Twenty Six

Twenty six things I did when I was twenty six.


Ended my 2-year relationship with my ex. Of all possible days to do it, we broke up the day of my birthday. It was painful at first, but since then she got herself happily attached, while I also found myself a girlfriend.

She is Japanese. Her name is Soni.



Full name Soni Playstation Three.

Unfortunately, lately I have been neglecting Soni a bit. I hardly even had time to eat or sleep normally, let alone play with Soni.

I hope she’s not angry at me.



Took part in two 42km marathon runs.

The first was in Singapore last December. I trained hard for the Singapore Marathon and completed it within 6 hours 15 minutes – even with my iPod running out of juice.

I ran again in Kota Kinabalu last month. Due to lack of time, I did not train at all for this marathon and physically could not manage to go on after 33km.

Ah well, at least I attempted.



Became an uncle, for the fourth time. Everybody say hi to Ethan!



Shaved my head bald for charity.

The target was to raise RM50,000. Thanks to the generosity of readers, we managed to raise RM65,325.01!



Travelled to Ho Chi Minh City.

When it was announced that Vietnam had won the ASEAN cup, the entire city was turned upside down into an absolute chaos and frenzy.




Travelled to Phuket.

It was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day trip I planned for me and my ex. We broke up 5 days after I booked all the flights and hotels. Instead of bitching and moaning about it, I did something I have never ever done before in my entire life – I put up and thick face and asked somebody whom I only met once to come along.

To me utter surprise, she agreed. It was the weirdest, awkward and most platonic Valentine’s Day date I ever had.



Travelled to Wales. Saw some sheep.

I stayed at a friend’s place far away from the tourist district, in the town of Tal-y-bont. I thought there might be nothing to do, but just by walking out of his house, I managed to discover some of the most beautiful untouched pieces of nature.



Travelled to Ireland. Saw the Cliffs of Moher. When I saw a picture of this on a tourist brochure, I immediately hired a car and drove all the way to the west side of the island.



Went to St James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin.

As an avid Guinness drinker, this to me, is like going to Disneyland.



Travelled to Manchester. Went to Old Trafford Stadium. Saw Manchester United. Got force-converted into a Manchester United fan. Then witnessed Manchester United lost in the most embarrassing fashion to Liverpool 4-1.


Travelled to Bali. Again. With 4 hot babes in tow.

I swear I did not deliberately plan for this to happen, but I ain’t complaining! Most men would give up their left testicle in my position. They had a great time being pampered like princesses and I had fun playing tour guide.

It was such a memorable trip that we’re still trading inside jokes till this day.


Travelled to Tokyo. Saw Mount Fuji.


Travelled to Copenhagen. Molested The Little Mermaid.


Travelled to Melbourne. Hosted the Merdeka Party with LapSap and Kim Ong in front of thousands of Malaysian students and had an absolute blast of a time.

Despite having no hosting experience prior to
this, the crowd response that night was something I will remember for the rest of my life. I remember having so much trouble going from one end of the room to the other because I kept having to stop and snap photos with so many people.

It was so awesome. I wanna to go back to party in Melbourne again.



Dressed up as Arthur Guinness. Met up with The Black Eyed Peas. Made them laugh.

Till this day I have a "hard time" (hur hur) digesting the fact that Fergie put her arms on my shoulder.



Dressed up as Susan Boyle. Flashed my vajayjay.



Still jetting back and forth between Kuching and KL. It went from being once a month, to once every 2 weeks, to me being in KL every single weekend.

In fact, I think I spent more weekends away in KL than at home.



I go to KL so often that I even received my own Google Maps pin, placed on the front of Bangsar Village.

But I think by now it’s already been replaced with a Christmas Tree.



Starred in the TV show Project Alpha.

I know this photo looked suspiciously like the set-up of a porno, but Project Alpha is with Jojo Struys interviewing Malaysian bloggers.



Met the Prime Minister of Thailand. Compared him to our Prime Minister.



Became a chef for a day at KDU College.

I’m heading back there in December to host another one of their Open Day.



Earned quite a bit from blogging.



But also turned down many lucrative offers, simply because I do not have time to commit myself to more work.

I think I must be one of the few bloggers who constantly turn down advertising or event engagements. In the month of October alone, I turned down almost RM20,000 worth of advertising revenue and 4 travel opportunities to Singapore, Jakarta, Sydney and Korea – all because I was too busy setting my own business in Kuching.




Won an award for at Nuffnang’s Asia-Pacific Blog Awards. When I started blogging, never in my wildest dream would I have imagined I could get a trophy for it!


Started my own business – Level Up Fitness.

I built my dream – Kuching city’s only affordable quality fitness centre – entirely from ground up. So far, things are going great. I poured in a lot of effort on this project and I’m glad it has paid off well.


Those are twenty six things I did when I was twenty-six.

Today, I turn twenty-seven years old.

AD: captured some amazing shots last weekend at the Everyone Connects karaoke thingy in Bukit Bintang.

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  1. I should probably do this list soon. I said I’d do it and post in me blog last year when you did your 26. Which I failed to. =.=”
    You’ve accomplised so many things. haih. Everyone has a dream. I should do it too. The ol’ Nike saying “Just Do-It!”

  2. Happy Birthday, Kenny! You’re having such an interesting life which makes other ppls so envy about it!
    Wish you have even more interesting and enjoyable life ahead! =)

  3. Yay! I love =) I had my 20th on 1113, thought about doing a list like yours, but I don’t have that much achievement yet. I’m in korea btw if one day you decide to come over hehe.. Almost all malaysians here know kennysia dot com. You must be a nice person in real life ^^ (

  4. ” Of all possible days to do it, we broke up the day of my birthday. ”
    ” It was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day trip I planned for me and my ex. We broke up 5 days after I booked all the flights and hotels. ”
    hmm im a bit confused here. your birthday is on 27th nov. so you broke up on 27th nov. you broke up 5 days after your bookings. so you booked on 22nd nov. but how is that a valentine’s day trip if it is overdue by 9 months?

  5. Mannn time flies, feels like yesterday reading your 26th bday post
    Happy Birthday!!!! Belated.
    If i can achieve 3 out of the things u achieved when u are 26 i’d be freaking happy. Sighhhh, unfortunately, its not for everyone, ur one in a million

  6. Happy birthday, Kenny! You sure accomplished a lot this year, and well deserved, too.
    I bet you’re dreading your 100th birthday blog, having to list 99 things you did in the last year!

  7. Happy Birthday Kenny,
    Can’t imagine that I had follow ur blog for 3 years now, reading sliently, and this is my first comment.
    You had really worked hard for the past 26 years and achieve and done many things that not many 26 / 27 year could do.
    Time to move on Kenny, and let you ex be only part of ur memory.
    Better gals are out there waiting for you.
    Hope u had given urself a day off on ur birthday and enjoyed it with a blast.
    Happy Birthday once again from Singapore.

  8. As someone who’s been reading your blog faithfully since a few months after it was set up, all I can say is WOW. You are an inspiration to us normal folks.
    Happy Birthday Kenny! Have a nice Guinness…
    PS. I wonder how things would be now if you hadn’t left Aussie. =P

  9. Kenny boy, you did extremely well for a twenty-seven-year old. Next thing get yourself a girlfriend, and no, no man’s gonna lose a testicle for touring with four chicks, that only means you’re one of their SISTAS, they felt safe travelling with you, not because you’re a STUD. Get it?

  10. Happy Birthday Kenny!
    You’re an inspiration to youths out there. All the best with your gym, though I’m afraid I can’t be a member, unless you open a Singapore branch =D

  11. happy birthday kenny!
    i am 4 years away from turning 26 and i can’t imagine myself achieving half of what you have done.
    still, happy birthday! (:

  12. Happy birthday! Glad you had such an enriching year and wish that you have better things to come in the following years!

  13. congrats Kenny. never imagine a blogger as successful as you.
    i hope u remembered that i wrote you email informing that you have been one of the star in Google Earth stars in Malaysia.

  14. This is the first time I’m commenting. Upon reading this entry, I realise I have been a regular reader for 2 years, having read your entry of the 25 things you did all the way to the 26 things you did.
    Happy Birthday!
    Your blog has been a very entertaining, and at times, an inspiring read. 🙂

  15. Happy Birthday Kenny!!! And many more happy days to come this coming year. More achievement, more success. Your countdown from 27 to 1 highlights startsssss NOW!
    Josiah & Kim

  16. i rmb the post i read, it was all about 25 things u do before turning 26. Now,i realise i have been reading ur blog for many years. U deserve the prize from Nuffnang *nuff nuff*
    great to know a young blogger (i’m not tat old,still younger than u!lol!) being influential in this hi-tech online space, without involving those serious,adult-y,unimpressive yet frustating politics talk. who would read those thing in the first place?
    being young diamond bachelor,hahaha…congratz XD

  17. i really like how you list out all the significant things you do every year.
    you are an awesome one!
    i wonder what your list will be when you are 50. it’s gonna be a long list then!

  18. Happy birthday! started ur blog mid this year and actually found myself reading ur archives…(a bad distractor)..but enjoyed ur postings! Congrats on living such a fulfilled life so far..
    All the best in the days and obstacles to come!

  19. impressive kenny. you inspire me to achieve more and more from life.
    happy 27th birthday 🙂 have a fantastic one!

  20. Kenny,
    Happy 27th birthday.
    I enjoy reading your post.
    Looking forward for the new unique, interesting and funny post.
    I hope your gym business can expand in peninsular.

  21. Omg kenny you should edit that
    “Earned quite a bit from blogging.” picture a bit mah.. censor all the private info like ‘signature’, routing number and bank name…etc.
    These days got a lot of cybercrime dude it’s better to stay safe.
    Another thing… don’t let your current popularity and business responsibilities change the crazy funny Kenny that readers fell in love with back in 2005.. you don’t have to spend too much time thinking or writing content to satisfy the crowd, just do whatever you want lah. Whatever you think is funny enough to share, just like the old days. =))
    Looking forward to the next 27 achievements for next year, Happy Birthday Kenny ! =)

  22. Happy Birthday and have another great year!
    Someday, I’ll be phoning you up for sexual favours for advice on business and the like c:

  23. Wow! U really have 26 on your list!
    Shame on me, I tried to do it on my blog, but can’t really find anything that are significant enough to list it. I think I managed close to 20.
    Aiming for nxt year, 27!

  24. Happy Birthday Kenny. I’ll always wonder when a teacher was to ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?” U put the title “Blogger” into that list. Teacher is just so old fashion.

  25. happy birthday kenny~!
    i think i found the luv of my life; ethan~!!! so cute i melt everytime i look at him ohohoho XD

    walau, you 27 oredi lor. How bout marriage? Can i be your girlfriend please?
    if you advertise yourself on the blog surely got so many people want you…

  27. Hey Kenny,
    Happy Birthday!
    I’ve been following your blog since 3 years ago.. and I think your birthday posts are by far my favourite. I love how you sum up your year. AND OMG, you have such a wonderful life. All the places you get to travel to, things you get to see, people you meet. *envious*
    Anyways, I WISH YOU a great 27 birthday and I’m looking forward to read the next summary. Ditch SONI and get yourself a real gf!!! BAHAHAHAH
    ps: you usually give me pretty good ideas about what i want to do. Eg. Scuba diving.

  28. Happy Birthday Kenny!
    Those are many awesome achievements and events in just a year! Congrats! 😀
    And keep going! 😀

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