Halloween Party @ Mojo

I always envy those living in other cities who always get to go to really cool Halloween costume parties.

Virtual Insanity, Singapore

Kuching is hardly the place to celebrate Halloween. The past few times I spent Halloween in Kuching, we’ll hold a party in a pub somewhere, and then we’ll have three people turning up dressed as ghouls and draculas, and the rest will come wearing normal going-out clothes. So boring!
I don’t know what is it in Kuching’s river, but I think people here just aren’t generally interested in dressing themselves up in stupid costumes and dance like an idiot. Even Miri has a better party scene than Kuching.

Tombstone says “I cheated on my wife in memory”

But Mojo last week held a Halloween party and it was surprisingly fun.
Gerald totally pimped out his pub.

“It was viagra that killed me.” Heh, I don’t think so dude!

He even built a graveyard outside the pub. For dead pubbers.

Then there were nooses hanging from the ceiling.
The fun part about any good Halloween party is always the costumes. It is the only time in the year that guys can dressed like fools and girls can dressed like complete sluts and no one can say anything about it.

I was dressed as a member of the Taliban.
And yes, that’s a priest standing next to me. Check out what he was holding.

The New Sotheby’s WINE ENCYCLOPEDIA?! What the hell, right?

Moments later the ‘Priest’ was seen smoking a cigarette with one hand, holding a Carlsberg on the other, taking a photo with some babes. Bad priest!

I like this picture. Not because there were two hot chicks (well yeah). But how often do you take a photo, only to realise there was an open casket in the background on the right, and a dead person sipping on Coca-Cola on the left.

With Little Red Riding Hood and sexy Zorro.

Cynthia the coprse bride. Doesn’t look very “coprse-y” to me.

Annette the French courtesan.

With Jack Skellington and Chucky’s Bride.

The bartender from Hell.

And the vampy bartendress.

Ismail dunked a whole bucket of ICI Dulux on his face.

The last thing you expect seeing at the bar is a bride arguing with a bloodied butcher, and a ghost stepping in to try to stop a fight.

Some time during the night, I went and visited a nurse changed my face mask to become a sex-changed Taliban prostitute.
There were a few among the crowd who dressed up really well during the night.

There was this Irish girl that came dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Bryan Nicholas had the full count dracula costume on. Fake teeth, cape and all. He won the prize as the best dressed of the night.
After seeing Bryan, I kinda regret not coming as a vampire.

You get to suck on chicks’ necks.
The best part is, they couldn’t say anything because it’s all part of an act. 😉

This is Gerald, walking around the pub with his 24-inch schlong hanging out, like he owns the place.

Luckily, a nurse was available on site. An emergency was called and the nurse arrivd immediately to administer an injection on Gerald’s freak sausage.
Too bad it was a weekday and I had to leave Mojo early to get to work the next morning. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that this year, at least one place in Kuching seemed to have all the ingredients of a great Halloween party.
There were scary decorations, free drinks for those who dressed up, and the Kuching folks were sporting enough to come in their best costumes. How I just wish there’s a place where we can hire or purchase ready-made costumes.

Happy (belated) Halloween everybody!

Blog Plug of The Day: simplicitacious. She’s someone I met during the Rainforest fest in Kuching earlier this year.
I tell ya, this chick is a catch and a half. Not only is she smart, sexy and single, she’s also one of the friendliest person I’ve met. No wonder they casted her as one of the eligible bachelorettes in Cornettos Love Perhaps.

71 Replies to “Halloween Party @ Mojo”

  1. wow cool.. but not really my cup of tea unless there’s a lot of ppl i know going lah.. neways costumes here are damn expensive lah.. one gorilla suit cost nearly 1000 freaking dirhams(RM)

  2. 21 years old and below are strictly ot allowed there la…LOL!!
    Where did u bought ur mask..?? Or did you made it urself?
    Miri? Oh yeah, the pubs here are really on fire that night. I wasnt allowed to go there but my dad and bro did. Hehe..

  3. It’s not what’s in the river, it’s simply what’s not in the culture. But don’t worry mate, give it another 7 to 10 years for globalization to work its charm and we might even have a public holiday for Halloween.

  4. haha
    you look more like sinbad the sailor than a taliban terrorist
    would have completed the look if you had a scimitar

  5. “It is the only time in the year that guys can dressed like fools and girls can dressed like complete sluts and no one can say anything about it.” lol sounds like something out of Mean Girls

  6. the supposedly sexy nurse is trying too hard. and she has too much makeup on. i’m not jealous but u gotta admit its true. shes OLD

  7. I was in Penang… did not attend any halloween party there… no one to go with :-p
    I missed the halloween party @ Canada. Canadian really celebrate halloween and they play hard too.

  8. the nurse is minee…yayay…..sexy nurse!! i love it….muaks for u! let me pick u up for next party yoyo..~~sexyyyy

  9. “my mom ” – That’s what halloween is all about, make up and costumes. I seriously think you’re jealous. Kenny, I think you’re masks are cool. Can you breathe in those masks?

  10. Don say in Kuching even KL don have all this hot festival.. seems like no 1 knows is holloween week also.. hmmm.. maybe i should make a hallowwen party next year which ask everyone to wear like ghost.. wow.. I’m sure it will be as fun as you.. but i wish everyone will wear like ghost~~~

  11. hell!!!!to Sober & Healthy; yes tat is Rayner!!!! huhuhuh….kantoi ko , Rayner..madah mau cover..tapi expose on a bloggers net..u lupa ka am a blogger too??? nw u really need to get tat cassock for a purification/ cleansing rite …u noti2 priest…

  12. Han Foong: not that KL don have halloween party, it’s just YOU missed out the parties lol~~
    seen a lot of halloween party pictures in this KL girl website 😉

  13. Nice use of those masks you bought 😉
    I was just thinking, after seeing your photos and the recent reviews of Lions for Lambs, the Cruise-Redford-Streep movie (which I have not seen yet), how we view the Taliban. To many of us, the western-minded and westerners alike, the Taliban are simple sexist/misogynist, close-minded, violent and stupid zealots (which I’m assuming inspired your costume??). Which may be all too true. But that also means that we tend to take this view for granted, and keep it at that. We accept the carricatures to be the true depiction of who they are, and in our own ways we mirror their ‘ignorance’ by not exploring what it means to be a Talib, from their own point of view. I read that the movie did the same, depicting Afghan insurgents (probably Talibs) as shadowy figures out to do sinister harm to the American heroes. And (I’m not like blaming you or anything ah!) so too does your costume, depicting them as buffoons with a frown fixed on their faces until they come face-to-face with a chio nurse (whence frown becomes pucker-lips)?

  14. your blogging style is mostly journalism, with some neutral opinion thrown in. you take some trouble to cover events and places. you have a very wide readership.
    the nov10 rally had woefully, but predictably thin (and some say distorted) coverage from traditional media. and although it has received single-minded focus on political blogs, most malaysians remain oblivious, but i believe, not apathetic. your blog reaches out to so many more people. i’m not asking you to start delving into technical politics, but su ann of quaintly.net (19 years old, a girl with her own life and everyday concerns) put up a simple, honest and relatable post – not propaganda, but touching and passionate – i think you can do just as well. so ok, rm500 is a lot of money for a weekend. but talking about it could be just as good..?

  15. vanessa, well. kennysia.com is not a radio station and we don’t take requests. 🙂 Yea I agree Su Ann wrote great about the issue. But she and I have very different styles of blogging, and I think we should have the freedom to choose the direction of where we want our blogs to go. I do write about social issues on my website, but I do it in my own style and on my own accord.

  16. kenny didnt stay for the fear factor.u missed out on the fun!
    taking pics of u having fun is not fun at all.join in the real fun.

  17. Hi kenny,
    Yes, you re not a radio station, and we re just unscrupulous Malaysians trying to hijack your comments section to promote a cause, that we (only we) believe is worthy of promoting.
    Like natasha above, i would plea/beg/whore for your (almighty) attention towards the “unruly, chaotic, mass rally” that took place at 10th Nov 2007, Kuala Lumpur. Goodness, i was stucked in the traffic jam for hours…and bet ya, i was ANgry…Angry not at the rally though, but at the stupid designer of the traffic network of klang valley, which effectively divert all traffics into major trunks (where the police happily camped with their security roadblocks).
    Yes, please provide us with the very much needed diversion and disattraction from my sadly low wage life. I need it.
    Thank you for writing for us.
    Is there a hugo prize anymore?

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