.
But you know what? I’m ok with that. Seriously, I’m perfectly ok with that. I am an adult. Many people have opinions about me, both positive and negative. I am ok with being judged, I am ok with taking both constructive and destructive criticisms, and I am perfectly ok if you deemed that my idea of a lifestyle does not conform to yours. But bear in my mind, my friend – if you want to judge me, you’d better take my criticism as an adult as well.
Yes, Nicole lived with me for a while. Big deal. No, we did not share the same bedroom. In case you didn’t know, its relatively common for unmarried couples to flat together for costs and convenience reasons when studying overseas. If you think that its not normal, then my friend, obviously you’re still living in 1840’s China.
I am man enough to admit what I did in a public domain. I’m not like you. You go behind my back and make small talks to other people like what I did is shameful and disgraceful. Newsflash – the comment box at the end of every entry and the tagboard to the right of this site is there for you to tell me what you think about me. Love me or hate me, have the balls to say it to me. There’s no need to hide away from me, laugh at it and make members of my family uneasy. I regard what you did a cowardly behaviour.
I am not ashamed of what I did – not a single bit. My family is not ashamed of what I did – they knew Nicole lived with me. So who the hell are you to try to embarass me?
You brought it up as if it is all such a big deal, making members of my family your laughing stock. You crossed the line and that’s when I regard you as trying to meddle with my personal life.
Have you been leading a perfect life yourself? I doubt it. I know you are a friend of my elder brother, so I’ll be respectful to you. Because otherwise I’m actually just going to tell you to take your idealogies, and shove it up your ass. Obviously, MBABTY.
My Balls Are Bigger Than Yours
If you disagree with my lifestyle, don’t come to this site.
Stay the fuck away from me.

A Gay For a Day

In Australia, the radio stations run something called the Freq Club. The idea is that you listen to the radio station where they will reveal to you codewords throughout the day. You submit those codewords online to earn Freq Points. These can then be accumulated to be exchanged for prizes, or be used to go into lucky draws to win something major like holidays, backstage passes to concerts, or autographed memorabilia.
I have been faithfully listening to 92.9FM and entering all the codewords since I started working. But since I am leaving Perth soon, I figured its probably best to spend all my accumulated Freq Points on the major prize draws.
Big Day Out Website
There were two lucky draws available at the time. One was an all-expense paid trip to the $1 Million Coca-Cola Summer Beach Party in Sydney. The other one was tickets to the Big Day Out concert in Perth.
For the benefit of those not in Australia or New Zealand, the Big Day Out is a once-a-year rock music festival that tours around the Aust/NZ region. The event is huge enough to attract many local and international rock artists such as Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, etc to perform. Naturally, every event is sold out almost every time to thousands and thousands of enthusiastic rock fans.
Big Day Out Event
I’m not the biggest rock fan here. I’ll be honest and say that I prefer mainstream music and jazz. So the choice was easy, I’ll spent all my points on the Coca-Cola Beach Party, then eBay off the prize if I win.
Now, normally if I finished my work for the day earlier, I would ‘snake’ (Hokkien for ‘slack’) at work by opening my browser windows really really small whilst the Visual Basic programming window is maximised. 😉
Just so happens that day was the one of the days when I finished work early. I wanted to enter myself in to the Beach Party draw. But with the browser window so small, I must have clicked the wrong links and accidentally spent all my points on the draw for the Big Day Out tickets instead.
I shrugged it off, thinking that it shouldn’t be such a big deal since I can still sell the Big Day Out tickets easily if I win. These tickets normally cost about AUD$100 each and there’s always a high demand for it. I wasn’t too worried.
Well, a few days ago I received an email from 92.9FM, asking me to drop by the station because I’ve won a prize! So I drove down the the station in Subiaco the next morning. The receptionist greeted me, I passed her a copy of my email as she smiled sweetly at me.
“Congratulations, you’ve won tickets to the Big Gay Out!”.
“Thanks… uhh… did you just say Big Gay Out?”
Big Gay Out Envelopes
She was correct. Apparently the real Big Day Out was over two weeks ago! The Big Gay Out is an offshoot of the actual event celebrated in a pub by… you guessed it, gays.
Yes, instead of listening to rock bands the calibre of Limp Bizkit, I shall be listening to pop princess Vanessa Amorosi, whose “hits” (note deliberate quotes) include songs such as Absolutely Everybody and Shine.
Big Gay Out Envelopes
I have four tickets to this event. Each ticket costs AUD$15 so I won’t even bother selling it. I guess I’ll probably just go in and have a look. I’ve never been to a gay bar before, so its probably time for me to expand my horizons (and hopefully not expand my arsehole in the process. Hehe)
I shall write an entry on it some time next week. Wish me luck, gays! Err… guys!

Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom Review

I first encountered Ansell’s range of vibrating condoms whilst browsing through Bek’s photo blog. Curious, I went straight to the nearest pharmacy I could find to purchase this elusive vibrating condom to see what its all about.
Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom - Front
Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom comes in a nicely designed red package – a nice departure from the ubiquitous “man and woman holding hands” type packaging that Durex seems to favour. For our convenience, the battery is included for the vibrating ring.
Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom - Back
I can’t believe I paid AUD$12.95 (RM35) for this thing! This is just one condom and some buzzing cock ring we’re talking about! Mannn… the money I’m sacrificing for this site.
Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom - Top
The top of the box tells you once again that battery is included, so that you don’t have to rush off to 7-Eleven to purchase some batteries in the middle of your coital session. The condom is regular size, which is no good to me since mine is extra large.
Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom - Content
Here’s the content of the box: an Ansell catalogue, a vibe4u instruction booklet, a regular condom, and the vibrating ring. I kinda like the wrapping of the vibrating ring. It reminded me of the crappy toys that came with the Ding Dang chocolates.
Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom - Catalogue
The Ansell catalogue is damn cool. It shows you the range of different condom shapes available, so you choose the one that fits you better. Kinda like Levi’s jeans. I’m still waiting for a Boot Cut Condom to come along.
The vibe4u instruction booklet sheds some light on the use of this product. Apparently, the battery on the vibrating ring lasts for fifteen minutes only and is not replacable. It also asks you to take some precautions when using the vibrating ring, such as:
– Do not use under the influence of alcohol or drugs (What? C’mon! I’m just using a vibrating ring, not a freakin’ CAR!)
– Do not swallow (And why exactly would I swallow it?)
– Keep away from children (sorry Michael Jackson, this one is not for you.)
Ansell vibe4u Vibrating Condom - Instructions
Oh look! Pornography on! Teehee. Here, Ansell shows you how to put on a condom. Frankly speaking though, I think the illustration sucks (no pun intended). Don’t you think the penis look like some sort of carrot wearing a baseball cap?
Blueberry Vodka Cruiser
Anyway, its time for me to experiment with this vibrating condom thing. I wanted to try it on myself, but my genitals went on strike at the thought of appearing on the internet. So once again I had to find a sacrifice. Meet my blueberry flavoured Vodka Cruiser.
Vibrating Ring
Here’s a picture of the vibrating ring up close. The AUD$1 coin (similar in size to the RM1 coin) is there for comparison. The ring itself is made of some gel-like silicone. There’s a little switch on the side there. You push it in and the gentle vibrations will start.
Ansell Condom
The Ansell condom itself is made in India. I have to say, it comes very very very lubricated. There’s a slight, but not overwhelming, latex smell.
Ansell Condom Over Bottle
Okay, so I was wrong about it being just a regular-sized condom. Look at THAT, it fits the whole 7/8th of the ENTIRE BOTTLE of Vodka Cruiser!!! So much for a regular size. I reckon these condoms must have been made for elephants down in India!
Ansell Condom with Vibrating Ring
This is what it looks like when you put the vibrating ring on. Looks odd. How often do you see a bottle of alcohol with a vibrating ring around its neck? I switched on the vibrating ring, and felt a gentle buzz permeating to the palm of my hand. Pleasurable.
So what do I think about this whole vibrating condom thing? Well its a novel idea, certainly worth trying out on something else other than a bottle of alcohol. But I reckon the AUD$12.95 price tag is a little bit steep. If a normal condom cost AUD$1, you’re paying an extra AUD$12 just for some stupid vibrating ring that can last for only 15 minutes. I don’t know, but 15 minutes seems a little bit short. *grins*
My suggestion:
1. Get a normal condom
2. Get some rubber band
3. Using rubber band, tie your mobile phone to the condom
4. Call your own phone. And don’t bloody answer your phone while its still attached to your dick dammit!

Ansell Condom with Phone
It works the same way, I swear!

You Just Need… Each Other

“You dont need over-priced roses in an extravagant vase and arrangement to show her you care. You dont need pricey chocolates, or splashy jewelry…You dont need the extravagant, money-grubbing, frivolous things. . . just each other.”

Wise words from Pio (an amazing blogger btw, considering his age) in Kim’s page. But you know what I think?
Obviously that’s the ideal situation that us guys would love to have. No need to spend a single cent on overpriced goodies, just spend time with each other, and all the other stuff from those schmoozy woozy tear jerking romance movies like The Notebook. Two people sitting on a fallen tree log by the seaside watching the sun goes down. Awwwwww…
The Notebook
But this is the real world. Girls want over-priced roses on Valentine’s. They want expensive chocolates. Of course spending time with each other is important too, but ITS VALENTINE’S DAY DAMMIT! You’re supposed to treat me better than the 364 other days that’s not Valentine’s Day and the 84 other days when I’m having my PMS! Otherwise, what’s the point of Valentine’s? Correct or not?
As much as girls tell their bfs “Flowers? No need lahh… don’t waste money”. I know girls lah. Outside, they blast the V day but deep down inside they secretly want it one.
“I don’t want flowers” means “I want flowers.”
“Lets just eat Maggi Mee for dinner” means “I want my candle light dinner at the 5 star restaurant.”
“I’ve got a surprise for you in the bedroom tonight” means “I don’t want to have sex with you tonight.”
That’s why girls are so hard to understand. They say they want one thing, but what they want inside is a whole different thing.
Say you’re a girl and you go out dating with your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. You see all these couples around. So you peek at one of the couples to see what the boyfriend got for the girl.

What’s that? One single filmsy rose in a cheap plastic wrapper? HAHAHAHAHA! My boyfriend got me lilies ah! Hear that or not? LILIES LEHHH!!! TEN OF THEM SOMEMORE! Expensive one leh! Somemore my one comes decorated with baby’s breaths leh. BABY’S BREATHS LEH!!!!!
What else he got for you? Silver necklace? From where? Pooh Khee Mah Goldsmith in India Street? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! My boyfriend got me PLATINUM necklace leh! Not just any necklace you know. Don’t play play, TIFFANY & CO LEHHH!!!

You think girls don’t like to compete with each other? Hoh! Sometimes they are even more competitive than guys one you know! I call it the MBABTY (My Balls Are Bigger Than Yours) syndrome. Everyone is suffering from the MBABTY syndrome, including girls. If you have something, I want to have it too – and I want it to BETTER than yours.
Girls criticise Valentine’s Day for being too overrated. Guys complain about Valentine’s Day for being too commercialised. So who’s left celebrating Valentine’s? Despite so many people openly attacking it, many couples still celebrate Valentine’s Day. Why? GIRLS LAH! Abuthen?

Ok I know many females read this blog. So, I expected to get flamed for this. Let the Kenny-Blasting session begin. 🙂

P/S. This will be my last entry about Valentine’s Day I promise. Shall revert back to the old classic blue’s theme from the next entry onwards. 🙂