ADV: How Are You?

“I’m fine, thank you.”

No, seriously, how are you?

Those 3 words must be the most taken for granted in the English language – “how are you?”

How is your well-being? How are you feeling physically? Mentally?

When I started my fitness centre a year ago, my goal was simply to start up a business I can call my own. However, as time goes by, I began to realise that I have a much bigger mission on my hands.

Let’s face it. Kuching people in general, are living extremely unhealthy lifestyles.

I have seen some people who actually FEAR exercising. Even when their doctors advise them to start exercising and eating healthily to avoid health issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes – they don’t do anything about it.

I have seen people who telling me that work is so important to them that they can’t take just 3 hours off a week to exercise. I have seen people who tell me that just because they are slim, they don’t need to exercise – as if the only reason to exercise is to lose weight and nothing else.

Then there are those who claim they don’t have RM125 to spend on a gym membership, but are more than happy to spend RM300 on a bottle at the pub. And even when they know their health is at risk, they continue to eat unhealthy food, avoid exercising and drink alcohol like no tomorrow.

That is an extremely worrying trend, but it is an unfortunate fact.

Living healthily has never been fashionable in Kuching. In hindsight, I could probably make more money if I were to sell alcohol or cigarettes.

Even before I started Level Up Fitness, I knew it would be extremely difficult to make money out of it. It’s difficult to change human habits, even for me. Educating people about the importance of eating and living well is a constant uphill battle. Still, I want to contribute something positive towards the community I live in.

Having said that, how am I?

I know I am not perfect, because I completed the Nestle Wellness Profiler (took me only 3 minutes) and realised I am what they called a “Health Investor”.

I eat healthily as best as I can, but I just can’t let go off my weekend beer and habit of eating for social reasons.

Still, I firmly believe that everyone should exercise at least 30 minutes everyday, regardless of whether you are fat, thin, old, young, male, female. Exercising is the investment you put in so you’ll have less medical bills to pay when you get older.

Apart from that, eating right is also important. Tips on how to eat balanced meals can be found at

And if anyone reading this is still clueless about how to make a healthy change in your life, there are events you can go to to kickstart this process.

World Walking Day is coming up this 21st November, and there are events planned throughout the country to educate Malaysians on how to eat and live healthily. The walk starts 8:30am and there will be free breakfast and concert between 6:30am to 11:30am at the following locations.

  • Kuala Lumpur: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
  • Penang: Polo Ground, Jln Sepoy Line
  • Kuantan: Padang MPK 1
  • Johor: Taman Sri Stulang, JB
  • Sabah: Penampang Sports Complex Stadium
  • Sarawak: Waterfront, Kuching

So, how are you?

31 Replies to “ADV: How Are You?”

  1. At the same time, I find it funny that there are some who do regular exercises yet they smoke cigarettes like a chimney outside the gym.
    So, what’s the point of exercising, amongst these exercise freaks? They are going to die of lung cancer anyway, or at least COPD.
    My point is exercise moderately and eat healthily. Don’t smoke and don’t drink, or drink moderately.

  2. Probably my last visit to this site. Tired of all the adverts and constant promotion after promotion. Yeah mate its your blog to write whatever you want and yeah you used to be funny and write entertaining posts but as a reader, I’m done. Your own sitemeter shows the decline each month.

  3. Yea I know right when he started with the title “How are you” I thought it was going to be a personal written post about how he was really feeling just like the good old days where Kenny would just write out all the feelings he had, both good and bad.
    His posts had the unique trait of being able to genuinely make me laugh and cry, but now it seems that the ads are never ending.
    But hey, running a business aint easy. I’m surprised that he even has time to write frequent posts.

  4. I wanted to participate for the world walking day but i’m going for the Penang Bridge International Marathon. Maybe next year, I will join this walk :p

  5. Calvin trying to be funny here…
    We are all going to die one way or another!
    Some people that exercise regularly still choose to eat filthy food whether moderately and excessively!
    My point is people make choices, it’s none of your business!
    Well, sweating out give a great satisfying feeling; so does smoking, especially after a good workout.
    Thus, your point is pointless (at least to me). Go enjoy your life your way, and I’ll have mine my way.
    How I hate these non-smoker keeps bashing with or without their…point.
    Go be your saint that live a totally ideal life, I’ll have mine my way thak kiu!!!

  6. well, i’m fat, and i always wanted to go to gym, been saying that for like donkey years but never actually did. didn’t even took the initiative to go to gym when i’m in U. but now thanks to Level Up i’m at least exercising up. Exercising makes me feel so healthy! 😀
    hopefully i can lower down my body fat level and remove my love handle, so that i can dress up better. shopping for clothes is always an embarrassment for fat ppl! HAHA!

  7. “How I hate these non-smoker keeps bashing with or without their…point” Chimney.
    Wahhh like that ar…i hate it so much ler when smokers smoke around me with no regards to other ppl around. So rude and no manners, smokers.

  8. I took the test and I’m advocate! Funny thing is, I’m overweight. I thought I’d get hopeful or manager!
    I like your ADV post because you still include parts of your life story, it doesn’t feel like you’re promoting anything.

  9. Hi Kenny
    Just want to say that I don’t think that humans need to pay to exercise by using any gym facilities (unless is below RM20). Gyms are charging excessively and ripping off people for their own profitability, thats not how the economy works. People like your gym and other gyms in KL are making rip-offs and swindling our money away, what more engaging us into a binding contract for ridiculously periods. Exercise is FREE!!so stop charging US to PAY for EXERCISING YOU RIPPER!

  10. You know what, before I started the business I would have agreed with what you said. Many gyms, especially the large chains in KL have extremely unfair contracts, which is something I do not want to replicate. Contracts are part and parcel of a fitness business. I make mine flexible by allowing people to get out of it if it is due to medical or professional relocation.
    Of course, exercising on your own is free. What a gym provide is biomechanically-correct fitness equipment, air-conditioning, cleaners, towels, qualified instructors who went through certification, trained staff – all these things cost money.
    There is a difference between a gym that charges RM20 a month, and a gym that charges RM130 a month. I leave it up to you to decide.
    At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Don’t lump my gym and the rest of the gyms in KL under the same category. Dig deeper, and you will find that we are all different.
    Lastly, the main reason I started my gym is not to make a profit. It I do turn a profit, that’s great. Bottom line is, it’s still not making a profit.
    I encourage everyone to exercise, be it jogging in the park for free or playing badminton in your carporch. What a gym provide is a safe, comfortable, clean, motivating, social and effective environment to do a variety of exercises.
    I think that’s worth paying money for.

  11. Speaking of exercise, I love jogging, but the crime rate in KL is so alarming, that I dare not jog alone in the park. It is hard to find jogging partner either, how many girls like to get all sweaty, and exposed to the UV?
    Anyway, I find it hard to get time exercising, when I need to waste a good 4 hours of my life stuck in traffic jam, everyday. Minus the 9 hours working (including lunch), 8 hours sleep, I am left with 3 hours in a day to complete other misc. chores — e.g. another good 1-2 hours in traffic again if I re-route to any other places, such as grocery, gym, or bank etc.

  12. I’m currently jobless so i can’t pay to go a gym. but i agree to what Kenny said, exercise in itself’s free, but those assistance that gyms provide’re not (especially the air-cond, thank goodness we’ve gyms, or else working out’d be such a torture due to Malaysia’ insane temperature). if i can afford, i’d definitely go for the facilities & do everything indoor.

  13. Hey, last time I never go to gyms, thought it’s rip off. However, I’ve no choice to move due to my work at certain unsafely area. Due to health conscious and safety, I’ve signed up and find it is great!
    There is no contract between. Well, frankly speaking. It is depends on your choice actually.
    My experience, don’t judge a book by its cover…

  14. Well im not convinced to join a gym that owned by a fat guy that looks unhealthy. However what you said make some sense, I’ll definitely go Fitness First or True Fitness to register, not a lousy noob gym.

  15. Hi,
    I’m a member of your gym.
    People are looking for value for money. If you want to be different from others, it’s not just to say that you are different but you really have to act different. Like I told your membership mgr, S, another centre offers free traditional massages. Not that you do that too but that is something different for that centre.
    I have a few marketing recommendation. Would you be interested to know? Email me if you do, wont charge you for it.

  16. damn, this post is ‘so me’!! i am so happy that i am leading a healthy lifestyle now! T_T pls write more about healthy lifestyle when u have time! 🙂

  17. I dont get what you guys are whining about. Kenny has a gym, if you fancy then join, if not stay away. Simple as that. If you want something free, go run around some park. The machines/training offered in comercial gyms doesnt come cheap. As mentioned, you get what you paid for.

  18. How can you advertise for your gym, asking people to get fit and all, when you’re overweight yourself?!? Nobody’s gonna trust your gym man….

  19. Like as if we non-smokers care so much about whether you smokers smoke or not. We don’t care!
    But did you give us a choice to live as a non-smoker? No!!
    Ask yourself, Chimney, how many times have you smoked in a crowded coffee shop? How many times have you smoked in a public place with non-smokers around?
    Seriously, your smoking habits is none of my business until when rude smokers start smoking right in front of my face.
    Your comment is already rude enough, that say so much about smokers.
    Do I have a choice?

  20. I like how you said “It’s difficult to change human habits”. Jamie Oliver went to Huntington, Virginia(most unhealthiest U.S. town) in the States to change the people’s eating habits and teach how to be healthy. When Oprah Winfrey asked him how come it’s so difficult to do so, he answered “Habits are hard to break”.

  21. To KENNY SIA,
    Only people like you who were born rich (lau peh uh…) will talk about “i feel i’ve greater mission” lah… Save it. In d end it’s all about money. If u really 1 2 help d society + to increase their health awareness, organize a 3 months free gym prog. U can easily afford rite? Uh mah.. Pa pa… Ciak beh liao.
    Can u still be like what u r today if not bcoz of ur family fortune??? WTF!

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