Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak Review

This is what AirAsia’s Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak looks like in the picture.

This is what Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak looks like underneath the lid.

In picture it looks like something you wanna put in your mouth.

In reality it looks exactly like the thing that comes out the other end.

Karma Point Collection: Euro RSCG KL, the same advertising agency that put together my Mister Potato TV ad has also put together this ad for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for World Refugee Day this 20 June. The result is a beautifully created piece called Hands Of Hope and is the first Malaysian-produced TV ad on refugee issues to be used in a worldwide campaign.
Watch the video clip here.

189 Replies to “Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak Review”

  1. The same goes for their sandwiches that they used to serve on board. Nice photos, but the sandwiches came with just a small slab of meat and no veggies as shown in the photos! I’ve given up on AA’s food.

  2. what kind of review is this. not informative at all. the most important thing is the taste. and come on its food in an airplane. and as above, i’m sure u still ate it so shuttup about it lah.

  3. Kenny, I think u can sue them for false info and get the “free travel for life – VVIP AirAsia platinum card” so that u don’t need to pay a single cent when u travel on AirAsia flights! Remember to give the supplementary card to ME !! 🙂

  4. “From what I’ve from Business Law, you could sue them under inplied condition as to description… XD”
    Implied condition is not going to work here.
    There’s no way they could have given you the perfect product. But they did deliver the basics- kacang, bilis, sambal, nasi and ayam.
    It’s only your consumer power to decide.
    I’m sure Tony Fernandes gonna come here and check out Kenny. He’s gonna ask Kenny to rereview his food.

  5. i think air turbulance made it look like that O.O
    But it doesn’t explain the missing cucumber.
    *suspects the air-hostess*

  6. u pay a cheap price u get a cheap food ok ???
    everything is like this in life kenny… learn to fucking grow up. If ur stingy dont expect alot =>

  7. No wonder many discount airlines don’t serve food, I’d be asking if I have to eat that? Don’t know why AirAsia even attempted to serve that crap to the customers, as you say, looks like shit.

  8. 1st: They took away your banana leaves
    2nd: They stole your two pieces of cucumber
    3rd: They forgot to put the spring onion on top of the rice
    In conclusion, Pak Nasser is a liar.
    Pak Nasser BOHONG!!
    And so does AirAsia.
    Now, everyone can lie wtf

  9. advertising has always been about making products look better than they actually are…
    it sure does look exactly like the thing that comes out the other end but does it TASTE like the thing that comes out the other end??

  10. aiks…i thought air asia nasi lemak is from pak pandir one…change liow ah? i tried their briyani rice before….so so only but still edible ler….

  11. alamak…but face the fact lah, what can we all expect from Budget airline? still remember got to pay S$7 for some kind of French “roti” on Tiger Airways

  12. The lunch box should have “divider” n put the ingredient accordingly to the small square, and wont be mess up until like urs nasi lemak… *vomit

  13. hey people, when has the food illustrated has came out the way they are? (REGARDLESS where u go – maybe when u pay 500 bucks for one dish..)
    live with it.. they charge u shit all for the flight and dont complain, if you want something good, go take MAS and tell u what? MAS food aint that good either..
    no offence but grow up…

  14. i dun understand u kids, its his blog, why u asking him to grow up for?if u dun like what u read, fuck off then
    anyways u bought it kenny, so bottoms up for pak nasser

  15. This is so much better compared to the nasi lemak from Gold Coast – KL route. The nasi was practically soaked! Too bad i dont have the pic to show it to you.

  16. I don’t see what’s so bad about it. It’s only messed up, probably due to shaking. It still looks pretty appetising to me. After all, if you give me a plate of nasi lemak that looks like the picture, within seconds I would have spread the rice and the sambal around such that it looks like what is inside the box.
    You expect a budget airline to arrange your food nicely for you arh? Think it is a gourmet restaurant?

  17. Don’t be so picky,u guys =)
    I’m freaking hungry after seeing the pic bcos i haven’t had my lunch yet.
    Yumm yummmmm =p

  18. I’ve tried it…..
    But it is so expensive for a Nasi lemak….. Yuckss…
    I guess I preferred to pay RM1.50 for the one wrapped with banana leaf which I can buy from the roadside….

  19. you should have to change another set of nasi lemak if you not satisfy with it. dont u? or u stil ate it? hm…

  20. Pak Nasser forgets cucumber and the little deco on top of the rice. The only thing that looks the same on the lid and underneath – the egg. Haha…yucks, you sure it looks like that from the other end?

  21. Another highly exaggerated post… I don’t know whether you actually find that witty, but it’s totally uncalled for and bordering unkind. Where have the interesting posts gone? :/
    (I really don’t understand why nasi lemak sellers everywhere keep cheating their customers of cucumber though…are two slices of cucumber that expensive?)

  22. this is a very precious meal for those who are hunger for food.. don insult the food..

  23. owh well there it goes, hypocrisy of human beings.
    shut up kenny. dont complain cuz in the end you’d rather put that “thing that comes out the other end” into “that big mouth” of yours than throwing your rm7 into the rubbish bin.

  24. I think you should die for posting such a thing, okay, die of cancer. Well, that’s just my opinion. Everybody are free to express their views,and that’s democracy you malaysian is fighting for right?

  25. come on kenny. it looks delicious too. why are u complaining and whine? people at africa don’t even have a proper meal and everyday and now you’re complaining. You’re fat and you are blessed with lots of good food. stop posting things like this. it’s a disgrace. afterall, it is still food. Not everyone in this world is like you, making a fool out from the food. shame on you kenny.

  26. shame on you kenny. look down at food. u wont be blessed. better says sorry now or else it’s too late. you will be judged one day. disgrace disgrace.

  27. Haha, omg where is the cucumber!? You can’t have Nasi Lemak without the cucumber 😛
    So many people who lack sense of humor read your blog kenny. shame shame

  28. Yep…i totally understand!!! We paid AUD7 (abt RM21) for the SAME SH!T on our Air Asia X flight from Gold Coast to KL!!!!!

  29. [QUOTE] I’ve tried it…..
    But it is so expensive for a Nasi lemak….. Yuckss…
    I guess I preferred to pay RM1.50 for the one wrapped with banana leaf which I can buy from the roadside….
    thats the smartest comment i’ve read so far, dude ur on a plane and ur STARVING, tell me u going to sit there and wait till you land to buy the 1.50 nasi lemak..
    i wonder if tht comment came out of ur head or ur ass lol

  30. Yah think that is bad? You should try Air NZ’s so called Roasted Chicken Breast that looks more like a fried piece of dog skin that has been stomped on like a tractor mat.
    Though, I’m still thankful that I don’t work for air asia. That food looks damn dodge.
    And btw:
    That is not the shaking from the plane all of you people wondering… Thats just, er, cheap.

  31. haha seriously speaking
    the difference is like way too big
    its like giving a flase impression man
    will be like super lost for words man
    the cucumber is missing somemore…

  32. Not really necessary to diss off the food I think. They pay a price to put food of altitudes 30000 – 40000 m in air too. So just shut up and eat.
    Or don’t pay and don’t eat.

  33. You know what, that nasi lemak tastes damn good leh. Don’t believe? Try it the next time you’re on Airasia 😉

  34. The guy who mentioned suing under ‘implied condition’ – it’s not going to work as the description of the goods must go to the identity of it, for the purposes of implied condition under the Sale of Goods Act 1957 (which is based on the 1893 English legislation of the same name).

  35. So many negative comments =.=
    Somehow i find it normal because the “packing” is ALWAYS look so good and perfect in Malaysia 😀

  36. sigh air asia gave us cheap flights and broke the monopoly of mas. its a budget airline u expect them to serve u caviar ah? so it looked like shit but i bet ur big nipples u still ate it.

  37. “thats the smartest comment i’ve read so far, dude ur on a plane and ur STARVING, tell me u going to sit there and wait till you land to buy the 1.50 nasi lemak..”
    actually, it still depends on where u land, in some places, u might not necessarily be able to buy nasi lemak..
    and.. pak siapa? the name sounds like some pak middle east instead of melayu…

  38. eh how much u pay 4 dat nasi lemak?
    not worth it la.
    i’d rather starve than purchase their food.
    wtf even da maggi cup noodles oso they sell but mark-up damn high.
    seriously, not worth it.
    if u want good food on da flight, go naik mas la.
    no nid naik air asia.

  39. eew omg. you just made me gag a little on my dinner. which happens to have curry chicken. thanks ah.

  40. my god u guys and ur herd mentalities. anything kenny says, u all agree to it. i dont think its that bad. its edible. and it taste pretty good for an airline food. and it doesnt actually look that bad???? cmon la wei. its still food. have some respect for food.

  41. haiz..guys
    you cant blame it!!!!!
    you are not having it at a restaurant lar
    what do you expect
    even sometimes when u are having your lunch or dinner at the restaurant
    this is how the food looks like as well…
    you are eating at a VERY HIGH CLASS restaurant
    then you can have the right to complain
    i have never tried AA’s food no matter how hungry i am
    it is EXPENSIVE
    and i somehow know how it ll look like wheh it is served:p

  42. kenny,
    im waiting for u to write something about the recent increase in fuel………pls write something funny on your blog about it,as a remedy to many malaysian who is f%%^#$g angry bout it
    or maybe i should write this on

  43. oii kenny, i think that nasi lemak is already taken by MR TONY.F , HE WANT TO SAVE COST SO HE RECYCLE THE NASI LEMAK AGAIN.

  44. “live with it.. they charge u shit all for the flight and dont complain, if you want something good, go take MAS and tell u what? MAS food aint that good either..”
    at least MAS food still looks pretty to my opinion,not worth your RM7.i never really eat AA food because i always think they time eat before you board lah Kenny…its only a few hours flight mahh…you’ll last till the next airport i’m sure…

  45. I guess it’s only fair that we say most shops out there do the same thing. The food you get doesn’t match the ones you see on the menu. But I guess Malaysian’s in general won’t even bother to complaint. No?
    So, quit whining. 🙂

  46. i just got back from macau yesterday and i have the exact same nasi lemak..em..for rm8..totally not worth it..they should label..”pictures are for illustration purposes…real product may vary…A LOT…”

  47. hahaha… instead of putting it into the mouth, i guess i would have to put sth out from my mouth… Pak Nasser should be mad to see this… he is tasteless or is he too old to make nasi lemak…

  48. snc, why bring in africans? always when talk about famine must bring in africans, the favourite being ethiopians. even in asia (and msia!) also got people go hungry la.

  49. I wouldn’t blame AirAsia for serving such food. After all, its a Low Budget Airline and their aim is to fly anyone at an affordable price. It’s only an option for it’s passenger to purchase the food onboard. I flew MAS Business Class several times before and I shall say that their food and service are excellent. Of course, the air fares are much higher than what you’re charged as compared to AirAsia. You shouldn’t expect to receive a “5 star” service and food when you only pay for a fraction of a price. However, I do agree that the Face lid for that Nasi Lemak is deceiving. I agreed with pohui that they should provide a divider inside the meal to separate the dishes, and they probably should consider a transparent face lid to allow it’s customers to see what are the contents. If they insist on Branding, they could still imprint their logos ontop of the transparent lid.

  50. huh?? I think not too bad wor…
    Not much difference indeed..
    At least they have these curry chickens, ikan bilis, peanuts and rice arr…
    At least you have a choice here. What about MAS? It’s included in the fares. But recently they have change their usual mee and rice (which I think not too bad) to sandwiches and apples. -.-
    And ppl.. really can’t blame them for overcharging the price.. I went sunway lagoon and bought a chicken burger for RM7..
    And the ‘implied condition’ comment really cracked me up.. I’m studying law too.. but dude, practically it doesn’t work that way.. haha…

  51. I’ve experienced the same as you too….
    i was expecting the cucumber actually, but it didnt…
    frankly, it doesnt taste bad…for me, its taste quite nice

  52. eh, not so bad lar the food. quite nice. maybe u unlucky receive the bad one. i lucky to receive a good one.

  53. haiz… next time wat u should do is….
    take MAS airline or Singapore Airline.
    airasia not suit for u.
    dun make air asia ” sink ” when u onboard!
    but so far, i take airasia lot of time, i ate the nasi lemak inside the plane..and its never look like urs 1.
    maybe they make make it according to face, size, and height!

  54. Hey, I never said it tasted no good. I only said it looked horrible. It’s still one of the better tasting items on the AirAsia menu though.

  55. no offence but i have tried the nasi lemak several times via airasia and it looks pretty fine for me although it was not arranged as nice as they depicted. Perhaps you are unlucky enough to get such a messy nasi lemak.

  56. it’s a personal blog, therefore it’s just personal opinions and we know picture always vary from product, it’s not a surprising fact. plus, there’s no indication on the post about the food tasting bad.

  57. i’m sure that there is a disclaimer somewhere..
    “picture is not representative of actual product”
    “serving suggestions”…
    I don’t see you complaining about maggi mee? hahaha!

  58. you so rich why use lowcost airline you know what is the meaning of LOWCOST.Let me tell you(lau yah)

  59. Kenny,
    You just did your first TV commercial and I’m sure you know what advertising is all about. This is no difference from a bunch of morons jumping into polluted stream for that over-rated potato chip.

  60. I think soon AA will ask Kenny to review their flights (seats, food…mayb even the stewardesses :P) Free flights soon I guess?? 😉

  61. I’m amazed by how much reaction everyone gets with such a simple meal. Makes me wonder if everyone here is super rich or just spoilt. To be honest, I think this looks comparable to MAS nowadays. Kenny, I think if one day you write about white rice being inedible, the whole online community will say it sucks.

  62. Chloe, you’re being stupid by saying due to this you don’t want to travel by Air Asia. Unless you are a superbly rich and spoilt brat then sure by all means go ahead. But Air Asia is providing a great opportunity for us people to fly budget airways to allow us to travel. Because of 1 nasi lemak you don’t want to travel Air Asia? “Smart”

  63. sadly the disclaimer wudnt have appeared, or it have not reasonably been shown, the cover of the box didnt show it, i doubt the container cudve shown that. Nasi lemak rox anyway,best malaysian food invented, or throughout the world

  64. haha…lol…i dont reli mind the plane…aside from the fact that the 5 flights with the airline in my lifetiem all of them were delayed (1 was even cancelled and left me stuck in miri because of ‘scheduling problems’), the air-con is too cold and shit. lolz. but no way i eat their stuff…-.- i could wait another hour to get down to the ground and get some REAL nasi lemak for a quarter of the price. but what is to complain…it IS a budget airline…lolz. and its for flying. not eating. lOL

  65. Ya,U all are right,the pictures look nicer then actual.
    Then next time when u fly airaisa don’t order the food.
    I think is bacause they are low fare airline.
    so don’t politic-politic ken. Because of them now ever one can fly.Thanks.

  66. haiyo thts how air asia make money larr by selling mark up prices of food,sides from the selling of the empty seats at low price larh.even virgin also does that wert,notg extraordinary also,whts the fuss,wussy!

  67. “kalau lu tidak mau, lu terjun bawah sana la cari makanan…”

  68. the egg is the most delicious looking in the pack.
    there’s a reason why cucumber not included – coz the whole nasi lemak won’t last long if cucumber were included in it as well.
    u juz mentioned it doesnt look the same…so, what about the taste?

  69. Looks like shit to me. They would have better luck shoving it into my rear end than into my mouth. By the way Kenny, YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED, by me. So visit my blog for details. No refunds will be entertained.

  70. Yeah mate, I remember the…er, misleading photo on the nasi lemak. There should be a disclaimer – Photo may not be representative of the actual product.

  71. Its nice actually.. better than some you get by the road. And it doesn’t look like shit. You people either have really pretty poop.. Or you all stuff which resemble poop for dinner.

  72. why u all comments about the picture and the actual products… its just for a descriptive purpose.
    Like instance noodles packaging, even have prawn, chicken on the package, inside where got prawn, chicken or vegetables…
    Anyway those are food, count our blessing for enable to choose what we want to eat. Sometime luxury causes people to be too spoiled and naive..

  73. i also took a picture of the food when my friend order the nasi lemak in air asia!
    totally two different things! hahaa!

  74. you know what? that nasi lemak actually looks very appetizing to me. maybe that’s because i’ve not been eating a lot of rice lately and nasi lemak doesn’t exist here where i live.
    i’ve tasted AA’s nasi lemak last year. for an airline food, it’s pretty damn good. and of course on the packaging it looks excellent.
    have you guys EVER ate a Big Mac that looks exactly like the one displayed on the counter? and yet how many times you go to McD for a Big Mac every week?

  75. What do you expect from Air Asia, the airline which never respond to customer after the customer lost her luggage?

  76. very tired also what airasia nasi lemak i know boring you know still mahal but nice kenny
    when well you put a news of minyak naik

  77. Kenny, packaging is the most important, same as appearance (the outside) but the contents (the inside) is not so important, that’s the selling point..
    Hopefully AirAsia don’t treat your luggage just like how the nasi lemak looks like in the end..

  78. got eat already consider not so bad liao…still want to complaint so much!!!u must know u r on air…u have no choice!! eat or leave it Lol…

  79. Kudos to you Kenny for highlighting the shameful truth about Air Asia. In the beginning, when they first launched, i was so angry at the air stewardesses who were so bloody rude to me that I wrote to air asia.
    of course la no reply right… misleading ads. i think we can sue them. unfortunately this is not the US.

  80. haiya kenny, everything also plays on exaggeration nowadays. Just like your Mr. Potato add. Mr. Potato is not so sedap until you will want to leave whatever you’re doing to eat some..
    So, same thing lar..Air Asia also want to exaggerate to make people eat their nasi lemak..

  81. i’ve tried the nasi lemak =)
    i think its really nice despite the unappetizing look =P
    in fact its nicer than the ones i can find around my home. maybe i’ve been buing from the wrong people. hmm.

  82. Saya yg bekerja untuk pak nasser..
    Pak Nasser cakap,timun dah abis…
    Pakai taktik goncang…kalu goncang kuat2 kotak tu,bilis sama kacang bertaburan…
    Jadi,mesti orang tak perasan timun tu takde..
    Lain kali beli la timun sendiri….

  83. Well, it’s definitely “getting what you paid for”.
    As you are travelling so much for your blog’s work, why dont you get MAS to sponsor all your flights. $_$

  84. If ur pissed with airasia services, just do what i did. before landing, i went to toilet pee all over the place and came out with happy face. if u want to break record, shit outside the toilet bowl. let the bitch(stewardess) or gigolo(steward) to enjoy cleaning it after landing.

  85. well, if i’d comment here as airasia’s cabin crew, i think they will not hopes that u guys as a passengers to purchase any foods on board. u imagine there’s only 3 hours flight from denpasar(bali) to KUL, with 180 full loads passengers, u expect them to heat all the hot meals slow and steady with only 2 oven onboard ? i believe there’s summore things such as nasi briyani, 1901 hotdog, roti jala and roti canai to be heated. and i guess u ppls are shallow enuff that never understand wat is air turbulence. even if it is not turbulence, from PAK NASSIR’s place, transfer to lcct, n transfer to snack attack dept warehouse, till the catering guys send onboard, u will definately understand the small little box of nasi lemak that cost rm8 hav passed thru so so so many place juz to SERVE u low cost passengers, im not mean to offense.

  86. and if u’re not happy with the foods, u can as well travel with MAS which known as FOODS HEAVEN for crew. they served u haagen dazs icecream, chocolates, wine liquor beer with FOC. but hello, how much u pay for the tickets ? from KCH to KUL u might hav to pay more than rm1k for mas tickets, but u’re only pay the most rm450 for airasia, thats the different with the services 🙂 well, u urself will judge with one is worth it.

  87. maybe there’s a line that says”serving suggestion only” somewhere ?
    but AA is a vampire ..and now,”everyone can be ripped off”

  88. u fly budget thats what u get! so particular then dont be so stingy and fly another airline k! sheesh so sick of u ppl who want to reap the benefits but complain at the same bloody time!

  89. At least you get to sample the so called famous nasi lemak on board Airaisa….on our way back from bali, the cabin crew ran out of nasi lemak, even roti canai, actually all of the ‘home cooked meal’ ran out! so, those of us at sitting towards the back of the plane, chowed down on instant maggi noodles…yup, the defining moment of our flight. we learned our lesson the sad way to always book EVERYTHING online….and I mean everything…I wonder why people want to run like mad just to board the plane, have some dignity people…you paid for the seats, you’ll get em, you won’t have to sit with the luggages

  90. for all we know.. you the one who stir the food inside before taking the pics.. another propaganda from MAS?? LOL!!
    furthermore,, there are a disclaimer claim that “pictures used are for ullustrated purposes only”..did you not read that KENNY?
    err.. LAW student..want to comment?? suckers…!!

  91. I don’t want to say this… because it might start a flame war here… but I can’t help myself…
    I think.. AA should really consider hiring flight attendants who could speak English well… I was in a flight from KL to KK recently and I could hardly understand any of their announcements… I feel sorry for the foreign passengers… it’s really bad for AA’s public image.

  92. u guys really stupid..KENNY SAY HE DUN LIKE..HE DUN LIKE LA..WTF?..

  93. agreed.. thanks for the warning kenny
    happened to me as well.. saw that coming but dunno lar.. life goes on.. might try the briyani next time

  94. On my first ride to AA (Manila to KL), I was so hungry that I ordered a warm coke and the rice meal. Cost me RM13. It tasted fine until my friend’s father bought me the same thing on a stall in Segambut. Cost him RM2. Shit.

  95. Wah a lot of air asia spies in here trying to change poor kenny’s mind… kenny, keep yr own mind… fuck the rest!

  96. dont bitch about low cost food when you are travelling a low cost carrier when you yourself is low cost.Consider taking MAS or SQ if you really want top notch food and service.You people pay peanuts and expect to get the world in return.Please make some sense.If you’re so great,pay more and take a first class MAS flight to wherever you want then you have the rights to bitch bout things which you are not satisfied with.At the meantime,just shut up for god’s sake.Its annoying.

  97. Haiyaa kenny
    i was on board that day…..
    you already taste the nasi lemak & ate the cucumber, just bcos u paid RM8, so you snap the pic after you nicely ate it to put on your blog so that you got new topic to start off & get the free travel/accommodation & taste all the foods for free from AirAsia….sgt pandai ahh…
    i think you should figure out something about MH so you will get a business class on A380, stay in 6 star hotel & no star services from the crew 🙂

  98. I velieve Kenny had its point of uploading this new topic. I read thru most of the feedback comment to his blog and noticed that some were ignorance.
    Althou Kenny was just paying RM8.00 for that Nasi Lemak but i believe Kenny shall deserve the food at the price that he had paid.
    As for me, i was on AA flight yesterday and tried its Nasi Bryani but i was cought in suprise as the food was not served as appeared in its catalog.

  99. You know what…with most the flights being SOOOOO early in the morning, I never find anything delicious at all.
    But for Air Asia, I strongly believe that low-cost should not mean low-quality. Do watch out their customer services! Nowadays, I don’t think you can hardly find someone who gives positive comments on Air Asia customer service.

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