Three Years

Dear Papa,
Today is exactly three years since you’re gone. How have you been?

A lot has happened since I last wrote to you.
Kuching has changed quite a fair bit here and there. There’s been a lot of development, especially on the retail side. Yes, I know. 😉 But don’t you worry, Papa. Competition is always healthy and we’ve been doing many things to improve ourselves.
There’s a lot of new things to try out in Kuching now. Guess what? Even your favourite coffee Starbucks has opened up two outlets here. If you’re around, I’m sure you’ll be ordering takeaways from there everyday.

Do you get to read newspapers up there? Do you see the tribute I wrote for you in the papers. I hope you like it.
I wonder what kind of news they publish in the papers you get up there. I certainly hope they are not as biased as the ones we have here. 😉
Have you heard? BN lost heaps of seats in the last general election. Anwar’s wife is now Opposition Leader. Lim Guan Eng has gone from jail to Penang Chief Minister. And Chong Chieng Jen is still the only DAP MP from Sarawak. Wonder what you think about that?

The government are kinda blaming bloggers for the political change. Although since the elections, people are paying more attention to us. Many of the older people have started blogging. Even Dr Mahathir himself has hopped on the bandwagon. Can you imagine that? Haha.
Sister and her family is doing fantastic in New Zealand.

We went over to visit her during Chinese New Year. It’s been such a long time since we had a family reunion. We used to do it so often when you’re around. I really miss those times.
Baby Lecia is growing up just fine. She seems to cry a lot though. But she’s very cute even when she cries. Won’t you love to hold her tight?
Don’t worry about Jayden and Kirsten. They are goofy as always.

As for me, life has kinda turned on its head lately. Lately I’ve been getting a lot busier than ever. In the office, I’m diligently learning the ropes from my seniors, learning all the tips and tricks they use in business, learning how to negotiate a deal, as well as understanding all the legal and accounting terms involved.
Since the beginning of the year, I’m also getting invites to speak at various events left right and centre. There’s a lot of job opportunities that have come in for me, so much so that I had to turn down most of them either because I don’t have time, or because I couldn’t take leave off work.
I guess the good thing is that I’m getting a lot of recognition for what I do. On the downside, I am in danger of turning into a workaholic. As soon as I got home from the office, I’m in front of the computer again, replying e-mails and keeping up with my deadlines.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy what I do very much. The income is great and the people I’ve been meeting are wonderful. I just think that it is difficult being a 25 year old and having to juggle so many responsibilities at the same time.
But then again, who am I to complain right?
I’m sure life for you was even more difficult back then you were 25. I know, I know. 🙂 Back in those days, there were no mobile phones, no internet. You have to take care of your siblings when Grandpa and Grandma were at work. We don’t have to worry about those things now. We are incredibly lucky. And of course I appreciate it, Papa.
Thank you for working so hard when you were young. Else, we wouldn’t have enjoyed the life that we have today.

The more I think about it, the more thankful I am to you. In a lot of the interviews I did, people ask me who my biggest influence is, and I never hesitated a bit to say that it is you.
Come to think of it, I started blogging indirectly because of you too.
Now that I’ve found success in what I do, I stay motivated with you as my inspiration. Sometimes when I’m pulling my hair out stressing over the things I had to do, I think back at the image of you sitting alone at the study room at 1am, cigarette in hand, carefully looking through all the paperwork you pulled out of your briefcase.
That image of you is still so vivid in my head. And suddenly, it seems like my worries are all so incomparably small.

As I face new challenges each day, I look back at your life knowing that you have faced far greater challenges before, and that you never let them bring you down.
Sometimes I wonder how you managed it.
How are you able to find a woman like mom, who is so incredibly loving and supportive of what you do?
You spent so much time at work, yet everytime you come home, mom has given you the best home possible. I find that difficult to comprehend sometimes. A lot of women these days don’t like workaholic career-minded men. They think they would always be competing for their time and attention, yet they don’t seem to understand that a lot of what we do are for a better future.
I guess I knew why you married mom. Women like her are indeed rare these days.

It has been three years since you left us. The world has changed a lot around us.
Papa, the one thing that has remained unchanged is my admiration and adolation towards you as my father. Eventhough I feel sad sometimes that I don’t have a father to go to when I’m lost, I am grateful that you have done so much for us already when you were around.
Thank you for all that you have done. Thank you for all that you have taught us. I want you to know that you are the guiding compass in my life. And you are the perfect blueprint of the man I want to be when I grow up.
Don’t worry, papa. I will take care of mom. I will be humble. I will respect and treat my friends well. And I will keep my feet firmly on the ground as my hands reach for the stars.
You have my word on that.
Until next time, please take care of yourself. Stop smoking so much already and eat more healthy food, alright? 🙂

We love you always and we miss you very much.

Lots of love,
Your youngest son Kenny

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  1. We’re all proud of what you’ve done kenny…i’m sure ur dad is too.. I’ve become a huge fan reading ur blog over the past coupla months.. keep it up….n all the best. 😀

  2. i enjoy reading your reflective entries a lot.. this entry makes me want to appreciate everything ard me more, esp my loved ones.
    take care and all the best while reaching for the stars!

  3. kenny, jz keep up the good work (by blogging!) and he’ll definitely be at peace… 🙂
    thanks for the heartwarming piece of “letter”, by the way…

  4. That was touching. I’m sure your dad is very proud of you up in heaven. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  5. u nvr fail to touch me wif ur letters to ur dad, u r a very respectful son, im sure he’s very proud of u!!

  6. I too lost my dad 2 years ago. I can really understand that feeling of losing someone so important in our life.

  7. Hello Kenny 🙂
    it’s very sweet of you to write this post as a tribute to your dad.
    so touching! T_T
    i love my father too.
    & im so glad that i still have him beside me.
    After i read this post, i realized that i haven’t do much for my dad.
    i better start studying for my mid term exam.
    Jiayou, Kenny!

  8. thumbs up to you kenny for all the things u have done
    I believe ur dad must have been proud of u if he were around…
    N keep up the good work to update on the latest issues in kuching coz I’m studying full time in peninsular and not much news bout kuching except from u…
    I sure miss all the wonderful food in kuching…
    its so difficult to find pork here…
    nothing better to eat than kolo mee…

  9. That’s a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing it with us. I cried and cried when I read it…..I’m glad you’re staying strong!

  10. Is so touching seeing u wrote a letter to your dad…..
    And is so touching seeing you still missing your dad despite he has left u and your family for so long…
    And is so touching that you vowed to be a better person…. when you already a better person now….
    All the best to you adios…

  11. I’ve never considered commenting before until I learned you read all the comments on your blog. It’s really good of you Kenny to remind all of us out here of our parents. My dad was recently hospitalized and I was suddenly reminded of how real mortality is.
    I was reminded of all the things I should be doing for my dad as I read your post. I had better love him now, and showing that love, while he’s still alive.
    Thank you, Kenny. May you prosper.

  12. man it’s so touching.
    your dad must be proud of what u have achieved.
    you done things great.
    your papa should be able to see it from the sky.
    all the best to you, kenny.

  13. I’m so sorry to hear for your lost but as a blogger I don’t think it is such a good idea to attract more people come and read your blog by posting such post. I’m mean no offense to you but don’t you think it is necessary to let all people know about this?? If there is a better place to show your “touching letter”, I guess only in “OUR HEART”.
    Thank you

  14. That was touching…and sweet. Nearly had tears in my eyes.
    Reminds me of my family back home in Kuching..while I’m here alone in the Peninsular.
    This post reminds me of my grands…three of whom passed away last year…
    Gives me the uplift to do better for my studies now. I must fly…!

  15. To -wil-
    This blog is the space for him to express himself, something similiar to a diary. I see nothing wrong with that in the first place. No offense.
    To Kenny Sia
    Sorry to hear the passing of a titan. Live life to the fullest, you’re doing well.

  16. Kenny, that was a really heart felt post.
    Saw you added the ramp picture from Raglan that day we met. Hmmm… Brings back memories to me, that ramp is right near a place where my sister told me to go whenenever I missed her, that was a year before her car accident… And I miss her terribly.
    Your post made me emotional… It’s been 3 year since my sister was gone, except she died on christmas day … the day after we received the invitation to her wedding.
    Good to see you keeping so well together.
    Better than I am.

  17. Wow~~
    Kenny manages a heart moving post!
    You actually toned down your sarcasm & jokes to bring more focus onto the message of this post.
    Daddy must be so happy when he reads this on his angelic white iBook in heaven.

  18. Kenny, U r the best blogger, ever!
    I was trying so hard not to cry when i read that post, but i failed when i read towards the end. Tears just flowed out. I dont use to be touched so easily.U are the only blogger who made me feel that way.
    Guess i realised how lucky i am to have a father by my side still. Although ppl might say a blog is not the right place to write a letter to ur dad, i would say….GO FOR IT!
    After reading, Im sure many will start appreciating their family reunions now and work towards a close-knitted family. Thanks, Kenny!

  19. hope he is doing just fine up there, Kenny! May God Almighty give him all the ever best blessings and to your family too! you are a filial son too, Kenny!..that’s good..

  20. Hey Kenny. I guess this post must be the most touching one that you have ever posted. I hope that you would post more things that could make an impact on people’s life or I mean touch the lives of others. A lot people do read your blog and wouldn’t it be great if you could reach out to the people from all the world through your blog. That would be so nice of you! All the best.

  21. T__T
    very touchy..
    your dad must be very proud of you, Kenny..
    u say you admire ur father, i bet your father also admire u as his son.
    sons and daughters these days sometimes take it all for granted..
    but this entry might “HIT” them right in the heart..
    good one, Kenny. good one ^^
    PS: oh..orbituary..i don’t know why but it’s weird that i always stop at that section everytime i read newspaper.. @_@
    kinda spooky

  22. Dear Kenny,
    I am sure your Daddy up there will always send angels to guard you from harm. Your daddy will be smiling from right ear to left ear because he knows that you are a filial son, a son who will live up to the achievements and dreams… son who will never fail his family.
    Keep it up, Kenny.
    P.S. This entry is seriously emotional… and it moved me…

  23. thank you for such a reflective post. hold your head up high and be proud of the man you are becoming. don’t bother justifying yourself to your detractors. i’m sure your father could not be any more proud of you. cheers.

  24. this brought tears to my eyes, and helps keep me in check of how i tend to neglect my parents at times.
    anyway i’m a regular reader of your blog and it’s amazing how engaging and relevant the entries are… good job !

  25. i shed tears. you’re indirectly writing about your life journey, at the same time writing in remembrance of your dad. glad to know the goofy Kenny has a sentimental side.
    and good luck in your journey through life, your dad will always be watching you. how many youngsters can give up so much to shoulder the responsibility when their beloved father departed? i read back your previous entries and was pretty amazed at how you dealt with life.
    here’s a flower for the late Mr Sia…

  26. ah, i meant to write a heart and a flower but i forgot blogs read HTML symbols… anyhoo, you get my meaning. stay strong, Kenny. 🙂

  27. Nice tribute to your dad, Kenny. I’m very sure your dad is very proud of you.
    Thanks for being the great person that you are. You never fail to make me laugh or cry. 😛

  28. Oh~ very touchy!
    I’m sure your daddy is very proud of you, Kenny.
    Anyway, stay tough and kampateh yo!

  29. You did great.
    Ur dad will be proud of you.
    Sure, he’ll see your achievement.
    Keep fighting..Stay strong as ever.

  30. Kenny,
    What a wonderful dedication to your Dad you had there!
    “A lot of women these days don’t like workaholic career-minded men. They think they would always be competing for their time and attention, yet they don’t seem to understand that a lot of what we are for a better future.” – Kenny
    I can’t agreed with you more, Kenny.

  31. i hate it that every year your dedication to your father just leaves me in tears.
    all the best, kenny.

  32. Great post. It’s a wonderful dedication. You must be tearing when you were writing this post. It’s saddening, it totally is.

  33. so toughing by your post and i feel guilty because i dont have such huge feeling like you even though my father passed away 3 to 4 yrs ago>_

  34. yes kenny our most cuddly bachelor!=)
    this is a touching post, and as one of your loyal readers, i am sure your dad, and everyone of us, are proud of where you are and what you are doing now!=)
    please keep up the good work!=DDD

  35. it was touching, so sincere..
    anyway..dono wat comfort words to say..
    love reading ur blog.. i think tat’s kinda comfy..hehe.. ^_-

  36. Kenny, this post brings tears to my eyes. Coping with the sense of loss is not easy. I’m still learning to miss my old man a little bit less every day.

  37. I just finished watching the final 2 episodes of MDG. I must say that even though you looked so awkward sharing the stage with Lim Jimmy and Elane Daly, and keep getting interrupted by Jimmy and looking so speechless, it was actually very, very cute. I realize you are just funny in your thinking, but you don’t know how to project that funnyness of yours in public. Nvm , that’s why you are Malaysia’s most humorous blogger.

  38. very touching kenny…i couldn’t even imagine what would i have done if i were in your shoes…
    Been reading your blog for years now and my favourite posts are still the ones about your dad…
    be strong kenny!

  39. that, pinch me a lil in my heart.
    a very moving message indeed, with this music playing in the background now, your words have brought a lump to my throat.

  40. Been a while since I commented… But it’s been a while since I started reading this blog. Maybe at the end of 2005? Touching post again. Made my eyes well up.
    All the best.

  41. You made me realize how incredibly lucky I am still having a father around me, still having the chance to show him how much I love him..
    Thanks Kenny..

  42. What your dad might have said to you if he could convey:
    1) enjoy your food. worry to the extent of your health and not so much of your looks. life is short, you’re meant to be happy.
    2) i know you’ll do great in anything you put your heart into-eg. baking and cooking too.
    3) the nice pretty girls are rare. the rest are usually very very poisonous creatures. you are coming 26 this year so i trust that you would know the details. remember to concentrate on what you have.
    4) your mother is a kind traditional woman. women today you cannot compare to women from her time. evaluate based on modern perspectives. because there are some things i believe i did not do at your age. maybe it’s just the way it is for the youngest child to behave. i wasn’t there always. so i really don’t know.
    5) i understand that you’re working your ass off to achieve the goal of every man’s needs and wants here and now. hey it’s great! take some time off for your own self. as in alone, enjoying.
    6) no matter how bad anyone, just anyone can make you feel i will always love you. so will our peeps.
    7) i’m watching you though you don’t believe in soul roaming but internet roaming.

  43. Your dad is so gonna be so proud knowing your greatest achievements. And this entry actually brought tears to my eyes, you are such a wonderful son. 🙂

  44. Wow Kenny! 3 years already? I still remember your first post on this. Time really flies man. God bless Uncle Sia.

  45. Hi Kenny,
    From what I can tell, you had had a fantastic father-and-son relationship with your late father. Most importantly, we should serve the living and not the dead. I am still reminding myself that every other day when I don’t agree with either one of my parent. At the end of the day, it’s a just a matter of opinion.
    I have a son. He doesn’t have a father. Not that he is dead, he’s very much alive. Needless to say, I am a single mother. My heart caved in a little bit after reading this post knowing that my boy will never be able to experience such wonderful relationship like what you had with your father. He will be deprived of a father figure no matter what but I’d like him to grow up being that happy, resourceful person with a great sense of humour just like you. I guess one of the main reason for me to keep coming to your blog is because I really like to see the way you are ‘moving’. I hope Cayden can make me as proud one day when he’s all grown up later.
    All the best to you Kenny. You did your late father proud, I am sure.

  46. kenny it was a kind of blessing you still remember your kind daddy im sure he is in heaven open a new supermarket as he have did it in earth ok
    true ma i can tell and see
    it is good to see your family you care for them the most you know
    a lot to said life fly you know
    thing so mahal here and there
    well you have a good family me were got there kick me like a bola sepak
    do keep in touch i hope to see new blog from ya site soon
    just me jeremiah here

  47. Kenny, have you ever wonder what’s your dad doing now? Ever wonder what’s life gonna be for you after you leave? Still blogging up there? I wonder what I’ll do. Hope that heaven have a place for me so that I can continue reading through Heaven Broadband Connection Ltd. Keep it up!

  48. So touching… I must appreciate my Papa more now. Sometimes I make him angry and ignore him. You remind me that Papa has done so much for me too. And he’s still working hard now. I’m feeling very bad now. Thanks for sharing, Kenny. 🙂

  49. U hav made yr dad proud !
    Keep yr feet firmly on the ground & always be tat one humble guy from Kuching.
    God bless.

  50. i could only wish to have your courage and ability to take on challenges.
    both your mother and father will be very proud to have a son like you, kenny.

  51. Kenny,
    MY first comment on ur blog after i saw this post.
    After i read, let me more treasure everything i owned in the present…especially my family member.Anyway, u dad sure be proud in the heaven tat he had such a good son~

  52. Beautiful post. Don’t let anything get you down (not even the latest Bachelor failure lol). You’ve got a lot going on for you and no doubt, your dad IS proud of you 🙂

  53. i like how you reminise abt the usual yet memorable action your dad used to do.. sitting at the living room at 1 a.m I guess all our closed ones will be missed when they are gone. Only, we dont notice how much we miss them until they are really not around us anymore. Which is why we need to cherish them even more now! Before something/someone takes them away from us. Wish you the best kenny!

  54. it was a good thought for your dad! he’ll be very proud of you!! =D anyway, i met you in MDG the other day.. haha take care and God bless

  55. your pa’s real proud of you. you’re doing just fine, im sure you’ll turn into a great man just like him.
    i feel for you kenny 🙂

  56. I don’t understand this public show of love. Does heaven have internet access? And if it is for your father, why post it for everyone else to read? To show that you love your dad very much? We already know that.

  57. Good one. I miss my dad too, I miss my dad more as I read your blog. My dad passed away 1 year ago and I misses him a lot. When I work late I think of him coz he used to call me if I work late and ensure that I’ve someone to accompany me to get my car. Reach home he will be in the living room waiting for me but by then I was too tired to even talk to him. Regretted for being such a heartless daughter 🙁

  58. awww…
    very touching post indeed…
    your daddy will be proud of you…
    i still remember when u wrote bout ur daddy’s condition then ur daddy went away.
    time flies.
    it’s alright 3 years gone.
    how fast..
    your daddy is in a better place, watching ur every move every detail towards success..
    no doubt, he will be proud of u. =)
    i agree with syafnasai.
    blogs are to express feelings and all..
    it’s not his fault that his so famous and people read his blog right?
    other people may be doing the same thing.
    the difference is, their not a famous blogger.

  59. if there’s internet connection in heaven, i’m sure your dad would be very proud of you if he read this.
    very touching. keep up the good work:)

  60. ALthough i don know u…but through this entry…i know tat u are very very xiao shun oh…(ha!donno pin yin correct onot)

  61. I’m not sure if kenny has changed it earlier, but i realized that he changed the usual blue colour to grey colour (the “banner

  62. The blog really taught me one lesson to appreciate everyone around us….kenny may ur father’s soul rest in peace. I am sure that he is very proud to have a son like u =)

  63. that was a sweet and touching post, kenny 🙂
    im sure ur papa will be proud of u up there to have a son like u 🙂

  64. you’re truly one in a million..not many can express themselves in the way that you do about their father..especially sons. Not many would have to courage to show how much they appreciate their father. you’ve done your father proud, and I’m sure he’s smiling down on you right now. Keep up the good work and no matter what hurdles that comes your way, somehow you would always overcome it and learn to become a better person. Take care Kenny. You’re the best! 🙂

  65. i’m blogger too..but definitely not as successful as you…but one thing in dad passed away 4 years ago as well..i miss him too…alot…but i’m sure that both of them from above..are having a nice cup of tea watching us…

  66. I don’t usually leave any comment here. But to this post, I just gotta say… It’s a meaningful post, Kenny. You are a good son, and a good man to be.
    Kenny, maybe just one advice. Be the man like your late father to your family, future wife, and kids. That will be the best thing you can do for you dad I’m sure.

  67. That was an incredible post, first time reading something that sent shivers down my spine.
    All the best to you Kenny! Always supporting what you write and do (Well, most of the time ;])!

  68. I lost my mum exactly 3 years ago too on may 5th, you dad would sure be proud of you, you have did and achieve a lot of things that most 25 years old can only dream of. Keep it up…

  69. Hey Kenny. no offence but isn’t it kinda wrong to cash in on your father’s death? Imagine if Eric Clapton wrote Tears in Heaven, Tears in Heaven II and Tears in Heaven III?

  70. Sob!!! I hate you because you made me cry. My dad died about 2 years ago and after reading your article, it brought back memories to me about my dad. So, are you looking for a God father now? Maybe I can your GF.

  71. “Death is the debt that all man pay”(national treassure 2) it is also a part n parcel of life. Im sure the passing of ur father is a heavy lost especially the illness he contracted wasnt a peacefull way to go, as a human I too have lost some, but there is always a rainbow after a heavy rainstorm. This article really brings out the tears in me and most of us noe dat u wrote it in memories of him. This world is never a kind one, hope u all out there that lost thier close relatives to stay strong, and keep ur chin up. Nobody wants to see thier love ones sad.

  72. I understand what you mean. Got me teared there.
    Go back home and spend that lovely and warm Mother’s Day with your momma this weekend. It must’ve been tough for her, especially not having the love of her life with her nowadays. 🙂
    Still tearing. Gosh.

  73. wow kenny.. y from so jovial 2 so emo? haha jz kidding..tis post is touching n also makes us readers reflect back n think back on hw mch our parents hv done 4 us.. we hv our ups n dwns wif them..but we must still continue 2 treasure n appreciate them wit de upmost respect !

  74. Kenny,you gave me a lot of inspiration…..tq so much….maybe i dont do much for my papa yet but for sure i will work hard from now

  75. your mail to your papa touches my heart. I am of your age and pondering on a lot of questions that you do look into as well. 🙂
    from :

  76. ” A lot of women these days don’t like workaholic career-minded men. They think they would always be competing for their time and attention, yet they don’t seem to understand that a lot of what we do are for a better future.”
    and well yeah, J find it difficult to comprehend also, sometimes.

  77. MAN!!!! i read until my tears drop T_T
    u r alwis a gd babyboy in ur papa’s heart forever!
    ur papa will kn how much u love him in d heaven..
    all the best to you !! kambatteh !!

  78. Very rare seeing such a post from you. But a touching post indeed. To new/rare blog reader like me,I’ve got to know something new abt you today.
    I wish I can face death as strong as you do =) Cheers!
    p.s : Nowadays a lot of guys can’t bear a workaholic career-minded woman also! Haha LOL

  79. really touching. glad you have moved forward and your late father will definitely be proud of you.

  80. hey kenny,
    luv ur post.
    am really sure ur dad’s really proud of ya n it
    made me realised how fragile life is.

  81. Kenny, this totally melt my heart…
    the 1st impression was… *i tot i was reading my cousin’s blog*.. wat is this….
    *then i look at http, kenny.. arr.. reading your blog*
    almost in tears right now.. just being emo, because i miss my family quite a bit..
    till next time..

  82. Kenny,
    Very meaningfull and i do appreciate my dad more after reading ur blog. Very touching.
    By the way, another “father” of Blogger’s world Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), The idol of is being charged today without knowing the charges(WTF!). Please write something meaningfull to support him Kenny using ur wits and humuor. I know u’d make lots of ppl understand thru a very comical way but still get the message accross like the Linggam case. Its God gift to you.
    Hail Kenny!

  83. I would like to dedicate this song, ‘Bye Bye Remix Ft. Jay-Z’ by Mariah Carey.
    All the best =)

  84. Jesus bless your dad in heaven kenny.Rest in Peace as the darling buds of May as ur dad is in summer heavens thee

  85. Your story touch me. I’m from kuching too. Your dad also a great person not only for you & your family, he also a great person for our community here.

  86. I lost a parent (mum) when I was 17 years old. It’s amazing when you look back in time and remembered those memories… it keeps you alive.. and tho those memories could be good or bad,.. they help shape who you are..
    Thanks for sharing Kenny!

  87. That’s a very touching letter to ur dad…being famous at 25 sounds pretty tough, but hey, think of the bright side, you’ve achieved more than any ordinary man did at such a young age… influenced so many at the same time 🙂 Be proud, I’m sure he is very proud of you too.

  88. a very touching post…. but sometimes not all ‘fathers’ are nice as urs.I just felt unhappy with wat my father done, felt sad when my mum and dad hv quarrelling. i hope i stil love my dad as previous before regret. just hope all have a nice father like urs….

  89. Thank you, Kenny.
    I lost my father 14 years ago, 10 May. I still miss my dad very much till now.
    And my mom is in hospital now for the past 5 months, just had the 3rd strokes few days ago. Thank God she is still alive.
    I am really very tired mentally and physically. I so so wanted to cry for long time. But I didn’t.
    After I read you post, i really can’t hold it anymore.
    Just wanted to say thank you, I needed to let go of some tears. I pray God to help my mother to get well soon.
    May God bless you and your family too.

  90. Kenny, I know how is your feeling when u write this. This post, although it made me cry, it’s the best letter one could ever write.

  91. wow… very very cool!
    I don’t know how I would react when one day my dad past away. Reading what you wrote, I attempted to feel it, and I freeze for a long while and appreciate how much my dad has done for me also. Every words you say are true.

  92. That’s incredibly touching, i was burst into tears just like last year. Keep it up the good spirit Kenny

  93. my father had passed away a decade ago and i still miss him so much that it cant be define in words. every word u said to him just related to mine as what i wanted to say to my dad. I always wish he would stay here longer..
    thanks for writing this touching post
    daddy is always the best!

  94. Really touching post indeed.
    I’m sure your dad is really proud of you.
    My grandmother passed away last year. My friends often ask me how did i manage to get over it but the truth is, i never did. It kills me whenever i think of her. No matter what, life goes on and she’ll always have a place in my heart, just like your father to u.
    Remember, he never left, he’s still looking after you from above :]

  95. Hi Kenny, I teared when I read this post.There aren’t many fathers nowadays who can portray a good role model to their children.You are truly blessed to hv a dad that u can looked up to.I have nothing against my dad but I do wish he has done more as a father.I wish those times when I was fearful or helpless, he was there to hold me close, to give me assurance and affirmation.His form of “encouragement” for me was words that hurts and that I was never gd enough for him.Kenny,u are are a blessed guy.I pray that u’ll too learn to inspire yr children like how u were inspired by yr dad when u become a father nxt time 🙂

  96. my papa is three years after leaving me oso..
    i know i have to be cheerful. but ur post is really making me miss him suddenly..
    i wld ask for your ‘permission’ then, let me do a post in my personnel blog oso..pls forgive me copying this action..

  97. Hello there..this is one of your most touching blog. You are doing great in cyberspace and real life. Your blog inspired me to start my own.
    Although I could only wish that I have an ounce of your amazing sense of humour and blogging talent, I love the way you poke fun at yourselves and others.
    I hope you will continue to garner great comments and improve in all that you do. God bless u..

  98. My Mom has just left me one year. I wonder how I will feel after 3 years. Good that you still remember him, something which I must do too, remembering our parents regardless of time.

  99. I agress with every one here…
    Thanks to recommendation of Izso, I read through every single posts & comments…
    Gotta admit with Kay,
    You either make me :
    1.Laugh out loud, with tears of joys
    2.Touched my emotions, with tears of sadness
    I believe, Daddy Sia is all proud of you, keep on with what you are doing now, with faith.
    Thank you for making my daily readings more interesting.

  100. hi kenny, it was a touching post. while reading it, it makes me miss my granddad more who pass on this year.
    it reminds me that i have to treasure the ppl ard me. thanks kenny

  101. A very moving tribute to your dad, Kenny. It seriously put me to tears as I’m reading in front of the PC. Keep it up. 😉

  102. Kenny, I’ve lost a parent when I was a kid, but old enough to know that I’ve lost her, and this post touched my heart right from the very bottom. Tears are welling up as I type this. Thank you for posting this.

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