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Last Thursday morning I flew to Kuala Lumpur to attend the Project Petaling Street 2nd Anniversary gathering. I haven’t been to KL since late 2003 and it appears that some things never change.


Like how when I walked through the gates of the arrival hall, I was immediately greeted by a group of middle-aged men posing as taxi drivers calling me ‘Boss!’, ‘Leng Chai!’ as they made noisy kissing sounds at me. Somehow I felt it was not because they love my blog.


Despite being mildly irritated, I asked one of them if he could take me to my hotel in downtown KL for RM35 – the cost of an express train ticket. Since there were two other girls sharing the taxi, he agreed and thanked me profusely all the way from Sepang to KL. Apparently life for a taxi driver has been difficult ever since toll prices increased.


The uncle went out of his way to make me feel comfortable, going so far as to change his CD from Hindi music to Britney Spears. Frankly speaking I’d rather listen to his Hindi music collection.


Dorsett Regency is a great hotel. Its relatively cheap, their rooms are very clean and they are a lot more spacious than most 5-star hotels out there. Its also located smack in the middle of Star Hill next to luxurious hotels like The Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot, at a fraction of their cost. I’d definitely consider staying there again next time I drop by KL.


Perhaps the only bad thing about Dorsett is that their housekeeping staff have the tendency to just enter your room without knocking. There’s a couple of times I neglected to hang the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside my door, and their staff barged in on me with nothing but my red boxers. Very embarrassing.

That, and the fact that they got my surname wrong.


Nabeh! Kenny Sai your head. Might as well call me Kenny Shit.


Next up, the PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash, and the “I Wanna Hump Kennysia” phenomenon.


Everyone now. Awwww….. (Photo credit: Kimberly Low of

I exceeded by 50GB monthly bandwidth allowance and decided to upgrade to a better server. In the process, almost crashed the entire site. Paiseh!

32 Replies to “The Travel Diaries”

  1. Yer lucky they didn’t get Kenny spelt wrongly too or else it would be Kana instead of Kenny.
    That would be really tragic!
    Mr. KANA SAI!

  2. haha. with kenny and sai together, it kinda sounds like ‘can eat sai’.
    i suppose this is only part 1, and there are part 2, 3, 4, and so on to come… or one very long part.
    we’ll be waiting with bated breath.

  3. Lucky you, kim looks real prepare for the humping session..
    yea hotels need to be real good to compete in those areas, but im abit shocked at the behaviour of the housekeeper, i would be really mad if they barged in seeing me with my boxers

  4. wahh…first time I’ve heard about taxis with CD player. Somore, the uncle got Britney Spears in his collection! Not bad, not bad.

  5. Finally… a proper entry after so many days!!! I’ve been lingering here like a dead ghost for days… Just kidding… Three Cheers for returning back to Kuching!!! (hip hip hurray)

  6. agreed with you. i was staying in the same hotel 2 weeks ago. i was on my way back after breakfast when i saw the housekeeping staff trying to open the door to my room. i was wondering why she did not knock the door as both my sis and daughter’s were inside watching tv.

  7. ahahahahahah ehh don’t get offended okay… i just realized Kenny Sai sounds like Kanna Sai.
    ps: aiyoo they probably have heard of your infamous pose with the red boxers, so were trying their luck lahh.. 😉

  8. maybe… just maybe… the sai is a hint that ur kns o.o :X
    j/k la… how are u now? still tired? enjoyed ur trip or not? saw ur picts all over mr brown’s and miyagi’s, u seemed all surrounded by… beauties..
    o woww… i just scrolled up and saw all the inferences to kns… see.. i ain’t the only one :X might be the truth after alll muahahaha….

  9. Welcome back. Missed you, man.

    Since there were two other girls sharing the taxi,

    Two other girls, Kenny? And tell me what the housekeeping staff was doing in your red boxers. 😉

  10. i agree with you about the hotel. really good value for the quality of the room, and if i’m not wrong its 4-star? anyway, my family has stayed there many times when we go up to KL. though recently its more of Times Square.
    And in the words of PCK, “Dont pray pray hor!” 😛

  11. The taxi driver, doesn’t believe in fate I guess, because those words translated means, “your life is in your hands”.
    And welcome back. Was shocked when your blog yesterday, gave me a directory listing.

  12. Hahahah, a rose (or sai!) by any name will smell as sweet.
    Good to see that your blog’s working fine now. Apalah, my comments appeared twice summore yesterday.

  13. Kenny SAI, look on the positive side always. The frontdesk must’ve been a Ninja Turtle fan, thinking that you’re Raphael or a Dragonball Z fan thinking you’re Kenny Sai-yaman. Should thank the guy/girl lah.

  14. Kenny,
    My compliment to you for being a upfront, down-to earth blogger. *smile
    Kudos for the award you won at PPS.

  15. Congrats !!
    btw, juz wondering how ur gf feels abt ur new fame n all the gers gg crazy over u. (Esp gers like XX, Scarlet, FF etc..)
    Think she muz be “stressed” manz !

  16. hehe.. told ya you’ll win 😉 anyway it’s pretty obvious u had fun… too bad we couldn’t meet up for drinks or sumtin.. ahhahah some other time! take care ;p

  17. I just got diagnosed for nokennyinmylifeiwilldiesis while you were gone and the doctor said you are my only that you’re back,I’m saved!!!

  18. ah great meet up. and the hotel people who check u in really kanasai, wrote your name wrongly… should get compensation for 1 night 🙂

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