Singapore Very Safe One

Singapore is possibly the safest capital city in the ASEAN region.

Anti-terrorism is high on the Singaporean government’s agenda. There’s posters, marquees and other promotional materials reminding Singaporean citizens to keep an eye out for suspicious people and objects.

While murder, rape and burglary do occur, those cases are extremely rare, thanks to tough punishment and their effective police force. And the Singaporeans you see on the streets are in general law-abiding, obedient and docile.

So what exactly is the key to mind-controlling Singaporean citizens? I don’t know, but seems like their government is doing a FINE job at it.

The strategy they employ is clear. If you don’t want your people to do something, put up a big ass poster, put a cross through it and underneath the poster write in big bold print “FINE: SGD$ X AMOUNT” Confirm people will listen to you one.
It is getting a little ridiculous though. Everywhere I go, I noticed all these FINE posters everywhere. Not exactly what I had in mind for Singapore Design Festival.
There’s so much of them that the whole city is transformed into one big giant FINE menu. So much fine, I think even al Qaeda terrorists also scared of the Singaporean gahmen.
How much you’re fined is dependent on how much damage you can cause. As spotted on the walls of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations.
If you drink Cola and eat hamburgers in the MRT, you’re only killing yourself. So fine you little-little only lah. S$500 enough.

Wanna smoke? Cannnnn… But too bad you’re not just killing yourself when you fag, you fag. You’re killing everyone else within your 5m radius with your second-hand smoke, so boh-pien, have to fine you a little bit more. S$1000.

WTF ARE YOU BRINGING FLAMMABLE LIQUID ONTO TRAINS FOR?! Siao ah. Must be to bomb people one. This one must be expensive. Fine you S$5000, you cheebye terrorist.

Then there’s this one that I not quite understand.

Ok. So it says you cannot bring durians onto the MRT. But it never said anything about how much they’re gonna fine you. Which means if you wanna bring durians onto the train, bring lah.
The police will probably give you his tulan face if he saw you holding two big durians on your hands. Not because you didn’t give him durians to eat, but because he knows he cannot simply fine you.
Still, I don’t understand why they don’t fine people who brings durian onto MRTs. For all you know, the next terrorist from Jemaah Islamiyah could look like this.

You never know. You just never know.

How come Singapore never produce any notable Olympic sprinters? There’s so many good runners here at the City Hall MRT Interchange.
Seriously, I’ve never seen so many people run from one train to the other so quickly before.

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  1. they had a comic on bringing durians up the train once, mr kiasu i think. the smell is very strong anymore, and i dont think i want to go to work or school or anywhere smelling like a durian. so yea..

  2. Cool post, and I’ve got to admit, Singapore sure seems safe. The Graciousness poster is definitely something which has taken me back, and that kind of stuff needs to be in every country.

  3. nice pic… durian bombs? what will happen? the whole train stinking of durian or what?
    anyway… in malaysia where we have the dilarang membuang sampah sign… denda RM500 or watever…
    that is a signal that that spot is the rubbish dump and often we find a pile of rubbish right under that sign and perhaps some grafitti sprayed all over it

  4. well. personally there’s nothing wrong with those posters. they’re just to remind everyone not to break the rules.. we’re used to it already. so maybe a newcomer like you are kinda bewildered by those posters.

  5. Actually, the fines don’t work all the time because people still drink/eat on the trains.
    Any why are people so easily offended? Sheesh.

  6. Msia has all these fines too. But it never worked coz no one was around to fine them. In any part of Msia, you see signs that implies no crossing fine RM500, useless. There’s one time when i was in Johore, i ran across a heavy traffic, with a traffic police there, he didnt really give a shit. You kena langgar your own problem lah. Haha. My friend in Singapore got Fined $30 for crossing the road, without zebra crossing. Maybe you wanna try that. Hehe..

  7. Hah.
    “The police will probably give you his tulan face if he saw you holding two big durians on your hands. Not because you didn’t give him durians to eat, but because he knows he cannot simply fine you.”

  8. come on! let us stop trying to be political correct.
    its reality, so can we stop asking pple to be politically correct and refrain from offensive statement.
    very little stuff out there that doesn’t offend anyone anyway…
    and…I recognise those pairs of eyes under the veil anywhere!! 😛

  9. Not everyone associates terrorism with Islams/Muslims. Just those who are influenced by CNN. I think if we read Al-Jazeera, we’d get a very different point of view – and for all we know, our opinions would change.
    But anyway, the posters did not mention anything about Islams/Muslims being terrorists. I think they’re just extra careful now because violence is rampant in so many places. Better safe than sorry.
    Besides, if the MRT system is down, Singapore will suffer economically, politically and socially. Imagine the roll over effects on everyone.

  10. Hey Kenny, last pix is a big no no! Remember the S’porean bloggers kena few months “chiak kari peng” for their racist remarks??? Hmmm… A fine line is drawn…

  11. haha…if MBKS wants to create those “Fines”, sure become millionaire liaw~! Cincai overtake, fine: RM100; drunker cincai piss on the floor, fine:RM200; cincai spit chewing gum on the ground, fine: stick his/her butt there la…

  12. But too bad you’re not just killing yourself when you fag, you fag.
    ay, very rude leh.. “fag” is more attributed to faggot than the brit slang for cigarettes..

  13. singapore being a “fine” city is already overdone, and i really don’t see what’s the big deal about emphasizing the fact that we have fines. it’s actually quite common around the world, and it doesn’t matter as long as the job is done right?
    nice post still 🙂

  14. Kenny,
    While it’s fun to joke about stuff, but I would appreciate it if you didn’t go to the extend of making fun of the other races, especially the muslims.
    I take offence in your last picture and how you misspelt the statement. Please do not incite racial hatred in your blog, which in my opinion is quite entertaining.
    Race and religion is a sensitive issues and we definite don’t need another person stirring up the racial tension, or to joke about serious issues like terrorism.

  15. you see right, prolly the terrorists who bring durian only want to kena the durianphobic angmohs…therefore…they’ll bring tons and tons of durians onto the mrt. So all the angmohs will drop dead, while the sporeans who are already immume to durian walk nonchalantly pass the dead bodies. 😀
    but of course, sporeans who are durianphobic also will die lah. 😀

  16. Dude, I seriously hope your blog will not be published in the papers(for the wrong reasons) tomorrow because of the last pic there.
    Making fun of something religious is not funny. Even I, as a non-Muslim felt offended by that last picture.

  17. wow man, atleast the people listen and the police enforce, over here if they see a sign, they’d piss on it 🙂 never try durains before – one day… 🙂

  18. Hahaha this post is hilarious, I like the part where u comment on the fines especially the durian and ciggie ones. Malaysia do employ these fines in KL but they don’t seem to work due to graft.

  19. Wat is the big fuck bout the last pic! I cant believe people have ZERO humour!!!!!! I cant believe…wats this world turning into when u cant even make a damn joke.

  20. the last picture is very offensive, u know y? coz ur playing with GODS name. that is the name of the muslim GOD, do u even know what it means man?
    How would u feel if others made fun of your GOD?
    Remove it man!!! ???

  21. kit fan i make joke about your mother you like or not … religion and god also same thing what. joke can joke but see what you make joke about also lah.

  22. Sometimes, its good to fine cos at least ppl obey…
    I get very irritated when ppl smoke at places they shldnt. At least the ‘FINE’ reminds them…
    But we are not only one of the safest country in ASEAN but in the world as well…Haha…

  23. Dear Kit Fan – know where you are coming from – and agree that humour should have a part in all our lives – and in addition, the word GOD has also seen it’s more than fair share of crude jokes without apparently insulting anybody who could not live with it, so what the heck ?
    Kenny is an entertaining person who we all can enjoy, – but this time I believe he has ACCIDENTALLY gone below himself – there is a time and place for everything – and this place, and this time, is perhaps working against people’s full enjoyment of his ( I believe ) innocent picture.

  24. Nah kenny..just post what u want. I see nothing wrong with the post and pics. If people continue to read within the box, tell them to go for any local newspapers! bah~
    People, if you’re offended, don’t read. Simple as that.

  25. It’s funny the last part. And daring too. It’s gona cause anger in some readers without doubt…it’s a free world anyway, everyone can say anythg they like…only difference here is Kenny posted it on his blog. It’s even more harsh in reality…so get a grip.

  26. fruitful, you have twisted the meaning of free world. You can say anything you want so long you don’t go picking at other people’s race and religion and incur their wrath.
    Woohoo – Kenny is an influential blogger. What he has written here does have some impact on young ignorant minds and implying that people who wears headscarves = terrorists wrong and discriminative. You see nothing wrong because you havent seen the whole picture yet

  27. hey fellas.. it obvious that the last pic is just a joke. why get so jumped up? its not as though he stated some racist shit like ‘XX religion is dumb’.

  28. I am not muslim, Roman Catholic actually, but I am just shocked at that last picture. Yes I am very well aware that you are trying to have a bit of a laugh or give it, but I would not have taken another’s religious beliefs and made fun of it in that way privately or publicly. The worst thing about what you did is that you have made it public. It is very demeaning imho. If you have a belief that you hold not just dear to your heart but as a form of a structure in your life and it is insulted in that way I can only imagine the great hurt/anger that the last picture has given to that person. Think of what that bubble has done to the many people who hold that phrase, you so wittyly/unwittingly used, dear.
    Even if you claim that it is suppose to be JI or its just you photoshopped you have taken that phrase and made a joke out of it. Before you do anything think of the effect on the people around you or the people that you can affect.
    I know you don’t mean it as a religious slur, but think about the effect that it caused to some of the members of that religious group. When/if you don’t care you have to admit you are taking the first few steps towards intolerance.
    If that does not affect you then well perhaps the singapore example might. As someone else has already commented a thin line has been drawn and in my opinion you have crossed it.
    Well thats my two cents though it may not be well thought out. Sleepy. 🙁

  29. i think they do not allow durians cause number one,its becoz of the smell, and number 2 its cause the fruit is quite sharp so it may hurt others. and oh yeah i think u shld remove the last pic.

  30. I like it. It is capitalism stretched to a new dimension, the Lee’s dimension. Or is he loosing his mind and/or simply running out of imagination?
    No sticker shock. Really no! I can afford it, all of it and will have plenty of fun with it too. Is there any other stuff for sales as well?
    Now, how much is pissing on the Lees.
    I remember growing up like everyone else, my parents would warn us: “don’t touch the kettle”, “don’t eat the worm”, and so on, with no explanation and but as an explicit house rules. The number of “no” rules increases as we grow older, just as we thought we are getting wiser and learnt. Fat chance! Sometimes I even forgot how to grow up because the “no” house-rules were defining the growing-up and learning for me. Why bother learning how to grow up if someone is doing it for you, right?
    After away from home for a number of years, I realized that the not all the “no” house-rules are as absolute and as black as white as they used to be. And most of all, the realization that there are other parents who are better and wiser than mine. They only prepared a handful of bandages just in case they need them instead of keeping them in the crib. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. My real learning actually started the moment I stepped out of my house when I am on my own, eighteen years late by any standard. I do make mistakes, some minor and some serious, but isn’t this part and parcel of growing up?
    What is disturbing is when parents like mine started running a country. Tell me who has grown?

  31. Kenny, you take MRT, eh???
    i thought the last picture is not supposed to be there, but after thinking twice… what’s so bad about it, right?
    it’s not making fun of other people. it’s just acting as a terrorist. don’t terrorists say that all the time? so it’s the terrorists who spoil the image of Islam, not Kenny, for God’s sake!

  32. hahahaha!
    love this post man.
    that last pic might be a tad bit too sensitive an area, in my opinion, but it sure hell took the cake. got me laughing crazy.

  33. Its a free world, if you dont like it dont visit the site. Why should kenny remove the pic, I think its fantastic!!! brainless idiots

  34. who’s making fun of Muslims’ God? Kenny’s just making fun of the terrorists. isn’t that clear? what’s the use of Kenny making fun of Allah? he himself would know that he would land in trouble, especially since now he’s in Singapore.

  35. no wonder u stick up for xiaxue all the time. you have the same IQ level as hers. you misspelt it then you screw around with it. the nerve.. hope karma gets to you chucky faced dude.

  36. I’m sorry, but I cannot help but LAUGH at the last picture. IT’S SO FUNNY. Cmon you guys, Kenny made fun of those radical muslim terrorists, not muslims in general?? We already know that not all muslims are like that right? Cheers 😀

  37. for that, you are FINED with a cell which you share with nothing but durians. for breakfast, you shall have durians. for lunch you have durians. for dinner, you have durians. and for inbetween meals, you can only have durians.
    if you ever want a drink, you can only drink durian milk tea. for exercise, please run 400 rounds around the durian plantation tree.(Singapore too small, no durian plantation ar…).

  38. The country so small, have to stop before picking up power so no good runner lor. Big countries like USA, China, Canada all good runners and won many gold medals wan. Small country like Singapore, Brunei…no runner, no medal also. Even those Malaysia Boleh good runner also from Sarawak!

  39. Though the last pic did not offend me at all, but I do think it’s a little too much to put the name of a God in it. It would have been perfectly acceptable and downright funny shit IF it was just the picture – no speech buble. Things were fine all along until the last pic 🙁

  40. hahaha i laughed like siao seeing those pics..really good stress reliever =) anyways i think maybe you should have put the exact words some famous terrorist said in the speech bubble instead then no one would accuse u of being politically incorrect.since there are plenty of terrorist speeches shouldnt be too hard to copy part of their speech rite?

  41. It’s because the durains have a strong smell which many people can’t stand and it leaves it’s stench in the MRT. actually, the fine amount is there if u look carefully =P your lats picture so funny! did u pose for it?

  42. Phooey, at times u can be an extreme arse hole. The last pics testify. At times when the world needed much consolidation, puns like these are unncessary. While u r a good blogger, u like maturity. Use yr real head not yr dick head.

  43. Some one once said “great power comes with great responsibility”. While Kenny’s blog is exposed to the masses, which means this blog has wide readership by the public. I think he should be sensitive in using the word ‘Allah’. Or maybe Kenny is too used at USA’s stereotyping government who often mislead the public. Or perhaps he played too much Command & Conquer : Generals. I am not a muslim but at least I know by using the word ‘Allah’ even to the micro extent will angers the muslims.

  44. Oh for crying out loud stop being so bloody anal retentive and sensitive!
    So fine. He used the word Allah in his picture. BIG BLOODY DEAL. You people who speak English have for CENTURIES been MISUSING the name of God/the Lord Jesus! You don’t see Christians making that much a fuss about it.
    You say OMG which stands for oh my god, or oh my gawd. You say Gaaaaaaaawd, Jeeeeeez (it means Jesus you dumb shit), Gee Golly and Gosh are alternatives to God, Jesus Christ!, Jesus!, For Christ’s Sake, For God’s sake (nuff sed), and of course there’s always the Goddamnit or Goddamn you.
    You even distort the entire meaning of Christmas and Easter, what with Santa Clauses, Giving Presents, getting drunk, easter bunnies and whatever the hell there is.
    If we’re all going to start being oh so sensitive, there wouldn’t just be war between America and the Muslim Terrorists.
    There would be war between everyfucking country where there is even one religion.
    All thanks to people like you who pretend to be oh so politically correct.

  45. I am not a Muslim and I don’t find the last pic funny at all. In fact I find it offensive. You have a good track record, kenny. Don’t let it slide. Do be sensitive to those who may have different values.

  46. Dear cheneille – tell you what. Print the picture, stick it on your forehead, go out to a public place, and proclaim to all and sundry that you find it so funny. Now, you do that, and many of us will have to eat humble pie.
    If you dare not, then stop hiding behind this blog.

  47. Cheneille what politically correct you mean, you yourself farting big time on religion issue.Please gather facts first before farting

  48. u were obviously heading for trouble when u put up that last picture, with lots of sensitive types around. problem is, where were they when the terrorists were screaming the same things, broadcast all over the world when they were murdering Nick Berg? nobody condemned the terrorists for using those same exact words, which had become their warcry. double standards?

  49. dear micheal lee
    i need to be more open…dont be so shallow…its a free world , if you dont like it just shut up and dont view the blog anymore…its not your blog..why should the owner of the blog listen to you….dont be a pain in the ass

  50. Dear Billy Graham – Kenny seems to have removed the picture – looks like he is not listening to you either ?

  51. Kenny, I am among the few who saw the picture before you took it down. Thank God, you took down the picture or there would have been another Blog war. While the picture was quite funny, the words you used were not.

  52. Dear Michael Lee – Perhaps you need to read something carefully before responding to it. Did I mention anywhere in my comment that I found it funny? My whole stand was people being too absorbed in wanting to be politically correct that they jump at every chance to put down someone who isn’t. Btw, i’m not hiding behind anything. I don’t need to. What about you?
    Dear Kit Weng – Kindly do me a favor and look it up. If you’re seriously lacking in grey matter then let me give you a Mickey Mouse version. An example of people who insist on being politically correct are those who pretend to love black people even more than white people to avoid being labelled a racist. People who go out of their ways to give in to a handicapped person to avoid being seen as being discriminative. Basically people who jump at opportunities to protect underdogs and forget everything else. If you still don’t get it then please accept my apologies for burdening you with phrases unsuitable for your high level of intelligence.

  53. You see right, people are fired up simply because it is a racist statement. Muslims would get upset because Kenny had assumed that every Muslim is a radicalist.
    By using Allah, he’s made the generalization on all Muslims. Because all Muslims worship Allah. And the tudung/jubah thing is part of the Muslim culture.
    It is NOT a joke to accuse and assume ALL Muslims as terrorists. These are sensitive topics. Religion is what shapes a person. You don’t just joke about things like this. Turn the tables around, what if someone were to insult your religion? Wouldn’t you feel insulted and angered?
    While people use Oh my God/Gosh, Jeez, etc, at least it does not carry the negative connotation Kenny associated between Muslims and terrorism.
    Cherub, it is NOT reality to accuse Muslims as terrorists. To say that, you’re obviously influenced by CNN. It’s not a matter of being politically correct, it’s being politically WRONG to say or insinuate that Muslims are terrorist.
    Btw, have you ever thought of America as terrorists? Didn’t they terrorize Iraq by invading their territory? Or are they just freedom fighters?

  54. “The police will probably give you his tulan face if he saw you holding two big durians on your hands. Not because you didn’t give him durians to eat, but because he knows he cannot simply fine you.”
    LOL!!!!!! I love durians man! Heheh….
    And I didn’t know they have so many different levels of fine and what a big range leh!
    $5000?!!! So, is lighter considered “flammable goods”? O_o

  55. Dear Cheneille – perhaps there is already enough out here to make you want to climb back into your Tamiya F18 and to try to do some collateral damage before the weekend is out.
    By the way … don’t forget your picture.

  56. “Controversial” pic again?
    C’mon mannnn! I didn’t even get to see the pic at all!!! *sulk*
    Toilet humour on Singapore, some Singaporeans are pissed off…
    Some whatever terrorist pic which I missed, some Muslims are offended…
    Geeezzzz… what next?
    Tell you what Kenny, since ppl think that you don’t care abt the feelings of other ppl by making fun of religions that you don’t believe in….
    Put up a humourous post about your own religion one day, at least then they will say you are FAIR to people blah blah blah….

  57. haha.. the durians are in case for those who are allergic to durians or are afraid of the durian smell. so actually it’s just for consideration. =)

  58. haha.. the durians are in case for those who are allergic to durians or are afraid of the durian smell. so actually it’s just for consideration. =)

  59. Miracle coment:-
    Btw, have you ever thought of America as terrorists? Didn’t they terrorize Iraq by invading their territory? Or are they just freedom fighters?
    America freedom fighters ass freedom fighter just look how many American innocent army kill in this Iraq all because few barrel of oil??.You think the Bush Team go in because of justice?. My foot !

  60. I was just reading other people’s comments and although I think your pic., Kenny is such a small deal, I guess people are annoyed because of the tension in the world right now.
    I hope you’re not totally annoyed Kenny. I’m sure if you had a joke about…for example… ‘Heil Hitler’ with a guy in the salute pose while offering durians to ‘Hitler’, people wouldn’t have really cared since it’s not affecting the world on such a huge scale right now. Same if you had a picture slightly poking fun at ‘a Christian’ or ‘a Catholic’ (I’m a Christian myself)saying Hallejuah! while offering durians. It’d just have been funny and I’m sure few would have cared. However if there had been Christian radicals right now, I guess people would find that to be a horrid joke.
    So, if anyone’s reading this, I’m sure Kenny wasn’t thinking about the racial tension present today and I’m sure he’ll do a big-ass apology and change the pic. or even remove it totally =P. I love Kenny’s blog and I’m certain it was just a joke not to be taken seriously. If people made small lil’ jokes about my race and religion, I wouldn’t be offended coz I know there are such jokes for them as well and everything is take light-heartedly.
    I don’t even find myself offended when Kenny makes fun a little of Singapore’s fine system, it’s true and funny but I still love my home country.
    Anyways, what I’m trying to say people is that you all really should lighten-up a little =), everyone knows Kenny is a joker and he may have just hurt few unconsciously but he so didn’t mean it. Well, sweet and sour dayz everyone =).

  61. Suddenly I don’t feel so paiseh about hearing Singaporeans complain about the conditions in M’sia. Welcome to a country that is actually well-run, Kenny!
    I personally feel that if someone wants to infringe upon my rights to breathe fresh air, and smokes on the train, he deserves to get fined. And as for the durian rule it’s because durian is a fruit people either hate or love. Makes sense to respect those who can’t stand the smell.

  62. WTF is this ppl. This post is not offensive or racist at all to be honest. Those who said that the picture Kenny posted at the end of the post is offensive, perhaps should get themselves up to date with the news. It is not him that is making fun by using the statement “xxxxxxxxxxxxx” it is the muslim extremists cum terrorists who are desperate to generate public interest by sending videos to big ass news broadcast companies like Al-Jazeera or CNN etc. or uploading it to their homepage, warning western countries about a possible threat and they will end with the words “xxxxxxxxxxxx”. So why don’t you ppl who are offended file a lawsuit and sue CNN, Al-Jazeera etc for broacasting it. Is it because he is muslim and he uttered those words in the video that was made public, u guys feel that it was fine. C’mon ppl this is a modern world. Be more open minded. The bottom line is, if u dun like it dun fucking read it and go elsewhere.

  63. Actually the term everyone’s raving of is Allahu Akbar and not the one Kenny posted on the pic… So is it really so offensive? Surprised to see so much comments where hours ago it’s just 28! Reminds me of Iraqi flag and Saddam Hussein…

  64. -_-“””” source of stress in this world? ppl thinking too much…..
    but well, maybe u can still add the durian has been planted to the last pic 😛 Gr8 Post though!

  65. Shit la you ppl out there…complain a lot hor???
    If you ppl like to complain so much about kenny’s blog, then i think you ppl should stop reading. Nobody ask you to read his blog OK!!
    He has the right to write wad he wants. This is a democratic country. And remember, he is not writing in the newspapers and publishing them ok.
    I enjoy reading If you ppl feel so uncomfortable reading it, dun read la…

  66. so what if he did something offensive? its not the first time or first person to do that. XX does that time and time again. probably not poiltically but STILL she does it offending people time and time again.
    only difference is kenny doesnt do this to insult other but as a joke. SO CAN U READERS LIGHTEN UP AND TAKE A BLOODY JOKE??
    People aren’t perfect and jokes aren’t funny all the time… big deal. If you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all.

  67. Ouch. Posted by a stranger, I may be offended. But knowing Kenny’s intentions, which are not malicious and only seeking to entertain, I feel we should cut him some slack. He clearly didn’t mean any harm.
    People make mistakes. Kenny’s made one, corrected it and moved on. We should move on too.

  68. Another Bhuddist, I was being sarcastic. Sorry, should have added the quotation marks around “freedom fighters”. Didn’t strike me to add that just now when I was typing that out. I do not see America as freedom fighters.

  69. Hmm.. For those who don’t understand y ppl get offended at the original pic, ALL Muslims recite Allah Hu-akbar. Religion is very much a part of a Muslim life, so to use the line so freely is offensive. I do understand Kenny is trying to make a joke. But don’t you all realise that those who are offended didn’t really kick that much of a fuss? I read the comments and most requested nicely to change the last pic. And Kenny did!
    Those who insist on people being more open-minded since this being a modern world, well.. Wouldn’t this world be strange if no one takes any offense? That no one really care if a person intentionally/unintentially insult u?
    I will like to thank those who understand that terrorism is not a Muslim thing. (rather ironic since Islam basically means peace) Just to show that greed, poverty and low standard of living can really drive a person to go against their religion and turn it into something holy. The world IS strange.
    Kenny, thank you again for changing the pic. Now it is funny without being offensive. 🙂

  70. I didn’t consider it particularly offensive. The phrase has been uttered (by other overzealous Joes throughout history) by those who consider it the sacred will to harm others, especially their own kin.
    Everyone has their own fuck-up every now and then. ‘Least it was handled cleanly and without unnecessary flame wars. Yay for kenny, who lived happily ever after. Seriously.

  71. By the beard of Zeus!
    You are so right, Diamond.
    In the interest of not extending this matter further, I retract my last statement and apologize to all Vikings.
    And Greeks.

  72. I like the last pic. I dont see the big reason why some ppl wants to kick a big fuss. Watch lots of Southpark n see how the creators mock Jesus.

  73. i think you ppl are acting too sensitive over this small issue.
    Have you ppl watch the Iraq Head Hunter’s video clip? They are reading “Allah Hu-akbar, Allah Hu-akbar” before they chopped the victim’s head.
    So wad’s wrong with the “Allah Hu-akbar” that Kenny wrote the other day? In reality they are reading “Allah Hu-akbar”. Not “Amen” or “Amitabah”. We learn from examples, right?

  74. Hi kenny.
    I know you probably won’t even read this but I hust wanna say I don’t see what the big deal is about that last pic.
    I saw the 1st one and now i see this “new 1”. Both are not in the least bit offensive. oh weel, it takes all sorts to make the world.
    By the way I am gonna use the last pic on my blog if that’s ok with you.

  75. When I saw the last picture, I was thinking “Ah crap. Someone’s bound to get offended.”
    Nope, I don’t personally disapprove, Kenny. Its just that most people are still hung up over the we-can’t-insult-religion thing and just can’t appreciate the joke. Wait a hundred years, and maybe we would have evolved past that stage and all appreciate a good laugh when we see one. At this point, I give moderate christians a clap on the back for being able to take a ribbing or two (ie. South Park’s Jesus) and laugh with the rest of us. Hopefully, other religions might follow suit in the future and take it easy.
    And seriously, you people should note that Tom Clancy’s “RED STORM RISING”, (an ancient book, by the way) has the exact same verse shouted by fanatics before they blew a Soviet refinery and caused WW3. I think the gahmen hasn’t banned the book yet.

  76. My observations of the durian terrorist debacle.
    It’s OK to make jokes or hurl insults if:
    (i) they’re about your own race/religion/country; or
    (ii) the entity you’re targetting is “superior”(and please, please note the quotation marks) to you in some way.
    Thus, it is OK for Chris Rock to use the word ‘nigger’ in his stand-up routines because he himself is black. It is ALSO ok for him to poke fun at whites because they are “superior” to blacks [but ONLY in the sense that they are the majority in America].
    Generally, a class of people who perceive themselves victimised or hard done by tend to be extra-sensitive [e.g. blacks, muslims, jews (although jews have learnt to be cool about the big nose and jewish mother-in-law jokes)] especially in relation to issues that have caused or are causing them hardship or indignity. Hence, you can safely make comments about a person of Chinese ancestry being a shameless money-grabber, but you would NEVER joke about the holocaust to a jew. Similarly, you would never joke about the rape of Nanking or the Japanese occupation to a Chinese person, but it’s relatively OK to call a japanese worker an emotionless automaton.
    Presently, Muslims perceive themselves to be persecuted or victimised, in varying degrees, by the world at large, so we tend to be sensitive about a lot of things. If you’re a non-Muslim, better be safe and not joke about anything connected to our religion. Sure, you can test the boundaries, like Letterman and Leno do, but these guys get paid gazillions for making people laugh. Is it worth making a slur on your blog and risk alienating your readers and inviting sedition charges or the ISA for a few chuckles from some anonymous netizens?
    You decide.

  77. Alright guys, thank you for all the feedback, both positive and negative. I just want to say that as a website owner, I do read comments and I do put in necessary effort to make people happy. As much as I’m happy writing for myself, it is because of you readers that make such a fantastic site to go to every morning.
    Sure, I don’t like to be told what to do. But if you ask me politely (like what Mack has done) then I’ll listen to you attentively. In this case, I sincerely apologise for infuriating the majority moderate Muslims with my previous picture. You weren’t my intended target, and I misfired.
    Now, for my side of the story.
    My intention was obviously to make fun of radical Islamic terrorists. I want to make them look stupid with durians on each hand and a necklace made out of the same fruit, shouting warcries terrorists typically shout when they carry out their one of their disgusting attacks on humanity.
    What do Islamic terrorists chant when they carry out their attacks? What do they typically say when they deliver one of their ‘threats’ and ‘statements’ on CNN and Al Jazeera? They don’t scream “Infidels!”. They don’t yell “Selamat Hari Raya”. They say something along the lines of “Insya Allah” and “Allah(u)akhbar”.
    “Allah(u)akhbar” is probably more well-known as the phrase Nick Berg’s kidnappers chanted before they decapitated him. The phrase identifies them. And that’s the reason why I included that phrase in the pic – to make them terrorists look menacing and stupid at the same time.
    So why did I think it was ok to put the phrase “Allah Akhbar” in my original picture, knowing that it is not a phrase used just by terrorists, but by Muslims in general?
    Let me give you an analogy.
    If I show you a picture of a swastika. What would you think? Adolf Hitler. The Nazis. The Jewish Holocaust. Correct?
    But the swastika is also a religious symbol used by Hindus and Buddhist. It is also on the logo of some chapters of Rotary International. The swastika is a very ancient symbol that embodies good luck and auspiciousness.
    It was the Nazis who unfortunately misinterpreted it and unleashed terror on humanity.
    Yet, you don’t see people crying foul on the swastika symbols being used on Hindu and Buddhist buildings, do you?
    That is because the swastika if used IN THE CONTEXT of nazism means hate and holocaust. If the swastika is used IN THE CONTEXT of Buddhism and Hinduism, it means good luck and auspiciousness.
    It’s all about THE CONTEXT and BACKGROUND in which you use the symbol in.
    It’s the same thing with “Allahuakbar” and radical Islamic terrorists.
    “Allahuakbar” if used IN THE CONTEXT by the majority peace-loving Muslims means showing respect to their God.
    “Allahuakbar” if used IN THE CONTEXT of radical Islamic terrorists means someone is gonna get blown up.
    If you take it out of context, it’s gonna make people angry.
    And I believe I’ve made enough effort to make THE CONTEXT CLEAR. In my last sentence before the picture “For all you know, the next terrorist from Jemaah Islamiyah could look like this.” I think I have communicated enough that it was my intention to poke fun at those terrorists ONLY. I didn’t expect to rile up ANYONE else.
    But I did. And I’m terribly sorry it happened that way.

  78. Kenny, the ‘swastika’ used by the Nazi is slightly different from the one used by most Buddhists. The Nazi one is tilted, and most of Buddhist swastikas are “left facing”, which is ironically considered as “evil” in India, and hence are only found outside of India.
    Wikipedia has an excellent writeup on this.
    Just a heads up, and the picture is fine (can see who’s under the cloth). A caption such as “Grraaa!” or something silly might have been better though.

  79. We live in highly sensitised times and if it means being a little more careful and understanding about we say or do so as to increase the peace, then why not?
    That said, context or no context – if you choose to joke about sensitive issues be prepared to deal with the controversy.

  80. Have you noticed how most of your posts offend people – there is plenty of humour about controversial topics that is done very well, but you haven’t got the knack yet.

  81. Haven’t you learnt from your lesson, Kenny Sai? Your brand of toilet humour is not welcomed on the island. Keep your comments to your ulu hometown.

  82. Psst…Kenny, since the censorship board has disapproved of you using the “allahuakbar”, maybe you could use “ALALALALALALALA!!!”.
    “ARGGGH” kind of looks like the terrorist himself is suffering from the durians.
    Unless “Alalalala” isn’t politically correct enough.
    (Play C&C Generals and when you send the GLA suicide bomber to attack, he yells “Alalallalala”)

  83. kenny,
    they said “ALLAHUAKBAR” because they muslim and NOT because they terrorist!! and every muslim said “allahuakbar”, its mean if ure write terrorist said “allahuakbar” than what ure trying to say is “all muslim are terrorist” (correct me if im wrong!)
    and nazi’s swastika definitely different with buddhist swastika ( like ole’wolvie said)
    n pls kenny…u better make sure abaout anything before u write it on your blog.
    otherwise u will look more stupid than before!!
    i believe ure such a smart person kenny dont make me think that ure not

  84. yeah it’s been said before but i’d like to say it again.
    the swastika used by nazis is tilted, and it was adopted from the buddhist swastika which is not tilted. the swastika is not a religious thing, it’s merely a symbol unlike ‘allah(u)akhbar’.
    buddhists generally don’t give a rat’s ass about the nazis using the swastika like that because it’s buddhists generally don’t give a rat’s ass by nature. until someone like harun yahya comes along, this particular buddhist is usually not that anal about buddhism like that.

  85. speaking of durian, ever tried their durian fried rice? Despite it’s smell it’s seriously delicious. Plus i didn’t get caught bringing it onto the MRT ;p

  86. WAHHHHhhhhhhh ur GOT hella foh PPL supportin ur BLOG eh KENNNiiiieeee…!!!
    love the last pic tho..
    ppl debating over ur BLOG DOOD… Doood.. hahaha

  87. Kenny, when have you become like this? Trying to please everyone with your freaking euphemisms. Just make this a rule: NEVER EDIT THE PICTURES YOU POST UP HERE. If people are offended, too bad. They just are too retarded to get it.

  88. “Haven’t you learnt from your lesson, Kenny Sai? Your brand of toilet humour is not welcomed on the island. Keep your comments to your ulu hometown.”
    Hi Keng Lok. Are you graduate from that Toilet school?
    Profesionals should be able to see things in a positive ways. I’m sure Kenny is just creating some harmless jokes about it. Of cuz some of the graduates from that Toilet School(like Keng Lok) will sure feel a bit offended, just read it, laugh about it and forget it lar… Why must takes things so complicated and not profesional?

  89. OMG, if I came here and read the comments earlier I would’ve known how to answer “Bahagian B Soalan 4” for my BM1 SPM paper this morning.. “Persengketaan dan Peperangan..” Haha~
    At least he changed the picture.

  90. I’m actually not too sure where I stand with regards to this issue. On one hand, I can definitely see the humour in the picture. Yet, I can also see how it can anger the Muslim population.
    However, I don’t think the issue is so much the fact that Kenny used Allah Akhbar in vain… it’s more the fact that he is associating Islam with terrorism.

  91. kenny, it’s IS true after all, huh? When you get big, you gotta cater to everyone…think about ‘aiyah, will everyone make a mountain out of this molehill’… then when they do, you need to go around, apologising, change pictures, captions etc.
    well, with great power comes great responsibility eh? 🙂
    all the same, i’m just really glad the issues been resolved. I just hope that people will see that you are definitely one of the most considerate bloggers around unlike *some eherks people ahem that ehehehe you eheheherks support ahahahXiaehehsXue* haha…. 😀
    neways. GO KENNY!
    ps -> my 13-yr old sister see me reading your site and goes ‘haiyah. reading kennysia again. And she doesn’t even read you! 😀

  92. hi kenny, i think u were cool with all the comments until u though of voicing out your opinion. changing the caption was a good move.
    “It is also on the logo of some chapters of Rotary International”
    are you sure? how come i never know after being a rotaractor for 3 yrs?
    “Keep your comments to your ulu hometown”
    yeah, we are jungle people who talk shit all the time, we live on trees, and we are so freaking poor we have our own eletricity generator each house and use private satelite for internet access. our mobile phones are strings attached onto paper cups, and kenny swims all the way to aussie.
    oh yeah, i forgot, we are so poor we all use merz to travel around the whole sarawak region.

  93. Hahaha…tiny sharky, you are wonderful. We use merz because we drive in the jungle. Those nerds out there are too ignorant. I feel like sending KENG LOK to sarawak and lock him inside our Matang National Park(beside the bears). Hehe…have to add toilet bowls inside so that he can wash it when he waits for ppl to visit him.

  94. People these days are so ignorant.
    KengLok..Show some maturity buddy…I suppse the only way you can win a debate is by poking fun at someone’s hometown? Grow up will you.

  95. you people are damn sad man… people write about SOMETHING little bit only all so marah marah… chill la, dun get your panties in a twist… i’m muslim, and I found that last pic damn funny wei… hahahha~~~ coconut boy here sure makes me laugh… unlike this friend of mine who fow fei kei me today… aaargh…
    anyways, screw the dissenters, go ahead and kick ass kenny sial… woo-hoo!

  96. Previously I saw “Arrrgghh”. Now “Alalalala”. What’s next? (I suggest, some other games, maybe Warcraft 3…)

  97. aiks.. full of angry ppl arrr.. darn.. if u felt offended.. just keep to urself or protest somewhere else lar.. dun flood this site.. btw, another creative yet offending (for those who felt offended or think tat it’s offending) post by kenny.. guys, pls dun link it with other issues..

  98. Hey Keng Lok aka Brainless Blogger B@st@rd, tell me your email address & contact details. Will sponsor Starhub Channel 10-12 for a year educate your pea brain about going out your “small” world. Maybe u just skipped Geography classes or your mum drop you on head. My gosh, ppl still call Sarawak ulu. At least our bushes has foliage that your “bush”

  99. i find this post kinda funny….
    btw…dont associate islam with terrorism…
    It is like eating ice-cream with onions in it…
    seriously, i dont feel that this post was offending….

  100. It’s the Women, Stupid?
    November 14, 2005: As American counter-terrorism specialists spend more time in Arab countries, they are getting a better grasp of why Islamic terrorism finds such a welcome there. It all apparently comes down to the treatment of women, especially the custom of keeping women illiterate. This, in turn, makes it difficult for women to get jobs outside the home. But, because of the illiteracy (half of Arab women are illiterate), there is a high birth rate. This is a pattern found in all cultures, throughout history. Once women are literate, the birth rate goes down.
    As a consequence of the high birth rate, you have low economic growth and high unemployment. In the Arab world, the unemployment rate averages 15 percent (three times the U.S. rate, and 50 percent higher than the European rate.) This generates some truly deplorable stats. Like only one percent of the Arab population owns a personal computer, and only half of those are connected to the Internet. Compare that to East Asian nations (like South Korea or Taiwan), which were actually worse off, economically, than the Arab world right after World War II. But the East Asians educated their women. Now many of these nations have PCs in over half the homes, with nearly all of them hooked up to the Internet.
    All those unemployed young Arab men are prime candidates for terrorist organization. When there seems to be no other way out, desperate measures begin to appear reasonable. But in the Arab world, the main impediment to educating women are the Islamic clergy. Not all of them, but the Islamic conservatives tend to grab the moral (or at least religious) high ground, and use that position to bully everyone else into going along with “pregnant and illiterate” attitude towards women. Even Saudi Arabia, with all that oil wealth, still has nearly half of its women illiterate. The Saudis love to trot out all the upper-class daughters who have gone to college (but cannot drive a car, or get a job because of social restrictions), as a smokescreen for their failure to let all the girls get educated.
    Thus it appears that one way to end Islamic terrorism is to send all the girls to school, and let them stay there as long as they want. This policy is pushed wherever possible, and, naturally, Islamic extremists oppose it with great force and ferocity.

  101. wat’s with these people….? I said this then, I say this now- The pic is a work of a genius funny guy. Something like the jokes Russell Peter made. This world needs humour like this, racist or not, it’s funny, and it’s bout the terrorists, not god!
    Go figure.

  102. kenny, funny post as usual. as for the implication of the last pictures, who thinks the terrorist lady caught in Jordan is a buddhist (as am i)? see my point ?
    secondly, stand by what u post. heck care what these overly sensitive ppl think lah ! i hope u realise u cannot please everyone. cheers !

  103. come to think of it, would Kenny’s muslim counterparts go to the same length of posting pictures of themselves singing praises of Khrishna or Jesus or Buddha in their own blogs?!
    the very fact that Kenny would publicly sing praises of the omni potent Allah in his own blog merely shows that he has the making of a good muslim if he so desire
    come on! rather than rage against him, seize the opportunity, hand this man a holy Koran instead. convert him..

  104. “While murder, rape and burglary do occur, those cases are extremely rare”
    R u sure about this statement? U haven’t been long enough in singapore to read about those cases. But anyway, of course when u compare with US or the big countries, it’s just ‘rare’.

  105. I think the singaporean are so frustrated when they been fined too much by their ruler..
    so what they do they seed hatred to their neighbouring muslim state plus their totured their maid (they got really famous for that)

  106. Fact of the matter is this: There is no such thing as a muslim terrorist. There are asshole terrorists who PRETEND to be muslims. There are muslims who have LOST SIGHT of the teachings of islam and become terrorists. But the probability of a MUSLIM TERRORIST is about as high as George W. Bush’s IQ. Which is to say, pretty damn NON-EXISTANT. 😉

  107. yeah keng lok, sarawak is very ulu..just that in kuching, we see mercedes benz till we wanna
    puke! u fool!! and our guys are handsome and chics are hot.real hot~~ lol lol ..

  108. > Posted by: tahi ko at November 18, 2005 03:58 PM
    > I think the singaporean are so frustrated when
    > they been fined too much by their ruler..
    > so what they do they seed hatred to their
    > neighbouring muslim state plus their totured
    > their maid (they got really famous for that)
    Bro, u muz haf done b4 eh? dats juz u i suppose.

  109. > Posted by: Ole’Wolvie at November 14, 2005 12:16 PM
    > Kenny, the ‘swastika’ used by the Nazi is slightly
    > different from the one used by most Buddhists.
    > The Nazi one is tilted, and most of Buddhist
    > swastikas are “left facing”, which is ironically
    > considered as “evil” in India, and hence are only
    > found outside of India.
    > Wikipedia has an excellent writeup on this.
    > Just a heads up, and the picture is fine (can see
    > who’s under the cloth). A caption such as “Grraaa!”
    > or something silly might have been better though.
    eh bro, u tink dis dude by e lame ov kenny noe apa open source encyclopaedia ah?

  110. That is hilarious! I love the pix. You do not need to apologise for it at all. The No Durian post reminds me of two friends from UK who visited me a long time ago. After a day out shopping they came back and told me that they were shocked that Singapore was so racist. They thought durians was a race of people in Singapore. Back then there was no picture showing the fruit .. just the words “Durians Not Allowed” I think.

  111. They say cannot bring burger only wor. So you still can bring noodle or fried chicken la. They say cigrette cannot smoke half way, so you smoke until finish just get down the train la.. hehe… wan me to add more?

  112. I have not visit Singapore before but from what i heard from my friend is that the place is very clean and cars are good too. Everywhere you go can see mazda mercedes or toyota. Sure you are wondering where are all the cheap car.

  113. Haha this post kinda makes me feel better about going to Singapore for further studies in July =p Haha I’m from Sabah…

  114. @Cherry. Yeah! it’s very Safe & clean in SG.before you come here you better exercise more walking & what i hate is,SG too crowded.

  115. it’s the smell of durians, some of the people don like the smell or it smell life shit. Train is an enclose area with alot people around And also after u leave, the smell will still stay inside for long. so please think for others when they hate duraians smells -.-

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