Listen To Dennis Lau

As a boy growing up, I always wished I could play a musical instrument.

Not so much for the love of music. More so because of the well-accepted fact that men who play musical instruments are able to pick up more chicks.

Fast forward to many years later, and the closest I ever got to becoming a musician is playing Guitar Hero on Sony Playstation.

Obviously, it’s gonna be a very long time before I’d be able to get a girl. πŸ™

One thing I’ve learnt for sure – it ain’t that easy to pick up playing a musical instrument. To do it right, one has to spend a lot of time practising, practising, practising. It’s not uncommon for those really dedicated ones to eat, sleep and shit music.

Not sure how many people poop music out from their anus.

But I do know one person who sleeps with a violin.

His name is Dennis Lau. This guy has been playing violin so much, he’s even playing it in his sleep.

Of course, it’s all worth it to him. as one of Malaysia’s most sought after violinists, he has been playing his violin at events both locally and abroad. Just a couple of months earlier, Dennis managed to clinch a deal with Sony Music to release his debut album – DiversiFy.

It also happens to be one of the most refreshing and enjoyable albums I have ever heard from a local artist.

When people think violins, in their heads they usually think either one of two things. Either it’s classical music that old farts listen to, or the hot fiery sounds the likes of Vanessa Mae.

But Dennis’s album is neither.

This is violin in a completely different flavour than the ones we’re used to.

DiversiFy has a bit of jazz, bit of R&B, even bits of rap and hip-hop thrown into the mix. It is full of fresh new sounds 100% composed and produced by the violinist himself. On the whole, Dennis’s music is very easy-listening, very relaxing, and something you’d love to hear while chilling in a nice cafe on a rainy day having a hot cup of latte.

But talk is cheap. Here’s a sample of what the violin sounds like on Dennis’s hands.

Disclaimer: Kenny Sia did not receive any form of bribe/cash/chicks from Dennis Lau for the writing this entry. All I got was his autographed CD, which you can easily get from CD Rama and Rock Corner record stores all over Malaysia.

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199 Replies to “Listen To Dennis Lau”

  1. “Disclaimer: Kenny Sia did not receive any form of bribe/cash/chicks from Dennis Lau for the writing this entry. All I got was his autographed CD, which you can easily get from CD Rama and Rock Corner record stores all over Malaysia.”
    HAHAHAHHAHAHA need to write until like that a not oh? not like anyone gonna complain about an advertorial. hahahaha sorry, i just dfound that funny xD

  2. are you kidding me? he hasn’t play any two three bars of notes smoothly without errors =.=’
    first off the key is at 1.09…followed by few more afterwards..gosh, it’s so painful to listen..
    yeah you got an autograph CD, it’s still a bribe..cause I don’t think you even know if he didn’t give you the cd
    squeking sound all the way, not one smooth note….the ending is worst, what was the last note about??

  3. Kenny, I watch this Dennis performed in Bangkok Jazz at Chulan Square about a year back and it was a disaster! He apparently is a show-off freak where he almost solo his ‘talented’ violin skills for EVERY SINGLE SONG they played that night. Even the other crews in the band also can’t stand it and show sour face on the stage.
    Perhaps you are writing this post to help up friends (or whatsoever), but “the refreshing and enjoyable albums I have ever heard from a local artist.” – oh com’on, gimme a break! You definitely know too little local artist. πŸ˜‰

  4. Looks – maybe 8.0
    Violin playing – 4.5
    The reality is many people can play like him. His playing is quite ordinary, nothing complex or prodigious. Sure, he can play tunes and entertaining but he is no prodigy lar. It’s like Proton inventing Corolla when Toyota has been producing it for ages; good car but nothing new already.
    Besides, all the music he is playing are mostly his own composition so we won’t know whether it’s played correctly or not. Like Vanessa Mae, she take a classical piece and turned it into her own so that’s where she demonstrated her talents.
    I wouldn’t even buy the CD. Even if it’s given to me for free, I will put it on, skip tracks after 10 seconds on each. Probably find the melodious of it; listen once or twice. After that, disappear liao.

  5. A guy is more attractive with a violin simply because the more difficult the instrument is, the more attractive he is. Simple; a compared a BMX champion and Michael Schumacher from F1. Go figure out.
    But of course, a guy who rides BMX well is more attractive than a bump who drives around a modified Honda Civic 1986 attempting to look like an F1 car.

  6. “This guy has been playing violin so much, he’s even playing it in his sleep.”
    This really “char dow” to the MAX lor Β¬_Β¬

  7. Maybe I’ll skip on this guy.
    He got a “way too serious” face while playing his violin, doesn’t enjoy much of his carrier I think XD
    He’s violin sounds weird while listening through my headphones… so rough.

  8. violin/music: squeaky and lacks the ability to convey emotions through his playing style. almost too painful to listen to, actually…
    reason to buy the CD: nil – if you can just buy his life posters. since a postcard size version of him on the CD cover might not be quite worth the money.

  9. When you launch your music career, you must do all the common stuff first; play the popular classics and perhaps just 20% of it his own composition. Once your career takes off, you play trash people also listen. Unless of course he lacks the talents to play virtuouso pieces.
    Looking at the CD titles already make me disinterested; “DIVERSIFY” as a title. What’s that? Business book or what?
    Look at the track titles: track 4 “I just wanna” and track 5 “Good enough”. Huh??? Tolong arh.
    You can’t be a performer and a composer at the SAME time. To do it right, you got to do it one at a time. Unless it’s all mediocre stuff, cincai2 one; Violinist cum Composer Cum Conductor Cum CD Cover designer.

  10. Dennis Lau oozes talent? Ok ok…. Mat Rempit also oozing with talents, they should join the Motorcyle Grand Prix.

  11. No, this is not good violin-playing. If you want to listen to a real virtuoso, go to Youtube, and search for Joshua Bell. He makes Dennis seem like a hack in comparison.

  12. well most of the people do ‘common stuff’ at the beginning of their music career to play safe.sometimes not all the audience are into the new kind of music you’re trying to introduce.and i reckon it shouldnt be a must.
    i have to agree that the album title and song title are kinda funny LOL
    but it is not that impossible to be good a performer and a composer at the same’ll take alot of patience and hard work.there are alot of people out there who succeed in doing both [and not mediocre stuff]
    is it just me or dennis’s playing sound like screeching ?!

  13. Kenny!
    I’ve seen this guy play at so many functions and gigs! A musical talent at such a young age!
    Hope he’ll hit it into the international scene soon.
    I managed to buy his cd from CD rama too yesterday!

  14. Hey Kenny,
    I saw this guy’s picture when I was trying to log on to my MSN the other day. So out of curiosity, I went and check out his Youtube links.
    I must say, for Malaysian standards, he is pretty good. MSN Malaysia even disses Joshua Bell..
    Gonna buy his cd as Christmas Presents for my Aussie friends too.
    Hope to meet him in person some day to pick on his brains.

  15. Be warned i am not a musician and the closest experience i’ve had with a musical instrument is the guitar hero like the author himself. Though despite one’s amateurish inclination to music, i still know what it feels like to channel the energy within you as you hit the right note! Perhaps to an extent i do feel for critics on Dennis Lau’s ‘seizing the stage persona’ but fact over matter is that passion is non negotiable.

  16. Well to be fair, i think the best way to judge is to watch him perform in person live at the venue and not over youtube.

  17. The video showed his flaws, maybe you shouldn’t have put it up. It almost looks like he is concentrating on looking dramatic and therefore impressing people with how “skilled” he is. The reality is people with musical knowledge or training will be able to tell you that his playing is pitchy and he needs to work on intonation. Some parts also seem quite off.
    I’m sure there is musical talent in Malaysia, and that there are many musicians that play instruments that are typically “classical” that are really good. I just wouldn’t say that he is one of them.

  18. Okay, I’m a fan of violin sounds. Especially celtic / classical arrangements, and I suppose I get a little biased sometimes, so I won’t comment much on Dennis. He’s a good musician with rooms to improve still.
    Anyway, guys with guitars don’t always get the chicks, cos last I checked, it’s Vampires or beefed up Werewolves that gets them into the dark room, and I meant the cinema.

  19. he’s one hot guy!
    Kenny you’re right about the fact that men who play musical instruments are able to pick up more chicks.
    But then again, its more about what he’s really like as a person that decides whether or that that chick will stay for the long run!

  20. It’s pop you dufus. What do you expect? Violin of Horowitz? You want that go to the mpo for prodigies and Eric Li for Jazz. those solo lines they play is probably what you’d be looking for. You’re searching in the wrong genre.

  21. yes, exactly…it’s so rough…even if it is pop or whatever people is trying to defend…
    it’s nothing to do with the genre or what, it’s about the playing…if it’s pop,and if you play it well, it will be well accepted too

  22. Don’t be jealous about him sleeping with violin ok? When he wakes up in the morning, his cheek got 4 deep strips … Due to the violin strings! Haha then the violin got a world map on it – saliva

  23. Kenny
    I know already!!! This CD is affiliated to you; it’s the CD for your fitness centre.
    Look at the title: “DiversiFy”
    exercise tracks like:
    – Introduction to the experience
    – I just wanna
    – walk with me
    – Diversify
    -sudden twist

  24. I seriously don’t understand what the fuss is all about.
    I guess you people are just too JEALOUS of his fame.
    He plays perfectly well. Everyone has his/her own taste in music.
    Kudos! To the small town lad, for hitting it big !

  25. Anyone who can play any instrument is considered talented to me!
    Good on Dennis for creating so much at such a young age!
    Support your fellow Malaysian people!
    Don’t be hating!

  26. “Cowardly Anonymous Chicken” – In my experience of years of posting on blogs , i reckon u’re one of the competitors in the market.
    Cos only Cowards don’t post with their real names.
    Typical Jealousy talk, guess you didn’t make it there.
    Disclaimer: What is posted by “DeeKay” is purely the ideas and feelings of the poster “DeeKay”. No pun intended to all, except for “Cowardly Anonymous Chicken”

  27. that’s coz it’s electric violin
    not classical violin
    therefore it didn’t produce the same sound quality as the classical violin can.

  28. i think the mc is cute!:) and his violin… no idea. i prefer piano/guitar. hehs. but thanks for sharing kenny sia!:)

  29. oh dear, i find it an awkward pairing with the sax. nearly unbearable. however, it is only fair if we listen to his whole album before commenting further.

  30. He’s not just about good looks, he’s got talent!
    I watched his Canon in D remix with a beatboxer, Shaun Lee on his blog and I loved it!
    I’m not into violin much compared to piano musical but he got me interested in it and I think everyone should try listening to his music, at least you know if you’ll enjoy it or not!

  31. what’s wrong with him composing his own songs? I think is about time.. we make our own music.. and Malaysian proud.
    You’re definitely a follower and not a leader.. HAHAHAHA!

  32. I think its creative and no one has ever done this pairing… genius plan to do this!
    What do you know about music duet and pairing? LOL!

  33. My ears! Is it the video’s problem or is it his problem? Sounds like a group of girls screaming and screeching.
    Anyway he very ‘action’ leh, the way he moves around. Kinda disturbing and annoying. Plus he looks better in the photos.

  34. because of pretentious haters like anonymous chicken (how apt, how supposedly intelligent a nickname? there there… *pats chicken’s back)and zzz (wow, you sleep-type eh! what talent!!!), the lack of support for local talents, whether superbly great or not, is and always will be the downfall of our people.
    it doesn’t matter if the guy sleeps with a violin (which, btw, IS JUST A COVER CONCEPT if you want a piece of that hottie then just admit it, dont obsess over it), or if he plays your typical classical or is obviously trying something new with an ELECTRIC VIOLIN (please, just go slap yourselves for comparing everyone to wikipedia references), or if he likes dogs more that cats! what matters is that we as malaysians should be proud that someone so young has made it this far, because honestly, how many of you idiotic faux haters even get your names dropped in conversations out of pride? do you even know what the word composition means? do you know where your utmost naivety derives from? i’m sure the fact that you have no balls have something to do with you wasting your precious minutes existing in life by making a scene here has something to do with it. so congrats! for a few comments worth, you actually exist to us hard-earners out there making something out of malaysia!
    kennysia is a good example of someone who appreciates talent, raw or not, as it is. leave him the fuck out of this and go read someone else’s blog if you find this one toooooo below YOUR standard.
    and unless you’ve achieved the same and/or have some substantial comments to share, please go look at yourself in the mirror… perhaps that’ll give you more of an orgasm.

  35. Wow…i have to say, i think that the Chicken does have a lot to say, its either he/she/it does not have a job/ life to deal with, or has a personal issue with the violinist… i will say that different people have different taste in music, and this may just not be your cup of tea..but it is good..and we have a few talented malaysians who do play well…and deserve encouragement and credit
    to me, people like chicken are the the cause of brain drain and talent drain from the country..

  36. Fatso, pls STOP telling ppl that u r lonely, that u think u can’t get any girl anytime soon etc. You are trying to hard to β€˜hint’ the girls that u r single and available and come grab me or have 1 night stand with me as you have total freedom now. How many times have you β€˜highlighted’ that you are single for the past 1 month? Gosh, that’s so disguisting!!! What happened to the girl whom you slept with in your previous trip overseas? Not getting it from her anymore?

  37. coz of pretentious haters like anonymous chicken, the lack of support for local talents, whether superbly great or not, is and always will be the downfall of us. it doesn’t matter if the guy sleeps with a violin (which IS JUST A COVER CONCEPT dont obsess over it), or if he plays typical classical or is trying something new with an ELECTRIC VIOLIN (go slap yourselves for comparing everyone to wikipedia references), or if he likes dogs! what matters is that we as msians should be proud that someone so young has made it this far, bcoz honestly, how many of u idiotic faux haters even get ur names dropped in conversations out of pride? do you know where ur utmost naivety derives from? i’m sure the fact that u have no balls have something to do with u wasting precious minutes existing in life by making a scene here has something to do with it. so congrats! for a few comments worth,u actually exist to us hard-earners!
    unless u’ve achieved the same and/or have some substantial comments to share, please go look at yourself in the mirror- perhaps that’ll give u more of an orgasm.

  38. I thought his album cover looked like Bennis Lau, and sighed at yet another Cina artist with a stupid name. πŸ˜›

  39. Whether he is a good or bad violinist, he managed to create a controversial here on the blog. It’s like a all-in-one package.
    he did it. All he wanted was attention!
    You guys gave him all.
    BTW: I know better violinists in Malaysia, just that not with that so call “HOT” look.

  40. That is some seriously awful violin playing in the video there. Thanks for embedding it for everyone to see and listen. Apparently not everyone who sees can listen. And he teaches, too? yikes. I pity the students. Anyone can record nicely in an album, u just need about..hmm..100 takes or more(much to the recording engineer’s annoyance) to perfect it? But live shows are the ones that really test ur skills. Clearly (if u’re listening with ur ears), he doesn’t show even the slightest evidence of his ‘skill’. “This guy has been playing violin so much, he’s even playing it in his sleep.” I highly doubt it, judging from that performance. Sleeping with his violin(?), perhaps… wow, he even has a photo to prove it (ha ha).. but playing/practicing and perfecting his violin playing for the sake of musicality with the passion to represent the true value of that beautiful instrument..not even close. Do it for the music, not the fame. He may gain the admiration of ignorant listeners, but he surely won’t gain the respect of great musicians if he keeps up that screech. I do support local acts, but there are so many more passionate and talented malaysian musicians out there who deserve a million times the praise that Dennis has undeservingly gotten. We’re not haters, we’re listeners.

  41. i watched the vid for the first few secs…and decided to close it altogether.
    I’ve seen better local talents… πŸ™‚

  42. please educate yourself with the local scene. no musicians from this world will think he is good. I can’t play any instruments but this is really a shame to the local scene. horrible disaster to the local scene… PLEASE PEOPLE! GET YOURSELF INTO THE LOCAL SCENE THEN YOU WILL KNOW HOW WEAK DENNIS IS! gosh!

  43. Dennis Lau was my senior in music college…FYI, he never officially graduated…though he did managed to get a certificate (through one big mis-communication in Newcastle)…He didn’t complete his attendance in Recital and Masterclasses…and failed Music History…
    For all of us who knows the real picture behind the scene…we lost all respect for him…which was a pity…I for one was quite disappointed to see a fellow musician choosing the easy way out…He could have easily shone, if he had put in more effort on improving…then in show-casing…
    As disgusted as I do sometimes feel, especially at all those attention seeking postures, and out of tune playing…I hope there will be one day when he wakes up realizing that though he is now popular in the music scene (through advertising, etc)…nothing is worth, if there is no respect in the first place…
    I just hope he doesn’t fall too hard then..

  44. His playing’s so-so, out of time, poor tonal control, lack of emotions. More like struggling with getting the notes right. But I think this footage was also badly recorded (camcorder in built mic’s not good enough) and the audio might’ve been distorted. Notice the crackling?
    In any case sleeping with any instrument isn’t gonna make you pro at it overnight. Duh.

  45. relax, there are no haters here i think. If he deserved the praise, nobody would say anything bad about him. I believe it’s more about creating an awareness that Dennis is not as great as one might think. We’re only saying, there are alot of other local musicians who deserve to be where he is at right now. What he’s doing, is all for show and absolutely no substance. It’s really sad when musicians who really strive to be great are underappreciated in Malaysia, and this guy who only strives for fame becomes overly appreciated for a mediocre performance.

  46. sometimes it’s really not so much about hating but telling the truth?
    if he is a really great person with great personality or/and skills and whatsoever, i don’t think there would even be people posting these ‘hate’ comments here.
    ok maybe that’s not the case since we don’t know how many insane readers are behind the screen.
    but seriously, take a look at the amount of negative comments compared to the positive ones. isn’t the truth obvious?

  47. dont forget that you are reading kenny sia’s blog la. you dont like then dont read la! why bother following for the past 1 month about what he wrote?

  48. I’ve seen him play live and he’s not quite bad what, albeit sikit drama with his expressions and all but that’s again how he roll. So be it.
    Maybe you should hear him play live before actually judging him based on the youtube video which is totally of bad quality. /=

  49. πŸ™‚ i did. i sure didn’t say what i said from watching just that video. played with him on stage too where he totally made a fool of himself showing off at a jam session 2 years back. that video just showed that he didn’t improve at all. maybe u should listen to more musicians before u say anyone is good.

  50. well he made a fool out of himself 2 years back and now he’s a rising star, what have you got? nothing. Yes i’m defending him because I’ve been listening to his music and he’s got what it takes to be a star, and you? just another fuckface

  51. the video’s bad, you should’ve listened to him playing live… better local talent? oh please, why are they still down there? oh i forgot they don’t have business talent…awhh poor bitches

  52. im a malay too, but you are malay rempit. you got hearing problems you’ve been listening too much exhaust noise…go get yourself a bohsia..bodoh punye melayu

  53. He has played for a multimillionaire in Sri Lanka, so he has covered the indian region, he has played in beijing olympics, so he has covered the chinese region, infact he got the offer to perform infront of MD of Louis Vuitton, but Dennis can’t make it because he had to perform for a charity event, the french dude offered him to play in France.
    Put it simply, all these people have heard or listened to the most finest music ever in their life so why in the world they would even bother to call Dennis in to perform for them?
    Because he’s good. Simple as that.
    So all you haters can go fuck yourself, you must’ve been listening too much of Lapsap or even worst listening to some trashy music that you dont know what you guys are talking about.
    So before you say anything. Research and Listen first, don’t be a stuck up.
    Be a leader not a follower.
    It’s just sad to you haters over here talking about stupid stuff. commenting on his skills. Oi wake up lah, smell your bed…it stinks…stop dreaming…
    And to that chicken…you must be that drummer…poor thing…heard a lot about must’ve been tough for you…well fuck yourself

  54. Omg music please, u even have the guts to say 2 years ago? U must be a kid then who were just starting out with music lessons!

  55. Dennis rawks!! Saw u performing at the charity walkathon this morning. Thank u for being a part of it and your performance Rawks!!!!!..mel

  56. Friend of Mel, thanks Kenny for posting up a post of Dennis lau. You rock and Dennis Rock…you have got all our supporters frm Sungai Wang this morning. Thank you dennis for putting up a great show for a great cause this morning!

  57. As a former coursemate of Dennis back in Ucsi, I have to say he was extremely a Menace. Everyone knows that but my utmost respect goes out to this talented and ambitious colleague who defies the and achieve the Impossible. I for one have not seen him for ages since we gratuated but to feel and see the passion of this dear friend therefore, to our fellow juniors and amateurist musicians who are just merely jealous, just think about what are you doing urself right now? And for those who don’t have what it takes to reach your dream, just be a geek and continue to contribute in cooking up a rising star!! Kudos Dennis, u have made Malaysia proud!!

  58. Great job dennis….you are going places even sparking a speculation in blogs. This guy really got the package; profesionalism & good ethicsl topping it up with talent and the looks.the event last week really change my perception of the violin and we in sapphire events look forward to our next meeting. Keep it up. Jeff

  59. First of all, I’m not a regular of this blog. But I do the occasion check up on his postings because he is a really funny and entertaining person. But most of the time, I browse through without noticing the comments. But today, after seeing this blog, I feel like as a malaysian, I have to do my part in freedom of speech. Of course I have heard of Dennis lau (because he is famous now) but I have actually no interest in his music nor ever think of buying his album. however because of this Whole SPECULATION in this blog, I purporsely drove all the way to rock corner in the gardens to purchase this RM39.90 album and immediately slot the cd without hesitation in the car on my way home and listen to it twice again at home. I have to say the 1st,2nd and the 9th track in the album blew my mind away. The last track, track 11 very much puts me to sleep at night..while track 4 titled I just wanna gives me a sense of relaxation and freedom. the rest however are just regular stuffs. I then did my research in his website and to my amazements, this dennis lau has actually gained the recognition of all press and media, frm the chinese, malay and english dalies to the magazines. Thus allow me to further understand this person more and be envious with his success and achievements. After listening to his music, watching the videos on youtube and reading the articles, I just wanna let Mr.Dennis Lau know that pls do keep up the good work and don’t be put down by these cowardly acts of amateur fools who know nuts about music.Thank you kenny sia and these cowardly fools for introducing this amazing artiste to me. And as a fellow Malaysian myself, I definitely am proud to be the voice of your success. A smart person would know that this coward uses different nicknames to attack you and the internet does wonders in promoting one’s music. For example, to me today. But it also acts as an avenue and base for these cowards to shoot their pellets of bullets.

  60. It is absolutely that these fools did these on purporse but these fools are indeed real idiots because if this violinist is as bad as u know, then it would be a tremendous insult to malaysia’s chinese, english and malay press. What more to his distributor Sony music entertainment. Don’t forget that he is the first instrumentalist to be signed with sony music. I personally feel that The most important thing in a musician is whether his/her music has life to it or not. If this person, Dennis Lau could achieve his dreams today despite failing his music history then being all you fellow musicians who has studied with him and passed or jammed with him 2 years back ought to feel shameful today if u are heading no where.

  61. This person is not creating a superbly musically orchestrated piece but in fact, he is experimenting and making melodious pop music for us all. If pavarotti sings a note wrong, we can judge him for that but clearly said, heard and seen that Dennis is making commercial music. As someone who has been away to the states for 8 years, I am utterly disappointed of today’s malaysians mindset. Being able to witness Madonna singing out of tune Live in Vegas and still appreciate her music is because her music brings out the soul in her. Wang lee hom recently was criticised for his music and his best friend, David Tao defended him by asking his critics to shut up if they do Not Know music. I feel so sorry for Sir Kenny sia for having such cowards readers because that’s what make your blog outstanding. Whatmore, getting Dennis Lau the publicity he ought to gain. Fear not for the more discussion we have here, your star would be shining brighter. To all cowards and music amateurs, u could continue debating over this but do remember, we are all here helping him in being a national treasure of Malaysia. Once again, Dennis.. U are Malaysia’s pride.

  62. Gua tabik sama lu Reno, gua walaupun melayu, tapi gua bangga giler dengan Si Dennis ni. Tadi aku dengan adik pegi tengok dia perform kat Sungei Wang, lepas show adik aku nak sangat ambik signature dia, tapi gua ckp tak payah lah, muka cina macam tuh mesti sombong. Tapi tidak. Dennis dengan bersenyum datang dekat adik aku sign dekat cd dia, siap bagi free lagi tuh.
    Memang Dennis ni suatu kebanggaan rakyat Malaysia, memang semangat 1Malaysia.
    Kita perlukan lebih ramai rakyat macam Encik Dennis.

  63. we’re talking about a violinist with balls, it’s for different market.
    After all Britney Spears isn’t a great singer but she’s awesome coz she’s a great performer. Same goes to Dennis, he’s an awesome performer.

  64. If u guys actually dealt with dennis before, you’d know how much of a fake and show off he is.
    I am a supporter of local talent, and I wish I could say I could be happy for him and support him all the way, but after so many first hand experiences of his non-ethical ways, I really don’t and won’t wish him well.

  65. ooi chicken, you must be rejected by him before,thats why you hate him like that…dont pretend la…becareful…jealousy can kill you tho…

  66. dennis lau is the first instrumentalist to be signed with sony music !! do u think you know better than sony ?? so shamful!! go home sleep NOW !!

  67. As an event company who have deal with Dennis many times, more importantly two weeks back in a corporate show in genting, all I have got to say that I would be deeply regretful if he did not performed there. A great performer and musician with niche taste and quality. U have our support from sapphire entertainment. Jeff.

  68. Flo, joanne yeoh and genevie kam are just vanessa mae or bond wannabes.. Have you seen or heard a violinist from malaysia with his own compositions?! If u have not, then its time you listen to Dennis. Link is…apparently he produced all the tracks. Damn! That’s one hell of a. Talebnt undiscovered!

  69. DENNIS LAU is the first instrumentalist to be signed with SONY music!!! hope to work with you again πŸ˜›

  70. so..are you telling the world that UCSI is the music school where he can get a certificate despite he didnt complete his attendance? dont be jealous la..come on…

  71. see….what i guess is correct…u are one of his competitor…dont ask job frm dennis if u dont respect him ok…dont work for him but yet bad mouth him at the back pls… u are still as shallow as 2 yrs ago…

  72. someone that i know who was studying in UCSI is now helping her boyfriend selling pirated dvd in klang…great job dennis !!

  73. I’m working in a event company,although I dont know him personally but I ve seen his performance few times,if he is as bad as what you said,then why starhill,lot10,the gardens,one U,cortina watch ,jaeger-lecoultre,longines,milus,prestige ,tatler magazine still willing to work with him ?? why??
    are they blind ??
    or something wrong with you?

  74. still remember 2 years ago…why dont you move on? or release yr album too…may be you can be better than dennnis ?
    move on move on…

  75. i was having dinner at “luk yu” restaurant, i saw a bit…he was stunning..really…tho he was a bit nervous when he give speech..

  76. if he is really that bad then why he can achieved such a big achievement today? so you are saying all his client are blind or deaf ?
    dont insult people in this way…
    jealousy can kill your life !

  77. Er…. For me listen a lot of concern… Vernessa Mea its Better…. Sorry, Dennis Lau… your Voilin its ordinary… Maybe, only popular from his good imej….

  78. “All I got was his autographed CD, which you can easily get from CD Rama and Rock Corner record stores all over Malaysia.”
    Seriously? Autographed CD on sale?
    If its true, I’m going to get someone to get it for me πŸ˜€

  79. joanne yeoh is dennis lau’s cousin la duh. i know both of them , joanne IS better, but both their attitudes need abit of improvement.

  80. I think we need to separate dennis the musician and dennis the person. To those of you who know him personally, lets not bash his music just because you don’t like him.
    I know dennis personally having been his classmate previously for a number of years.
    Dennis the musician = talented, but still a diamond in the rough, IMHO. I think with hardwork and effort, I’m sure he’ll reach even greater heights.
    Dennis the person = Nice guy, but quite fake. Show-off most of the time, and u can sense that he’s a bit of a try hard as well.
    Now, I am not taking anything away from him, I’m happy and proud for him that he’s finally found some measure of success as a musician. My kudos goes out to him.
    Not denying that the boy’s got talent, but theres still much room for improvement.
    Nonetheless, having said that, i’m still not a fan of him as a person.

  81. i dont get it why does anyone who say it sucks or didt like have to be shot that they are his enemies trying to bring him down or jealous person .. i mean some of them are just prolly expressing their thoughts on the album or video posted by kennysia. its either u like or u hate it so i dont see why everyone who dislike it would be enemy or jealous or whatever so i think dennis lau fans should chill out abit… this is internet after all people just say anything lol
    anyway i woudlt judge his album by just listening to one song but i didt really like the song in video could be because i am not a fan of violin πŸ˜›

  82. Cowardly Anonymous Chicken… man you really live up to the nick man. The fact that you share the same IP address (coincidentally) just shows that you’re either a competitor to Dennis or you just have a set of lifeless balls.
    Creating fake other nicks and pretending to claim majority share of voice is so old skool.
    Thank God for Microsoft wiz… πŸ˜‰

  83. Men and violin… errr.. not quite cutting it. But a guy that rocks with his guitar, you’ll have gals throwing panties at him. wakakaka.. πŸ˜›

  84. i personally know this guy and he’s a down to earth dude..i think we still have not learned what has happened to many people has been criticizing him but how many of them know him personally?..we shouldn’t be judgemental and as a Malaysian, i’m so proud of him…we shouldn’t be so ignorant..if u have no f**kin idea how hard it is to compose a music and be able to play most of the instruments,u have no right to say shit..all musicians despite famous or not..good or bad…has been workin hard to bring music to our life..we should appreciate it cuz music is what feelings sounds like…everyone has their right to express their feelings..if u dun like it,dun listen to it then..why so much hatred?..unless there’s a “personal” agenda…i love his work and to all the friggin’ lame loser who can’t find themselves anything better to do than to condemn others, go get a life,man…to all the supporters,u guys rock~!

  85. haha didn’t know there are that many readers here that knew dennis personally. Well, I know him since we were kids. Same church and way before his cousin and him got famous. Really talented guy, but I’ve never really looked up to him. Still I’m happy to see him doing so well. Cheers~

  86. This guy seduced so many lady bosses in the Malaysian media and event industry to get to where he is now. That’s why he earned himself the reputation and people will be able to smell out his personality. His music and skill is not fantastic but if it keeps him alive, well, then that’s the fruit of his ‘labour’.. At the end of the day, it boils down to his ethics and morality. It is not a secret in his related industry that he is a user, especially of unsuspecting women who are willing to help him. He uses his talent and charm with negative intentions. Totally not a nice guy at all, and will not hesitate to pull his weight to bully someone who doesn’t give him what he wants.
    He won’t be the first or last user to gain himself some small time fame. IN person, he is not likeable, is arrogant and treats women like trash. I definitely will not let him anywhere near my daughter, my sister or my mother.

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