You Just Need… Each Other

“You dont need over-priced roses in an extravagant vase and arrangement to show her you care. You dont need pricey chocolates, or splashy jewelry…You dont need the extravagant, money-grubbing, frivolous things. . . just each other.”

Wise words from Pio (an amazing blogger btw, considering his age) in Kim’s page. But you know what I think?
Obviously that’s the ideal situation that us guys would love to have. No need to spend a single cent on overpriced goodies, just spend time with each other, and all the other stuff from those schmoozy woozy tear jerking romance movies like The Notebook. Two people sitting on a fallen tree log by the seaside watching the sun goes down. Awwwwww…
The Notebook
But this is the real world. Girls want over-priced roses on Valentine’s. They want expensive chocolates. Of course spending time with each other is important too, but ITS VALENTINE’S DAY DAMMIT! You’re supposed to treat me better than the 364 other days that’s not Valentine’s Day and the 84 other days when I’m having my PMS! Otherwise, what’s the point of Valentine’s? Correct or not?
As much as girls tell their bfs “Flowers? No need lahh… don’t waste money”. I know girls lah. Outside, they blast the V day but deep down inside they secretly want it one.
“I don’t want flowers” means “I want flowers.”
“Lets just eat Maggi Mee for dinner” means “I want my candle light dinner at the 5 star restaurant.”
“I’ve got a surprise for you in the bedroom tonight” means “I don’t want to have sex with you tonight.”
That’s why girls are so hard to understand. They say they want one thing, but what they want inside is a whole different thing.
Say you’re a girl and you go out dating with your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. You see all these couples around. So you peek at one of the couples to see what the boyfriend got for the girl.

What’s that? One single filmsy rose in a cheap plastic wrapper? HAHAHAHAHA! My boyfriend got me lilies ah! Hear that or not? LILIES LEHHH!!! TEN OF THEM SOMEMORE! Expensive one leh! Somemore my one comes decorated with baby’s breaths leh. BABY’S BREATHS LEH!!!!!
What else he got for you? Silver necklace? From where? Pooh Khee Mah Goldsmith in India Street? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! My boyfriend got me PLATINUM necklace leh! Not just any necklace you know. Don’t play play, TIFFANY & CO LEHHH!!!

You think girls don’t like to compete with each other? Hoh! Sometimes they are even more competitive than guys one you know! I call it the MBABTY (My Balls Are Bigger Than Yours) syndrome. Everyone is suffering from the MBABTY syndrome, including girls. If you have something, I want to have it too – and I want it to BETTER than yours.
Girls criticise Valentine’s Day for being too overrated. Guys complain about Valentine’s Day for being too commercialised. So who’s left celebrating Valentine’s? Despite so many people openly attacking it, many couples still celebrate Valentine’s Day. Why? GIRLS LAH! Abuthen?

Ok I know many females read this blog. So, I expected to get flamed for this. Let the Kenny-Blasting session begin. 🙂

P/S. This will be my last entry about Valentine’s Day I promise. Shall revert back to the old classic blue’s theme from the next entry onwards. 🙂

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  1. LMAO! Your entry is intriguing. Very intriguing indeed. Of course us girls are hard to understand lol That’s why we are girls! But it is very true what you wrote about understanding girls. It IS hard. But seems as though you are getting there. In the back of every girl’s mind, i’m sure a lovey dovey fairytale awaits them. Yes its true that we dont need expensive chocolates and over-priced goodies but in a society like ours today, with so much superficiality and materialism why can’t we give in and be splashed with expensive gifts?
    But to a point, this way of living desensitises us and we are blinded by money, wealth and status. Ahh… that’s life.


    Economics Theory #1: Wants and Needs. Need = Man. Want = Expensive goodies

    Economics Theory #2: Scarcity. Limited resources to unlimited wants = Valentine’s Day

    Economics Theory #3: Supply & Demand. High supply = Low demand = cheap flowers / baubles

    Bek postulates: Kenny is an economic genius out to take on the world. Why? Because he understands women freakishly well.

  3. VERY TRUE. girls don’t mean what they say.. they expect us guys to GUESS what they think.. -_-”.. how am i supposed to know what the hell’s on their mind.. i’m no psychic 😛 but i guess that’s just something every guy has to learn

  4. i totally agree, girls are bloody hard to understand. i used to think i have my gf all figured out. but recently (especially around her bday and vday), i realize i had it totally all wrong!

    i have a solution though. i just pretend i don’t understand anything, even though she hinted me to the max. then inside my heart, just don’t care at all! he he he… my poor gf, i’m so cynical.

    i just prefer buying her stuff when it’s not vday. 😉

  5. should make money out of this post..:) Really, I think this post hits the do get your guy friends to read it..:)

  6. angel_ishii – Indeed. Why marry a prince charming who will take you to some old castle far far away and probably trap you there, when you can marry some dude who can buy you a GUCCI watch and some crystal tulips? *grins*
    Bek – Economics Theory #4: Plenty of spending (on Valentine gifts) -> leads in economic growth -> leads to Inflation (of the manhood tonight)
    MunKit – Of course girls expect guys to guess. Maybe its their way of hinting you to buy them clothes from GUESS?
    cccp – She treated you like an ATM machine!
    Kher Ying – I was complaining about girls the whole post! And you liked it? Mannnn…. I don’t understand girls! 🙂
    Hsin – Chinese Valentine’s Day coming up. You’d better hint a bit better. Actually don’t hint. Just tell him directly lah!

  7. am thinking your understanding of the female gender is so profound is because you were previously one yourself. =)
    your words are true, to a certain sense. we are hard to understand and we never say what we mean and we expect the man to be mind readers, but i am thinking we just want to know if the other person ‘knows’. we want to know that the other person understands, and the other person cares and puts much thought into ourselves. women are pretty insecure when it comes to all this. and so when we hope for something, it’s just hoping for a sign, a confirmation that the person does care after all.
    i can honestly say tht i don’t and won’t ‘compare’, because i’ve got nothing to compare. =D

  8. Oh this is so good 🙂 And yes, it’s VERY TRUE about comparing flowers, bwahahah!! XD Ehhh, please tell me there’s no such goldsmith shop called Phoo Kee Mah!

  9. Well the understanding bit is true.. =P
    But it aint Tat hard..
    As for the flowers n chocs..
    I think a whole bunch like a dozen is too much..
    one is just nice… but frankly, im not much for flowers..
    N chocs, well id only want KITKAT! =P (or ferrero roche! teehee)
    N i dun think much on gifts on Valentines either. (now at least. =P)
    Jus a nice night out(or jus together), with him being charming n romantic..
    (candlelight dinner tat doesnt burn my hair!!)
    The best valentines gift i got was totally free n practically effortless. 🙂

  10. its true bout the understanding bit.. =P
    But it really aint Tat hard.. =P
    Bout the flowers n chocs..
    I think a whole bunch, like a dozen, is too much n too flashy…
    One is jus nice.. but frankly i dont care much for flowers.. =P
    As for exp chocs, id much rather hav KITKAT! =Pp (tat or Ferrero Roche! teehee)
    N Vday isnt a day for gifts.. =P There Are other days like BDays n Anniversaries.. hehe..
    Jus a nice night out (or jus together), with him being charming n romantic..
    (N candlelight dinner tat doesnt Burn my hair!!)

  11. not all gals r so typical. i personally think V-day is a holy shit day cos every dining place is jam-packed. n d fact i gotta rush here n there just to get him a present (cos he told me he got me present?!) is soooo annoying. i jus dun wan to disappoint him for turning up with nothing n jus a stupid ‘he he’ smile..
    if 2 persons really love each other so much,everyday is v-day .. 😛

  12. I don’t think I would like him to spend so much useless money on flowers and gifts. I’ll feel a lot warmer and sweet if he hugs me. Not all guys are bloody rich, I know. And I hate it when guys wanted to spend a lot on you to show that he loves you. Is it so? ‘Don’t spend so much,’ guys (who think like you) will be thinking that I was saying the OPPOSITE thing. Come on, this is stupid. I said what I meant. And I don’t know why most of the guys were thinking that ALL girls are like that…and here, I wanted to say ALL guys have the same opinions about girls eh. As kimm says, probably some girls just wanted to know that the guy cares. And not all girls compare. Compare for what? Kiasu mer. Guys also compare lor, ‘Hey, I got a prettier gf than you. Look at her accessories, I buy for her one leh. Why your gf looked so biasa one, you don’t buy her anything to groom her de meh?’ thinking that girls are one of their accessories?

  13. i think it’s a better idea for a guy to give d gf something like fixed deposit in bank than buying her some expensive gifts like flowers or jewellery. it’s more practical…could b useful if she needs $. i think it’s sweet n vy thoughtful.
    imagine 10yrs later, d fixed deposit still rolling in d bank, it reflects how long u 2 have been with each other.. 🙂

  14. Personally, I mean it when I say no Valentine’s crappola.
    Give me a nice potted plant on any other day of the year, just because you happened to think of me for no reason at all. Make me breakfast in bed one Sunday just because you woke up earlier and looking at me still snoozing made your heart contract with how beautiful I am.
    Catering to Hallmark’s commercial bullshit calender just convinces me that you are a no-imagination slacker who thinks of me as a “duty”.

  15. true..gals r hard 2 guess..
    but are not gals worth it 2 hv these costly gifts?
    o r they only worth a piece of trash..u can find anywher..even on d darn dirty floor..a trash tat cant b recycle??
    think..wat is ur mum worth??

  16. hmmz we spent our valentine’s day this year by ourselves…
    him at work, me in maple. haha
    well, all i need is just some time together.. i rather have more time together than all those dumb roses n stupid chocolates..
    i dun get to be together with him as often as i like… we work different hours.. so.. an avg of 1 hour a day if he’s working n 4 hours a day if he’s not..
    that sux doesn it? =(

  17. hey there, I know it might be a little late to comment on this post..but what the heck, I’m still gonna comment anyway
    I’m sure guys also like to compare what goodies they gave to their gf. For eg, on DDay, my bf gave me flowers (in the car) and then we made our way to a movie date. He actually wants me to bring the flowers down from the car. I was like “what? you want me to carry the bouquet to a restaurant full of ppl, then to a cinema?!” How inconvenient is that?
    I felt I kinda burst his bubble of showing-off. But it felt funny, inconvenient and weird to bring the flowers down.
    When we were at the complex, there were lotsa ppl walking arm in arm with their bf/gfs, some carrying like a stalk of rose. And he’ll be like “one stalk only ah? I gave my gf 12 ok!”
    *roll eyes*
    please, i never asked him for flowers. I’ve always reminded him to save money for better things such as saving to buy a house for future’s sake.
    Spend RM200 for 12 roses which later I need to throw summore? No thanks. However, I have to be fair to say that his gesture touched me, and I do appreciate his effort.

  18. Of course we expect things!! We are the more intelligant and thoughtful gender. If my boyfriend didn’t give me things during Valentine’s Day, I would break up with him. I mean, it’s the day that we girls get to be frivolous with our actions and thoughts. You’d better reward us for such things!

  19. I’m really late on this. Just thought I’ll say something interesting….
    Do you know that the original purpose of valentine’s day was for the sheperds to praise God for saving their sheeps? I got this from Readers Digest.
    Hehehe, I bet many people will never look at V day the same way again.

  20. i’m always brankrupt on valentines day . . .
    due to all de fuss about v-day . .
    Prices go up just because of an occasion . .
    i’d rather take her somewhere special a month before the whole fiasco to save me some dough . .

  21. For me, i pay more attention on the EFFORT put on the gift rather than the price.
    I’d rather receive something made by my bf himself than something which took him 5 minutes to purchase, collect and deliver.(like flowers, no matter how much they cost)
    Each girl’s thinking varies from the other. So, guys.. have to see whether you’re smart in making yr choice! ;P

  22. Sometime girls thinking are very preplex. Girls give us a break! We don’t like to follow the old times “guy must buy stuff for girls la, if not break up”… come on girls, we get allowance from parents(If working guys then i am speechless)not just valentines day we get brankrupt, nomal days too

  23. hmm..not all girls r like that la. ppl differs, whether men or women. there r actually guys who enjoy buying stuffs for girlfriends k..n there also exist girls that don’t like celebrating valentine’s day. anyway, thou many r complaining abt having hardtime figuring out what the gf want, the price of the presents..etc, but still, guess what..they still do the same thing every year..;) haha..
    maybe this indicates that the present thingy and the celebration are not so much a big deal after all. as many can still tolerates it. so chill out there.
    for those wining for having a gf that wants only expensive goodies, well i guess everyone has pity over u. but think on the bright side, she has her own good values rite? if there really is nothing good abt her, isn’t it time to reconsider the relationship rather than wining over it? 🙂

  24. Just wondering,why is it the guys having to spend a whole damn lot of money to celebrate valentine’s day? Isn’t it a day where couples celebrate being. WHy it always has to be the guy buying the great gifts for the girls?
    How often you hear a guy buying platinum or diamond necklace for his gal, but i never even heard of the a gal buying an original football jersey for her man 🙁
    Perhaps we can have ValentinO’s Day, a day where guys get pampered by girls instead 🙂

  25. I think we just set our expectations low so that if we say: Maggi Mee, but you do come out with that fantastic dinner, we’d be super impressed. But maggi mee fine also.

  26. You are right again Kenny!! I think the girls you’re talking about are mostly those into materials or they are immatured, or simply not that in love. If they are…they would be more concerned about their partners. However, don’t try to understand them. I already give up!! =) Just know enuff already…other stuff…just let life fill em up as it comes. *sun gei chi yin*

  27. haha…cute syndrome
    I don’t know about u guys but I’m so not in that syndrome.
    A simple red roses would do. (If I’m totally in love with the guy). I mean, lily’s like for funeral thinggy…
    but of coz, it’s not easy juz to straight forward say what’s on our mind. Sometimes, we juz wanna see ur own action, see how much u care about us without us (gurl) telling u what to so. More sincere that way.
    LOVE X

  28. This blog reminds me of the time I was with my X in Aussieland.
    We went out shopping and she shows me two pairs of shoes. Asked me which one I liked and I pointed to the one on the left hand. She said, “But I liked the one on my right hand.” Then I say, “Ok! Get the one on the right!”.
    Then she gets upset and said, “But I want you to to like what I wear!” I told her “I will always like you whatever you wear.”
    For your information, I don’t care about how my girl looks. In fact, kind to think of it, she is not that good looking! – just decent looking.
    Anyway, back to the story:
    After I explained to her, she just walked off from the store not getting any of the shoes. I keep telling her that looks doesn’t matter as long as she is happy and comfortable, I am also happy.
    After 3 times of same incident (repeating over and over again), I never again liked to go shopping! Heck! I decided to break our relationship…!!!
    Btw, I came to know your blog while searching information on the hotel I am working in now – Venetian…!!!

  29. I guess partly ur right about girls,
    but no matter how many time a guy has read
    an issue like this they would still be ignorant about it..they love it when they get answers like “no need to buy la, its okay”….they’re all “yes, i get to save money again!”
    i guess men just never learn
    ps: i love ur blog!Cheers!

  30. makes me remind of my vday last year.. yah i agree that all the dining places will be pack like hell!! but alas we ended up dining at beach with each of us buying each other a small choc cake that costs us RM6.5 each. but it was our greatest and unforgettable memory^^..instead of nice lovey-dovey musics played in a dinig place i open my hp n play her fav track.. really nice (but i dunno what about her lah but she seems happy coz that was our 1st experience)
    for me guys n gals should not force themselves to understand their partner coz u will eventually be understand them as times goes by and u wouldnt even noticed when that
    (GF asking for favor)
    GF:bao,could u please buy me choc?
    GF:Thank you bao.
    (eventually the BF will buy her fav cadburry eventhough there’s a bunch of choc brands in the 7-E without asking her which brand she likes..)
    or during makan at kedai kopi
    BF: 2 kolo mee char siew n dont put her kolo mee daun bawang ah..(coz the gf doesnt like daun bawang)
    GF: (cleaning the spoons and chopsticks with tissue paper.)
    BF: milo ping and lemon teh ping.
    GF: (fills chilli in BF’s small plate coz the BF like pedas one)
    (still they didnt notice that they are already connected together)
    hope u can catch what i’m trying to say^^

  31. erm…not really…for me…as a gal…i would prefer sitting by the seaside hugging each other wif my bf n watch da sunset…itz romantic…duhh~

  32. TRUE!
    I just visited your blog for the first time today and found this nice little topic in the Archives.
    LArfing My Arse oFF at the V.Day thoughts of a Girl,
    Because It’s so TRUE! hahaa

  33. I’ve read your blog from the latest entry to this. and this is the 1st time i commented
    This entry is rather offensive 🙂 but i’m not offended.. lol.. it’s true most girls like to compete, they like to have roses on Valentine’s Day. they say no when they mean yes and vise versa. anyway, i just want to share what i thought about this.
    Yes, i would love to receive roses from my bf during Valentine, but i didnt want to ask for it. It feels meaningless for me to ask it from him and he get it for me just because i ask so. I never ask anything from him, i want him to buy it for me because he wants to, i would be happier too this way, because i know he mean it from the bottom of his heart, not just because i ask to.. 🙂 what’s the point of getting the roses.. but lost it’s meaning and all.. at least when i know he buy it because HE wants to, not I want to, when the roses wilts, i know his loves will not wilts 😀

  34. been reading a few of your posts… one thing… it is the same for girls too.sometimes the good ones finish last.

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