Smell My Car Zhng

Download the mrbrown show Podcast (guest-starring Kenny Sia):
“Zhng My Car – Part 2”
(MP3, 6.9MB, 19m48s)
I’m a big fan of the mrbrown show.
In case you’ve been living under the rock, Mr Brown is one of Singaporean blogosphere’s most influential persona. It was actually him who first introduced to the Singaporean audience after ‘brown-ing’ one of my earlier posts. The mrbrown show is of course, a highly entertaining internet audio show hosted by Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi.
One of their comedy skits titled “Zhng My Car” received over 40,000 downloads recently, officially making Brown and Miyagi the most boh-liao people coming out of Singapore since Jack Neo and Moses Lim.
So anyway, I touched down Singapore yesterday morning and Brown sent me a message telling me they’ll be recording the sequel to “Zhng My Car” that evening. I was excited of course. I didn’t want to miss the chance appearing on his show, so I pleaded with Brown to give me just a small two-liner cameo role in his skit.
But Brown Cow had better plans. And it wasn’t until I arrived at the “studio” at Miyagi’s pad that I realised he didn’t just want me to do CAMEO. He wanted me to GUEST STAR the entire Zhng My Car show instead! WAH LIEW!
I didn’t even know what to say! Brown and Miyagi are seasoned veterans of the show so they had little trouble getting into character quickly. Me? I sound worse than Michael Jackson on helium.
With only a few minutes to prepare, I was told the gist of the show, wrote down some key lines to say, and then improvise with the rest. In fact, everything you hear in that episode was done in one take. That’s why you can hear me stutter, speak too fast and majorly screw up my lines like only I can.
Recording the podcast was damn nervewrecking experience but it sure was helluva lot of fun. Watch out for me in the next episode of the mrbrown show, where we talked about my hometown Kuching.
Meanwhile if you haven’t yet already done so, download and listen to the original “Zhng My Car” episode. Then catch me joining Brown and Miyagi in the latest most newest episode of the mrbrown showDownload “Zhng My Car – PART TWO”

Why did Dawn Yang call herself ClapBangKiss? It just doesn’t make sense at all. Shouldn’t it be called “KissBangClap”?
You kiss a girl, bang her, then clap your hands for that wonderful performance.

35 Replies to “Smell My Car Zhng”

  1. Fourth! 😛
    How about, clap for a great pole-dancing performance, then bang the girl and kiss her goodbye? :p

  2. hmm…
    :: Posted by Kenny at 03:55 AM
    you party animal
    on second glance, some of your commentor’s timestamps shows times BEFORE your post!
    they veli keng hor (but probably some timezone setting is wrong somewhere lah)

  3. Gd daay mate. Prefer if u speak like a uniquely Malaysian Kucingnites, rather than faking an Aussie mouth full of pies mixed with pot. Hope 2 hear the podcast soon.

  4. Err. you clap cuz u get the girl, den bang her & kiss her after dat? >,Err. you clap cuz u get the girl, den bang her & kiss her after dat? >,

  5. Not as good as the 1st one ..too bluff.Hope u don’t mind ..u sound so stupid and it makes my hair stand when hear the way u guys talk….Sorry to say that.Just terrible.

  6. I gotta agree with Korrd. The first one was funny shit, especially the main man “Johnny”. The way he spoke (who played Johnny?) really fits the Zhng My Car theme thing… he does sound like someone you’d meet in a fix n’ go car accesory (sp) shop. But the second part… Johnny tries too hard to speak like that 🙁 I could just sense the whole thing coming when the skit started. Hope the next one will be better!
    And now for Mr. Kenny… *grin* Gotta love that motorcycle part and the titanium rims 😛 Its understandable that you had to go from a cameo to a full appearance and if I had to do it I might sound bad as well, but hey, everyone makes mistakes!

  7. She got the marnee and status mah, so she claps for some guy in da queue to bang her, and rewards a kiss if da bang is good.

  8. Thank you for the laughs. I was lying in bed, smiling to myself because “zhng my car” made me feel less homesick. Absolutely godsend.

  9. Hey Kenny…
    How do you knw what Michael Jackson sounds like on helium?? 😉
    Have a great trip in Singapore oh and thanks for the good luck wishes…

  10. I’ll give my honest opinion. I liked the first one, but the second one was just sad. In fact, it was so lame it wasn’t even funny. It wasn’t something ‘new’, all the ideas were taken from the first part. Have to give you credit for the effort though. But personally I feel that you should just stick to blogging. At 40,000 downloads, you can be darn sure you’re gonna be famous for being the uber clown-not-funny kenny from

  11. hey kenny nice posting bout those great things happening in singapore..but i have been wondering if kuching has some great spot to hang out to meet new,great places to go or club to join to make new friends,and meet new people(especially girls,of course..)
    i really think this would be a great topic..

  12. Kuching has that spanking new club, whassitcalled, that Kenny told us about, as well as that very tall timber building that Kenny told us about as well. For more of what Kenny told us about, tune in to the mrbrown show podcast that will be aired this Monday!

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