That PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash

The Project Petaling Street 2nd Anniversary Bash was held at Charlie’s Place, a little old bohemian Western restaurant next to an art gallery, located not far from KL’s Masjid Jamek.
I arrived at Charlie’s Place fashionably late – literally – when the hairdresser I was with turned my haircut from a 45 minute job to a 1.5 hour affair. 8:30pm and the place was already bustling with bloggers. Random bloggers and readers greeted me and I shook hands with them as I made my way into the restaurant to order my food and to introduce myself to Aizuddin Danian, the selfless owner of the PPS blog portal and host of the event.
A typical conversation at the bloggers meet-up went something like this.
Blogger: “HEYYYYYYY…. Hello Kenny Sia!”
Kenny: “Ummm… hi!” *scans for name tag*
Blogger: “Its me, my name is HunnyWunnyBunnyKins [or some other obscure online nicknames]. Remember?”
Kenny: “Oh! Hi! Yea yea, I remember you! You commented before. How you doing?”
*Repeat process with 20 other bloggers*
This being my first bloggers meet-up, I was very lost until I was spotted by Niki Cheong, an old friend from my involvment with Curtin University Student Guild some 3 years ago, and a rather well-known journalist himself. Thanks for the beer, Niki.

I know. Stop saying that we look like twins in this pic. Or worse, gay couple.

Its a different excitement having people commented on my entries to me face to face. A lot of people liked my Datuknametoolongitis entry. Few sent me their condolences and letting me know they cried reading what I wrote about my father (sorry!). Then there are those who told me the results they got from my ‘Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?’ personality test. Its all very interesting.
After the initial frenzy cleared up I began to spot some more notable faces in the crowd.

minishorts, Dave “Itchyhands”, Freckled Adam PeterPan, some guy I never met in my entire life, and KinkyPug Kevin

minishorts is indeed totally hot. Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile and good looks, ‘cos if anyone rubbed her the wrong way she has a tongue sharper than Gilette Mach3 blades that will not hesitate cutting you up into a million pieces. As a resident PPS crawler, she knows almost everyone at the venue. That girl’s social network is bigger than the whole freakin’ Internet, baby.

Whoa! Check out minishorts’ boobies custom-made top!

Niki introduced me to Adam, whom I recogised from JoyceTheFairy’s blog. Adam is also a host for 8TV. Too bad I don’t know what show he’s presenting ‘cos I don’t get 8TV here in Kuching. Otherwise I’d be squealing like a little girl having her first orgasm.

KinkyBlueFairy. Neither kinky, nor blue – but definitely a fairy.

Award for most glamourous babe of the night goes to Joyce ‘The Fairy’ Wong of kinkybluefairy fame, who came sashaying in with her red top, short skirt, sleek L.A.M.B bag in tow. Wow. Joce is the kind of photographer that looks fabulous behind the lens and in front of it.

ShaolinTiger aka Shaolin Harimau aka Shao Lin Lau Hu – arguably Malaysia’s favourite expat blogging geek. He’s the co-founder of

Nolah I’m not as tall as ShaolinTiger – he was sitting down and I was standing up. I am damn ashamed to say that this guy is more Malaysian than I am, right down to him speaking with a perfect Malaysian accent.

Fip, Kenny, Nessa Yeo and Lainie Yeoh.

Are they as excited to see me as I was to see them or what? I’ve been following Lainie’s blog way before I started blogging. Hilarity is guaranteed almost everytime Fip or Nessa is featured. Those girls are so naughty you can’t help but to fall in love with them.
Fip said she couldn’t help but to stare at my crotch. Coming from a lesbian, I find that comment very flattering. 😉
Nessa Yeo is hot. You probably can’t tell because everything she’s in front of the camera, she’s either making silly faces or flashing her ass-ets in front of me. Hands down, the wildest 16-year-old I’ve ever met – seen it all, done it all, even had a song written about her.

RSF Award-winning Jeff Ooi needs no introduction.

Check it out – its the little bird and the big bird! In that order, of course.

Reta, who has been reading since wayyyyyyyyyy beginning.


Jolene, who posted 3 (count it, THREE) photos of my butt on her site. The devil! What is it with women and their obsession with men’s butt?

I was elated to see Jolene ‘cos I thought she’s not gonna turn up. The SarongPartyGirl news in local media indirectly caused her conservative parents to think that blogging could lead to their daughter baring her titties on the internet. That and other reasons almost forced her to stop blogging altogether. Silly right?

David Teoh all the way from Melbourne. Visit his blog for awe-inspiring photography.

I’ll forever remember him more as ‘That guy who made me a millionaire playing BlogShares’.

Peter Tan (not to be confused with Peter Pan), the most heart-warming Malaysian blogger on two wheels.

I’ve chatted with Peter on numerous occasions. He’s the classic example of how blogging changes one’s life and one’s outlook on life. Its difficult not to like this guy because everything about him is so positive. I have to admit seeing that smile on his frail face reminded me of someone of my past. Eat a little more, Peter.

HB, one of the pioneers in the Malaysian blogosphere.

This is Huai Bin (HB), also from Kuching, whom I mentioned numerous times before on my blog. Later that night, he cheekily asked “We’re gonna do some K, wanna join us?”. I felt like replying “Nah its alright you can go ahead. I’m not very good at singing Karaoke!”

I know Suanie has been looking forward to this gathering like no tomorrow.

Suanie hugged me countless time throughout the night. As you can see, I was very shocked.
Quote from her site:
“I WANNA HUMP THEM LIKE MAD DOGS! … I’m going to have wet sweet dreams tonight.”

FireAngel used the word ‘fuck’ a lot in her blog. Too bad she didn’t say the same thing to me.

I swear I was molested by sultry FireAngel that night too. (no link to her blog, sorry) Her over-reaction cracked me up.

Amanda, whom I got to know through Jolene. And ShaolinTiger in the background pretending as if he didn’t know we’re taking a photo.

There’s a lot more photos but I’ll try not to kill my server’s bandwidth, especially after I freshly upgraded it. Feel free to click on the links here.
The more formal part of the evening was the PPS Blog Awards ceremony. Mack Zulkifli was made the MC of the night, and he was such a natural entertainer. He did a fantastic job electrifying the crowd.

Don’t be fooled by the seriousness of his blog. This man has charisma.

Quote of the Night goes to TV Smith: “And the nominees for PPS Ping of the Year are… Sarong Party Girl: My left boob is bigger than my right boob.”
I presented Simon with the Neophyte Blog of the Year award. Jeff Ooi added the Ping of the Year award to his collection. Damn that bastard. If it weren’t for that Anwar dude commenting on his entry he wouldn’t even have appeared on newspaper and won! What did he do to deserve that award?! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! This is so unfair I deserve to win that award and I was robbed, I tell you. ROBBED! Congratulations Jeff.
I snagged the Blog of the Year award. My balls are now officially huge.

I’m glad the shirt fits, ‘cos my balls sure aren’t gonna fit into my pants.

To those of you who thought that I went back to my hotel with my ‘groupies’. Nah, it didn’t happen. 🙂 I have my witnesses.
That’s how Malaysia’s largest blogger meet to date ended. It was a great night and I totally enjoyed meeting the 60 over bloggers and non-bloggers alike that were in attendance. Credit once again to PPS owner Aizuddin for bringing together and truly defining the Malaysian blogosphere. Without him, none of these would have happened.

When a cockroach mischievously crawled up her knee, Xav climbed all the way up the bartop.

Such diversity of people in the blogosphere. Blogs are the word-of-mouth of the 21st century, and I say it never looked so good.
So, seen anyone you fancy in the Malaysian blogosphere? 😉
Next up, Kenny ventured deep into the dark alleys of Singapore, joined a gang, and became one with The ‘Hood

Think twice before you cross two of the baddest rappers of Singapore – 50 Seng and Snoop Doggy Cow.

Peace, duuuuuudddddeeee!

45 Replies to “That PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash”

  1. reading ur blog is doing me good.
    i’m laughing so much (and thus sucking in the tummy,) which i’m so sure is gonna make me slimmer in time to come. hehe~

  2. OMG. The David Dave itchyhands is so blardy cute.
    HB is so freaking cute too.
    What’s with me and Davids?
    But hell yeah, dave is cute.
    Why ah! Why ah! Why sg no such cuties? I want to move back to msia.
    And i still prefer the actcool pic of the 3 dudes AND the gay moo moo pic.
    Don’t tell them i say that k.

  3. ehehe. so very random people. somehow, the actual traces the people and the profile of them in my head do not match. like for example, i did not have your actual voice in mind when i think kenny sia. i was expecting a deeper voice, more like mine, lolz.

  4. real pleasure meeting u man. do come again for a (hopefully) 3rd anniversary bash. and don’t forget ur coconuts this time yah…

  5. can’t wait to read about your encounters with the Singaporean bloggers..
    caption for the last photo is funny..haha..

  6. I wuz hoping that minishorts would take of her bra for a frontal pic for the occasion. You are not keeping some pics stashed away privately and holding out on us, are you?

  7. holy cow! Wah so paiseh got my photo featured in the best blog in Malaysia… Nice meeting you Kenny. We all enjoy your blog… Will blog when I return to Melbourne. No broadband la… 🙁

  8. ayy kenny! you and HB were the only reasons i came for the party, and i’m glad i finally got to meet you guys. =)
    mann. you are too nice.

  9. phew! finally a write-up on the PPS bash from the winner of best malaysian blog.
    kenny, what happened to your blog? yesterday and early today cannot accest it.

  10. Haha…HB asked us the same thing, and got a happy reaction from Nessa, Lainie smacking the back of her head, and Fip probably said something medical-related 😛

  11. Haha…HB asked us the same thing, and got a happy reaction from Nessa, Lainie smacking the back of her head, and Fip probably said something medical-related 😛

  12. suanie, you look like you’re glomping kenny, like a python crushing its prey. funny, you guys seemed well-behaved when i looked in your direction that night 😉

  13. sassyjan, quick! Drop the gym membership and ask everyone to read!
    Suertes, I can’t help it. 😀
    Scarlett Ting, gay moo moo!? Die liaw you say him until like that.
    BigNenNen + n305er, at least its not hairy. Not like I know though.
    qsl, don’t I have a deep voice?
    babysalad, but not very good in real life.
    HB, I feel very violated when you touched them you know. If it were kimberlycun touching my balls, then its a different story. BUT YOU!?
    Mei, glad you like it.
    Jayelle, now I know how the girls felt when they have pictures of their cleavage taken.
    Din, and don’t forget your 8555.
    curious george, that’s gonna be really long.
    inghui, all dolled up wattt
    Jessica, oi oi. he’s married ok.
    xialanxue, *cough* I don’t think that banana is big enough to hide my equipment. OI! And stop bullying wendy lah!
    kolokmee, she’s gonna be so happy to hear that.
    viewtru, please don’t hack into my computer.
    Reta, glad to finally met you too.
    davidteoh, good. now you know. quick! make me more money in blogshares! hehe
    eyeris, she posed. i took. we happy. 🙂
    ced sg, I read that entry. Thanks! Miyagi surprised me again.
    vanessa, I’m glad Lainie dragged your ass (pun intended) down here. The only person left on Lainie’s blog that I wanna meet is Daphne. ‘cos I’ve seen her ass too.
    Rodney, eh I thought you disappeared.
    lucia, I upgraded my server and they lost some of my files. Sorry. It was impromptu.
    Peter, 😀
    Lainie, I wanna meet you guys again next time I’m in town. There’s not enough time to talk to everyone aye.
    Sotong, everytime someone’s hands gesture like that, I think of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.
    fip, WELL BEHAVED MY ASS! Suanie is as well-behaved as Nessa in Thailand.
    Darren, that tee, a supposed 1-year free hosting, and bragging rights.
    Clara, stop making my balls bigger. Its too big already.

  14. MCH … you made me look like the evil emperor.
    Come to think of it, I always wanted the power to zap flies. Am sure it will be cool …. LOL
    Take care mate.

  15. Urh.. minishorts is indeed very ‘hot’.
    Note: sweatpatch from underarm on blue tank.. :S

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