Tiger Translate 2010: Road to Wellington

I’m writing this blog entry whilst en route to Wellington.

The administrative capital of New Zealand also happens to be the arts centre of the country. And this 26th November, it shall play host to the third and final leg of Tiger Translate in 2010.

This trip also marks the third time I’m attending Tiger Translate, after London 2 years ago and Copenhagen last year. But even after two years of attending this unique arts exhibition back-to-back, the freshness is still there and the anticipation still lingers.

This trip is particularly special.

New Zealand is the venue of the original Tiger Translate. It was 5 years ago Tiger Beer gave birth the concept of a unique arts exhibition that brings together established artists from the West with emerging young artists from the East. The event became so successful that it now occurs in cities all around the world.

Every Tiger Translate showcases the best Angmoh + Asian collaboration – from graffitis, to paintings, to live installation, to interactive multimedia and all the different genres of music.

The fact that Tiger Translate is the melting pot of arts and culture is what makes it so fascinating. The fact that very few people get the opportunity to see what the underground artist community is doing is what makes me want to put it on my blog.

Wellington’s Tiger Translate themes are Double Vision / Metropolis.

Metropolis is not gonna be unfamiliar for comic artist Song Yang, who hails from the Chinese metropolis of Beijing. But for Orkhontuul B (or Oggy), he’s gonna be in for a wild ride.

Oggy from Mongolia is perhaps more used to painting on animal skins in the countryside. He is discovered when he won at Tiger Translate Ulaanbaatar earlier this year. Because of that, he is invited to collaborate his New Zealand counterparts and showcasing their work in Wellington.

But what happens when a Mongolian painter who painted stuff like this…

… collaborates with a New Zealand graffiti artist who created pieces like this?

And how will New Zealand – the backdrop of Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth – inspire these collaborating artists?

Most importantly, are they gonna be turning the sheeps of New Zealand from this…




… to this?

Let’s find out in a week’s time.

19 Replies to “Tiger Translate 2010: Road to Wellington”

  1. Am i the first to post! 🙂
    Its one of the best times to be in NZ! Not that cold and not that warm.. bliss holiday! Hope your having a blast in Wellington, going over to see ur family? Heading up to Auckland by any chance? 🙂

  2. To KENNY SIA,
    Only people like you who were born rich (lau peh uh…) will talk about “i feel i’ve greater mission” lah… Save it. In d end it’s all about money. If u really 1 2 help d society + to increase their health awareness, organize a 3 months free gym prog. U can easily afford rite? Uh mah.. Pa pa… Ciak beh liao.
    Can u still be like what u r today if not bcoz of ur family fortune??? WTF!

  3. Voluptous,
    1) Sure, I can offer free gym membership. But who is going to pay my rent, pay the bills, maintain the equipment and pay my staff? My staff aren’t gonna work for me for free. Are you?
    2) My dad passed away 5 years ago. I’m not getting any money from him. I borrowed money to start the fitness centre and I still pay interest every month. If you want to see my bills, I can show you.

  4. Hi Kenny, don’t let comments like these affect you too much. They don’t know what they are talking about.
    I have been following your blog for a long time. Although the posts now are less engaging and personal,and not as good a read as it used too, I still think you are quite an inspiration.
    Keep on believing, Kenny and all the best. : )

  5. I might be wrong. But there’s a chinese saying “a good start contributes to 50% of success”.
    Good start means coming from a rich/above average family.
    U r really a “lam pa keh”. If cannot understand, let me give you a slap in the wrist. Holding someone’s testicular ball.

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