n. adj. tu·lan

  1. A pig’s penis.
  2. A feeling of extreme dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
  3. What Kenny Sia is feeling right now.

Example of usage:
Have you ever had a tulan moment?

As a blogger whose photography and writings are freely published on the Internet, one of the most tulan things that could ever happen is when some other blogger took my work and published it as THEIR OWN without acknowledging kennysia.com as their source.
Something else EVEN MORE tulan is when I read newspapers or magazines, and find out that the article they published look suspiciously like what I’ve written before on my blog.
But that is still ok.

But when some stranger stole a photo I took from my website, removed the kennysia.com watermark, mailed it to a major newspaper, AND THEN won herself a whopping RM50 in the process. I tell you, I won’t just be feeling si beh tulan ok?
I will be feeling THE MOTHER OF ALL TULANS!
I’m not talking about normal cute cute pink colour Hello Kitty-sized tulan.


This is a picture someone mailed in to The Star published on page N34 on the 24th February 2006. (Thanks for the heads up, Matthew)

And THIS is the picture of a roadsign I took some 9 months ago along Jalan Tun Jugah where a new car showroom was being built.

Would I not be feeling si beh tulan, knowing that someone who stole the photo I TOOK USING MY OWN CAMERA got this?

BLOODY HELL! Who is this Vivian Chew? Makes me wanna chew Vivan Chew.
Dammit, I want my 50 ringgit back!

Blog plug of the day: cute babe + camwhore = babelicious69 = a good blog for swallow shallow people like me.
Disclaimer: babelicious69 is NOT Vivian Chew. I repeat, she is NOT Vivian Chew!

272 Replies to “Tulan”

  1. WahSeh..KNNCCB lah Kenny!!! This is so unjust. Write to STAR and tell them about it lah. Plagiarism lehhh!!! Damn lah!! I’d feel TUlaN also if that happenned to me!!!

  2. yeah. write in to The Star. It is a form of plagiarism. Considering the fact that you did actually put the watermark there. SOme ppl just do not have the courtesy.

  3. Anonymous on 6th comment, it’s same pic as Kenny taken. Cannot you see motorcycle and white car at the right corner of Vivian’s pic is same as Kenny’s?? How come you simply say like that without tracing first before commenting. Or are you saying Vivian is with Kenny taking the picture together at same time hah??? It’s absurd coz such pic must be taken in the SAME POSITION.

  4. Dayum.. that’s just so distasteful of Vivian Chew. Is she even from Kuching? Those of us from Kch, can tell that that’s the new Hyundai-Daihatsu-whatever showroom being constructed in the background. But does SHE know? Ahh.

  5. Anonymous on 6th comment, it’s same pic as Kenny taken. Cannot you see motorcycle and white car at the right corner of Vivian’s pic is same as Kenny’s?? How come you simply say like that without tracing first before commenting. Or are you saying Vivian is with Kenny taking the picture together at same time hah??? It’s absurd coz such pic must be taken in the SAME POSITION.

  6. Ridiculous. Using your pic as if it is hers. This is a sure form of plagiarism and actions should be taken. Not for the RM50, but for people’s ethics in general.

  7. Write to the Star and demand they ask her for the photo in its more original form(as proof of ownership). Also show them yours~

  8. Wow, not cool…
    Some people have no shame, I’m sure the paper will be willing to act on it if you approach them with a reasonable demeanor and proof/justification.
    I remember having something like that done to me, not cool, not cool at all…
    Keep it up Kenny πŸ™‚ Any chance you’ll be in KL sometime between Mar 5th – 18th? :p
    9 days till I fly to M’sia!

  9. You have alot more pictures on your site rite? send them all in la. Or u could send them in before u post any new pictures. Then whoever wants to copy u will be the second… come to think of it, the content on your blog is enough to buy you a new computer…hmmmm… make sure u split the money among us for this brill idea. j/k, man..

  10. Kenny,
    I’m not sure how the appropriate laws work in Malaysia, but if they’re anything like they are here in the states, you might be able to threaten legal action against the paper itself, not just the plagiarist. Photo contests like this often stipulate that, in exchange for the prize monies, the photographer (a word that, in this case, I use lightly), has to forfeit to the contest sponsor the ownership rights. If such was the case in this instance, the paper is in possession of stolen intellectual property. In the US that’s a crime, even if you didn’t know the propery was stolen when you obtained it.

  11. u can always go to the Intellectual Property Coperation located near King center in kuching there. that vivien chew is violating the copyright policy.
    u should fight this matter.

  12. If she sent in the picture for a contest, for sure the Star will have her contact details for the collection of the prize. You should really consider pursuing this with the Star. This is beyond the issue of the RM50 prize money; it’s an infringement of copyright that shouldn’t be absolved simply.

  13. Teehee~ I see karma !!
    Check out your previous post in case you don’t understand what i mean, Kenny.
    We can avoid a lot of things in our lives, but certainly not karma!

  14. kenny, go contact The Star and inform them about it. it is not about the RM50 that matters but the fact that she stole the pic from you for her own personal gains. please, u have to do something. too many of this kinds of shit have been happening.
    ask The Star what they can do also. scare Vivian Chew and make the public know that they can’t simply get away with this. write to them in the columns section. write to the editor, cc to others. u have to stand up against this sort of ppl. u must, for all of us who are honest.

  15. Maybe she just happen to be there and saw the sign and took a pic of it. How sure are you that it’s a photo taken from your blog?

  16. well because at the top right corner of both pictures you can see the same motorcycle riding in the distance, it’s HIGHLY unlikely that both people took a picture of the same sign at different times and somehow still have the same motorcycle passing by at the same position. Dude, observe abit la

  17. I knew the photo was kinda familiar when I saw it posted in the newspaper. Now I know where the original copy was. I suggest you mail it to The Star and complain about it. She nicely removed the Kennysia.com watermark out of the photo.

  18. “””well because at the top right corner of both pictures you can see the same motorcycle riding in the distance, it’s HIGHLY unlikely that both people took a picture of the same sign at different times and somehow still have the same motorcycle passing by at the same position. Dude, observe abit la””
    -what the commentator said it’s true. wah where got the same motorcycle appear out of nowhere? magic kh *guffaws*.. i think it’s highly unacceptable to go and copy kenny’s work like that. kasihan him

  19. i think Kenny u will lose if u sue her.
    reason is that the picture is not exactly like yours. she must had taken the photo just like u.
    u post on the blog, she submit hers to star.
    u gain popularity in return, she got the money.
    fair isnt it?
    look at the picture , it was taken at a different angle than yours.
    u can’t sue for plagarism. the idea is not copyrighted but only the expression. her expression is different from yours. (different angle picture). tulan also no use.
    its the same how kenny take xiaxue idea of the evil twin post and modify.

  20. the more i read your blog the more i like it, much better than xiaxue’s.. hers used to be good before she got “famous”.. rite now, she keeps bragging abt how good she is, makes it disgusting to read

  21. got lotsa funny comments I like:
    “vivian chew ni ma lao niang CB ku ku jiao.”
    Posted by: Moo. at February 25, 2006 07:08 PM
    “Maybe she just happen to be there and saw the sign and took a pic of it. How sure are you that it’s a photo taken from your blog?”
    Posted by: kyli3 at February 25, 2006 07:22 PM — walaueh… very obvious leh… BUT… if not… oso got ppl tell n re-tell already leh!
    “For a minute, I thought I had logged on to Sisuahlai…hehe
    Cheer up!”
    Posted by: Amelia at February 25, 2006 04:16 PM agreed… hEhE…
    “that slut is damn shameless man… dis shows how pathetic some ppl can be..”
    Posted by: X at February 25, 2006 04:09 PM — so ke lian this vivian chew… ho lang kio tiok slut.. HAHA! NOT!
    “Teehee~ I see karma !!
    Check out your previous post in case you don’t understand what i mean, Kenny.
    We can avoid a lot of things in our lives, but certainly not karma!”
    Posted by: TuLanBeng at February 25, 2006 06:53 PM— walaueh! gue hun man… like as if trying 2 justify/dampen this vivian’s actions…
    hhrrmm… dun say i was plaegadasrerising (obviously.. i dunno how 2 spell dat word) ah!! bcos i DID put d ori writers’ names! HehE… now… let’s continue flaming this Chew gal…

  22. but still feel tulan, then post your blog (this post) to the star with title .. “seeing double”.
    hahahah.. or requset the star for the lady address and send her a mail asking for royalty. (if the picture is undeniable yours in court)

  23. Jays, it’s the SAME picture. The fact that the angle looks slightly different is because Kenny took the picture on the newspaper AT AN ANGLE. Look carefully. The motorcycle and its position, the car and the little speck of light on it. If there is such a “coincidence”, tomorrow I will have been struck dead by a meteorite.

  24. Dear Kenny, I can understand your state of tulan-ness. What amazes me is that Ms Chew is labouring under the delusion that you (and all the readers of your blog) live under some ginormous rock. How could she ever have hoped to get away with this nefarious deed – regardless of whether she erased your watermark from the photo?

  25. wah peh VIVIAN CHEW memang la bau la whoever u are u really bring us ladies down la gal! how can u do this? such a low down human being. Uses someone else pic and earn yourself RM50? hahaha no wonder u are so CHEW ( BAU ) that’s what we call in one of the chinese dialect. But u ban ban figure that out and who knows that will earn u another RM50? hahahahaa
    as for Kenny well just take it u doing her a good deed la and i bet u can live without that RM50 for a LONG LONG TIME…………

  26. totally the same! next time, make huge watermark, i mean H. U. G. E. ones, like kennysia.com in the middle and strike trough the whole picture!

  27. hey, Rm50 isn’t much, but this vivian shouldn’t be chewed by u, but by king kong! go and fight for the honor that rightly belongs to U man, Kenny!

  28. hey, Rm50 isn’t much, but this vivian shouldn’t be chewed by u, but by king kong! go and fight for the honor that rightly belongs to U man, Kenny!

  29. Ok, I wrote a blog entry about this on the Star online website, let’s see what happens…Hopefully they will do something.

  30. a side note to k: like the picture “RIGHTFULLY” belongs to her in the first place? and earned money out of it? πŸ™‚

  31. On a side note, I think this is what film producers feel when they see their pirated films in their market instead. You can’t sue her in court but I sincerely hope that girl will make a public apology in the newspaper, and that The Star acknowledges that the photo originally belongs to you. I bet this Vivian Chew doesn’t even know when she took the photo coz only Kenny knows.

  32. Photographs are indeed intellectual property.
    For those who said that Vivien Chew took the effort to send in & Kenny didn’t, how about someone take your manuscript (something you’ve spent years over) & sent it to a publishing house & it got published with that person’s name as the author? Then also can say that he took the effort to get it published & you didn’t, is it?
    You can totally sue for plagiarism. She’s obviously trying to pass off your work as hers.

  33. man….that’s so uncool of her. I was pretty shocked when i say that photo on the star paper on friday cos i was pretty sure i saw it on your site last year….damn tulan man!!! Kenny, u shud call The Star paper and demand that 50 bucks and that vivian chew’s number =p

  34. Erm kenny… why don’t you disable the right click leh? That way; the so called “copycat” won’t be able to steal your pictures.

  35. ppl..actually this is just a small problem..why would u guys wanna make it into something big?it’s just a pic..is it worth the time and money?next time just be more careful..that’s all..

  36. it’s like making a mountain out of a molehill..why waste time on such petty things while u can do other better stuff?

  37. I am so sure she copied the picts, cos the vehicles are the same.. Unless she’s standing next to u taking the same pict herself.. which u would have known otherwise.. And although RM50 is like so small, its still not right for her to do that unless she specify that she extract the pict off your blog.. Its okie.. she will have her retribution..

  38. My pics have been used illegally too and published by some Indonesian aviation magazine, I know absolutely how it feels to have someone take credit for your hard work. I’ll echo what everyone else is saying… go take it up with the newspaper, they have the responsibility to set this right.

  39. Tulan!! Very tulan.
    Kenny u gonna take this in your stride meh?
    Call the star and demand the money or ask them take back the money from that chew bye…. oops i mean chew vivien.

  40. [KS: Phone number removed at “the innocent Vivian’s” request. :)]
    For the justice, this is what i can do for you.
    I am not sure this is the vivian Chew u looking for but this was from a Star newspaper contest…
    If the Vivian likes to take part in contest to earn money then 90% i think shes the one.
    Good luck.
    Get ur rights back.
    I hate ppl copy others intellectual properties.

  41. Let it go Kenny, bigger things in life to come. Bigger injustice that will make this money seem like nothing. Bigger fish to fry, bigger coconuts to harvest.Hee hee!

  42. Contact THE STAR and demand the $50 be paid to you instead of Vivian. She should be ashamed of herself for stealing your picture. Grrrrrrrrr.

  43. perasan betul. small matter only. big fuss out of nothing. you think you are the only one this happen to?
    poor poor kenny. crybaby.

  44. when i was a student in a design sch, i totally hate people who copy other people’s ideas unconstructively.
    I love to backstab such ppl, simply coz they have no originality. (don’t care if they found out or hate me)
    Kenny, u shd do it to.. let them know to who the rightful owner of this RM50 is!!!

  45. hmm maybe the contest is about funny pictures you saw and not funny pictures you took by yourself? hahah. am i making sense? lolz

  46. hmm maybe the contest is about funny pictures you saw and not funny pictures you took by yourself? hahah. am i making sense? lolz
    or maybe star was the one that cut out your water mark?

  47. Kennysia.com is the coolest place to hang out in…at least for malaysian. Jokes and pictures are original. Dun feel discouraged kenny, we lurve u!

  48. Erm kenny… why don’t you disable the right click leh? That way; the so called “copycat” won’t be able to steal your pictures.
    Posted by: Formula17 at February 26, 2006 01:18 AM

    u can simply disable the javascript to by-pass and right click.

  49. hahaha.
    u definitely had a reason to feel Tulan.
    den again, make ur links bigger. larger. king-kong sized link marks.
    u can look up for Vivian Chew in your email or link records mah. sigh. the world these days. all they think about is money.

  50. I’m NOT vivian chew.
    I repeat.
    I’m NOT vivian chew.
    Though its nice to know that that there are some really loyal kennysia fans who feel so much for him and feel obligated to say something about this case in my blog.
    And I really think that she should’ve given you credit!! that was robbery!! out in the open daylight!!

  51. my bulu roma all stick up when i read that vivian chew’s valentines message to a Nokia phone… ewwwwww!
    please wait while i go puke…
    okok… kenny, write to the star… call them up as well…
    am afraid they have already sent out the cheque to this vivian chew… hope the star block the cheque… now, that’s revenge… muaahahahaha…

  52. well, lets put it this way, she could be the thief, or someone else could have taken the pic, zoomed in so that the watermark is gone from the pic, and then mailed it to his/her friends, who then took it as a funny pic and sent it into the star. it could possibly work this way too. The receiver (if not a kennysia reader, wouldn’t even know that it’s from his site).
    i think a clarification is much more important than just flaming all the way before knowing the facts right? but true you do have a point to be tulan, i would too, but won’t do most of the drastic action the other ppl commented.

  53. The star shud also make effort or enforce rules to prove the originality of photos taken and submitted to them.

  54. Before everyone start to go on a headhunt for Vivian Chew.. bear in mind that’s a common first name AND a common surname.. So don’t go around searching for “Vivian Chew” and assume that who you found is the right one and tear her to pieces with no proof.
    Best thing is to go through The Star directly and deal with her in a civilized manner.

  55. 50 ringgit isn’t that much, is it? That’s like… I dunno how many Australian dollars… But yes, I guess if someone won a prize using my work then I’d be pretty peed off.
    Oh, and by the way, if you don’t recognise my name, this is Jane, your cousin from Down Under. Hui Hui jie jie (I dunno how to spell it) directed me to this site. So yeah, I think you should just contact the magazine thing and they should have the details of Vivian Chew. Though whether they’ll give them to you is a different matter.



  58. I copy you!

    What is the price of a photograph?
    To what extremes would you go to earn, get this, 50 whopping ringgit?
    Apparently, one of our neighbours up north decided that it was a big deal and proceeded to take a pic which first appeared on ‘celebrity blog…

  59. Hmm, to those who say that this is making a mountain out of a molehill. Yes, it might be a little of that. However, it is a matter of principles. If we just keep ignoring such people, then they’ll think they can get away with such sh*t.
    and I also agree with Antonia. We should leave the decision to Kenny whether or not he wants to pursue the matter with “The Star” and not headhunt a possible innocent person.

  60. Aiyo! I don’t feel Tulan for Kenny lah. I feel Koh-Lian for this Vivian Chew to be kena whacked like this here for a mere $R50/-. See Pai Chia Lat! Not worth it and what a humiliating way to have to learn it this way! Ouch!

  61. 1st kenny i think u so stupid n childish!n the pic u put here is 4 public,u didnt say canot let ppl do they wan to do with the pic.if like dat u close dis web la “jork”.or nextime put the pic inside the album enuff la no need put here to show with all the ppl.n the pic dunno is u take or u take from other ppl la.the pic also not top scret or wat private thing so i didnt c got any problem if other ppl wan to do wat with the pic.n if u so need money than everytime u take liou the pic u dont put here 1 la faster send to the star la.or find more job do la malu of all photografer.just a rm50 also wan 2 berebut.n the ppl give negative comment do u all is wan to brush his shoae is it?all same childish n the girl also is the malu of other.how old r u liou kenny?..use the brain think la if not canot put 3 pillow la.

  62. i dont think kenny wants the money at all, he just want some justice to be done to punish the copy cat person.
    for those who is kenny is just making something big out of nothing, think again…
    just imagine that if the work u have done, u have worked very hard for it, then other people steal ur idea/work, then the person gets the credit for it, how do u feel?
    i know how kenny feels coz sometimes my hard work also kena steal by others and the credit goes to them and boss think that the person is better than me.

  63. unknow: Start getting familiar with the term, ASSUMPTION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL FUCK UPS! When the image is already watermarked, it’s copyrighted by default so I suggest you leap of KLCC and remove yourself from the gene pool.

  64. jktl:ai..fucker but he didnt say canot do anything with the pic.i think u use ur water wash ur face thing la.so wats the point dat u not happy.

  65. Hi Kenny,
    I am a once-a-while-read-your-humourous-blog Kuching girl. Not meant to criticize you, this is just my point of view. I observed the two photos and realised that although both were taken with the same background, they were actually taken in different angles if you noticed.
    So, by right, this girl did not copycat you, correct? Unless she went to the location and take it on her own camera.
    Again, she sent it to The Star and you didn’t.
    Just like she went to Magnum 4D and place the bet but you didn’t. So, who is to blame?? πŸ™‚
    Anyway, it’s not a big deal. I still love your blogs no matter what. πŸ™‚
    Cat woman


  67. I think the point is not the prize money, I’m sure Kenny is not tulan becoz of the RM50, but because of the glaringly offensive behaviour exhibited by this Vivian Chew.

  68. the camera angles are different. i understand how you feel because i’ve been in this situation before but if she just happened upon the sign you can’t possibly blame her for finding that amusing and simply taking a picture of it.

  69. crap.i realised that you took the picture of vivien’s picture at an angle so i can’t possibly tell. i’m sorry. you could sue her for infringement. really.

  70. I keep seeing people writing in and saying how the two photos were taken at different angles. For goodness sake people, hasn’t anyone heard of “cropping” before? SSHhheeessshhh….
    Kenny, RM50 go buy big big bucket of KFC ah!!! hehehe…

  71. every1 say sue her,do u all have any evidence to prove,especilly u kenny.n it just a normal pic a “damm normal pic” dat u past by a “raod” take.like i say be4 not a company or highly confidential thing.n u dont have licence 2 protect.so all the ppl dat say sue her think be4 u say.just a small problem dunno why all the ppl wan make it become a big stupid problem.do u all can get any thing after if kenny win..i think no…wait..i think got coz can brush his shoe let him fly.i just really dont understand why a stupid pic wan to fight until like dat..haih..

  72. it’s not about the money or whether its a small matter or not. personally i don’t care if kenny got pwned by this vivian, but have to disagree with unknow.
    the star said that it wants pics taken by the person who submitted. first offence.
    the picture was taken by kenny, therefore he should get credit, or at least be asked first. second offence.
    it may be a small matter over a small amount of cash, but it’s really about principles here.
    =/ tough luck kenny.

  73. than why he have the pic dat time dunwan send.after ppl send already than say dis say dat.wat for?blame his self la.still wan say not bout the money than is bout wat?most opinion also talk bout the money.is he wan become famous is it?i just give my opinion if u cant accept than nvm.

  74. it’s not about whether it’s kenny’s own fault for not sending in the picture. the problem here is that someone STOLE his picture, cropped out his kennysia.com mark, passed it off as her own and sent it to the Star, and won rm50, and kenny sia gets NOTHING. I don’t think he wants anything, rather he just does not want people stealing his things and then gaining from it. It’s like saying that robbing people and profiting from it is acceptable. Where got such thing wan???

  75. http://www.chl.com.my/temp/kenny/
    here a illustration of what i made to show how the picture was manipulated… so for those who still argue the picture was from a diff angle taken by another person.. then… pls see laa..
    plagarism is a crime.. its the same with buying pirates VCD…
    Note: Original Software was used for the making of the illustration. That’s why I’m still using an old version.. πŸ˜› Oh.. this is not a link to a blog or any sort advertising.

  76. unknow, you so stupid la. I think you’re the one who can only think about money. Kenny Sia dont want the money, he just dont want people to steal his photos and take credit for it. If Vivian Chew were to email Kenny Sia and get permission to post the photo on The Star, I think Kenny Sia wouldnt be so tulan. All he wants is PERMISSION and be ACKNOWLEDGE that his photo will be used beforehand. Got a clue, unknow! You so freakin’ boh nau!

  77. to unknow: i think when kenny said “i want my rm50” at the end of the post, it was meant as a joke. i think everybody can tell he was kidding around, right? the main issue here is all about others stealing your work without permission or giving you credit, and passing it off as if it’s theirs. plagiarism, that’s the problem. forget the bloody money.
    plagiarism is a serious crime. i know it is in malaysia. but i think the severe-ness of this crime is SCARCELY emphasized even at school level. or may i say, NEVER emphasized at all! big time mistake. that’s why you have people who don’t consider that a big deal.

  78. really pissed off..i share ur TULAN-ness here.. some malaysians out there jz choose 2 ignore watz COPYRIGHT.. if tis wud happen 2 my own photos, i wud b damn tulan as well.. legal action on the line!! get tis vivien 2 realize watz INTELECTUAL PROPERTY!!

  79. Avidadventure… I think it’s quite irresponsible to post a phone number up the way you did. You have no idea if that’s the same person responsible for ripping off the shot.

  80. Unknown: are you the so call bau vivian? hahahaa and come on la get a life if you know the real kenny sia in kuching u will belif that he wouldn’t even need RM50 from start but it’s the feel of TULAN we discussing and why u don’t dare use ur own email or nick? such a chicken la u i BET you are that vivian chew and we not brushing his shoe cos we don’t even know him in real life. At least i never met him though i know he’s WHO. But what the heck if i were him i would have been TULAN over this it’s not the money issue it’s the PLAGIARIZATION issue we talking here so stop crapping if u dunno wat we aftering here. COWARD

  81. hey, i think yuo should contact the star and inform them of this inconsiderate act.
    you have plenty of proof and many supporters, and that vivian woman will have to give back the moolah!

  82. rather than bashing vivien chew, the most stupid one is those who keep saying, the picture not the same..

  83. was wrong of her to post it without acknowledgment…
    but dont agree with you for ‘wanting your $50 back’. sorta sounded like she stole your money. if u didnt send the picture to the star, u wouldnt get the $50 anyway…

  84. Instead of saying anything about what vivian had done, i rather saying maybe she secretly in love to kenny and posted that picture to get attention of kenny ahaha.. Kenny u have a secret admirer over there.. her name is Vivian ahaha..

  85. Erm kenny… why don’t you disable the right click leh? That way; the so called “copycat” won’t be able to steal your pictures. Posted by: Formula17 at February 26, 2006 01:18 AM
    u can simply disable the javascript to by-pass and right click.
    Posted by: wonder at 26 February 2006 8:56 AM
    won’t work EITHER way… u noe… there’s smth called the screen capture function? πŸ™‚ wonderful isn’t it?! HAhA!
    n 2 that unknow person… WOW… i cant make ANY SENSE out of ALL of ur posts… i think rite… if u cant write in english… js write in chinese la… ppl can understand better… if not.. ALOT of misunderstandings la… πŸ™‚

  86. wahliew~!
    damn ma chau hai man…
    dat lady sure no place to hide her face edi…
    wait a mo…it wud actually be awesomely fun if someone were to be able to get a snap of her face…and post it up…

  87. intellectual property infringemet? this blog has more infringement than any one else…
    You are more than RM50, don’t you? πŸ˜‰

  88. itulah saya kata mesti perang sama lanun cetak rompak tapi kamu semua mau jugak beli cetak rompak. tengoklah sekarang akibatnya.. gambar biasa macam ni pun boleh kena cetak rompak teruk..

  89. unknow: Are you even familiar with the term: “COPYRIGHT” or are you just plain ignorant? For the sake of explaning:
    :: The legal right granted to an author, composer, playwright, publisher, or distributor to exclusive publication, production, sale, or distribution of a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work. ::
    When permission is not explicitly obtained, you DO NOT have the authority to use them. Also, please don’t assume that the picture belongs to Vivien, if it is, does she have the EXIF data to the picture? For the person to take this photo, the EXIF data would be present in the original picture so it’s pretty straightforward.

  90. Kenny, you did not mention Copyright (c) Kennysia.com YEAR in the page the image contains.
    this means your contents are technically public domain & you dont have rights for it.
    However, the watermark clearly says its from you. We all know you copy & paste many pics from other websites & most of the times did not credit the original author. Unless Vivian could prove she has the same photo without the watermark, its still questionable.
    Catwoman, the pics are the same.
    STAR would probably know this by now & they are by default the owner of the picture & unknowingly inherited a plagarized work.
    Interesting that its you that brought this up.

  91. tj: correct me if am wrong, but if I am not mistaken…public domain only falls when “which no person or other legal entity can establish or maintain proprietary interests”. As long as Kenny has evidence, Eg. the date of the taken photo (which can be easily checked from Windows). DCan check it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain

  92. I am sure that Kenny has asked permission from people he took material from before he did.
    What was wrong in this scenario isn’t just the copyright infringement right, but also the crime of profiting from other people’s materials. It is like using a fake name to trick other people so to speak.

  93. Diu. I never said my blog is copyrighted.
    It is however, CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSED. And it’s attributes here:
    You are free:
    * to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
    Under the following conditions:
    *by Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
    *No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
    *Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
    * For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.
    * Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.
    And for those who said I infringe on copyright? I acknowledge my sources whenever possible.

  94. Oh dear… that’s really sucksss… hmm… I think u have a post about buying gift for guys right? Hmm… if i’m not mistaken, there’s someone actually sort of reproduced it in her own blog in mandarin+english. The pictures seemed the same like yours and so does the content. I’ll get the address for you and e-mail to you soon.

  95. It is a sin to use other ppl’s work and claim that they are their own work. Vivian, you really bad la… I think you should apologise to Kenny lor.
    I ever use Kenny’s pic in my blog too but i did clarify that that pic was taken by Kenny.
    Someone did mention that the two pics were taken from different angles..where got lar! This is because Vivian Chew’s pics in Kenny’s blog was snap from newspapers. That’s why it looks different lor. And it is impossible to take the same vehicles in two different time la because Jln Tun Jugah is a very busy road.

  96. “the camera angles are different”
    cheebuy.. some people just love trying to sounds smart… camera angles my ass.. how is it possible to take that photo, at different angles while still having the same objects at the same locations? use your farking brain please. if different angle, how come the cars.. the distance remains the same? (see distance from board to motorcycle) damn pissed with idiots giving comments.. making fool of themselves.

  97. I am sorry. The above comment made by me how can displayed under an other user? “Hi, Kenny, just one reminding for your consideration. Maybe you can cite which dictionary you looked up about Tulan. Just like what I did in one of my recent posts did. Thanks”

  98. Kenny, you got my point exactly,
    next thing to find out is if Vivian sent the picture with your watermark (thus acknowleding you) and/or if STAR ‘accidentally’ cropped the picture for publication sake.
    my unprofessional guess is she cropped it or got an email with the croped version blah.. Im positive its the same picture. those that deny this could try masking back the original pic. The only *angle* is the position of the paper when the 2nd photo was taken. Anyone with photoshop or common sense will know this.
    just do us & star a favour, send them the original pic with your watermark in the middle in super size. case closed. Also include a nice handwritten ‘love’ letter if you have time to waste.
    I have no doubt that you are truely professional in blogging. It takes balls to write about plagarism & it takes bigger balls to defend/stand by the principles.
    Someone: thats what i mean, proof. If kenny could show the orig. pic, then thats concrete evidence that establishes himself to the picture. simple.

  99. tj, do yourself favor and read about copyright law before you go off-tangent again. In Malaysia (and other countries which follow the Berne Convention), an author’s works are implicitly copyright.

  100. Okay first I would like to thank the stranger who text me yesterday alarming me on this kenny sia blog site and of me stealing someone else photos and won RM50 ringgit out of it!!
    and what the heck is this thing about somone by the name of MR lee publishing my number…
    i did enter for this nokia contest …but the vivian who steal your photo and walk away with the RM 50 is not me…
    now go and check with STAR Publications who is the winner…before all this hoo hah
    lastly i demand for my number to be removed else i will file for a complaint ..
    and kenny sia…
    for your record this is the first time i’ve been to ur site…
    and definitely the last
    thanks and no thanks

  101. and kenny sia if u are still aint satisfy call me…
    u have my number courtesy from MR.LEE…
    Check with THE STAR publish the full name …not vivian chew only
    im bloody pissed

  102. I think you should take this all the way. For the principle and for proving a point. Malaysians have too much of a Γ’β‚¬Λœsit back and take itÒ€ℒ, Γ’β‚¬ΛœletÒ€ℒs not make a mountain out of a mole hillÒ€ℒ approach that lets these things happen. So I say take it as far as it’ll goÒ€¦I for one would like to know how it all pans out.

  103. Vivian Chew is a pretty common name. You should stop harassing every Vivian Chew that you can find. Also, hate to tell you so but … when you put something on the Internet, kiss it goodbye. Doesn’t matter if you put a million copyright notices on it. Someone somewhere will use it for one reason or another. I’m not saying it’s right but … really, there’s no sense in going crazy over it.

  104. i am a dumb ass for not knowing what stealing intellektual propeti iz.. and my england sux like shit, i cant even use, punctuations.. well.. my grammar iz horrijiber.. sorry..everyone..

  105. i is also stupid for failig to realise that its not about the rm50, its about a matter of prinziples… i cant even tell that both pics are the saime.. summo i keep asking for proof…

  106. oO ouch πŸ˜›
    the photos are definitely one and the same, though VC cropped it and maybe straightened it a little… it’s not all that difficult you know πŸ˜‰
    but don’t be too harsh on the girl lah… not to the extent of calling her names anyway πŸ™‚

  107. maybe she see u dun haf foresight to submit such a ‘whopping’ photo to the Star and so she do it for you leh? and den send u the money thru paypal.
    now she read this entry, she sibeh kek sim. hahahah

  108. i know someone by the same name Vivian Chew, umm… heard frm ppl she is a bitAaaach too… want to have her number? >:)

  109. thanks for removing my number
    i would suggest for you …to quickly act on this matter…before some other innocent vc is being dragged into this mess..!!!
    apparently whom ever who happens to be named vivian chew is a biatchhhhhh…..
    well i must said some people are just too simple minded…hmm let see does that makes every jennifer a singer…brad an actor …kenny the south park character…

  110. It’s d same picture lah, what angle not d same. Pay some $ to the Forensic Malaysia and tell you in your face that two pictures are the same, if u stll don’t think so lor. Kenny, five for your light, don’t stand there b a losar. Teach her a free lessons cause maybe she’s poor and uneducated leh.

  111. Or, maybe she’s just a little 8 years kid, fan of yours, and just wanna make some pocket $. Pitty lah, if it’s the case. ;@

  112. Yes, you should feel angry but then again, have you thought about submitting a photo for the competition? The thing here being, this woman submitted YOUR photo and she won. Yes, she shouldn’t have but if she didn’t, YOU wouldn’t have won the competition anyway. So anyhow, not that I’m saying she’s entirely right or whatsoever, you wouldn’t get that RM 50, would you?

  113. Emily, are you like, stupid or what? Its not about the RM50. Its about someone else taking Kenny’s propertly and making money off it without bothering to even ask permission from Kenny. Its the principle, not the money, you moron.

  114. Thing that matters is the gal didn’t even let the owner know she wanted to use the photo. If she wanted to copy others’ things, at least ask for permission first. It’s no respect committing such plagiarism and she would not have angered the owner that much if acknowledgement was made earlier.

  115. Sorry for second post because the first one cannot be editted.
    Yes, you should feel angry but then again, have you thought about submitting a photo for the competition? The thing here being, this woman submitted YOUR photo and she won. Yes, she shouldn’t have but if she didn’t, YOU wouldn’t have won the competition anyway. So anyhow, not that I’m saying she’s entirely right or whatsoever, you wouldn’t get that RM 50, would you?
    Posted by: Emily at 27 February 2006 5:52 PM
    Like most of us know, it’s not about the “RM50” thingy. Why would KS care so much about that “RM50”? He was just making some humors by pretentiously saying he wanted his RM50 back.
    Another thing Emily said is “Yes, she shouldn’t have but if she didn’t, YOU wouldn’t have won the competition anyway. ” Does this mean ppl who have the “modals” but didn’t take initiative to make use of their “modals” should let others take their “modal”? For example…
    Pretty : Hey Ugly, you shouldn’t be wearing your newly bought jewellike outfit, I think it doesn’t suit you at all, I’m the one who should be wearing it.
    Ugly : But I feel good wearing it and it’s mine…
    Pretty : No. It’s a waste you wear it. Just give me.
    Ugly : Ok

  116. haha pie, good one!! good pic, dat oughta show them morons.. and pls oh pls, will ppl like emily think before they open their mouths?!?!

  117. “And for those who said I infringe on copyright? I acknowledge my sources whenever possible.”
    I don’t mind if you go after this vivian issue as it is clearly wrong of her to steal your work and enter it in a competition and claim it as her own. But it’s a dead end road trying to claim that you don’t infringe copyright on your blog and that you acknowledge your sources whenever possible.
    Have you read the terms of use on dilbert.com for example? Unless you have received written permission from dilbert.com to use their comic strips on your blog I demand you remove all dilbert strips as well as all other images that you do not have the right to have on your site off your blogs or stop whinging about Vivian.
    You are in direct violation of their terms of use and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.
    You better hope that nobody gets pissed off about you infringing their copyright in the way that you do when the situation is reversed.

  118. dilbert you sounds stupid, both is in diffrent situations. kennysia.com and dilbert.com has their own rules to follow anyway, are you expecting kenny to force its reader to read “terms and condition” evertime they read his blog…

  119. my gosh…really MBKS!!!memang boh kah siii…ey even tho its just a pic its still kenny’s property…hence its like stealing!!!

  120. dilbert.com: You are in direct violation of their terms of use and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.
    how very thoughtful of you to bring up the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, considering the author of kennysia.com resides in Malaysia. good luck enforcing the DMCA in a country other than the US, retard.

  121. Actually, neckbone, there are conventions in place between Malaysia and the US to enforce copyrights recognised in the US. Thus, under these conventions, Malaysian courts would enforce the relevant Malaysian copyright law, which provide for the recognition of overseas copyrights. So, in a nutshell, US copyrights can be enforced even in Malaysia. Cheers.

  122. Good post dilbert.com !
    Fasper : “are you expecting kenny to force its reader to read “terms and condition” evertime they read his blog“. You really sounded stupid. In this case, dilbert.com’s terms and conditions should be obeyed if you want to use copyrighted stuffs from dilbert.com like images. Kenny doesn’t have his own T&C, this is his problem. No T&C to agree on reading his blog anyway though sometimes he will have some special T&C pop-up occationally. You idiot!
    neckbone : Looks like you are worse than a retard. I’m sure even a retard can think better than you. Kenny is indeed in Malaysia, but his blog is residing in the server in the US with Site5. An email from dilbert.com to Site5 regarding the copyright infringement will take down the whole blog until the issue is settled. Think, neckbone think! We are Malaysia, but I ashamed by your mentality really.
    Let’s stir shits, let’s stir shits !

  123. Sorry to say but you, yourself often snag personal photos left and right, including trademarks, then changed/altered them into whatever you like, without the original or trademark owner’s consent and worse still, with no credit references. Haven’t you heard of copyright and intellectual property rights? You’re actually setting your readers a very bad example.

  124. There is no trademark infringement unless it can be said that the alterations in some way diminished the level of recognition of these trademarks. Trademark infringement is not really in issue since they have not been used in a course of trade or related to trade on this website.
    What is of issue is copyright infringement. Attribution of the source does not automatically absolve the user of all responsibilities of copyright infringement. By simply reproducing the image, or an altered image, on this site, copyright infringement has taken place. Acknowledgement is only useful when considering if any defences against copyright infringement exist. For example, acknowledgement can be seen as declaring that there is no commercial intent, etc. I do not know enough about Malaysian copyright laws to say more, particularly if there is a blanket “fair use” defence. If not, and the situations where copyright infringement is excused are expressly defined in statute, then it is advisable to see what these grounds really are.
    Anyway, even if you come within the defence, the truth is that copyright infringement has taken place. Conceptually, you are excused from having infringed the copyright, and not that you are regarded as not having infringed in the first place.

  125. But the good news is that I don’t think anyone is going to sue anyone for putting up copyrighted images on their blogs! I mean, it’s not worth the cost or the time!

  126. Blatantly plagirism. Blatantly tulan moment.
    One look at it and I knew it’s a rip. Other than the cropped image, EVERYTHING in it is the same. Different camera angle? PLEASE.
    The pic was published here. Watermarked with your domain name. And some smartass had the audacity of taking it, cropped it off and pass it as its own.
    ‘Vivian Chew’, get out, have a life and please, post your own stuff. You, attention seeker, you.

  127. The Star skipped my blog entry, “Plagiarism on the Star Photo contest?” Hmmm…
    Anyway, hope you get a reply from them Kenny.
    Here’s a shout-out to my dear Elise, Happy 32!

  128. One, “unknow” is a total asshole. Two, Vivian Chew is such a bitch. TULAN LARH!!!!
    Come on, people, saying what Vivian Chew did was not wrong is like saying that milk comes from trees. Please stop exhibiting your stupidity and illogical mindsets. Obviously the synapses leading to your brains are experiencing a misdirection of traffic.

  129. Haha, so i guess next time you’ll have to put your watermark across all your pictures, so that it’ll be super hard for someone to use your pictures…
    Nice website, cheers. You’re an entertainer.

  130. to my understanding
    copywrite is infringed only if the usage is for commercial purpose. if it is for personal use or non commercial purpose i belive would not infringe the copywrite act.
    Someone can please verify.
    As such when Vivian use it to earn RM50. that is infringement.
    By the way, submitting someone else work as your own is also infringement or stealing of someone else Intelectual Property.
    In Kenny case, Kenny modified his work such that its a whole new work. An original work (u see it only in Kenny Sia.com). An original work is not stealing someone else work.
    U can see King Kong poster everywhere.. but not with a TULAN in it.. right?

  131. The great flood

    It has been 2 weeks since the disaster, and I have just laid my hands on some of the pictures taken during the flood.
    Disclaimer: I did NOT take the following pictures. I am not sure who did though, maybe Dr. Kuchling, or maybe one of the PERHILITAN st…

  132. ban the star newpaper lah and ask your supporter to search for vivian chew for your infor. she stay at catcity because she is a copycat.

  133. All Sarawakians should write to the Abdullah the Prime Minister about the Star for publishing a picture which is a blephasmous offence. LETS SUSPEND THE STAR for BLEPHASMY to OUR SITE. Show the West Malaysian, we can suspend their newspaper like they suspend the Sarawak Tribune.
    Si Beh Tu Lan.

  134. kenny,
    yeah, i am curious to know the kuku chee bye is Vivien Chew, who has the cheek to steal someone’s work and post it as her own.

  135. Vivian u SUXXX man… u stole ppl work then put ur name??? wer is ur moral? For me i straight call The Star complaint and ask who the hell is vivian. and Star need to repost the new winner, and ask vivian out and appologize to public.
    SUXXX, for me, i the 1st one TULAN.

  136. Dear me, I think Vivian Chew has received enough abusing already. Enough lah. No one is perfect.
    But hey, at the same time, I do agree and support with you all. I mean it is TOTALLY IMMORALLY UNACCEPTABLE that one gets to steal the work of others. well, everyone needs to pay for the price of their own crimes.
    well kenny, hope there will be NO MORE tulan moments for you in the future :-P… peace all of you okay?

  137. some people are really!!#@$$%#%^&….cool down~ plagiarism is a serious problem…hey people, know what is copyright???

  138. Forget about Vivian. TheStar is profiteering from the photo through the newspaper circulation. It is thestar who use the photo without permission and profit from it.

  139. wow!!!!
    That’s what i call *FUCKING* TULAN, man!
    i mean!!
    Just imagine….
    If i’m u!!!
    i sure CURSE HER TILL SHE DIE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Let he who has NEVER downloaded copyright music from the Internet nor purchased illegal VCD/DVD cast the first stone. For the rest of you, look in the mirror, smile, enjoy life – no need to be TULAN.
    For every TULAN second you suffer, think of the TULAN moments those you stole from would also “suffer”. However hard you want to chew Vivian Chew, there is a long line waiting to chew (off) your big birdie.
    Let something positive come out of this episode:
    1) stop your illegal music downloads
    2) stop purchasing illegal VCDs
    3) dont still from KennySia again
    4) send KennySia a bottle of oil to sooth his aching-Lan…
    5) celebrate the spike in page view KennySia’s blog – Adsense revenue may even exceed RM50..
    To those of you who are cursing, STOP. Else, you will be on the receiving end of same curse.
    For those who “get it”, good. For those of you who still dont ‘get it’, go look in the mirror again…

  141. This is really Tulan. You can
    sue The Star for making use of your works. (then let The Star sort out with Vivian)
    2) you can write to the Star asking them for the RM50 and humilate Vivian. That bitch is good for copying other people’s work!

  142. oh ya.. i saw that too.. n also that chinese menu thingy.. the three text cure crap.. *tsk* some people…. aiyoo.. >

  143. Fuck that bitch! If you can find her, make sure you post her fucking photo and tell the world what a bitch she is to steal other people’s work!

  144. yeah man fuck tat bitch, let her drink my filthy cum, cum into her mouth and force her to swallow it down every drops 8====D – – – – – –

  145. u can always SUE dat fella coz datz call plagirism n ppl itz against the LAW….if u would like, track down whoever dat is n sue dat fella….

  146. Both the King Kong and Hello Kitty pictures are derivative works of the originals, and require prior permission from the copyright holders.
    By right, this is also copyright infringement. It’s just that companies don’t normally go after individuals over using their pictures, since it isn’t economical to do so.

  147. Dear Vivian Chew,
    If you are reading this post right now, you probably would be laughing away as to make Kenny feel tulan. Don’t worry, don’t feel bad. The only way to ease Kenny’s tulan-ness is to offer your hole to tu his lan so as to settle the matter with Kenny once and for all. After all, you seems to be a slut to me anyway by copying someone’s work for your benefit.

  148. Kenny, I am a huge huge fan of you. I read your blog almost everyday. But let me comment on one thing. Its just RM50. Why is there a big fuss then? Its not like she jacked you dry or something. People, stop bashing Miss Vivian. You are just adding salt to the wound. I support Kenny, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t go around saying she’s a slut and all. If I do, I’m just degrading myself. Nuff said.

  149. it’s not the money.. it’s the fact Vivian took the pic that kenny rightfully took himself for her own personal gain.. ~_~

  150. Yea she stole your picture. You have the rights to file a complaint about copyrights infringement. Proof that she did not take the picture herself? Simple the car and motorcycle are at the same place. No way he can take the picture while she is there at the same time from the same angle without at least noticing.

  151. It’s only RM50. No big deal la, so short fuse, not worth the tulan. And besides, you use KFC and Hello Kitty logos without asking permission as well. Double standard. Tulan oi!

  152. sorry lets meet up n i will giv u back ur 50 bucks if u want it so badly
    i oso starting to dulan u dy

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