Singapore To-Do List

My old number died-ed on me. New number is +65 8193 7934.
I’m leaving for Singapore in an hour’s time. Will be there on business for Thursday and Friday, but I’ll be staying back till Sunday evening.

I seem to cause a bit of commotion everytime I step foot into Singapore. God knows what shit I’m gonna stir this time round.

Things I plan to do in Singapore:

  • Buy some clothes for my iPod nano from Sim Lim Square.
  • Have a haircut. Any Singaporean hair salons out there want some free publicity on Gimme a good deal and let me know. 🙂 Somebody recommended to me a Japanese-style hair salon called ShunjiMatsuo. I wanted to try but I don’t want to look like Crayon Shin Chan!
  • Register my prepaid mobile phone. Why do I need to register!? Scare I bomb your MRT with my phone issit? (Btw, my Malaysian number will be off while I’m away. Send your death threats to this number instead.)
  • Visit Singapore’s MOST TALKED ABOUT TOPIC of the year 2005. What integrated resorts? I’m talking about Singapore’s handicapped toilets lah.
  • Endorse Voxy Nails
  • Catch The UnXpected playing live this Saturday night at Walalala.
  • Laugh at all the high school kids studying day and night for their GCE ‘O’ Levels right now. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • Get rid of my 1.5-year-old Sony Ericsson K700i. It’s about time. Where’s the best place to trade them in?
  • Cheong Club Momo this Friday night. Why do they call it Club Momo? Can go in there and ‘momo’ the girls one issit?
  • Going to Zouk’s Mambo Night tonight. Gotta see for myself Mambo Night’s famed para-para dancers. Where the hell do these people learn those synchronised hand movements from anyway? Their tai-chi master?

    Actually, I really want people to teach me how to dance like that too, but I scared later I accidentally slap and punch their face. How?

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  1. Kenny, why spend the nite standing around taking photos in zouk? try going to watch a play – Girl From Ipoh, with Carmen Soo. Promising ‘intimate bed scenes’ leh.

  2. Fly forth brave Kenny, the One who holds the Coconuts in his hands, and romance that fine, fine country; kiss it tenderly, make love to it, give it all your money, and nine days later bring us the slimy, wrinkly, lovable little posts that will inevitably come out of it.

  3. there’s this salon founded by Shunji Matsuo in KL oso lah.. it’s called Shunji International in the office lots at mid valley

  4. Kenny, hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore and did all your to-do list, all the best for your business!!
    update me on things that i dun even know discover in singapore! Hahaha….

  5. 16th!!!
    It’s unXpected (without the ‘e’ – so is their URL). I love their performance but Wala Wala is so crowded nowadays that you have to be there at 8 just to get a seat to catch them performing at 10:30.

  6. Welcome 2 the, 2 B futuristic Casino city of South Asia. Sim Lim Sq is known world over N yes u can buy a condom 4 yr i-pod. Save yr money. Try the vaccum haircut at QB cubicles, just for SGD10/-. A stand with XX in the ‘retarded’ toilet is of cos, a must. Sori, but prepaid mobile registration is “UnXxpected”? Most GCE ‘0’ morons are alreadi D-stressed. No prob., u can trade in the old K700i Sony Erricson with the latest W800 Sony Erotica with no regrets. Besides Zouk mayB sud feast Singkapore neh neh at Hooters instead? Who said Sinkapore got no life. U bet n enjoy yrself.

  7. Welcome to Singapore. Can I suggest you start your weekend with early evening drinks on Friday at Balaclava at Suntec City? Then grab dinner before going to Momo’s as you have already planned. And perhaps at 1 or 2 am, head to Zouk/Velvet or Attica at Clarke Quay for a change in scenery. Finish off with 4 am supper at Boon Tong Kee chicken rice in River Valley or the teochew porridge place in Beo Crescent/Old Havelock Road.

  8. *Get rid of my 1.5-year-old Sony Ericsson K700i. It’s about time. Where’s the best place to trade them in?*
    Kenny, Why dont you just do a charity and give it to me? 😛

  9. Ah. Shouldn’t it be Sony Ericsson K750i? It’s the same as mine, tho. =D Bought it at last year’s Merdeka Day! =D

  10. wah seh!
    you got damn long to do list lor.
    i so wanna meet you at wala wala’s.
    but i am working.
    this will be the i don’t know how many(th) time i’ve missed you.
    why laiddat kenny??!!??!!

  11. Have a steak and sip a martini at Morton’s before you hit town. Balaclava’s great on friday nights.. Brewerkz at Riverwalk is a great choice too!

  12. Eh. How coincidental! I juST got my hair cut at Toni & Guy yesterday in Lot 10, where *you* cut your hair too kekeke. My friend who’s a stylist there cut it for free 😉
    Coincidentally as well, i got my hair cut by Shinji Matsuo himself when he was in kl and i interviewed him 🙂
    I guess you must be hating me now huh.

  13. and DA will be going around looking out for him and stalking him? 😛
    then he can write an episode of Meet The Addict

  14. me too me too!
    beware Kenny.
    Those taking O levels for the first time are crazy.^^
    Those re-taking O levels are worst. aka me.
    & you haven answer my last week’s questions neh..

    ok, just kidding. one thing to ask: are you going to take cabs to go from here to there? take busses, lah, wait i can see you. hee.

  16. “Laugh at all the high school kids studying day and night for their GCE ‘O’ Levels right now. HAHAHAHAHA!!!”
    alamak, Kenny, you are too much man. 😀 anyhow, you should trade in your phone at any neighbourhood handphone shops. the Ah Bengs there can give you good deals.

    Remember THE ‘foot in mouth’ incident Kenny? 😉
    I have a proposition for ya…
    Go and meet up with Andrea Fonseka….
    Don’t worry she wont chew your head off… she has NO CLUE and NO IDEA about this blog… and the bashing she has been receiving about being over-weight on this blog…
    I didn’t tell her and haven’t told her about a lot of crap that goes on online… cos as I said…to you and have said to her, if you re gonna put your self in the public eye.. some people are gonna love you.. and some.. are gonna hate you! 😛
    Also as I maintained then… and maintain now.. if you meet her.. You’ll change your mind…
    I DARE YOU! 😉
    You up for it ?
    Gimme a msg on my mobile if you want her number…
    Oh you don’t have my number…. Give Cyn a msg and I will get back to you with her number….
    How long will you be in Singapore anyways?

  18. Whoa- You’re from KCH!…Didn’t know KCH had that many scenic locations…haha what camera are you using?…Picture are very sharp 🙂

  19. “Cheong Club Momo this Friday night. Why do they call it Club Momo? Can go in there and ‘momo’ the girls one issit?” Hahahahar. There is this club ‘Momo Ecstasy Station’ in Bangkok that allow you to ‘momo’ its girl inside the club. Why they also have special room for that wan ha.haha.

  20. Din anyone tell you that Mambo Jumbo is on Wednesday night? Make sure you reached Singapore way before 10 pm before the queue kills your mood.

  21. Been noticing something annoying. Urm when you put pictures in your blog, can you label them? Because I find some quite irrelevant. I’ll be reading a paragraph, and then this random picture pops up, and I’m scratching my head because well… I can see no link. Other than that, good job!

  22. KENNY: Eh your singapore mobile phone is either not working…. or your coconuts are not as big as cyn thought 😉 …heheh shes losing AUD 5 to me ! 😛 She not happy!

  23. Suertes:
    Whassat? hehe had to get Cynthia to explain it to me…
    EHhehe sorry arr I abit ignorant and stupid! 😛
    Kenny: cyn still had her money on you!! 😛 Dont let her down! Hahah..

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