Video Travel Guide To Copenhagen

I know I haven’t updated for a while, but what to do lah when my life revolves around Level Up Fitness?

For the sake of blogging something not gym-related, here’s one amateur online video travel guide I did for Tiger Translate while we were over at Copenhagen. Pardon the product placement. As expensive as it is, I still maintain that Denmark is one of the nicest countries in Europe.

What’s not to like about a place where traffic jams don’t exist, people work 6 hours a day, speak good English, get tipsy at night and still have time to make sure everything looks good?

Not sure how the Danes did it, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t start with some publicity stunt called 1Denmark.

This coming Wednesday (9th Dec), I will be representing the online community as one of the panel speakers at the “Future Is” event with HP and Microsoft. The discussion will be on technology trends and what the future holds when it comes to computer use.

It is gonna be at Rootz, Lot 10 KL and limited invites are available right here.

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  1. “You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller
    LOL-ed at 1Malaise

  2. Hey, Kenny ^^
    Went to your gym for a one day trial out and the facilities all great and your staff are very friendly too! ^^
    Too bad the monthly fees are a little expensive compared to Fit-4-Life cause a friend of mine decided to join but when she saw the price, she hesitated. LoL~ Wish we can get the yearly one but since we’re not in Kuching all the time, it would kinda be a waste. Anyhow, if the monthly fees are lowered a bit, do tell! ^^
    Take care! ^^

  3. Yay! I am going to Denmark again in 2 weeks! 🙂
    Might consider doing some of the things you mentioned.
    Copenhagen is definitely my favorite Scandinavian capital! 😀

  4. “a place where traffic jams don’t exist, people work 6 hours a day, speak good English, get tipsy at night and still have time to make sure everything looks good?!?!?!”
    Let’s all move there!!! 😛

  5. Thought you had denied that it was paid for in your comment in the earlier post when I questioned the excessive product placement?

  6. this is the first time… i ever heard ur voice.. u r so comical all the time, i half expected a squeaky voice..but u turn out so deep.. sound handsome.

  7. did you eat at 3rd mile siang siang yesterday night around 11 pm (monday night, 7/12/09) ?? i think i saw you if not mistaken .. you were eating rojak, i guess … thought of saying hi to you but afraid of identifying wrong person …

  8. Kenny, you haven’t been blogging properly…
    where were you? there’s nothing nice to read…when I click on your blog.hmm

  9. Haha i want to laugh at ‘lakia’ this nick and his say ‘kek accent’ so funny and genuine
    Recently theres a international summit at Copenhagen Denmark. i think more than 100 nations take part. talk on reduce the global warming. seems that Denmark has some quality to hold this summit.
    The thing is this project cost very huge amount of money in billions and does it really can solve the problem. plus now is economic crisis time, so a group of New Zealander doesnt like PM to go attend. because this will cost public’s own wallet. and also who is in charge of this huge money. can this project be big a scam. if this is true, it will be a global day light robbery !
    i like the human side of getting poeple together to solve problem. but i hate possible bad politic. politic use things that seems nice on surface but you just dont know what is in the root. politic in Asia or Western
    sama sama!

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