A Gay For a Day

In Australia, the radio stations run something called the Freq Club. The idea is that you listen to the radio station where they will reveal to you codewords throughout the day. You submit those codewords online to earn Freq Points. These can then be accumulated to be exchanged for prizes, or be used to go into lucky draws to win something major like holidays, backstage passes to concerts, or autographed memorabilia.
I have been faithfully listening to 92.9FM and entering all the codewords since I started working. But since I am leaving Perth soon, I figured its probably best to spend all my accumulated Freq Points on the major prize draws.
Big Day Out Website
There were two lucky draws available at the time. One was an all-expense paid trip to the $1 Million Coca-Cola Summer Beach Party in Sydney. The other one was tickets to the Big Day Out concert in Perth.
For the benefit of those not in Australia or New Zealand, the Big Day Out is a once-a-year rock music festival that tours around the Aust/NZ region. The event is huge enough to attract many local and international rock artists such as Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, etc to perform. Naturally, every event is sold out almost every time to thousands and thousands of enthusiastic rock fans.
Big Day Out Event
I’m not the biggest rock fan here. I’ll be honest and say that I prefer mainstream music and jazz. So the choice was easy, I’ll spent all my points on the Coca-Cola Beach Party, then eBay off the prize if I win.
Now, normally if I finished my work for the day earlier, I would ‘snake’ (Hokkien for ‘slack’) at work by opening my browser windows really really small whilst the Visual Basic programming window is maximised. 😉
Just so happens that day was the one of the days when I finished work early. I wanted to enter myself in to the Beach Party draw. But with the browser window so small, I must have clicked the wrong links and accidentally spent all my points on the draw for the Big Day Out tickets instead.
I shrugged it off, thinking that it shouldn’t be such a big deal since I can still sell the Big Day Out tickets easily if I win. These tickets normally cost about AUD$100 each and there’s always a high demand for it. I wasn’t too worried.
Well, a few days ago I received an email from 92.9FM, asking me to drop by the station because I’ve won a prize! So I drove down the the station in Subiaco the next morning. The receptionist greeted me, I passed her a copy of my email as she smiled sweetly at me.
“Congratulations, you’ve won tickets to the Big Gay Out!”.
“Thanks… uhh… did you just say Big Gay Out?”
Big Gay Out Envelopes
She was correct. Apparently the real Big Day Out was over two weeks ago! The Big Gay Out is an offshoot of the actual event celebrated in a pub by… you guessed it, gays.
Yes, instead of listening to rock bands the calibre of Limp Bizkit, I shall be listening to pop princess Vanessa Amorosi, whose “hits” (note deliberate quotes) include songs such as Absolutely Everybody and Shine.
Big Gay Out Envelopes
I have four tickets to this event. Each ticket costs AUD$15 so I won’t even bother selling it. I guess I’ll probably just go in and have a look. I’ve never been to a gay bar before, so its probably time for me to expand my horizons (and hopefully not expand my arsehole in the process. Hehe)
I shall write an entry on it some time next week. Wish me luck, gays! Err… guys!

10 Replies to “A Gay For a Day”

  1. Don’t forget to wear purple shirt and gay pride rainbow button. I’m sure you’ll attract lots of attention. Maybe not the right kind of attention, though.

  2. Hohoho!!! Aww… man… wot if some random starts hitting on you? haha good luck mate, and yeah… as my mom says: underwear-on is the best form of contraception =D

  3. Hahaha….mayb next time you’d read the lines carefully before hitting the ‘submit’ button…even if yr windows is minimizes! Have fun on yr Big Gay Out….n take it easy ok? *wInK*

  4. mai kekke! you know you wanna go real bad =) you’d fit in p e r f e c t l y.
    take loadsa pics. snog a few. it’s all in the experience =)

  5. sometimes being with gays while keeping yourself straight has it good points! ahaha you can actually become a metrosexual.. the hip thing now ! 🙂

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