The ‘Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia’ Contest

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The Mister Potato TV ad I’ve been waiting for has finally gone to air.

To celebrate my glorious three seconds worth of appearance on national TV acting like a giant oversized dolphin, Mister Potato is giving away a chance for one lucky reader and a friend to win and all-expense paid trip to Bangkok.

But this ain’t your typical boring free trip giveaway.

Because on top of a trip for two to Bangkok, there’s also a special bonus added to this prize package.

You see, we are not gonna just put you on an airplane, jet you out and throw you into some dingy hotel in some God forsaken corner of Bangkok for 4 days. To fully savour the best of South-East Asia’s mecca of shopping, spa, food, culture and nightlife, you’re gonna need someone knowledgable to show you around Bangkok.

Which is why we have arranged for tour guide to not only accompany you on this fantastic journey, your tour guide will personally ensure that you do have a whale of a time there as well.

Alas, you can’t just have any tour guide. You need a tour guide that knows Bangkok intimately. So intimate, that he’d probably soaked himself for 3 hours in Bangkok river before just to tell you how it felt like.

That tour guide is of course none other than…


Yes, apparently Kenny Sia has turned into a contest prize.

If you win this contest, you and a friend could win a trip to Bangkok. And I, the poo-water-swimming potato-chip-eating dolphin will be there to act as your personal tour guide.

Best of all, this trip is all expense paid thanks to Mister Potato. And heck, we’ll even give you some pocket money for shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

In total, this prize package is worth RM5,000. And with me as your guide, I promise you it will be one holiday unlike any other.

How do you win this prize?

All you gotta do is upload a picture imitating me eating a Mister Potato chip like this.

This contest is open exclusively to readers.

Your photo doesn’t necessarily have to be yourself eating the Mister Potato chip. It could be a human, an animal or an inanimate object. It doesn’t matter. If you could con your 5-year-old nephew into doing this, even better.

The most important thing is that your photo has to be creative and funny.

The Mister Potato packaging must clearly be visible, and you must upload the photo using the form below or e-mail it to me at before 11:59pm on the 8 June 15 June.

Of course, you must agree to terms and conditions, judges decisions are final and all the legal bla-bla-blas apply.

Hey, the City of Angels awaits the winner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The ‘Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia’ Contest

IC Number:
Tick if Malaysian:
Photo (less than 1MB please):

Terms and Conditions:

  • This contest closes exactly at 11:59pm on the 8 June 2008 15 June 2008.

  • If you upload your photo even one second late, you’re screwed.

  • This contest is open to all Malaysians residing in Malaysia only.

  • If you are a Malaysian living overseas, you’re screwed.

  • The prize is for a trip for two to Bangkok, Thailand for 4 days 3 nights only with Kenny Sia as the personal tour guide, bodyguard, photographer, and friend.

  • The contest winners must agree to have their photos and their trip published on

  • By taking part in this contest, you agree to transfer the rights of your photo to Mister Potato

  • The budget for the prize package is a maximum of RM5,000.

  • If there any leftovers in the budget after accounting for all the essentials, the winners will be given those leftovers as shopping money.

  • Please note that Kenny Sia will not be carrying your shopping bags at Chatuchak Market.

  • Winners will be chosen based on how creative and or the submission is.

  • Both myself and a representative of Mister Potato will be the judge for this contest. Our decisions are final.

  • The winner will personally be notified by me, and I shall make all travel arrangements with the winner to decide a schedule most suitable to all of us.

  • All photos uploaded might be used on

  • Why are you reading these fine print anyway? No one bothers with it most of the time.

  • There’s really nothing important for you to read here.

  • Wow, you must be really bored huh?

Terrorists bombed Bali in 2002. 3 years later, terrorists bombed Bali again in 2005.

This year in 2008 and I am in Bali. I think I’m gonna have a blast.

110 Replies to “The ‘Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia’ Contest”

  1. wah… chance of a lifetime… hehehee…
    let me see if i have the time to think of something hilariously stupid n funny… or else too bad lor…
    if i win, i will bring best friend along… yay!!!

  2. wah… chance of a lifetime… hehehee…
    let me see if i have the time to think of something hilariously stupid n funny… or else too bad lor…
    if i win, i will bring best friend along… yay!!!

  3. bah non-malaysian not in malaysia. s-c-r-e-w-e-d.
    good luck for all of you.
    what’s with the new theme? Selamat Ari Gawai? What’s that?

  4. I don’t live in Malaysia, nor I’m Malaysian, so I guess I’m double screwed ehh?
    Even so very funny contest. Might just join for the fun of it.
    The future winner can consider oneself as very fortunate to be allowed to put up with you.

  5. Oh man, I bet you’re going to have a load of overseas readers wishing they were eligible for this. Me being one of them. ๐Ÿ™
    You should also host a self-judged for-fun category for the non-eligible people if you ask me, surely they’d be some people willing to submit pictures just for the fun of it, too!
    Either way, looking forward to seeing the winning one, if you put it up! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Kenny kenny, what’s scary is we now know what you’ll look like in a porno ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t shoot me! Hahahaha. Be well dude! Enjoy the travels.

  7. Oh it’s Hari Gawai again. We don’t celebrate that in Peninsular Malaysia, but I remember this time last year when the Hari Gawai theme was on this site =)

  8. Fyi, there’s some syntax error from your feed in Google Reader.
    Yea, it’s from the processing of your contest form ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. when exactly the trip will be? i’m a malaysian WORKING in oversea, guess i’m not screwed huh? coz i usually go bek once in 2-3mths.. lemme know the date so i can arrange my nex trip to bang-cock wif u! (no, no.. i’m not gay..)

  10. hey..kenny..why dont u just post sumthing @ special event of sarawak, such as gawai dayak in ur blog?comon man…its a very interesting story to b shared in here..why owest others people’s place..why not ur own place..isk…

  11. Dear Kenny,
    I respect you a lot, and still do, but I think the wording of your short talk is rather ill judged – not as you intended it, I think. Off course, as usual, you creatively play with semantics of the meaning ‘bomb’, but if you do read again what you wrote, you’ll come to realize it kind of leaves a bad taste. Yes, it’s a form of black humour, but one that isn’t self-reflexive of its disturbing quality. Off course, one could argue for the subversive element of humour, which overturns and ‘transform’ the situation to which it is employed, but far from doing so in this case, the humour horrifies precisely because it does not negate the very real horror of the bombing for many Australians. The ‘insistent’ repetition of the 3 year intervals acts as a traumatic reminder that lingers on the psyche of people who have lost their loved ones there. If you had wrote: ‘Terrorists bombed Bali in 2005, but I’m going there to have a blast’ would mean a completely different thing. Thought that I might just let you know. Cheers.

  12. Kenny! Awesome idea…but when will this ‘trip’ be? I study in Melbourne but I’ll be returning to KL for a month for holidays…!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. This contest is so UNFAIR…..only for Malaysians living in Malaysia ๐Ÿ™
    Anyway, I’m screwed…

  14. Boooo. We should petition for a contest for the Malaysians outside Malaysia. =D
    What if you’re out of Malaysia, but know that you’ll be back for holidays, so, you submit the picture anyway…? Hehe. Just a thought.

  15. OMG!!!!
    This is something interesting…..
    Kenny, you want people to EAT LIKE YOU…. with the BIG mouth opened waiting for the chip to drop in… wow! This gonna be tough…
    But I wish all contestants the best of luck….

  16. malaysian….
    but NOT in malaysia for the time being
    why oh why this contest didnt end during my summer vacation??????????????????????

  17. well I guess Im not eligible to join the contest as I’m not in malaysia now …I would really love it if am eligible cause if I do win… then my friends and I both will have you as our guide plus you can bring us to meet the famous “Bangkok’s Sleazy Go-Go Bars” and meet your ‘Good friend”

  18. I can’t join cos i’m singaporean. ๐Ÿ™
    How about this kenny, if i win, you come over to singapore instead and let’s hang out? LOL

  19. If I join, can u promise that we will be playing with coconuts?? (not anyones, just coconuts, just for the fun of it) XD

  20. aiya kenny..i am a malaysian but i am not in malaysia..but ill be back in malaysia soon..can i join?hehehe..hmm..the prize is tempting lah..hahaha

  21. I’m sorry but the City of Angels is Los Angeles, not Bangkok. There can only be one, and its LA.

  22. Also before any idiot points it out, yes, I do know the official name for Bangkok is “Krung Thep Maha Nakhon” or City of Angels. Whatever. I still don’t care.

  23. OMG thats gotta be so fun! IF i win, that is. But it’s so hard…I’m gonna make a fool of myself =P maybe I should con my brother into it… hahahaah ^^

  24. this sounds oh so tempting. I’m confused as to the condition. Would the entry still be valid if Malaysians like living overseas but coming back to Malaysia soon? 0_o

  25. Winners will be chosen based on how creative and or the submission is.
    Both myself and a representative of Mister Potato will be the judge for this contest. Our decisions are final.
    **omg** trust me, you don’t hv to be creative to take part in this contest.kenny will choose the hottest chicks as the winner…noob!

  26. Yes. I am bored. I did read the fine prints, didn’t I?
    And gosh…this is truly WEIRD. The prize isn’t that interesting at first…until you, Kenny, being the tour guide. Damn! It is really weird, coz knowing that actually made me feel like taking part. @_@
    I think I’m too bored.

  27. Kenny will choose the hottest chick as the winner?
    The person/animal/object/whatever in the most creative picture may not be the participant lah! How will he know the chick hot or not?

  28. ur blog had a coffeeshop where people dunno-for-what-reason like to chit chat there, making readers unable to post some comments to you at all. I thought a chatbox is for readers to communicate with you? Then there are people who really got nothing better to do, fighting to post the first comment on your blog with this word : “FIRST!”.
    what’s going on with your blog nowadays??

  29. Kenny Sia, so over commercialised now. Sorry Man .. you’re beginning to sound like a total Sell Out. You sold your Soul man ..

  30. awww i wish i can win it .. but i know i have no chance… prolly pretty girl will win ๐Ÿ™

  31. Well, lucky me it was extended to 15th june, then i will have more time to random pick the foto. Hmm, anyway.. can ask itu Ever*se to to special discount for mister potato ka?

  32. yes… done with my photo to be sent ๐Ÿ˜€
    The ‘Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia’ Contest
    SUCCESS: Your entry has been submitted!
    fast fast reply me… *if i kena lar.. wakaka

  33. sum1 ppl hu comment in kenny’s blog r really sickening.. i mean like giv urselves a break man… tis is his blog.. let him write wat he wants n leave it if u dun like it…

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