How I Learned To Drive

I don’t normally do this on my blog.

But this time round, because it involves Charmayne Chung, Davina Goh and fellow CLEO Bachelor Johann Lim, who are among the nicest people in KL, I decide to make an exception. 😉
How I Learned To Drive is a story about a young girl who learned how to drive from her uncle, but in the process developed an unhealthy sexual incestous relationship with him.
This theatre production was produced in New York and has been awarded the Pulitzer prize among many others. For the first time, The Oral Stage production company is adapting the script and producing it for the Malaysian audiences.

How I Learned To Drive is showing at The Actor’s Studio at BSC from now till Sunday 8th June. Ticket prices are RM33 adults or RM22 concession.
Kids are not allowed because this show is For Mature Audiences only.

I had so much drama and changes planning this Bali trip for 4 person that I need a holiday just for planning this holiday.

64 Replies to “How I Learned To Drive”

  1. whats all this no1,2,3?
    anyways, shouldnt ur banner be ‘selamat hari gawai’ instead of ‘selamat ari gawai’?

  2. What is it that you ‘dont normally do’ on your blog? Sell stuff? Cause you are doing paid posts all the time.
    Have fun in Bali mate. Check out my blog for some off the track places to visit.

  3. tw: It’s call How I Learned to Drive because that’s how Lil’Bit learns about the ‘truth’ in life while she’s getting driving lessons from her uncle…the title is deeper than what it seems…

  4. I hope they make movie as controversy as possible and some lame ass Malaysia board censorship approved movie

  5. Now this is a good post….very informative.
    Alternative entertainment besides clubbing. Hari hari clubbing also booooring liao.

  6. I find it immoral to develop an incest type of hubungan with ur family member….argh… some more when it’s ur Uncle…. this is totally crazy!!!!
    But I guess the show is going to be super interesting as it is meant for mature audiences only!!!!

  7. 49th…haha…heck i’m counting like others do.
    enjoy bali! and if someone paid for my entrance ticket for this play i’d love to go.

  8. Worst ! Do not even blog this kind of stuff. Disgusting. Kenny, you r getting worse with your blog . I really feel sorry for a young man like you.

  9. wats the problem with all these people?
    this is…
    let KENNY blog about whatever he wants to blog about!!!

  10. Strange … Kenny starts out with “I Don’t normally Do this” Oh Please.. It’s just promoting Charmayne & Johann. Kenny works like an Obedient Fish for Advertising & Selling Commercial Space for Potato Chips but tries to sound “non commercial” … “I don’t normally do this”
    Yeah Right … I guess these people didn’t pay in Potato Chips.

  11. Yes, Kenny used to be more Fun when he was just blogging for fun. That Bangkok thing sounded quite a put off. Guess I got to search for other blogs to follow.

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  13. going for the play tonight 🙂
    actually hope to go during saturday coz wanna meet “some 1” tat i haven met b4…
    but the summer splash party with those bloggers make me reschedule =/

  14. Aha! Caught you! I saw a Nitro/cell tech on the top right of your wardrobe someone’s been using overpriced food supplements :p

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