Starstudded Saturday

Just a photo-filled post for today. πŸ™‚

I got wind that Pensonic (a Malaysian electronics brand, not to be confused with Japanese giant Panasonic) had sent some down of their celebrity spokespeople to Kuching for some PR work yesterday. The stars were partying at Senso that night and some of the big names from the local filmmaking industry were there.
Wanting a piece of the action, I went in to have a look and here are some pictures from the night.

One Chinese boy. One Malay girl. One unforgettable love story…. RIGHT.

Pint-sized actress Sharifah Amani, who starred as Orked from Malaysia’s hit movie Sepet.

Two of my favourite stars from the Sepet cast.

Kuching boy Linus Chung, who (unfortunately) is best known as the guy in Sepet who delivered that classic line “Hang Tuah… Hang Jebat… Hang Cheebye.”
What most people don’t know is that Linus is also an up-and-coming filmmaker whose work include many of Pensonic’s TV commercials and the music video for Malaysian Idol Daniel Lee’s hit Organic Love. Not bad for a small town boy from Kuching.

Linus Chung meets Hang Cheebye

Linus Chung is the only one in the room who’ve read, and has his own blog at Don’t ask me, I don’t get his obsession with frogs either. πŸ™‚

Who else but the stunning international model Amber Chia, who has endorsed EVERY SINGLE BLOODY THING ON EARTH there is to endorse, from Guess watches to Stila Cosmetics to FTEC notebooks to Jasmine rice to Pensonic shower to god-knows-what-else.

I like her. She’s definitely the friendliest and best-behaved from the whole entire group. Mannnnnn, her sexxxy dance moves gave me the nosebleeds.

Linus Chung, Bjarne Wong, Carrie Lee (Beauty among the Beasts), Alwyn Tay and Kenny Sia

The guy in green in Bjarne (pronounced Bee-Yon) Wong, a friendly Sibu guy who made his mark in Hong Kong then returned to direct Sarawak’s first feature film The Legend of the Red Curse, an indie low budget Blair-Witch-Projectesque movie shot with handheld camera.

Damn that woman looks hot from all angles

A quiet drink at a nearby kopitiam later that evening, Bjarne showed me publicity posters for his next movie Possessed, this time boasting bigger budget, better film camera and bigger stars like Amber Chia and Korea’s transexual starlet Harisu (yes, she WAS a boy).

These posters aren’t even out in newspapers or magazines yet, so remember you’ve seen it first on πŸ˜‰
Hopefully this movie will churn out better results than his first.

With Morning Crew host JJ. Out of all the stars that were there, he’s the only guy whose work I’m most familiar with ‘cos I listen to him every morning on my way to work. Delightful guy who’s as happening off air as he is on air.

Catwalk model Peng Peng. I’m not familiar with her works but she’s darn friendly.

Miss Chinese Cosmo International Carrie Lee. HOLY SHIT did you see that? That woman is ONE THIRD MY SIZE!
Let me die, just let me die.

Umm… who is this guy again? Anyone knows? πŸ™‚ Heh.
This one is funny. Carrie Lee and Pensonic’s head honcho were making their thank you speech by the DJ Console when some crazy nutcase appeared out of nowhere, grabbed their mike and yelling “KUCHING GOOD! KUCHING GREAT!”

The expression on their faces say it all.
Anyway, later that night I was trying to get Amber Chia to hold up an “I *heart*” sign, as seen here with sweet Follow Me girl Angel Yeoh. Just for fun obviously.

Before I can do it though, one of those obscure Pensonic spokespeople approached me and asked me which newspaper I’m from.
KS: I’m not from any newspaper, this is just for my blog.
??: Can you promise not put up photos of us getting [insert suitable word for ‘enjoying ourselves too much’]?
KS: Yea I can promise you that. I don’t intend to anyway, it’s not ethical for me to do that.
He wasn’t convinced. A few minutes later, he approached me again and asked.

Angel Yeoh, Bjarne Wong and Sean Lee

??: Since you’re not gonna use it, you can delete it off your camera right?
KS: Err… sure.
So I pulled out my camera and delete the naughtier photos right in front of him, out of goodwill of course. I never intend to publish them, nor do I intend to cause them any bad publicity.
He STILL wasn’t convinced.

??: What’s that photo? I love… what?
KS: That’s my website address.
??: You can’t do that. You got to pay her endorsement fee if you want to use that.
KS: Oh no, I asked for her permission already. I’ve asked all of them for their permission and they said yes.
??: She’s [insert suitable word for ‘enjoying herself too much’] and doesn’t know what she’s saying. If you put it up, she can sue you for RM80,000.
KS: Alright then I won’t put it up. I’ll just keep it for myself ok?
??: No, delete, delete.
KS: No… Don’t worry I won’t publish it. You have my word for that. Promise.
Bloody guy didn’t listen. He rudely snatched over my camera and delete all the photos with the “I *heart*” sign on it.
Even the ones that didn’t involve the Pensonic spokespeople.

Damn pissed.

I just took the STUPIDEST exam I’ve ever had in my entire life.
Stupid, because the examiner was so hell-bent on making sure we have absolutely NO CHANCE IN HELL of cheating (ie, no papers, no programmable calculators, no notes written in the palm of your hand, no underwear). Yet, they carelessly forgot that this computer-based exam was held inside an INTERNET CAFE where un adulterated access to the world wide web is completely free and easy.
Needless to say, I passed the exam with flying colours.
Without cheating of course.

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  1. wa.. amber is hot.. so jealous of u kenny… my eyes are turin green .. hahaha.. cool pics, too bad there were some deleted ones.

  2. Kenny, I don’t want to make you self-conscious or anything, but…
    HOLY BAT SHIT, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR NOSE?!!!! (refer to your pic w Amber Chia)
    Is it an effect of all that bloodloss?

  3. Here’s a suggestion, “protect” the photos next time to prevent such snatch-and-delete incidents. (The photos can be deleted once you unlock them so don’t worry) I’m not sure whether your camera has such a function, you should check it out =)

  4. KNNCCB!!! πŸ™‚ hahah… Damn lah. I’d be damn pissed too if i had pictures of celebrities holding a sign which has got my site on it,which got snatched and deleted by some *&@^#*&#@

  5. No offense, Pensonic TVCs were trash. I was shocked the client bought the idea. Amber Chia is Malaysian version of dumb blonde.

  6. You should write to Pensonic and get that idiot representative from their company fired.
    where got such thing 1?? go up to people, snatch people’s camera and delete until shiok shiok.
    and why you so careless let people snatch your camera?!?!
    you should have fucked him up real bad. the camera is your property and you GOT PERMISSION already. You should have forced him/her to give you his/her name card and threaten to sue him/her.
    bloody bodoh!

  7. You can just use data recovery software to recover the photos deleted from your camera’s card. Such software is available leh. Just ask ur photog friends about it.

  8. Damn lucky lah you… Amber Chia! ;D That guy who deleted your photos sounded like an ass though… why don’t you just run away and get lost in the crowd? *LOL* Joke lah…

  9. That guy appears in commercials in Singapore. One of them is the i-click i-mode commercial and some condo commercials. There’s some more commercials he appeared in can’t rmb wat izit. Anyway..many hot babes..woot..

  10. but if that Pensonic @$$hole deleted your pics, how come still got those 2 pics in this post? did he overlooked or something?
    damn Kenny i envy u……holding Amber Chia until syok syok……

  11. Omigish – next time get the whole Kuching bloggers army involve – see if they can delete camera photos from 20 plus people shooting away with their digital cameras… hehehe…I can be ur wing man πŸ™‚

  12. Hey Dude, you can undeleted the picture with free utilities available on the net if you have not addeded new pictures….or you were just joking, but great post.

  13. Amber Chia has that come-fuck-me-look face which she’s been flaunting with! I wonder which Tan Sri or Datuk in Kuching that night who got to ride her like a mustang:).

  14. He rudely snatched over my camera and delete all the photos with the “I *heart*” sign on it—> Kenny! As IT guy yourself, you should know how to recover the delete photo πŸ™‚

  15. Oh man you’re doing Malaysia a great service. Now I’m tempted to go back if there are girls like Angel and Carrie around, nevermind Amber.

  16. Amber chia is icky.. SERIOUSLY.. look properly. She`s tall n thin. That`s that. the Milo dinosaur chic is hotter… gawd!

  17. Looks like Pensonic or Penang Electronics is making an inroads to Sarawak eh. It looks like a desperate and last attempt to conquer the untapped market..a small market that is.

  18. knn….since when kch so happening? Kenny, how do u get invited to lounge with all those pretty ppl ah? next time post on ur blog be4 u leave!!

  19. Hey I know that guy in the “Stoned” tshirt, quite a few girls think he’s quite hot πŸ˜›
    And there’s this guy who used to work at some CD shop, that totally looked like him, we never did figure out if it was the same guy.
    but we bought lots of cds.

  20. Yeah tat guy is Steve. I have seen him in person at the Loft. and he’s really cute, from all left, right, front, back, upside down angles. Especially his goatee…really attractive.

  21. That Pensonic guy is so xxx rude! He does not have the right to do this if the photo is taken with permission and keep for personal use only. If there is anyone touches my camera and want to delete my photo, I will delete him from the earth first. πŸ™

  22. STONED guy is Steve Yap. Model cum businessman. he makes me nosebleed. and bleed i will. Hot body ya got there mister.

  23. I think you can undelete your photos if you find the right software. Lexar and Sandisk have programs that allow you to retrieve lost files

  24. I always like your blog… But this entry… I envy you man….I envy you so much I hate you…. lucky bastard Kenny! (think you balls must be the size of cart wheels now) hahaha….

  25. Amber Chia is no doubt very photogenic, esp with her pouty lips.
    But when i saw her in person a few times…
    Hmmm…Yes, of course she’s pretty, but to me, the prettiness was overrated and over-hyped. JMHO πŸ™‚

  26. yes, steve yap runs a CD shop in city square jalan tun razak. his shop is directly facing some escalator. lotsa jazz/audiofile titles.

  27. u should’ve given him the middle finger n tell him to ‘endorse this!’ hahaha! Whats wrong with having too much fun.. like that then stay in ur little mansion n party up… leave the space for ppl that really wanna have fun. hahaha

  28. woohoooooooo!! steve yap is like so fckin hot la wei! ive seen him on tv.sum ads la.forgot which one already.
    waisehman kenny..i bet ur balls dat nite expanded 10 times the ori size.wakakakakkakakkaa..
    wahhhh..kch so good la now.i jealous-ing 2 c ppl partayyy at senso.i soooo cant wait 2 go home.reading ur blog makes me wanna die die die cuz i miss miss miss my hometown so very much!
    keep up the excellent work kenny.u shud b named the Best Blogger in msia la.u’re so worthy of that dub,i reckon πŸ˜‰

  29. maybe you might want to bring a film camera next time so that some othe chee bay spokesman guy cannot delete the photos. hopefully, the guy won’t snatch the camera and keep it.

  30. that woman Amber Chia, her BMI according to website statistics is: 16.3
    That’s scary anorexic underweight. Im surprised she can still stand up!

  31. WOw… Carrie and Amber..
    Carrie Lee looks hotter than Amber.
    But anyway… Kenny u are the envy of all beasts to get to party with 2 lovely beaus.

  32. It’s somewhat scary to see Harisu making her debut here, when only few years ago she created a big hooha by her sex change and was shunned by her own people.

  33. yeala… u left us (bloggers) 2 go meet up wif big stars la… EeHh~ i’m not a STAR meh?! i’m also a star mah.. js not a supernova like those chics only mah… HAhA! nola.. jk jk… :ΓƒΕΎ

  34. what about using another memory card and then use a data recovery software to recover the deleted pictures in the other memory card later?
    its not a big deal right?

  35. Amber Chia has got an ok face but met her in person…nabeh, thin like a stick! i like Angel more, just a matter of preference-lah. And, yeah, what was Amber thinking when she endorsed every damn thing in Malaysia? even if you need money badly, please do it for brands on par with GUESS….FTEC? PENSONIC? wat the fuck?

  36. Hey is there a Carrie Lee fan club around? She is soooo hot! Yet I can’t seem to find any pics or mention on her on the net! Does she go by any other name???

  37. I wouldn’t know that. When we hung out with them, he showed us the posters. Well, with this much publicity I guess I’ll catch it when it’s out.

  38. justine, I think Bjarne is the kind of filmmaker who’s very proud of his work. I am impressed with his enthusiasm and the amount of support he managed to drum up. He hypes well, but whether or not that translates to quality movie on screen though is an entirely different matter.
    Kinda anti-climax to see The Legend turning into a flop, considering Stanley Tong and two Miss Sarawaks’ names were used in the promotion of the film.

  39. Amber is hot! And she is really friendly and nice in real life too!
    I remembered taking pic with her in the Tsunami charity activity in 1 U. Then later bumped into her on the same restaurant for dinner. Waved to her, she was really nice and came over to talk to us even she was half way having her dinner then… definitely a nice person.

  40. Kenny… something to share….Senso should be written as s e n s o …. i know it’s not important or who give a damn anyway… but it’s a special place for me πŸ™‚

  41. Since a lot of your readers are bloggers too, would you let them know that it’s never OK to snap pictures in private properties, eg clubs or pubs unless you’re publishing it for Wallpaper or you’re the owner, like you also know but pretend not to.
    Try being snappyhappy in clubs anywhere else and see if you’re lucky enough no bouncer whack your ass off.
    BTW, Amber Chia is no dumb blonde. I believe she’s smarter than “filmcritic” who probably just have a blog that 3 people reads because they were forced to.
    amber rocks..

  42. next time get 2 cards. if they ask u to delete, format the card in front of them. then take it out, keep it for recovery when you get back. in the meantime, shoot with the second card. should work unless of course they are clever enough to realise that you can recover it πŸ˜‰

  43. bugger you are a dumbass
    just tell that pensonic faggot, “your lawyer talk to my lawyer”
    if they give C&D order what to do but by that time you copied already πŸ˜‰

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