Kuching Also Got Handphone Sex Scandal

Word over in Singapore is that a 17-year-old girl named Tammy recorded a video of her having sex with her boyfriend on a handphone.

Damn Ultraman toy in the background gets to see all the action.

As fate would have it, Tammy’s handphone was stolen one fine day and *SHOCK* *HORROR* the 10-minute video of the couple doing the nip-nip-wiggy-wiggy broke out to the hamsap ah peks all over the world through the evil reaches of the Internet.

Overnight, this pretty Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) cheerleader found herself in a uhhh… compromising position (hehehe) as the latest Internet XXX star with her brand new stage name “Tammy NYP”.
When Nokia build cameras into their handphones, I bet they never intend it to be for this purpose.

Come to think of it, she might as well make use of her new found fame to endorse her school.
As someone who has experience in internet sex scandals (hehe), I honestly pity the poor girl. Say all you want, you gotta admit that she does NOT deserve all this humiliation.
True, she may had a momentary lapse in judgment – everybody does at some point. But exposing the identity of the couple? Come on. The public execution shown on the forums just goes to show how disgusting the humankind is.
I read that even her school is thinking of expelling her to save them some “face”.
See, that’s the kind of thing I don’t understand.

Remember the Nude Squat incident a sometime back? By right, you’d think the police force is gonna kena. But instead the messenger was shot dead, the perpetrator walked away scot-free. “Standard Operating Procedure” they say.
Here, the Handphone Thief got away and Tammy the Victim kena instead. What the fuck right? Maybe next time you can steal an iPod and Steve Jobs will go to jail.
Someone explain to me what kind of logic this is.

Interestingly, something similar happened in sleepy ol’ Kuching around the same time.
At least over here we have the decency not to upload the video onto the Internet and expose the identity of the couple.

Kuching animals damn power, can use handphones to send MMS.

“Animals” aye? 😉
She must be watching the Discovery Channel instead.

I’ve been overworking and undersleeping this past few days. Site updates will be scarce as I approach project deadline.
On the other hand, I’m looking for some travel buddies to join me in Phuket, Thailand on the 14th April. E-mail me if you’re up for it.

173 Replies to “Kuching Also Got Handphone Sex Scandal”

  1. They’re not expelling her. They’re counselling her. And I think it’s bad taste that you’re posting pictures of her, when almost every other blogger has decided to remove them as a sign of courtesy. O_o
    [KS: Just one side of her eye only leh.]

  2. Kenny! I’ve been waiting for you to blog about Tammy NYP and the wait was worth it! You are so thoroughly entertaining! Guess it’s time to go blog about you…

  3. It’s a little ironic that you commented on the press exposing their names when she is going to be even more famous since she is on your blog lol.
    [KS: Heh, that would be the case if more people read kennysia.com than newspapers.]
    Truth is that the press should not divulge their identities as it would shame them and even cripple them mentally so to speak for the rest of their lives. They would never live it down and there will be a thorn in their side wherever they go.
    The press should really take cues from foreign presses in keeping it or at least their identities confidential. If this were to happen overseas they would be sued for defamation.

  4. She was publicly executed in forums, eh? What do you want to bet that those same people were eagerly watching her video while jacking off… Oh wait, such an act is only for immoral people, oops sorry.

  5. KS: Just one side of her eye only leh.
    I know you’re not being mean or anything, it’s your usual humour. I love your blog, Kenny. I’ve never had any problems with any of your posts, except for this one. I can see where your jokes are coming from, and they _are_ funny. It’s just that, I think if it were my girlfriend, I’d be a bit annoyed.
    Don’t feel that I’m commanding you to do anything. I’m not trying to be some moral pedant. It’s just that, if it were up to me, I would have avoided posting any of her photos.
    P.S. Or maybe this is your new bad boy routine? =P

  6. why isn’t the guy getting most of the stick instead of the girl? its just another 10 minutes of porn, but this just bugs me.
    she may feel victimized, but sex sells 🙁 iTammy soon to be in stores! (with complimentary nokia.)

  7. knew u would cash in on the tammy thing. jealous of other bloggers getting all the hits? and ur a hypocrite, u put up pics of her while slamming other ppl for doing so. hypocrite.
    and what sex scandal? urs is like a mere fart compared to this shit.
    [KS: *pooooooooot*]

  8. Kennysia, you have childporn on your computer!
    You say its illegal yaddayaddayadda BUT you have clearly seen it yourself!
    [KS: Wellllll…. It automagically appeared in my inbox and automagically it disappeared. Wonder why. ;)]

  9. wah liew eh, remove the pictures of e porn clip le. i know u pity the girl (regardless u mean it or not), but trying to add some humour when u talk abt this (which is considered quite serious) and pictures really reflects bad on u.
    u’ve gone mainstreamed haven’t you? like the fortune teller eager to keep and attract more customers, resorts to telling people what they wanna hear, instead of maintaining his own style.
    so pls stop trying to inject humour into every bloody thing. inject some backbone to make yr entries more credible, to show e world u do give a F, instead of laughin it off.
    [KS: If I actually give ppl what they want to attract traffic, I’d be hosting and linking the video right away. Besides, what kind of a nick is uiooip? HAHAAHAHAA. Oh wait, I should give a F, instead of laughin it off. ;)]

  10. How come all focus on the girl ah? Why does the guy seem to get let off? And especially the handphone-stealer. Wah kaoz. Steal handphone nvm, still must upload. He/She’s the one that started distributing the porno.
    And that Kuching sex scandal.. hmm.. animals huh? Guess everyone who does it is an animal. But then again, aren’t we?

  11. Kenny, I think that was very mean of you to put up her name for all to see, and saying that she’s from NYP. Have some heart please. I don’t think she’ll want more publicity than she already has. She’s never meant for the video to be seen by the public. You mentioned it’s disgusting that the names were exposed, but yet you didn’t help matters by spreading the fire. You are one of those disgusting humankind that you mentioned. you are blind and such a fucking hypocrite. Just put yourself in her shoes you idiot.
    [KS: Her *first* name and school HAS been exposed into the mainstream ages ago already, including in national newspapers. If not it wouldn’t be in all top 4 search items on Technorati.
    If not for that fact, I would have held back her particulars.]

  12. It’s a sad thing that no one can have sex in peace anymore these days. Damn! What’s a girl gotta do to get down with her man without the whole world peering into the very core of their missionary stance?? =_=
    But what’s done is done. If Tammy’s reading this, I’d say there’s no reason she should stop doing what she did. Blogging about her doesn’t help to incriminate nor help her. It’s. Just. DONE.

  13. which idiot takes a video of them having sex with thier boyfriend and stores it ot their hp? You should be focusing on having sex rather than taking a video of it!
    No brain, no gain!
    The thief should have marketed the video instead…hmmmm!Wonder why he didn’t think of it?
    Someone did want the publicity I guess… what is the probability of this happening to someone who did not want the publicity in the first place?

  14. poor gal. but she knew the risks involved in filming herself.
    I think people are making a big deal out of this. How about the stolen Paris Hilton tapes? is that anymore different to this?

  15. just got back from phuket. actually i just posted pictures on it. should really stay at patong resort. so, did u get the tickets from air asia for free? lols..

  16. I bet you are all prepared for all the condemning comments that will be comming your way huh? You should know that a lot of people are gonna crucify you for making fun of the oh-so-pitiful gal.
    But then, i guess no one can possibliy say/do anything these days without offending anyone else huh?

  17. Hi Kenny.. luv reading your blog – it always has something funny in it. But this time its gone a bit too far. You yourself should know how much traffic your blog generates daily. And should know better than to add fuel to fire by linking her photo to your blog.
    have some decency and leave the poor girl alone.
    And why is all the focus placed on the girl alone ? It takes two hands to clap.
    Kenny, be a man.. do the right thing.. pls remove her photo from your blog.

  18. hehe, so tickled.
    ‘the staircase is clean compared to the real building in kuching’
    so we’re civilised but dirty scumbags who litter?

  19. I have heard about the “scandal”. but I did not know the victim’s first name until I saw it here. I think the media and blogs are just making a mountain out of a molehill.
    As for ‘exposing the *couple*’, I don’t see the guy’s name being mentioned anywhere. It is always “Tammy”. Where’s the ‘fairness’ in that?

  20. like any other ppl commented. firstly u took a wrong approach to publish in your blog. although it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want, but now you’re just adding salt to the wound on that girl. knowing your site creates such a huge hits everyday, i’m sure alot of ppl like me who not aware of this story ended up knowing it and searching for more info on it. you’re an IT person right? you should know how fast news spread in the net. you said she don’t deserve to be humiliated like dat.. but you are humiliating her now. don’t you know what you’re doing before pressing the POST button?
    i think you better remove this post of yours. altho the news oredi spread to thousand fans of yours but at least now you can do is to stop spreading the news.

  21. kenny, are u aware that u have just added insult to the injury of the girl? u are free to blog abt this isuue but certainly not in this manner which brings humiliation to the girl.
    i find ZERO humour in both the ads u edited above. they really serve no purpose but to degrade the victim even more. now, what makes u think u’re indifferent from those people who ridiculed her doings instead of going after the one(s) who stole her phone?
    i certainly did not expect an educated blogger like u would come up with such humiliating post and for once, i’m really disappointed with u kenny.

  22. I think it’s like this: this is Kenny’s blog so he posts whatever he wants to. What about that woman doing the nude squats? Wasn’t she exposed too? And that was someone else filming the video. Even if her name was not discloses, but it would have had a bad impact on her rite?So who is more-pitiful and victimised?
    Anyways, you should expect consequences for your actions. If you were stupid enough to film yourself having sex, than you actually asked for all this.

  23. *edit* i mean what makes u think u’re DIFFERENT from those people who ridiculed her doings instead of going after the one(s) who stole her phone?

  24. Well, maybe next time Nokia shld include a safety feature in their phones..
    Password protect all the pics & videos stored in the phone and memorycard..

  25. Anonymous: Yes, consequences of stupidity is like this. phone get stolen and private video circulate all around the world. but are you gonna be part of them circulating news and making fun of it? so called pity the girl, yadda yadda yadda, but same time humiliating her.. what is this? sense of humanity? oh yeah, of course he have every right to post whatever he wants on his blog and he pay for it, i agree on that. but humiliating a person who’s going thru all this right now, very ethical hor?

  26. damn siaw eh..wanna record oso save in pc ma. wanna get it out often to watch herself makin love mer? use pc can watch big big ma.bodoh…now,c wat happened?but then,y publicised abt it?since it’s a shameful thing,it shd b kept secret.this whole world too darn kepo liaw..

  27. to all those who requested or demanded kenny to remove tammy’s info in his blog, give me a break. they are all over the papers and blogs. Don’t pretend to show sympathy to the girl and shit like that. Don’t tell me you have not seen the clip, requested for it or goggled it before.
    Tammy is no saint. and she deserves it.

  28. your not doing a good deed by exposing that girl again, making the senario worst as the incident was abt to cease down. bad kenny…
    you shouldnt make fun of NYP as well.. its an institution and it has its reputation. BAHH.
    so this is how u wrote my sch.

  29. Regarding the Sarawak MMS, America produces on average 1,000 porn movies a day. Does that mean Malaysians are more civilised than Americans when we probably produce 100 in a month?

  30. give me a break. NYP students, staff do not have sex? They are not horny? you are not? be creative ! Be glad that NYP is popular overnight !

  31. As a student coming from this now-already-wellknown school-all-over-the-internet-and-the-world-for-the-wrong-thing, I really find it very disheartening and was further affected when I saw that NYP ad that Kenny created.
    Neither a flamer or critic, instead I’m one reader who’s so crazy over his blog, always tuning in for new entries of his.
    Glad for the fact that he had done something to the ads, after the few tags left. I guessed he really did his part in at least considering for others, or else he need not do this.
    Afterall, this is his blog. He is free to do any write-ups on anything he deems fit. And as per usual his kenny-styled of writing, he chose to create humours out of this issue, just like any other issues. ALRIGHT.
    But yes, of course, he can be more sensitive to the main characters over the whole issue. BUT IS HE OBLIGED TO? ANY MORAL OBLIGATIONS?
    He actually need not do so, because well, why does he need to? So are all the rest of the bloggers who have taken their stand with this issue. It’s how the world works.

  32. wow, the photo of the girl’s left eye, left ear, and nose is so revealing. and that blurry, pixelized mass of hair in front of her forehead is like the rosetta stone. how dare you, kenny? now we all will be able to recognize her with our CSI goggles, as she walks with her low-definition visage in public.
    honestly, i saw at least a half dozen chinese girls who had similar facial features on the way to work this working. so won’t the real tammy nyp…
    please stand up, please stand up, please stand up

  33. How could Tammy be that naive and innocent not knowing the consequences of storing such thing in cellphone? Or was she trying to proof something to her peers?
    Remember Annabelle(?) Chong, another S’porean, who had sex with god knows how many guys during her studies in U.S. just to proof she could do it.
    This is what I called kiasu at its BEST!

  34. “Meanwhile, members of the public who have seen the MMS are outraged that such an obscene thing could happen in Sarawak.”
    ER… THEN WHY PASS IT ON!!! Really. How about the people who passed it on to them? Want to bet the people interviewed also sent it on?!! Hypocrites!!

  35. yesterday’s news is indeed unnecessary to review….. like what NST is doing…. it won’t change or proof anything KENNY

  36. This post is not even funny Your blog is read by a lot of people. There are some people who MIGHT not be even aware of this so-called scandal in the first place, but because you put it up, you have open up more avenues for people to find out about her. True, this is your blog, and you can post whatever you want. But at least you can be more responsible for your actions or for the feelings of the parties involved.
    What if it’s your sister or a close relative who’s involved in the scandal instead, you would want as little people as possible to know about it. But if some senseless blogger decides to put it up, just for the heck of it because you’re Kenny Sia and will generate more hits for the blog, and cause your sister to be more famous than Paris and be condemned by everyone, I will not ever sympathized with you. What goes around comes around.

  37. Jessica: blog wat u want in ur blog & nobody fucking care about it & peeps are reading Kenny’s blog like a newspaper every single day….. blog sensitive issue and get a bonus close down big time….
    Kenny: Dont lose your fans over this…

  38. I oso wanna take my video when i wrestle as a wrestling god liao… especially when i delivering clothesline from hell to my fren.. heeheehhehehe..

  39. come on lah. why can’t kenny blog about this issue? he is not speading the videos or what. his is giving his view abt this in his own style. can’t pple have views?

  40. i seriously have no idea whats all the fuss about her and the unfortunate incident. (ther are many porn sites n videos out there ain’t it??) seriously, i dun see anything wrong with filming such videos and what not and she didn mean it for public circulation in the first place. lets just say she got unlucky, and yet so many ppl are so intersted n circulating it all over the net (ppl even went to the extent to make $$ out of it… what the…???). indeed, how disgusting the humankind is.

  41. Aiya what happened to make love, not war? And I dont get those mak cik aminahs who claim that they act like animals and bring shame. how else do u act when ure having sex? dude!

  42. You’re a sucker for traffic. I think she has deserved enough criticism and you’re here now riding the wave on someone’s pitfall. This is an ultimate low for you. Even Xiaxue the typical traffic whore is not doing it. I really hope something similar happens to you.

  43. A lotta disgruntled people here, lol. Hey everyone needs sex okay. Maybe sex outside marriage is bad, but hey, there is no way one can mention about this incident without insulting her. So give KS a break, lol. =)

  44. That’s bad.. Kenny is under flame XD Soon bloggers will blog about big bad Kenny for this and that. That’s people for you, we like to follow the majority too much. One guy starts flaming, the second thinks about it and finds it cool to flame, and it spreads until everybody is doing it. Aren’t people pretty stereotypical?

  45. With due respect, but I think posting her pictures is distasteful, esspecially on the edited article of this – “http://www.kennysia.com/images/photos/20060224-4.jpg”
    Reason is, you’re ridiculing that person combining her personality with the school she’s attended. Honestly, you are one of those disgusting humankind that you mentioned. How is this humorous?
    I do enjoy your blogs, but this s certainly not funny.

  46. Can u pls remove the nyp-modified website?
    It’s his blog. He absolutely have the right to blog, write, post whatever he likes/prefer/wish to..
    Eventhough she’s a nyp student.. but that doesn’t mean he can use the school’s website and modify it… furthermore the logo etc is copyrighted.. visit http://www.nyp.edu.sg to check out the original NYP’s website..

  47. I think lah kenny sia is partly trying to present the post entry in a light-hearted manner, to show how stupid it is that the girl gets blamed for the crime instead of the phone thief.
    that is my analysis. well just show mercy on her lah.

  48. i think it’s not a matter of exposing/ spreading the news anymore, now that it’s out. It’s about dealing with it and giving a viewpoint. It doesn’t matter if kenny blogs about it, but his opinion matters, just like how all other bloggers’ take on this incident matter in the greater scheme of thing. People should see this video incident as ‘space’ to reassess (not necessarily to change) some of the social values. having sex is far from being immoral. Taping sex is not illegal and not wrong. But it is still not something people see everyday unless they visit porn site. What makes this video thingy so scandalous is the element of secrecy of being into another’s private sphere. But the fact that people care so much about it is evidential of their voyeuristic nature. So what is happening in the news is really about the public’s nature, not the girl’s.

  49. some teenagers actually read your blog more often then the news. xD
    where’s the guy’s name anyway? you need two hands to clap (or two people to have sex). its rather unfair.
    and to those ppl saying that kenny shouldn’t had posted Tammy’s pics. er, cant see a single thing myself.
    poor girl..

  50. i already feel tons embarassed that the poor girl’s identity and SCHOOL was identified. if you want to make fun of the girl, do it in private can? don’t drag the school’s name into it as well. dont degrade nyp.
    [KS: You haven’t read the Straits Times have you? Her identity and school WERE already revealed. The couple even accepted an interview by the papers. If not for that fact, I wouldn’t even have posted the name Tammy and NYP up.]

  51. “Tammy is no saint. and she deserves it.”
    Ouch. Little harsh no? In this day and time, shocking as it may be, people do actualli have sex. Wait, there’s more. People DO actualli record videos of themselves having sex. I know! Ridiculous right!?!
    I agree with what so many have said above. It’s OUTRAGEOUS that Tammy is the one being victimised and not the phone-thief. I don’t really think the issue is whether it’s to Tammy or her boyfriend that the attention is being drawn to — afterall, it /was/ her phone so naturally, her boyfriend proves to be the unknown accessory. But imho, the fact that she’s having sex in the video shouldn’t really be the scandal in contention. Since when has other people’s private affairs become our business? I think society in general is juz plain /kepo/. So she’s underage. So FRIGGIN WHAT? It is still HER business. It is still HER parents’ issue. Not ours. Not the unauthorised society. Especially not the media’s (but who could ever stop them anyway, considering yknow they have the right of freedom of speech *sarcasm*).
    The thief, on the other hand, should BE our problem. Firstly the fact that s/he is self-acquiring other people’s property is OUR business. We should care that s/he is helping himself to our things. Stealing, theft, robbery — THOSE are public issues of concerns. And then secondly, that s/he is distributing the video. People this is your PRIVACY at stake here. There are /randoms/ violating your privacy rights, are you not worried!?! Obviously not. Obviously all we care about is tearing apart someone we don’t even know. One word: karma. You scorn her now, and the world will find your own hidey hole later.
    Thought: maybe things would work if people merely minded their own business.

  52. Well..heard the video clip got nothing much to see..coz 1 thing the quality is not so good lo..and not much action de..hehe
    Well..I guess..not that I wana be mean but since they have the “guts” to shoot their action on the hp then be prepared that 1 day this will befall on them?
    Am I right to say that? =S

  53. Bottom of your blog entry – animals – well, if i remember correctly, it is quite normal for people to have their little “cuddle” , right? Borneo Post should interview some sexologist or some kind of family planning people. They might just comment – get a room -…

  54. On the end, why even bother to record having some not-so-exciting-sex using a mobile phone? Haha. That’s just retarded, no matter how you want to justify it. The video is just sooooo… mobile.

  55. Opps, typo there… Anyway, in the end, why even bother to record having some not-so-exciting-sex using a mobile phone? Haha. That’s just retarded, no matter how you want to justify it. The video is just sooooo… mobile.

    How Would YOU FEEL IF it’s YOU. or ur FRIEND/LOVE ONES.
    nobody would want THIS to happen to herself.
    n she is juz a YOUNG LADY. imagine that!
    this is crazy! STOP IT.

  57. It’s very bad taste at best.
    She is under eighteen and should have the protection of her right to privacy.
    What other major prints have done wrong and violated her privacy does not make it right for you to justify yet another round victimization.
    Do as what is right, take down her picture

  58. Frankly, it’s not about flaming Kenny. If you read all the comments, people are just trying to stop kenny from damaging the girl’s reputation further. Kenny, you’re a guy, not a girl, therefore, you will never understand how hurtful and humiliating this is.
    If you’re wondering whether to post about someone in future, I suggest you put yourself in the person’s shoes first, and see whether you will hurt him/her or not.

  59. wat happened here? is she raped? NO. is she extorted ? NO. is she blackmailed? NO. she did it willingly. Does she keep the clip in the HP with a password enabled? NO.
    Of course, people watched, talked and blogged about her. c’om, it’s not watching two cockroaches mating, is it? It’s two young singapore adults mating, paris hilton style.
    She did it. Face the consequence.
    Of course, the thief is wrong to steal. That’s a fact.

  60. Kenny did what he does best. Go open your own blog and write 10000 reasons why I sympathise with Tammy bla bla bla and why we should all blame ourselves for what she did…
    err…no…lets all just blame Kenny for making her film herself doin noti stuff!
    Do u ppl act hear urselves? Oh puhleeselah!
    Kenny blogs abt alot of stuff daily, if u like it, kenny is worshipped, if you dont kenny is bad..
    Its his bloglah doinks! these are how he sees things…And i dunno how its gonna embarrass her even further? She wasnt embarrased when she filmed herself, why would she be embarrased now that shes famous?
    Plus all the info kenny has here is not something new, u have all read it before, its not like Kenny created this stuff to humiliate her, its just what happened. Nobody sympathised with Paris Hilton, they just called her a slut…so whats the difference here?

  61. Give the girl some due respect people. Everyone has their own deepest darkest secret. Will you be happy if someone blow up yours one day?

  62. I just think u are being hypocritical. Come on man, u call human kind disgusting but well, look, u’ve got screenshots of the video, plus u even suggest she endorse the NYP brand. Wad kind of joke is this? Really lame.
    And I bet, like all the hamsap ah peks, u watched this video. And sure, while u had the “decency” not to upload the video, don’t u think putting up screenshots is equally wrong? Haiz, where is your sense of ethics, man?
    [KS: No, I don’t think putting up screenshots is wrong.
    First, you gotta think how much information you can extract from the screenshots. Can you see her face? Can you see her private bits? Can you conclude her identity at all based on what is presented in the screenshots here?]

  63. 🙂 I think whatever I have done is within the limits of decency. If you are still dissatisfied with what is displayed here, I encourage you to e-mail me privately.
    I do not entertain anonymous commenters.

  64. Yah, lets all blame Kenny caused he CAUSED all this to happen.
    You have your own opinion, he has his.
    You have your own way of expressing your views over this, so does he!
    Why be so judgemental? Relax, stop bouncing off your heads. This issue about Kenny blogging about this girl has been blown out of proportion.
    Shes 17, she can think for herself. When things happen of course everyone has their own 2 cents worth. Kenny does and so apperently do you, and so do I.
    People make stupid mistakes, what about when XiaXue insulted SPG’s boobs calling them ugly tits?
    Everyone is the same and we all have our own views. Give Kenny a break.

  65. kenny, you have my support dude.
    alright now, hands up to those who has never seen her clip not by choice but cos of no sources.

  66. U guys are seriously LAME ok, what do u get out of condemning Kenny on his post? He have already posted it up, the least u could do is just see his view as this is HIS blog!
    Plus she is expected to get this kind of publicity for her stupidity, even if its not KS blog, it’s all over the newspaper..and FYI news spread like wildfire over issues like this. U closeminded ppl are just weird!

  67. I never knew you could stoop so low Kenny. As a avid reader for a pretty long time, I had thought better of you.
    Then again, its just my opinion vs yours and hordes of your fans. I’m on the losing end. So let the flaming begin…

  68. KS: No, I don’t think putting up screenshots is wrong.
    uiooip: ya its not wrong. i give u that.
    KS:First, you gotta think how much information you can extract from the screenshots. Can you see her face? Can you see her private bits? Can you conclude her identity at all based on what is presented in the screenshots here?
    uiooip: then may i ask u whats the point of gg thru all the trouble of finding a good freeze frame shot that doesnt reveal anything? It provides no extra information, except for you to make fun of.
    frankly, as other people say, u can blog wat u wan, but as a fan of yr site, i jus feel u shouldnt make fun of the couple. terrorists, yes, u can make fun of those evil-doers. Or if durian drop or yr neighbour’s head and u take a pic of him in hospital and blog that hes a dumbass, yes thats funny. but sexual topics are usually more sensitive and especially for girls..
    uiooip is a nick formed from the top right corner of the english alphabet on the keyboard. means nothing. i dun like to be anon.

  69. I will pay you Rm50 to remove this post… Thats all i can afford as a student…
    [KS: That was sweet. 🙂 But c’mon. You can make me take down the post, but it wouldn’t solve a single thing. The issue is ALREADY in mainstream newspapers for almost a week.]

  70. this is just ridiculous, I wonder why Kenny bothered about this topic, she is human, and so are we, some people like doing it with a video in front of them, just like how some likes orgy, threesome, S&M, etc. I seriously can’t be bother about this young lady, cos even Hollywood stars are doing it, and yet the whole south East Asia is going chaotic over this? Really not worth it at all, let her be and just go on with your own sex life rather then scrambling all over the place looking into her private movie and see how u could benefit from it.Cheers 😉

  71. i dun mind this post… but i just hope you’ll remove that nyp ad. im an nyp student and i’m pretty disappointed to see the ad. pls.

  72. haha..pity pity kenny,
    you post up an entry in your blog,
    and not only do you get fuckloads of scrutiny,
    they judge you too.
    whatever happened to freedom of speech eh?
    its alright,
    i think you’re awesome.
    and they can go shave their backs.

  73. pity u sia kenny.. uh.. sia.. got a lot of people holding stakes up ur ass eh? ahaks~ no worries mann~ the internet can’t kill.. not yet larr anyway~ great post, good jokes.

  74. i knew u would blog about this, and offer ur not so needed and not very funny twist to the story.
    dontcha think u’ve become a little bit kaypoh over issues going on in that ctry?
    but unfortunately, the hoohaa is over,everyone’s removing their vid/pic oredi.

  75. Wonder why so many ppl get so worked up about little things… Anyway no matter what the girl did, she doesn’t deserve to have her sex video circulated all around the web… I do pity her.

  76. you can’t identify her but you just put her name plus her school everyone knows its her. why dont u just go and do salon reviews and talk about kuching life and stop busying urself with singapore.

  77. What goes around comes around. Stealing is a crime, yes….but who knows what happened between Tammy, her bf, the rival or whoever stole the phone & circulated the video….if Tammy has her right to do whatever she wants, then the phone thief and KS and all of us here have the right to also do watever we want, be it stealing / blogging / commenting….just have to be aware of the possible consequences and take the risk….tat’s wat Tammy needs to learn. So all of u who claim to pity Tammy, grow up…this is a harsh world…survival of the fittest!!!

  78. WOW….all these reactions from a general sampling of Malaysia and Singapore population, makes me wanna stay in US even longer.
    Stop flaming Kenny for god’s sake. Ever heard of freedom of speech?

  79. Since her video is widely known as of today, I would say her future careers are very very limited.
    [KS: Some text removed. Comment on the issue. Don’t bring down the person involved.]

  80. kenny, let me clarify my comment. i already mentioned that i KNOW that the name and school were already publicized. what i was irked at was the blatant diss at the nyp logo and the fact that you were taking the opportunity to make light of a serious situation. i mean come on lahs, the girl got her hp stolen and her most embarassing video leaked to practically the entire world, i suppose being sensitive about the issue(like not commenting/blogging on it at a public level) would be really nice.
    she’s already been tons embarassed by the media and the moron who sabotaged her.
    having blogs that comment on the case and poke fun at it sure doesn’t help.
    for example yours is a malaysian blog. some malaysians might not have heard about it until now. extra publicity, no?

  81. ermmm…I would really think the comments by the ppl on the streets are the ones which leaves bad impression, that is in my own opinion…
    cos as a non-malaysian, I would start to think are the ppl there so conservative to the extend that it a bit ‘out-dated’…
    no doubt, the couples shldnt be doing that in the public and filming but to term others as animals gives me worse impression.
    and we, (ppl who ever saw tat short video) are not so dumb to view these two ppl as the whole sarawakians.
    so ppl who saw the tammy video will view ALL Singaporeans as bold and liberal? We don’t ve nude beach here yet and no gay marriages here yet…
    Singapore is still quite conservative, otherwise, Tammy wldnt be blasted for all these…

  82. eh no,i think kenny aint wrong in posting. in fact,its pretty entertaining. i mean,what for take it seriously? the nyp slogan is just a joke,and for those who can’t even take a joke,i suggest u dont read kenny’s blog. everyone knows his blog is funny in some ways. and oh yeah,i couldn’t even see how she looks like in that screenshot.

  83. It is really disappointing how you’ve defamed my school.
    I don’t pity the girl, and I *do* take humours. But don’t you think it is a little too much with that ad? Yes papers have published about the girl and the school. But in such a way, they only mentioned what school she is from, not what TYPE of school she is from. You can take it as a humour, but some WOULD certainly have a different impression of the school. Can you imagine, when people ask you what school you’re from, you reply “NYP”, and people immediately replied with a “Oh! That Tammy’s school? I heard NYP is famous for sex scandals” How would you feel? They would think people/students from NYP are the people who do that type of things.
    I may be selfish thinking only about myself and those in the school. But please remember that this is an institution, they have its reputation, although published, but what you are doing is merely adding salt to its wound. Students of the school may also face problems because of the school’s reputation when they graduate for a job.
    Moreover, although a joke, jokes still must have a limit, and this sex issues wasn’t a good joke anyway. And if the school decides that it is not, you can get sued for this.

  84. After reading through the comments on Kenny’s blog on Tammy, I find one thing to be funny. Everyone’s telling Kenny to bring down the blog on Tammy &/or stop talking about this incident. May I comment that all of you who have left your comments here on Tammy (good or bad) has also CONTRIBUTED to this entire frenzy? If you guys are saying to stop telling/talking about the incident & give Tammy a break, may I suggest that comments on Kenny’s article on Tammy be stopped too??
    Kenny has a right to voice his opinions, just like any other blogger or man on the street. Since the local news and papers are still talking about it, shouldn’t those of you who are against Kenny’s article be against the papers & stations for even revealing this matter to the public in the first place?? Why is the flaming against Kenny only? If we just leave Kenny’s blog as it is (& it’s not that he has legally defamed anyone or organisation) & all of you out there stop commenting about it, won’t this issue eventually die down by itself?
    Think about it.

  85. To asfdshfgjfgh
    It sound a tad furious from the bottom of your heart towards Kenny. You simply say that way, no matter you are a reader of Kenny’s blog or not. Keep in mind that no one is perfect. Human beings make boo-boo in life including priest and monk, even albeit sharing jokes, opinions and views with the community regardless of wrong or right. Everyone is different in terms of views and perceptions whether conservative or not. And it proved that you only rather think of consequences of the yourself, students and reputation of the institution than the consequences of Kenny’s blog and also another blogger’s blogs, should you are self-righteous and comment furiously in future. What’s the point you spend a tad time to comment on Kenny rather than spend time to contemplate proposing campaigns to save your school’s reputation. Ok, nuff said, to stop time writing. Pardon for the language. No offence kindly.

  86. There will always be some similarities between mainstream bloggers nowadays. They blog whatever that’s top on technorati. Fishing for traffic perhaps.
    [KS: Fishing for traffic? As you can see, unlike other so-called “non-mainstream bloggers”, there’s no technorati tags in this entry. Thus your argument holds no water. 🙂 ]
    Your viewers can request for whatever they want, they shall not be accountable for it, obviously. But to use an excuse to blog about Tammy as if it was an blogger’s obligation, is just lame.
    It’s simple to understand, just put yourself in her shoe, or perhaps her parents’, to see the whole issue blown out of proportion. It’s uncalled for.
    But of course, people today carries a mentality that if I own this blog, I can blog whatever I want, it’s my rights. It’s very “xiaxue”. If you belong to that category of people, then be it. Just have enough understand that if you should be in tight situation like that, you’d be able to accept all the humiliation that comes your way.

  87. This is to Bigissueoversmallissue,
    Since you have that mentality, why dont you reproduce the pictures of the caricature?
    Since the press did that.
    Good luck.

  88. To Kenny,
    Die die both ways? Then die the right way.
    People stir the shit, you also wanna follow? Good, then I know you are a shit stirer.
    Traffic whoring is ok but think about karma, dude.
    To Bigissueoversmallissue,
    Both are immoral. Since you ask which is more, I will pick the press. Come to think of it, does others more immoral makes you happier being immoral too? Think about it.

  89. aw come on people. if she thinks she’s old enough to have sex and record it at the same time, she should just swallow this up and move on. no pun intended 😛

  90. It’s amazing how her perseverence is keeping her straight through all these. I hope her family members, that boyfriend of hers and everyone else around her give her all the support she needs.
    The hype *will* die down.

  91. kenny,
    im an aid reader of ur’s and had always find humor in the things which you blog on, all.. except this part..
    like the previous comments which you had gotta, i think you should take this post out. Other blogsites might have been discussing about it but does it mean that you, kenny sia should do the same, esp since u have one of the highest readers in today’s blog history..
    kenny, spare a thought for the poor gurl in question and do not participate in mocking at her already miserable state.
    Your blog has an influence, really..

  92. hey the girl is not even named “Tammy” the information u got from the nyp database is not the girl… so pls take tammy l down… as thats my friend u naming…

  93. Damn, lots of pretentious homosapiens around.. Die die both ways.. Poor Kenny, now he has to listen to people what he should blog.. what he shouldnt blog.. ‘do this is right’ ‘that is wrong’ ‘you shouldnt bla bla bla…’ because his blog obviously got ‘influence’. Hard to become famous yea Kenny? You blog it, people complains, you dont blog, people will say you outdated, always have two sides of the story.. So, please dont farking care, just keep on blogging your style 🙂 Cant please everyone all the time.

  94. i think it is jus fair if u put up that guy’s photo. there are scenes where his face can be ‘screenshot’.
    Don’t think it is fair to throw evting at tammy.

  95. having been a long-time follower of ur blog i actually found this entry insensitive and callous.
    it wasnt very funny to me.

  96. Aiya – If I should’ve known how much publickity this Tammy NYP has generated. I also want to tape myself having sex, circulate on purpose, make millions and immigrate to Austrialia. So that no hamsup apek can oggle at me with their hamsup popping goggle eyes.
    This girl is 17 and she thinks its “cool” to make a sex video and everyone is “doing it”, whats the f***ng problem? Frankly I agree thats nothing wrong, you can have sex as much as you want and being 17 is not an issue. In olden days, girls that age would have gotten married and have baby oledi.
    When I was 17 I also very careless one, lose school books,pencil, etc but then again in those days – a phone is for calling bf not for taping advance copulation techniques !!! Nowadays, it is a trendy thing to do and ppl have no shame. So is this what Sex has come to? Just a mindless activity like going Mc Donals? What happen to romantic love?
    I do not feel that sorry for her because if you’re gonna do something naughty, you might as well keep it secret and in a very,very safe place. The only thing I feel sorry is that those horrible ppl who is making money out of her misfortune and exploiting her. If I was her I’ll demand my cut and immigrate lar !!

  97. Must I add – What happen to her boy,boy? How come nobody pity him instead? Poor boy, got to show his k.k.j to the whole world ah and also got to **** Tammy.
    Life is just not fair he’s not gotten a single ounce of publlicity and all the honours goes to Tammy NYP. What if the phone belongs to him instead of Tammy that got stolen? Who’s fault isit?

  98. hey guys,
    Can you all pls try not to make a big fuss about kenny putting names and stuff like that. I think what he was trying to do is putting it in a way where ppl can comment about it in a constructive manner. Instead of comdemning him, why not just comment about the issue??
    And what if he put up ‘nyp’ in his blog??Tammy = nyp?? You guys have been taking it wrongly… I think narrowminded ppl will think that it’ll ruin the image of the school… Just because she’s studying there doesn’t mean that the school is like that… Anyway, it’s an individual ‘mistake’ (if you wanna call it that way)… So pls don’t be too stressed about it…=)

  99. She’s young and the fact that she is still studying in a institute of higher learning..and the fact that the unfortunate protagonists is a singaporean in a self-made-phone-video. Wouldnt that perk the interests of the general populace more than who is dirk diggler?…that made all the difference. I mean who actually gave a fuck about the guy?
    Rock on kenny..

  100. LOL… Kenny, close down your blog la. So many crazy people against wateva fuck you write. I am a nyp student, and everyone knows about this. If U dun like kenny, dun come into his blog. So better still, kenny, just get urself some peace and blog else where. at least ur mood wont be ruin by dumbasses.

  101. why are all these people so uptight over something that does not even concern them and condemn u for posting your views?……………… empty vessels that are only heard and not seen?

  102. what could be worst if the news is already published in the newspaper, and for word of mouth alone is sufficient for the news to spread like SARS, it’s just a matter of time, kennysia does make the news spread faster, but that’s not the point, the point is ppls opinion towards the news.
    If any of you would symphatize with her and put yourself in tammys shoes, wouldn’t you console her instead of stating stereotypical narrow minded opinion on her act? these opinions are only further enforcing the fact that our nation is lacking compassion

  103. why u people so commentive about it? wad is done is done so just forget bout it. its the girls life on wad she wanna do to it, why must we care? we have other better things to do!
    and i don think kenny ment any harm in writing this post.

  104. Hey Kenny,
    I have enjoyed your entries until i read this one. Blogging about the girl and all is alright except you may have tried to inject your humor abit too far.
    How can you place a half nude picture as the backdrop of the NYP website even though its just a picture? It would serve to imply that NYP allows such pictures openly. Besides, you also mentioned that the school is thinking of expelling her. What age are you living in now Kenny? The school has never, i repeat, never thought of expelling her. She is just a poor girl caught doing something foolish on her mobile.
    Enough of the girl, but don’t bring the school down along with it. The school is counselling her and making she sure she gets through her exams.
    For once, don’t try to defend yourself again and again by comments such as “I post one eye only leh”. So? It doesn’t move away from the fact.
    Hope i won’t see such content on your site again.

  105. Aiyah, Maybe courses in Nanyang poly not stimualting enough so the students went and stimulate themselves instead !!!
    The news is out in the open and people are free to comment on things and give opinions = Freedom of speech, remember.Yes we do pity this poor girl but there is nothing she can do to stop ppl making comments.
    Having sex at 17 is not a crime but whats disturbing is taping yourself with the intention of sharing your video with close friends like sharing a bag of kacang putih !! No matter how sorry I feel for her, I just don’t know what to make of such a blase behaviour towards sex. Whats going to happen is more and more younger teenager/children are going to do it !!
    Would you be shock if a 14 year girl doing those sort of things and sharing her sexual performance with her friends like exchanging hello kitty stickers? This is a point I’m making – what is happening to our society today, technology doesn’t always bring good and everything is moving so fast(children too advance for their age) that we don’t know how to slow it down or control it.

  106. dear aunty ningku, she doesn’t share her video with her friends ok. her phone was stolen by someone who’s jealous of her popularity la. and that someone so jackassly mass-emailed the video to the entire sch la!

  107. i know its a little late to post a comment on this subject but i just want to say it anyway.
    let’s just say that i pick up a handphone, with or without hanky panky in it. never in my mind would i think to return it to the owner, just like i did on 2 previous occasion. i just took the phone and sell it.
    let’s say it’s the infamous tammy phone which i found, i would not post it in the internet, but i’m next to certain that i’ll share the video with some of my friends. with that same mentality, they would share it with others. so now what are we considered as?
    we are all a bunch of very normal guys living in this world, goddamnit why don’t we just admit it!
    let’s not flame the thief, i think he did what MOST of what other guys would have done given the same situation. if anyone is afraid of their private life being broadcasted, we should in the first place not store it in our phone and carry it around.
    call me insensitive and all but i do think that tammy only has herself to blame.

  108. To read newspaper la pls reader,
    If you read properly, she said “All her friedns are doing it” so whats the big deal???? So how does she know all her friends are doing it? Surely she must have seen sum?
    She and her bf are young and not as if they’re in an exclusive rlsp and want to look at the video as a married couple, till old age where you can reminisce happy times for your personal enjoyment.
    You have to ask yourself what is the motive behind this? What is she and her bf going to do with the tape after filming it?
    a) Are they going to keep it and view it themselves personally or
    b) is her bf or even Tammy whatever her name is wants show it to friends as a joke.
    c) What happens if they broke up… if the bf is a bad jealous guy, he could use it agaisnt her
    Before you do anything in life you have to consider the consequences. Being a girl especially, aged 17 neither a child and not quite adult – you have to be ever so careful about this sort of things. Who’s going to look after you if you can’t look after yourself. Even her parents can’t help her now !!!

  109. Tammy or whatever her name is, sure knows how to do a dectn blowjob. For the 10 minutes long video clip, i’d say that it’s plain boring, because most part of the video you can only see the dick banging the pussy position. Nothing special, except for two things:
    – her pussy is clean shaved.
    – her pussy is damn creamy white juiced!

  110. suoreg: you are so insensible.
    so you think it’s okay to play a masked criminal like the phone thief? Alright then, we’ll raid your personal stuff too. Jerk.
    Stop all this madness lah. Tammy is just human, okay. Humans make mistakes. She has never killed you, so just leave her alone! I’m sure she’ll have a great future ahead of her. You weak-minded horny hormone-raging BASTARDS! Your parents would be UN-proud of you!

  111. hey stop blaming kennysia lah. aduh, it’s just an unusual news to share. shit happens and tammy had it bad . that’s it . stop mocking each other.

  112. Kudos Kenny!
    End of e day it’s ur entries.You blog, we read, we enjoy and I thank you for bringing smiles to my face via your entries. Be it some satirical shit, porn-related or politically wrong entries, most of us love your entries so just keep it up. No need to give much heed to peeps who simply blast you for some entries.
    I take it that your blog is just an avenue for your thoughts and opinions thus even if you lose some fans you still have not lost yourself. Why forsake your true self to please others, right?

  113. I had the same thought as most of you from above,but after one of my fren who happend to be in the same school and faculty as Tammy told me that after the whole incident, she felt glamour about whole thing.Now she walks in school with an aura. I don’t look at her the same way anymore. Btw, she’s the kinda girl that dun have much girl friends, just hamsap lou friends following her around,so i don’t think what Kenny did was so wrong,perhaps Tammy is thanking him.

  114. Ok yuou guys wanna know why the guy was not exposed?? first hing off no one will pity him cuz his MAnhood is exposed on the intranet………they will only say Lucky Bastard, he gets to fuck that?? omfg……I wanna be him… so you see?? he will shoot to super stardom in an instant, porn stardom that is…so thats why no one talks bout him…..cuz all guys hate him cuz he gets to fuck Tammy and all girls will be enraged with Tammy cause he fucked her so get it???? HE Does not make a dif..She did.thats why……..

  115. this is for clinton benson…
    hi..i wanna ask you for the handphone’s price that u listed ..can u deliver to another country ..because i’m in indonesia..and do i have to pay for the delivery charge??…i see your price was good…
    thanks before for your information

  116. screw them man. tammy actually committed suicide. poor girl indeed. hope she haunts tat son of a bitch person hu got her hp in the first place.

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