ADV: The Garage Sale

Because I decide it’s finally time to upgrade my computer, I’m putting up my old machine for sale now at Mudah.

For sale: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz computer system
Comes mounted on a 865PE motherboard, boosted with a ridiculous 3GB worth of RAM, CoolerMaster CPU fan, 80GB hard drive, 52x CD rewriter, Antec 350W power supply, Creative Audigy soundcard and a solid ATI Radeon 9600XT graphic card.
This computer system has nostalgic value towards me because it is the computer I bought with my first paycheck of my first job.

Back then, it was considered pretty high end. Though 5 years old now, it is still works perfectly fine by today’s standards.
The only reason I wanna upgrade my computer is to run the latest 3D games at full speed. But if all you play is The Sims 2, DotA and Counterstrike then this system should be more than enough for the job.
5 years ago, I put together this system for close to RM3,000.
All I’m asking for now is RM750.

For sale: Samsung 17″ LCD Monitor
3 years old. This is the same screen I stare at since the day I started blogging.

Because I’m such a clumsy donkey, I accidentally left two gashes into it on the day I decided to put it up on Mudah for sale.
Original price was RM1,000.
Now selling at RM450 RM350 because of that stupid gash left by the stupid owner.

For sale: Logitech LX300 Cordless Keyboard & Mouse Set
3 years old. I blog for long hours, so it’s important that I go for only the most comfortable keyboard and mouse set. Comes with a rechargeable cradle for the mouse.
The keyboard originally to came with a wrist pad, but it fell off one day when I got too excited watching Paris Hilton watching online videos.
Asking price: RM100.

I’m happy to sell the whole set for RM1,100, payable in cash and in person.
For practical reasons, this set of machine is only for sale to anyone in Kuching because it’s ridiculous to send a whole set of computer through the mailbox. If you wanna know more details, the specs and all are in my Mudah listing.

Anyway, I think I’ll be putting up more of my used belongings for sale over time to clear up the clutter in my room.
Mudah is fantastic. They have been quite aggressive in their online marketing lately, placing their ads all over the Internet. I’ve been checking out their website ever since they started advertising on, and now I’m hooked.

The whole thing works like a dumbed-down, simplier version of eBay.
The problem with eBay is that most sellers are located around the Klang Valley. For someone like me who lives in East Malaysia, it becomes darn impractical and expensive to buy and sell these goods online when you take into account how to deliver your products.
No one wanna pay ridiculously expensive shipping charges, wait 2 weeks for the package to arrive, only to realise that it is never gonna arrive because somehow Pos Malaysia managed to screwed up.

The listings are grouped together according which part of Malaysia the seller is at, so that the buyer can meet up with the seller to complete the transaction.
This works especially well for things that cannot be sent through the mail.
Stuff like massage chairs.

Damn that stupid cat


This Porsche ‘Boster’. Does not come with a free bolster.


Model not included


And cows.

Like, how are you gonna send a cow through the mail?

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New Laptop

Check out my new laptop.

It’s a HP Mini. This baby is smaller than a text book, slightly larger than a novel and weighs lighter than a dictionary. Compared to most normal laptops, this gadget is a midget.
For a frequent traveller like me who is always needing a laptop on the go, it is just awesome.

I love the MacBook Air, but it’s too expensive and too powerful for what I need to use it for.
I like the Asus EeePC too, but it’s too small, too weak and too cheap-ass looking for me to wanna carry it around.
The HP Mini strikes the balance. Not too fast, not too slow, not too expensive, comes with heaps of storage space, but most importantly, impresses me enough on the cool factor to wanna show it off.

It comes with all the bells and whistles including a miniscule webcam, which HP has cheekily hidden underneath the flush black surface of the inside.
That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Just be careful if you’re the kind who like to stay the same room in the same hotel all the time.

Despite being slimmer than Kate Moss on diet, the thing that immediately sold me on it was that the laptop’s keyboard is almost as big as a full-sized one. That to me is obviously very important.
Typing on the HP Mini is a joyous experience that I seldom experience with other implementations of shrunk-down keyboards.
It’s also spill-resistant, which is a good feature to have if you have the tendency to shoot liquid everytime you use your laptop.

Of course lah, the HP Mini ain’t perfect. If I really wanna nitpick, I’d say the only real complaints I have are that the trackpad is ridiculously clumsy to use, the acrylic LCD screen is annoyingly glaring, and the boot up time to Windows Vista is still a little longer than what’s comfortable.
Run too many intensive applications at once and the HP Mini slows to a tortoise crawl.

Obviously, this is a low-powered laptop. Everytime the HP Mini lags, I was brought back to the reality that it was never meant to function like a normal full-featured laptop.
But hey, if all you need to do is surf the web, browse for photos and update your blog, then those are small concerns to most people. It is still an excellent unit for people like me who need a midget laptop easy enough to carry around, without paying the price tag of a full-powered machine.

Don’t ask why I’m dressed like Harry Potter

The HP Mini is just one month old and is still in such phenomenal demand that it triggered a worldwide shortage. The first batch arrived in Malaysia last week, and was almost for its launch.
Lucky for me, I happen to be one of the few to own one right now.

And I’m happily lugging it with me over my week-long Gawai break to Bali. ๐Ÿ™‚
To all’s Iban readers, gayu-guru gerai-nyamai.

How I Learned To Drive

I don’t normally do this on my blog.

But this time round, because it involves Charmayne Chung, Davina Goh and fellow CLEO Bachelor Johann Lim, who are among the nicest people in KL, I decide to make an exception. ๐Ÿ˜‰
How I Learned To Drive is a story about a young girl who learned how to drive from her uncle, but in the process developed an unhealthy sexual incestous relationship with him.
This theatre production was produced in New York and has been awarded the Pulitzer prize among many others. For the first time, The Oral Stage production company is adapting the script and producing it for the Malaysian audiences.

How I Learned To Drive is showing at The Actor’s Studio at BSC from now till Sunday 8th June. Ticket prices are RM33 adults or RM22 concession.
Kids are not allowed because this show is For Mature Audiences only.

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The ‘Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia’ Contest

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The Mister Potato TV ad I’ve been waiting for has finally gone to air.

To celebrate my glorious three seconds worth of appearance on national TV acting like a giant oversized dolphin, Mister Potato is giving away a chance for one lucky reader and a friend to win and all-expense paid trip to Bangkok.

But this ain’t your typical boring free trip giveaway.

Because on top of a trip for two to Bangkok, there’s also a special bonus added to this prize package.

You see, we are not gonna just put you on an airplane, jet you out and throw you into some dingy hotel in some God forsaken corner of Bangkok for 4 days. To fully savour the best of South-East Asia’s mecca of shopping, spa, food, culture and nightlife, you’re gonna need someone knowledgable to show you around Bangkok.

Which is why we have arranged for tour guide to not only accompany you on this fantastic journey, your tour guide will personally ensure that you do have a whale of a time there as well.

Alas, you can’t just have any tour guide. You need a tour guide that knows Bangkok intimately. So intimate, that he’d probably soaked himself for 3 hours in Bangkok river before just to tell you how it felt like.

That tour guide is of course none other than…


Yes, apparently Kenny Sia has turned into a contest prize.

If you win this contest, you and a friend could win a trip to Bangkok. And I, the poo-water-swimming potato-chip-eating dolphin will be there to act as your personal tour guide.

Best of all, this trip is all expense paid thanks to Mister Potato. And heck, we’ll even give you some pocket money for shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

In total, this prize package is worth RM5,000. And with me as your guide, I promise you it will be one holiday unlike any other.

How do you win this prize?

All you gotta do is upload a picture imitating me eating a Mister Potato chip like this.

This contest is open exclusively to readers.

Your photo doesn’t necessarily have to be yourself eating the Mister Potato chip. It could be a human, an animal or an inanimate object. It doesn’t matter. If you could con your 5-year-old nephew into doing this, even better.

The most important thing is that your photo has to be creative and funny.

The Mister Potato packaging must clearly be visible, and you must upload the photo using the form below or e-mail it to me at before 11:59pm on the 8 June 15 June.

Of course, you must agree to terms and conditions, judges decisions are final and all the legal bla-bla-blas apply.

Hey, the City of Angels awaits the winner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The ‘Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia’ Contest

IC Number:
Tick if Malaysian:
Photo (less than 1MB please):

Terms and Conditions:

  • This contest closes exactly at 11:59pm on the 8 June 2008 15 June 2008.

  • If you upload your photo even one second late, you’re screwed.

  • This contest is open to all Malaysians residing in Malaysia only.

  • If you are a Malaysian living overseas, you’re screwed.

  • The prize is for a trip for two to Bangkok, Thailand for 4 days 3 nights only with Kenny Sia as the personal tour guide, bodyguard, photographer, and friend.

  • The contest winners must agree to have their photos and their trip published on

  • By taking part in this contest, you agree to transfer the rights of your photo to Mister Potato

  • The budget for the prize package is a maximum of RM5,000.

  • If there any leftovers in the budget after accounting for all the essentials, the winners will be given those leftovers as shopping money.

  • Please note that Kenny Sia will not be carrying your shopping bags at Chatuchak Market.

  • Winners will be chosen based on how creative and or the submission is.

  • Both myself and a representative of Mister Potato will be the judge for this contest. Our decisions are final.

  • The winner will personally be notified by me, and I shall make all travel arrangements with the winner to decide a schedule most suitable to all of us.

  • All photos uploaded might be used on

  • Why are you reading these fine print anyway? No one bothers with it most of the time.

  • There’s really nothing important for you to read here.

  • Wow, you must be really bored huh?

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