The ZAM Rap

In Malaysia, sometimes, our ministers write the jokes themselves.

Transcript of Malaysia’s Information Minister’s interview with Al Jazeera News on the Bersih Protest.
Minister: I commend yo-yo-your journalists trying to project… to exaggerate more than what actually happened. That-that-that-that’s it. We are not the-the and I-I congratulate your journalists behaving like an actor, that-that’s it…
Reporter: As you say that, sir, we’re watching scenes of protesters being sprayed by chemical-filled water!
Minister: YA! I am watching! I’m here! You’ve been trying… trying to do it this – to do this everywhere but in Malaysia people are allowed to, you know? We know our police head our colleague… Police have whatever allowed the procession to go to the Istana Negara, you know? Do police, first police, like, they handle them, they attack them, they… the police don’t, don’t, don’t fire anybody?
Reporter: Our correspondent came back to the office, sir, with chemicals in his eyes!
Minister:You-you-you-you are here with the idea, you are trying to project, what is your mind! You think that we Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar. Everything you-you are thinking! WE ARE DIFFERENT! We are totally different!
Reporter: Well unfortunately when you refuse to let people protest, it does appear so.
Minister: Ya ya we are not like you! You-you have earlier perception, you come here, you want to project us like undemocratic country. This a democratic country!
Reporter: So why can’t people protest then, if it’s a democratic country?
Minister: YES, PEOPLE PROTEST! People do-do… of course they protest. We are allowing them protest, and they have demonstrated. But we just trying to disperse them, and then later they-they-they don’t wanna disperse, but later our police compromise. They have compromised and allowed them to proceed to Istana Negara! Police, our police have succeeded in handling them gently, right? Why do you report that? You take the opposition, someone from opposition party you ask him to speak. You don’t take from the government, right?
Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests…
Minister: Pardon? Pardon? Pardon?
Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?
Minister: I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!
Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?
Minister: No we-we are! We… this protest is illegal! We don’t want..this… the… NORMALLY
Reporter: OK, so let me return to my former question. Why is this protest illegal?
Minister: YA! It’s a illegal protest because we have the erection in Malaysia. It’s no-no point on having a protest! We are allowing to every erection… every five years never fail! We are not our like, like Myanmar, not like other country. And, and you are helping this. You Al-Jazeera also is helping this, this forces. The, you know, these forces who are not in passion, who don’t believe in democracy!
Reporter: Alright, many thanks for joining us.
Minister: I don’t, ya, you, Al-Jazeera, this is, is Al-Jazeera attitude. Right?

“The police did not use force to quell the gathering”

Was that even English he was speaking? I tell ya, these people just write the jokes themselves.

The winners of the final HUGO contest are Elvin and gal.
Got nothing to give liaw.

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  1. Since I am here now anyway…..Say Kenny…by writing such an entry…aren´t u just giving the garment an excuse to shut your blog down?

  2. lol..
    we have the ‘erection'(election) in Malaysia..
    bullshit ler..
    all his words are conflicting with what he said..
    1st protest is allowed.. then protest is illegal..
    seems that he stammered badly when he is is is talking in in in Eng-eng-lish

  3. Our government seriously needs a fking reform. How can imcompetent fools such as this even be able to hold the position as informations minister ? FFS, he cant even construct a proper sentence in English, what a disgrace.

  4. OMG!!! which department is this minister from?
    they only errect once every 5 years? hahahha….*shake head, cover face*
    i am very reluctant to go back to malaysia now. just ask him to speak in malay next time. or just keep quiet. this is seriously very embarassing.

  5. someone forgot that the reason we had Tanah Melayu in the first place was a peaceful protest march by the Malays in white scarf …
    is that not the turning event of our plight for independence?

  6. kennysia: that’s the way man, open new blog!! ahhahaha…. what can they do? ask the mca to have a chat with u and drag u to prison?
    democratic kononnya

  7. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.
    Damn sia sueh man his engrish~ and Kenny Sia the title “ZAM rap” is so point on!
    Cannot blame him la, he only has erection every 5 years sure cakap also susah wan. So much pent up anger/lust in him.
    Our information minister is so unprofessional. He talks like he was having a political discussion in some nasi kandar shop.
    “Do police, first police, like, they handle them, they attack them, they… the police don’t, don’t, don’t fire anybody?” WHAT THE HELL IS HE TRYING TO SAY?!!!

  8. Hm, for those of you bashing the minister’s english, take a look at your own written sentences. You’re not doing that good either.

  9. the problem is.. certain voters.. who keep voting for them.. we are unable to differentiate what’s right and what’s wrong.. I’m not trying to be biased.. but in rural areas.. where the government does some minor development or promise to develop their area right before the elections.. ppl fall for it.. tell me now.. I don’t think it’s the government’s fault.. it’s the voters who vote for these incompetent jokers in the parliament

  10. Even my 10 yr old nephew speaks better english. They should elect my nephew to answer their interview questions. I am very sure that he will do a much better job than sta-sta-stammering like a fool…
    I reckon he’s on tongkat-ali gold b4 he went for the interview.. hence the “erections” he had

  11. we we we.. have ERECTION every year without fail! WTF.. with standard of english like that, he qualifies to be a minister?
    Then we must all be PM

  12. by the way.. “we are Burma, we are Myammar”.. isnt tat the same thing?is he stammering coz he has to tell lies.. or he dun really understand wat the reporter is asking?haha

  13. every sentence the minister said does not make sense… I dun even understand wat the fuck he is trying to say… Is he even answering the questions or blabbering there all by himself?? And he asked? “Why did u report that?” I would also ask back the same thing, “Why can’t we?” Why do we need to cover up for u?
    With news reported like this, he even brought up the opposition.

    i can’t imagine if i live there (no offense to malaysians here)
    cos truth hurts.
    i dont even dare to go jb for the fear of those RUTHLESS ROBBERS who not only rob you but injure you.

  15. Gee whiz, Datuk Zam,
    I didn’t know you were such a f-f-f-fucking i-i-i-diot…Sorry Al- Jazeera b-b-b-burst your f-f-f-fucking bubbles.
    With such fuckups in charge of our country it’s no wonder the government is in such a fucked up state. It’s George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” in real life. Bonus points if you can guess who are the fucking pigs in charge of the farm.

  16. You..u..u..u..u o-o-o-o..all don’t so ba-ba-bad lah, we ar-ar-are a democra-eh-eh…tic cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt..tree.
    He have the freedom to voice out in his form of rap-english.
    I re-re..mind you…eh.gain. We ar-ar-are a…tic cunt…cunt…cunt…cunt…cunt..cunt…CUNTTREE! Not Bur..bur..bur..bur..mah!

  17. is dis thing true? like the whole thing true? or issit jus a joke. -__-. dun watch news as often anymore.. and currently not at msia. man… erection or election? -__-…
    “Do police, first police, like, they handle them, they attack them, they… the police don’t, don’t, don’t fire anybody”
    Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests…
    Minister: Pardon? Pardon? Pardon?
    Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?
    Minister: I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!
    Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?
    Minister: No we-we are! We… this protest is illegal! We don’t want..this… the… NORMALLY…
    L O L ….. jus sooooo funnyyyyy…
    i can’t hear u too!!!

  18. That is so f*king embarrassing.
    I think his secretary should speak on his behalf. Or hire a translator or whatever or just resign dude.

  19. HAHAHAHAHA! yeah, i’ve heard about that interview with Al-Jazeera at TV3. It was so funny to listen to our Information Minister speaking english like that ^__^
    Hey Kenny, i salute you for putting this blog entry.
    We have every right to comment and expressing our thought on issues like this. If our Information Minister can’t be critized for his bad english (and he really contradict his own comments) then me as a malaysian will wonder “WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN TO MALAYSIA AS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY?!””

  20. His words are contradicting each other. Not only that. How can the GOVERNMENT let someone who is not FLUENT in English speak as a representative in behalf of Malaysia. THAT’S JUST UNEFFICIENT

  21. It makes one fear for the future of our great country in the hands of such futile leaders.
    We must vote to rid the government of corruptions and inadequate leaders. Never should a democratic country like Malaysia should violently attack a group of peaceful protesters. It underminds the freedom of speech and expression that many have shed blood, toil, sweat and tears for.

  22. You all keep on clinging to democracy and all that good stuff.. election is rigged. Corruption from top levels down and ever so rampant. Only 2 ways to make changes. If protests dont work… we have to take up arms and revolt. Who says we cant blow up the parliment ? When the time comes. THEY CANNOT STOP THE PEOPLE! Extreme methods have to be employed and NO ONE is spared from the hand of justice that will soon come!

  23. Why is most of our ministers FUKED up ? They make our country look even worse. U guys seen the HARD Talk by our minister ? All these interviews they all have something in common. ‘You people come in to our Country and try to pro pro pro project us bad.. not good.’
    N then they will compare to like other 3rd world countries etc…
    N they always dont answer the question. IN Chinese is Da2 Fei1 Shuo3 Wen4. Ask cat answer dog… in Malaysia we used to it.. but in international TV.. that is just.. embarassing.. n shows that our ‘leaders’ capabilities are a joke!

  24. Zam sounded like the other knuckleheads when they are in parliament, except they was no applause from UMNO and BN MPs to accompany his statements. I don’t think he’ll be doing anymore live interviews for a while.

  25. Liberation Party:
    No one in malaysia wants to see bloodshed here! If we resort to these tactics we are moving back one step as a terrorist country! Your suggestions are strongly condemned! If u want to blow up something, do it to your family’s house!

  26. This Minister’s English …. SPEECHLESS + PRICELESS ! I-I-I wondering how-how-how the hell a Minister can speak such-Suchh broken English!! Malaysia ma.. nothing is impossible to happen here. 😀

  27. Oh My God! I am ashamed of our minister. Nevermind politics, but the standard of english. This is really disgraceful to Malaysia. Shame. He has completely made a fool out of himself and the nation. At least get someone who can speak proper english to answer all these critics. DAP and Keadilan people can speak proper english than BN. Talk about improvement, first, let’s improve the communication skill.

  28. To Peoples Liberation party
    thanks but no thank for your suggestion. Why? Because it will create more unstable condition in our country. Take arms and revolt? Destroying other people properties while you’re doing it? Creating chaos and whatnot? it’ll be more disastrous! do you want Malaysia to be like Iraq? Thank you for your ideas again but please keep it to yourself, we malaysians are not terrorists

  29. did you guys read today’s NST?? Make my heart boil only!! The stories about the rally are so bloody distorted la, so tiu okay.
    i’m going to boycott all our local newspapers!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Chubby Chin:
    Dissent has grown increasingly more ever passing year. If this goes on it will only reach a critical point and thats when we have to literally show them the error of their ways. Generations on will praise the day of our actions. Championing not for our selfishness but for the people and the well being of the entire country.

  31. long gone are the days of mahathir. damn this makes me feel ashamed to be a malaysian seriously. couldnt believe what i just saw. thank god im not back there

  32. Everyone around is thanking Kenny and congratulating him on speaking up on behalf of you guys. But what are we going to do about this? I for one, like many of you guys, have the chance to make a difference, to make a change. Why should we be living in fear? Why should we be afraid of our government? They were sworn in to serve and protect us, the citizens and not instill fear in us kick us around. I say we practice our rights to choose, demand for our rights to speak and to freely express ourselves. I choose to make a change. I choose to practice my rights as a voter. What about you guys? I have stated a few times in my blog on how I feel that the government is mistreating us. If you guys feel the same, please, do what is right.

  33. Peoples Liberation Party:
    If u grow increasingly evermore determine to become a terrorist, and it reached a critical point were u want to see the error of ur ways, blow up ur family! Generations on will praise the day of ur idiotic actions. Championing not for us malaysians but for the well being of the entire family.

  34. To Peoples Liberation Party:
    Malaysians for Peace! No to bloodshedding. Please get some counselling if you need one. How can you guarantee the new government will be any better? What if 1 million people sacrifice themselves only to realise that things are the same as before? How can you justify all those death? We’ve come a long way to learn about humanity and thus dont destroy it based on your emotional distress.

  35. Kenny, maybe you shud go for the ‘erection’ too.
    Anyway, I wonder what will the people in Burma, Pakistan, Myanmar think? Didn’t our Minister just humiliate them?

  36. I dont know much about Malaysian politics, but isnt he insulting the other countries as well when he states out Pakistan, Burma/Myanmmar to compare? International relations will be affected if the other countries he mentioned takes it seriously.

  37. If u have the money, n superbly good at kissing ass u don’t have to speak English fluently or whatever to be a minister in Malaysia..

  38. Dear Chubby Chin & OMG ,
    I do not blame you for unable to comprehend the bigger scale of things. U think we just go on a rampage ? we do specific targets , surgical strikes. No good cause is without sacrifices. Individual sacrifices for the greater good.What are u willing to give up for the better of the people and for the country ? Mere words do not carry weight to those that have rooted themselves for decades. There is a time for peace and a time for action. We cannot guarantee the next government will not be the same , but we can guarantee them the same fate their predecessors face if they choose the same path.

  39. With this weak and corrupted administration running the country,Malaysia isn’t that far off from Parkistan and Myammar.

    Stupid Mis-information Minister. How can he be a minister if he cant even speak, cant even carry himself appropriately, cant even answer the media?!!? That clearly shows how imcompetent our government is……..

  41. we are ALLOWED to protest, then zainuddin said protesting is ILLEGAL?
    I don’t think you have to worry about ur blog being shut down kenny.
    On another note, aren’t we worried that the opposition party speaks better english than the government party?
    Be worried, be very worried.

  42. ok la, malaysian’s government macam sampah la..
    angkat keris buat shit tu..
    ministers all makan duit punya, shit chin
    sien, saya mau move out from malaysia sampah

  43. just wanna say all you ppl out there who claim to be embarassed to be a msian and all, this is partly your fault. You left your country when she needs you the most. Without you say, your Vote what hope do we have of any change. Dont just whinge, whine and ask for a change when you arent doing anything to help. You have no fricking rights to complain when you left the country. Stupid kids nowadays who thinks it’s so cool to emigrate and then point and laugh at your homeland.

  44. “this is a democratic country”
    ya right!! mr zainuddin, everything you said was so f**ing right… by the way, please complete your ELS lessons before being interviewed by intertional TV.

  45. no matter how many ppl go vote the government out, they will still win la.. know what, cause they alway CHEAT!! that’s why they are so scared of this BERSIH march.

  46. Dee,I’ve indeed renounced my M’sian citizenship recently. If you honestly think that you are able to change the political scene in M’sia by staying behind,good luck to you . I’ve only one life time to live,not gonna waste it there. Honest opinion.

  47. If you all think that electoral reform is the answer to Malaysia’s problems, think again. What makes you think that if the opposition party goes into power, all our problems are going to be solved?
    Just look at PAS. They took over Kelantan and instead of making it a better place, they introduce single-sex saloons/supermarket aisles and even wanted to have stoning as a punishment.
    I’m not saying I love BN to bits and all that, but my guess is even if the opposition goes into power, we’ll still be stuck with one party calling the shots, and two donkey sub-parties trying to make excuses and appease the rest of the country.

  48. I think fellow readers and commentors should refrain from making ‘battle cries’ comments here. As we all know, our beloved ke’king’an loves to dig up comments on blogs as justification for any legal ground.
    that paranoia aside, kudos to Kenny for covering, even the sensitive topics. 🙂 He again, proved that he is foremost a Malaysian blogger without equal. Thank you, kenny.
    This rap is not as good as namewee’s though. CCB. lol.

  49. When will malaysians (aka the voters) realised how incapable our ministers are? One by one, making fool of themselves in front of the national and international TVs. Wake up fellow Malaysians!!!

  50. Mas:
    What worries me is that BN has openly proclaimed its disdain for Malaysian concerns. Rising cost of living? Learn to adjust! Demanding our rights? That’s not our culture! Proclaiming ketuanan Melayu and brandishing a weapon? Now that’s part of our culture!
    I’m not saying the opposition is a whole lot better, but they are at least willing to pay lip service to things Malaysians are concerned about. All other things being equal, if one side says it doesn’t share my concerns, while another one does, I’ll go with the latter.
    BN’s already messed this country up, and denies anything is wrong. At least the opposition says it knows something’s wrong. That’s always a start. And if they mess up, things can’t get a whole lot worse. (PAS being the only exception…)

  51. On one hand I understand the frustrations of people but on the other hand for those wondering where do these ministers come from consider this.
    I am not advocating corruption but if you’re putting these people on the pedestal and blaming them entirely while not taking some part of responsibility remember where these corrupted people come from. They do not come from another dimension , fall from the sky or come from another country. They came from the same place where you and I (malaysians) are.
    As long as people are greedy, selfish and arrogant, its garbage in, garbage out. We are not going to find a person like Jesus Christ, Ghandi, Nabi Muhammad and to miraculously lead us.

  52. haiyo…such a disgrace, malu only la.
    btw, check out TheStar’s opinion corner, only letters opposing the rally published. So freaking one sided, cannot tahan ish >=(

  53. Wasn’t it a total shame to have so-called minister? Oh man.
    Wake up, people.. Open your eyes bigger to see who u voting , for god sake!

  54. I’m going to skip all the contradictions he made and jump into the jewel of the entire conversation.

  55. Does our Information Minister knows that Myammar and Burma is the same? Why say it twice?
    Erection??? We are having erection in Malaysia every 5 years without fail??
    Our Information Minister seems like scolding Al Jazeera and making Malaysia looks worst more then trying to paint a better picture of Malaysia.

  56. oh dear, the real reason of the protest was, we have idiots like these running the country…
    Make ur “erection” count my fello Malaysians… Believe in the force

  57. I can’t find anything else to say than to quote this.
    “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain

  58. just how the hell can an idiot like him ended up as a minister??!? that’s why this country cannot compete with the rest of the world.. watch for yourself how China and Vietnam will overtake this country in time to come.. i suggest those who can to migrate somewhere where your children can live in a peaceful democratic country..

  59. is he trying to explain for the government or to make things worse? how on earth will someone like him get to be a minister? i think the government should have some kind of englsh spoken qualification test for elected minister. if they fail that, then just FIRE them!!! what an embarrassment to our country!!!
    anyway, you see people are criticizing the government, but i bet majority is going to vote for them too. because the opposition is not any better. i’m getting my family out of malaysia soon.

  60. You are darn brave in posting this kenny! That’s why I admire you a lot.
    I hate that traffic on last saturday in KL.. Now I have a clearer view on what was happening on that day. Eererrrr

  61. yeah like he said
    ministed= owned
    im not proud to be a malaysian and his english is terrible as a minister , go to school!

  62. I think i sounded too harsh in the last email. Was in a pissy mood. Anyway, i’m not advocating we all vote solely for oppositions. And of course, i’m not that ignorant to think that my one count of vote will change the country immediately. What im hoping will change is the government’s perspective and attitude towards the country and rakyat’s interests. (yes, i also know we will be with the current one for a looong time to come). A single vote wont change much, but enough vote for a more diverse political atmosphere in the parliament will come as ‘watchdogs’ to the current government reminding them every single time when they stepped into the hall that the rakyat have ‘spoken’ by reducing their majority. All we need is to take the first step. Let them know that even though they are still in the house, it wont be as easy as the last 5 years before when they had over 90% majority. And guys, if you have already denounced your citizenships.. why do you still want to point and laugh at the poor country while showing off your spanking new passport?

  63. Since English is not the primary language, the minister could be excused stuttering.
    Whats Inexcusable, is the Lack of sense in his babbling, and complete absence of International Etiquette in running-down other Countries to Excuse his Govt from Undemocratic principles.
    Begs the Q:- What’s the criteria for becoming Malaysian Information Minister, Who appointed him as spokesperson for the Nation, and did the often mentioned erection play a deciding role? Tip the balance so to speak.

  64. Seriously, was that really the Information Minister talking..or was it just some poor, clueless soul,pulled out from the corridor, forced with a knife to his neck, with absolutely no idea on what was actually going on,into taking the interview? That could explain all the stammering and confusion between Myanmar and Burma.
    Anyways, you guys should read Marina Mahatir’s recent articles in The Star -“Winning votes soul-ly on talent” and “Whimsical art of making policy”. Very interesting and how true it is.

  65. You hit d spot, Kenny. Thx for posting this 🙂
    Ah-hah-hahhahh Ma-ma-malaysia’s In-in-information Min-min-minister sp-speaks li-like th-that!

  66. Kudos to Kenny. With the power of blogs (cannot rely on heavily censored newspapers and tv leh), I hope all Malaysians, especially the younger ones will realize what a shitty and undemocratic government we have now. Just look at ZAM trying to justify himself, which he can’t because the he is so obviously wrong. It’s just painful to watch.. I was gritting my teeth.. shut up, just shut UP, can?!
    Hah, the government is seriously cracking up. First the 4.6 billion dollar wasted on corruption, then the Namewee thing, judical scandal, the space tourist thing (now that he went to space then what? Its not like Malaysia wants to explore space anymore) and now this. Enough f**kups and the monkey wont be able to cover itself anymore.

  67. I think 80% of readers are in their 20’s. So do what is right, guys. Go register as a voter. Not voting is just as good as doing nothing. It’s very easy really.

  68. It’s abit too much for u to say such a thing kenny..
    U’re a malaysian..and i doubt that you yrself speak perfect english…alright?

  69. Unfortunately this person is our Minister of Information…really embarrassing attitude, getting emotional and all as though the reporter just insulted his mother. AND THEN he goes and use Pakistan etc as example..oh man… Maybe because no one in Malaysia challenge him before so he totally caught off-guard when kena drilled, so start talking loudly and nonsense to make up for lack of content. He should have just said “no comment”, much better. Can’t really blame him anyway, that’s how they talk in Parliament. Then he claims reporter only take views from opposition..hello, you are opposition? They are taking your views now! And probably your views will be broadcasted around the world if not for the fact that they would have to do extra work to subtitle it.

  70. Thats our Minister Of Information?!!*Slaps face*
    Badawi, good choice, he can just deny anything after that cos he can just say “My engrrish nonono gggooodd, th-th-thats why youyouyou misssunderstoodododo”. I’m a government sponsored student in a foreign country, now I don’t feel like going back anymore….embarrassing!!
    And for you information Minister Zam, NOT all rallies end up in violence…you don’t see Ghandi holding an M-16 during his march lol!

  71. To Peter at 13 November 2007 5:51 AM,
    Have a glance at the comments and it’s not hard to see that our level of english proficiency is much higher than that of the Minister’s. He is a Minister, he should be better than that! Like that then I also can be Minister lar! So can you Peter!

  72. Another idiot has said in the newspapers to detained those in charge of the rally under ISA? Why the hell has everything got to do with ISA? Even when we shit also.. ISA must come bother..? Seriously.. ISA is such a stupid legislation.. everything could be an offence under ISA… but why..? I think those detained under ISA should ge given a fair trial.. and not just being charged for ISA

  73. information minister my ass. he can’t even speak proper english.
    btw, is it just me or does this guy sounds panicky, kinda like having his balls squeezed?

  74. Dear Malaysians,
    This is the ultimate example of bigotry. What more can you say about a “democratically erected” government that somehow fails to be democratic in every other arena. We’ve got an racially undemocratic economy, politically undemocratic mainstream press, influentially undemocratic judiciary, and super undemocratic Ministers who still want to believe that they are fighters for the nation’s cause!
    VOTE THEM OUT NOW. Democracy (and the lack of it) matters, democracy determines the colour of your unfiltered pipe water, democracy determines the price of your petrol, democracy determines the quality of education your children shall receive, democracy determines where your tax monies go to, democracy determines freedom of religion…
    VOTE FOR FREE MALAYSIA! Make yourself count. Can racially divided politics unite multiracial Malaysia? Imagine what can potentially happen when the current Sarawak CM leaves office and one big**s party takes the state. How many percent of seats in parli will be controlled by ONE party? This whole power sharing concept cannot work when power is divided according to racial lines, and, sadly, distributed at the mercy of vested interest.
    Goodness, I sound angry. Every Malaysian deserves to be angry. VOTE!

  75. what a cuntree song ZAM zam zam was was singing singin’ about? (vendetta, haha).
    Now we realise how ROSAK some CUNTREE Ministers’ proficiency in english could be?
    ex ex cuse excuse me, suddenly our english are better than lots of Ministers who pandai berpantun in uuuummmm……NONONO assembly. Sudah dalam era “globalisasi”….so sor sorr sorry!

  76. Akumetsu:
    I suppose u are another gang of the liberation guy huh?…You do specific targets , surgical strikes huh? That cracks me up big time man, so far there haven’t been any works of yours on the news? Where are u from? Taliban? I strongly suggest u to do the first thing for the country is to stop playing too much command & conquer, and start visiting some doctors! Bunch of clowns!
    PS; There is no terrorist hero in history of mankind we glorify, not one religon in the world recognise these acts of terror by harming the innocent and creating chaos, the only thing we recognise of them that they are a bunch of idiots! NEVER HAVE ANY TERRORIST BEEN ABLE ACHIEVE ANYTHING!

  77. Bad Ethics, misinformation and a command of horrendous international language are enough to consider oneself relieved from such important post.

  78. I would be so pissed if I were the jornalist, talking to a retard like that. Especially the PARDON! PARDON! I CANT HEAR YOU I CANT HEAR YOU! part. So rude! *Boxes minister on the nose*

  79. Haha…. i play for the 1st 30 seconds then i give up.. dono what the heck he is saying also… really mempersiasuikan Malaysia only.. who choose him to be minister anyway..
    just one question: how the hell does the reporter know what he is saying??
    and kenny, how many times listen to the video to write out what he is saying??
    shut down shut down lar, just open new one nia ma. hahah .. like this the latest namewee song

  80. Zam, ‘people have laugh at you’ or ‘allow at you’? (min 2:00)
    Whatever it is we are laughing at you!!!!!!!! incompetent!
    Vote properly next time!

  81. I’m still not eligible to vote yet (i’m only 19).. but I am looking forward to see the results of the erection. I mean election. Heh.
    Look around us, we are not really progressing very well in terms of social and economic development. I hate to say this, but even China is progressing far better than us, and heck, they achieved what they are today in just a timespan of 10 years.
    Malaysia? We’ve gained independence since 50 years ago and I have yet to see a balanced development in the country. Yes, we have LRTs, tallest building in the world, so and so technology but if you think carefully, most developments are in big cities.
    I think that the cabinet is neglecting developments in other states especially in East Malaysia. What about the promises they made to the aboriginals? I still see articles indicating how some of the aboriginals are disappointed with the empty promises made by the government.
    Lastly, I do not condemn the astronaut programme.
    After all, he’s just a cosmonaut. Taxpayers’ money being used for this? Using the money to develop our own technology yes. But using the money to send someone to space with Russian technology?
    That’s just like asking the Japanese to create a car for us and then we proclaim it as a pride of nation. GO figure.

  82. yeah!!! kenny is tha best!!!!!!!!!!! lets hope gove try to shut down and then kenny will highlight the incident to all bloggers!!!! then got bloggers vs government war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. fek, can’t believe our Information Minister has a brain that of a pig, no wonder this country is in shambles when these pig brains are actually the ones running it, the interviewer totally pwned him, and he quickly countered by saying our country has erection every 5 years.. talking bout improving the country’s image by sending traveller to space, wasting the rakyat’s money, his comment just flushed it(our country’s image if any) down the drain…IMHO

  84. Chubby Chin ,
    Once there is enough evidence and proof and when the people suffers the most is the time when things will come to play if it doesn’t change. You and i know it that there is only 2 ways to this outcome. If there is no reform there will be no choice.When protests dont work , people sit idlely in their homes .Its just the same as vigilante justice when the police has failed to respond accordingly to the people. Those that wish to change the system from within will mostly be consumed by the darkness of the already corrupt system.When the international community stood by watching , be assured that these events will transpire.
    DAP is weak , lies of the fight for the better but when in power , only go after trivial matters while feeling the fear of the ‘big fishes’. Internal struggle and LKS himself have shown time and time again to hold on to power and not allowing those younger and more talented to rise. PKR has shown itself to be one of the more multi-racial parties unfortunately its close ties with PAS will only mean future problems within this fragile coalition if voted to power. Our choices are limited, even with all the people out to vote , as long as no reform is done , there will be phantom voters. Buyouts. This is but the tip of the iceberg in the mega picture laid out before you.
    And ,
    No ‘terrorists’ TO DATE as you so call them , has ever brought a person guilty of crimes direct or indirectly to the poverty of the people nor have those that have practiced extreme corruption and abuse of power has ever been executed or assasinated because of what they did. So whether it works or not has yet to be knowned. But 1 thing for sure is , its ability to strike fear unto those that hold positions of power.

  85. haha..
    Even my 6 years old cousin sister speak better English than him..
    And btw, how do Malaysia have erection? haha
    From Gunung Tahan maybe?

  86. Haha kenny. thanks for the translation. I was consumed by fear for our country when I was listening to this video last night, who the bloody hell put this man in charge and dare not give him an english lesson beforehand?
    Hehehe… erection.

  87. I used to be ignorant and didnt give two f*cks bout politics when I was younger. As I’m currently not in the country, I only got to know about the BERSIH rally through a couple of my friends’ blogs and by watching clips on Youtube.. and it just saddens me that what initially was intended to be a peaceful protest, turned out so ugly.
    Looking at the situation now, and finally being legal to vote, I agree that the ONE vote coming from me counts. It may not be able to make significant changes, but quoting Dee :
    ‘A single vote wont change much, but enough vote for a more diverse political atmosphere in the parliament will come as ‘watchdogs’ to the current government reminding them every single time when they stepped into the hall that the rakyat have ‘spoken’ by reducing their majority’
    and I gotta say, I totally agree with her stance. Guys, go register yourselves as voters if you havent already done so, and vote for what you think is best for the country, regardless of skincolour and whatnot.

  88. i have to disagree with some ppl who wrote on the opposition . you mentioned that the oppo are not that good either. well if you just specifically refer to PAS then yes i would agree with you. but if you refer to all Oppo then i think you’re wrong. how would you know that the Oppo wont do a better job than the current gov? have they ever showed you what they are capable of?
    and to those who left our country for a better living, kudos to you for being concerned of your future. but doing that also showed how cowardly you are. is this what you want to teach your children? run away from problems rather than facing it?
    i would think otherwise. i would rather sacrifice my one life to fight for what i rightfully deserve than having a good one life and carry the tag of being a ‘CHICKEN’ to my grave.
    God taught us to face our problems, and not to runaway

  89. Why when Jeff Ooi was interviewed by Al Jazeera, they call him an independent journalist? Isn’t he a DAP member? Can anybody clarify and explain to me?

  90. After living in Aus for a while now, you start to realise that the government in malaysia is pretty undemocratic and short-sighted. Not to say bad about the government just like that, but you can’t help noticing all those in favour of the government say the same things taught to them at school. Such as have to be passionate about the country, must vote in favour of barisan national, must vote for the government… malaysia is very ‘different’ than the rest. Malaysia is special. Its high time the government allow real democracy in the country, without cheating, without corruption and without fear. It’s not good economically for the country if this persists. But people in Malaysia don’t seem to realise the impact this all has on Malaysia. No wonder malaysia to some people seem like the best country in the world but to outsiders malaysia is just another third world nation trying to grow out of poverty. I earnestly hope there is change in Malaysia happening soon…

  91. Looks like the country is run by a bunch of dogs who can’t speak proper english…..and they call themselves ministers?? Should be calling themselves goons & nutcases. THat big @$$ moron didn’t even answer the questions posed by the journalist….i wonder whether he even understands what he’s saying or not.

  92. the ZAM interview really is funny, but it doesnt sum up the BERSIH rally. and the BERSIH rally is not a joke.
    if you havent clicked on the link kenny put at the top of this post, well:
    – the BERSIH rally was held on november 10, and called out 40,000 malaysians all wearing yellow
    – it was considered illegal and slammed by the pro-government because no permit was issued (although it was applied for a long time before, using correct procedure)
    – there were massive road blocks by the police in an attempt to shut the procession down (and not caused by protesters directly)
    – the aim of the rally was to submit a memorandum to the Agong to clean up the election commission.
    – the wider aim is to wake malaysians up and start talking about it. maybe the rally doesn’t achieve anything at all, and was run by opposition bigots who may be just as bad as the government. and i know we’re too used to political parties running things for us, but it’s about time we say, oh yeah, isnt malaysia a democracy? that means it’s within our power right? and now that i think about it, i don’t really like the way it’s run…
    – one of the sweetest things about the rally is that it was CLEAN. no rowdiness on the part of the protesters to mar it in international media. look at the way they’re already talking about police brutality…
    – the other sweet thing was the sheer size and scope of people. you know those muhibbah ads and moral/bm/sej textbooks? this is the real deal:
    – and a lot more i probably dont know about. the power of the internet!!

  93. Chicken @ 4:16pm, because even if you are a member of a political party, you can also hold another job. In fact, most politicians are also lawyers and business owners.

  94. If they let them protest, how come it’s illegal in the first pl ace? If protesting is illegal, what’s the uses of a democratic country.
    The thing that made me upset is the embarrassing English and that minister who kept jumping in while the journalist was speaking, what would the other countries think of Malaysia?

  95. Am not trying to take a free ride on kenny’s blog to advertise mine, but please take a look at my blog if you wanna know more about the BERSIH rally that took place last saturday.
    Just trying to spread the word.
    On another note, glad that you posted something bout the rally kenny!

  96. what the minister speaks earlier was different from he said later. First, he say “we allow protest” then he said “protest is illegal”? Huh? WHAT?!!!what is he talking about? PARDON-PARDON-PARDON, yo-yo-your-your words don’t make sense la-la-la-la-la…

  97. hahahahaahahhahahaha… our minister needs a speech therapy. i i i i i i i i wannnnannannanannananana lufukfukvluvluvfuk you you you.obviously he is merely a pathetic potato

  98. i don’t really understand what he’s saying. what’s with the stuttering. the words also don’t connect to make sense.

  99. Vote, people. The election will be around very soon, go make yourself counted and exercise the remaining little right that has been given to you…
    Even though i am 2 years short of voting age but i will definitely vote for the next-next election when i am an eligible voter……….

  100. i like it when he said we malaysian have erection!
    yes …we all do have erection and we are not ED.
    but only once every 5 years?
    malaysian goverment is a laughing stock!
    the garberment thinks the citizens have an IQ of a 2 yr old and tat they could just distort the fact ………
    come on ! dont make us malaysian in overseas a laughing stock!

  101. Personally, I would like to see a change in the political scene in Malaysia. If there were fair elections going on (where the opposition can actually win) then I’m pretty sure the government will have to start keeping the promises they make. This will probably (hopefully) lead to a more “clean” un-corrupt country.
    Everything starts with a change in power. 1 vote might not make a difference, but a whole bunch on 1 votes will >:)

  102. Akumetsu:
    This will be my last respond to u, it is amazing u r so stuffed with your own views and own ideas of how there is only one way this country can be saved, and sad to know that u can only go one way, that is to see bloodshed in this country to quench ur thirst of herotism…
    Obviously, u have been blind, not been able to see the achievements and status of the opposition parties today, they have created so much awareness of the corruption of the country and ill practises of the past and present that wakes up the nation, the saturday march was a clear evidence that people want a clean country…Have you witness the amount of corruptions popping up in the news for the past few years? Which I think fueled ur anger for the corruptions in the country? Who? Who made all these effort in revealing the goverment’s skeleton in the closet? Who risk their life being in prison, chellenging the ISA dearly for the right for people to know? Those people i believe are the true heroes of the country, I give them my up most respect, the higest honor goes to these people who made this situation come true…
    For present situation, the sultan must respond to the people’s request to have a fair election, it must be clean, for i believe there is a big chance that the opposition parties will achieve something unpresidented for, maybe not enuff to overturn the goverment right now, but just a few more seats in the parliment, a few more honourable men and women to voice out and to make changes in the country will be sufficient right now, ultimately I believe there will be a day the country will become a country what we all wanted, these can be achieved only through the voices of the people, like thousands of bloggers are doing, like what kenny sia is doing right now in his blog, and clearly clearly not by chaos and terrorism, this will in return favour the goverment to clamp down and block all means of freedom of voices here in cyberspace…
    Work with us, work with the people, and please abort the idea of hurting our dear people, we are all lovely people, mostly are poor people who have alot of faith in God, and in the good leaders of oppisition parties to make us a better tomorrow…
    Chubby Chin

  103. Very well said Chubby Chin.
    One can’t make a difference. But MANY “ONE’s” will make the difference.
    You can make a difference, a change for the better tomorrow.
    God Bless Malaysia.

  104. Now Pfizer is surely drooling if they find out that we have an erection every 5 years.
    Ca,ca,ca, can’t gee him up you, you, know !!!

  105. “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” V, Vendetta
    it is high time we had enough. Time for a drastic change. We are governed by baffoons who think they can take us for a ride. 50 years is enough.
    *pissed-off mode*

  106. “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” V, Vendetta
    Time for a drastic change. We are governed by baffoons who think they can take us for a ride. 50 years is enough.
    *pissed-off mode*

  107. OMG… talk about lame… i thot the minister did the right thing when i was reading the article on the star online… O.o
    dude, he jz shunned the journalist and blasted her with nothing… what an embarrasemment… he couldnt even defend himself by at least carrying out a little bit of informationi on why is it illegal…
    furthermore, it is not wrong for the people to express their doubts on the ministry… a good example would be the Dato himself… as a minister of information, he needs to at least be able to address the information (let’s pretend we dunno the stammering part)…
    goodness… and here i thot the al-jazeera was wrong… poor lady…

  108. how a person like this become a minister? firstly, he doesn’t even answering the questions. Secondly, he can’t even make a proper statement in proper english. a disgrace. sigh…. another reason for other country to further despise us Malaysians. It is this kind of idiotic minister that brought our nation to shame. forget about the first astronaut, this one will take another hundreds of astronauts to barely keep the Malaysia flag flying again.

  109. This is as funny as the Iraq Misinformation Minister! Maybe we should get ZAM to appear as guest in the Gitu Gitu Apek comedy show!

  110. It is indeed a great shame that this Minister’s English is so poor. With the recent troubles in Pakistan all the ministers there and government officials are absolutely perfect in English and this from a much poorer and less well-educated country than Malaysia. I would have thought an Information Minister should be fluent in English to convey the point of view of Malaysia to the world. This just makes Malaysia look third world.
    For everyone who advocates voting, I fully agree. We have had a lack-lustre government in the UK now for some time because nobody can be bothered to get off their fat a*ses and vote!

  111. he is the Information Minister???
    for god sake!!Sumone please change the department to Ministry of disinformations.He is trying to spread a known falsehood alright! Sadly, he is bad at it. Bad at informing, bad at dis informing. What is he actually?Resign sudeyhhhh~~~~

  112. As a Yr 11 girl currently studying outside Malaysia,
    It is really embarassing to know that the MINISTER of INFORMATION has poor English.really.
    Talk about being Minister of Information. how can he be informative in any way? Unless he speaks Bahasa which most prob wont be any good for some people. everyone’s going global!
    his thinking’s kinda kuno. oh well typical..
    haha. i wonder if he feels humiliated. he shud!

  113. How come all the politicians in the ruling party speak as if they have no brain nowadays? Do they think that the people who are listening are the same? Definitely a no no! Use your vote wisely in the upcoming ‘erection!’

  114. lol…honestly if you did not post the transcript of the interview i will have absolutely no idea what our minister is talking about

  115. Chubby Chin,
    I do not see any fault in your thoughts and how it should be. I love my country but unfortunately i am direcly or indirectly sucked into this cesspool of corruption.To participate in this kind of ‘anti-government’ debate i am putting myself in danger.
    U may say i am stuffed with my own views , perhaps you be in my position and see what i have seen and know what i know. I truly understand your thoughts , however , if things dont change , it will reach a critical point where people power will rise up. When that time comes. Pray that it will still be as peaceful as the Bersih Rally.
    As you said about opposition parties. their informations , but have u ever wondered how they were able to obtain certain informations ? A strong opposition party is a multi-racial peoples party that not just challenges the government but questions the governments decisions and work WITH the government.The opposition parties still have a long road ahead of them.
    I sincerely hope that the days of independent judiciary system , fair election and a transparent government in all sectors will emerge.
    I applaud your faith in the people and God. If only there were more of you in there.
    Everything is logged and recorded. They are not as under-man-powered as most people think.

  116. Wah lau… like that kinda minister also have. I have to admit, my english also like kopitiam style. But that is the reason why I am not the information minister. All my fellow Malaysians, after following what has happened over the weekend, please all of us left here who wants to see a change for our future children, Register and VOTE.


  118. wtf is this minister talking….talking nonsense…..So ashamed with Malaysia….They even can simply make somebody that don’t have the capability of speaking well to be minister…. sue me for telling the facts about this country….If continue like this, Malaysia is going down….thanks to all this xxxxxx

  119. Reporter: So why can’t people protest then, if it’s a democratic country?
    Minister: YES, PEOPLE PROTEST! People do-do… of course they protest. We are allowing them protest, and they have demonstrated.

    Minister: YA! It’s a illegal protest because we have the erection in Malaysia. It’s no-no point on having a protest!
    i think tis asshole is confused himself. he can’t even handle an interview more professionally. macam tak pergi sekolah kot..
    wat? information minister ah? i think he lacks information in school..

  120. stupid and meaningless comments.
    aside from criticizing this guy’s english, there’s nothing else you can say because there is nothing else you know beyond that.
    just read up what shit this fuckhead puts in the blog then FOCUS on it! ROFL you idiots crack me up
    i bet half of you ppl arent even registered to vote. you ppl are barely talking about politics.

  121. I was having a very tough time in office today. For that reason, I have to give this minister a small credit here that he makes me laugh after reading this blog. In fact, he is so laughable that he could be a Malaysian Steven Chow or Jim Carry without much difficulty. In addition to that, I foresee that his could go very very far in entertainment industry: Making people laugh! Wouldn’t you agree? If he decides to write and publish this incident in a book, it would sell more than all the bibles in the world combined!
    On the more serious note, he represents the quality of most of our ministers here in this country. Sigh….

  122. I don’t think he’s even working in any ministry…
    ….pardon, pardon, pardon……..
    but, the whole thing is fucking hilarious!!!!!

  123. Eschede,
    The main point of your comment was that the demonstration disrupted the country’s economy. Do you personally give a shit about the economy or you just can’t find another reason to establish why you think the demonstration was unnecessary?
    So you’re saying that we are not allowed fight for a change? Sure it might turn for the worse but it could also leave us with the opposite. Isn’t that idea alone worth the loss of a day’s business?
    And yeah they were denied a permit for holding a demonstration. If the demonstration had been one of AIDS or calling of racial unity they wouldn’t give a shit but they’ve decided to not issue a permit for this one. Why? Cause they feel threatened that’s why. Threatened that this demonstration could replace them.

  124. erm.. haha..
    ouch. sad. english.
    maybe it would have been better if in BM?
    XD just dont have strong command of english i guess.. ah well. probably didnt really understand the woman or something. DIdnt know what the lady was asking maybe. interpreted it wrongly and stuff. lol.

  125. With all that has happened recently (angkasawan, submarine, chlidish pranks within the parlimen- especially the one concerning the AirAsia stewerdess) Malaysia is currently the laughing stock of the world & our ministers are making fools of themselves. seriously. i’m embarassed to be a malaysian. sigh

  126. sigh, info minister without pr skills.. talk like a kid.
    kudos to those attended the peaceful demonstration, kudos to Al-jazeera for being impartial in its news report.

  127. WHy are all of you so angry with our clever minster, he is jus doing what he do best, putting our country on shame for the joy other countries. ‘You you you…. you have Al-Jazeera you you you…’ (dogs start barking)

  128. Hey dude, may be that German accented American English with Michigan influence leh.
    from Wiki: “Beliau memperoleh diploma dalam kewartawanan dari Institut Kewartawanan Berlin pada 1969. Pada 1981, beliau dianugerahi Fellowship Kewartawanan Profesional dari Universiti Michigan, Amerika Syarikat”.

  129. Infact he is not alone, there are many ministers or MPs cant speak proper English!
    Those from KCH should know Datuk Sim Kheng Hui of SUPP State secretary is one of them!
    He is only in power because he can speak fluent and write good Chinese!

  130. Dear nick,
    thank you for making the effort to rebut. sad to say, it now puts you in the same group with those idiots now.
    Anyone with half a brain would know that the point of my agitated rant was how this STUPID POST on ENGLISH is getting all these idiots ranting along on the importance of ENGLISH instead of this demonstration! THIS POST DOES NOT HAVE ANY RELEVANCE TO THE CURRENT STATUS OF OUR NATION’S POLITICS.
    And with all due respect, NICK,

  131. Wtf? O.o *speechless*
    I’m studying overseas right now. To think I have to tell people I’m from a country where the ministers are confused and can’t speak proper English. *sigh*

  132. Eschede
    U keep calling most of us here IDIOTS & NAIVE BASTARDS!!!!
    Usint the likes of Bollocks…
    Men, wake up!
    This is a bit of fun & relax forum, if you are so concern about M’sia, go blast off all your comments in Malaysiakini or related websites.
    With your kind of attitudes you have, you will most like NOT welcome there either!

  133. Wow, Eschede. Such strong language. Maybe you have to use it attract people’s attention since no one listens to you half the time?
    Say what you may, a minister who loses his cool, can’t speak proper english and rationalize with a news reporter pretty much gives a bad impression to rest of the world. Very much like someone who has to use caps lock to capitalize every word and thinks too highly of himself. Such an uncanny resemblance you bear to our dear information minister.

  134. To the person who is totally uncreative in getting a name,
    You said it yourself, it’s a fun & relax forum, not stupid & retarded forum
    So get the hell outta here
    It’s clear that you haven’t read the brainless comments by some idiots.
    And why are you so pissed, my dear? Were you one of them?
    And to whether I am WELCOMED OR NOT, LIKE I GIVE A SHIT.
    P/S: To any other idiot contemplating to take a shot at me, be my guest. Just pray that what you say doesn’t make you look even more stupid ie. oneeye and Miss Aww-you-called-me-an-idiot-boohoo

  135. politics is kinda sensitive in malaysia.
    and i’m so ASHAMED after watching this video. even the information minister’s english is SOOO bad. its so disappointing and i ADMIRE the reporter for being so patient with this man. AIYOYOHHH!

  136. dear eschede and many other critics out there (presumbly blogs work the same way as michelin-star restaurants),
    Kenny’s post has raised awareness of the event to perhaps thousands of young Malaysians, whom otherwise never had the opportunity to, given the blanket silence from our beloved local mass media.
    One quick comparison between singapore and malaysia’s cabinet ministers will tell you that our country is ran by “politicians” while our more successful neighbour is ran by technocrats, who happened tobe politicians as well.
    Yeah…erection eveli 5 ya!

  137. dear eschede and many other critics out there (presumbly blogs work the same way as michelin-star restaurants),
    Kenny’s post has raised awareness of the event to perhaps thousands of young Malaysians, whom otherwise never had the opportunity to, given the blanket silence from our beloved local mass media.
    One quick comparison between singapore and malaysia’s cabinet ministers will tell you that our country is ran by “politicians” while our more successful neighbour is ran by technocrats, who happened tobe politicians as well.
    Yeah…erection eveli 5 ya!

  138. Dear tomatoinc,
    Thank you for showing me that there that are still people with fully functioning brains.
    Although I don’t quite agree with your opinion on Kenny’s efforts to raise awareness among those deprived of as said opportunity.
    If you refer to the awareness of the demonstration that happened, the opportunities to be “aware” is sitting on paper stands out there. Anyone who had the opportunity to actually get online and see this post clearly has ENOUGH opportunities to be aware of this event.
    If it’s anything that this post made me aware of, it’s that there is no limit to the stupidity in most of the people who commented here.

  139. oneeye: How clever! The idiot knows how to count! Now tell me, what does it mean? Then go look at your previous post and think..really really hard. Work those brain cells! (or whatever that’s left of them)

  140. If it’s anything that this post made me aware of, it’s that there is no limit to the stupidity in most of the people who commented here.
    I agreed this one with you.
    p/s third post of oneeye is not by me.

  141. I totally agree with some of those up there. We should be looking beyond his really fucked up English or wadeva he’s trying to say.
    and I’m pretty sure Kenny did not cover this incident just to make fun of his English.
    Look into the real problem underlying. What we can do is beyond critisizing and reiterating the points that’d been made. There might not be too many desirable options to carry this out, but at least we still get to vote, and at the moment that’s the best way to speak out for “we, the people”
    good luck Malaysia =)

  142. Well in Malaysia the only “elections” we have that matter are those in UMNO; suffrage is limited by ethnicity. General elections is, for all practical purposes a heavily unfair rubber stamping exercise.
    We don’t chose our leaders, much less their embarassingly retarded cronies. It has to be understood that since it is the UMNO Council that determines the UMNO President – which is DEFINATELY the prime minister, the cabinet is therefore selected from donkeys who can stutter the loudest, dance with imaginary knives in parliament, etc as it draws the most votes in the UMNO assembly (money politics, aside)
    Its democracy that brought us our stuttering donkey, really.
    Vive la Malaisie!

  143. Im not Msia and I was pretty much stunned by the news. Embarrassing it is, but it is nothing compared to the heartbreakings.
    Its so sad knowing what we young M’sians can do is nothing more than useless, emotional ranting.
    People just need to start thinking more rationally and take this seriously. After all its gonna be the place most of us end up for the rest of our lives.
    No one’s happy about this, apparantly. But the difference is how/what to do. fruitopia’s right about how helpess the whole voting thing is..I might be a lil too optimistic, but what’s the option???
    Since there’s none, I guess we should do what we can, and do it the best!
    I still believe in Voting!
    Love ya, Malaysia.

  144. and they call this a democratic country? malaysia’s been ruled by the same party since 1957, there has got to be something wrong with the term ‘democratic’ in malaysia.
    there are so many issues needed to be handled – the journalist seemed to know where exactly to prick the minister and in a cool manner. the minister on the other hand was all flustered, and stuttering, and his grammer is all wrong – AND he contradicts himself!
    and if you read overseas (like CNN, The Times) newspapers and compared it back home – malaysia said the water was just water, but overseas newsletters said it was ‘chemical-laced’.
    i was actually quite impressed with the turnout! malaysia has got to know that we can voice our own opinions – AND still stay a stable country.
    well, maybe if the ministers weren’t so stuck in their own little rut and would let in MORE people of other races to join inside the legal & political system, then the people would be happier.
    this sounds almost like a tyranny. ALMOST.

  145. it’s funny how he kept using Myanmar as a contrast to Malaysia, as a proof that because they didn’t shoot anyone and physically hurt them as much, then they must be a democratic country.
    the fact is, the “protest is illegal”. and protests can only be “legal” if they are in the form of voting. but who’s to say what goes on behind the scenes of an “erection”?
    while, clearly, his english leaves much to be desired, i think his mentality falls much further behind.

  146. i thought blogs are supposed to give enlightment? i really thought if kenny needs to be a journalist to report the exact news… and what is so wrong with kenny giving a slight hint as a key for us to ponder upon?
    if kenny is not someone giving enlightment, the politician wont ask him for blogging advice… react accordingly commentors; words of enlightment is way better than giving cash or forcing people to act what you want. think about what they wrote in our history books – “words are more powerful than a sword”
    kenny, i’ll be supporting u if they ever come close to ban ur blog…
    oh yea, i’m a malaysian… truly asian *smiles*

  147. Hey, look at the bright side, at least the minister showed the true face of our country; a supposedly “democratic” country run by communists who use religion and moral as excuse for their silly whims!
    What an ass, he keeps contradicting himself, and stammering as if his mom just caught him wanking to porn. And erections once every five years, wow.
    LOL, lamest excuse ever, as if we hadn’t done that to field unwanted questions ourselves. Brilliant, just brilliant.

  148. Eschede, whr are u? show me your anger.. i feel great cos i know someone is upset out thr.. somewhr. HUHU. 😀 REFORM REFORM.

  149. 1. Our “democratic” might not be truely one but there’s nth wrong for a country to be ruled by the same party since independence. Japan does, until now.
    2. Its pathetic we were being compared to Myammar. I bet foreigners who don even know where the hell M’sia is will be looking at us just like the way they did on Myammar, minus the monks.
    3. Picking on a typo, grammatical mistakes or such, doesnt make u a better person. It is NOT even an argument.

  150. kennysia said:
    Dear chicken, shut down then shut down lah. Scared meh? Just open a new one loh! 😉
    Hey there, thanks for the feature in your site. Anyway, there is no reason that this piece of thing called Zainuddin Maidin can shut down . Kenny is just replaying something from Al-Jazeera from Astro.
    Kenny, if they intend to shut you down, you inform me. I will stand up for you, alert my group of friends….. I have had enough of crap.
    Pics taken by me:
    BERSIH: The Yellow Wave (Pics) Part 1
    BERSIH: The Yellow Wave (Pics) Part 2
    BERSIH: The Yellow Wave (Pics) Part 3
    Oh yeah, your site was featured in Malaysia Today. That is how I came here……

  151. first, he is a hypocrite.
    Minister: YES, PEOPLE PROTEST! People do-do… of course they protest. We are allowing them protest, and they have demonstrated.
    Minister: No we-we are! We… this protest is illegal! We don’t want..this… the… NORMALLY…
    second, he is offending other countries.
    Minister: You think that we Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar. Everything you-you are thinking! WE ARE DIFFERENT! We are totally different!
    Minister: We are not our like, like Myanmar, not like other country.
    third, his english sucks.
    Minister: Do police, first police, like, they handle them, they attack them, they… the police don’t, don’t, don’t fire anybody?
    fourth, men in malaysia can only erect thier penis once every 5 years? (i know it’s election, but his pronunciation sucks too)
    Minister: We are allowing to every erection… every five years never fail!
    fifth, al-jazeera (or any other news) have attitudes?
    Minister: I don’t, ya, you, Al-Jazeera, this is, is Al-Jazeera attitude. Right?
    he’s a MINISTER for malaysia’s sake…
    he needs harry potter books.
    malaysian here btw, living in selangor.

  152. With regards to ZAM’s contradiction, I believe what he meant was: Malaysia actually allow protests; BUT the Bersih protest was illegal because of no permit. Well, I absolutely think the gomen will not give permit anyway.
    And there is nothing for Kenny to be afraid of because he didnt do anything. He just republish the al-jazeera video and made a translation for everyone.
    Although not all ministries speak perfect and fluent english (not a must since BM is official language); but to put someone to answer an international media that’ll be telecast globally, gomen should get a person that at least bit able to speak with clarity and confidence, not babble. Stage fright or journalist fright is not an excuse.. being a ministry at such a high level he should be able to project himself professionally
    Really, this is saddening. Again and again malaysia made itself a laughing stock. Biggest ketupat.. longest chapati etc.. and sad to know that msia are proud of it. Little bit also proud, not to say the achievement is nothing to be proud of at all. Learn to be humble please. Space programme also another, buying people’s jet, pay them money, use their technology and out cosmonut just taxi ride. And in the end, we are proud of it(?), and second space programme will be on soon. Sigh..
    I still remember our Datuk Syed Hamid Albar interview with BBC UK. And now, again another.. Datuk Zainuddin Maidin..

  153. thanks for the subtitles,
    i didn’t make it thru the first 30 secs of the clip because bad English just turns me off,
    he could have at least got himself a translator and spare the whole nation from being embarrassed
    imagine foreigners watching this omg………… >,

  154. Eschede.
    I’m guessing….bored..possibly a fat ass…a tactless and anal idiot…most likely no social life…bare minimum of friends…has a superiority complex…hard to work with thus failing to achieve a promotion…

  155. how can idiots like this be elected to parliament? someone please give minister zam an english lesson please. he is just embarrassing himself and all malaysians.

  156. how can idiots like this be elected to parliament? someone please give minister zam an english lesson please. he is just embarrassing himself and all malaysians.

  157. Hey man,
    Really outstanding piece of work. I have been laughing uncontrollably..Hahhaaha………..
    You get my vote for an Emmy!

  158. Dear eschede,
    we are not judging him by his language… directly in a way… it is the way he carried himself as a representative of our country… it is an absolute disgrace that the Minister of Information cannot even carry out a simple PR interview…
    so even if we hv different views, argue on the issue, not who is stating the issue… basic fallacy dude!

  159. p/s: read the star online on his point of view on the way he “slammed the al-jazeera reporters for trying to depict us as terrorists”.. lol… and they even helped him to correct his grammar there…

  160. My my, sometimes Malaysians do tend to get themselves into trouble. But the interview, man I’m buying a one way ticket to Sydney. Perhaps the ministry does’nt understand the fact that media plays a huge role, and the-the-the-that-that-that-this-is-demokrassiiii. -_-


  162. You guys(the trigger-happy few) do realize that..
    You’re really not solving nuts with your endless bickering?
    And i do agree on the english bit. On both sides.
    Yes, it is highly unprofessional to measure a person based on the quality of his english, BUT bear in mind, he IS a minister, one supposedly worthy. And the projected image of a MINISTER, like that, is really quite embarrassing.
    Moving on,..
    What Zam is actually trying to say..
    Well you got me there. I’m lost half the time.
    Translating it to BM didn’t even help too.
    So again. Embarrassing.
    Zam’s maturity?
    The way he acted in the Parliament, in the press, and now personally attacking Al Jazeera?
    Even intending to file a complaint?
    Let’s not forget about his plethora of contradictions in his statements. Indeed Lim Kit Siang is not too farfetched by labeling him as a Minister of Misinformation.

  163. jeff ooi’s interview vs zam’s interview
    10 0
    pity that guy, zam. somebody get him some sleeping pills.
    cool interview from jeff ooi.


  165. what i find like appalling isnt his english (actually im horrified) but its how unprofessional and so undiplomatic he is. How can you say “you think we are pakistan, we are burma etc”? I am not from any of these countries but this is just disgusting.. a minister should have some humility and dignity in the way he or she speaks… weirddddness!

  166. In fact we are really happy to get such news here since there are none on the media. I think what Kenny did was MARVELOUS!
    To the stupid idiot Eschede,

  167. Events in recent years causing people to be more informed and aware of the dirty filthy politics in this country and how everything is so corrupted makes me so very ashamed to be Malaysian. Puppets here, puppets here. Imbecile ministers who can’t speak English even if their lives depended on it. Whats next? I shudder at the thought.
    “There is something rotten in the state of .. Malaysia”

  168. His english is just bad. Goodness. He must have failed his english in SPM. Political views? Conflicting.
    Probably the reporter was hot. Hence, the nervousness and the constant stammering. And the ‘erection’.

  169. hahahhaha, omg, i dont even know whether i should be feeling upset or laugh or to be embarassed on behalf of minister.
    hahahahaha, this is so ridiculous. i’m going to post a video response to this video.

  170. I haven’t got the chance to watch the clip on youtube cos my university firewall block it…but judging from all the comments here, i can somewhat know what will be the turnout of it…
    Either way, I’ve read somewhere about the proportion of parliamentary seats allocated is disproportionate to the proportion of votes casted……please make lets make our vote counted and vote!!!! As a few people said above, one vote is not enough, lots of vote will!!!!

  171. Hey all,
    Finally Malaysian Government under BN can say that they are the “Mother of all Jokers!” At first it was supposed to be Iraq , but now Malaysian Government under BN definitely wins hands down. Iraq has “Comical Ali” and “Baghdad Bob”. Malaysia is better, they have “Geographically Confused Zam”, The Minister for the Misinformed. Somebody should send the video of the interview to David Letterman or Jay Leno. Hell, it’ll definitely boost the ratings of those shows for comedy impact.

  172. Don’t be so harsh on that Zam character. Nobody in the mainstream media pointed out his poor language skills during any press conference… they just nodded vigorously at his statements as though they were the most intelligent things ever said on planet earth and printed what they were told to print. So he has had no chance to improve himself.
    The following gems from Mr Bush show that Zam is in good company though both these creatures could hardly be called good in any sense of the word. Anyway, enjoy…
    The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country.
    If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.
    One word sums up probably the responsibility of any Governor,and that one word is ‘to be prepared’.
    I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future.
    The future will be better tomorrow.
    We’re going to have the best educated American people in the world.
    I stand by all the misstatements that I’ve made.
    We have a firm commitment to NATO, we are a part of NATO. We have a firm commitment to Europe. We are a part of Europe.
    Public speaking is very easy.
    A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls.
    We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur.
    For NASA, space is still a high priority.
    Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our children.
    It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.
    It’s time for the human race to enter the solar system.

  173. we have umno cyberdogs monitoring the comments section. Can everyone not response to inflammatory comments? It’s a bait to hijack the website! I might sound cynical but hey, play safe man!

  174. How come there’s so many chicken bwak bwak bwak around here? Can real Chicken please stand up? I repeat. Can the real Chicken please stand up? Hehehehe

  175. promises will be made regardless of which party is ruling. it’s not about which party forming our government. it’s more about us, the people voting. there has to be some opposition party in the parliament. this is to balance out the power. otherwise things will be even worse. once again, i think whichever party rules, it doesnt really matter. but in the case of Malaysia, i truly believe that BN is still a better option. i am not willing to place a bet in giving any of the opposition party a ruling power.
    a government is just a medium to ensure things run smoothly in the country. just like english being the medium of instruction in school. it’s just a tool and nothing more than a tool.

  176. It’s not just the atrocious English. He sounded such a simpleton trying to outshout the other side, just like some of our MP’s do in Parliament. That’s their only way to win any argument. Can’t even control his emotions. Maybe it has something to do with the long overdue ‘erection’
    Sounded completely like a sore loser. Absolutely no credibility and what an embarrassment to all Malaysians. It’s a reflection of the PM who has no standard himself.
    Please, please don’t ever do this again.
    You deserved the big broom award from Toyo.

  177. Disgrace, if cannot answer in English don’t answer do some sign language.
    Sad for Malaysia with these Minister around.

  178. Sometimes?!?!?
    NAY, a thousand times NAY ! ALL the time is more like it.
    Come to think of it THEY are lame jokes themselves. Lame in the mind and wotever ethics or morals they claim to possess.
    Surprise surprise: they have absolutely NO ethics or morals wotsoever.
    Time for action, people.

  179. Well done on the transcripts.
    I myself, feel ashame of his speech. Its a bunch of rubbish. No, I am not criticizing his engrish but his points. His points are contradicting!
    Its time for action, though I have no power to vote but I willd efinitely advise my parents on who to vote. =P
    I myself will doubt that BN will win big time next time, cuz if they do, something fishy is going on then

  180. now that you know how incompetent he is…do you guys know how much fortune i.e. $$$$$ he has amassed from ECM Libra? in the end, we public are fools…for allowing such clown to be our minister! he is the Minister of Information mind you? can’t even speak proper english…what a disgrace!

  181. So, all people here, plase vote the BN (Barisan Najis) out in the next election. Start to wear yellow every Saturday as a protest. Boycott mainstream newspaper. They’re bias and liars.
    I’ve stopped buying any mainstream newspaper (NST, The Star, Nanyang, Berita Harian , etc.) long time ago. Now I also boycot Petronas, BHP, Maybank and any UMNO linked companies

  182. Well done on covering the rally! Really, you do realise a lot of young people read your blog and most of them are unaware of the current state of Msia right now. Relying on mainstream media isn’t going to let them know the other side of the story. We need to let people know that it’s time for change, and change will start soon.
    For those who said they’re embarrassed to be a malaysian, hey if you didn’t even make an effort to make a change, you don’t have the right to complain. Because you can vote and you get what you vote at the end of the day.

  183. Zam makes as much sense as Porky Pig talking.
    It’s embarassing to know that we’ve got ministers like this representing us in the international arena. How to compete?
    We’re concerned about the real problems, but they concerned about the length of AirAsia Stewardess’ skirts.

  184. The goverment controlled media such as NST should start a “Cabinet Sponsorship Programme”. Instead of sponsoring schools, I’m sure many will be willing to sponsor these MP’s some newspaper to improve their English..

  185. Please take out all those muhibbah TV ads from the air especially during festive seasons. They make me sick. They sounded as if we ordinary Malaysian folks are not united and therefore teaching us how to be united by respecting different races. It is in fact the government policies which encourage discrimination against minorities .
    If they really think the ads are good and want to air it, please print or send the ads in vcd format to the ministers’ offices & residences. They are the ones who really need to look at the ads and learn something from it. Ordinary Malaysian have no problems living together and understanding the sensitivity of different races. We are not like the stupid officials tearing down Indian temples, waving keris, holding UMNO GE during Deepavali and sembelih cows at our Parlimen’s entrance.
    God please send some basic rational senses those $#^@%^ dogs.

  186. lol! confirm they just gonna say… ‘Its only Minority of ppl say my english sucks.. actually is good. Why u guys keep potraying my english sucks! WHY! look.. 28Million people.. only so few say my england sucks.. and besides.. i am not answering the questions becuase its YOU who is not asking the question correctly.’

  187. //..The following gems from Mr Bush show that Zam is in good company though both these creatures could hardly be called good in any sense of the word. Anyway, enjoy…
    The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country.
    If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.
    One word sums up probably the responsibility of any Governor,and that one word is ‘to be prepared’.
    I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future.
    The future will be better tomorrow…//
    Mr Bojangles at 14 November 2007

    Haha. That’s another reason why we love laughing at Bush!

  188. All our economics, social, crime rate, corruption, education, quality of life is pointing south, except politics is north (remember the erection every 5 years).
    Politics almost control and determine every other facet/factors listed above. And it is driving all these factors to point of no returns.
    I suggest a change of power to jolt the whole systems, or at least a 50% 50% parliament that could have some teeth. contrary to popular belief (made popular by mainstream press), PAS actually govern kelantan well. You can ask orang kelate of all races.
    Anyway, its all just rambling of mine, how can you win if you can inject phamton voters, questionable voter (philipino given malaysian IC), move electoral about, gain 60% popular vote but control 92% parliament.
    Thats what Bersih is about i think.

  189. I think that the government now seriously
    regrets allowing Al Jazeera to set up
    shop in this country.
    Obviously, it must be thinking that,
    being a Muslim station, it will side with
    whatever this government is doing but
    obviously this station has a mind and will
    of its own!
    Well done, Al Jazeera!

  190. Hey Kenny..i found this in emails tht fwded to us…i think the goverment should have read about this too…
    Organisers recently announced the seven new wonders
    of the world. Here in MALAYSIA BOLEH -land we have our very own
    7 wonders.
    The only building built with no approval and unpaid
    assessment fees that is not demolished and sealed. The
    owner is the first bankrupt to be able to own
    a palace.
    The unique feature is its ability to ‘leak’ away
    billions of taxpayers money while the guardians of
    the nation stood there all wet.
    The only $600M prison in this world that is free of
    haunted stories and encounters. Reasons No execution
    was done here before. In fact no prisoners were held
    in here. There are also no concrete walls with barbed
    wires to contain souls – both dead and alive. Maybe it
    can qualify as the first imaginary prison built with
    real money.
    The nation’s premier eco-tourism park holds the
    record in the category of attracting more lawyers
    with litigation than tourists with binoculars.
    Uniquely design to alleviate floods. When completed,
    it does everything except alleviate floods.
    The one and only high tech city in the world that
    offers limited or no internet connection to its
    The most crooked bridge in the world dreamt by a
    most crooked mind. Too bad it was abandoned; otherwise
    it would make it as one of the wonders.
    ( p.s. NO WONDERS – PRICES today had increased “NAIK , NAIK, NAIK ” in 2007….look and see….for sure….garanteeeee ee….tahun depan minyak mestiiiiiiii naik punya….this year cannot naik….sebab sudah promise-mah. ..!!!! tahun depan sure naik like soyuz pecut…dasyhat looo….
    what do u think ?? keke

  191. Hei, Kenny, you dont main main, i can detain you under ISA, no trial, and you can blog near taiping zoo, no other country provide this service, because we have MSC, no censorship, and you can tell the whole world how nice we treat our ISA detainees, we are a first class demo-critic country, they can have 3 free meals everyday, chinese bakuteh breakfast, mamak or indian curry lunch and melayu nasi for the dinner, no pock!

  192. People should not be afraid of the government, government should afraid of his people. Let’s start a new revolution baby! Let’s kick some ass!

  193. Our beloved minister dont really know wat is blog and yet he acted like as if he is super knowledgeable. He slams our dear opposition leader Lim Kit Sixng’s blog and accussing him for defamation. What a crap ???
    he should learn more blogging lesson from you Kenny. He didnt even know wats the different between comment from the visitor and the main Blog. LOL..
    p/s : His engrish is as good as our work minister’s BM.. both should attend language course. Is a real shame !

  194. i think, the caller is fake lar like fake video lingam…maybe need a new suruhanjaya to siasat this erection caller…hehehe

  195. maximum respect to this guylah! for being bold enough to attend the interview when he knew he could only talk shit! or maybe he didn’t…i mean, he thought he was speaking english all these while! hahahahah

  196. I can’t believe he’s actually a minister! He even stutters on Al-Jazeera!! What a blardy disgrace. The government should send him for a speech therapy before allowing him to make another interview.

  197. Eschede:
    LOL You crack me up, dude. No, seriously. Stop the capital letters, because that’s called caps lock abuse. Kenny did a good thing by posting up this topic. He was NOT making a jibe about the minister’s language, it was just what all of us noticed at first glance and commented on.
    It’s only my opinion, but perhaps Kenny’s trying to make us Malaysians aware of the standard of people who are working in our government. His language can’t be the judge of his work, yeah, but seeing how the minister reacted to the reporter is somewhat a proof that his credibility as a minister is pretty doubtful, which is probably why he’s the butt of everyone’s joke now.
    Aah well, you may disregard me anytime. Good job on posting this, Kenny. 🙂 All Malaysians ought to know the truth. I hear from my own lecturer that the Star papers were bought over by the government, which was why it only speaks good things about them and filter the bad. LOL Biased!

  198. lets check out the ‘chorus’ of our information minister’s rap..
    “Do police, first police, like, they handle them, they attack them, they… the police don’t, don’t, don’t fire anybody?”
    “Police, our police have succeeded in handling them gently, right?”
    reporter:”As you say that, sir, we’re watching scenes of protesters being sprayed by chemical-filled water!”
    reporter:”Our correspondent came back to the office, sir, with chemicals in his eyes!”
    “We are allowing them protest, and they have demonstrated.”
    “We… this protest is illegal!”
    “I don’t, ya, you, Al-Jazeera, this is, is Al-Jazeera attitude. Right?”
    how about our information minister’s attitude?
    i dun think this convinced anyone to vote for them…

  199. Eschede, you are a disgrace to the country. you can sit right in front of your computer everyday and ask everyone to shut up, but the rest of us care abt our country and wish to see changes. we are not cowards like you. please read more abt politics so that you can know what’s really happening. bagaikan katak bawah tempurung.

  200. Whahaha!! Erection, erection, erection… how many times did he repeat that?? Godness. I’m totally disappointed by m’sian government. Make no mistake, I love my country. But sometime, they just make me feel sick. Wake up ok? They don’t even have the guts to let us sound our own opinion. Takut apa? Only can sit inside the aircond rooms, and plan their next makan money actions or those that’s absolutely no benefits at all to the ppl of our country. Sick of it. It’s a fake democracy, I shall call it a dictator politics, seriously.

  201. Reporter: So why can’t people protest then, if it’s a democratic country?
    Hey ! They should ask this to the Singapore gahmen !

  202. You are missing the point, Eschede! not us. Kennysia is not a political blog and for a misinformed idiot like you, all i can tell you is to open your narrow mind and read between the lines! if all Malaysians think like you, we’d be really doomed! i hope you are not a Nazi masquerading as a Malaysian….Eschede is a place in Germany, isn’t it?

  203. Zam zam alah kazam dont speak english, cant blame him. he speak england. he came back from england that’s why you all dont understand and malaysian have erection once every 5 years and all malaysian can Fu** his ass.

  204. Haiyah, in Penang, a drain sweeper or trishaw rider can speak better English. I would expect a Foreign Minister, who has to deal with many foreign dignitaries to have a much, much better command of Inggerris.
    God, what sort of people does UMNO have. Are these amongst their best?

  205. Dear Akumetsu,
    what if the oppositions wanna work with the gov, but the gov refuse to giv em a chance? Hv u seen the parliament proceding? you’ll be surprised to see the way our ‘glocal’ MPs interupt whenever the oppositions speak. they just don’t wanna listen. Hypocrite Pak Lah and friends actually hate the truth and love refuting whateva the oppositions say, trying to portray this sick nation as a healthy one.
    while you doubt the abilities of our oppossition parties, i doubt if voting more oppositions won’t bring more good than harm for our future generations.

  206. Well, we all realize our government could be better. I thought our Minister of Info could have handled the interview more professionally. Even if he’s dislike what’s being asked, he should not have wet his pants and shot out confusing sentences. But IMHO, how many politicians nowadays really made a real “difference” & impact for their people? The Ghandi or Mandela type are gone. Sad…real sad.

  207. msia will turn into sumtin like indo (no offence) if nothing is done. corruption..etc…
    i’m not yet legal to vote.. so u guys out there, make the right choice.
    erectiong i believe is extremely imporant.

  208. It’s so obvious that they are suppressing oppositions down to make sure they are right at the top. No one can do much cause new laws kept being formed to stop oppositions from protesting. This shouldn’t be called democracy but DemoKeeSi.

  209. It’s so obvious that they are suppressing oppositions down to make sure they are right at the top. No one can do much cause new laws kept being formed to stop oppositions from protesting. This shouldn’t be called democracy but DemoKeeSi.
    (Okay i forgot my name and that I’m a chicken with no name thing came out =_=)

  210. @youmaycallmechicken.
    i agree with all m’sian,we must vote BN out and boycott m’sian mainstream newspaper.BN BIAS,CORRUPT & BIG LIAR..LIAR..LIAR…

  211. My god, I think people who speak Manglish is 10 times better then him. What was he blabbering about for the first few minute? I think this minister should go back to kindergarten for proper English lesson. It’s a disgrace to Malaysians. I don’t think I can show my face to a foreigner now.

  212. as a malay who doesn’t use English in regular basis, i think this man had just humiliate the entire race. wut a bloody moron.
    this is not about who support who. u dont feel anything after our so called “minister” just made this country look stupid? plus, what are going to say about our local newspapers who reported only 4,000 people attended the rally when the original number are definitely more than that. so shame la UMNO, scared bcoz people odi know a lot…

  213. Damn…n I just wondering how this joker got pick to become our information minister..I hope this joker don’t exit anymore after our coming erection.. So malu..malu.malu.malu. I hope pakistan will not aim their ballastic missile at us because of this joker remark. For the joker… get a decent jod at a circus la..

  214. let refresh our country with our votes…after complain and disappointed,we need to change the situation by our own effort …with vote

  215. tmd malu sial…
    buang muka malaysia liddat, he is making a monkey out of himself.
    walao eh, i listen to all that engrish and i wanna brown-bag myself sial.
    please don’t tell anyone that this fella is a malaysian minister, siasueh sial.

  216. Guys, this guy truly is a good minister of information.
    Knowing full well that that the incident was blown out of proportion, he decided to scapegoat himself.
    To make himself appear so stupid and funny and retarded up to the point that the focus of the people shifts to him instead of the thousands of people who get chemicals sprayed into their face.
    Damn, he’s good.
    No one is this stupid in real life.
    I expect him to get a promotion sometime.

  217. dia punya english hor.. ada pernah pass kah?
    ataupun dia langsung tak pernah belajar english?
    masa itu cikgu mengajar english, dia kat belakang main lanjiao kah?

  218. it is a disgrace that he is the information minister. isn’t communication about conveying a message, presenting information? he can’t even talk properly.

  219. on the serious side, my friend’s parent who works with the Ministry of Information (penerangan) had explained that their primary roles are to “spread the words of the ruling government”, which includes propoganda.
    So, i am not surprised. Ministry of Misinformation indeed.

  220. Malaysia is in the mood for raps….
    1st we have Negarakuku
    then we have Negarakukuku
    next we have Corek, Corek, Corek! from lingamgate.
    now we have Pardon? Pardon? Pardon? you you you!
    what next?

  221. Malaysia Bo-bo-boleh! He is right, we are different because we have a minister who-who-who can’t speak proper eng-eng-engris. I-I congratulate him for-for making Malaysia so-so-so different! That-that’s it!

  222. now eschede,
    i have already been reading lk siang’s blog for a while now, and a few other political blogs, and i must say, i bet there are a lot of people like me who read those blogs too, because we care about the state of malaysia, with minister of misinformation and AAB’s turkeys trying to shut out the voices of the people.
    we are concerned about the unfairness of the elections [or shall we say “erection” to quote zam], we are concerned about the lingam scandal, because this is what makes us malaysians. if we malaysians are not concerned, who will be?
    do you think those monkeys in those shouting competitions in parliament gives a shit? they don’t. they are concerned in eating their nyonya kuih and whether their keris can be used to prove their manlihood since erection comes only once in five years.
    yes, i agree that some of the youngsters who are reading this blog might not have been aware of this until now, but do you really think they are not intrigues enough to find out the rest of the facts themselves and figure things out?
    you need to be a non-bumi, stay in malaysia, visit the govt offices, study in public uni of malaysia to know what kind of shit we are forced to take from the government.
    whenever i watch the news on malaysian tv stations i just start laughing at the joke that the malaysian media is.
    no wonder we have to depend on sources like al jazeera. they know malaysia more than the rakyat knows malaysia.

  223. It is only right that the minister compares us to Burma for just like them, we too are fighting for democracy. the only difference is that we are supposed to be a democratic country already. Of course, while his mouth says that, obviously his brain knows that we are not all that different from Burma, perhaps a little bit more peaceful. Oh I’m sorry, we would be a lot more peaceful if the police hadn’t used such force. It was meant to be a peaceful rally, wasn’t it?
    I don’t even want to nitpick at his English, because there are so many other things wrong with his statements.
    Perhaps a mention of how he so quickly accused aljazeera of coming with presumptions and wanting to portray Malaysia for what it isn’t. He only portrays his own presumptions towards aljazeera by such a rash and unwarranted accusation.
    The poor man, picked at everything he could think of to dispute facts which were being shown in video on the screen. Picked so hard, his words went round and round and I don’t think he even knew what he was saying anymore after a point.
    It would be hilarious, really, if it wasn’t so pitiful.
    I have to comment the opposition for having wanted a peaceful way for free democracy and I hope that no one would actually put plans to fight fire with fire into action. We really don’t need anyone to make Malaysia regress any farther, if we wanted regression, we’d stick to the current governance, thanks.

  224. Well, he has no excuse for his poor english and the way he makes himself sound so uneducated, but don’t tease him for his stammering! He can’t really help that.. It’s awful the way you guys go on about it honestly..

  225. Shake head. Shake head. sigh. Pathetic.
    Thank you Kenny.
    As a Malaysian student studying abroad I can’t believe this at all! My future in malaysia is at stake. I’m starting to think about settling in another country, for the sake of my future and my parents!

  226. everyone has an agenda. that is the first and foremost rule in politics. barisan national was not the party it once was 50 years ago. 50 years ago it stood for the people by the people. despite jaafar onn’s dream of allowing the other races to join UMNO, his call went unheeded. the ultras started to take over and become so distorted and possessed by the idea of ketuanan melayu that it has used the national front as its machine to spread its neo-eugenics far and wide.
    the smarter ones in the ruling party will know that every division won gives them more power to manipulate the law to which they see fit. needless to say the laws behind closed doors benefit the few.
    i am a malaysian. as much as the grass is greener on the other side, i would not leave her. i love malaysia not because of the national front (BN), not because we have multibillion dollar projects year in and year out. i love my country for the people regardless of race and religion. our country is blessed by the Almighty with such wonderful resources. funds that could help make the people’s life easier. to provide funds for research, health, education to bring malaysia into the world stage. silly and stupid stunts like a crooked bridge, two phallic twin structures, and misinformed ministers will only earn us disdain from the east and the west who see us not as the stable power we could become in a turbulent SEA, but a country run by a generation of morons with an obvious delusional problem that is on the borderline of gradiosity.
    to love your country is a completely different thing than to love your government.
    those who claimed that they left malaysia because they have found greener pastures, i know that some of you still think fondly of the mother land. she needs you more than she ever will at this crucial stage of democratic renaissance. do your part not for the government but for the people. until the barisan can see clearly, in my eyes we are one, not chinese malay indian orang ulu iban bidayuh, kadazan murut bajau orang asli penan punan melanau we are malaysian
    to serve and protect what we hold dear
    -The Stallion-

  227. Boy o Boy..Is this the kind of man we have up there as Information Minister???Wa Wa What has become of the P P PM?
    I am astonished at his response (the English)…best for him to just say NO COMMENT,NO COMMENT…NO NO….He not only brought disgrace to the Nation but the English language and now encourages our local music industry to compose more Rap numbers…buahahahaha
    Wake up la, u so call urself Info Minister,what did u score for English during MCE/SPM???? I wonder what topic he got for Oral English?…TRAIN RIDE?…no wonder he sounded like the steam engine that cant start

  228. actually, i think this is good. ESCHEDE did raise a few valid points. and so did the rest who didnt agree to him.
    i suggest readers just dont lean to one side when reading the comments. read both coz theyre all valid. it kind of opened up my eyes a lil bit.

  229. we are having erection. erection. lol..btw the protest is about the election and Zam says they have the election every five years thus there is no need to protest. The problem is the citizen are suspecting the election process is unfair, phantom voters etc.. which brings us to the question. How does having an suspiciously ‘undemocratic’ election justify the illegality of the protest? Zam is a dickhead.. who will not get erected

  230. Since he got his diploma from Berlin, may be the reporter should do the interview in Deutsch :). Lack of proficiency in English in not a new issue here. Even some international leaders like Secretary of UN (from South Korea if I’m not mistaken) once was criticized concerning his not so fluent English. Even some Prime Ministers, presidents or ministers from non-English speaking countries can not deliver their speech very well in English (and even cannot speak). I agree with some suggestions that this minister, Datuk Zam should get himself a translator.
    Well, that was not the real issue here. The sincerity of our government on leting ppl to speak up should be questioned. IMHO, this is like some sort of a wake up call for those who are still sleeping. And I believe that BERSIH has managed to warn our government for not messing up with the ppl (voters). Yeah, our country do need a reformation. So, let’s get together and speak up(voting can be an option too) for a better tomorrow.
    p/s: may be I’m too idealistic.

  231. Even if he has a translator I don’t think it is going to do him any good. His response was pathetic and doesn’t reflect anyone who has calm rational mind.Only know how to response in anger.
    At this point even if opposition party win the next election it’s not going to be that bad. In fact I think it is a refreshing change for Malaysia’s politics.
    The government doesn’t have transparency that is required of them. They censored everything. Students who are supposedly be the next generation are forbidden from politics. This whole thing caused most of our citizens to be blind from all the apparent problems that our government has.

  232. As my english is poor… i have no comment regarding his english…
    But can he shows more logical thinking, or try to make sense in what he said… So pai seh as Malaysian to have such minister…. -.-”

  233. Even if this current regime were to be toppled,who can guarantee that the next administration will not go down the same corrupted path again.The sad truth is,it has become a way of life in M’sia for one to milk the country and people dry once they have attain a certain level of authority and power.

  234. Not bad kenny. Your this posting get posted on RPK’s Malaysia Today website. You’re going to more famous..

  235. they must learn sign language. at least then other wont know how rotten their english is. being in a british ruled country, some still speak like horses. and trying to run a country. o_O

  236. I’m thinking – this bad English incident has made more people online unhappy/amused/aware than the rallies themselves.


  238. Fuck u la idiot(kenny-stink-sial)-…scold that fucking minister that was humiliating malaysia lah..fuck u that you came malaysia first,fucking immigrant from indonesia that claimed this land to be theirs!..yeah right..i preferred the colonisation anyway..its better off than having our tax money being spoofed off to a low breed of filth!..fuck you on that!

  239. Hey you! Kenny-stink-sial!
    what’s wrong with living in the East? Dont you go and insult all East Malaysian now! It’s all the money from our land that put you thru school so watch your manners!
    and yes, Swk and Sabah joined Malaysa to form Malaysia so that makes us equal and not any less!

  240. So… down with BN… and vote who into power?
    You guys are insane.
    Having BN is better than having PAS anytime.

  241. Hehe, BN can change new blood. Not necessary voting for opposition is the solution. Incompetent politicians should just step down and not holding to the post so that they can masuk more money into their pocket.

  242. well I never aspect to see malaysia will have all this.. you know.. my frens n i always talk about malaysia politics wont be like other countries which always fight with the goverment over some political stuff..
    we are democratic country!! as what the minister said~~ he is really true.. everyone in malaysia is busy with thier own personal life..
    busy with thier job/bussiness/shares/loan/money/shopping/dating & lots more.. no 1 is free to do all this protest.. maybe i’m wrong after all.. In malaysia do happen all this useless stuff.. I’m abit shame for my country..
    but in the other side.. the minister is not all right.. people portest but he can’t use chemical to shoot on them!!.. even a worst country the goverment never use that to shoot..
    wht we always pay our tax to the goverment.. they buy all this useless chemical? or maybe we always rasuah those goverment.. this is what they buy to protect themselves?.. rubbish man..
    Totally Disappointed With Malaysia.. I never believe such things will happen in malaysia.. Or maybe all this things happen is because of that guy who just came out from jail and he want to revenge to the whole country? Then I rather he go back in.. more pieaceful for the country..

  243. if the country is democratic, why do you censor the news and publish fool reports, there’s definitely something wrong with the government.

  244. I think kenny-stink-sial at 15 November 2007 1:07 PM andFuck U Idiotic Bastards at 15 November 2007 1:32 PM are two cybertroopers in disguise.
    It’s way too convenient to have two d**k heads squaring side by side.
    Don’t fall for it people!
    Prove i am wrong by showing yourself with your real name!

  245. @kenny-stink-sial.
    without sarawak and sabah oil(each states 10B/year), you can’t get what you have now in the WEST. The real thing we are ROBBED and under COLONIZE again by the WEST M’SIA.

  246. Hehe,
    You would never be able to change the governing party to PAS over night, idiot!
    All we want to see is the decrease of “majority” in the votes BN gets!!! Warn them!!!
    Keep up the good works.
    With great power comes great responsibilities. You’re well-known in the local youth community; do what you think you should do!

  247. _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/
    Keep up the good works.
    With great power comes great responsibilities.
    You’re well-known in the local youth community; do what you think you should do!

  248. _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/
    Posting thrice just to make sure you read this.
    Keep up the good works.
    With great power comes great responsibilities.
    You’re well-known in the local youth community; do what you think you should do!

  249. Kenny’s post sure did highlighted the ugly side of our government. And it damned sure hihglight the fickle-mindedness of most Malaysians who commented on this post too.
    You’d have to be extremely stupid to criticize someone’s english with your own TERRIBLE and SHITTY english.
    You’d have to be extremely dense to say that you are ashamed of your own country and want to migrate.
    You’d have to be extremely retarded to support any form of actions that will only result in chaos and unstability, even if it is only for a day.
    And you’d have to be EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY FUCKING IDIOTIC to think that this post would make any difference or influence anyone do make any difference to the current state of politics.
    I’m bloody sure and anyone with common sense too would know that almost everyone who commented here don’t really care about this. You’d prolly be talking about the next post Kenny puts next week and forget all about this.
    Every government has its ugly side, so for those people thinking of migrating, you might as well kill yourself now and migrate to hell. All you people sitting on your fat asses in front of your computer are doing that without even realising that it’s made possible by our government.
    This vid only gets those people (let it be with good or shitty english) talk and only talk for a few weeks. To those Chinese with better think twice before criticizing someone else’s english and humiliating yourself. For those who actually THINK their oh-all-so reasonable and well-thought out arguments. I hope you enjoy the pleasure of no one giving a fuck to what you say here.
    You people can only survive in DENIAL.

  250. Ah, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what he’s trying to say. Its to advanced for my standard.
    The way he speaks, its a disgrace to Malaysia. He needs to go back to primary school to learn to speak PROPER English.

  251. i think you are crazy eschede…
    you are just like the minister…
    no control over your own emotions…
    it’s an absolute waste of time for other people to read your comments…cos it’s all rubbish

  252. Wow, seems like there are three different topics in here.
    1)Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin’s incredibly potent verbal speech.
    2)Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin’s sophisticated command of the English language.
    3)People who just like to flame others because they have nothing better to do in life.

  253. Well, rumours in the diplomatic circle say that the election is going to be in December because our PM cancelled all his appointments with them.
    With people’s feeling still running high, I guess they have to think twice, huh?

  254. i think they need to be quick coz they cannot delay too long about the lingam case and oso it left very little time for his majesty to respond…They still can cheat if king kept quiet…

  255. Minister: YA! It’s a illegal protest because we have the erection in Malaysia.
    – Because there’s election in Malaysia, we have no rights to make protest or demonstration?
    – Great, make sure you guys decide who’s talking after the next big ERECTION.

  256. I think ppl need to understand one thing: the main task for msians is not to bring down the BN gov – that for all practical reasons is impossible – our main task is to put a STRONG opposition in parliament so that BN or more specifically UMNO can’t do whatever it wants.
    I personally don’t think that ANY political party today is worthy of leading Msia but I am voting the opposition anyway because UMNO has too much power concentrated in their hands.

  257. this is funny n embarrassing, how can they let such a minister handle this kind of interview? the interview is a bigger joke thn the protest incident. the minister resembles idi admin (former dictator of uganda) making a joke of himself, funny n sad. hope no one here knows anything bout this coz it will make me think twice to say tht i’m a malaysian.

  258. Zam made himself looked like an idiot for sure…
    whoever needs more information on “wat’s going on actually???”,you can visit the website below:
    for the “actual” news, please…not the “story making news” reported on the local newspaper and local tv.

  259. I find the inability of some idiots here to refute what I said is a sign that what I said was right, or that they’re too stupid to argue something objectively.
    Snide remarks on my infatuation with my CAPS, or on what I choose to do with my free time, or my employment are meaningless as well as useless. It just shows you have nothing better to say and it’s not actually politics that you’re interested on. You’re just interested in belittling someone else.
    Only a handful of them actually have smth meaningful to say like mas or whatever-his-face. But look how many people actually continue the discussion from their posts.
    Take that and compater to the flame posts I have generated from these idiots. Nuff said.
    That’s what they really want to take part in. The bashing. Psh. Not politics. Oh the fun.
    Dear daniel and my enemy, time to wake up and take it up your ass. Anyone can throw an insult. But not everyone can reasonably point out what I said was wrong. Especially not idiots like you.

  260. Eschede: it is irrelevant that some members of the public have “worse” English skills than the respected Minister. You ought to be aware of the FACT that he was required to speak in context of representing the intents of the Malaysian Government. His level of communication should therefore have been relflective of the level of his responsibility. For those talking to friends in coffee shops, etc, the context is implicitly different and therefore quite acceptable to run on variations which may hold little grammatical accuracy. People in Malaysia are decent citizens who want to be represented WELL by their ministers to the international community. It is futile for you to attack the public on their level of English. They are not the ones speaking on National Television.

  261. Eschede and all: I just want to remind you that this is not a political blog. You should post your imflamatory remarks somewhere more appropriate.
    Kenny already stated many times that he does not side with any political parties and would not touch on religious and other sensitive issue. It is supposed to be fun and humorous blog. Most readers leave their comment here to have fun, one way or the other. I was having fun reading Kenny’s entry and all the funny comments until you spoilt the fun. Wouldn’t you all agree?
    Lighten up! If you can’t, take your SERIOUS discussion to a proper platform. Not here.

  262. You say it’s irrelevant to compare language proficiency between the minister and members of the public. The issue of relevance already went out the window long ago when commentors start talking about how that video represents our so-called defective government.
    It is also futile to talk on and on about the laughable standards of our politician and crying out for change. You as well as I know that most of these people here aren’t going to do anything else further than give their useless criticism and saying so and so is better without even giving it a 2nd thuoght.
    They say the government is all talk and no action. Look at our youth and so-called future leaders. All loud but no substance. Boy our country certainly is doomed now.
    If even voting is said to bring no difference to the better of the current state our country is in, isn’t it in fact then that it is utterly useless to even bring up this post in the first place, and just bitching on a blog about how sucky the government is?
    What bugs me is how can these idiots who are pro-opposition parties blabber on and on how they would do a better job because of this vid. Are they saying everyone in the opposition parties have perfect english? Are they saying that if they get their way, all our ministers will be top notch politicians, good english, character and all? It is okay to say that the government could have done better by appointing someone more capable for that interview. But condemning the whole government? Huh.

  263. EschedeEschedeEschede,
    U r different today…softer…reasonable today?…That a good sign…What happened?…Is it the broom effect?…

  264. then you better tell the other commenters who gave their “serious” point of views to get the hell out too.
    Because Kenny only wants senseless rants here! Ain’t that right Kenny boy?
    The idea that someone put in saying that Kenny’s actions was to raise awareness in our so called youth community just went *KAPUSH*
    This ain’t for serious discussion folks! We just wanna poke fun at people!
    As for your Dinosour, I know you have tons of crap to say. That’s because you’re full of crap. Your senseless rantings and insults (if you consider them that) only complements me. I take the pleasure of knowing you can come up with nothing better than total bullcrap. Do come up with anything you want, I’ll be happy to return with what it’s worth. Nothing.

  265. May be they realized that and they did (but they can’t delete their own comment). Unlike you, you keep coming back and make things worst for all of us.

  266. EschedeEschedeEschede,
    How u wan us to love our country? Teach us the example to present ourselves, I noe u can, I believe u’re the best man in the country to do so…

  267. EschedeEschedeEschede,
    I noe u really can, don be shy, u r appointed by the goverment, an example to us all…let us noe how, we are all ears…waiting for u great speach for the love of the country…

  268. Aww Hee, did I make you cry?
    And how can you say I’m making matters worse. You’re hurting my feelings =(
    I’m sure people like Dinosour would disagree with you on that. I’m just giving people like Dinosour and the other idiots a reason to be pissed of and a target to insult. Just like Kenny.

  269. EschedeEschedeEschede,
    I’m not pissed at all, I do really love u, come my country man, my goverment agent, teach us the best way to present ourselves a malaysians, I like your style, teach us to curse like u on internation tv…

  270. EschedeEschedeEschede,
    I glad tat we have people who speak like u in our country, its way better that the Zam fellar…At least u got style…

  271. its just so obvious that Eschede is employed by the government…or could it just be mr ZAM himself? btw…u have said more than enough Eschede…just keep your opinions to yourself will you?

  272. For some very strange reasons, our beloved goverment agent has been very quiet, he haven’t got any good advise for us yet, hope he really feel the love of us for him, and come up with a word or two of good advise to be our example…

  273. Walauweh…..surely got “standard la”…..our ministers r true user and master of mang-lish langguage…imagine dictionary “Kamus Manglish” produced by “max-ford”….compulsory in all schools…no wonder our ministers in international meetings don’t speak much…i think not allowed to blabber n bullshit!

  274. i guess his degree n master or whatever crap educational profile he owns is bought…normal-lah, Malaysian culture..bribe here n there, most probably favorite place is coffee Bean or Starbucks…loves giving n taking KOPI-O, otherwise how on mother earth can he pass his examinations??? ponder ponder…

  275. EschedeEschedeEschede,
    “You’re a dumbass”?…Is that the golden word the goverment wants us to learn?…Is that the word we should greet our ministers and do interview on international tv?…
    That’s a very fine word, Eschede, you must have gone a long way to bring us this message…
    Infact I must greet u with the golden word too…

  276. the spirit of “Malaysia Boleh” or “proud to be Malaysians” terms are seriously seen n exercised in his answers…he argue until so syok, got so high…until he don’t even understand what’s in his head, most probably pee-ed in his pants answering those questions! sounds like it anyway…hehe. “Malaysia Boleh” = “even my english like dog-pooh also can become minister, so can u!” lol

  277. It’s a phrase, idiot. It must have really hurt your brain to come up with a post longer than your previous others. Do take a rest. You’d do better sticking with random one-liners.

  278. EschedeEschedeEschede,
    Idiot? Is that another golden word? I love it! Infact I strongly recomend all goverment agents in their offices use this word to greed everybody…Agree Eschede?…I think u’re the best! Idiot~?

  279. Our beloved agent has been quiet, we must full heartedly greet him with the 2 golden phrase he taught us to be malaysians…
    We must thank him by honouring him with the 2 golden phrase… “You dumbass” (phrase1) + “idiot” (phrase2) Eschede…
    Dinosour Y(^_^)

  280. Well guys and girls of the world,
    We truely thank the goverment to send such a wonderful agent here to demonstrate the way appropriate way to present ourselves internationally, give it a big applause to our truely magnificient goverment agent…

  281. EschedeEschedeEschede,
    To dear Eschede, I am going to sleep d, my beloved agent, thank you for showing us the advanced english goverment agents use, now i understand more on how Zam spoke d…U r truely our beloved dumbass idiot, TQ

  282. wow still debating?!
    i believe the topic here should be..
    minister’s lack of good engrish, obviously poor governance of the country.
    and what, they dont use violence to solve the prob? “a picture speaks a thousand words” =)
    pardon me for saying this, but msia simply dont pump in enough money to support the country.

  283. lack of good english = poor governance of country?
    wow..EXCELLENT deducing skills you got there! what next? lack of good english in the youth community = Malaysia’s DOOM?
    See what I mean Kenny? Your so called “awareness” campaign attracts (or maybe encourages?) ridiculous thinking like this.
    I’m sure you meant no harm tho, afterall there is nothing wrong with having a laugh at other people’s expense right? Just so happened some idiots happen to be your readers.

  284. eschede if you honestly believe everythings brilliant with msia’s political situation you must be either semi-retarded or be of a certain race that loves living of the fat of the government. either way im assuming you did not think the video protrayed the msian government as imbeciles even though the idiot in the video made totally inane arguements,responded to the questions asked to him with irrelevant answers and to top it off spoke with the eloquence of a monkey on crack.
    to kenny, keep up the good work. i admire your guts, spreading awareness on this so-called democracy of the country.

  285. Dee is exactly correct, the country is suffering Apathy. All Whine, Hand-wringing, Anger but in the end, Reluctant Acceptance at playing the Victim.
    The Democracy I defend is based on Justice & the Inherrent Right that Being Liked is Not a prerequisite to FAIRNESS. Ignoring Injustice to others is an Okay signal for You to be next.
    If Ballot-Box stuffing or any Undemocratic practices are suspected, Malaysians could apply for International Scrutineers to oversee Elections and render a “Fair or Unfair” Electorial process. Scrutineers were even in US during last elections.
    Overseas Malaysians should register to vote if possible, people voting more than once have to vote under different names to avoid prosecution. Unregistered overseas Nationals and thousands of Deceased Votes have been proven to keep Dictators in power under the guise of Democracy.
    Information Minister Zam is proof of past complacency and Lack of Interest by better Qualified Malaysians, I do not blame him for grabbing the Opportunity. Is it an Erection every five years or a five-year Erection? I’m looking for the link between Genitals & Vocal chords.
    I really have difficulty understanding HOW an Apartheid Doctrine Constitution became Law in a Commonwealth Country.
    Corruption takes Diligence & Time to eradicate, afterall conditions didn’t get to its present sorry state overnight.
    In closing, Sincerely:- “Get off your Ass and Vote, the Ballot Box is your only Hope”, or loose the right to complain.
    Good Luck.

  286. Dear Eschede,
    Of all….u represent da most typical example of
    nothing wrong 4 an INFORMATION minister speak w/o content
    its juz so right 4 a minister to yell sensitively agressive on INTERNATIONAL tv
    totally GREAT 4 a representative of country to trying to speak for da country has in turn disgracing da country wif a broken language

  287. Indeed, it’s a rap where Malaysia Politician clearly shows that they do rapping and make an ‘impactful’ interview on Al Jazeera News.
    Kenny! You are brave to blog about politics! I’m looking forward to see more entries!

  288. to : (Kenny-stink-sial)
    do u obviously think u are really defending your own beloved country when u are discriminate us (EAST:SABAH & SARAWAK) ???
    or maybe tht Zam Zam was your father ?? then u must be the anak luar nikah lol …does he give u monthly income to make u SO defend west ?
    We (the east) has more attitude and more common sense and we are obviously more independence then some of the state in the west when most of our income from timber and oil goes to the west for developement and most of the time the west discriminate us the East.
    u should be thankful to us instead of thinking u the west are genius.

  289. no use commenting so much. things won’t change. why not get on with our own lives? although i know in malaysia things are just so wrong. to be honest i’m quite ashamed to be one but can we change anything if we complain and debate so much here? no right?

  290. all this “drama” was a clever opposition plot a good one i must say, obviously they make alot of noises and getting attention for it,i guess that’s the only effective way since main stream media are all controlled by the state.
    Both the govt. and the oppositions are the same, corrupted. Election is for you and me to choose the lesser evil thats all.

  291. To: Teru
    Err… Are you a dumbass? Other than your bad english, that may I just say its a notch better than the minister in that Video, you’re not making any sense.
    Read the Blog Entry, VERY VERY CAREFULLY. He isn’t defending anyone. Infact hes just stating the facts and allowing us to make our own opinions(While making a joke and poking fun at the Info Minister)
    Secondly.. Kenny is FROM East Malaysia. I’m sure he knows the resources get piped to that little strip above Singapore. Where the GOD DAMN hell did he state East Malaysia sucks or is being discriminated? When does it even implicate Sabah Sarawak, Or any place located in East malaysia.
    I personally think Kenny is doing the right thing. Anyway, you should be proud that someone like him has risen from Kuching, has been able to express, relate and convey his thoughts and feelings to others, without imposing it to us. He has never said his opinions were right or wrong, only given us information, and his own opinions to judge for ourselves.
    As you so called Discrimination to East Malaysia, Please note that of the places that Kennysia visits and makes regular blog entries(Not to mention largely positive and jokey ones), one is Kuching, Sarawak.
    He has never implicated or explored the possibility in anyway that East Malaysia is lousy, lower than, dumber or in generally less desireable than West Malaysia.
    I should answer my own question. You are a DUMBASS.
    ~Dude of Dudette

  292. I don’t think democracy ever exist anymore in any country in the world, including the big boys like US or even Australia. It’s all about power, money and more power. Anyone who has power can say anything they like. So unless we’re holding the top position(s) in government (which I don’t know how), then we can make better history.
    Ppl, we’re in a sad sad world……….

  293. “no use commenting so much. things won’t change. why not get on with our own lives? …..can we change anything if we complain and debate so much here? no right? ”
    Dear Reader,
    not quite really, wif debates, comments n criticises (i rather col dis communication)… it stimulate ideas n understanding….as well as grasping da attn of da ignorant 1 to THINK…
    quite an effective tool to get rid of our infamous ‘tidak apa’ attitude
    “there’s time when silence is a betrayal”

  294. Just an example of one of the idiots we have running this great country. It’s amazing what Malaysia has been able to achieve despite these idiots. Imagine what the country could be without them…

  295. Why in the hell did they put him up there in the 1st place? Is he was the best or only minister we have in Malaysia? He’s really making a “BIG BUFFON” of himself..
    The funny thing here is
    1. When ppl dun agree with them – it will be that we’re from the opposition.. (helooo… d poor journalist is a foreigner. No connection whatsoever with Malaysia)
    2. Giving answer which totally unrelevant with
    3. Pardon me? 3 times.. I think he’s got a hearing problem..
    4. Love to compare with “other countries”.. God bless us if d “other countries” started to get even with us thanks to the “BIG BUFFON”.
    Once again.. God bless us all & protect us from another “BIG BUFFON” attack..AMEN

  296. LoL so funny… he said “we’re not Burma, we’re not Myanmar…”
    Burma is the old name for Myanmar! Either his general knowledge is BAD or he’s just plain stupid. Why is he allowed to still be Minister? If this was Japan, he would be asked to resign, or in the name is face-saving, he’d step down himself. Or perform harakiri lah, whichever is less painful.

  297. My goodness.. This is such an embarrassment.. I cant imagine any western countries coming to interview msian ministers again.. Since it’s soo pointless.
    Guess I jz wasted my laz few minutes listening to bad english I cant even understand. This is bringing such a bad name to msia.. I can see why now so many people from western countries do not know where msia is.
    So sad. =/

  298. Hi Eschede,
    You know what? You’re making a fool of yourself just like what ZAM did if you noticed (Only that ZAM had a wider audience and greater embarassment).
    Maybe you don’t actually notice that because you just went swearing and used “phrases” to greet people.
    The minister needs to be careful when he speaks, so that he speaks proper English.
    You? Try to be more polite. Hope you do not act the same offline, or you’re really really doomed, my dear….

  299. It all govemant fault we no speak good England. Got educate sistem British when Merdeka, but govemant fockup and make Malay only. Now compete how in world?

  300. I really cannot imagine such a person is a minister in Malaysia.

  301. Damn bloody embarrassing… if he had shut up or said ‘no comment’ he’d have seemed guilty but cool about it, add a touch of class; but he had to open his mouth and be an uneducated kampung politician that’s guilty as charged for human rights infringements.. Didn’t get a damned word he was saying. Was he trying to defend his office or did he have a personal vendetta against the government, trying to misrepresent our nation with his shit version of English… shinglish.. That interview was full of shit. Incompetent fool..
    Eschede, use your brain if you have one, I’m not a big fan of Kenny, but Zam’s the minister of information, how in heck is he gonna do his job well with his “command” of the language?!?.. if i can even call it that.. He can’t communicate for nuts!!!! Might as well come up with a ministry of MISinformation!

  302. I salute Kenny for even understanding what the fool is trying to say. I listened to it 3 times and still cant understand much of it. Such a JOKE.Sometimes I wonder why a country that is abundant in natural resources can achieve so little economically. I guess with all those clowns in our Parliament, its a blessing we can even survive until now. Its a long way to go before our government can win our respect.
    Can somebody tell us if there is any way we can vote if we are not in Malaysia during the eRection?

  303. Do you know that……
    “When the first volley was fired on the assembled marchers around the Masjid Jamek-Masjid India area, word was passed down the line that the 19th Brigade of the Royal Malay Regiment or Regimen Askar Melayu Di-Raja (RAMD) was on stand-bye, to move in if there are any fatal casualties. Fourteen armoured cars (kereta perisai) had earlier arrived from Sungai Petani and were parked at the Sungai Buloh military camp, ready to roll at a minute’s notice. It would take them ten or fifteen minutes to arrive at the scene of any violence against the rakyat.
    Panic buttons were pressed and alarm bells rung. This had happened once on 13 May 1969 in Kampong Baru. The Royal Malay Regiment is not one to mess around with. The Agong is their Commander-in-Chief and soldiers are trained to obey their Commander-in-Chief at no consequence to their own lives.”
    excerpt from
    “What the eye does not see”

  304. wan: Can somebody tell us if there is any way we can vote if we are not in Malaysia during the eRection?
    — As far as I know ( and i tried last time), no. It is impossible for us to do absentee ballots here in malaysia (unless you belong to: military, diplomats, or our ‘angkasawan’ who happens to be in space during election day).
    But, since our postal service is unreliable and it can open for abuses (like what the opposition has been charging), may as well don’t do that. Think about it. You never voted but a vote with your name on it came to the counting center….. how to verify??? don’t forget our vote is supposed to be secretive, so, there is no way of telling if the real person actually sent it.
    That’s why I have decided to save enough money so that I can buy a plane ticket and go back to Sarawak and VOTE! (from KL, of course, he he. I will go bankrupt if I have to fly all the way from the US just to vote.) All of you should do the same too!
    The greedy government took away our ‘Tasik Biru’ for the gold underneath, our town’s identity and what do we get in return? Nothing! (And it all happened when i was studying in the US). Except a mud filled and arsenic filled lake! This used to be the “Tasik Biru” electoral area, and now, Mas Gading…..? Where is Mas Gading????
    So, people who are currently overseas. May be you can’t vote but you can ‘educate’ your friends and family back home and tell them who their friends and foes are. Just tell them the truth (is it that hard to tell the truth?).
    keep the momentum going until election day….

  305. Ouch. A truly painful performance from ZAM. At least the interviewer seemed to be enjoying herself.
    However, lots of people seem to be coming in here only to diss ZAM’s English, make sweeping generalizations of the entire government, flippantly state that they will vote the opposition based on ONE video…but yet really couldn’t give two flying nuts about the country’s state of affairs and have done 0 research on the country’s political background.
    Man, as much as I’m disagreeable with that attitude of Eschede’s…he’s actually right in this aspect. 🙁

  306. at least, i the gooder than that-that-that stupit minister. keep quiet good. people don’t know you stupid. talk like stupid what for?

  307. i just don’t understand why the government has to be in denial about everything. just admit that there’s a problem in the system, and try to fix it! other than just saying there’s no problem, ppl are just overeacting etc etc.

  308. I think…. the prime minister must do a much need shake up of the cabinet. fire all the lousy ones and replace with new people who actually are updated with today’s news!! i realise the ministers in malaysia are in their own world! malaysians who voted for them must be in denial. 50 years man! 50 years of independence, and what did the country achieve? they kept reminding the country of their glorious past, but really, does the past really matter now? its the future that matters!
    and from the way they present their cases, u can tell they have not been reading the world news! and the way the speak, is like they want to pick a fight with u!! this is so unprofessional! they should spend all the tax payer’s money, updating their knowledge and polish on their communication skills, instead of footing the bill for someone’s adventure to space! What returns will u get from sending that guy to space?! how do expect to do business with the world, when you talk like a kaki gaduh?
    and they want to achieve all the impossible by 2020? DREAM ON!

  309. Eschede,
    lack of good english does nt necessary means poor governance. perhaps i missed out the word ‘and’.
    can you really say that msia has an effective governing system and policies?
    the information minister cant even provide a sound and convincing explanation for what have happened.
    pls cast your votes wisely.

  310. Goodness gracious me…what horrible English!!! Such an embarrassment to the country…someone should just fire him
    Erection…haha and is he deaf??? The interviewer was crystal clear…he seriously needs a hearing aid

  311. Check this out. I didn’t know Malaysians living overseas aren’t able to vote and are even discouraged to 🙁 Well, we can but we’d have to fly back to Malaysia. No voting at the embassies even though less ‘developed’ countries provide the facilities to do so. Shows how ‘democratic’ Malaysia really is.
    Oh Kenny, if youre reading this, more entries bout Kuching, can? Hehe. I miss Kuching sooo much. I discovered your blog googling Kuching food. Your Kuching food award entry actually made me cry. Lol.

  312. Come to think of it, do you all think our vote is a “SECRET” (as been claimed by the Government)? The last time I given my vote, I remember the clerk written some numbers (I think is the so-called “Angka Gilliran” at the back of the voting paper. So much for the secretive.

  313. i dont know why thouse people like to kacau you kenny
    bully shit chicken you tell the truth
    just me jeremiah here

  314. Haha.. shame on you minister.. while Indonesia receiving Democratic Award from Associations of Political Consultants (IAPC) Malaysia shame themselves by harashing protestor calling them illegal haha..!
    I am so pity with Malaysian people having such a jerk Govt. For me I still prefer Mahatir Muhammad to lead your country.
    For the opposition, bring a massive demonstrator and bring all of Malaysian people to reformasi your rotten goverment.
    I support you!

  315. i am honestly shocked to hear such words coming from a minister’s mouth. malaysia better reformate soon, and hopefully our bilateral relationship will become better.
    salam from Indonesia

  316. You put this under “Engrish”? I’d put it under Malaysian Embarressments.
    Remind me again why the hell did sarawak join semenanjung? Nothing against you guys. Just the government.

  317. well…many of commenters here gave and argued about their own opinions and thoughts…yeah it’s healthy to exchange thoughts and opinions so that readers like me can actually get a clearer picture of what the society think…if only governments can actually spend more time understanding what citizens think instead of defending their own “special rights”…
    since everyone gave their comments i’d might as well give mine…i think it’s human nature that everyone is afraid to lose everything that they’re holding…especially malaysia…when they had been ruled by imperialists for so many centuries…of course, when they finally obtained independence, it’s natural for them to be paranoid and have this fear that the non-bumiputeras will take over their country someday…
    however, on the government’s perspective, if they really care for their own country, they should have put peace above everything else. they should not care too much about their own heritage being lost…as long as they maintain their culture…their heritage will never be lost…and if the government really wants malays to rule the country, they should not spoonfeed their own race until even the incapable ones hold high rank jobs while the truly wise and capable ones are not given any chance to even have anything just because they’re non-bumis…exactly like the minister of information…this just shows that he is not used to handle any troubles and what does this prove? he has been spoonfed all this while and when something happens he’ll just stammer and contradict every sentence due to his nervuosness…the thing is, if everyone are given equal rights, like the ‘survival of the fittest’ concept, i’m sure the bumis will strive for excellence and incidents like bersih protest will not happen…so many people protest…
    and one more thing…government should spend more time trying to understand what all the citizens, regardless of bumis or non-bumis are trying to say rather than banning or stopping all those protests…what’s the point having elections when citizens are not given any chance to speak? elections does not show everything, but what the citizens trying to say is the key to solve the problem.
    i hope the government can put some sense into their head haha…

  318. forgive me if my english is terrible…haha…i’m only a reader after all…not a minister of information…*grins*

  319. eschede,dinosaur,chicken,hee,idiot,…aiyo…so much bickering on this topic…use another platform or forum la if u wanna be heard…i wanna laugh hear not think think until the cows come out..better i go find some lunch

  320. HIDUP kenny!!! what sarawakian said “AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN”. never give up till our voice hear-up by those we consider as our representative. Never say Die B4 U r Die”.eee. I just wondering what the hell is info’ minister trying to let world ears know about m’sia. he made a big mistake by giving that kind of statements. N please dont blame rural areas people cos there is no way out for them to develop thier area. put urself in it.

  321. to “DUDE of Duteeeee”
    I think u r the one who should read VERY_VERY carefully. Kenny-stin-sial is not came from our state “borneo”. so, watch out ur mouth. dont play-play.

  322. what is democracry meant? Is democracy illegal?If no, why use Police force disperse the right means of democracy. We as Malaysian has the right to voice our opinions what is right or relevant according to Malaysian constitutions.

  323. is this one of Kenny’s most commented post yet? let’s keep posting! hahaha. 🙂
    Still, kudos to Kenny and for all other readers, please take a thought of the event that had taken place.

  324. Eschede,
    If you’re a girl, get some medication for your period immediately. Or better yet, exile yourself from hummanity for a week before deciding to speak.
    If you’re a guy: just shut up and get laid. And while you’re at it, get that person to pull that massive stick out from your ass.

  325. did you guys hear the news? Malaysians overseas will not be able to vote unless they are home. Only students and civil servants and oh, the space visitor can vote. All others.. NOT.

  326. I agree our Minister of mis-Information (branded by Lim Kit Siang) has disgraced the M’sian government, the M’sian people, and most definitely himself. However, he is no more less eloquent than the rest of our politicians (altho he probably stammered more than the average govt official). Our PM, our DPM, the whole lot lah! Watch the local news for more un statesman-like behavior.
    Why not hire a speech coach??!! (Margaret Thatcher had one after she became PM) At least hire a qualified public relations person to prep for interviews and press conferences lah. Badawi’s MSNBC intervew a while back was embarassing too; I changed the channel after less than 5 minutes. Our politicians don’t seem to have role models when it comes to carrying themselves professionally, how to lead a country effectively?
    Forget reformation – we need a revolution.

  327. I agree our Minister of mis-Information (branded by Lim Kit Siang) has disgraced the M’sian government, the M’sian people, and most definitely himself. However, he is no more less eloquent than the rest of our politicians (altho he probably stammered more than the average govt official). Our PM, our DPM, the whole lot lah! Watch the local news for more un statesman-like behavior.
    Why not hire a speech coach??!! (Margaret Thatcher had one after she became PM) At least hire a qualified public relations person to prep for interviews and press conferences lah. Badawi’s MSNBC intervew a while back was embarassing too; I changed the channel after less than 5 minutes. Our politicians don’t seem to have role models when it comes to carrying themselves professionally, how to lead a country effectively?
    Forget reformation – we need a revolution.

  328. hihi reader,
    elections does not show everything, but what the citizens trying to say is the key to solve the problem
    agree wif u on tat 😉
    actually its such a logical concept….but weird enuf..our “representative” fail 2 do juz tat…mayb da ‘so-called heritage’ and most importantly da personal gains ‘munny & power’ weighted above all

  329. oh lalala ..
    i feel proud .. at last .. some dumbass himself replied my broken engrish and he can actually understand it ..
    ouh im so touched ..
    To : Eh?
    ~Dude of Dudette~
    and what the heck are u thinking i am talking to Kenny or what .. BTW, did u read the whole 500++ comment ?? DID YOU ?? DID YOU ??
    well.. read again ..dumbass … read all of em .. include one of the comment post from (KENNY-STINK-SIAL)…

  330. Bra-fucking vo!
    Another pubic hair on our cap!
    Will this embarassment never stop?
    Speech impediment apparently is a prerequisite for global interviews. And, oh, don’t forget baseless argumentative points.
    Next time, send my senile grandma for interviews. At least she doesn’t stammer and knows how to smile a lot and be polite.

  331. To : Eh?
    ~Dude of Dudette
    Are u blind ?? do u read all of the comment before u post your reply ??
    once again, i should answer my own question..
    you’re blind .

  332. yes Kating Yes Kating .. thank you very much .. that blind dude is blind .. he should ask a grandma to help him to read very very carefully..dude.. u should watch your mouth

  333. honestly,
    if only the malaysian goverment wasnt so racist.
    i hate the fact that my father has to work twice as hard to earn his keep because no good lazy ass malays are given “help” from the goverment.
    my parents sent me overseas to study because they didnt want me to grow up in such an absurd goverment system. im in uni, and seeing such a ridiculous image of my home projected on international news makes me want to spit in the gov’s face. give us the right to free speech, and then perhaps the goverment would start doing their work instead of fucking politicians taking my father’s money! give equality and then only start calling malaysia a muhibah country!

  334. I think it is a joke that a minister talks like this. It clearly shows that our pollitical and educational system has failed. I have been actively trying to educate the people on this other blog, about the $20 million space tourism issue.
    The money could have gone into feeding the poor or building better schools, but I find most MAJORITY of Malaysians refuse to see it, only the MINORITY who has lived through hardship knows that this is a wasteful spending. Please give your two cents at this blog. Keep it clean and respectful please. Thanks Kenny for a meaningful post.

  335. Eschede,
    If you’re a girl, get some medication for your period immediately. Or better yet, exile yourself from hummanity for a week before deciding to speak.
    If you’re a guy: just shut up and get laid. And while you’re at it, get that person to pull that massive stick out from your ass.

    Amen to that, hun. The only thing that’s more entertaining than a wanky post is a wankier asshat trying to be witty and tripping over themselves. I love it.

  336. lulu,
    yea nowadays people are just so corrupted with money and power…and not to forget malaysian governments…
    “The money could have gone into feeding the poor or building better schools, but I find most MAJORITY of Malaysians refuse to see it, only the MINORITY who has lived through hardship knows that this is a wasteful spending.”
    yea true…even s’poreans don’t spend so much money on sending astronauts despite having stable economical status…no point sending astronauts…people already know how space looks like…might as well give the money to the poor and underpriveledged ones…or even giving out more scholarships to students…for better “modal insan”…

  337. Hi friend out there especially to Mr Marrow…
    1st of all, im sorry to hear ur situation which is i considered as “discrimination”.
    Ya.. ur rite. However my friend, u should be proud of ourself bcoz ur race must be among the greatest one. BUT it is different in Borneo, we are non-malay but bumis is always recognized as “2nd Hand Bumis”. How do u fell if call in that way? Nowday, we facing it. I BELIEVED ONE DAY WILL BE A BIG RIOT IN BORNEO. Soon or later it will happen.
    To eschede,
    I am very sad if u r gov servant. As gov servant we shouldnt give in that words to express our thought. Im not good person in English language but at least try to down tonne our words.

  338. erection??? wahahahha
    We are allowing to every erection… every five years never fail! ????
    what the hell? hahaha erection every 5 years? poor their wives!

  339. oh my god… zam wanna erection? hahaha.. just get him some of those V!@Gra.. hahahah. that should do the trick! I have no bloody idea what the hell he’s talking about in the interview. This kind of people still can be minister? He’s sucks!!! I guess he’s trying to sound smart but he isn’t.

  340. why?
    why did they let him speak???its so embarassing how emotional he was.
    ps i wasnt aware malaysia had an ERection every 5 yrs…

  341. A GOOD LEADER SHOULD KNOW THE STRENGHT OR WEAKNESS OF HIS WORKERS/SUBORDINATE. In this case of Zam Rap, I think the current system of appointing Minister or deputy Minister should be revamp. Many of our ministers are either incompetent (Ha! Not Impotent) or too efficient (in term of personal gain from awarding the project under their ministry). Can anybody really give example of any past or present ministers’ idea which benefit the country and the people of Malaysia??

  342. hahah..this is what happened if the malay rule a nation.malay are so stupid damn ass creature is this fact they’re the one who keep voting for UMNO and BN…they want that discrimination policy to live longer.that’s why this stupid country going backward and getting dumb,because the leaders are mostly malays with their government full with dumb ass hopeless malays.(malays=malaise).just look at singapore and u can see how the chinese rule a and prosperous.we should unite and kick the malay out.

  343. Well, I beg to differ of your statement CB Lee, being ‘Malays’ are dumb ass nimrods… If those statements were for those residing in some goverment agencies… or UMNO for that matter… then, go ahead. But, mind you, there are many intelligent ‘Malays’ out there who’re unsufficiently utilized and the amount of mind energies that these malays have are staggeringly crazy if given the chance for them to let off their ‘steam’ in a so-called ‘public speaking’ opportunity. Don’t be such a chauvinist cum racist pig. Malaysia is not about standing alone in your sweet panty hose.

  344. ‘Intelligent’ malays? where got intelligent malays?if this country got intelligent malay,UMNO wont be standing until today.It shows that malay are so stupid.still voting for UMNO eventhough they’re being used.ok la,if got intelligent malays,maybe a few of them la.Exceptional.maybe they went to SRKJ(C) for earlier education.the rest of malay is hopeless.they only ended up saying ‘what to do’’s our fate..”. just admit la, whatever the malays do are lame and so stupid one.look at their music,film and whatsoever.lame and lack of fact, look at Malaysian Football many malay players.that’s why we are going nowhere.Malay are just lame.the male are the perverts and the female is just sluts.
    I’ll watch the extinction of Malay from my new home in a new equal-progressive country.
    “tiada Melayu hilang di dunia?” ass!!!
    They have this discriminate policy for years and u calling me ‘chauvinist cum racist pig’..either u r a malay or another stupid malay-sympathizer chinese,thehmatrix.

  345. CBLee, we love free speeches, but not when comes to racist slurs. dont bar like a stray dog. i am a chinese too.

  346. Dear CBLee,
    Where were you during the 1st Wave of the Revolution(Reformasi 98′)?
    Where were you when the revolutioners (which is mostly Malays) got beat up and thrown into ISA cell by the Police?
    Where were you when the Malays asked, “come and join the fight with us..”.in late 90’s.?
    Isn’t you the one who have this shallow mind thinking that,if the opposition win the election, PAS will imply Islamic Law or Hudud and the non-moslem will have to circumsize?
    Isn’t you the one who have this mentality of “.tak kisah lor…as long boleh cari makan maa..”
    Isn’t you the one who afraid this revolution will jeopardize your business?
    Who makes the UMNO stand still??
    Lim Goh Tong, Robert Kuok, Vincent Tan…these are the chinese tycoons who keep funding and feeding the BN,especially the UMNO and make them ‘stand still’ until today.
    The Majority of Malay voting for UMNO/BN??? what the hell r you talking about??
    In 1999 election , 2 most populated Malay states(Kelantan&Terengganu) voted for the Opposition.While in Penang( the most populated chinese state),they still prefer GERAKAN. Even DAP cannot penetrate the state until now.
    Those Malay revolutioners are trying to fight for all the ethnics in this country but in the end, they got the insult from the chinese.It seems that,The chinese don’t even know who is the real enemy.You should fight the Government,not the Malays ,u idiot.It’s ironic,because the quote “.In order to win,you must know your enemy..” comes from chinese (Sun Tzu).
    For those who ashamed of being Malaysian and wish to leave this country:
    JUST GO AHEAD…just go to a place where you can be proud of your new country.This Revolution doesn’t need cowards like you guys.The Revolution is here to stay and only the strong and the brave will hold on.
    “..Dimana Bumi ku pijak,Di situ Langit ku junjung..”
    “Lawan Tetap Lawan” (Anwar Ibrahim,Masjid Negara,September 1998)

  347. malays…seriously a bunch of idiotic racial scumbags.
    they can look the the mirror and say that the image in the mirror aint em…
    look at what the “minister” is saying…aint it racial?
    damn…he talks like a retard…

  348. To bro Neo,
    Let it be.Let the chinese spread their racial slurs to us in here.
    Chinese…they only know to whine and complaints..they’re not fighters, they just bunch of whiners and cowards.
    “They come ,they stay and they’ll leave”..they just like parasite.what do u expect from them? ask them to join us to march on the street for a better country?are you sure?they wont do that.They are not brave enough to confront the police and FRU.they only good at complaints, at our back.
    The only time they’ll join the street protest or demonstration is when the government want to stop the Pig Farms..just like what we can see in Melaka.The pigs are more important to them.
    Just forget them..the revolution and Reformasi is better off without’s our war’s between Ordinary Malay Vs Ruling Class Malay.It’s time to take the power back.
    Btw, if there’s no Chinese in Malaysia, we probably have kicked out UMNO in 99′.Thank to them and their tycoons,UMNO is alive until today.really funny..they voted for NEP and they blamed us.Bunch of ‘double-face’ maggots!

  349. please be assured that people like cblee are a minority. we really don’t need people with racial bias in these country. what we need is a true bangsa malaysia and the only damn thing standing in our way is the race-based BN coalition. that is our one enemy. you know who to vote next GE…
    please read for more inspiration

  350. From a neutral Singaporean observer, I can only say Wow, you guys have a LONG LONG LONG LONG way to go. There does not seem to be any unity or pride in your own country, or trust in the politicians that you have elected (not erected, mind you). You really really have a LONG LONG LONG LONG way to go to build a nation that you can be proud of. I am Singaporean and my country is not perfect, but I am proud of my country, unlike most of the Malaysian contributors here, raving and slamming their own kind. Feel sad for all of you Malaysians. Sad. Peace be with you, sincerely.

  351. WTF??? can a democratic blog for rakyat like this turns into a hedious and ugly blog with full of racist remarks?
    If the BN-UMNO fascists read this, they’ll totally laugh at us.They’ll know our weakness.They’ll try to spread the racial hatred among us in this revolution.They’ll try to make our revolution weak.Please don’t screw up this time.This 2nd Wave of Revolution (nice word,Neo!) is all we have now.It’s all what we have sacrificed.
    Agreed with Ah lian,..need to know your real enemy.This country it’s like a box of crayons.It’s full with colours.and every colour is needed.
    and to ‘I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK!’ ,your are no better than a racist too.don’t teach us The Malaysian on unity or harmony thing.
    refer to your posting above:
    “malays…seriously a bunch of idiotic racial scumbags.
    they can look the the mirror and say that the image in the mirror aint em…”
    and don’t talk bout how Malaysian have ‘Long Long Long Long way to go to build a nation’.An advice from Singaporean is the last thing we want.You also have problem with ‘democratic’ PAP too.

  352. BWAAAAAK! Chicky baby. Spent time in Singapore before current prosperity when the Island wasn’t much more than a transit changeover for shipping,and the central points of Industry were Boogey Street & Deska Road. Opium Tea was free with Pousse in the dens, even got rolled once.
    You were LUCKY to have Lee Kwan Yew,The Most ASTUTE Politician of modern times in my opinion, to guide Singapore into Modernity, MIRACULOUSLY without Any Natural Resources, strictly through EDUCATION & INCLUSION. Even more Miraculous, With NO Current National DEBT. EVERY reason to be Proud, but never justified to flaunt.
    To compare with Malaysia is akin to earning a Phd in Zamming. Very Constitution on which the country was founded is DYSFUNCTIONAL:- So bad that US & EU recently declared Malaysia a RACIST Country and postponed signing Trade Deals worth over $40 Bil. Malaysia insisted Trade Contracts only be signed with Malays with No consideration for Competitive Merit.
    Affirmative Action Laws to Exclusively Benefit the MAJORITY is Tragically Hillarious in any language. Especially since Malays were reluctant to fight when Indonisia Invaded Sarawak. It was Gurkhas and Brits with a few Aussis & Kiwis who drove them out, over 250,000 Soldiers.
    If Malays are unable to close the Intellectual Gap over SIXTY Years, it is because they simply don’t have what it takes,or more logically:- Have Come to Rely on UNFAIR Racial Advantages as a RIGHT. I do believe the correct term is APARTHEID.

  353. Even if they shut this blog down, I will definitely still support you. After 50 years of so called INDEPENDENCE, this shithole is still as incompetent like they were before MERDEKA. What this country needs to do is replace those bald fat useless ministers with productive ones instead. If the ministers want to talk about democratic rights, mind you just shut the eff up. Here, only the Malays gets opportunities, while the rest of the races will be left forgotten to rot till death. We as non bumiputera citizens have to work our butts off to be accepted in to universities or colleges. But the Malays gets to sit back and watch the rest of us slowly die but still get OPPORTUNITIES. All we get to hang on to is HOPE. Don’t diss us, on why are we so arrogant and competitive..working hard to beat the odds made us like made us STRONG. It made us realize that it’s a waste of time searching for rights in Malaysia. Finding for rights in Malaysia is like searching for a needle at the base of the ocean.