Dear Papa,

  Gosh, has it been 9 years already?

Korea Trip 234
  I was asked about it the other day and I almost couldn't believe that it has been that long.  There's so much you had missed out on since you left, papa.

  The amazing thing is that... even so long after you had left, there are still so many random strangers coming up to me and to koko, telling us pretty much the same old things.

  "I knew your dad."

  "We would be in meetings after meetings, talking for weeks and weeks on a problem we couldn't solve. Then when your dad walked in, within 5 minutes, he's got the solution figured out already."

  "He was such a good man.".


  An interesting thing happened the other day.

  I had completed my latest project, the new 24-hour gym. To find someone to officiate the opening ceremony, I sent an email to the Assistant Minister YB Dr Jerip.

  To my surprise, the Assistant Minister accepted my invitation. After all, I run a small company. He runs the State of Sarawak. It was only until he went on stage that I realized the reason he accepted my invitation.

  The Assistant Minister told the audience a story about how as a young student, he liked all the subjects in school, but the only subject he disliked was Physics. No matter how hard he tried, Physics and him just do not get along.

  Until one a day, a teacher came along. This teacher used all kinds of stories and analogies to explain the difficult concepts in Physics. The teacher tried and tried, passionately and tirelessly, to educate his students. He worked so hard until Physics transformed from the student's most disliked subjects to one of his favourite subjects.

  That teacher was you, Papa.

  It's so amazing that you only worked only one year as a teacher, yet your students still remember you so well. Some people go through their entire life without so much as to leave a mark, yet after nine years, people still talk about the different ways you touched their lives.

  That day, at the opening ceremony of LUF24HR, was easily one of the best days of my life.

  I think you must be real proud, to see your former student grow up to become an Assistant Minister of Sarawak; to see him turning up to officiate the opening ceremony of your son's new business venture; which is inside a sports complex next to the temple housing your spiritual resting place.

  I'm not one to believe in miracles, but events like this cannot be explained by mere coincidences.

  If this is your way of telling me you love me, I wholeheartedly believe it.


  On the 30th March 2014, Ming and I registered our marriage in a simple ceremony held at the Old Court House.

  It was the most perfect ROM reception I could ever wished for. The only person missing there, was you.  How I wish you could be there in attendance, to witness your youngest son and his wife's new chapter in life.

Photo 30-3-14 4 26 34 pm

  On the most important day of my life, I wore your gold watch. I guess... if you can't be here in person, then at least you can be with me in spirit. :)

  I love you, Papa. And I miss you.


Till we meet again,

Your youngest son.

What's the point of renting a bridal gown and paying thousands for a photoshoot, when you can just do this?


Monday, 24 March 2014

Ops Outlet 2014

Last year I wrote about how you can get a pack of illegal ciggies for RM3 in Malaysia.

Well, looks like somebody has finally decided to clamp down on this menace!

In Ops Outlet, anyone found selling cigarettes without Malaysia stamps will be put under remand up to seven days. According to the papers, there are now 44 strike teams across the country now raiding errant retailers.

FORTY-FOUR! That's more than the amount of traffic cops hiding in dark corners of the roads during Hari Raya!

I think it's good that at least the government is acknowledging the problem that our streets are flooded with the Johns, the Luffmans and the Gudang Garams.

Smoking is a disgusting habit. Illegal cigarettes make the already bad problem even worse. By taking action on this, At least it sends a clear message to these illegal cigarette sellers - if you "forgot" to put your tax sticker on your packaging, you're gonna go to jail.

Suddenly that RM3 per pack profit don't seem all that attractive anymore, isn't it?

Anyway, I say it's about time they shut down the sale of illegal cigarettes.

Cancer statistics is already bad as it is. We don't need RM3 cigarettes to drive more people into hospitals.

As it is, our country has the dubious honour of being number one in the world contraband cigarettes sales.

Adults are smoking them. Young kids are smoking them. Even non-smokers have to put up with breathing in second-hand smokes filled with elevated toxins. Question we should ask ourselves is: are we really gonna put up with this?

Basically, no one benefits from the sale of contraband cigarettes.

No one, except the criminals behind them.

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