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Made-In-Malaysia Robot

This is bad. This is real bad.

Am I the only one feeling slightly perturbed by this 10-foot-tall Malaysian-made robot on display right now at the KLCC LRT station?

Our robot seems perfectly content speaking fluent Bahasa Melayu in his mechanised accent, educating our little kids about the dangers of Aedes mosquitoes and such, while at the same time moving (or rather, jerking) his arms and torso wildly like only a mechanical robot with chronic rheumatism can.

Never mind the flashing red Darth Vader eyes and mouth that looks like a bird’s beak. Never mind even the fact that he has bloody LOUDSPEAKERS FOR BOOBS!
Hey, after all, I’ve met girls with tits so big, they look like they’re talking to me half the time. Loudpeakers for boobs is NOTHING.
What disturbed me was this.

That bloody perverted robot has a friggin LCD MONITOR hanging out of his pelvis as his dick!
The worst part is, all these while little kids were looking at the monitor thinking they’ve learnt something new about Aedes, when in fact they were STARING AT HIS ROBO-MOJO.

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Behind The Scenes At the mrbrown show Podcasts

Download: the mrbrown show Podcast: “Causeway to Kuching” (MP3, 7.2MB, 20m48s)
Topics: Zouk, Kuching clubbing scene, tetno music, origin of Kuching’s name, “what do you call KL-ians?”, tallest building in Kuching, “how do you guys know about Kuching?”, Singapore children now getting taller, Azahari the bomb expert, Miyagi’s army stories from Australia, someone shat on the road, Kuching Kangaroo, Zouk’s water tap.
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Video: Behind The Scenes at “the mrbrown show”

Podcasting is set to revolutionise FM radio the same way MP3 technology revolutionised the music industry. Ever since I acquired the iPod nano, I find myself literally hooked on podcasts and have more or less stopped listening to local radio stations altogether.
I always wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the mrbrown show podcasts. On my last trip to Singapore I was lucky enough to not just appear on the show, but to have the man himself explain to me what went on behind recording and publishing your very own internet radio show.

Equipment-wise, the bare minimum you require is a microphone connected to your computer. But Mr Brown is a bit gung-ho about sound quality, so he made some significant investments acquiring two ice cream cone-like microphones (with stands), a DJ-like set of headphones, a flynet-like pop-guard and a mixer deck that looks like it’s gonna explode if I chin chai press any button on it.

Writeboard – the online collaborative software used to prepare for the mrbrown show podcasts.

Surprisingly, very little work went on behind preparing for the show. Comedy skits like the Zhng My Car series require a bit more work though. For Zhng My Car, Brown and Miyagi would collaborate over Writeboard, where the gist of the script took shape and they can review it individually at work or at home without meeting up face-to-face.
In most cases, Brown and Miyagi simply get together and brainstorm for a few topics an hour before actual recording. Brainstorming was full of laughter and stupid jokes with those two around (check out the video link at the end of this entry). Almost all their shows were done in one take with very little editing effort going into post-production.

For sound-recording and post-editing, Brown uses Apple Garageband on his iMac G4. Any other sound recording software should work just as fine though.
I was nervous as hell throughout the recording, fumbling my lines in more ways than one. Brown was reassuring to me, “Don’t worryyy! If you mess up we will help you out one!”
To him, doing an internet radio show is almost his second nature. In fact, as you will see in the video later, the only time he fumbled was when he did the intro and outro of the show.
After recording, all that’s left to be done is save the MP3 file, upload it, then publish it on the World Wide Web.

Podcasting is not my niche, but I sure had lots of fun recording the mrbrown show (perhaps more fun than the audience who listened to the podcasts). I totally enjoyed myself and I’m sure they did too.
Thanks again, Brown and Miyagi, for inviting me onto the show!
Download: the mrbrown show Podcast: “Causeway to Kuching” (MP3, 7.2MB, 20m48s)

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Smell My Car Zhng

Download the mrbrown show Podcast (guest-starring Kenny Sia):
“Zhng My Car – Part 2”
(MP3, 6.9MB, 19m48s)
I’m a big fan of the mrbrown show.
In case you’ve been living under the rock, Mr Brown is one of Singaporean blogosphere’s most influential persona. It was actually him who first introduced kennysia.com to the Singaporean audience after ‘brown-ing’ one of my earlier posts. The mrbrown show is of course, a highly entertaining internet audio show hosted by Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi.
One of their comedy skits titled “Zhng My Car” received over 40,000 downloads recently, officially making Brown and Miyagi the most boh-liao people coming out of Singapore since Jack Neo and Moses Lim.
So anyway, I touched down Singapore yesterday morning and Brown sent me a message telling me they’ll be recording the sequel to “Zhng My Car” that evening. I was excited of course. I didn’t want to miss the chance appearing on his show, so I pleaded with Brown to give me just a small two-liner cameo role in his skit.
But Brown Cow had better plans. And it wasn’t until I arrived at the “studio” at Miyagi’s pad that I realised he didn’t just want me to do CAMEO. He wanted me to GUEST STAR the entire Zhng My Car show instead! WAH LIEW!
I didn’t even know what to say! Brown and Miyagi are seasoned veterans of the show so they had little trouble getting into character quickly. Me? I sound worse than Michael Jackson on helium.
With only a few minutes to prepare, I was told the gist of the show, wrote down some key lines to say, and then improvise with the rest. In fact, everything you hear in that episode was done in one take. That’s why you can hear me stutter, speak too fast and majorly screw up my lines like only I can.
Recording the podcast was damn nervewrecking experience but it sure was helluva lot of fun. Watch out for me in the next episode of the mrbrown show, where we talked about my hometown Kuching.
Meanwhile if you haven’t yet already done so, download and listen to the original “Zhng My Car” episode. Then catch me joining Brown and Miyagi in the latest most newest episode of the mrbrown showDownload “Zhng My Car – PART TWO”

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The Most Patriotic Malaysian Car Ever

Here’s a guy that deserves a place in the Malaysia’s Book of Records.

This is the kind of car that would make the my balls swell to three times their original size. Seriously, how could ANY Malaysian NOT be proud of a car like this?
I bet the car stereo is playing Negaraku when he’s driving.

The guy’s got so many flags on his car that if he ever gets killed in a car crash, the country is gonna give him a Hero’s burial.
Man, I’m proud to be Malaysian. I shall go tattoo the Malaysian flag on my back right now.

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kennysia.com English – Benglish Translator

Want to assist your child’s learning with English lessons?  Then using these great English lesson plans made for teachers can provide your children extra help. You can find great literature on how English books measure up and which ones meet state standards. The lesson plans will help you follow along with their English learning.  Also check out these great resources for teaching your kids English and achieving good grades.

Enter website address to translate:

I was happily writing my Ah Beng entry last Saturday when suddenly I sensed something was amiss.
Notice how on the Internet, we have these English – Spanish translators, English – Chinese translators, etc. Heck, we even have an English – Gangsta Talk translator. But has anyone ever noticed that we do not yet have an English – Benglish translator.

Think about it! We have literally tens and thousands of technology graduates in Malaysia and Singapore working their asses off each day for giant corporations like Motorola. And for what? Does it benefit our own people? NO.
On the other hand, we have all these Ah Bengs and Ah Lians on our streets. They rather drive their modified Kancils with boom-boom sound instead of surfing the Internet reading blogs. Why, my friend, its because they feel neglected! Neglected by society! Neglected by school! Neglected by all these proper English-speaking people! We only care for ourselves. But what about them?

The English we use on the Internet all so cheem-cheem one, how do you expect those Ah Bengs to understand? Can you imagine an Ah Beng surfing the Internet or not?
“EH! Wat all this lan jiao Googur chee bye Brogspot!? I DONCH KNOW ONE LEH!”
Poor Ah Bengs. 🙁 I’m sure they all feel very left out.
And that is why over the weekend, I flexed my programming muscles and came up with this English – Benglish Translator. Its just something I quickly put together in my spare time, and there’s only around 100 words in the dictionary right now, so its not gonna perfect. Any suggestions, let me know.

Enter website address to translate:

Recommended readings:
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XiaXue in Benglish
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Joel Tan in Benglish
Mack Zul in Benglish
Cowboy Caleb in Benglish
Finicky Feline in Benglish
Vincent Lau in Benglish
If you’ve found any funny Benglish-translated sites worth visiting, comment and share lah!

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