Hottest Dogger

This coming Chinese New Year is the Year of the Dog! Woof woof!
I like dogs. I’m born in the year of the dog. Dogs are cool. I was wondering how to pay tribute to the greatest pet animal in the world, when for some inexplicable reason I was reminded of this particularly memorable outlet I visited in KL.

I love hotdogs. It’s a love I carried over from Australia, where hotdogs are stupidly called “sausage sizzle” by those weird Aussies. One of my favourite stalls in Perth was Nick’s on Murray Street Mall (Vienna Dog = BEST). I was searching for it high and low last time I was there, but for some reason Nick’s hotdogs has moved. IT’S GONE! 🙁
Since then, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some authentic gourmet hotdogs to no avail. I’ve tried, but those at the local Ramly Burger stall just don’t quite cut it.

Larry Martin is an American expat living in Malaysia, and the owner of Danny’s All-American Gourmet hotdogs at Hartamas Square. He also keeps a blog over at During my last trip to KL, Larry sent me an e-mail inviting me to lick his wiener grab his buns err… visit his stall.

The hotdogs at Danny’s are unlike any others you can find in Malaysia. Larry Martin has spent time, sweat and money looking all over the world for the right ingredients for his hotdogs.
The spices and jalapenos are from Mexico. His Gulden’s mustard are brought in from the US. The buns, the sausages – all freshly made to his specifications.
Larry doesn’t use any of those cheap frozen supermarket bullcrap. Some may call him a perfectionist. I call him one helluva hotdog obsessed nutcase. 🙂

“8 inches of love” he loving calls it.
Right… everyone knows that’s nothing compared to my 11-inches of dickonosaurus.

Danny’s signature hot dog is the Famous Texas Chilli Dog. This one is particularly special because it’s topped with the their secret Chili con Carne recipe. It tastes fantastic! It’s obvious a lot of dedication and fine-tuning went into this, and the results show at first bite.

Nachos on the side

Considering each hot dog costs up to RM9 each, I kinda wonder if that’s too expensive for thrift-conscious Malaysians. Then again, before Coffee Bean and Starbucks came in people were saying they’re gonna go bust because Malaysians wouldn’t pay RM10 for a cup of coffee when there’s RM1 coffee at the kopitiam shop nearby.
And look at where there are right now.

You know, if someone were to tell me 6 months ago that the best hotdog in the world could be found at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I’d probably laugh at him and say that the oldest tropical rainforest in the world could be found on my legs.
After sampling Danny’s Texas Chili Dog, I reckon it’s safe to say that that was the best hotdog I’ve had. EVER.

So good so yummy so deliciously satisfying.

This is so weird.
I was attending my ex-classmate’s wedding last month. One of her friends from New Zealand spotted me and hollered me over.

“You’re Kenny Sia right?”
“Yes I am.”
“I think you know my cousin.”
“Who’s your cousin?”
“Err… yeah! I know her well. Like, verrrrryyyy well.”

72 Replies to “Hottest Dogger”

  1. i’ve been craving for some good hotdogs since i came back from Germany…where is this stall? Spill it’s location, i’m going to try and find it, it looks sooo good!

  2. With all your reviews on food and your experiences with food, its not exactly surprising that you are not happy with your own figure 😉

  3. Dude When you get back here to Sillypore, I am going to bring yout o this biker bar that serves the most POWER hot dog this side of the causeway. Maybe even better then the KL one.

  4. Attention all the girls out there, if you guys are craving for delicious hotdog, come taste one that is between my legs. it comes with loads of mayonaisse if ya know what i mean…

  5. how come aussie hotdogs so crap? Not enough taste and the serving too big (perth city), however theres a new hotdog place in freemantle markets(German Style-i heard its good).
    I prefer smaller meat in the hotdog+ nicer radish with more taste
    anyone remember the frosty boy hotdog? i still crave it.

  6. Me a hotdog lover too. Try supermarket frozen cocktail sausages. Not too bad when stir fried with onion and soya sauce.
    P.s Me, back to Kuching tmw. I am going to be direct and tell you, I wanna meet you in person. Motive: Could you teach me some of the tricks you did with Photoshop? Honest! That’s my only dirty intention.

  7. wuah hot dog my fav too! i dunno u know anot but in KK (closer to kuching than kl) got one place call the gunters operated by a german that serves otentik german hotdog! dem slurpy i tell you!!

  8. The rumour is that Nick’s in the city was shut down by the health & safety ops. At least that’s what I was told by another friend who was addicted to the place. He mourned over it. Bizarre.

  9. oh geez!! it’s 1am here and you made me hungry just by looking at those chilli dogs. kenny, tell us where exactly can i find that danny’s dog? next time i head over to KL, i gotta try one of his wiener 😛

  10. Man, I really shouldn’t read your blog at 1.44 in the morning! Not only am I hungry after looking at pictures of a very mean looking hot dog, I am also now horny after looking at even more delicious pictures of Amber Chia!!
    Where’s that packet of Maggi Mee…? 😉

  11. Holy cow that larry guy is nuts. Did you read his blog? Typical arrogant american. I would never visit his stand now.

  12. woooooooo….. larry is a smart man.. .instant advertising….. u sure he’s not paying you to advertise??? you should CHARGE!!! AHahhahahaha….. i apologize… too many marketing classes has made me cynical… 😛
    tasty lookin dogs though… (sausage sizzle… wtf.. kakakakak)

  13. Even if his food tasted good his ignorant banter about politics would make you throw it back up. Theres a reason Larry is the butt of all the other expats jokes when we are out drinking.

  14. pls tell that Larry guy to set up a stall or 2 in sillypore.. pls pls pls…
    Else, gimme his contact, i’ll ask him to!!!

  15. (In GreePeace Voice)
    That’s ALOT of miles clocked up for that 8″ HotDog – spice from Mexico ETC…
    As lovely as it looks, it’s not very Eco Friendly is it? 😛
    (/In GreenPeace Voice)

  16. I think the reason why you can’t find the hotdog stand in Perth (Murray St Mall) anymore is ‘coz they’ve had a long-running battle with the City Council who would not allow them to run their hot dog stand… they ran a petition at one poin in time which helped them to continue on for a bit, but after while the hot dog stand disappeared.

  17. mmmm… looks very good!
    About your 11 inch wiener and big buns, you soon gotta produce some evidence or else you are risking to overdo this trick. Many girls are secretly dreaming about big wieners so your strategy is good, but you have to be a bit more subtle or else you become too predictable and they will lose interest.

  18. Pics look so good they make me “gian” for HotDogs, even though I’m not a big hotdog fan….Too bad I’m not in Malaysia…*sigh* Closest I’ve got is Viking Hotdogs outside Forum Galleria

  19. Heard of that Danny before. Seems that his “dogs” are pretty good sh*t. Have yet to try it tho. Reading this makes me miss them US$1 hot dogs at every corner street in NYC. I used to try every one of them down 5th Avenue! Haha! Crazy some say. *burp* scuuuuuse moi!

  20. Zerbib, if by “kosher” you mean “halal”, the Malay Mail review does say that his sausage supplier also supplies to MAS. Since MAS food is halal, I for one, am assuming that Danny’s dogs are also halal (gotta try one tonight man, they look so darn good!).
    But then, there may be lard in his buns HAHAHA. Itu gue tak leh gerenti. Kalau was2 jangan makan. The dude at the counter appears to be Malay, though.
    Doesn’t matter to me if New York, Oz or even Sillypore has the best dogs – I think Malaysia is probably one of the few places in the world you can get good HALAL dogs, so if Danny’s is the best in Malaysia, it may as well be the best in the world for me.
    Thanks for the review, Kenny. Hartamas is in my vicinity and I didn’t even know about the stall.

  21. you can disagree with his political and personal opinions for all we care but you cant deny his hotdogs are the real deal!!! They are just soooooooooooooooooooo gooooood!! Yum!!

  22. when you say hotdogs in australia – your talking about the american hotdogs.
    sausages are the ones you barbeque (rather than steamed)
    But yeah – Nicks hotdog in the city was closed because it gotten so big, they needed a proper operating license. Shame coz it was the best (by default – it was probably the only) hotdog stall in Perth.

  23. kenny ohhhh kenny…
    gong xi fa cai 2 u & ur family..
    and btw,i think u can find the best hotdogs in melb. at vic market.they sell it from this cute van.and fckin delicious donuts too!

  24. hey kenny, u dont kno me but im from perth…
    nicks hot dogs got shut down, but they made another hot dog stand in hay st mall (not as good or big)…
    i wish i tried nicks hot dogs while it was there =(

  25. The hotdogs themselves look pale and disgusting. The toppings dont look to bad though, but I wouldnt call them american style. I guess its the best you can do when you have to make do with ingredients.

  26. Aiyo..the sausage bread looks so yummy..But juz the hotdog alone it looks juz norm.. =P
    Anyone wanna try hotdog with cheese in it or the Baswurt sausage from Cold Storage? =P~~~~

  27. hellow it’s good to know u like dogs much. so will u and everyone else who’s reading this do them darling canines a huge favour by signing this petition on the spca website.
    the SPCA started a petition to the prime minster to raise the cruelty fine from RM200 to a significantly higher fine of around RM10,000.00.
    We need your every support as we try our best to stop these cruel acts and t punish those who do injustice to these helpless animals. Let us work together to bring justice to these voiceless animals.
    thank you very much for your kindness.

  28. just to let U all know, Larrys sausages are to my specs because I am the manufacturer. He buys it from me and sells it. His mustard is a German Mustard (Hengstenberg) at least it was last tim he bought it from my neighbor.
    That much about him searching all over the world.

  29. I remember Nick’s hotdogs! Everytime I pass by the stall I would always catch a glance of the hot Italian guy tending to the stall. But the hotdog I bought once ever, I remember was not that great, in fact it was considered lousy by my standards.

  30. Hi Kenny, if you really like hotdogs that much.. why not fly over to Sydney as they have the best hotdogs there ever!!! The name is called Harry’s (hmn, or is it Harris?? Haven’t been there for over two years…)hotdogs, it’s a stall by the roadside at Woolloomoolloo (the suburb’s name is real, no kidding!!) A lot of Aussie celebrities actually have their suppers there after the parties on weekends..

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  33. I made my keyboard wet after reading this line, “the oldest tropical rainforest in the world could be found on my legs” cos I spilled my mouthful of water. Have to dry my keyboard. nabei…

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